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The Commercial Appeal from Memphis, Tennessee • 4

Memphis, Tennessee
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THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL MEMPHIS SUNDAY MOANING SEPTEMBER 28 1341 SECTION I JWAVELL IN TEHERAN TO TALK WITH REDS Iveuli-d by an authoritUtiva British' source Saturday will confer with Soviet reprraentativea at Teheraai shortly on "Joint defence of that' part of the world" Thin wac the firnt official newa Catholic Church Hits Back At Nazis With Bold Sermons After Months Of Persecution 5 1 ii i Uninvited Guest FALMYRA Mo Sept 27-IAD Tht ban Frederick took to tha Fall festival had no part in the poultry show She just took a fancy to the automobile running board aa a roost and Frederick didn't notice her until he got to the fair arts at tha time of their passage I can only once again urge their repeal" Senator Thomas told reporters ho did not want to "tio tha hands of tho Chief Executive in this time of crisis" and asserted that tha President should bo given "as much freedom as possible in handling our foreign relations" traveling on the vessels of belligerent nations On Brink Of Fight On the Administration aido of the neutrality revision question there were two separate declarations Saturday that President Roosevelt should bo given a free hand in dealing with foreign pol- elgn Relations Committee and has jCy been in the forefront of tho Con-j They came from Secretary of the I aVy Knox and Senator Thomas (D Utah) a high-ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Secretary Knox npfonso nf Pauraciic Will Beibrnr on "Mwp reportethat ueiense Ul uaucasus will DC BfW Briiuh expeditionary force la DiSCUSSCd being organized to aid Ruaaia in defence of the Cauaaaua and poa- Conflict With Gestapo May Reach A Showdown! TEHERAN Iran Sept (AP) sibly tha Donets Basin If Soviet I -Gen Sir Archibald Wavell Brit -i lines hold ih commander in India arrived It was denied hers that British Saturday to confer with Soviet au-! forces Including tank groups al- thnrities on defense of tho Cau-i ready have been moved into the of American merchant ahips and casus Caucasus and with regard to forth- prevents them from entering bel- roming operation! ail that would ljgerent ports or combat areas LONDON Sept 27-i LTM-Cen be said was that "no expedition fixed by tho President In addi- A LLI 1 II la a a I kaa iai kaaa Idlmnkail I tiaa la -lllIa- A gresaional battles against Mr Roosevelt's International policies The present Neutrality Law en acted in 1939 forbids tho arming been launched1 POOR HEARING? Linen to fhe High Fidelity vecuum tube hearing aid You'll hear mote and better Home or office demonstration at no obligation Al'KKX HgXrilll Co 1913 Merirk Hide S-IR3! Arrrplrd bjr the American Mediral Ana writing in the Foreign Commerce Weekly said that this country was standing "on ths threshold of World War No 2" and added: "I was against tho neutrality -Sir Archibald Wavell it was re-1 has yet tion it prohibits Americans from Soon Bishop Assails Killing Of The Insane And Cripples By Reich ClHMEft Isuy Nfw-Th Cnnrril inwcal Cn npiit SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE Svpt 27- The Roman Catholic Church once again he a collided hracioii with the ft Hiller Elite Guard) and the Ceatapo in the conflict which may develop into a showdown in the Reich It must immediately he emphasized thit the dispute involves no church pronouncement on Nazi foreign policy or the war with Ru-ih and England but la confined exclusively (o internal affairs It has the most far-reaching implications however Continued persecutions of church Institutions forms the background' hji heallh preferably outside the Convents monasteries and achools Rfch He rplied th' hii health hae been closed and their mem- wgI je required no berahip scattered and restrictions vacation He is now said to be have been placed on religious lest) urnr house arrest though other-vela The ehurch for a long time wise unharmed to the amazement relatively silent is now sinking of pruiniiers in the rest of Ger- many The leader is Count von falrn This coincides with the new rebishop of Muensler and represent1)- port that Dr Martin Niemoeller is tive of an old aristocratic West- n0 longer in solitary confinement phalian family Whether the move- Sachsenhausen but has been ment stems from a jofnt decision transferred to Dachau where he of German church leaders or the shares three cells with two Catholic individual determination of the priests giving him the opportunity bishop to accept martyrdom is un- f0r the first time In four years to