The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 24, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1892
Page 3
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CROFT NEWS. it* A. Ktlito*. BACROFT, IOWA, FEB. 24. 1603. North-W««t<m« IVy. .Mtxcd ......... n 1 tain Way freight....] i 43»m Hsisenger ..... 4 ospm Mixed, • • • • ...... fi "jl"" way freight. ...s 15rtm vnssenirei 1 ..... ii Oopm CI10HCU milECTORY, B ANonorr riuwnvTKiMAN cututoit. holds sfirvlcpfl (11 this Hftlinol linnsn, SniulHy School at 3 p. m,. preiMihiiiK sorvlcH at 2 |>. ni,. prayer meeting Ttnirsany evening. Hvnryboily tnvftert. Hisv. I). WII.MAMS, 1'fistor, B AfCROKT 8W.F,nT8H MJTtlBKAN OT1UHOM, mentiiif! morning ivml i-.vfining ono Sunday In each month niut two evening miuMlngs In a month. »muliiy Holiool nt. 12 m. cueli Sunday, hadie's Aid SociPty woets i-very other Friday. UKV. A. ELFSTUOM, Pastor. . ---- . -- < --F IHST BAPTIST cnuitCH. of Kiiucroft, preaching service CJich Sunday at 10 :3(> a. in. j)iid s p.m.. Sunday School lit lain.. Lords supp'.ir the tivst .Sunday In each month at I p. in., pray- PV iiifKiliii? Thursday evi-nlnir, J.nynllslsmeot , on SuiKiiiy availing, Odvcnaiif, nino.liis the last Friday oveifing in eacli inoiith, choir practice Saturday evening. Everybody Invited, strangers especially welcome. HKV. I/. A OUMMTNS. Pastor. B ANCROFT ar, K. onuitcii, preaching service each Sunday at 10.-.30 u. in. and 8 p. m,, class meeting preceding each service at ringing of second boll, Sunday School at 12 in., Ji.p- worth League on Tuesday evening, prayer meeting Thursday evening, choir rehearsal Friday evening. Ladle's Aid Society meets Wednesday afternoon. A cordial invitation is ox- tended to all to attend these services. KEY. A. W. LUCE, Pastor. S rr. .TOHN'H CATHOLIC cHUKCii. vices : instruction from 10 to 10 :30 a. in., high mass and sermon from 10 :3n to 12, Holy mass each morning In the week at 7 a. m.,Mar- ried Ladle's Society meets the first Sunday of every month after the sermon. Young Ladle's Society meets tins second Sunday of every month after the sermon, Young'Men's Society meets the third Sunday of every month after the sermon. Everybody iS Invited to attend these services. FATIIEH A. «T. SCHEAIMKL, Pastor. W. E. Jordan lias beon'ln toWtt for a week. Oscar Pearson ha» been very sick lately. E. E. Snyers was in Bancroft last Friday. J. M. Leslie WIIH in Hrfncroft last Friday/ Win. Ditx of Altfona ttns a caller in Bancroft lant Friday. A\£m. Cu,mpbf 11 bus a sale on bis farm on Tuesday last. Mrs. E. S. ytreator bus been very sick for nearly ;i woek. Hiss Mamie Scully bwght music in Bancroft lust Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Davison visited in Portland 1n«t Sabbatli. , A sale id announced at Jiilin IT. Peterson's in Sonecu soon. J. A. Johnson came borne from Eagle Grovelast'Satxu-day. Frank Byrne was at Webster City and returned last Saturday. John Gallion got borne from ins visit at Madison, Wis., last week. Rev. Elfsfcrom was up from last Sabbath to conduct services. Wm. StalH lias been sick with a gathering in his ear for a, week or more Bev.Allen was called home to Colfax, Iowa, yesterday, by the illness of his wife. Oats | .23 Eggs 18 Cattle 13.00 <a> 4.00 Wheat :...70 Hay 4.00 Corn $ 24 Butter 20 Hogs 4.35 Barley 28 Flax 75 THE NKWS OF THIS TOAVN. IF YOU WANT If you want, your Form Loan, renewed, or Want tn get a deed,—see me. I can save you money. A limited amount of money to lean on 80, CO or 00 days time. A large list of wild and improved farms for sale. Call and see me before buying. Office on ground floor in Barslou block. Bancroft, Iowa. G.W. SKINNER. P. M. Barslou was at DCS Moines last Thursday. Bancroft now lias six church societies and four secret societies. A new barn has just been completed on Mrs. Searle's premises. Jas. Whalen will move bis family to Bancroft some time this week. J. B. Streater worked in J. C. Hill's lumber yard at Ledyard last week. Rev. Carroll held a well attended bible reading last Sabbath afternoon. Mrs. T. W. Robinson has been on the sick list for a number of days past. Tom Hanna and wife of Burt township visited with F. A. Bronson's last Sabbath. Quite a number of the local K. of P's went to Algona to a lodge meeting last Friday night. The Good Templars bad 17 propositions for membership at their last Saturday nights meeting. The club dancers had another of their characteristic good times at the dance last Friday night. Geo. Hanna, the future furniture dealer of Ledyard, . visited