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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 4

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 4

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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WEDNESDAY EVENING OAKLAND TRIBUNE FEBRUARY 21 lUOti ILL BE OF STUB 1 EMS en $mt is WILL SELL PIANO: Dixon Business College is Offered Prizes by Eilers President Mitchell Does Music Company for Greatest Number of Sales aoid Hundreds of Young Men and Women Enter Contest: Dg Visiting onr 5 cem and i( cem counters Many articles such as Agate war Tinware, handy Household Utensils and a limitless number of other useful articles found on our 5c and 10c Counters sell at from 15c to 25c at other stores. If economy' is youf'mind, it. will pay you to come and look us over before buying such articles. Tltie 5 li Wc Slope to fffltoil PURE TEAS AND COFFEES. A SPECIALTY. A SPECIAL SALE OF HOUSEHOLD AGATE SAUCEPANS IS ON THIS WEEK ONLY 10c. RflJABLE IK AID fDtt ft. 1245 BROADWAY, Between 15th and 16th Streets' OPPOSITE ALBANY HOTEL Hot Look for a Big Battle, YOU ARE BUYING A PIANO, TELL THE STUDENTS IF PITTSBURG; Feb. 21. "As far as I different sets ot friends and of having the power to tell them by word of mouth all about the music lesson sale which this company has In Over two weeks ago the Oakland store know now therp will be a strike." President Mitchell of the United Mine Workers of America, who arrived here today from New Tork, madfe the above statement to the Associated Press at noon at the Hotel Henry. "I am not here to have any conferences with the bituminous operators," he said. "My visit to Pitturg Is to Investigate the troubles existing be The Eilers Music Company has secured what is probably the greatest piano sales force ever recorded la the history of music. Nearly 300 young men and women of Berkeley arid Alameda are now looking out for prospective pia'uo buyers, and It Is safe to say that what 300 strenuous Americans can't find does not exist, -i of the Eilers Music Company, which includes a chain of fifteen stores over, the Collier 4 Son. N. T. lihed by P. P. Price 10 cents. benefit of students. Published by Amerl-can Book Company, New York. stances as would make workers for the Eilers Music Company during the rest1 of the year. The glorious feature of It has jbeen, however, that they have builded, better, than they knew, and the returns from these new friendships have not been scattered throughout twelve but have come back tw fold within the week. A beautiful line of pianos Is being offered every one of them a standard make whose "name is familiar to everyone. Kimballa. Hazel ton Brothers (so called the sweetest piano ever made). Decker (the original Decker pianos). Crown pianos, 'Hallet Davis, Schumann, Pease, and a score of others whose names are household words. Wholesale prices range fiom $186 for the regular $350 Instruments Pacific Coast, made the announcement that up to March 5, or until a hundred instruments were sold, they would sell every piano at absolutely wholesale price, and addition to this would give a Sarah M. Mott and Maude Barrows Dutton -colloborate In another volume of LITERARY NOTES OF TIE WEEK The Literary Digest for February Is rich in good, things for those who love to read. Letters, art, science, topics of the day, unite to fill its pages. Published by Funk Wagnalls 44 Bast Twenty-third street, N. Y. Price 10 cents. the World-at-Work series, this being entitled "Fishing and Hunting." It Is a collection of stories ror the youngest children in school. Published by Ameri tween the officers and delegates of the can Book Company. New York. The prise is a beautiful new upright piano, to be chosen by the constestants themselves whenever a certain number of sales have been accomplished. Other Incentives have; also been offered whereby a premium is placed upon individual ef-ort as And the whole thing has Pittsburg district organization. I will announce myeielf later In the day re course of six months' music, lessons free (with free instruction books supplied by the factories) to every purchaser, and would also allow each purchaser to choose her own music teacher from the entire list of the 350 teachers who reside In the bay cities. Since that time pianos have sold like A discussion of modern business meth garding, the Pittsburg situation. ods and the author's solution of the great problem of poverty Is contained In "Well! It be necessary to reconvene a volume by Orlando K. ltzsimmon. entitled, "Metamorphose." It