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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 22

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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NEW YORK. Feb. 24. The business representative of Richard Mansfield has announced that after three more short seasons Mansfield will retire from the stage. His tour next season will be In England.

Canada and the Northwest; the second season will be on the Pacific Coast, and the third and last In South and the largest cities of the country. Mansfield, who is playing in Toronto, is quoted as saying: "My determination to retire Is based On desire for the rest which I In sincerity, my career has earned. I shall abate my ambition and effort as long I act I shall not say farewell to my friends, the public, without heartfelt given me, but the strain of acting Oakland Tribune's DAILY BUSINESS Directory OF Reliable Dealers and Manufacturer. Sewer Contractors and Brick Workers Attention CARNEGIE BRICK POTTERY CO. Is now prepared to furnish finest grades pressed brick, fire sewer pipe, flue linings.

Estimates furnished. Foot Madison Oakland. BUYERS OF OLD CLOTH 1NQ. HIGHEST price paid for gents' cast-off clothing. 821 Broadway; Oakland 6195.

FAMILY WINES AND LIQUORS. BKMIS. 912 Broadway: phone Oakland 870. GREAT REDUCTION- PIERCE BICYCLES be sold for $37.50 beginning January i 1906; guaranteed genuine. Cor.

Tele graph and Broadway. Brand. 230 San Pablo HAT RENOVATING. A. DAMM.

34 TeleeraDh. 'That dirty Hat" can be cleaned good as new. Now lt'o up to you. Phone Oakland 3593. KILLIAN, THE TAILOR, moved to 411 Eleventh street OGDEN PITKIN, CARPET laying, steam-cleaning and eewing.

Phone Oakland 4763. PRIVATE SCHOOL. grades; German taught In every elass: coaching languages, etc. 864 34th. TABLES, DISHES, RENTED.

rent tables, chairs, dishes. Austin's, 835 San Pablo phone Oakland 3010. POINT LOBOS, Feb. 23. 10 p.

m. Weather, cloudy; wind, west; velocity, 8 miles. S. COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY. Time and Heights of High and Low Waters at Fort Point, entrance to San Francisco bay.

By official authority of Superintendent NOTE The high and low waters occur at the city front (Mission-street wharf) about twenty-flve minutes later than at Fort Point; the height of tides is same at both places. FEBRUARY 23 TO MARCH 2. rlHartman. C. E.

Scott. R. E. Veall and Tulch tr rat.ln mv tioslth hrr 1 powers begin to It was learned last night that two universities have offered Mansfield professorships already, and he will probably make some university connection, al though not one that will take up a great deal of his time. ft INSTALLED OFFICERS.

Aloha Parlor. No. 106, Native Daughters of the Golden West, Installed their officers on Wednesday evening, February 21. District Deputy Grand President Mrs. Jennie Jordan Piedmont Parlor installed the offi cers.

After installation Grand Trus tee Mrs. Sara G. Sanborn presented retiring president Miss Jennie Johnson, with a oeauutui pin as a token of esteem from the parlor. Miss Johnson responded with a speech. Mrs.

Jennie Jordan addressed the meeting and complimented them very highly for their good work. IH IL Date Ft. 1 Ft. FL 1 Ft. A A Ml 112:4415.0 5.54 2.4111:66 6.1 6:23 0.4 1:14 5.0 6:40 2.2112:45 4.8 7:01 0.8 1:46 4.B 7:27 2.1 1:30 4.4 7:40 1.3 2:18 4.8 8:15 2.0 2:16 4.0 8:10 1.8 2:45 4.7 9:05 1.9 3:09 3.7 8:43 2.3 3:12 4.6 9:48 1.8 4:25 3.6 9:18 2.7 3:42 4.6 10:41 1.7 6:04 3.4 10:08 3.0 FEBRUARY 23.

Sun Rises 6:60 Sun Sets 8:59 A banquet followed and many pres- address, Kev. j. Koisrer, centennial Church. Oakland; tenor solo. A BISHOP.

HAMILTON TO PREACH THE SERMON AT GRACE M. E. CHURCH. The new Grace Methodist Episcopal Church Is to be dedicated tomorrow, This new church has just been com- pleted at Thirty-fourth and Market streets. It Is a frame structure 45 45 feet, with chapel 64 24 feeL The interior Is Douglas fir In Oak finish, with mahogany trimmings.

The pews, of Eastern manufacture, are quarter sawed oak, arranged in a semi-circle. The windows are beaded opalescent glass made by Hooper Dambrink of this city. The seating capacity Is about three hundred- This church Is a splendid achievement and reflects credit upon the pas tor, the Rev. Ausley B. Blades, and his A.

Hutchinson. presldenL E. N. J. JenkinS.

An account of this new enterprise would be Incomplete without mailon of the contractor, W. C. Constable, of Oakland, whose close figuring and first class workmanship are to be commended. Bishop Hamilton is to preach the dedicatory sermon tomorrow The following: program will be rendered at the services when the public is Invited to come and see what Is perhaps the finest of the smaller churches of Oakland: MORNING SERVICE, 11 A- M. Voluntary, violin solo, Miss Viola Furth; hymn; Apostles' Creed; pray- er; responsive Scripture, page 9 of the Psalter; the Gloria Patrla; New Testament Lesson; announcements: offertory, alto solo and quartet, "Blessed Be the Lord God," Sudds; hymn 663; sermon, Bishop John W.

Hamilton. LL. Poxology and benediction. AFTERNOON SERVICE, 3 P. M.

