The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 9, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1892
Page 3
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.T. A.. ICtUtor. THK ?•,•;•; AVM OK 'i MOTOWN. BANCROFT, IOWA, MAtt. !>, 181)2. Chicago & ru U»y. MOUTH SOUTH n ll:im Mixed. ......... "> o'pin way fre'lRlit. •!*«"> wiy frflghr.. . . .« !ft»m ..... 401*11111 iMssoujver ..>pm holds "sfrvli-es In Mi" sHiool lionsc, mil al 3 p. m.. iirciielilng wi'vic'c. n.t•?. p.,in., ui-'aver mnelfnn Tfmrsiluy eveiitnir. Kvc rylmdy tnvitod. I'KV. D. WII.UAMS. Pastoiv ANT-HOKT HWKDIHII UJTIIKHAN otiintrm, iiicfitlivj inoi nini? iiiul eVPimiH (inc. Sunday In encli month and iwo ovenhitf mooting* n n month. Hiiiidny School at 12 m. each Sunday, UtOie's Aid Hoc.lety meets every othoi 1 H'lrtay. UK.V. A. lii.FSTUOM, 1'astor. F utsT itAi'TisT (HUjKrn, of Hivnerolt. preach - niir service iwili Sunday lit Ki :3U u. in. and x \>. m.. snndsiy school «1 .12 m.. Lords supper tlie first Siiml'iy in CIKI!) nmnlli at 1 p- >"•' l"'iv.v- PI- nii-c.vlim Tluirahiy oveninc, i,t>\:ills1s meet mi Sunday «v<3iiliiK. Covoiiiint meuthij,' tno last Friday tiv'uiiliitf In'ench month, choir practice Sittiinliiy ovoniiit:. Kvcryliody invlted.straiig- . welcome.. ItKV. L. A. CUStMINS. Pastor. B M. K. c.MURcn, preaching service "each Sunday »t. 10:30n. in. and 8 ». in,, •class uteetlim pr«i;e.ttliiK each service at ringing of second hell, Hundsvy School at, 12 in., Kp- worth I .online on Tuesday evening, prayer niBp.tliiR Tlnirsdiiy pveninu, choir rehearsal Friday cvciiini;. Ladle's Aid Society meets Wert- ne«(!."i.v afternoon. A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend these services. UKV. A. \V. LUCE, Pastor. S T. .IOHN'H <:vnioi,ic criCJKCir, reetilar services : Instruction from in to 10 ::?<> a. m., hit!h muss and sermon from 10 :<H) to 12, Holy mass Piich inoniinj: in the weelc at 7 a,. ni.,Mar- ried l.julie's Nop.lrly meets the first Sunday or Jive.ry month alter t'lifi sermon, Young Ladle's Soetrt.v inoets the second Sunday of every month' after t.hc wmon, Young Men's Society jinnHS tli« third sitmlay of every month after Ih« SHI iiniii. KvcTybody is invited to attend these services. FATH KH A. J. Sen JSJHMKL, 1'astor. SOCIETY .DIIIECTORY. o Diiofutiiseivu I.OOOK KO. HO;:, A. /'?v r K. AND A. M. holds its regular V ; " •''••r' cumnmiilfii'tlon at the Masonic Hull /<>>.(*• on tlie. Wednesday evening on or ne- / "•';' i fore tlie full moon of eaoli month. 'Vixit.ii)!.'brethren always welcome. „ ., K. S., W. M, li. K. TJAVISON, See'y. B A?«!JIOKT LODCK NO. ,117 I. O. OF O. T. meets iU tli« I. O. of <;. T. Hall on each i.SaMinlnv ovcning at 7 ::» p. in. Visiting member* niiule welcome. J. li. HTKEATEU, 0. r. <;. F. STKKATKK, .Scc'y. ^ C 'UOIV.V .IL'VUMI.K TF.M1'I-K HieelS ill ti)C I. (). of (i.T. Hall uvery Wednesday evening at T :l.i <!K'O. A. SMITH, 0. T. SMITH. Seo'y. V KHA L.ODOK NO. 2!H . . K. OF I'. meets every Monday evening at 7 p. m. at tlie K. of P. null. straiiKcr Knitrlits are invited to meet with us. _ M. A. 'lUKNKI A. J. AMUUENK, K. of K. and S. , C. C. D " ANCKOFT LOUUK NO. 541 i. o. O- 1''- meets every Wednes*? d « v evening at the K. of 1'. Hall '• at 7 :30 p. in. Visiting Odd Fellows are invited to our meetings, W.T.HALi,, N. G. I'. E. KENT. See'y. Oats .......... $ .23 Coru ........ $ 24 Eggs ........... 18 Butter ........ 20 Cattle $3.00 @ 4.00 Hogs ......... 4.35 Wheat ...... ....70 Barley ........ 28 Hay ........... 4.00 Flax ......... 75 Five Mules. Three Horses. Twenty Cows. 'Six Yearling Steers. Which I will sell at a very low price or trade for horses or good paper acd give all the time that is needed. C. E. MAJ,LORY. Phoenix BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management. A. HUM1STON, AUCTIONEER. Will cry sales in :uiy part o£ the county. 20 years' experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. BANCROFT, IOWA. Artistic isrjork guaranteed. Pictures en- arged at reasonable prices. F.A.BRONSON Dealer in PIlllTllfiP I r unni i unti l Sewing Machines, Carpets, Pictures and Frames. JiiHt look uL our new mla, will you? Subscript! ami don't borrow the NKV.