The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 9, 1892 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1892
Page 1
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t^ IF- DO YOU WANT TO BEACH THE PEOPLE OF KQSSUTH COUNTY? ADVERTISi IN THg REPUBLICAN. IT IS READ $ BY ALL THE PEOPLE, i', '• r,f VOL, xxi. ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 1892. NO. 28. Ambrose A. Cftll» t>. II. tlutcliittH, Wm. K. President. Vicu-Presidont. '"•'.-- Cashier. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, ALGOflA, IOW A. ; UAPli&k, $60,000. Monev OH Imml to limn at reammntile rut«>8 t« iiin'tles-wllp'fnrnltih'tttttfeclasB security, Y>treot<irn— 1>. H. HiUcliiiiM. H. A. Vei'ffU*<>n. Vhlllp DorwolJor, W* *". Carter, Ambrose A. Call, «. 15. HutalilnH, Wm. K. Fprgunon. ,- • A. D. Clarko, President. Chaw. Cliubl), Vice President. Chas. C. St. Clair, Cashier. THE ALGONI BANK. ALISON A, 1OW V. " t *%L "*" M -TATj ,$5O,OOO. Directors--A. I), r.lurlo'. r. f',. Ohnhh. Myron Pc-h-MioU/Trn. . . fr, W. C. Tyrrell, 'Scow liiillmillli an M riiM«. 0. St. oiaih.:- . ; "Monov 1.0 loan 11.1. reasonable nitas mnl u Kern-rsil l>ankln«; business transacted. Kxchango bouuht and sold in nil-parts of tills country and Europe. Collections a specialty. W. H. lugham, President. J. B. Jones, Vice President. LewisJH. Smith, Cashier. Highest of all !n Leavening Pbwer—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE KOSSUTH COUNTY BANK. , IOWA. ~ CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. Incorporate I under general 1'itVS "' Town. Deposits receivnd. money loaned, foreign and •domestic exchange bought sind.sold. Collections 'made promptly and a goneral banking busi- •ness transacted. I'lissiuitt tickets to or from tlie old commies sold at lowest rates. Directors— W. H. ihgham. John O. Smith, .). li. Jones, T. OhrlsoUIlles, Lewis B. Smith. J. W., Barmt Uevlne. '; GROVE LIVERY, FEED AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and West of TlioriiiKton Mouse. M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. ALGONA REPUBLICAN (Official Paper of Kimuth County and the City of Algona.) PUBLISH!?!.) EVERY WEDNKSDAi" JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year. In advance $1,50 One copy, six months, In advance 75 One copy, three months. In advance 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates Are reasonable and will be made Unowinon application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of tho KKFUBLICAN Offlce for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed In tills part of Iowa. Steam power. ' Tins REPUBLICAN is an Aix HOME PRINT paper, sides. No objectionable patent In- THIS ISSUE CONTAINS: We can now make loans oil Improved Lands from one to ten year's time and give the borrower the privilege of paying tho whole loan or any part thereof in oven $100 at any time when interest falls due. This is Iowa Money, and no second mortgage or coupons are taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower'to lednce his mortgage at any time and save the interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at unco on perfect title. ' Call (>n or address. S-8GXBE, Algona, Iowa. We are not in the Pool. iJJJ Years Kxpcrience right here in Kossuth county. Wo guarantee our work. Our hooks arc not for sale. We are hero to stay. Prices reasonable. JONES &SfffiBTH,'A!gona,ibwa. 1 lift Iff H Ul \m REPAIRING NEATLY DOME. k.'5 Lacy's Old Stand,.-opposite Tenneaf-Housc, •'•• ' Ul tf HiB.; i '- fOWA. WI.8 :£•:. SMITH, Fvop.. Successor to J. G. Edwards. eioulh of Tenncnt House, ALGONA. ALGONA GARBLE WORKS, ",'•.'