The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1892
Page 7
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AMIONA, IOWA, VVI.DM.-DAI Burt Republican ^O Oft* IScUtov. BtJRT, IOWA, FEBRUARY 17, .1802. m;uT A, A. Beane, A, M,, M. D, Office and residence one door west of OFFICE. P. M. Barsloti of Bancroft was on our streets Friday. A daughter is the latest arrival at I he home of Wilder A'iger and wife. Mr. and Mrs. S..T/ O'Neill are now keeping house in their new residence, Frank H. Weaver will spend next summer clerking on the farm of Wm. Peck. ' E. H. Staley and FVed Keopka !havc recently purchased .a Percheron stallion •frcyn Dwigtit, Illinois. ..•"•Charles Walker is home from his wt>r at Independence and last week was visiting his sister, Mrs. Kimball. A bran new sigh and a good one shows itself on the Burt hotel. People can find the Burt hotel now easy eftotfgh'. ; ••* Levi Hodgson is reported to tie gaining strength. He; thinks n-ow, h^wjiybe ab,le to ;ruti. the farm neXt: summer. s ,1$e had his biots oil l.tist i SUndiaj^: tUe-yfljSt time •for some weeks. • / ; . Graham.& Blvjdgi pall^he readers' at- : tention this week to what they say in our advertising column's. ; They repeatedly ask you to call and see their goods before you purchase. They also have a big line of pumps. Postmaster Easterly has just received a new set of post office boxes and they are now in place- in the office. Part of-the old ones were purchased by the Irvington postmaster and the rest, by Mr. Butterfield of Buffalo. The office here now presents a fine appearance nnd is prob. ably one of the nicest furnished offices of its size in northwest Iowa. ruairs. Go to Graham & Elvidge for pumps. Something extra in "liome made" Sorghum at CADY & HALLOCKS. carry the best line SHOE SHOP. Repairing of all kinds done, neatly and nt reasonable rates. You will find me at Whitney's hardware store. Give me a call. Joseph Markel. THE COUNTY NEWS, lieportcil by Special Correspondents. IIK KtM'inu/fcAN publishes morn outsidft ws from (he country und stimiiiiidtiiK lortiia tluiii all MIC »Ix oiJirfi- papers published in Kos- Mitli county combined, I'm' the Kiincroft NKWS SOP. iwfic :'. To Ooi:itRHi>ONt)i«NTH :—Ail Miiivspondoncc for the KKPunMf.'Aff .should reach tills ofllCt) nor than Tuesday evening. Please hear tills In mind. Is n. constitutional and not a local disease, and therefore It cannot he cured hy local applications. It requires a constitutional remedy like Hood's Sarsapavilla, which, working through the blood, eradicates the impurity which causes arid promotes the disease, and J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt. BUBT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. Calif. Canned Goods, We recommend this brand of Canned Goods to consumers as being .all that careful packing, cleanliness in handling and selecting the different varieties, aud experience.:can make them. We call special attention to the following goods: Yuba. Brand California Apricots, . Yuoa Brand California Peaches. Yuba. Kriind California drapes. Yuha-Hrand California Pears. Yuha Brand California' (Ihcrries. Yubfi Brand California Egg Plums. The range of prices are very low considering quality. .There is no better California Canned Goods put up. Obtainable only of us. Cady & Hallock. Cady & Hallock of teas and coffees. The champion light-weight—a ton of coal—Texas Siftings. short New Stock W. M. COOK'S FURNITURE STORE. Our experience covers many ills, many pills and many bills. Our ills are smaller our pills are smaller and our bills are smaller when we use De Witts Little Early Hisersi-. Dr, L. A"..Sheets ..' ... "I was bound to marry a nobleman or nothing," remarked an American girl returning with a foreign husband. "I guess you got both," said her father, and went, on making out. a check. You may cough and cough and cough and-cough and cough but you will not, if you. take Do Witt's Cough und Consumption Cure. Dr. L. A. Sheet/,. Geo. E. Marble 1 lb. package coffee ................ $ 23 7 Ibs. oatmeal ...... . ........... .-. 25 1 package large sixed yeast. . . ...... 0 1 package small sized yeast ........ 8 1 lb. California peaches ............ 10 1 box lenox soap ____ . ......;.. ..... 4 00 1 package soda ........... ........ 7 1 lb. plus 1 tobacco .................. 25 2.5 o/s. baking powder ............. 25 1 can tomatoes .................... . 10 1 ql. cranberries .................. 10 We Sell the Goods and we can quote Prices that would astonish penny concerns. Wo have just received A Large Stock of WOOD AID STEEL LEVER HARROWS, Call and see them before buying. Graham DEAFNESS, ITS CAUSES AND CURE, Scientifically r.roiteil hy an mirist nf xvorhl- wule reputation. Deafness cnulicaU'il anil I.MI- lirtily cured, o£ from 20 t<> no years'stunilniK. utter all other treutini'iiiti have hilled. How the dilficiiliy Is renrhfil and the cause rcinovisil tally explained In circulars, \\ith aUUlavits mid testimonials of cures from prominent pcdple. mailed tree. Du.A.KoNTArKF, Tacoiua.XVii.sli. THE Elite Studio Is now at Burt. Aristo Cabinets, 13.00 per dozen. Copying and enlarging a successful specialty. C. B. LONG, Photographer. OPERATING OVER \V1HTTKMOUK. Miss May Retelling visited friends at West Bend Saturday. Arthur Tellier of Algona visited Whit- tornore friends over Sunday. Claire Ilotelling is running the bay business at Bancroft this week. Measles are all the rage with us now, new cases are developing almost daily. Mr. and Mrs. C.'B. Paul arc home visiting Mrs. Paul's'parents for afew days. Mrs. N". L. Cotton spent a few days last week visiting her 'home friends 'at Burt.' . • Horace Bruus has recently purchased the Will Freeman residence .of J. E. Martin. : .... Geo.'Boyle was soliciting subscription to the''RUssiun relief fund" among our business 1 men on Monday. A liitle better behavior iu church among some of our young girls would be a very noticeable iaiprovement. M.tss Maggie Farley, a niece of Mrs. J. F. Creighton, and J M. Farley, is visiting her relatives at this place. The Ladies Aid Society will meet at the church. Thursday afternoon at. two o'clock. , Work will be furnished. A full attendance is desired for election of officers. A farmer's elevator for Whittemore is about among the certainties at present. In addition to grain the farmers also propose to handle binding twine, ^vire ) machinery, coal and hogs. Rev.-Forsyth's lecture on "Life in Libby Prison" the evening of the 8th was not as well attended as it should have been but those who attended were much interested. It was a lecture well worth hearing. TRev. Johnson of Corwith rilled the Baptist pulpit Sunday morning and evening. Meetings were also announced for Monday aud Tuesday evenings. It was undecided Whether they would be continued longer or not. WESLEY. G. M. Butts is iu Chicago visiting his parents. F. I. Chapin has been ill for some time with malarial fever. L. G. Potter lias returned from his visit to "York state." It is rumored that the She.rmau House is about to change hands. Thos. llcibsamen is slowly recovering from a long aud serious illness. The preliminary steps for the incorporation of Wesley arc being taken. This is the third time the effort has been made. Perseverance deserves success and doubtless if we have a-fair deal we shall incorporate this time. G. B. Hall has decided that it will not do to try to be farmer and merchant at tho same lime. He has therefore resign ed his position as manager of the Alliance Company's store to take effect the 1st of May. The, Alliance-. Company seem to be prospering as they have de cided to buy the F. M. Butts' store building. A J. Sprague and his sister, Mrs.Eddy, went last week to Wisconsin to see their dying mother. She lived but two days after their arrival. Mrs. Sprague visited her children in Wesley about five years ago. She was then quite active although past seventy years of age. She was for many years a widow and raised and trained a family of young children by her unaided exertions. efiocls a permanent cure. Thousands of people, testify to tho success of Hood's Sarsaparilla us a remedy for catarrh when other preparations had failed. Hood's Sarsaparilla also builds up tho whole system, and makes you feel renewed in health and strength. pome Times. .T^VS. TCtlitor. LED YARD, IOWA, FEB. 17, 1892. Oats 10 @ .21 .20 Cattle ....... $0.00 Wheat ........... 