The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1892
Page 7
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i/K ALfiO/v'A, IOWA, V, It. J3, KAtitOOKLf fBtJRf, IOWA, FEBRUARY* 10,1892. JJURT WOMK NJ5WS, Ai A, Beane, A. M ( , Mi D. Office and residence one doof west of POST OFFICE. A. D. Bitlsborough was an Algona vis.- itOr Monday, S. Nicholson, has been quite sick for a •few nays with pleurisy. ~ The Btil't Bank Expects to be ready for "business sometime next Week. Mrs. Norton returned Monday from a •weeks visit with her city in Elmore. Wra. Shaeffer was down in Boone - county 'iver Sunday to visit a sick niece. , Mrs. May Cotton Was over from Whittemore and spent Sunday with the folks. Thos. Reddy was called home Friday "by a telegram stating that a brother was dead. Stephen Wooden is off to the -sunny : South having gone with stock for Mr. Ames and the Simpkius boys. Will Easterly is now at Hay Springs, Nebraska, in charge of the station. He now has a permanent position. The farmers met again last Saturday according to agreement to take further build an elevator. The end is not yet and another meeting is called in two weeks. The following writing was drawn up: « BUIIT, IOWA, Feb. 6, 1892. We, the undersigned, hereby agree to take the number of shares set opposite -our names in a cooperative Grain, Stock, Coal and Lumber Co., if such be established by the farmers adjacent to Burt. Shares to be $25 each. 200 shares are wanted and they will not Organize until two thirds that number is promised. At the last meeting there •were a good many promised to take •shares. Next meeting two weeks from last Saturday. Tills is Mount for You. It has been truly said that half the world does not know how the other half lives. Comparatively few of us have perfect health, owing to the impure condition of our blood. But we rub along from dixy to day, with scarcely a thought, unless forced to our attention, of the thousands all about us who are suffering from scrofula, salt rhuem aud other .serious blood disorders, and whose agonies can only be imagined. The niarked success of Hood's Sarsaparilla for these troubles, us shown in our advertising colums frequently, certainly seems to justify urging the use of this excellent medicine by all who know <h-,it their blood is disordered. Every claim in behalf of Hood's Sarsaparilla is folly backed up by what the medicine has doue «,ndis still doing, and when its proprietors urge its metits and its use upon all who suffer from impure biood, in great or small degrees, they certainly mean to iacludtfyou. Something extra in "home made" iSor- ghum-iit CADY & HALLOCKS. THE COUNTY NEWS, Reported by Special CottespttndetttS, KKrtrnuoAN publishes toorfc oatefde news from the country and mrroundln than all the Six other papers published &utli county combined. For the Bancroft NKWS see jwge 3. SHOE SHOP. Repairing of oil kinds done neatly and at reasonable rates. You will find me at Whitney's hardware store. Give me a call. Joseph Market. J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt. BURT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. Calif, Canned Goods, We recommend this brand of Canned Goods to consumers as being all that careful packing, -cleanliness in handling and selecting the different varieties, and experience can make them. We call special attention to the following goods: Yulin. Brand California Apricots. Yuba Brand California Peaches. "Ynuii Uraud California Grapes. Yuba Brand California Pears. Yuba'Brand California Cherries. Yuba Brand California Egg Plums. The range of prices are very low considering quality. There is no better California Canned Goods put up. Obtainable only of us.. Cady & Hallock. New Stock W. M. COOK'S FURNITURE STORE. Geo. E. Marble 1 lb. package coffee ................ $ 23 7 Ibs. oat meal .................... 25 1 package large sized yeast ......... 6 1 -package small sized yeast ....... . 3 1 lb. California peaches ............ 10 1 box lenox soap ................... 4 00 1 package soda ................... 7 1 lb. plug tobacco .................. 25 25 ozs. baking powder.... ____ ..... 25 1 can tomatoes ..................... 10 1 qt. cranberries .................. 