•: v.'niiid nail ni •.lie loc-atcd hi-re lu- :iMl Mvl« of ^sjggllp:!;' -.lio!! 1,0 iiui'ruit that. \vc iiienliy, l'i;i- l!i<)maiiuf:\.c- iu-h:i'y voik ill ?.l;i,rbl(\ \Vi; now !i::vi':uiil intciu! . in-sf..vclt -a fair liiic uf linisln.'d Monu- nii ! iils." lii'iiilstoiifn. oli 1 ., and' v.'i'.l U'uiu''c' ;. ; ,i v/iiil; l.o !.;!• ("inal lo 1li-' li^sl;. \\'r are tin- uiilv !iiai]iii':H'iiii'('i'S ol ci'iiM'UM';,' Vi'url; in Kos•- ii;ii< i>. '1 !!ci'i'i'<ire,'|il''asn ;',ivi- i:s :i i-.ill liofon- i,';'i'isi:; yiiiir onii'v and iir cciivmrcd that li> r.i.i 1 ;mii V.^uuial)!' 1 di:;ilinv;, v.'i 1 . .'U'.' v.'ortiiy' yonr 5HMLLE.Y c: HALL, Pi'opi ictOi'S, i'Oas! Stale S!., Aljiona, Iowa. 13d Page — Telegraphic News, State and National. v 3d—The Bancroft NEWS. 4th—Algona I-iOcal News. 5th—Additional Algona News. 6th—The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, The "Bill Nye" Letter. 7 th—The Burt UEPUBtlC AN, County News, Ledyard TIMES. 8th—The Wilson Farm Department. The Sioux City Times looks more like a newspaper since Perkins Bros, have taken hold ofi t. The report that Major Holmes will not oppose Dolliver has been verified by a statement from Holmes himself .which, was published in yesterdays papers. - The Algona Courier is in search of- a man for the republicans lo nominate for congress to succeed Mr. Dolliver but has nothing to suy about the candidate that the democrats ought to put iri the field. Evidently the democrats have no more "farmer candidates" to put up against Mr. Dolliver. It would seem from read ing Mie Courier and other democratic papers that their first care' i? to defeat Mr. Dolliver for renomination. With a new republican candidate in the field the democrats would stand a better show. We don't believe a democrat can be found in the Tenth district with sand enough to take the stump against J. P. Dolliver. IlKl'UBLlCAN CONVKNTIOX. A convention o£ this K(!uuh!icitn electors of Kossuth (Umnty will lie held at Lhi' Court llon.s(! Hall in Algona. on JFrhliiy, UIiir«i1i UMi, at i o'clock p. in. for the purpose of select.! 11.1; niiui (u) delegate" to-represent Ktissiith (lotinty in tho State and CoiigreHsional .Runvolitions to be held in Dos MoiiiCK on the 17Ui day of Maruh. 18;W, for the purpose of eli'.ulinir delt'salos to tlie National Convention. 'l.'hti committeeim'M in tiio various townships are requested to call their caucuses on Thursday, Mairli inM). 'i'he represeni all on. to ivhich the sevoral Uuvnsliips will he entitled, v.lll lie as follows -. ()ne delej-'ate fni'iiaeh iGNvnihip and one ad- diUonnl delegate for enery t'.veiity-live' voles, or fraction of thirte!;a or i.'ver, cast for Hiram 11. Wheeler lor (iovcrnor. at t.lie general elcu- tioi; held on November ;/, 1^'Dl : \'oU x s. Delegates A! von a Klrst AVard TS 4 S(!(!ond Ward !):: 5 'rhiuil Ward "i.'i ;> Fourth \/ard... .87 •! Hurt mi. r, liuif'alo ... :.. .".•'! '_' (,'resco ... '''_ '.'i c'ciitoii Mi '^ CreeuuiHiil 1'JO ii (iernian ->> '-! (iUiTield l:< Hebron Ki - The DCS^loines Leader cf Wednesday contained a'-Jong and eulogistic write up of the caro/er'.and history of D. B. Hill. What does!it-all mean?—Algona Courier. It means that Tammany Hall and D. B. Hill arc bigger than the democratic party. Hill is not the choice' of the democracy but it is probable that he will receive the nomination and if is nominated every blamed democrat in the country will vote lor him. That's the kind of tin institution' tho democratic party is. If a great demagogue like Hill attempted to boss the republican party there would be something of an ^insurrection. The Des Moines Leader with huudredy of other democratic papers have simply got into the traces for the Tammiyiv fisuulidate that's wjmt .H r,!!, means. Before''very many moons have passed away we confidently expect to see tho Algona. Courier doing its best for for David Bennett Hill. )FF!OE The undersigned haviin..; i^ed ibo abstract books of C..M. Doxsee, A. D. Clarke & Co., and V/. II. Nycum, ure ju'epurrd lo do neat and reliablo work in that line at living price.?. We have but one ^^Icy-that of fair dcalhig and courtesy toward all. \ViIlithis. supplemented by promptness, strict attention to bufiincfs, .»nd none but first-class work, We truirl wo shall nn.