known It is believed hsrdly pos-: speak to others except during the sible that he is acting without the rare visits of his wife sanction of his superiors 1 Believed Divine PunUhmrnt NAZIS DECREE DEATH ii ii! A 4 Hr 'i I i if' 5 u- 3 V( if I II IJi Ii is II Is i if 5 S': A I An historical accident contributed to make Muensler the center of the outbreak During the Tiirty Years' War the city wis threat- ened with destruction by fire but saved by a fortuitous wind nc 1 anniversary celebrated annually with solemn religious festival was banned ths year That night Bril- or mpoiiSbie because of "prema-ish bombers again fired the city reVelations" of German opera-The devout saw this as divine punishment for failure to observe the Bishop Galen subsequently AntiGerman Outbreaks preached three powerful sermons Spread In Czecho-Slovakia and addressed personal protests to T)w nlt( Prrn ranking members of the Nazi re- umonfirmed report circulated Rime including Hitler Only Dri Hans Heinrich Lammert head of Saturday' night that Germany has the Reich Chancellery replied say- been forced to declare a state of ing mereiy that the protest had rmergency in Czecho-Slovakia to been referred to the "competent 1 rJ4in -niVaZi tide Gestapo Chief Heinrich Vfd Ccl? crisis topped Himmler The bishop returned I to a vefl of mounting unrest sabo- Lanlmtr a and outright antiGerman out- tapo and activities insisting break which has spread into al- tbey be called lo afcolnJ moit every corner of the Nazi-oc- i His first sermon on July 13 lihe-cupied regj0n of Europe wise dealt with Gestapo persecu- The report of a state of emer-j tions and mentioned the dread se- n(y cam from the London ra-cret police by name Its directness Jjjo astounded listeners The bishop om Bcrillf llOVever came a noted the ar Part the church dispatch reporting that the Reich's had played in the historical devel- protector of Bohemia and Moravia opment of Germany and accused Baron Constantin von Neurath ha Himmlers organizations of been replaced at least temporarily ruptmg the national community bv inhe rd Heydrich chief of Bishop Galen drew heavily from German secret police the socalled Fuldaer or Pastoral Heydrich is chief assistant to Letter dated one week earlier in Heinrich Himmler head of the which the German bishops without German Gestapo and all police specific reference to the Nazis had 1 within the Reich said that forces in the Reich were The Berlin dispatch asserted that -again attacking the church TheyjVon Neurath had requested a leave had hoped said the letter that the 0f absence due to illness London "crusade" against Russia would however claimed that the secret i mean a respite for German church-1 police director was called in to curb es but "with great sorrow" they the mounting wave of sabotage and had found this to be untrue The i unrest among the Czechs issue! involved said the letter in- Heydrich was last in the public -eluded the very existence of theye a few weeks ago when he im-j church i posed the drastic new antiJewish Blunt Make Choice laws in Germany requiring all "Recently" the letter continued' to wear a six-pointeo Star? a book has been prepared which David whenever they appear in expresses the opinion that we Ger-j Puhlic- mane today must elect between Ther hM a persistent Christ and tha Cefflan volk With of reports of incidents in flaming indignation we German Czecho-Slovakia in the past few -Catholics deny that any such i weeks capped by rumors in the-choice is necessary love our11 few days of a series of ter-- German people and serve them if rific explosions in the huge Skoda necessary to death But at thelarn18 works The explosions were same time we live and die for aid 10 have killed Christ and will remain bound to drfd and the cal ling him now and for all eternitv" out German troops to protect Bishop Galen'c second sermon uh big works July 27 is reported to have been a beautifully worded powerful elaboration on a similar theme gain mentioning names which few clergymen previously had dared GET WIVES WITH WINGS Five Air Corps Graduates Rush To The Altar IT COSTS NO MORE TO FURNISH YOUR HOME WITH 18th CENTURY PERIOD FURNITURE 3 "SSWr BLANKETS HVl' SOW ASD SAYESIOXEY! 