is a thor hvAPn Mr, tfonireA rait a tnrrrt Ins- 1ia iwtf. the national convention before a mat -o (with payments of $5 or $6 down and equal amounts', each month) up to $268 and $303 for regular $400 and instruments, aadj as high as the selling ot ough discussion of various metnoas or Investing money. Published by Progress tlementlcan be made between the mln- DENY THAT HE CONFESSED MURDER i DENVER, Feb. 21. Representatives of the Cripple Creek Mine Owners' Association positively deny that Orchard, who Is said to have confessed the assassination of Former Governor Frank same prices and the same music lesson SOME INTERESTING BOOK3 AND MAGAZINES WORTH READING. i ribbons, until now it Is a toss-up whether or not the hundred are sold before the time Is up. Scores of buyers who have Investigated the offer and made their purchases have recommended their friends and their Publishing Company, unicago, in. offer can be continued without increasing the expense in the least. jh) ers and coal cjperators under the Ryan resolution adopted at the national convention i at Indianapolis?" President This is by far the greatest coup i ever Herbert Quick, author of "Aladdin in the Fairv Land of America." trade by any business concern and the Mitchell was asked- big $600 and $650 exhibition pianos In wonderfully band-carved cases for less than $400, The store Is closed tomorrow on ac- -count of our i greatest holiday, and- on Friday and Saturday, with an augmented sales force of nearly 300, things are expected to hum. The sale applies only ti the Oakland store of the Eilers Music Company at Twelfth and Clay streets, two blocks w4st of Broadway. That Anna Katherlne Greene. Conan has given rein to his humor and the many other clever qualifications he prssesses as a writer. In a new volume er titled "Double Trouble, or Every Hero His Own Villain." i The story Is laid in Haselhurst. Wis-ccrmin: New York Cltv. and Bellevalc. "The national president Interprets friends have recommended others, until at the present time it is the talk of the entire music loving people ofthls side of the bay. And this was the very reason announced for holding this sale the object of securing 100 immediate purchasers under such favorable buying circum Eilers Music Company is to be congratulated in the highest terms for securing It. Every salesman works through bis immediate circle of acquaintances, and the greater the number of Salesmen, the more circles of people are reached. Think, then, of being able to reach 300 Dovle and the other delvcrs Into mys- the laws jot the Miners' Union," he re irv In literature's realms have by no Steunenberg of Idaho, and to have represented that he was hired by "the Inner circuit" of the Western Federation of Miners to commit the crime, was ever employed ty the association plied. means exhausted all there Is of interest although the author explains that. Tou meanj that you can effect a In that line Is shown by the latest booh iifrA xvilnn-narrrtt. entitled "Thi settlement. Inl any district?" NOTICE -OF. CHANGE OF PRINCIPAL Ji mT ill ii Uvsr Pin." DESTROYED BY PLACE OF BUSINESS. Aek Secretary said Mr. or any of Its agents as a detective. They say that Orchard offered to sell WILL RETURN TO Mitchell, i Ths book Is thrilling from start to finish and pK-tures In a most powerful manner the scenes and Incidents leading to and following the startling trag it might Just as well nave Deen anywhere else in these i States and adds that the time, supposed to be from June. 16. to March, 1901, la not Insisted upon at all. There are all kinds of characters in the book, from Daisy Scarlett, whom tho author described as a young woman of fervid complexion, a character to rrotch, and Alvord. i spoken of as "a man about a small town," to a German to the mine owners' agents informa And the secretary Is not discussing tlon. concerning a plot to; wreck a train the Ryan situation at this time," Secretary Wilson immediately on the Florence Cripple Creek Rail edy. The unfolding of the tale holds the reader's attention ceaselessly, and the climax Is worked up In picturesque ana LA WTO Okla, Feb. 21. Two-thirds of the business section of Hitchcock Blaine county, Oklahoma, was destroyed by fire early today. Twenty buildings were destroyed, entailing an aggregate loss estimated at close to Will there toe a strike on April 1st?" scientist, a professional oculist and the road, but that he was regarded with suspicion and his proffer was rejected. dramatic style vrrlous members of the elite of Belle President Mljtchell