Rev. John Coyle, D. presiding. Hymn 666; address. Rev.

C. K. Jen-ness. Trinity Church. Berkeley: solo.

"The Song of Faith." Metcalf. Miss Mamie Sutherland; address, Rev. Wll-sie Martin. First Cuhrch, Alameda quartet, "Great is Thy Love," Bohm: Emmanuel." Rodney, Anson B- Weeks; hymn 210; Benediction. Quartet Soprano, Mis Mabel Nor-thrup-Osler; contralto.

Miss, Blanche Winks; tenor, Anson B. Weeks; basa. Albert B. Anderson. EVENING SERVICE, 7:30 P.

M. Bishop Hamilton, presiding. Quartet. "Hark, Hark. My Soul," Sudds; hymn 664; prayer; duet.

Divine Redeemer, Gounod, Miss Mabel Nor-thrup-Osler and Miss Blanche Winks: Scripture lesson, 2 Chrlnlcles 40-42; announcements: offertory, quartette, "Like as a Father." Lansing; sermon. Rev. Elbert R. Dille, I). presentation of the Church- for dedication; Benediction.

To readi Grace Church take drove street cars to Thirty-fourth street and walk two block to the west, or take San Pablo cars to Thirty-fourth street and walk one block to her east. HOTEL ARRIVALS. METROPOLE J. E. Rlcketts and wife, St.

Paul. Mrs. M. B. Van-drouf.

New York: J. W. Wilson, Nw York: J. F. Hazelton, New York; Miss Gould, New York; Dr.

A. C. Olmstead and family. Wells, Nevada: Mrs. C.

H. Howard. Buffalo, N. Mrs. T.

W. Toye, Buffalo. N. Mr. and Mrs.

Humbach, Buffalo, N. Bart-lett and wife, Marietta, R. J. Som-ers, San Francisco. TOURAINE Thomas Warron, city; Mrs.

G. A. Lewis, city; Mr. Gunning, city; Theodore Simpson. Vancouver, B.

Mrs. G. F. Buswell, San Francisco; Walter Thopham. Medicine Hat, Joe Cabrell.

Bijou Theater, Chicago; Thomas Cashin, Mill Valley, Cal. THE ATHENS J. Harris, Oakland; J. A. Garver and wife, Des Moines; Philo Llndley, Los Angeles; M.

Louise Thornton, Fruitvale; Dana Perkins, Rocklln. ALBANY H. A. Towle. Vallejo; H.

M. Moore, Liverpool, England; Miss E. Wallace, Oakland; B. R. Shrader, Oakland; H.

S. Rucker, San Jose: L. N. Moris. San Francisco; J.

M. Pitts, Oakland: M. C. Thompson, San Francisco; Ed Anderson, San Francisco; E. R.

Montgomery, Honolulu; H. Maria, Honolulu; D. Nape. Honolulu; G. W.

Land, San Francisco; G. Pa-checo, San Francisco. ARLINGTON Mrs. Hyman. Oakland; E.

N. Clayton and wife, Seattle, R. G. Reynolds and wife. Redding; Frank P.

Cahill, Oakland; S. L. Thompson, San Francisco; L. Evans, Grass Valley; Mrs. James Dexter, San Francisco; S.

G. Gorman and wife, Reno, J. S. Bray, San Francisco; Samuel Devlin, Sacramento; W. Wolf son.

New York. GALINDO Walter A. Smith. Napa; A. P.

Cornelius, Sunset Tel. B. Sullivan, Sunset Tel. J. Mayfleld.

Sunset Tel. W. G. Grant, Sunset Tel. Co; F.

Drew, Sunset Tel. J. H. Rutherfcrd, Sunset Tel. C.

W. Lamb, Newark; R. B. Morgan. San Francisco: A.

Baker, San Francisco; H. D. Durham, San Francisco. TRIPLETS BORN TO FRUITVALE COUPLE FRUITVALE. Feb.

24. Triplets were born to the wife of Mr. Galey of Harmon avenue. The infants, -two girls and one boy, are reported as healthy and dolngf welL Dr. Callen wa in attendance.

The King of all Bitters 1 10 BITTERS JUIB IUIJII nilibll preyent. KlAppandicitis. iiijAsure cura (or consiiuiiuuiii uid jjlaria, kidney and ciaaasr vmi for sale by All Druggists, Grocers and Liquor 4 DEDICATE 4 S2F00 S5-room house; clears $100. 28-room house; clears $100. 760 36-room house; clears $160.

4 2 -room house; clears $100. 80-room house; clean $100. 660 14 -room house; clears 46. 600 14 -room house; clears 85. 700 14-room house; clears 60.

626 11-room house; clears 80. 1 960 Cigar stand and poker room. 600 Cigar stand and poker room. Grocery store, horse and wagon at In' If you have a business to sell or want to buy. call ana see me.

special attention given to all business chances. A. D. ATHERTON, The Leading Business Chance Agent. 8th Street.

Phone Oakland 1990. BOARDING and lodging house; a snap; 15 rooms; rent $30. lease; rooms all full; income $250 to $300. Call 7th bet. Pine and Cedar, or STERNBERG.

CHISHOLM LINDBERG. 100S Broadway. Oakland. BOARDING HOUSES FOR SALE. FOR SALE If taken at once, boarding-hcuse, up-to-date.

Ask for Walters, SZolb San Pablo ave. MONEY TO LOAN. We Loan Moeey For the convenience of our many clients in Oakland. Alameda, we have opened offices at 1004 Broadway, rooms 11-12. and are now prepared to make CONFIDENTIAL LOANS in any amount on FURNITUKK.