10 We Sell the Goods and we can quote Prices that would astonish penny concerns. fl Kos- . i-Afl correspondence for the REPUBLICAN should reach this office nor later than Tuesday evening. Please bear tills In mind. To Corre.sjwmlents of tlic BEPtJlSl/I- CAN i— Don't neglect to report the market* en«Ji week, %Vc wimt a report re«ulltrly each week from every town hi Kossntlt County. See that your town J» reported with tlie others. WESLEY. II. Hill of Britt visited his brother last Wednesday. J. M. Goodnow is quite ill with the prevailing disease. Miss Kose Colby is just recovering from a serious attack of influenza. Mr. C. Robinson has commenced his new house in the north part of town. C. J. Emmons and family are just recovering from a severe attack of grippe. Mr. Joseph Wingnrt and Miss Anna Zummach were married at the Catholic church Feb. Snd, Wesley is rejoicing over her improved mail service. She now has the benefit of the early and late mail trains. Mrs. H. C. HoIIenbeck has recovered from a long illness brought, on by over work, only to be again prostrated by la- grippe. M. J, Kelly has returned from Mason- City where he has been enjoying the grippe and a visit with his parents and little son. The insanity of J. James who was sent to Independence last Saturday is a very sad case, as it leaves his wife and three little boys unprovided for except that they have a house to shelter them. The little three year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Me Cutchin died of catarrh Sunday afternoon and was buried Tuesday afternoon after funeral services in the M. E. church. Little Frankie was a sweet child much beloved by her little friends and playmates. Her affictcd parents have the sincerest sympathy of the entire community. A Sensible Man Would use Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lungs. It is curing more cases of coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, croup and all throat and lung troubles than any other medicine. The proprietor has authorized any druggist to give you a sample bottle free to convince you of the merit of this great remedy. Large bottles 50c. and $1. Catarrh IB a constitutional and not ft local disease, and therefore It cannot be cured by local applications. It requires a constitutional remedy like Hood's Sarsaparllla, which, working through the blood, eradicates the Impurity which causes and promotes the disease, and Catarrh effects a permanent cure. Thousands of people testify to the success of Hood's Barsa- parllla, as a remedy for catarrh when other preparations had failed. Hood's Sarsaparllla also builds up the whole system, and makes you feel renewed In health and strength. Catarrh " I used Hood's Sarsaparllla for catarrh, and received great relief and benefit from It. The catarrh was very disagreeable, especially In the winter, causing constant discharge from my nose, ringing noises In my ears, and pains In the back of my head. The effect to clear my heart hi the morning by hawking and spitting was painful. Hood's Sarsaparllla gavo me relief immediately, while in time I was entirely cured. I am never without Hood's Sarsiiparilla in my house as 1 think it is worth Its weight In gold." Mils. G. B. GIBB, 1029 Eighth Street, N. W., "Washington, D. C. HoocFs Sarsaparllla Sold by all druggists, glj sixforj?.',. Prepared only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses On® Dollar Ledyard Times JAS. Editor* LEDYARD, IOWA, FEB. 10, 1892. Oats 10 <a .21 Eggs ." ,20 Cattle $0.00 Wheat 78 Flax $ .75 Cord 25 Butter 15 @ 20 Hogs 0.00 Barley ... .20@.80 Hay 0.00 J. F. RencMl —Dealer in- General Gady & Hallock of teas aud coffees. (.itirry ihe best line For the SCimli Gras To be held at New Orleans, La., March 1, 1893, special round trip tickets will be sold at §83.80 by the C., M. & St. P. R'y- Mardi Ora*. For the Mardi Gras festival to be held in New Orleans, March 1, 1892, the Burlington, Cedar llapida & Northern rai 1 way will make a very low rate for the round trip from ssttitious on its line. Tickets ou sale February 22d to 2Sth inclusive, good to return until March 22d, 1892. For information regarding rates of fare, time of trains, etc., apply to any ticket agent of this company, or J. E. HANNEOAN, Gen. Tkt. and Pass. Agt., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "My dear sir, I love your, daughter and want to marry her, but she says you have a condition to your consent." Certainly, sir. I want you to promise to keep Haller's Sure Cure Cough syrup in, the house." "I \vill." "AU right you have my blessing." Mark Twuin. This noted humorist lives iu Hereford, Conn., and by his own writings has made life more pleasant to thousands. By the use of Bailer's Sarsaparilla and Burdock thousands of lives have been lengthened and life made pleasant. Both are benefactors and both are entitled to the thanks of mankind. For sale by Dr. L. 4» THE Elite Studio Is now at Burt. Aristo Cabinets, $3.00 per dozen. Copying and enlarging a successful specialty. C. B. LONG, Photographer, STOP -AT THE- •S.KNECA. Grant Hamilton leaves for Chicago this evening. Bob Folsic sports a team of ponies now won't the girls get there though. Hugh Bronson sold his little team of blacks to Grunt Hamilton last week for $125. Willie Cline look in the dance at Bancroft last Friday evening and tells us he had a good time. A {>J'oa.i; Surprise Is in store for all who use Kemp's Balsam for the throat and lutigs, the great guar anteed remedy. Would you believe that it is sold on its merits and