was asked. After the Independence depot disaster vsle. Mr. Quick has an opportunity to display his versatility In this story and "As far fasj I now know," answered Mr. finrrett show his ability In more ways than one' In the construction of his story, the plot being well worked out. Pursuant to the written consent of the holders of more than two-thirds of the 'issued capital stock of the Traction Transportatiffh Company (a corporation duly organized and existing under tire laws Qf the State-of California), whieu consent has been duly filed In the office of said corporation, in the City of Oakland, Alameda County. State of California, on the 20th day of February, 1906. and pursuant to a resolution of the Board of Directors of said corporation, which resolution- was duly passed at a regular meeting of said Board of Directors duly called and held at the said ofTlce of said corporation on the 20th day 6f February. 1906. at which meeting more than a quorum of the Directors of said corpor-tion was' Notice is hereby given that the principal place of business of said corpora-t ion wllL on the 17th day of March, 1906. dees so with great credit to nimseii. HER President IMItchell (with considerable comedy, love and the' various other emo it Is asserted detectives in the employ of the Mine Owners' Association had been constantly searching for Orchard, tlcns betnfr portrayed In highly enter $100,000. The End ot the World The troubles that robbed E. rf. Wolfe. ELMA MUNDT WHO LEFT hesitancy), ''there will be a strike." taining style. i In both bituminous and anthracite The book Is profusely Illustrated by who was believed to have caused the the well known artist. Orson Lowell NEW SPOUSE FOR OTHERS, 13 DISCHARGED. of Bear Grove, of all usefulness fields?" i and Is published by the Bobbs-Merrlil explosion which killed fourteen no came when he began taking Electric of Indianapolis. I "I will positively eay nothing more." union miners, up to the time he was Bitters. He writes: Two years ago Kidney trouble caused me great-suffer "Notwithstanding the details from "Mental a new book from arrested at, Caldwell charged with the ing Which I would never have survived you and F. L. Rpbbins, leader of the the characters logically ana naiurau portrayed, and the entire tale fraught with an ever-Increasing Interest from beginning to end. Published by the Saalfleld Publishing Company, Akron. Ohio. A collection of the best of the from Miss Edge worth's ntled "The Parents' Assistant)' one of tnu most famous as well as most charming of old-time children's books, has been made and retold by Clifton Johnson ana published under the title "Waste Not. Want Not Stories." The tales are weU told and any parent would do well to place them In his children's hands. Published by the American Book Company, New York. the pen of Leander Edmund Whipple. Is thorough exposition of the questions Elma Mundt. a sixteen-year-old girl bituminous operators, reports are still connecting metaphysics with the ail murder of jsteunenberg. WILL ANNEX THE who, two months ago, eloped from Berk had I not taken Electric Bitters. They also cured me of General Debility." Sure cure for all Stomach, Liver and Kidney complaints. Blood Diseases, Headache, Dizziness and Weaknesses or bodily de ments of the human body. The author discusses health, surgery eley and was married in Santa Rosa, but who Immediately transferred her affec and various kinds of cures and the pow RACE TRACK TO CITY tions to several other men in turn after er of the mind over sickness In an ex haustive manner. Published by the Met deserting her husband, was discharged arhyslcal Publishing BOO Fifth ave CINCINNATI. Feb. 21. The city nue. N. I. this morning by Police Judge Samuels, a charge of vagrancy having been placed against her. Her uncle, D. M. Klmes, a be changed and removed from the City ot Oakland. County of Alameda, In said State, i at 68 12th street therein, to Room. 50 No. 14 SanBome street. In the City and County of San Francisco. State of California, after which date the principal place of business of said corporation will be at said Room 50. No. 14 San-some street. In said City and County of San FranCisco, State of California, i This notice Is published by order of the Board of Directors of aaid Traction Transportation Company. Dated, Oakland. Klameda County, February 1906. (SEAL.) i W. S. PETERS, Secretary ot said Traction Transportation Comrtany. J. J. SCRrVNER. Attorney for said Company. 