95 These ar heavy l'andsnni satin bound blanket Each 48-Inch CEDAR CHEST (With Automatic Tray) Made of genuine Tennes-ee Red Cedar Removable tray patented lock Beautiful matched walnut veneer exterior oo Comfortable oventuff ed lounge rlialr covered In the finest of material Well built A low We Invite you tn Inspect our stock of end tables coffee table cocktail tablep 18th Century design a low Beautiful Eng-liah Chippendale Sofas Your choice brocatelle or upeitry rovering Sturdily built Handsomely rarved frame aa low ae 29 blanket is double aixe We have a good selection of colon and plaids These warm fleecy blanket will assure you nf comfort during the cool Winter month Easy Terms 100 Down 75c Week 50c Week "We Christians" said Calen "are the anvil the others are the 'hammer and the anvil never yet gave out first" 8 ve His third sermon MONTGOMERY Ala Sept i Five of Uncle Sam'e new aviation lieutenants graduated in -schools of the Southeastern Air on Aug 3 i Corps training program Friday opened one of the sorest spots in' 1 Saturday were on brief honey-' German affairs the killing moons Insane hopelessly ill snd Immediately after graduation crippled This practire which first be line formed in the office of necame known in the Reich years' Probate Clerk Simon Wampold at ago apparently has no legal foun- Montgomery who read the core-oation beyond the theories of the mony to give the lieutenants wives treme party elements and alonK with their wings 2rfi 8t lea8t the tacit approval of addition to the five who were HUer- married by the probate clerk a Bishop Galen cited the number of the other graduated kgainet murder and the statut cadets were wed directly after the making guilty any persons know i rraduaUon exercige training cen-Jng in advance of a crime snd faii ter to report to the authoritie I 0ns cadet waa forced to come to Reciting the number of persons 1 from Selma- Ala- for taken away day before veil- a church wedding as all of the in Westphalia the Selma churches were taken for ifd Genuine Walnut Veneer Bedroom Suite every hour during the day OUVIANSKY IN MOSCOW "portin8 to the corn-K vh0rltM 011 these o- tnth to jn taken away wit! intent to diepoae of them i 9-Pc Dining Room Suite oino look at this suite you would expert to pay much Well constructed Beautiful mahogany 11 Living Room Ensemble The large sofa and lounge chair to match are well constructed Covered in fine grade tapestry Frame la handsomely carved All these pieces included in the prk-e shown Comfortable iM-casional chair Beautifully finished end table Bridge lamp Chroma trim smoker Foot rest EASY TERMS You will like this beautiful modern waterfall denign suite The vanity hax large round plate glaes mirror Spacious cheat of drawers The modern panel bed assures you of style and comfort The fine walnut veneera give thi suite an air of richnezi and charm To more finish hand rubbed Six rhaira aeata covered In fine tapestry lrge cre-denxa china Choice nf leg or credenxa buffet EASY TERMS EASY TERMS Jointly guilty if I fa I tijs du Amliaosador To United State Has -Exrensea Feared I Lunch ith Steinhardt Eishop Galen said that the vv-l MOSCOW Sept 27-I APi-Con-' ltP were determined by irrepon-' Oumansky Soviet amba-: sible grouos a practie which glil0r Washington has arrived in Moscow His presence was disclosed when he lunched as the guest of Amer--lean Ambassador Laurence A -1 Sieinhardt groups a might lead to untold ex esses He argued thal thf oerailn would soon distrust their own do--tors a weapon whim might be Used to wipe out whole element of BREAKFAST SET Felt Base RUG Your Choice Color and Pattern LEO All SPECIAL Innerspring Mattress 95 A mat-1 1 value I nil hMc (nil (SOLID OAK) Iin not overhmk this value! Table and 4 eh Ira are finished in white natural nr ivnry trimmed in red or black Chair seal covered In good grade QE leafherett a JJ Ual Kxien a I table haaea-tra leaf tn-rluded 100 75c Week 14 the population Most of the vi-im lie said had relative on the Russian front fighting to preserve the nation "Where" he a-ked "is Pur ra-tmnal niese M-rmuns were mine0 graphed in thousands and i-ircu- lated throughout the entire P-ei cld nd in sour according U' blond re removed euwSr your kidney a corning to reports Many have I omr-t up Kii'ita Birmns Fsfri Birk- neen sent in the army post lo ho) ch' ArkiM xrouinn itheu-1 di ere at the front whir th lr-c pnl Diuiucu Circle Under Eye i uiH1 have rd lrelmi Horn out often ire eued br oeen wiaeiy read They have ere- ooii-ornie nd non-tyitemw Kidney ated a sensation unlike any simi i in uch ce ti lar occurrene within lt 01 foe right to orlc year Urrenc in 1 helping lh Kidney flush out ticeu rd The church so far to end Hkite And thlg detnilng purlfyiiig Kidney setion In jut day or mtr print rnn-t ii i Bi-auii full Covered an iced r'unfnit Large 9x12 size ra Herns for any room A good selection to chooao from 25c 25c Week 100 Down 50c Week CIRCULATOR lull' inik you feel younger itronerr end the temporary COLE'S HOT BLAST HEATER Save 1-3 Gain 1-3 Heat! 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