at F. A. Bronson's last Saturday. We are to have another Demorest medal contest soon. They are very instructive as well as entertaining. Mr. Hewitt fell from a staging while at carpenter work and received some severe bruises about the face last weak. Mrs. Pat Murray is putting up a fine residence and barn in south Bancroft. People never stop for winter to build houses in Bancroft. Ninety loads of grain was Bancroft's grain receipts for one day lately. Where is the town in Kossuth that can beat it. Don't all speak at once. Rev. Ward writes from Lake Mills that he has been quite ill since the 1st of December and is not now able to be away from the honse. La Grippe. John Anderson formerly of Harrison township but now of La Porte, Ind., has been in town for a couple of weeks and talks of coming back to the land of plenty. Fred Goodge swallowed some glass with some crackers he was eating last week and it came near being a serious case but happily he is all over the effects of the same at present. Chas. Mallory has been buying and trading for stock lately and of course bis ad is found in the NEWS this week he wants to do business. Look at the ad a'nd profit thereby. The Good Templars will endeavor to open a free Beading Room where daily p&pers, magazines and books can be yead instead of the young people being in 'worse occupations. Everybody shoul4 help this matter along. The school taught: by A4da Davison gave an exhibition lajt Thursday night and had a crowded house, so crowded thiftt standing roonj was alt a premium. The pieces w§r.e finely rendered and the exhibition was a success, The many young friends of C. L. Ostran^er gathered at Ms home last ' Friday evening to surprise him a»d re- njind hjjn that he was 21 yea^ pajrty was a success io sociability old. Fred Arnold, a half brother of ye scribe, was a Bancroft visitor last Saturday. Miss Bessie Rist of Algona visited friends iu Bancroft last Saturday and Sunday. Henry Simpkins, our new dry goods man, bad business at the so-called hub l»st Saturday. -Mrs. E. M. Remmington, G. S. I. T., organized North Star Temple at Ledyard last week. Rev. Carroll left last Monday for Stapleton, Iowa, where he expects to conduct meetings. A 10 pound democrat has arrived at Myron Hunt's home. He promises to be a voter in 1913. The Baptist Sunday School elects its teachers and oflicers next Sabbath. A full attendance is desired. A little child of Mrs. Dearborn's had the end of his finger taken off last Monday in a clothes wringer. Alfle Chapin of Algona and Miss Lucy Rawson of Whittemore were Bancroft visitors last Sabbath. J. Thompson, a brother of our attorney, was up from Grundy county making his brother a visit last week, A new baby is reported at Wm. Klein's of Seneca but we are sorry not to be able to give the sex nor the date. Four births this week. Will soon have voters enough to get the county seat located where so many voters come from. A. B. Russ, northeast of town, has rented his farm and will assume the management of a large farm in Winnebago county. Several of our school, ma'ams are going to Algona to pass an examination before the august personage of the county Solon next Saturday. BOKN. To Mr. and Mrs. John Engesser a week ago today, a boy of the average weight. The democrats will soon have Seneca township solid. Andrew Larson who lives southeast of town started for Tennessee last Monday to join Fred Christiansen, who moved there last fall. He will live there permanently. Prof, Doderer closed school last Thursday and Friday to attend the wedding of his brother at Rockwell, Iowa, and there will be school next Saturday in consequence. District school, No. 7, Swea township, raised $6.05 for the Russian sufferers. Miss Amy Howell is the teacher. This is the best record of any school in "the county heard from so far. Alexander Clay and Mrs. Mary Morgan were to be married today at the Catholic church but as this is the time for going to pi-ess we can give no particulars. The NEWS congratulates the new couple. The I. O. O. F. organized their lodge in Bancroft last Wednesday night at the Masonic Hall. They initiated 29 members after which the following officers were elected: N. G., W, T. Hall: P. G., G. V. Davis Siv, V- G., O. A. Seaiies R. k Sec., p. E. Kent; Treas., R. I, Brayton; Ward, W. S. Furry; Cond., F. G. Ward; R. S. to NV G>, O. L. Harper; L. S. to N. G., G- A. Sundstrom; R. S. to V. G.. J. O. Bargf; L. S. to V. G-, C. F, Echelhargers I. G., Wm. Musson; O. G., Jas, GaUioji; R. S. S., A. Smith; L. S. S., Wm. Galliou. A