PIANOS, WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS, INSURANCE POLICIES. SALARIES, or In fact, any proposition, at rates and terms to suit YOUR convenience. EORROW FROM US AND PAY BACK ANY WAY YOU LIKE. No extra charges, no commissions. You deal with the LENDER DIRECT and save ALL extra charges.

ABSOLUTE PRIVACY no inquiries made anvwhere. LOWEST RATES; BEST TERMS. Most reliable firm, established in San Francisco for 18 years. Save time, trouble, expense and worry by dealing with us. Loans made to ladies on their personal notes.

CALL. WRITE or PHONE Eastern Brokerage Rooms 11-12; phone Oakland 6900. LOAN! FROM 8100.0 0. ANT 1 AMOUNT. ANT PROPOSITION ON REALTY.

DU RAY SMITH 426 10th St. Tel. Oakland 4370. LOANS on chattels; no delays; no commission: private party; confidential W. H.

Buehler, 464 10th st. a MONEY to loan on furniture at the lowest rates without publicity. W. F. O'Banion, 45S 9th st.

$700 to loan on first mortgage real estate. Box 633, Tribune office. OAKLAND Loan and Trust Co. Salary loans: established seven years. Room 25.

1003H Broadway: hours 9 to 4. ARE you employed? Do you draw a salary? Do you need a little extra cash? No? Yes? Sometimes? Then see us. We make accommodation loans to working people. Just on your note and salary. Pacific Loan 305 Racon building.

MONEY LOANED SALARIED PEOPLE AND others upon their own names, without security: cheapest rates: easiest payments: offices 63 principal cities; money, by getting our terms 1st Tolman. 653 Parrott San Francisco, YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD LOANS made to salaried people. 4784 10th room no unpleasant inquiries; shortest time. LOANS, chattels, furniture, pianos; private. 641 46th near Grove.

YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD LOANS made to salaried people. 478 10th room no unpleasant Inquiries; shortest time. DON'T borrow on salary until you see it i. F. A.

Newton. 613 Union Savings building CLEANERS AND DYERS. COLEMAN. 637 16th st bet. San Pablo ave.

end Clav St. ohnne Oakland 1294. TYPEWRITERS. NEW ana second-hand typewriters bought sold. rented.

repaired. exchanged. Smith 13th st RESTAURANTS. HOME TAMALE PARLOR, 1208 Market st. All kinds of Spanish dishes, everything first-class and up to date.

G. Salerno, prop. COLUMBUS TAMALE PARLOR. 464 9th st. Spanish dishes, up-to-date; everything first-class; private rooms.

Phone Rlue 847. Barbarla proprs. MERCHANTS' RESTAURANT, 472 9th st. Has been remodeled and Is now operated under the sole management of P. M.

Miocovlch. Phone Main 908. Meals at all hours. Private parlor for parties. DRESSMAKING.

WANTED Dressmaking out by the da charges J1.60. 965 4th Oakland, MRS. G. S. ATWOOD.

ehlldrpn's rlothinp and plain sewing. Phone Oakland 6805; 3624 Grove St. F. hi PERCIVA1. A CO Dressmakine Ladies' tailoring and d- signing; diplomas given and positions secured tor graduates.

washing-ton over Lace House. SEAMSTRESS will work by day or piece; good fitter Mrs. Miller 469 10th st. PHYSICIANS' DIRECTORY. DR GALVAN.

office 1065 Washington st. Phone, office, 'Oakland 6206; phony Oakland 6229. N. H. CHAMBERLAIN.

Surgeon. Union Savings Bank hours. 2:30 to phones: office, Oakland 58; residence. Oakland 1031. DR.

J. Z. GREEN Office 1115 Broadwa off. 7-4 and 7-8 p. oft.

phone Oakland 3336. res. phone Oakland 3000. DR. T.

W. STONE Special attention diseases of women. Office Central Bank building. DR. THEO.

OLMSTED Rectal diseases. Hours. 10:30 m. to 2 p. ra.

Otfl- phone Oaklaiid 1412. Suite 10U1-2. Union Savings Bank building. H. MENGE.

20 years with Folkers Bros. Trusses, braces, etc. 321 Kearny 3. F. DR.

D. D. CROWLEY. 212-213-214 Central Bnk building. Office hours.

2 to 3:20 and 7 to 8 p. m. V1AVI. A HOME treatment for mothers and daughters; booklet free; write for It. Viavi Company.

319-320 Centra! Bank tHenhone Oakland -3253 EDUCATIONAL AND MUSICAL. CFCELIA Studio removed to Arlington Hotel. Instrumental And vocal music, elocution and Spanish personally taught In studio or pupils' home For particulars address L. D. Turner, Arlington Hotel, Room 2.

INSTRUCTION in mathematics TVr a work. Cora L. Williams (M. a). 2513 Bancroft way, Berkeley: MRS.

MARION FARNHAM. teacher of elocution and dramatic ar Coaching for public appearances: entertainments arranged and managed; special attention given those desiring to enter the theatrical profession. 722 Golden Gats San Francisco. F. BLODGETT.

phone Vale 20L or 12 E. 18th at, for piano tuning and repairing, POP Will 1. Has ALL WE U. the the 24 25 26 27 28 1 2 the 1 fori i SAINT FRANCIS Elegant Furnished Housekeeping X'part-menu, private bath; electric light; new. 570 19th cor.