1 A study of general European history council of Latonla, last night passed an ordinance for the annexation of Latonla race-track to the city. In i nnniter Harding, i Bridge players win do mieresiea xo l'rV? 7f that Annie Blanche Shelby, author real estate dealer in ureen vaiiey, tooa charge of her and says he w.111 deliver persistent that you will hold a conference with Robblns," Mr. Miltchell was toid. i i "There Is nothing in the reports," he replied. "Being In Pittsburg, of course, I will see Mr. Robbins, probably some time today." President Mitchell held a conference with the special committee representing the delegates of the Pittsburg district miners convention this morning. He announced at the noon adjournment thatjiel would confer with the at- cline. Price 60c. Guaranteed by Osgood Bros', drug stores, corner Twelfth and Washington streets and Seventh and Broadway. EtOps "'-iche In two minutes; toothache or pain urn or scald in five minutes; (hoarser, one hour; muscleache, two sore throat, twelsw hours Dr. Thomas Eclectric Oil, monarch over pain. "My Cake is Dough." DM nor ns "rry's Flur. 11. IS-. vy.n-. "Standard Whist" and various other tne wayward lass to ner nusoana again. linft it a new volume emmea addition to the increase of the city' Mrs. Mundt was arrested at tne in stance of Mrs. B. Shepherd, a mission tax duplicate by the annexation L. books, has written another small but comprehensive volume entitled "Fridge Abridged," being a concise statement of the maxims, rules and -ln-ciples governing the game of Bridge. Published by the Whltsker Ray 723 Market street, San Francisco. large Income fo the city Is worker. The latter failed to appear In court this morning and Judge Samuels read her a lecture despite the fact that she was absent. expected In the shape of licenses for bookmakers and bars operating on the "Any one may blacken the character of another by preferring charges and then failing to appear to prosecute. In track, while comparatively, small ex 1 this case I would like to have heard the evidence and. if possible, to have found torneys ofj the delegates, after which tra expense will be the result. It is WHY PAY RENT? this young defendant not guilty. Tne he would liKely be in a position to said, however, that the owner of the defendant is dismissed." "Essentials of Mediaeval and Modern History." The book takes the reader from the time of Charlemagne to the present day and is carerur-y prepareu and well edited. Published by the American Book Company. New York. "Elements of German Grammar" Is the title of a new volume by Thomas Jappe. teacher of German In New York tie-mentary School. It Is Intended for the use of those In the first year of German and also contains songs In that languag. Published by American Book Company, New York. A group of Alexander Dumas' stories In French has been published under the title "Excursions 8ur Les fiords Du Khtn," with an Introduction and vocabulary by Theodore Henckeis. the introduction being devoted mainly to a discussion and eulogy of Dumas. Published by American Book Company, A new book for children from the pen make a The list of educative handwork manuals has been added to by a volume entitled "Basketry-Clay and Paper Weaving." prepared by Arthur Henry Chamberlain. A.M.: Ella V. Dobbs, Jane Lang-le, and Harry D. Gaylord. The book Is full of suggestive hints for the teacher l.i training the elementary minds and is btridsomely illustrated. Published by the Whltaker Kay 723 Market street, San Francisco. race track will not consent to be annexed and a vigorous fight In the courts is expected. Mrs. Mundt states she will behave herself from now on. She met the men with whom she is alleged to have conducted herself improperly at one of the missions. PROMINENT GUESTS AT THIS BANQUET REPUBLICANS ARE i SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21. A recep "The Orhrtn of Masonry." by J. G. IN THE MINORITY BOARD OF WORKS HOLDS A MEETING tion and banquet -vylll be given in honor of the 174tjh; anniversary of the birthday Swlnnerton, -gives a careful review of the early history of this great order. The vrrlous theories as to the beginning of this society are carefully considered in an PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 21 As a re of George Washington on Thursday even Interesting manner. Published by the sult of yesterday's election in this city the Republican party, Is again in the lng, February 22, at 7 o'clock, at the St. Francis Hfctel, by the California Society, Whltsker Ray 723 Market street, of Maude Barrows Dutton. unaer title "In Field and rasture." Is out. This one of the World-at-Work