The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 17, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1892
Page 3
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,T. A.. Jt'.ttJBGCI-r, BANCROFT, IOWA, FKB. i?, North- H'y. NOIJTII Mlxcil ..!' Ham way frei.uhl it Wmii •'' ""I 1 "! w:iy fri'lKh! S l.'iiim CHURCH IHUKl'/nHlY. B ANCIiOF'r T'WKCHV'1 KH1.\N survlccs In tin 1 s«li»iii i«!ll; holds c. Snndtiy •School lit- .'1 !'• '»'•• I'i'ciicliilitt spi'vlno ;il '.! |». I" . liraver mcotluji'riuirKilsiy ('vrniiij-'. Kvoiylmiiy invited. ItKV. l». Wu.l.lAMS, I'ilMor \V. E. Jnrdiin (lay. I?. F. U'Ho\ii liif-t Monday. Mvs. Eti very sir!; li'.ir'r Andrew jJcv on the nick lisl was i'.) town last Mofl- liil 'il iiis ice home of Seneca has been of Sweii Iius been B VNCItUKT .«WKI)IMII M'TIIKIIAN (MIUIU'll, c'Miim IIIOI-II'.IIK iiiiii rvcmnii one Sunday (n I'iuih month iiiid i\v» ''vcniiu: nii'cllncH In a, Ntmdiiy Hclicol itt. 12 in. ftiicli *iinil)iy, l^iidie's Aid Kuclcty nii'i'ts every nfhe.r I'rldny. lii'.v. A. KI.FSTICOM. I'uslor. F JHHT DAI'TIKT CIH.'HGM. l>f IlllllCI'lift. liiK Kt'i'vtw C'sii-li »iw<lny iit l'» :3(i a', in. :ind »H>- m.. s nilfUy ••I'iiiuil :iMV!lii.. l.nnls Klll'l" 1 ' 1 tin 1 lirsl Miwliiy in cin'h lennili »l. i c in.. l'i'»iv • <•!• iiiiM'iin« 'i'hi!r:.iU.v evi't'lte/. 1.1'MtliMN meet mi Mimhiy I'vci.inji, t'mfiiiint im-ctiiiK Mif l"- sl Krid'tiv livoniiiL' in s-iidi Mm .lh, choir |ir:ic(.iw «iunr<l«y uveii'lnn. Kvi-rylioily InVlfert, .slrang- ws osuo'iliillv welcome, llKV. I.. V I.:UMM1NS. r;!p>);ni's flliilln') 1 ivti in very ill. :i!iil \vifi! iiinl Mrs. m- were, in town hist tln'V of our visit the first B V.VCKOFT M. K, CIIUIM'H. onoli f mid uy at lotion, m. iiinl 8 |>. vliiss HK'ptlnR iireucrtliu! fiu:li "(M-vlce at <it' spc.ond iicll, siiiid.'iy Hclioni at ta m.. «•!•• wovUi I.C»J:IIB <>" Tiiesdny (svenliiK. iiniynr iiicctinf? 'niursday eveiilni!. clmiv relH'sii"»iil Ki-iduvcvi-nuin. Uullfl's Ai(IS(K'.i(.'t,y inpcta Wed- ne-daV iifturiKinii. A cnnlijil iiivitivtion is cx- '.cuileil U> all to attend vlit.'M' servines. RK.V. A. W. U!(;K,,l J iWtor S T. .JOHH'H C.ATIIOI,TC criuiicii. ri^nliir w- vlccs : Instruction from 10 to 10 :HO a. in.. JiiKh iniws and sermon from l<):.Wt<il2. Holy stias.s e;ie!i moi'iiiiii! In tilt; \vi-uk ut 7 n m.-Miir- s-ii-.d LiuiH-.'s Society mi!ct,H Uii! llrsr, Hnnday of vverv month sitter llie sermon. Young Unties Society tnw.ts the. si-court Sunday of evory inoiiMi after 1 lie .sermon, Youm; Men's • ne.dis the tinrd smulivy oC every month utter UK-sermon. livuryliocly is Invited to attend (liesn acrvlnuM. KATIllClt A. rt. ^CIUCMMKIi. Onts § 20@24 Corn .. .$ 23@25 E<r.r;> '20 Butter 20 < istiiifi... .$1 50 4 00 HO;J:S 4 40 Wheat Gfl@70 Barley '25@. ! iO Flux 70@7o Hay.. $1 50@3 00 X.B1V>« Or TIOC TOV/X. How's the Ehnorc hog markets? Cyrus Bulxcr was down i'roin Swcn Saturday. Goo. Collin Avas tin from IJttrt several Mr.s. Wm. lives west of ( .lolui IV.ini Krosch of .Kit Monday. GoUlci!) !•'«• barbel 1 . (.Ins., of 11n; week. Dr. J'j. K. Garlieh! w:is called up from Algon-i. to attend Uncle. Uenny F. .)'. Ib me, formci-lv of (his place, but now of DCS Monies, has been here on business and pleasure lately. Mrs. K. Trillinnn went. toLodi, Wis., to make, u two weeks visit with her parents and friends al; that place. The eliurches of town deserve a great deal of credit for closing their meeting in order that the Good Temp- lars could lisivo all present tit their meetings. Asbury Hartshorn has at last received Iiis long; deserved pension of $12 per month and something over $200 back pay. We are ^liul to see the veterans rewarded. Misa Libby Bardwell si daughter O f David