Pan Pablo av. 1 NICELY furnished rooms, complete for housekeeping. 678 17th. 1 LARGE furnished rooms, complete for housekeeping; also single room. 413 19th.

LARGE furnished room, complete for housekeeping; also single. 413 19th. RENT 3 nicely, furnished housekeeping rooms; adults. 1124 Myrtle st. NICELY furnished, clean sunny rooms; (or light housekeeping; no children.

772 10th st. 1 RENT 2 sunny furnished housekeeping rooms; running water and bath. 612 15th. 1 FOUR rooms complete for housekeeping; also single rooms. 1144 Filbert phone Black 2765.

1 WEST (in the rear) 3 sunny housekeeping rooms; gas; price $8. 1 NICELY furnished 3-room housekeeping suites; bath; phone and laundry. 121a nan Pablo ave. FURNISHED housekeeping, en suite or ample; pas; bath. 162 5th st.

1 FURNISHED housekeeping rooms to let 272 4th st. 1 furnished rooms for keep- lnr. very reasonable. 829 Jackson. 1 Tf'A'O plpTnt.

housekeeping, furnished rooms, inr.9 Clar st. 1 FINE sunny roorrs. completely furnished for nousekr-eplnff; ndults. A.pply 924 Filbert phone Green 482. 1 FOR RENT 4 furnished rooms for housekeeping; no children.

1211 West st. 1 TWO or 3 iir.turnltnwl rooms for lipht housekeeDlng. 14H Franklin st. 1 rco" 'or ioHnpkeepti; also a flat of 3 rooms End bath, modern; well furnished; near trains. 419 6th st.

1 "DI'NDAS" Apartments Sunny 8 and 4-room suites, private bath: vp-to-date; furnished and unfurnished. 308 San Publo nvf. nnd 17th st. 1 STORES AND OFFICES FOR RENT- FEW choice offices in the Blake and Moffltt Bulldlnsr to let. TOP floor to rent: building cor.

Clay and 13th sts. Handball court and lockers; rent reasonable to right tenants. Apply to Hugo Abrahamson. FOR RENT A good, large store, at 461 7th with store room 26x50 connect ed, FOR RENT In Abrahimson's Building suites or offices; also 2 front offices next to Oudry. elevator service; rent reasonable.

Inquire Abra- nnmson r.ron. FOR RENT MISCELLANEOUS. BCX STALL for rent, with separate corrals, or will build to suit tenanL 1020 Onk phone Oakland 1728. HOUSES UNFURNISHED TO LET UN FURNISHED upper floor; 4 sunny rooms; bath, laundry: yards; with or without gas; adults of 2. man and wife; rent $15.

15C9 Linden st. FOR RENT Cottage 6 rooms and bath all modern; near Key Route; only $22.50, and water free. Now Is your opportunity. See owner, E. J.

Shep ardson, 424 10th st. 1 FOR RENT Cottage 5 rooms, hnth, ali modern; neir Key Route; only 622.60; novi- is your chance.1 Tnlk bus-lns dlrcet with owner, E. J. Shep- nulson. 424 10th St.

1 ELEGANT 10-room house on Hobart near Telegraph 4 minute r-alk to business; choice neighborhood fine for 2 families or tenant could rent rut 2 suites on upper floor. Albert Day, 1222 Broadway. 1 610 Rear cottage of 2 rooms, attic and vard. 917 I FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT. FOR RENT As a whole or part.

6-room furnished cottage, near cars; every convenience. Inquire at 1173 Jefferson st. FURNISHED, a fine 6-room cottage at 679 22d modern; nice garden; bath; lease. SUNNY 9-room furnished house. 7fi2 13th.

Apply FLATS TO LET. $17.50 UPPER flat, 4 rooms and bath; Franklin st. near 22d. Apply 1571 Franklin st. NEW, modern, upper flat, 6 rooms and bath; 80G4 llth rent $25.

Inquire Hotel Crellln. Mrs. Case. A. NEW modern 5-room flat and part of furniture of same for sale.

For particulars apply 1001 cor. 10th al. NEW. modern flat. 6 rooms; Hobart near Broadway; $25; gas and electric lighting.

Inquire 334 llth st. LLNNY flat of 6 rooms, fully furnished; 532 24th st. modern sunny upper fiat of 6 rooms at 687 18th st. Key at 672 17th. 127.50 LOWKR.

sunny. 7-room flat; Ave minutes' walk to City Hall; choice location. F. F. Porter.

466 8th st. THREE new. modorn. 6-room sunny flats. 802 Telegraph cor 24th st.

KENT reduced to $29; new modern flat of 6 rooms; gns and electric light, Dnsemeiu ana ara, nr. locals ana rark. 174 "th, bet. Jackson and Madison sts Key Rt 172 Rth st ROOMS AND BOARDING. ROOM and board for 2 In private family.

tunny front room; close in; modern; reseonable; ladles preferred. Tribune oflioe. Box S4. ONE large also one small room; table and appointments nrst-class. 4i0 Mer-rimac st.

NEWLY furnished room with board; private, central; running water, gas and bath; gentlemen preferred. 1207 Custro. next to cor. 14th. C04 llth St.

FURNISHED rcom and board; all conveniences; home cooking, also housekeeping rooms. FOT. RENT One furnished large room. with or without board. 1031 Magnolia.

A LADY would take a little girl or boy tc board. Call or address. 1004 oth it. ELEGANT, sunny furnished rooms: first-class board; refined Parisian family; references. 1052 Jackson cor.

llth. rCRRENT 2 "single rooms with or without beard. 213 E. 14th. on new car line.

