The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 9, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1892
Page 5
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THE REPUBLICAN, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 1892. CHURCH DIRECTORY. S WYBHtH DAY AtivKNTtBT—Sabbath School Saturday at 2 p m.. R. V. Dawson, I .. . . latendent. 3 p. m. bible rending, conducted by Wm. Cieary. Prayer and social meeting every vndttf evening. Kvfitybody Invited. WM. OM5ABY, Local Elder. P RB8 MimionisT—Services at the Free Methodist chnrcli are as follows : Kvery Sunday, Simrt'-v School at io a. m., social meeting a*, tt a. m.; iireachlny; nt 7 :SO p. m. Kvery Thursday prayer meetlnu at 7 :30 p. m. CYBUS COOK, Pastor. MKS. A. V. COOK, Assistant Pusior. WJRDIHH KVANGKt.lCAIj M'tHKHAN - Ser- vlces every third Sunday at, 10 a. tn. mid 7 :30 p.m.; two evening meat-lues In a month ; Sunday school at 12 in. ouch Sunday ; Ladles Aid society meets every third Krlrtny ; everybody who undarslands the Swedish language Is invited. BKV. AXF.L KM'STHOM, Pastor. F IH8T CONGREGATIONAL CIIUHCI!, Corner Moore and McGregor streets. Pastor's study with Mr. I). 8. Koi-d, opposite church. Sunday 11 a. m., 7 I.TO p. m., scrvlnfts with preaching ; lo a. m. Sabbath School: o :.'in p. in. V. P, 8. 0. B. Wednesday evening at 7 :30 p. in. regular mid week service willi exposition of .Sunday school lesson for following Sabhath. Superintendent C. M Doxson, Assls'-ant Hnper- (utendent Milt A. UnlUthmigh. W. E. DAVIDSON, Pastor. M KTHODIBT KViscoi'Aii—Preachlnir every Sunday at 11 o'clock a. m. and 7 :30 p. m. Sunday School at 12 m. Kpwnrtli IMOXUO every Sunday evening :it 0 '.15,business meeting every fourth Friday. Prayer meeting every Wednesday evening at 7 :so. Missionary Societies-Young Ladles Foreign, first Saturday of each month at a p.m. Woman's Foreign,first Sunday of each month at 3 o'clock p.m. Home—Third Thursday of each month at a o'clock p. in. A. S. FLANIOAN. Pastor. B AVTJBT—Services Sunday a. in. preaching at 11 o'clock, preaching at 7 :3» p. n». Covenant meetlnu every month on the Saturday be- lore the lirst Sunday at 2 :30 p. m. Communion service once in two months beginning with January on the nrst Sunday in the month. Young E copies service every Sunday evening, one hour efoie preaching service, Carrie .Johnson, Pres. Sunday Schaol after morning service every Sunday, James Chapin. superintendent. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7 :30 p. in. A cordial invitation extended to strangers. W. H.DOKWAKD, Pastor. Original Notice. STAtE OP IOWA, I ,, KosMith County. j ss In the District Court of said county. Original notice. 'Hie American Investment Company of Em- tnetsbnrg, Iowa, vs. Sadie Siiriner, .lonn T. uanna and Mrs. John T. Hanna. To the ahove named defendants : You are bereby notified that there Is now on file In the olm-e of the Clerk of tbe District Court in and for said county of Kossuth, State of Iowa, the petition of, the above named plaintiff, claiming of you One Hundred dollars ($100) on the promissory notes of the defendant Shrlner besides Five dollars ($6) abstract fees and lawful attorney's fees and asking the lore- closure of the mortgage or deed of trust made by Ueo. M. Annis and wife to E. S. Ormsby, trustee, on no qrsec 21 twp nfi n range 29 west by which payment of the, same Is secured. And that unless you appear and make defense thereto before noon 01 the second day of the next term of said Court, to be begun and held at Algmm, In said county, on the 10th day of May, 18»2, a default will be .entered against you, and Judgment rendered thereon. Soi'Git, ALLKN & MOUMNO, aa-2r> Attorneys for Plaintiff. I Messrs. Cage & Sherman,of Alexander, Texas write us regarding a remarkable cure of rheumatism there as follows: "The wife of Mr. Win. Pruitt, the Postmaster here, had boon bed riden with rheumatism for several years. She could get nothing to do her any gaod. We sold her a bottle Chamberlin's Pain Balm and she was completely cured by its use. We refer any one to her to verify this statement." 50 cents bottles for sale by Dr. L. A. ShceU. LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS, Trains leave Kinmntsbiirg as follow* ! OOI.VO NOKTIl. No, 01 passenger 4 :25 p 111 No. r,3 passenger 6 :13 a m No. 05 freight 3 :0fl p m No. fl!) freight 8 :35 a m GOING SOUTH. No. no passenger 8 :S5 a m No. fa pawctiKi!!' 