B;m.lwell a 1'onner resident cf Portland died at Omaha Nebraska last week. Mrs. Bard well was a daughter of. Uncle Jlenny Smith. G. F. Holloway has sold out his livery barn to James Wlm.len who will conduct tho business at the old stand. He lias also bought Mr. Holloways horses anil livery outlit. llev. Robert Carroll wa.s to begin a serries of meetings last night at the "Baptist church to conliiiiie. indefinitely. Bro. Carrol is the man that organized i'KMPF.AIl MKKTIXG. Many ITleg-airs '.iiuher at (inr Town. The Third Annual meetini," of Tltim- boldt District Lodge No. !? was hold in the Good Templars' hall on Friday. February 12tli. and the ereileulial committee reported the following delegates and visitors present: Fi'iiin lOagle GVOVP—(', '\V, Cooler. Resolvcd, for the fiiii! n Ilc8ofvi.'d. tire ordur un wu havr: h(;)i ordc;r yciir, 'He- Tliat wu also extend thanks -iic furnished. Timt the thanks of tlio en- ilun (he churches in which unr evening meetings, d. Thai we congratulate the tin; progrt'si! innclc during the !•>• it, furihcr d, Thnt then: is gn-iit, need of und continued effort on our !!)!• ciicmy iiiny not steal from BANCROFT, IOWA, Artistic work jino.rntil.eed. Pictures en- arged at reasonable prices. W. A, Paine iiiiie IF. A. Iligbee. ' " s our '"' sl '•''<'fi|" 1 " of defense, tin; pres- i .yt-ar.~ of From Bradgalc-Mi™ Mary Bristol, (fit prnhil.iK.iry law of the state From Kmiuetshurg— May' E. Hib-}>» !l n.(.in<-ni, destroying '.iui bard, Margaret Bryce. Mrs. A. U. i Sh:iul. ' | From llutlivcn — Mrs. MeKiuney. Miss Avis Gn-gg. From Ilitinhohlt—Mrs. C. F. 11 ark- ness. Fruit! Ledixrii—.V. A. SiiVrl. Mi.-s K. A. K'e;;icy. Mr. and Mrts. J. !J. lU-n- dall. From Swan Lake—G. W. Kmipp. As visitors—District Lecturer Harris and Grand HiipcriritPiident Mra. E M. Re in ing to n. besides many others. tlirjrcby result of hnr and sacrifice. j^lus. E. M HKJIINOTON, MUM. C. F. HAIIKNKKS, JIus f.'on.\ ^NEAI.K. Tin; Inline ndopt'.-d resolutions of ihnok.s lo Si>ti-r Kemimitnn fur Ih'j work dinii', in the District I'ldir^. The eveniiig miM'tings were conducted by tin.- district lexturei'.-i, who were A. HUM1STON, AUCTIONEER. Vv'lll (!i-y sales in ;inv )iart of HIP c.onnty. 20 years' experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. T. M. OSTRANDERi Veterinary * Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. lliis lii-s burn ii'iidv fur the sic,^ ami lame liors- •'s. so lir'siu (liciii iiluiifi. < : luiri;ps rniisotiiible. Can'be made in 6 months selling; Tunlson'B Atlases, Clinrts and Wall Maps. Particulars free. R. C TUSISOH, Chicago, Ills, members. Bancroft fur- aided liy UK nislied i'ree entertainment to all who came. Large audiences crowded the evening ineetings. ami on Monday , morning Mrs. llemiiijzton worked for The district comprises Kossutli, Em- j the, orgiiui/ution of a Juvenile Temple met. Palo Alto, part of Poeahontas. all J ut t ),j : , p]., ce . 71,j s ] o ,] K o marks a new of Tlumboidt. and nearly all of Cal-1 evn , j,, the Good Templar history of lionn ijmnVrighfc counties. (Bancroft. The Good Templars have A large percentage of Bancroft's 11,},.^ M VS . Hsu-ris for three months to <1ay.