that any druggist is authorized bv the proprietor of this wonderful remedy to give you asarn- pie bottle free? It never fails to cure acute or chronic coughs. All druggists sell Kemp's Balsam. Large bottles SOcts. and $1. S3 SHOE OBNtt&IEN THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THE MONEV? It la a seamless shoe, with no tacks or wax thread to hurt the feet; made of the best fine calf, stylish and easy, and because we make more shoes of this grade than any other manufacturer, It equals band- sowed shoes costing from $4.00 to $5.00. ffiCL 00 Genuine Hand-sewed, the finest calf •Pva shoe ever offered for §5.00; equals French Imported shoes which cost from 88.00 to $12.00. ffi-A 00 Hand-Sewed Welt Shoe, flno calf, iit^Vm stylish, comfortable and durable. The best shoe over offered at this price ; same grado as pus- torn-made shoes costing from $0.00 to $9.00. (CO 5O Police Shoe; Farmers, Railroad Men «pva and Letter Carriers all wear them; flue calf, seamless, smooth Inside, heavy three soles, extension edge. One pair will wear uyear. ffiO 50 lino calf; no better shoe ever offered at iOAm this price; one trial will convince thosa who want a shoe for comfort and service. fl»O 25 and $2.00 Workineinan's shoes «P«* are very strong and durable. Those who have given them a trial will wear no other make. IRskVG' $2.00 and St. 75 school shoes are IDUjra wornbytheboyseverywhere; they sell on their merits, as the increasing sales show. i ftftaens $3.00 Hnnd-sewcil shoe, best ••CIU lG«3 Dongola, very stylish; equals French Imported shoes costlngf rom $4.1)0 to $6.00. ' rallies' 2.50, $2.00 and ®1.75 shoe for Misses are the best fine Dongola. Stylish aud durable. Caution.— See that W. L. Douglas' name and price are stamped on the bottom of each shoe. g»-TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE..^ Insist on local advertised dealers supplying you. W. li. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass. Sold by F. S. Stongh, Ae'ent HOW I: EAENED! AN ISLAND. HOTEL! M, L. MAYHEW, Proprietor. Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. GOING TO BUILD? E, W. Sawyer, of Rochester, Wis., a prominent dealer in general merchandise, who .runs several peddling wagons, poe of bjs horses badly cut and burned with lariat. The wound refused to h«ftl. Tbt horse became lame and BtuE notwithstanding careful attention and the application of remedies. A friend handed Sawyer some of Haller's Barb Liniment, the most wonderful thing he' ever saw to he*l such wounds. He applied it only three times and tbe sore was completely healed. Equally good for all sores, cuts, bruises ana wounds. For sale byPr. L. A. Sheetz, If you are you ought to get Whitney's Prices on the HARDWARE. DEAFNESS, ITS CAUSES ANP treated by have a few Overcoats AND Heavy Suits we will close prices that will Call and see the you, - H-. '>• Mr, Miller, our druggist is opening up goods for the trade. Mr, Sidwell has a collar hanging out this morning—the sign of business, (Sheriff Graham was on 6Uf streett! Thursday, exploring the north pole, J. B. Jones aud Marsh Stephens were in town Saturday looking after (.heir banking interests. C. A. Ordway has his implement house about completed aud will soon be ready to serve the public. Parties from Madrid were up the last of the week looking for land. We did not learn the names. Mr. Coffin of Burt was a Ledyard visitor last week. We understand he was looking at Ledyard county soil. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jenks returned Friday from Slater where they have been making a visit with their parents. Charles Lewis, grain buyer for Grannis & Palmer at Vernon Center, Minn., was visiting friends in town last week. The work on Graves & Graham's Wigwam for farm machinery is nearing completion. They have, a large stock of machinery and are now ready for business. W. Weimer of Hardin county has purchased a lot east of the Calkins hotel and has begun work on a bank building 24x60. We understand that F. 0. Fitz is to be cashjer. A Mr. Richards of Madison, Wis., was in town Saturday. He announced himself as interested in the grain business, and looking for a good point to locate an elevator. ; Ninety-five cars have been billed from Ledyard since January 1st. If another town of the same size in Iowa can show up as well, we would like to know where it is located. We take the liberty of saying, in behalf of the people of Ledyard, that we cherish the warmest appreciation of the efforts of Rev. Luce in the meetings held during the past three weeks. Dunlap Eros', implement building is nearly enclosed. We understand they will fit up a hall over it. This is as it should be. A hall is sadly needed in Ledyard and would be a paying investment. The protracted meetings have met with unusual success. Rev. Luce is a man of God and understands how to explain God's Truth so that