5 ;3s p in No. o-J freight s :35 a m KAIT.noAl) I.AN13S Jo A very fine line of saddles just received at F. S. STOUQH'S "I have just recovered from a second attack of the grip this year," says Mr. Jaa. O. Jones, publisher of the Leader, Mexia Texas. "In the latter case I used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and I think with considerable success, only being in bed a little over two days, against ten days for the first attack. The second I am satisfied would have been equally as bad as the first but for the use of this remedy, ; as I had to go to bed in about six hours after being 'struck' with it, while in the first case I was able to attend to business about two days before getting 'down'. 50 cent bottles for sale by Dr. •I», A. Sheetz. Beware of Swindlers. We have exposed during the last year many swindlers who advertise, under the name of medicine, vile compounds which only increase human suffering. To all who need a pure medicine and blood purifier we can honestly recommend Sulphur Bitters.—Editor Sun. Deafness Can't Be Cured by local applications as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Eustachiau tube. When this tube gets inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed deafness is the result and unless the inflamation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing^ will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give one hundred dollars for any case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that we cannot cure by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & Co,, l@~Sold by druggists, 75. Toledo.O. Interested People. Advertising a patent medicine is a per culiar way in which the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam for coughs and colds does, it is indeed wonderful. He authorizes all druggists to give those who call for it a sample bottle free that they may try it before purchasing. The large bot- -tles are 50c and $1. We certainly would advise a trial. It may save you from consumption. The largest line of harness ever in Algona is now to bte seen at Slough's. If you want the best Baling Press in the world,write Collins Plow Co.,Quincy, Illinois, for catalogue and prices. 18-18 Sanitarium crackers at LANQDON & HUDSON. Asthma cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure. "Ot how I dread to see my hair turning gray," is a remark made by so many ladies. If they only knew that 75 cents invested in one bottle of Beggs' Hair Renewer would not only check it at once, but give it a luxurious and glossy appearance, we know that they would not hesitate to buy. We guarantee every bottle Sold by F. W. Dingley. The Minneapolis Fanning Mill will remove cockel, buckwheat, mustard and all foul seeds from grain. Call at A. M. & G. M. Johnsons and see what they will do. Fur robes and horse blankets at cost at F. S. STOUGH'S. For flftlo by the Illinois Central It. II. Co. nt Low I'rlocs and on Easy Terms tn NotitlnM-n Illinois. The best, farm country In the world for either lar^e or small farms, Hardens, orchards, or dairying! raising .stock or .sheep. This is destined soon to become Ihe richest portion of the State of Illinois in imitcrlal wealth, as it is already in the productiveness of Its soil. A greater variety of crops, with n greater profit, can he grown on a less amount of lands tn this country than nan be raised in any other portion of this stain. Its soil, climate, location, and mipqualed facilities for transportation to Chicago—the greatest market In the world—all combine to assure a future of Krnat promise to the owner of any of these lands that are now sold at so low a price. Early vegetables and fruits of all klnds.apples that are acknowledged superior to any crown even In New Vork state, pears that are without rival in flavor and abundance, winter wheat that takes the premium wherever displayed, the home of clove.1 and blue grass, where sheep can be raised to Ihe greatest profit, and stock can be wintered with hut two month's feeding ut the most; healthy and equable climate, flue schools and churches of many denominations. Such are some ot the advantages of this great country, situated In the very heart of the Mississippi Valley, to which every prophecy points as the future great center of, wealth and power in the United States. Don't go elsewhere to buy lands for farms until you SHC Southern Illinois, where farmers and fruit growers have made such profits as §aoo oil of 1 acieof Htrawberriess in 1 year two " 1 " Tomatoes " 1 " 250 "1 " Melons " 1 " 250 •• i •• Apples " 1 " 700 " 1 " Pears "1 " 360 " X " Early apples " 1 " Buy some of these lands and you can do it, too, by industry and well-directed efforts. Special Inducements and facilities offered by the Illinois Central Kallroad Company, to go and examine these lands. For full description and map and any 'information, address or call upon E. P. SKKNE, Land Commissioner I. 0. tt. tt. Co. 78 Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois. 20tf Clear Out New Goods -FOE- Spring 1 and Summer Now in Sunday School Teacher—Who made the sun and the moon stand still: First Boy- Adam. S. S. T.