-j last week. ftavn Diivison \vas at Elmorc. on business last Sa'ourday. .Mr. ;ind Mrs. Benoy Smith Imvobeon very iow for tliu past week. Tom Gannon went to fit. Paul last SiU-tU'day I'm: an extended trip. The exhibition tittlie Ilayden school bouse comes off to morrow night. Mrs. J. A. Winkel hrfe beun much troubled with u very sore hand for a week. J. E. Paul of Iowa City came up to the .Baptist c'.nuv-h iieri.' an'.l ha.s many place who will of these ood may •make quite an extended visit in town •during vacation. Miss Mary Xelson had a friend visiting her from Elmovo last week. Wo learned no names. Vv T ill Stapleton of Seneca lias again resumed work for A. Furstenberg in the machinery business. The Baptist Ladies Aid Society will meet at Mrs. Henry Johnson's on next Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. John Kirk and Willie Staid went to the former's home in Nebraska last Monday where the latter will make a visit. Clarence Paul began school in the Cliristianson district to fill out his vacation from school at Iowa City last Monday. The business of the Bancroft station has increased SG'OOO in January of this year the receipts of the same month over last year. We understand that P. M. Barslou is to go into the law business in Bancroft and also that an Algona attorney will be his partner. E. E. Gray, Lewis Gray, Emma Smith and Adda Davison missed a day of school teaching last Friday to attend warm frienns at tin:-; contribute to tlie Kiicce? meetings. We hope, much result from the meetings. The De.more.ftt Medal Contest last Thursday night \vas a uuecess as usual. All vire.seiit, vero unanimous in declaring tjiat the Medal belonged to MissErma. Barslon the winner of it. At the next quarterly meeting of the district lodge there wiil be held a Gold Medal contest where only silver medal winners can contest and Bancroft will no doubt be there with her three silver medals to battle for the'Gold one. Wanted immediately a laundry girl at Good Templars; were present besides all of their delegates. • After tbe appointment of committees j the officers made a very satisfactory report of the year's work. A committee was named to nominate the officers and the following persons were selected as olliecrs for the year: D. 0. T.. J. S. Paine, Eagle Grove; D. V. T.. Miss May Bristol, Brtulgate: E. Sec'y, J. A« Freeh, Brancroi't; D. Chap., C. W. Cooler. Eagle Grove: D. Conn., G. A >V. .Smith. Bancroft: D. Marshal. ,!. B. Kendall. Ledyiin.1: I). Asst. Sec'y, Lei a. Da vision, Bancroft; D. Dep. Marshal. Mrs. J. B. Kendall. Ledyard; D. P. C. T.. J. B. Streater, Bancroft; D. Treas.. G. "\V. Ktuipp. Swan Lake: ]). G.. Margaret Bryw. Emmctsbm'g: D. Sentinel. Jesse lligbiv. Eagle GI-OYI-: D. !•-, J. ness, llumboiilt. The ollif.-ers were inslallud second day of the meeting. Alter the election, tlie written reports from the lodges wore read, and j showed that ihey were in a healthy' condition. linlhvt-n was cliiisen ay the. next place for the annual meeting. A radical change waw ei'LVctcil in the by-laws. Tl:e lodge decided to pay Uie secretary 840 ptT year for eh-ricnl hire. The comir.itice on literature made a report, recommending the starting of libraries and the support of the lodge organ, the Iowa Temperance Magazine. Papers on Woman's Wovk. Lit- org;uii/,e lodges and Mrs. llemington will also work in the district organizing Juvenile Temples. Many members will be added to Bancroft lodge as a result of this meeting. Is now sealed in ils newly arrHii^ud building in the. RICHMOND BLOCK where we are prepared to trent you in the best, of style. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign anil domestic exchange bought >ind sold. Collection.': mude promptly Mini n (zenend bunking business trunsni'.ttxl, PrtSM-iuref tickets 1" or from the old countries told nt the lnwost nitf-.s. R. M. RICHMOND, A. B, RICHMOND, President. Cashier. Correspondents and {References. Metrn|io!it>m Niiliitml 1':mk, ('hioigfi. Illinois. Cii.i7.ens' Xfiiiniiiil Hunk, !><-s Mnini's. Inwu.. St. Pun! Ntiiinntil Bunli, St. Find, Minne«otH. Fni'' NfHi'Miu) Ufin!<, Hudson, New York. Richard R'in.sinuii, Cluver;ick, Kew York. 1011 eer and Insurance Agency of Bancroft. BANCROFT, (OWA. K& JSTow rviiining under new management. E?laldi.