-S. Mike I'lynn of Soiieeu ia reported as Ix'.injr vt'i-y ill. Andrew Larson wan up from Algona last Sal unlay. A. A. Wit'cvt liad Bancroft business on hand hist Hnlurday. Jno. Gilskf returned from his trip to CliicaKii hist Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Graham oil Burt were in town Saturday last. Ilev. L. A. CummiriRs' household articles, etc., were isold today. Father Schemmel went to Dubuquo anil expects to be back today. Turn out and eat chicken pie at the Papist church next Friday night. J. J. Budlong has sold his farm and will remove to town in the near future. Water works and street lamps are what Bancroft needs, wants, and must have. Herman Shalt/, of Grundy Center is visiting at T. II. Cruses' in liamsay township. A new sidewalk adorns B. F. Grose's Wm. Campbell's and Oscar Carpenter's residence lots. Mrs. E. Tallrnaii got back from her visit with her parents in Lodi, "\Vis., Friday morning last. Boys, James Whalen has something of interest to say to you in our advertising columns this week. As bury Hartshorn desires to thank the public for their welcome aid in helping him secure his pension. Notice will be found in this issue of the sale of E. S. Streater and G. II. Peters. It will pay all to look them up. llev. A. G. Ward had to give up preaching at Lake Mills on account of his health and is now at Cedar Falls recuperating. Mallory & Holms have something of great interest to tell every one this week. You will do well to look up their ad in this issue. Hans Nelson's family are happy over the arrival of a girl baby on Feb. 29. This young lady will only have one birthday every four years. Louis Peterson, south of town, Avill move to Ledyard and Christ Godfrey- son of Ledyard will farm the place made vacant by the former. What do you think of our society directory? There is not a town of 1000 inhabitants in Iowa that can show live such prosperous secret societies. Mrs. Lida Bardwell who has been visiting at Jas.' Gallioas and Mrs. Benj. Smiths' for some time returned home to Omaha last week Monday. Nick Arend and Carl Ostrander have swung out a beautiful new sign to the breeze to let all the people know the place and nature of their business. A pleasant surprise party was held at Christ Nelson's, southeast of town, a week ago tonight. It was a surprise party for one of Mr. N's little girls. B. C. Lindburg was at Ledyard last Saturday moving a building and this week he is laying the foundation and building the vault for the new bank. Mrs. Frank Snyder, of Carroll Co., is hero visiting the family of F. M. Evans at present. Her people expect to move to Kossuth in the near future. Henry Simpkins made his periodical pilgrimage to the hub last Saturday. By the way, the readers of the NEAVS may expect to see one of his big adds in til is paper soon. B. F. Wickwire's usually smiling face was more than ordinarily lighted up by the arrival of a young lady in his family on Saturday last. The republican babies are all girls. When a (coon) expects to capture Bancroft or even a few of its small boys he had better get his silken tile insured and mind his off eye, because, as the saying goes, he mighfget left." We have heard people ask what the politics of the NEWS was, and we will say right here that we find so much news that politics fails to interest us. The NEWS is working for Bancroft and not for the republican nor the democratic parties. I. O. of G. T. program for Saturday evening, March 12. Company P., Cliff Stockwell, Capt.: Instrumental music, Hilda Stensoii; Original Poem, Lilla Hawn: Vocal Music, Ella Smith and Lela Gray; Paper, Etta Johnson and Anna Barslou; Essay, G. W. Smith. There will be a caucus of the lie- publican voters of Greenwood township tomorrow at 3 o'clock to select delegates to the Republinan county convention which selects delegates to the State convention which in turn selects the delegates