73 Flax .......... $ .75 Corn Butter. . Hopes Barley Hay .. 25 15 (9> 20 0.00 . ,20@.30 0.00 Belongs to " I used Hood's S:irsapnrilla for catarrh, anil received great relief and heneflt from It. The catarrh was very disagreeable, especially lii the winter, causing constant discharge from rny nose, ringing noises in my cars, and pains • in tlie hack of my head. The effect to clear, Catarrh my head in the morning hy hawking and spitting was painful. Hood's Sitrsaparllla gave me relief Immediately, while in time I was entirely cured. I urn never without Hood's Sarsaparilla In my house as 1 think it is worth its weight in gold." MBS. G. B. GIBB, 10&9 Eighth Street, N. W., -Washington, D. C. ' Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold by all druggists. Jjl; slxforgS. Prepared only by C. I. HOOD & CO;, Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar llcv. Luce preached again Friday evening. Lawyer Pangburn of Eimore was iu town last week. : 0. Dunlap & Co. received ; a car load of machinery the first of the week. Frank Scott of Whittemore bas been ,visiting his sister, Mrs: Freeman. • Mrs. Heuify Wilson who has been quite siclt with the grippe is.convalescent. Our is now-in running order and will supply ft long felt need. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Jcwtitt of Delavan, Minn., were visitors in town last week. Miss Mary Qrannis will render services as clerk in the new firm of Rendall & Grunnis. J. B. Streater of Bancroft was taking the place of F. D. Calkins a few days in the lumber office. F. M. Trimble is making preparations for building a furniture store east of Weimer's bank lot. There have been over 100 cars shipped from this place since January 1st. What station can show more shipments. Ledyard Good Templars were well represented at Bancroft during the district meeting and all report a good session. W. O. Deane has taken the contract of Charley Graham to build a new residence southeast of town on Mr. Grahr.m'sfarm. We understand that J. B. Jones is thinking seriously of starting a bank in our town under the name of Bank of Ledyard. Mr. Turner and son, Robert, of Wesley were looking over our town Friday. We hope they will conclude to purchase aud Rendall & Grannis Successors (o JLK Rendall Watch It Closely For something of interest to you. Calkins Hotel First class accommodations for dayr and week boarders. First class hotel for traveling custom.... F. THIMBLE, Proprietor. THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THE MONEY? It is a seamless shoe, with no tacks or wax thread to hurt the feet; mado of tho best fine calf, stylish and easy, and because wit make more shoes of this grade than any other maniifactitrer, It equals hand- sewed shoes costing from $1.00 to 35.00. ffiK. 00 Genuine Hand-sewed, tho finest calf *J»!«3>n shoe ever offered for $5.00; equals French Imported shoes which cost from §8.00 to §12.00. flj,/l 00 lland-Mc.wcil Welt Shoe, fine calf, Sp^ffo stylish, comfortable and durable. The best shod over offered nt this price ; same grade as custom-made shoes costing from $0.00' to $9.00. ffij<2> 50 Police Wlioe; Farmers, Railroad lien SjSda nnd Letter Carrlersall wear them; Jiuecalf, seamless, smooth Inside, heavy, threo soles, extension edRe. Oue pair will wear a year. 4E O 50 fine cnjfj no better shoe ever offered at nffaan tuls price; one trial will convince those who want a shoe for comfort and service. «CtfJ> 25 and i$2.00 Wovkiiismaii's shoes «Pffiaa are very strong aud durable. Those who have given them a trial will wear tio other make. KiTftUG' 82.00 and 81.75 school shoes are SS^Sy & worn by tho boys everywhere; they sell on their merits, as the increasing sales sho\v. 0 «a,ri!S*»es S3.00 Ilaml-sewcrt shoe, best QfadU ivJSS Dongola, very stylish; equals tfrencn, Imported shoes costlnfefrom 84.01) to SO.lH). IjiKlics' «.50, $2.00 n.n<l Si .75 shoo for Misses are the best flue Dougola. Stylish aud durable. Caution.