series. Sar Francisco. Sons of tap American Revolution, and by The Board of Public Works this morning granted William Porter a permit, on the recommendation of Fire Chief Ball, to maintain a steam boiler at the corner of Ninth and Washington streets. The board accepted engine No. 3, which has just been repaired by the Union Ma Publlhed by American jjook company. the Sequoia 'and Puerta del Oro, Calif or The Delineator for March Is full of New York. nla and Oakland chapters of the Daugh ir.terestinB: material for Its many sub mlnorlty.j The contest hinged on the election of two police magistrates, and Borle. the Reform or City party candidate, with Democratic endorsement, ters of the American Revolution, and by scrlbers. The usual array of fashions James Baldwin Is still telling stories. the Holt Society of the Chil and late Ideas In dress is presented, to is trie auinor oi rmj mnu. dren of the American Revolution. Th Maries Retold" and now nas issuea a gether with much other Interesting matter In the way of stories, articles, etc. led Rooney, his Republican opponent. 1 Balance $2 to $3 a Week NO TAXES NO INTEREST Perfect title guaranteed by Central Title Insurance Q. Only 28 Lots Prices $300 to $500 Note the Central Location. Note the excellent Traction facilities. Note the Terms without Taxes or Interest I Most Liberal Contract ever off erect Non-forfeiture durbig sickness or loss of employment. All Lots, have sewer, water. and gas connection. All $500 Lots front on 105 foot wide Boulevard, with all street work done' and e- ment sidewalk laid and lots graded. 3 blocks from Gar program Is as follows Prayer, by Rev. Charles Ni Lathrop, rector of the Church of the Advent, San Francisco; intro Pvblished by the Butterlck Publishing by 10,145 votes. Last fall the reform N. Y. Price 15 cents. There are lots of good things In EV- chine Works. The petition of G. M. McCord others against the removal of an electric light on Valdea street was granted by the board. On the report of City Attorney McElroy the board granted the request of H. Scharman to be allowed to withdraw his application for a building permit and to have the fee rebated. Pabet Cafe was granted permission to erect an electric sign at 476 Eighth similar volume entitled rnrrty more Famous Stories Retold." These stiould provs invaluable for interesting children In history. Published by American Book York. Another volume from tho per of Jamea Baldwin Is his story of "Robinson Crusoe" written anew for children, with apologies to Daniel Defoe. Published Dy American Book Company. New York. Original Exercises In Tlane and Solid ductory remarks, 'by Edward Mills Adams, president of the California Society of taie1 Sons of the American Revo-, lution; address on Washington, by Pro. fessor Heinry Morse Stephens of the University 6f i California. There will; be music by ia vocal quartet and an orchestra, i It is expected that the occasion will erybody's Magazine for March. Stories and articles of all sorts by the best known writers of the country, combine to make this a popular number. Pub element carried the city by 48,000 votes. Yesterday's voting was comparatively light as there was not much Interest in the contest aside from Councilman-ic in a few wards. TRIAL JURORS FOR CONTRA COSTA COUNTY lished by the Rldg way-Thayer Un Ion Square, New York. Price 15 cents. be a notable one, for the reason tnat There is a great variety of matter in this is the first time that the Sons and Daughters i of the American Revolution Street. The application of G. N. Graves for a street light at the corner pf Fortieth and the Popular Magazine for March; pertln ent articles' vlelng with entertaining flc have united in such a celebration. Among field Public School. Many churches, arid tion and Interest. Published by Street tne guests, wno have been Invited are -1 Smith, 79 Seventh avenue, N. Y. library, college and bank in immediate vicinity. President! rBenjamin Ide Wheeler- and Mrs. President David Starr Gold streets was granted. The application for an electric light on West street between Thirty-ninth and Apgar streets, was recommended granted ITlce 10 cents. MARTINEZ, Feb. 21. The following is 14 minutes from 12th and Broadway by the new direct line. 50 minutes from San Francisco via the Key Route, 8 the list of the trial jurors drawn by County Clerk J. E. Rodgcrs to appear in the Superior Court at Martinez on February 27th, to try the cases now pend Jordan, Governor Pardee and Mrs. Pardee, Judge Morrow and Mrs. Morrow, Chief Justice Beatty and