from, tlie congressional districts to toe National Bepublj- can Convention jp June, wjtuejj THE BOYS GOT LOOSE And Knocked Out The Old Fellows. Tho Young • Men Capture the Plums at the City Election. Fire Works and General Ratification- Bancroft's first 1 exciting city election was held hist Monday. It seems that the younger portion of Bancroft's voters got it into their heads that the "old cocks," as they chose to call them, nad always taken more than their share of the offices and consequently they had a saucus, or rather a series of caucusses, in which they organized to put in a young men's council. As the older men found this out they also put in nomination for the council the same aged men that had heretofore been nominated and electod. This was the last straw that broke the camel's back, and on Monday morning at 8 o'clock the boys might be seen anywhere in town working like beavers. Towards night they felt sure that at least nearly all of the ticket was elected, but when the votes were counted and a complete victory perched on the banners of the boys, there was heard the sound of the tocsin in the land, and almost immediately an impromptu band with the tin and vocal accompaniments was formed and marched first around the Eichmond block, then down Portland street as far as Jas. G-allion's. then back and around the State Bank block down through State street. Fireworks were shot off and a general ratification held. The winning candidates all passed out tlie cigars aw the boys filed past, and while there was plenty of noise everything passed off pleasantly and many ladies were seen watching the procession as it passed. Young America is hard to beat. Following is the vote: No. cast 185. For Mayor — J. B.Johuson 185. Recorder— C. C. Thompson 123, F. R-. Andrews 61. Assessor— B. F. Crose 185. Councilmen 3 years— J. S. Ilofius 118, C. E. McLanghlin 112, E. I. Brayton 70, B. F. Wickwire 64. Councilmen 1 year—I. J. Bruer 185. A. Sundstrum 120 B. C. Lindburg 67. Street Commissioner— Jas. Gallion 185. Treasurer — J. A. Campbell 120, C. li. Moorehouse 59. There is another election next Monday when four school directors will be elected, but who knows what five days may bring forth in so live a town as this? We want you to read this and put it down in your vest pocket and when you are in need of anything in* onr line come right to tlie Bancroft Tea and Spice Co, We have just added to our Stock a full line of Mrs. G. W. Gardner held a public sale of some stock in town last Saturday. Wm. Delaney moved into the house made vacated by John Wood last Monday. Chicken Pie Social at the Baptist church next Friday night. Come everybody. C. H. Koeble returned from his visit to his home in Winnebago City one day last week. T. II. Conner and D. A. Haggard took in the city election ratification last Monday evening. Miss Nellie Salisbury, our efficient Assistant Principal, was at Algona on business last Saturday. Lenten devotions will be held at the Catholic church each Friday morning at 10 o'clock during.Lent. R. E. Davison has added as an improvement to the town a new sidewalk in front of his residence. When men will not keep the peace the Mayor does right in imposing a good sized fine. That's our opinion. Mrs. J. II. Grover of Portland was up visiting her sick sister, Mrs. E. S. Streater, last Friday and Saturday. A surprise dance took place at C. II. Ilables' in Fenton last week. Mr. and Mrs. liable Sr. were presented a fine spring rocker. Jno. Roe, of Corning, Iowa, went to Omaha last week to visit relatives. lie has also been visiting friends in Bancroft lately. The shadow social was a grand success, it having netted $26 to the Good Templars. One young lady's shadow sold as high as $2. Come lets have another. AUCTION SALT:. Having rented my farm I will offer at public sale 3)^'miles southeast of Bancroft on Wednesday, March 16,commnec- ing at 10 a. m. the following property: 17 head of horses—2 7-yr-old mares, small size, 5 4-yr old work horses large, ; 5 3-yr-oId mares and 2 horses, 4 