—Seo that. W. L. Douglas' uamo und price are stamped on the bottonvof each shoei B3rTAKE.NQ W. 0. DEANE & SON, Carpenters and Builders. LEDYARD, IOWA. Satisfaction guaranteed. Job work su specialty. Give us a trial. . Insist on local advertised dealers supplying yon. W. lu DOUGIiAS, Brociiton, Blaos. Sold by F. S. Stough, A^ent HOW EARNED 1 —AT THE— IOWA, MINNESOTA AND SOUTH DAKOTA H, L. MAYHEW, Proprietor. Good Accommodations. .Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. .SOLID TRAINS BETWEEN Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul Yiu tlie Famous Albert Lea Route. St. Louis, Minneapolis and St. Paul Via St. Louis, Minneapolis & St. Paul Short Lino. AND Through Sleepers and Chair Cars " BETWEEN CHICAGO, CEDAR RAPIDS AND SIOUX FALLS, S. D. CHICAGO AND CEDAR RAPIDS Via tlie I?uiBOU3 Albert LBO Haute. iOiNG TO If you are you ought to get Whitney's Prices on the TO For- SPIRIT LAKE Gre«*t Ip-wa Summer Resort. Hallway aud Hotel Kates, Descriptive wnpljlets au4 &U Uitoniiation, nddress General Tlgket and Passenger Ageut. CHEAP HOMES FOR ••• W » KM »"»• On Hue of this road in Northwestern Iowa, Southwestern MJjiiwsota aucl South Dakota, where drought and crop failures are unKuowii. Thousands of choice acres ot laud yet unsold, Local Excursion rates given. For full information as to prices of guid and rates of fare, address General Ticket aud I'asseuger Agent. All of the Passenger fvvms on all Divisions of this Kailway ave neatea oy Steain from the engine, aud the Mais Line Day Passenger Trains are lighted with the Electric Light. Haps, Time Tables, Through Hates and all information furnished on application to Ageuta Tickets on sale over this w>w/d at all p«a»iuent points in the Union, aud by Us Agents, to all parts of tUe United States anOJajiadft. or announcements of Excursion Rates, -0 UKS. Mrs. W. A. Cbipaian is quite ii). The creamery has the ice house tvbout filled. Miss Clai'ii Mathews is visiting at Mrs. E, Bacon's near Burt. Eluin Davidson lias been improving quite satisfactorily of late. Elder Black will conduct quarterly services on Thursday evening, Feb. 25. Tlio youug ladies have a leap year social at Mrs. Geo. Stowe's on Wednesday evening. E. B. Eddy will give u lecture iu tli« near i'uturo on "Tho West in tin; Sixties." 'roceeds to start a fuud i'or a church bell. Tiie oyster supper in Mrs. Lyon's new slote building was largely attended Fri lay evening of last week. The young >eo|>le report a good time. Mr. Harvey of Algoua was present at the Tuursdtty night prayer meeting und Epworth League exercises aud made scute very edifying and appropriate remarks to the young people of the church. JCnterpriilncr Yonnu Man: True & Co. instructed nnd started mo. J worked stonrtily nml mado money tinier thnnl oxpocted to. 1 foociunoablo to buy nn iBlaiui und build iiBiuall siimmur hotel. If I don't succeed at tluit, I will go to work nimin nt tbo businusa In which I niado my monuy. 'I'ruo tfc €<».; Sball wo inatrnct anil fitavt yon, reader? If wo do, and ii' yon work industriously, you will iti (ina tiirmbo able to buy an island and build a hotel, if you wish to. Money can bo onrnod at our »e\v lino of work, rapidly nn<l honorably, by thoso of either tax, young' or old, anil iu thoir own localities, whorevor they live. Any ono ciindotboworl:. Easy to luarn. Wo furnish evoryttilni;. No risk. You can dovotoyj ir flparo nioments, or all yourtimo to I ho work. This ontirfily new lend brillp.s wonderful BUC- eo<a to every worker. Deirinnera :iro earnins front S'-Hi to !$*><> P (t r week and uj>wurds, untl more aftora littlooxpo- riinu!i'. \Vo fun furnish you tho employment—wo tench you JflC I'M. This is an utro of uifirvetiuis tilings, nnd hero i.