—No. Second Boy—Moses. No; what's the matter with Joshua? Class (in unison)—He's all right. We truly believe De Witt's Little Early Risers to be the most natural, most effct- ive, most prompt and economical pill for biliousness.indigestion and inactive liver. Stough is lined shoes. giving bargains in women's. WANTED. Students in Telegraphy and Station Reports. Complete course. Best equipped school. Austin Telegraphic Institute. Austin, Minn. Good city property for sale or rent inj quire of I>- A. HAGGARD. Hnrruh for the Farmers. Something they all need. The Excelsior Windmill Attachment and Feed Grinder, can be attached to any wind mill and is guaranteed to do the work of any feed grinder. Sample of the grinders may be seen at Matt Richardson's ware house on Stale street. Come in and see us. Every machine sold is guaranteed to work or we get no pay. Jos. HUGI & BROS., MATT RICHARDSON, Algona. 7-34 Agent. A choice line of fresh at Hudson & Langdon's. teas and coffees Breakfast Cocoa is very & Hudson have it. nice Langdon For Neuralgia use Dr. Miles' Nervine.. "Late to bed and early to rise will shorten the road "to your home in the skies." But early to bed and a "Little Early Tliser," the pill that makes life longer and better and wiser. All kinds of arctics at greatly reduced rates at Stough's. Ask Druggist for f ree bottle Dr. Miles' Nervine. Canada maple syrup—something fine at LANGDON & HUDSON. See the biggest Jot of harness in town F. S. STOUGH'S. For Sale or Bent. The McAllister place for sale or rent cheap—the garden spot Inquire of (23-25) of the town. PETER WINKEL. "How do Island with your father?" he asked. "I don't think, George", she answered after some thought, "that you had better stand at all when you are with father. You bad better run-" Swindlers. We have exposed, during the Isat year, many swindlers who advertise, under tbe name of medicine vile compounds which only increase human suffering. To all woo need a pure medicine and blood purifier, we can honestly reccomendes Sulphur Bitters.— Editor Bun. Fight-Fight. Where! What! When! Why right here, right now and all the time, is going on a struggle with diaea&e for health and Haller's Sarcaparilla <fc Burdock is tbe most successful opponent that science haa thus far discovered. For sale by Dr. L. A. Sheets. ""DEAFNESS, ITS CAUSES ANP CURD, scientifically uv&UalUy ».« aurtrt uf ' You will never regret sending three 2-cent stamps to pay postage, to A, P. Ordwaj & Co., Boston, Mass., for a copy of Dr Kaufmann's great Medical Work; 100 pages colored illustrations; of great value to every family. Farmer Strawtack (to dentist)—Say Doc, the tooth next to that one aches, too Dentist—Yes, in sympathy. Farmer Strawtack—Gol durn sech sy mpathy! Yank'er out! The Great Northwest. The steady settlement of lands in Montana Mid WashlnKton.the substantial growth of their Itles, and the constant increase of their rail- vay mileage, have rendered these states a cen- er of interest for business men, capitalists and ettlers. The best explanation of this growth s found in the study ot the capabilities and re- ources of UK; states, wliieli ;ue fully set forth n three folders entitled, "Golden Montana." •Eastern Washington" and "Western \Vash- ngtou." just issued l>y the Northern Pacific railroad. As a route to the Northwest the Northern 'acillc stands unrivalled. Krom St. Paul and Minneapolis its nxpreKs rrnlns roach principal joints in Minnesota, North Dakota. Manitoba, Montana. Idaho. Oienou and Washington. It s the only line with through sleniilnc car service from ChifiMKO to tln:sn .states, and the only Ine running boi.h 1'nllinan tourist and tree colonist stepping cars west of St. I'anl and Minneapolis. raWngi'rs troni the twi^t should ;isk for Lnrougli ticket* via the Wisconsin Central line and KonhKi'ii 1'acilU'. railroad, thus securing the advantage of through sleeping ears (Pullman first-class it.'