both the Christian and the unbeliever must see that God's way is right and just. G roperies. A fresh stock always on hand Dry Coods. To suit everybody. In abundance, ready made. A full line at bottom prices. PtUlllt John F. RendaSI. First class accommodations for day and week boarders. First class hotel for traveling custom. F. THIMBLE, Proprietor. W. 0. DEANE & SON, Carpenters and Builders- LEDYARD, IOWA. Satisfaction guaranteed. Job work" ft specialty. Give us a trial. RTZ & LONG Real Estate/Loans Ledyard, Iowa. This space is reserved -FORG. Dunlap & co. THE LIGHT RUNNING * : "DOMESTIC" X" ^X IS THE ONLY SEWING MACHINE IN THE WORLD THAT MAKES A PERFECT LOCK-STITCH, CHAIN-STITCH, And BUTTON-HOLE. Three Machines in One I Buy the "DOMESTIC," It is the BEST every way. Simple, Practicable, Durable. AGENTS WANTED I SEND FOR CIRCULARS AND PRICE LIST. "DOMESTIC" SEWINQ MACHINE CO. Sale by pHrOAOO, ILLS. J. B. WINKEL, ALGQNA, IOWA. •Enterprlilhflr 1'ouna Man: True & Co. Inatrncted and started me. I worked steadily and made money fmter than I expected to. I became able to buy an Island and build a email summer botel. If I don't succeed at that, I will go to work again at the business in which I made my money. True «& Co.: Shall wo iustrnct and start yon, reader? If wo do, and it' yon work industriously, yon will In dua timo ho able to buy an Island and build a hotel, if you wish to. Money can be earned at our new line of work, rapidly and honorably, by those of either sex, young or old, and iu their own localities, wherever they live. Any one can do the work. Easy to learn. Wo furnish every thing. No risk. Vou can devote y< ir spare moments, or all your time to the work. This entirely new lead brings wonderful success 10 every worker. Beginners are earning from ftJJS to S->O per week and upwards, and more after a little experience. Wo can furnish you the employment—we teach you f 1C KE. This is an age of marvelous things, and here Is another gioat, useful, wealth-giving wonder. Great gains will reward every industrious worker. Wherever yon are, and whatever yon are doing, yon want to know abont this wonderful work at once. Delay means much money lost to you. No space to explain hero, but if yon will write to us, we will make all plain to you FKKE. Address, TKUK <fc CO.. liox 400. Auicuita, BCalu»> A GOOD SEAMSTRESS ... IS A ... AND A HOUSEHOLD NCCE3GITY IB ONE OF OUR NEW SEWING MACHINES. Scientific American for Murder at.Elmore. A murder took place at'Elmore on the evening of January 30th in Geste & Sandum's store, Jthejiresult of too much indulgence in hard cider. Andrew Vidset, aged 44, proprietor of a restaurant, stepped into the store, when he was accosted by Andrew Leidahl in an insulting manner. Vidset made some reply when Leidahl assaulted him, striking him over the head, which crushed the skull. The three Leidahl brothers then pounded Vidset until he was unconscious. Geste & Sandum, proprietors of the store, had the unfortunate man carried out of the back door, where he was left without any attention until he was found by a small boy. who ran home and told his father. Geste & Sandum excuse themselves upon the grounds that they thought the man was drunk. Vidset lay in a state of unconsciousness until Saturday morning, February 6th, when he died. At tins writing the coroner's inquest has just been concluded, but the jury has not given in its verdict, which will probably be manslaughter. Andrew Leidahl has been placed under arrest and more arrests will probably be made. Leidahl brothers are wealthy farmers of Kossuth county. All the parties were more or less under the influence of drink. FOUND: A piece of money. Loser may recover by applying to Jas, Wood and giving satisfactory proof of ownership, Dissolution Notice, Tbe firmof Dobson & Giles having dissolved business all accounts will be paid by D. W. Dobson and all debts owed said firm must be paid to him. DOBSON & GILES. February 8. 1892. Ledyard liverj ..-...• —And— SALE Feed •\ Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jenks, Ledyard, Iowa. W e carry a full line of Goods, Hat Feathers, Ribbons, Laces, etc* We offer Special Sales until after Holidays. We are ready to Please tbe Public. A, E, Kegley, FOR FMU P*BTICVU«BS APORt*8 i* I ft i Ml I i EJ.MOKE, Minn., Jan. 16, Game to my place about the 20th of Dec. last, 1 yearling heifer,red and white. The owner will please come and pay for keeping and take away. * P. J. C. A. ORDWAY Dealer in Coal and Hay, "iM Ledyard, Wishes to say to the pubUo that fce wttl • be prepared to do a large amount o£; During tbe coming season, will buy OATTLE, PAT m BANK OF LEDYARD. A Qeneroj Canlfjog busmess transacted. 60. BEUVIDERE, 9} FUM> FtaiHy Smdig HwfeJMfc Re&l Estate Loans Procured and Insurance jn AN :^' !*< Wl Wood, Clotfc a&4 S-IS 'IN

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