Mrs. Beatty, General iFunston and Mrs. Funston, Rear-Admiral and Mrs. McCalla. Rear-Admiral John G. Walker and Mrs. Walker, Colonel Charles Morris and Mrs. Morris. I Geometry" Is the title of a new volumu by Levi L. Conant. professor of mathematics In the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Published by American Book Company, New York. A new book that will be appreciated Ty teachers and pupils is "A Primer of Essentials in Grammar and Rhetoric. by Marietta Knight. The 'iook Is for use In English learning in secondary schools. iMbllshed by American Book Company, New York. Another volume in the Gateway series, the generat editor of which is Henry Van (Dyke, has mads Its appearance. This ons Is In reference to Julius Caesar, and hi edited In an excellent manner by Hamilton Wright Mable. Published by blocks from 23d ave. station of S. 35 minutes from The March number of the Scrap Book' announced as a "human Interest number." There are articles from various prcmlnenK men, a discussion of public etnts. plenty of fiction, etc. Published by the Frank A. Munsey 175 Fifth avenue, N. Y. Cesslers Magaxine of Engineering, loam, electricity, for February, contains much of interest to workers anil thinkers alonir these lines. Bright, aoie ing: after the beginning of thet next fiscal year on' July 1. Charles Jurgens was granted permission to erect a temporary fence on Thirteenth street sixty feet west of Franklin during the erection of a building. SENATOR WARREN ENDORSES SMOOT San Francisco and boats up to 1:20 a. m. APPLY TO 1 John C. Black. A. P. Benton, J. A. Bauer, Henry E. Brown, Jacob Burk-halter. L. D. Burdlck, A. H. Campbell, AUTOMOBILE PARTY Edward Casey, C. W. Close, Olney Chll- IS NEARLY KILLED DUB Yj MILLS GO 4: artxles adorn Its pages and a wide scope i son, Charles Drenicke, W. A. Davis, Lonny A. Dean, Edward J. Devlin, William T. Davis, Charles H. Evans, Joaquin is covered. Published by the Gassier Magazine 3 West Twenty-nlntu Enos, C. W. Emery, Thomas Fowler, Ro 1008 BROADWAY, OAKLAND. Phone Oakland 6202. stieet, N. T. Price 26 cents. bert E. Fletcher, Antone Ooulart. Wil liam J. Grlswold, L. S. Hlgglns, George The problem of the technical and In Armostl miraculous escape from death was experienced by Emil Carban of San Franclscj. his wife, and Mrs. H. Poeller, when thij automobile in which they were Leandro road, throwing the three oc-Leanrdo 'road, throwing the three occupants the ground. Both women' were badly briised by the fall and the machine was demolished. Hanson, James Hlnes, Frederick H. dustrial world and the numerous matters of Interest In applied science, are dis- WASHINGTON. Feb. 21. Senatot fyrfoot received another endorsement in the Senate today. It came from Mr. Warren, who, upon the convening of the (lay's session, presented a voluminous tUtion from women in Wyoming: praying for the expulsion of Mr. Smoot from the He said thai' he had been requested to accompany the presentation of the petition with some remarks o. Heldorn, Ray R. Houston, David Israel, ruMed In an attractive list of well written articles in the Technical World roag- John F. Jennings, Lucius Ivory, John N. Jones, Albert C. Kerley, Harry Kron- American Book Company, New York. i Clara B. Jordan's new vcjrae on "Elementary Latin Writing" will be prlxed by those In the more advanced study of that dead language, for whose use it Is Intended. Published by American Book Company, New York. "An Elements ry Text Book of Theoretical Mechanics" Is the title of a volume from the pen of George A. Merrill. B. principal of the California drtiool of Mechanical Arts and director of the Wilmerdtng School of Industrial Arts. San Francisco. It Is Intended for use by the advanced students In this lino and should prove valuable, fubllshed ty the American Book Company. New York. ts for March. Published by the Tech- lck. Bert Larsen. Edwin Morgan. Frank Meredith. A. Mendonca. Matt Madsen. -COUNTRY REAL ESTATE. COUNTRY REAL n'cal World 3325 Armour Chi ergo. Price 10 cents. Carban, is employed by an automobile Albert M. Munger, J. W. McClellan, Dan 1 i agency fend Mrs. Poeller Is a wealthy own. He added iel McCullough, H. T. McNamara, Cyrus Tom Watson's Magazine for February The subject of the petition la before llWEEK. $1 DOWN $1 WEEK $1 DOWN is not In the least behind the standard Newlove, George 8. Overfield, C. W. Par set by previous Issues of this popular ker, F. A. Portman, H. A. Rasmussen, widow wno lives near San KaraeL Mrs. Poeller has been negotiating with Car-ban or ia machine and last evening the agent