large delegation of Algona Qfld Fellows were up to start jshe Ip4ge, They will use the K. P. hall until they get one of thek pwn. It may that Bancroft is getting'* goodly her of lodges but as long as ejach ia Miss Rose McNeal was so sick that «he could not teach several days last week. What ia lii'n without knowing what is goiti,',' on about you. Subscribe for the NBWW. Mrs. Rose Anderson went to Chicago last Monday night to visit her parents at that place. Jas. Galliou had another one of his sick spells last Sunday but is now much improved. Geo. Rosenau, north of town, is the proud ami elated father of a 9 pound American citizen. There is to be another spoiling school at the Greenwood school house next Friday night. The M. E. pastor dismissed bis congregation last Sabbath evening to enable them to attend revival services at the Baptist church. Father Schemmel gives his last public German lesson tomorrow night. He will give private lessons to such of his former scholars who desire it. D. M. Parks and daughter, Minnie, returned home to Boone, Iowa, a week ago last Monday after a visit with relatives and friends at this place. Mrs. D. M...Parks of Boone, Iowa, returned h'oine last Monday after attending the bedside and funeral of her step father, Uncle Benny Smith. A church meeting of the Baptist church is called for tonight to consider the matter of calling Rev. W. F. Allen of Colfax. A full attendance is desired. Chas. Larson and-wife who have been visiting Fred R. Anderson and family for some time left for Sheldon last Monday where they will make a visit with relatives. The HnmRllcPt Man in Algoim As well as the handsomest nnd others arc invited to cnll on any druggist and get free a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lungs, a remedy that is sellind entirely upon its merits and is guaranteed to relieve and cure all chronic and acute coughs, asthma, bronchitis and consumption. Large bottles 50c and $1. A. HUMISTON, AUCTIONEER. Will cry snips in nnv part of the county. 20 years' pxpt-rienoe. Satisfaction giuvranteed. BANCROFT, IOWA, Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures en- argnd ni rctitfonahlc prices. OF CATTLE. 20 Milch Cows, good Durham selected stock. 6 Steers and one Thoroughbred Red Polled Yearling Bull, Which I will sell at. a very low price or trade for horses or good paper and give- all the time that is needed. C. E. MALLOKT. T. M, OSTKAHDE& Veterinary * SurgeoA Bancroft, Mas his barn ready for the 9», so bring thorn along. (OWEU sick and lame flOft- GALLION BROS. Done anywhere In the County At Bed RocK Prices, We guarantee— Plenty of Water Or no Pay. Farmer <;«,u be rnad« in G selling Tiuilson'x jHla,«- os, Charts iin<i AV n 11 Particulars free. H. C TUBSOII, CWcago, ills. OBITUARY. Uncle Benjamin Smith was born May 15, 1820, in Knox county, Ohio. He removed from there in an early day to Illinois using oxen to move "with; He came to Portland township from there about 22 years ago so that he was one of the first settlers in the county. He was the father of three children, Sheppard, who died at the age of three years. Mrs. Oral who lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Mrs. Jus. Gallion of this place. Uncle Benny was in the army of the Union two years doing valiant service for his country and came home unable to w.alk on account of a disease contracted while there. He was always a straight forward, hard working man and by dint of industry laid up a snug fortune for his partner after he had gone. He was converted and joined the M. E. church two years ago and lias been a consistent, faithful and energetic member ever since and was very anxious to see his friends and neighbors brought to Christ. He died on Thursday morning, Feb. 18. at 8:10, of an old army trouble complicated by the grippe. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Luce and the G. A. K. post of Algona of which he was a member. A large concourse of friends from Algona and Portland attended the funeral and many friends mourn the loss of a patriot and a Christian, Of such men it may truly be said that it was worth their while to live. Wanted immediately a laundry girl the Phoenix House. Good wages. O. T. BKIGHAM. at FAST TRAIN TO CHICAGO -VIA- The llurliiijftoii, Cedar liaplds and Northern KuiUvay. The attention of the traveling public is called to the fast Chicago train running from Watertown and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and all northwestern Iowa points via the Burlington, Cedar Rapids