FURNISHED loth st. rooms with board. 756 653 FOURTEENTH, opposite Library-Desirable sunny rooms; excellent table; references. FOR a fine room with first-class board call at 1308 Madison st. Have several rooms just suited to gentleman and wife.

FURNISHED front room with board; complete In all requirements; references. 1404 Webster st. Phone Oakland JUANITA HOTEL 222 San Pablo rooms with or without boarij. NEWLY furnished rooms; phone: steam heat. gas.

home cooking; tpble boarders accommodated. Mrs. 'S Wiener. MM Grove NW cor. 17tW st.

1 OR 2 children to board; over 3 years; good home. i715 Filbert st. NICELY turnlsnod rooms flnst-class ooan; good location, 1205 Madison st. THE ALEXANDRA Ftrst-ciasa up-to-date. 1X68 Webster st.

SKNW tni- wj rJ llth st LODGING HOUSES FOR SALE. GOOD paying loflJnghous: 16 rooms right in town: rent, lease; cell cheap on account of slcknes. Inquire 666 10th at. $1800 466 $800 The St. Paul 821 llth at.

corner ClayNewly and finely fjrnHhed roorna an offices; valor; tourlata by day or wtelr; (rat tatha Mra. A. Larson, phone Oakland 0J. HENRIETTA ICS 12th it-Roomi (or 2 paopl. 76c; tnglw roima.

boc. K1! RENT 2 sunny, furnished room LS Myrtle st 2 NICE aunny rooms; also single room. izeo LARGE sunny front room; sultablo (or 2 gentlemen; running water; private houae; also a small room (or one party. 1211 Alice st.

BUNNY front room, with kitchen. 110; also single housekeeping. 1463 Broadway, neur PLEASANT, furnished housekeeping rorm for couple. In small no other roomers; near depot; references exchanged. 2M Oth.

Full KIC.vr Newly furnished front room for 1 or 2 gentlemen; electric lights and bath; new house. 1J1 7th Oak-st. station. NEWLY furnished. mny rpoms for gentlemen, with or without board.

'JiiO Jackson cor. 10th. TWO sunny and neatly furnished rooms, including hnth. at J28 Magnolia st. ONE large, sunny front room for rent.

1ST" liroatlway. TO LET ljirjce. very sunny cor. bay window; furnished room. 1055 Brush, cor.

llth st. TO LIST Furnished, sunny, front room to a gnntlemnn. 733 Telegraph ave. 93i nRLSIIStTNlcely furnished front rorms; gas nnd hot water; bath. $1.51 and $3 weekly.

ITTNNY room In home of refined family suitable for one gentleman. 628 17th st. FOR RENT 2 light housexecping rooms. 609 10th st. 15CS FRANKLIN, pleasant room; private home.

FRANKLIN One nicely furnished room; sunny; breakfast; reasonable. FOUR large, sunny Telegraph ave. rooms, bath. 1510 BUNNT, ntwly furnished room; gas, hot water; $5. 103 6th st.

Upper flat, TWO furnished rooms; single. sunny, modern; use of bath; ndults only; references. 571 Telegraph ave. I OR RENT Nicely furnished lower flat and rooms. 918 10th st.

Mrs. Wallace. AJFHTIC Furnished rooms, with bath. electric llRhts. 414 15th st.

TWO sunny furnished rooms for llslit housrkeeplnR; rhene anil bath. 1201 West st. BUNNY rooms suitable for 2 gentlemen; 4 blocks from Tlrondwny. "50 9th st. L'NNY room for llpht housekeeping at (44 12th cor.

Grove, THREE lirice. furnished, sunny rooms and use of piano. 200 13th. FUNNY front room; running water, fur-rtce heat; lnrrre srrounds. 1171 Alice phone Oaklnnd 178.

fc.MITII IIOI 836 UrondwHV is now under rif.v management. E. Bernard and J. no'inuet, props. New and ele- aantlv fin riNlied rooms, by day, week or month; too and $1 day; transients sotlrlti'il THREE furnished rooms for housekeeping; handy to cars; all sunny.

21th st. 1'L RNI.aH KIJ rr.oms, ulticlo and en suite; slso housekeojilntf. jzi Broadway, cor. th. FOR RENT 2 or 3 nicely furnished rooms for housekeeping: reasonable rent; near S.

P. local. Adtlreng nox 61. Tribune ofilce. F.I KOANTLY furnished with or without board, t.

sunny rrorris 1223 Frankiln TWO or fottr sunny furnished or unfurnished rooms; adults. 804 llth st. BUNNY front rooms, by day or week. 672 10th st. HF.AUTIM"I.LY furnished room.

In new fat. sr.f. fntro t. FOP. RKNT-f.

I nroom. 62J 20th st. one sunny deslrabie Snn Pablo near TWO or three furnished rooms for ndults. 277 fth st. FOR RENT Furnished room, sunnv.

telephone, bath; Oak st. station. Hi 7th st. f.irn(h-d housekeeping rooms $12 to $1.1. The Molltor, S65 San Paom.

FOR RENT Nice, sunny room; gas. brth and phone; gentlemen preferred. 16i52 WM.s-ter St. FOR RENT Furnished room for gf-ntle-nian, modern up-to-dnte; plenty sun: 3 minutes' walk from the TVie-grnph Key Route Station. 4S0 Moss ave.

PALMER HOI SE. 1241 Fur-niHheii rooms, h'so housekeeping rooms. j'J'K IKLiijV, 8. rl- cor. Franklin and th sts.