-li(:d in 1831. A hmre nnd villnjre pmperi v for side, nr ri'iit of interest. Insurance written in ^i lisl of wild hinds fur side. Improved farms F:irm loans: on longest. liiTie nnd lowest, rate x liilferent cnnipiinies. (..'all (MI or address US. RICH1MD & GO M.IV. C. .F. IInrk- the, .T.EIIMI the Phoenix House. Good wages. O. T. Bind HAM. All of which will be. sold CMKAP. I nm just receiving a huge stock oi Bade s anywhere in the County At M Rocl( Prices, which will be sold cheaper than you c;i.n buy the sa:ne class of goods in any other store iu town. I ;il-o hnudlc all kinds of We erature the Keeley Cure were read. F. li. ANDERSON superintends this brunch of my business. Ttliivdi finis Kates. On account of t the. Mitrdi Gras celebration the Chicago & North-Western IVy Co. will, from February 22d to 28lh inclusive, sell excursion tickets to !New Orleans and return ut very low rates; tickets good for return passage until March 2'2cl. For tickets and full information apply to agents C. & N. W. It'y. Judge (after the jury has acted against his judgment iu acquitting a, man)— "Give this man his liberty—but watch your coats and umbrellas."—Fhegcndc Blatter. Colic, Diarrhoea, Dysentery and all kindred complaints arc dangerous if allowed to run any length of time. So it is tbe duty of all parents to keep a medicine on hand at ull times that will effect a positive and permanent cure. Beggs' Diarrhoea Balaam is guaranteed to do this. Sold and warranted by F. W. Dingley. _____^ VAimlerful .SIICC'CBS, Two years ago the Hullcr Prop. Co. Lodge. Miss Nellie Patten has made a very ftne lead pencil drawing of the picture '•Pharaohs Horses" which will be .exhibited at the worlds fair. Rev. W. F. Allen of. Colt'ax Iowa, Willie at'tho prayer meeting of the Baptist cluu'ch on Thursday evening and,be is a candidate for the Baptist pulpit, DIED—Mrs. A. H. Whitcornb of Hamsey from a relapse of la grippe. Mrs, Whitcomb lias been a much respected, lady in Bancroft and her death has cast a gloom over her many friends. The family have the warmest sympathy of the whole community in this their hour of trouble, liev. Luce preached the funeral sermon at the M. E. church yesterday. Mrs. E. M. Remington of tbe Grand Lodge organized a Juvenile Temple here with 88 members last Monday. The following are the officers; C. T-, Geo. A. Smith; V. T., Etta Johnson; Chap., Alfred Wickwjre; Sec'y, Fred ordered their bottles by the box— now they buy by the carload. Among the popular and successful remedies they prepare is Haller's Sarsaparilla and Burdock which is the most wonderful blood purifier know/i. No druggist hesitates to recommend this remedy. For sale by Dr. L. A. Sheet/.. Smith; Asst. Sec'y., Treas., Lela Davison; Mjft'Sbal, fred Johnson; Dep. Marshal, Maggie Wilson; Guard, Milton Jobnipfii; §ent., Calvin Hicfes; P; C. T-, Milton We bopa that tbe boys a.n.4 girls pay Uave a good Temple and, will I'ASX TKAIN TO 'CHICAGO -VIA-Thu UitrHnfftoM, Cedar Ztuiilcla anil North-, orii Kuilway. The attention of the traveling public is called to the fast Chicago train running from Watertowu and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and all northwestern Iowa points via the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern, and Chicago, Hock Island and Pacific Railways, leavinsr Watertown dailo, except Sundays, at 9 a. m. Pipestone at 12:27 p. ro., LuVerno at 1:25 p. m., Sioux Falls dady, at 18:80 p. m.,Rock Rapids at 1:38 p. in., Sibley at. 2:43 p. in., Spirit Lake at 8:55 p. m., Estberville at 4:50 p. in., Emmetsburg at 5:35 p. m., Forest City at 5:15 p. m.. Garner at 5:57 p. m., Beimond