-rit and receive the patronage formerly bestowed upon our worthy predecessors. Ollico sit ibo old stand of C. M. Doxsee,' where \vc will be pleased to meet and make the acquaintance of our patrofts an'd all others who may favor us by cdlhur. Very respectfully, HAY & RICE, Abstractor's. C. L, ieso. J. (Successors to C. L. LUND.) We Wish to announce to Hie leader nf the IlKPi;i;i,icA . that we have extraordinary facilities twtbSbHHufi"if farms ar,«l iml..!i'«'Vft(l lands in Niirtlicni Iowa, and wo nivite everybody C. M. L> o.M 1 :.';!. 1 ! Miii-i-ii i" a;, . ::' :;r,i V.'jii-d—Thui'-i'juy. Mali. K. Ii. Ol.AUKK, j).i:i. iif Normal .).!;. V, iN:CHI.,. At fan J;mt, school tiouse Tliurs.lay, Alftrcii lo, i:! -: p.m. ,)'. 'Kiwm. At fl'.i'.1, l>. June':; Kdiool liouKi'v Tliursday, Maivh !». :it 4 p.m. U. A. I'O'rniit. I'OK'i'hANll. At i In. 1 fox sc'hool liouso Tliursdiiy .M:iro!i 10, 'rifATX ll'HAT. Springer has a cold, Iui!ls lias the erysipelas, Crisp has tho tfrip, ('leveiiind has the ;.;lory, Bale:; has the expectancy, Car!!--lu Jias the siivility, ilil! lii'.« the convention. ' Cedar .Rapids republican. h:i\.;- 0:3 in.: . li.'Ms 1 .' liik'o nolle-,' Uuil 1 -iiioved io i,h(! oilic.:.! buililin;; opp- H- jtiulmi'l'iiril lEuUi! i'iirni(;i'I\' ncc- !»y J >!"-.. Mtirsu ;ii;;l I 1 ,-!;!.-." Will ! ;i; ID hiiniili! rii.-ijitis iirsi! ovii'niu; taken up a li; ! ;iit b;.>y colt i:boul. :-:i\s old v.'ilh b;ilil i';u:i'. Owner at- tin.! barn i'.nd idcniify. THE ;.'1RST' NATIONAL BASK, lloi'i:l.',!c;ui caucus ai llio aehool lions.- Thnrs- Ui'ie'lr.iiii ni' lu:V Nai M 'jV-uiu'V."si;'/'. day, isiiii-on 10, at i ::HI |i..m. K. 1.. <;ojToN. )lu , ,-,.„„, Suilo i;. MI - tLA a: ,a' : . . . . U. .S.hini'i ; in secure eiriailaliuu ........ DiR' iiMin ::|>lH'oved Kiv/.env '' .(i , •' . ; : who wish to dispose >..f th oir iirniiertv, to call on us iit our ol'iico in Al : .is \vo luive'a lai'if" uuiuhtr of ciistomiM'S fro in Al^oua or t>j correspond. A»f>0onassi>riii"'0!jeiis \vu lutvc'ii Inrtn' nunibtr ol customers irom the eastern states \yiio are ready to cOimTouf aud ^ ' ; :> l>^ o£/lowa soil afrtiisonubU. prices Wn believe in tail- Sealinii and if you"viuit, to st-U vonr iir'.pi'rty lor what, it is \\oiili, don't waste any time inlislinjj WJtll us . ' . ' Yours respectfully, i,UNi> & HVAN. Have Your Magazines Bound then) to the OFFICE. Book Binding of AU Kinds don© at tk© Lowest Pricm Oome in and get our THE CMTCU BILL. * The (Ifttch License Bill passed the senate yesterday afternoon, by a vote of 27 to 23, Senators Uutch and Brower voting with the ~~> democratic Senators in. the afflrmativni It remains to be seen if the republicans in the house will stand by the platforms upon which they wore elected, and the pledges made to their constituents. If the Gatch bill passes the house it will be through a gross betrayal of a public trust upon the part of republican representatives. The ques tions at issue in the campaign last, fall were very clearly defined and none more clearly than the question of license vs prohibition. Every republican member of the house knows upon what platform he was elected and he knows the wishes of his constituents; let hio* represent his constituents. The Gatch bill is a bettor license bill thau the Schmidt bill, but any bill for license is bad. The ealooa will neve; be licensed out of Iowa. The talk