S-yr-olds and one yearling colt, 15 head of brood sows of the Ben Smith stock, Champion binder with flax attachment, 2 mowers, • 2 hay rakes, 2 stirring plows, 2 drags, 1 seeder, 1 pulverizer, corn planter with check rower, 3 wagons, 4 set harness. , and a lot of carpenter tools all useful on ' a farm. Free lunch at noon. j Terms—Notes approved, one year's i time at 8 per cent, G. H. PETEHS. ! D. A. HAOQAHD, Auct. AUCTION SALE. Having rented my farm I will sell at auction on my farm 4}^ miles east of Burt and 8 miles southeast of Bancroft, on Friday, March 11, commencing at 10 o'clock, the following property: 2 7-yr- old mares, 1 with foal to Almo; 1 5 yr-old mare with foal to Almo: 2 mares coming 3yrsold; 2 last year's colts; 16 cows; 5 ' heifers coming 2; 18 last year's calves; 1 thoroughbred Short Horn bull—registered; 10 or 15 shoals; 1 mower, 1 hay rake; 16 in stubble plow, cultivator, 3 horse drag, 2 horse drag, lumber wagon nearly new, nbout 400 bushels oats and 20 tons choice hay, some potatoes, milk cans, horse power for pumping, water tank and other articles. Terms—Sums of $10 and under, cash. On other sums time given until Jan. 1, 1893, on approved notes, 8 per cent. D. A. Haggard, Auct. E. S. STHEATEH T. M. OSTRANDER, Veterinary * Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. ! Has liis ]>ani ready for the sicic jind lame hora- I es, su bring thorn itlung. Charges reasonable. For Bale. A pair of mules, weight 2100 Ibs, age 0 and 7 years. Inquire at the Phoenix House. G. P. HOLLOWAY. Ktitruy. Strayed from iny farm in Ramsay township last fall two steer calves one jet black and the other black and white. Liberal reward to the lin'der. Leave word at the post office. A. HUMISTON. B. D.OWEN, City Drayman. Will do all kinds of hauling in or near the Now is the time to buy your Rubber Booty. We also have on our shelve the- niowt complete line of Crockery and Glassware ever shown in Bancroft. Come in and see us. We defy Competion. Free Delivery. We, handle the Celebrated Sleepy Eye Flour. Is now settled in its newly arranged buildim: in the RICHMOND BLOCK where we are prepared to treat you in the best of style. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly mid a general banking- business transacted Passenger tickets to or from the old countries sold tit the lowest rates. R. M. RICHMOND, A. B. RICHMOND, President. Cashier. Correspondents and References. Metropolitan National Bunk, Chicago, Illinois. Citizens' National Bank, D(js Ivloincp. I Iowa. Citizens' , .St. Paul National Bank, St. Paul, Ji. Farmers' National Bank, Hudson, N'.-.v York. Richard Iloosman, Clave nick, New York. Pioneer Land, Loan and Insurance Agency of Bancroft. Established in 1881. A iar.ive list of wild liiucls for sale. Improved farms and village property for sale or rent. Form Jouns on longest time and lowest rate of interest. Insurance written in six different companies.' Call on or address us. Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes and Clothing All of which will be sold CHEAP. I am just receiving a large stock of which will he sold cheaper than you can buy the same class of goods in any other store in town. I also handle all kinds of F. R. ANDERSON superintends this branch of my business. city as --C&88D as tlie Cheapest-- and do it quick. Give me a trial. D. B. OWEN, Bancroft, Iowa. IFYODWAHTI .AND We will NQt_be_Undersold. All are invited to call and look the stock over. House and Sign Painter, Grainer, ^*r I* * Paper Hanger, and all work in tliis line* dissatisfaction Guaranteed. BANCROFT, IOWA,. If you want your Farm Loan renewed, or want to get a deed,—see me. I can save you money. A limited amount of wojtt^y to loan on 80, 60 or 90 days time. A. large list of wild and improved farmu for sale. Call and see me before buying^ Olftce on grauad. ty^l* i^P» Don't go without the Home News when the Bancroft + News ALGONA REPUBLICS Together only ccst the small sum of We dp Fme Job Work, rint do iJi^fe4;:<^

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