F.lefant furnished rooms: hot and cold waitr In every room; modern In every detail; transient patronagr solltited. nj iiwTUL AHLLNUTON. Ninth ud Washington; elegant rooms; tngin 0 en suite; special rates to smllles. and transients; o' rlsn UNFUNISJJ.ED ROOMS TO LET. unfurnished room to use as office.

Pox 70. Tribune office. 1 FOR 2 unfurnished rooms; use of kitchen; hnth. gas; piano; aduUa; $12. 1560 West st.

3 UNFURNISHED housekeeping rooms, newly papered and Tainted; Webster St. ROOMS AND BOARD WANTED. WANTED By young" lady, who Is dutlng the day. room with run-r'ntf water, nnd board. In private family; price 50.

Box .17, this ofllce. FURNIoHLD f-LATS TO LET. FOR" RENT Furnished" flat of 7 Sycamore, nr. San Pablo; rent low. A LL- urn heU fla ti rent 1 'S.

9J2 Market 2 Mocks above station. FOR RENT Furnished, lower flat of rooms and bath. llt4 Alice st. near luth. FURNISHED flat; 5 rooms; modern por- Ctiiin bath, gas range, piano, cen; nur local trains; reasonable.

Ap ply t. F. Snowdon. 468 llth st. FI.AT of 7 rooms and bath; exceptionally ice; wslktng distance.

Phone Oakland ns4. lU'bt $25: references. Mrs. Van Winkle. M6J Castro Oakland.

WIDOW and daughter will divide nice furnished; small family. 3l Tele r.r.ip'.t nve. FURNISHED rUt In prhate family; cen tral: complete In comforts and con venlcncen. Cnll mornings. 718 12th st.

MODERN 4-room flat for rent; electric tns. ciKiklin and steam heat, with furniture for sale: practically l.ew; cle In; price Eox 56, K.NiSHKD. 7 -rom flat: 718 Sycamore t. Kev 7i Hvrnmore. i.s.

HOUSES AND ROOMS WANTED. WANTKD To rent from May 1 to Oct. 1 lnrre fumisned house, large grounds rd stable; would willing to pay 2c0 pt mont h. Address M. Box 6.

Trnun office. 1 WANTED Flat of 4 or 6 rooms, or unfurnished; near local. Ad-dre-cs Box 773. Tribune oftice. 1 WANTED Good eight or nine-room house.

lary lot. nmt class location. Fnkeley. Piedmont. Vernon Heights, Owkliind; must good condition i and bargain.


Next Tuesday evening at Te Liberty Playhouse will be A. O. U. W. night for the lodges of the order of this as they have bought the house for the evening and propose to use the proceeds la purchasing Grand Lodge bonds.

The play selected is one of William Gillette's strongest comedies entitled "Because She Loved Him So," and will be produced by Bishop's best players, in eluding Bacon. Friend, Bloomquest, Miss Esmond, Miss Slosson and Mrs. Gleason all of whom are well known favorites with Oakland theater goers. The play had a run of over 150 nights In Madison Square Theater in New York and will be appreciated by all who like a lively play. It Is possible that the sign "standing room only may have to be used.

From San Francisco, Grand Recorder C. T. Spencer Is coming with a party of thirty. while Unity Lodge No. 32, Valley Lodge No.

30 and other large lodges will come in goodly numbers. Richmond Lodge will be represented by fifty members and their families, while from Hayward, San Leandro, Alameda and Berkeley will come a large number. The committee In charge of the affair Is J. S. Gilmore, chairman; John W.

Coots, secretary; and assisting them are Dr. E. R. Tait, J. F.

Walker, L. Leimert, C. M. Havens, Mrs. Annie Miller, Miss Jeanette McKay and Mrs.

M. Orlup. if BROTHERHOOD OF ENGINEERS. The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Is to be the recipient of the honors to be conferred upon them by the Ladles' Auxiliary, under the express supervision of Mrs. W.

B. Chase who is the president of Division Number 156 of the G. I. A. A specially prepared program has been made by the ladies of the auxiliary and the benefit to be held at the Novelty has been given in Oakland for a Ion time.

Tony Lubelski. the manager of the local theater, has granted the use of his theater for the occasion and has generously offered to give tne entire pro ceeds of the day to the Ladies' Auxiliary. The special attractions to be given are unusual in their nature and a mosc lively and novel program has been planned. Mrs. D.

B. Chase Is the president of the Ladles' Auxiliary and Mrs. G. W. Megrew Is vice-president.

The affair promises to be one or tne most succes3-ful benefits offered this season. A PRODUCE MARKET FLOUR AND CEREALS. FLOUR Net cash. Family Extra. $4.

SO $5.10 per bbl; Bakers' Extra, Oregon and Washington. $3.80 $4.60. WHEAT No. 1 Shipping, per ctl, Inferior grades. $1.20 White Milling, good to choice.

$1.351.38 and $1.40 for fancy. BARLEY Choice No. 1 Feed, $1.18 some fancy grades up to common to fair. interior grades. $1.101.13 Shipping and Brewing.

Chevalier, nominal. OATS Good to choice White. Red. $1.551.65, for choice to fancy; $1.251.40 for common to fair; Black, good to choice, lower grades, $1.251.65. RYE Good to choice, per ctl.

nominal; new. $1.471.62. CORN Good to choice, per ctl: California new, large Yellow. nominal; small do. White, nominal; Eastern.