-i nnotbur.'tioat, useful, woallh-givinn wonder. Groat gains will reward ovary Indntitrloiia workc>r. ,\\'herever yon are, and whatever ydii nro doinfr. you \viitit to know about this wonaerfnl work at once. Pi^lay inoaiiH much money lost to yon. No space to osplivln horii. lint if you will write to us. •WL> will mnko all plain to .yon FESJI'-BC. Address. TWUJK & CO., Mox 400, Aui;u»ta, M»ka«- venture with us. There will be preaching by Rev. Will- itims, the Presbyterian minister of Bancroft, next Sunday evening in the place of Bible reading. Our druggist, lias a' very neat little room titled up for bis business a.nd will lie ready''to serve the public iu a few days with anything in bis line. The Good Templars will hold a special meeting Wednesday eveningof this week, on account of Mrs. Remington, Grand Juvenile Templar, being present. Mrs. C. A. Qrdway bas put in a line of furniture over C. A. Ordway's machine building. We understand the firm of Bronson of Bancroft hns un interest in the venture. B. F. Kleist lias vented tho farm south «f town which Peter Hans lias been working tbo past year. Peter Hans will move, onto his farm east of town recently purchased from John Smith. Parties from B'ritt liav'e bought a lot east of Graves & Graham's implement store aud we understand have contracted with carpenters to build n store building for the purpose of putting in hardware. The firm of John P. Rendall has in creased extensively, S. H. Grannis being the new addition i<> the rirm. The present style of the new firm is Rendall & Gran nis. Call aud see them. Yon will find them always ready to supply your needs. The Bank of Ledyard is doing a full line of banking business. At present they occupy the office of P. D Calkins. Mr. Wiemer bas the stone upon the cronud for u bank vault, ami hns begun work upon the frame work of his bank. Ei/MOifE, Minn., Jan. 1C, 1892. Came to my place about, tlie 20th of Dec. lust, 1 yearling heifer,red and while. The owner wili please come uud pay i'or keeping and take away. * P. J. UKDEUDAIIL FITZ & Real Estate, Loans. —And— Ledyard, Iowa. We carry a full stock of Millinery Goods, Hat Feathers, Ribbons, Laces, etc. We are ready to please the public. A. E. KEG-LEY. Ledyard Livery, Feed -And- Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jesiks, Ledyard, Iowa: F. A. Has a full stock of We have a few and loc of interest, the locftl columns of ibis paper. ffifer W £ I Overcoats AND Heavy Suits That we wili close out at prices that will please you, OH m& A GOOD SEAMSTRESS .. IS A ... AMD ft HOUSEHOLD NECESSITY IS OWE OF OUR NEW MACHINES. and is now ready to accommodate the paople of Agency for the Celebrated La Grippe still prevails. Wo number Mrs. Eugesser and Grandma Carolan as its victims. Miss llattie ^.riuutoii, wUo wields tlx.- bircli ut tin- Central scbool bouse, bas by fur tbo majority of pupils in our lowu. But we are bappy to say sliu is capable of tiaudltng tbetu. Tho iroo bridg« canje near buiug ibe seine o( a ('.oHision Ipt Saturday evening. Mat aud Will HstniHou were coming west und Jiike Flyyn going east, all ou tlie full swing, wliMiu, in turning a bligbt bend urouu4 » clu.oj|) <?t' t»'«e6 just missed CoJlidiog. .Ppff, y4MJ. ffe#^ go WW in Ledjard and Yicinity. Call on Mrs. C. A.Ordway, over Orel-way's agricultTir- implement store. C. A, Dealer in Binders and Mowers, Coal and Hay, Fun. PARTICULARS Agpacea ' SUCCC8S9BS TO JUNE MANUFACTURING 99- (3ELV1DERE, 8LU. of Fine Family S<wl«a Minnesota Chief Threshers, Btishford Wagons and Buggies, Best Gang and Sulky Plows, Disc Harrows, Smoothing Harrows, Force Feed and Broud Cast Seeders, Fanning Mills, Pumps, Land Rollers, Ajjd, ip faqt everything kept iu a First, OJ»6S Implement House. First door east of post Ledyard, Iowa. Wishes to say to the public that be vyilt'- be prepared to do a lurgc amount of ZDITOBCIlvrO During the coming season, and tuatfce* will buy CUTTLE, FAT HOGS AND STOOKW r . f *«e .v QORDQN BROS.,, —Dealers in <+FURN!TU Funeral Supplies of Wood, Cloth an4 end Household delivered f r^ «t I

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