undertook to display its. particular The pen or us Dramy eaitcr Frederick Russelman. John Sullivan. Dennis J. Sugrue, E. B. 8mallwood, E. F. a distinctly In evidence and there is ir tich else of Interest. Published by Tom Straight. W. M. Sullenger. H- W. Stove- utsons Magazine, 121 West Porty- sand. Christ Thompson, Richard T. Uren, the proper committee and I hope to oe guided by the report of the committer when made. If I should express my opinion before the 'report is made. I sLeuld be inclined to endorse what was said tm the subject a few days since cy the Sens-or from California, Mr. Perkins." Upon the conclusion of the routine Vuir.ness at p. m. the Senate went into executive session on motion of Mr. Morgan. cecond street, N. Y. Price 15 cents. special; RreerExciuirsio5i Thursday, February 22. POINT RICHMOND BUILDING LOTS $50 $75 $90 AND UP. $1 DOWN $1 DOWN $1 DOWN SI DOWN $1 DOWN $1 DOWN "Flores de Espara." a collection of nine stories in ths Spanish language, has been publlshcl by C. Fontaine, a New York instructor In languages, for the Richard T. Wood. William A. Walker, merits, JWith his wife he took Mrs. Poeller for ttj spin on the San Leandro road, and when near High street the machine became ftrnrnanageable. The steering gear got out of order and Carban, in trying to avoid a passing car turned into an exca George E. Weldon, John A. Wright. Cunset for February is, as usual, re with tales and articles ot interest it BLIND JOHN DEAD. li everyone. i It Is beautifully illustrated, a handsome cover In colors being an vation, 'j i lidded attraction. Published by the t. xjt. vjonraa 01 san rTancisco, was and; offered his services, but they I' $1 DOWN 1'. San Francisco. Price 10 cents. PLACERVILLE, Feb. 21. Jean Mon were no necessary. Carban and the two INTEREST. NCv TAXES. NO RAIN CONTINUES TO COME DOWN tane, known for nearly "fifty years as The March number of Ainslee's con SI WEEK SI WEEK Si WEEK SI WEEK Si WEEK SI WEEK -f Sl WEEK SlEEK' SI' WEEK" Si WEEK SI WEEK 5 SI WEEK SI WEEK SI WEEK ladles, nowever, roae Dr. Conrad's Blind died at the El Dorado automobile to Oakland, where they took Well-fed Feeling of Strength County Hospital last night, where he had the train for San Francisco. The auto tains a host of bright fiction contributed by popular authors, with poems, special ci tides, etc. Published by.Alnslee Mag-rs'te Seventh 'avenue and Fifteenth Pacific -Realty Co. been since 1858. He was a native, of mobile was left on the San Leandro road. AUBURN. Feb. 81. The rain -that commenced yesterday morning still continues. There was a heavy raJn all yes street. N. Y. Price 15 cents. comes from In Self-Defena A long list" of the most popular boms terday afternoon. Nearly half aa inch fell in one hour. There were signs sorgs has been -published In book form, $1 DOWN $1 DOWN SI DOWN sr DOWN $1 DOWN SI DOWN $1 DOWN Si DOWN SI DOWN SI -DOWN France and came to El Dorado county In 1S52. SERIES OF SERMONS. Ten sermons will be delivered by J. M. TerryT pastor of the Reorganized containing all the old favorites set to music. Published by Hinds. Noble Major! Hamm. editor and manager of the Constitutionalist, Ky. when he was fiercely attacked four years ago by Piles bought a box of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, of which he says: 419-420 Grant Building. Phone South 1070. i Ban. Francisco. Oakland Office: 21 and217 CENTRAL BANK Phone Oakland WE SHOW LOTS, SUNDAYS. WRITE OR PHONE. 51 WEEK." $1 DOWN WEEK Elurldge, 21 West Fifteenth street, N. Y. GrapeNuts 3 Read "The Road to WeUville." cured me In ten days and no trouble? morning that the storm possibly would break. The rainfall for the past twenty-IfoUr hours was 1.60 Inches. AT BAKERSFIELD. BAKERSFIELD, Feb. 21. An an night rain followed a heavy wind in this- county lat night, the precipitation being 'from ttCi an inch to an inch. Crop conditions throughout the county are the best. Church of Latter Day Saints, and other ministers during this week and next week, at the church, corner of Sixteenth Collier's for February 17th continues bear out Us claim to the title of "The National Weekly." Special articles and a resume of the events of the day and since. Quickest healer, of Burns, Sores, Cuts and Wounds. Price 25c at Osgood stores, corner. Twelfth and Washington streets and Seventh and Broadway. and Magnolia streets. The Services will pkg. commence at ciock in me evening. interesting fiction. Including a $1000 prue Is to be found In the number. Pub- The public is Invited.

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