Yellow, White, Mixed, $1.171.20. DAIRY PRODUCE. BUTTER Fresh California extras, 31c, easy; firsts, 27c, steady; seconds, steaay. Eastern Ladles, extras, 20c, steady; firsts. 19c.

steady. Storage Eastern. Ladles, extras, 20c. steady; firsts. 19c, steady.

Packing stock. No. 1, 19c, steady. EGGS Fresh California selected, ISc. easy; firsts, 17c, easy; seconds, lGc.

easy; thirds. easy; Eastern, nominal. Storage Eastern, nominal. CHEESE Jfew California, fancy, 13 c. steady; firsts, 13c, steady; seconds, 12c, steady; Young America, fancy, 14c.

steady; fancy, 13c, steady. Eastern Fancy, 16c, firm. Western Fancy, 1414c, firm. Storage Eastern, fancy, 15c, steady. POULTRY AND GAME.

POULTRY Old Roosters. per doz. young Roosters, Fryers, Broilers, small. large. $67; Live Turkeys, per lb, 1417c; Dressed Tliioks nlii Jl'young, $67; Geese, per pair, Goslings, Pigeons, per fioz, old.

young, $22.50. GAME Per doz: Brant. $1.252: Geese, gray. white. Rabbits, Cottontail, Brush, Here, $2 52.25.

POTATOES AND VEGETABLES. VEGETABLES Asparagus, per lb, extra. ll12c; No. 1, SI0c; No. 2, 67c; Rhubarb, per lb, 56c; Tomatoes, box or Southern, Mexican, $2 Green Peppers, Southern, per lb, 25c; Dried Peppers, evaporated.

17 20c; sun dried, 1012c; Beans, per lb. Green. 1215c; Wax, Green Peas, per lb, 37c; Cucumbers, hothouse, per doz, Summer Squasn, er oox. Garlic, per lb, 5c 6c; Marrowfat and Hubbard Squash, per lb, nominal; Mushrooms, per lb, 8crg; 25c. POTATOES Per ctl: Salinas Bur- banks, Oregon Burbanks, 75cQ) River Burbanks, 5085c; Garnet Chile, Early Rose.

small Oregon Seed, 7590c; Peerless, Sweet Fotatoes, Merced, 90cS1.10, as to quality. ONIONS Per ctl: Yellow, 6090c. HAY AND FEEDSTUFFS. HAY Per ton: Wheat. $11016: Wheat and Oat, Oat, $813112; Barley.

$83ll; Alfalfa. Stock, $7.50 s.60. FEED CORN MEAL Choice grades, per ton. $27.5028. STRAW Good to choice, per bale.

30c 655c. FEED Mixed Feed, per ton. Calfalfa Meal. carload lots. $2J; Mealfalfa, per ton, carload lots, BRAN Per ton.

$19.5020.50. MIDDLINGS Per ton. J2630. CRACKED CORN Choice stock, per ton. $2828.50.

COCOANUT CAKE: In lots of ten tons, $23; 5 tons. less quantity, $24. Prices are mill rates and ars subject to change without notice. GROUND BARLEY Per ton. $2526.


1 Flaxseed, No. 1 Northwestern, $1.13, Prime Timothy Seed. $3.25. FRESH FRUITS. CITRUS FRUITS Per box.

Oranges, Navels, fancy, choice. SZ.25QP standard, $1.752. as to size; Seedlings. Lemoiu, as to size and quality; Limes. Grape Fruit, $L253; Tangerines, $10 $1.50.

DECIDUOUS FRUITS Apoles per box. extra. fancy, eemmon to choice. Pears Per box. nominal.

TROPICAL FRUITS Bananas, per bunch, Hawaiian, Blueflelds. Pineapples, per doz. Hawaiian, $24; do. Mexican. 1.503; Dates.

Fard. per lb. 67o: do. Golden, 4-5 Smyrna, per lb, 1616c New the the not as alty inrf my of th ent favored the meeting- with speeches, Aloha is considered one of the finest' parlors in the State. 5 CHURCH WEDDING.

The marriage of Miss Mary Mac-MacBride, of Berkeley, and Rapier Redmond Coghlan took place at noon yesterday In Trinity Episcopal Church. The bride is a graduate with the class of '98, a member of the Chi Omega Sorority of the University of California, and is a member of the Mu Sigma Sigma Sorority of Mills College. Mr. Coghlan is an ex-member of the class of 1906 of the university. He belongs to the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and the Mim Kaph Mim chemistry honor society.

He has recently accepted a position as a government chemist at Roosevelt, A. where the big project of damming the Salt river is under way. AT HOME. Mrs. E.

Percy Relfe, formerly Alice Harmon, will be at home the third and fourth "Wednesdays at 677 Twenty-seyenth street. PERSONALS. A- J. Bradley was recently in Chlco. Mrs.

Everette Horton has been spending the week with her father, W. H. Wright, of LIvermore. Mrs. Thomas Moorhead of thla city is at Pacific Grove.

Bernard Greenhood has been in Fresno on a business trip. I A PREPARING FOR TROUBLE IN CHINA MANILA, Feb. 24. Active preparations continue here for a possible emergency in China, Major-General Leonard Wood has postponed his contemplated I trip to Mindanao. A ll3t has been circulated among the packers and teamsters of this city requesting the names of those who are willing to enlist for service in China.

The necessary outfits will be issued to them. ENJOYED MUSICALE. The Miss Nellie Stelnhauer Concert Company of Alameda tendered a free musicale last evening at the home of the blind in this city. Vocal and Instrumental solos and trios were given with spirit. The smiling faces of all present showed plainly that this kindness was merited.