about license "in the interests of true temperence" is a delusion aM % «&ftre. Iwjijf 8»loQ» keeper in ' ------- -^, of Us " "" 25 Per Cent. . ... We will sell for the next THIRTY DAYS All Ladies', Men's, and Children's 25 per cent below cost. We are closing out our stock of shoes and they must go. Remember we run give you barguins if you need anything in this line. Ladies sizes from 3 to 5%. LANGDON & HUDSON. J. H. OUEAL & CO. Handle only the Best Grades and sell at the Very Lowest prices. ,- We carry si In All of the Different Lines And will meet All Competition, Before you buy and we will guarantee to save you money J. H. QUEAL & 'CO., Yard ou Korth Side of State Street, ALGONA, IOWA. A. ERICSSON. AGENT. • To reduce our Stook cf Canned G-oods before we move we -will ssil at-the following prices till April 1st: Golden Gate; California Lemon Gimp: Pwu'liew, pVi 1 can, 82c Golden Gate- California Y<:llov<; Peaches, per can, .. 32c Golden Gate California Apricot.-., per can, 29c Golden Gate O.liforuia PUni:*. por can 29c The former price of above goods was 40o per can. This is the nn.831, fruit packed in California. '.iUikiui: iMiiisDl-'uruitniv, iind Kixiuri-s ii,!i:ii).uo )Llu;r lit-;il Ksl-ate, :ind niori^'.s .owneil 1,1:1:11 I'd airri'iii (^.pi'iiSL's and Uixcvs p.d'd i-.o.Ki .'iviiiiniii-i on U.S. bonds I,:)'..U.IIM JlmcKsiind ntlu'.rcasli iU'ius .3 irrurj iilis of niiii-r Hanks tv'-'J.c'' ''raclii'ir.ii iHijifcr currency, nicki-l..., ;uul cents '. ss,i;-j Six)!. 1 !! 1 ii,4:u).7o A'^ul ii'inlrr iioios !i;,rvjo.;;i iiu'di'iniiiinii 1'iind \\iih V. H. Trottsurer (5 pi 1 r c.i.i. of circulation) Price 85c, ;io\v California G-IV-PII G;i.^.e -/>'r;i;-:.. .' ; u. California Dans-.u 1'h'iin. ';<].. : ';'";. California Q-ol<u>;; Droj:, 'Mb. , -: California Ife Ph;<;!;\ ;•;: ;;-:. California Burtlrl: raa:', ')]•• ;•.;!:. California Apricot, ;> !;> cat;. California ijlnj-k iUici-ilos, ;''.'..<, ;•;;•:. Califvymia "\Vhili ; Cjiorrics. ;•>•]> ;-;;n California (U'aji; ;- : , oil) ca:,, California Pcaclu-^ :Ub csin, Eastern Pca.clir;-:. . Pio Poaclie;', Oil) ran, Cuitiss lirps. Goods iflb shredded pineapj^h 1 , :iti(' .ii .Peaclies, former for IDc 19c 20c 19o 18c 15o 31b 211) nancy svrcet corn, 1-ic 41 b tomatoes, 15c 21 b [> ].)lackberrieB 16c 16c Total LIAIS1X.ITIKW. Capital stock paid in •Surplus I'mid Undivided proliis Nafiimal Hank notes outstanding Individual deposits subject to check Demand cortili'tes of deposit $71.3Cli.fi7 i ,<),•>.->. 00 50,000.00 n,ouu.(X) 2,4;ni.f>T 11,700.00 01,005.43 Total .............. .............. $1SO,'_02.00 Stuto of Iowa, County of Kossuth--ss. I, Win. K. Ferguson, Cashier of tl named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge Ciushler of the above ^i^.-.-.:.^_rv:i ITc and belief. WM. 1£. tfEituusoN Cashier. Subscribed and svyonj to before mo this 7tu day of March., 1892. COKKICCT— Attest : C'OWLBS, Kotary IVolic, L, | W. B.CAimut, S- Directors, B. JU. HUTCHINS, ) A. JohiiBou grated pineapple 2C>e ylli sliced pineapple iilb gooseberries lie ^ib ytra.wberrie.s ylb preservedstrawberrii^s 15c L J lb .]upiter blackberries 19o L>lb champion brkberries ~\-26 ::lb queen blackberries He 21b Jupiter blueberries 17o Gallon bluoberries 48Q So Blbw apples 80 20o Standard ealmon iSc Arcadian mackerel 13c Shrimp 8^c Brook trout 5c Sardines 1 tins Ue Sardines, imp i tins I7c 2lb can honey drop eqr» 1§$ 2lb can standard corn lOc 31b can standard, tomatoeg JO^ r -§ 2lb Queen string beans 9c 21b Peerless string beans 21b Jupiter peas l$c 21b V^n Camp peas • 21b Standard peas 8c f Above prices are goo4 u«Jii Ap^il JWfci',^ 21b red cherries Club House salmon Standard mackerel Blue fish Green turtle Sardines, i tins

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