anc Northern, and Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railways, leaving; Watertown dailo, except Sundays, at 9 a. m. Pipe stone at 13:27 p.m., LuYerno at l:25p m., Sioux Falls dady, at 13:80 p. m.,Rock Rapids at 1:38 p. m., Sibley at 2:43 p. m., Spirit Lake at 8:55 p. m. Estherville at 4:50 p. m,. Emmets burg at 5:35 p. m., Forest City at 5:15 p m., Garner at 5:57 p. m., Belmond a 6:47 p. in., Iowa Falls at 8:25 p. m.; con nectfnj? at West Liberty With the through limited express on the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific railway, arriving in Chicago at 7:45 a. i».. making by far the best time at the most satisfactory hour of any line running between this terri tory ond Chicago. Pullman's latest im proved buffet sleeping cars are running between Sioux Falls an<J Chicago on tbi train. The return trip ia made at equally satisfactory time and hom-a, ., Eeaerva JJOJXB for bertos in these Bj0ep§r« can b< 'by letter or tejsgrapfe fa ft»y ticke For annoui and local tlie local iftfleeowpaay, *.* BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management. Is now settled in its newly nrrangcd building in the RICHMOND BLOCK where we are prepared to treat yon in the best of style. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign und domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and tv gent-nil Iwnking business transacted. Passenger tickets to or from the old countries sold at the lowest rates. R. M. A. B. RICHMOND, Cashier. Correspondents and References. Metropolitan National Bank, Chicago, Illinois. Citizens' National Bank, Des Moines, Iowa. Ht. Paul National Bank, St. Paul, Minnesota Farmers' National Bank, Hudson, New York. Richard Roosmau, Claverack, New York. RICH WON a, President. Pioneer Land, Loan and Insurance Agency' of Bancrof f ±. Established in 1881. A birire list, of wild lands for sale. Improved farms and village property for sale or rent. Farm loans on longest time and lowest rate of interest. Insurance written in six different companies. Call on or address us. D. B.OWEN, tfty- Drayman. Will do all kinds of hauling in or near the city as as tte Cheapest— and do it quick. Give me a trial. D. B. OWEN, Bancroft, Iowa. Dealer in. R. M. RICHMOND & GO. Hats, Caps, Boots, Slices and Clothing All of which will be sold CHEAP. I am just receiving a large stock of which will be sold cheaper than you can buy the same clasa of goods in any other store in town. I also handle all kinds of F. R. ANDERSON superintends this branch of my business, Sewing Machines, Carpets, Pictures and Frames. Unkertaking a Specialty. OPERATING OVER IN IOWA, MINNESOTA AND SOUTH DAKOTA BETWEEN Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul Via the Famous Albert Lea Route. St. Louts, Minneapolis and St. Paul Via St. Louis, Minneapolis & St. Paul abort Line. Through Sleepers" and Chair Cars BETWEEN CHICAGO, CEDAR RAPIDS AND SIOUX FALLS, S. D. CHIC AGO AND CEDA« RAPIDS Via the famous Albert Lea Route. cr O ' b •91 We will Not be Undersold. All are invited to call and look the stock over. Livery, Feed and Sale The finest turnouts furnished on short notice and at reasonable figures. Give us a trial; we are sure to suit. TO SPIRIT LAKE Northwestern Iowa, uud South Dakota, Tho Great Iowa Summer Resort. For Itallway and Hotel Rates, Descriptive Pamphlets and ail information, address General Ticket and Passenger Agent. CHEAP HOMES On line of this road in Southwestern Minnesota .__ where drought and crop failures are unknown. Thousands of choice acres of land yet unsold. Local Excursion rates given. For full inlor- uiatiou as to prices of tend and rates of fare, address General Ticket and Passenger Agent. All of the Passenger Trains on all Divisions of this Railway areueated by Steam from the engine, and the Main Ltoe Day Passenger Trains are lighted with tae gieetrie Light. Maps, Time Tames, Through Kates and all information furnished on application to Agents, Tickets on sale'ovw «2s route at all projifluent points in the IJnjou, and by Its Agents, to all parts of the United States and Canada. .»».»«» -.. •—mepts of Excursion Bat% I toterest, please refer » Wa paper. 4, E, HANNEGANt G. R HOLLOWAY. Hous'e and Sign Painter, Grainer, T«r j ' f faper Hanger, and all work iu this lin®* |ts|PSatisfaction Guaranteed. „ • BANCROFT, JQW<%' s-r ' , ; ,5k* Don't go without the Home News when b l Bancroft * New ALGONA REPVByoi Together only cost the small sum of Wedofiue Job m " " x —-----

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