Candy was served. DRINK Bars Men from Employment Every line of bnslpes3 is beginning to shit its doors absolutely to drinking men Business competition has become so keen that only men of steadfast habiU can find employment. Employers do not want men that are addicted to drink. A drinking man not In fit condition to handle responsible work. Continual drinking diseases the nerve system.

No "will power" can care; treat meat is necessary. Cures Whiskey and Beer Habit Take flrVRTNE Quietly at Home I To ctl re without patient knowledge, boy ORRINE No. for Tolnntarr treat-meat, bay No. i Price, $1.00 per box. Cure Effected or Money Refunded Book on "Drunkenness (sealed) free a -reqnest.

ORRINE mailed (oealed) on r-ceipt of $1 by THE ORRI2? Inc, NOTE. -In the above tabulation of tides the dally tides are given in the order of their occurrence, commencing with early morning tide in the left-hand tide column, and the succeeding tides a they occur, the usual fourth tide occurring the following morning. The column of heights gives the elevation of each tide above or below the plane of Coast Survey Chart soundings. The numbers are always additive to the chart depths unless preceded by the minus sign or dash when the numbers are subtractlve from depths given STEAMER MOVEMENTS. DEPART Rosa San Diego and way ports Feb.

25 Columbia Astoria and Portland. 26 Coos Bay San Pedro and way ports Feb. 26 Ccrona Eureka, Areata, etc Feb. 26 Elizabeth Coqullle River Feb. 26 Ncwburg Gray's Harbor 2b C.

Lindauer Gray's Harbor. 6 Humboldt Seattle Feb. 11 Dtric Hongkong, via Honolulu. Yokohama and Manila Feb. 27 Fureka Eureka.

Areata, etc Feb. 27' Cr.arles Nelson Seattle and Ta- coma Feb. 27 Bieakwater Coos Bay Feb. 27 laiinler Seattle and Bellingham.Feb. 2a Eea Foam Mendocino and Point Arena Feb.

28 Arctic Eureka, Areata, etc Feb. 28 Brunswick Fort Bragg Feb. -8 Acme Willapa Harbor 28 Ntbraskan Honolulu and Kahulul.Mar. 1 Cueen Victoria, Puget Sound and Alaska Mar. 1 State of California San Diego and way ports Mar.

1 Pomona Eureka, Areata, etc Mar. 1 Otta Vladivostok, via Puget Sound Mar. 1 Newburg Gray's Harbor Mar. 1 Rainier Seattle and Bellingham. 1 Bonita Newport, San Pedro, Mar.

2 ARRIVE. Sen Foam Mendocino and Point Arena Feb. 2b Antic Eureka. Areata, etc. 26 Breakwater Coos Bay Feb.

26 Acme Willapa Harbor Feb. 2b State of California San Diego and way ports Feb. 26 Vrrtura Sydney, Auckland and Honolulu Feb. 26 Pomona Eureka, Areata, etc. 26 Tian reuru, North Fork Eureka.

Areata. etc.Feb. 28 Curacao Mexican ports Feb. 28 Serator Portland and Astoria. 28 6cr.ta Rosa San Diego and way ports Mar.

1 Juan New York, via Ancon.Mar. 1 Pc-mo Point Arena and Mar. 1 ji riant loos tsay ana on Orford Mar. 1 Cctcnado Gray's Harbor 1 2 Eureka Eureka, Areata, etc ARRIVED AT SAN FRANCISCO. Stmr Columbia, Doran, 69 hours from Portland, via Astoria 46 hours.

Strrir Point Arena, Fosen, 16 hours from Fort Bragg. Stmr George Loomls, Stannard, 40 hours from Redondo. Stmr Northland, Jamleson, 76 hours from Columbia River. Stmr Helen Gunderson, 61 hours from San Pedro. CLEARED FROM 1 SAN FRANCISCO.

Stmr Santa Rosa, Alexander, San Diego. SAILED FROM SAN FRANCISCO. Stmr Pomona. Swanson, Eureka. Stmr Asuncion, Bridgett, San Diego.

Stmr Northland. Jamieson. San Pedro. Schr A. M.

Baxter. Isaacson, Belllg-ham. Schr Antelope, Jacobson, Coqullle River. Schr Henry Wilson, Johnson. Gray's Harbor.

TOWN In this week's Town Talk the Spectator tells about the great tip Million aire Charley Clark gave, and what a hole it made In the Blingumetes' pocketbooks, and tells of the meeting-of Father Yorke and Millionaire Pheh lan. Other paragraphs discuss our provincial aristocracy, and Mrs. Peter Martins gown; the charity ball and who was there; Mrs. Harvey's skating club and the reason prizes were given; graft in the Emergency Hospital; the result of Postmaster Flsk's trip East; the week's weddings and gayeties; Pro fessor Moses and his works, etc. The illustration are many, and Include a reproduction of Jules Pages' salon painting; Mrs.

Shawhan's The fr. Ptosp Hooner Plattnr. Mlu TT.thol T.vv Colonel A. G. Him Roberts and Lillian BurkhardL Theo dore Bonnet writes of "Actors, Critics and the Public" Harry Cowell discusses the modernity of the Ideal, and Major Ben C.

Truman tells some good war stories. The departments are all interesting. Oakland 1525 or 5392 Phones will catch H. Schellhaas, the furniture dealer, corner Eleventh and Franltlfi streets. V.

J. or soia m. mi ciit oy jo THE OWL DRG CO OAKLAND, SAN FJ5ANCISCO, SACRAMENTO. ti..

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