.tl I'lillniiin; JromjChi- My stock of Winter Goods, I will aell all my Felt Boots, German Socks, Mittens, Ladies' Lined Shoes, Slippers, Men's Cloth Boots, Blankets and Robes At Cost And all kinds of ARCTICS At Greatly Reduced Rates. F.S.STOUGH. It would be useless for us to mention the different grades and styles of goods now in stock as it would take so much space and time to do so. I will only say this: Come and look through my line of goods and see for yourself I believe that I can suit you in Goods and Making of Garments, and I am sure that everything in my line of business will be well done at a reasonable price. Goods for Always on hand or can be sent for on short notice. Agent for 18 Come and see me and find out what I can sell you Tickets for. O. L. FOSS. CARPETS AND CURTAINS . A noteworthy feature ot the. Northern Pacific route is the fact that holders o£ second tickets to wi'.s'.cr.'i points 011 this lino are allowed the privilege (if slopping over at Spokane Wash., and nil points \vest of there for tlie purpose of ((.valuing lands. The dining cars on Ihe Northern Pacific are an important part of his service, and In connection with the grniiil scenery make, this n favorlto line for tnnrists n> California nnd other sections of the west. District passenger ambits of Northern Pacific railroad will lake pleasure in supplying Montana and Wasliin.ulou folders above referred to ; also limps, thiie cards raid any special Information dcsiivd ; or ii|>pi;ratinii ciiu lie made to Clias. .S Fee. (i I' A'!' >, .V r !U{. M;. Paul, Minn, luyrl NEXT WBBK -AT THE- GRANGE STORE Mrs.L.R.Patton, Bockford, III., writes "From personal experience I cau recommend De Witt's Sarsaparilla, a cure impure blood and general debility." for IOWA CENTRAL R'Y. The only line running 2 Through Trains 2 — or— Elegant Day Coaches -4ND- Pnllfflan Palace Buffet Sleeping Cars -TOST. LOUIS and KANSAS CITY WITHOUT CHANGE. Making direct connections in Union depot for «U1 points in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, Old :ind New Mexico. Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi. Louisiana, Arkansas, (i corgi a and Florida. Solid trains lo l>vuiiktMnioHS-E..i<iu;>r Il:il»il- In nil the AVorltl tlKM-c is lint O:H! Cure. Dr. H;\iues' G<ilrt"U Sm-<-lllc. It can lifi ylveu in :i cup of lea or coffee without the luinwlrdsrrf of the peison taking it, effecting a speedy and pKi'iiiHiiRiit cure, whether the patient is a inoileraio drinker or an alcoholic wreck. Tiiuusimds of drunkards have been cured who have tak»'ii theUotden Specific in their coffee without their knowledge, and today helieve (!!'•>• quit drinking ot their own freewill. Noliiiiniful eftVt-ls results from its administration, ('iiivs itunmnn'''*!. Send for circulars and full particulars. Address in ron- tidence, (lOldeu Specific Do., 183, Hace street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 22-12 state THE REPUBLICAN'S 200 New Samples to Arrive This Week. Lo*wer Prices Than Ever. MAPS Bady Of Kossuth County are THE LIGHT RUNNING * "DOMESTIC" ' IS ONLY Order a supply immediately. .-AT— Li. A New Stock just received. A Complete Line of Furniture of all kinds always on hand. Wltta direct connections tor Illinois, lud'mi a. Ohio, Kentucky. Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and the southwest, To secure Ww Invest Kates, Quickest mid best accoB)oxp4uti.uiih, SEWING MACHINE IN THE WORLD THAT MAKES A PERFECT LOCK-STITCH, CHAIN-STITCH, And BUTTON-HOLE. Three Machines in One I Buy the "POMESTIC," It is the BEST every way. Simple. Practicable. Durable. AQ8M TJ i W4NTEP I 8EWP FOB The maps will be sold in lots of 250 and upwards. They are printed in three tints upon heavy paper and are of a convenient size. Write for sample of Map and prices. All orders are filed in the order [received and will be filled in the order filed. If you are in a hurry for your Maps, get in your order im HOW EAENEDf AN JOffl SHARP {tools and shoes nrnde to order. BepairuiR 9k «R9$l«Hy, A targe stuck of Ia4i«? *ud oaeu'a shona received £aterprUlwYoima;Muii TOM A Go. i ar»d ftaried me. I workeiTetwdily »od nut ~ thtu I expected to. t became «b{« to bay MI a small lammer hotel. If I don* t »nccee4»t I to work again at tbe buelueii lo vUeh I u*- C«.t Sb»l» w«te«tra« *»d«t»rtj If "we do, Md ifYooVork time be »t>lew>l>uy »a to. idly w>d houorabl «ad io their ewo J oaodotUawork. Bajyte risk. YoucaadevoWw *5» «»*«* |ffi»-J?«»9(

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