at 6:47 p. m., Iowa Falls at 8:25 p. m.; connecting at West Liberty with the through limited express on the Chicago, Rock Island ana Pacific railway, arriving in Chicago at 7:45 a. m., making by far the best time at the most satisfactory hours of any Hue running between this territory ond Chicago, Pullman's latest improved buffet sleeping cars are running between Sioux Falls and Chicago on this train. The return trip is made at equally satisfactory time and bpure. Reservations for berths in these sleepers cajj be made by letter or telegraph to any discussed ;i:ul ordered published in tlie: Magazine. The advisory coinmittet-. 1 1 reported that the district was divided 1 into four districts, anil the following were chosen executives of e;ich: First. 1 W, A. Paine: second-Bro. Bookwalter; third, Mrs. Karkness: fourth, A. A. Svfert. The committee on resolutions reported as follows: Resolved, That we urge more zealous work along all lines of total abstinence. That the supreme object of our order should be. the complete overthrow of the liquor traffic hi nil of its phases. That nothing else should satisfy tbe workers of our order, nnd that our prayer is and shall be that the time is not far distant when it shall he banished from all lands. Resolved, That we urge the member ship of this district to support subscrip tion and articles pertaining to the work of tho several lodges in tho Iowa Temper atice Magazine, which we consider the best exponent of our principles in tbe land. Resolved, That we would extend our hearty thanks to our district workers, Rev. Neale, and Sisters Neale and Harris. Resolved, That we heartily endorse the Demorest Mgdal Contest work as one well calculated to spread abroad the principles of our order. Resolved, That our huarly thanks are hereby extended to Bancroft Lodge, the entertainment committee and the good people of Bancroft, who have made us to feel that it was indeed good to bo here. Or no Pay. D. B, OWEN, City Drayman Will do all kinds of hauling in or near the city -Cliean as tlie (leanest-- We will All are invited to call and look the stock over. IF YOU WANT quick. Give D. B. OWEN, Sewing Machines. Carpets, Pictures and Frames. Unkertaking a Specialty QO! O-OS QO1 Where Prices are Always Low. To Bancroft's Economy Store, J. R. CHOWEL. Everybody— Attend "The Great Reduction Bale" to con- tinny 80 days, commencing January 15, 1892. During which time prices will be the lowest Bancroft has ever known, especially on Winter Goods, Undercloihiiifr, Knit Boots and Socks—Overs for same: Overshoes of all kinds. Also Caps, Heavy Mittens and Gloves. Men's underwear; overshirts. Bed Blankets, Dress Flannels, etc. This is a great chauo' 1 ii> jict stocked up in Staple Winu-r GntuU. N. B. No one bought lower than we and no one can undersell us? Don't Fail to Visit THE ECONOMY STORE During the Sale. If you want your Farm Loan renewed, or want to get a deed,—see uie. I can save you money, A limited amount of money to loan on 30, CO or 90 days time. A large list of wild and improved farms for sale. Call and see me before buying. Office on ground floor in Barslou block. Bancroft, low». G. W. SKI N N ER. . SIMCITBE, House and Sign Painter 3 Grainer, Paper Hanger, and all wor]£ in this l ^Satisfaction Guaranteed. BANCROFT, agent of Phoenix Livery, Feed and Sale Don't go without the Home Hews when the Bancroft * Newi '4*feaK J Tbe finest turaouts %ft|sh«d, on short notice $$£ &$ ftjjjsQnable figures. G. F.iOLLOWAY, ?,%*; •>•• JKLV.. , . . ALGONA REPUBLIC^ Together ouly cost the small sum of 8 We'da fine Job Work, p?int Btrtto and 4o everything in the lim of , !*«

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