The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 10, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1892
Page 3
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THE BANCROFT NEWS. ' 'A i j. A.. Chicago & Hoi-th-Western R'y. Mixed wayfw . tassenger • SOUTH .9 llam Mixed 8 07pm 1143am way freight....8 15am .4 08pm rasseiiRer a 05pm CHURCH DIRECTOEY. OANCBOFT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, holds "services in the school house, Snnday School at 3 p. m.. preachinK service at 2 p.m., i prayer meeting Thursday evening. Everybody Invited. REV. D. WILLIAMS, Pastor. B ANCROFT SWEDISH LUTHERAN CHURCH, meotlnp morning and evening one Sunday 1 in each month and two evening meetings in a month. Sunday School at 12 m. each Sunday, Ladle's Aid Society meets every other Friday. Ufev. A. ELFSTHOM, Pastor. riRST BAVTIST CHURCH, ol Bancroft, preach- lni? service each Sunday at 10:30 a. m. and r . m., Sunday School at 12 in.. Lords supper tie first Sunday In each month at l p. m., pray- tneeting Thursday evening, Loyalists meet V A Sunday evening, Covenant meeting the last Friday evening In each mouth, choir practice Saturday evening. Everybody invited, strangers especially welcome. _ . • BEV.L. A. ICUMMINS. Pastor. B ANCROFT M. K. CHURCH, each Sunday at 10 ;30 a. m. an service 8 p. m,, class meeting preceding each service at ringing ot second bell, Sunday School at 12 in., Jip- worth League on Tuesday evening, prayer meeting Thursday evening, choir rehearsal Friday evening. Ladle's Aid Society 'meets Wednesday afternoon. A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend these services. KEV. A. VY. LUCE, Pastor. S T. JOHN'S CATHOLIC CHURCH, regular services : Instruction from 10 to 10 :30 a. m., nigh mass and sermon from 10 :30 to 12, Holy mass each morning in the week at 7 a. m.,Mar- riod' Ladle's Society meets the first Sunday of every month after the sermon, Young Ladle's Society meets the second Sunday of every month after the sermon, Young Men's Society meets the third Sunday of every month after the sermon. Everybody is invited to attend these services. FATHER A. J. SCHEMJIEL, Pastor. Bancroft Markets. Oats $ 20 Corn $ 22 Eggs 20 Butter 20 Oattle... .$1 50 2 25 Hogs 4 10 Wheat 70 Barley 27 Flax 75 Hay..@$2 50 2 9.5 THE NEWS Of THE TOWN. , Humors of a new bank. Subscribe for the NEWS. Look over the school report. Don't be without the NEWS. The minstrel show was "no good." Look over our ads and profit thereby. Lewis Gray spent the Sabbath in town. Davis Bros.have ordered another dray wagon.. The Good Templars will be With us Friday. Al Brewster was up from Burt last Eriday. James S. Ilpfius spent the Sabbath at Algona. All kinds of muslin a specialty at Wilsons. Miss Lillie Johnson has been sick again lately. Cyrus Buker was .down from Swea last .Saturday. Ed. Mantor was up from Algona last Saturday. Clark Coffin was a Bancroft visitor last Thursday. John St. John was up from Algona last Thursday. A. D. Clarke was a pleasant Bancroft caller last Monday. Bancroft furnishes ten teachers to the surrounding country. B. F. Wickwire dug a new cellar under his store last week. Don't fail to attend the evening meetings during district lodge. Go to Wilsons for fancy goods, Notions and fine neckties. J. W. Hopkins of Wesley made Bancroft a call last Wednesday. M. L. Mertz of Bode, Iowa, looked over the city last Saturday. Mrs. Erma Barslou has been on the sick list for number of days. E. S. Streater expected to visit Portland yesterday and today. Mrs. E. J. Brayton and little Jjlay have been very sick lately. There will be a spelling school at the Greenwood schoolhouse next Friday night. Mike O'Shaw returned from a two months visit at his home in Wisconsin last week. Davis Bros, have one of the latest in son Albert Crammond was in town one day last week. Wilsons have a fine line of calicoes and shirtings. The medal contest will be a close and exciting one. Bancroft will entertain the district lodge in fine style. The public dance last Friday night was well attended. Dr. Busby was laid up a day or two the first of the week. G. 11. Woodworth was at Algona on business Monday last. Mrs. Myron Hunt has been very sick during the past week. Look out for the announcement of a school exhibition soon. Will Hough of Algona had business in Bancroft last Friday. Herschel Scott of Algona called in Bancroft last Thursday. The family of C. A. Molinder of Swea have been very sick lately. Mrs. Whitcomb, east of town has been very sick during the week. Willie Stahl will go to Dubois Nebraska, to visit an uncle<this week. All monthly school reports will bo published free of cost in the NEAVS. E. E. Sayers was.up from Algona on professional business last Saturday. If you didn't notice B. D. Owen's ad last week don't fail to look it up now. Miss Amy Wallace was in town last Wednesday teaching her dancing class. J. G. Edwards was in town last week and reports that he has been very sick. Miss Aggie Rimers visited with Mrs. Fred Wilcox of Burt last Wednesday. J. J. Ryan of Ft. Dodge was a pleasant caller in Bancroftlast Friday. Mrs. Prof. Barslou returned home to Britt last Friday after a weeks illness here. John and Henry Stemple of Wesley took in the Bancroft sights last Saturday. A. W. Moffatt. had business at the hub of the north last week on Wednesday. Mrs. Breiholtz and little daughter, who were very sick, are somewhat better. Bemember the Demorest Medal contest tomorrow night at. the M. E. church. There was an exhibition at the Dundas school house in Swea last Friday evening. C. A. Ordway aad wife, Wm. Wiener and Fred Caulkins all of Ledyard were in the city 1'ast Saturday. B. W. Haggard was in Bancroft last Thursday and looked about ten years older as a result of long whiskers. Rumor tells about a murder or something of that nature at Elmore last week. Particulars are scarce. The Ladies Aid Society of the Baptist church gave a supper at Mrs: C. R. Morehouse's last Friday night. There will be a spelling school at the .Scully schoolhouse next Friday night. Miss Caroline Wesley is the teacher. Don't fail to hear Grand Chief Templar Hutchins at the Baptist church on Friday night of this week. It is said that a Bancroft young lady proposed to her best fellow the other night. Such are the fruits of leap year. Miss Carrie "Volentine came home with her teacher Miss Adda Davison last Friday and spent the Sabbath in town. Wm. Diete of Cresco township has bought out Gus Steinbergs billiard hall stock and rented the building for six months. Andrew Larson came up from Ames last Monday to make a short visit here. He says he is making good progress in his studies. We should have stated that the exhibition in the Hayden district was to be held a week from tonight instead of Friday night. Willie Nelson and several other boys had a runaway down near Mud Creels; last Saturday but luckily not Uncle Benny Smith was very sick the first part of the week 1 , caused by grip and army troubles. Dan Smith was taken suddenly ill with heart trouble on Sunday night, but is now much better. There will be two Temperance sermons and services at the Baptist church on Sunday next. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Grover and children of Portland visited relatives in Bancroft over Sunday. G. W. Sweet and wife visited in Burt township last week and came home sick with la grippe. Wm. Campbell, Willis Tallman and Carl Me Clellan went to Chicago with cattle on Saturday night. The I. O. of G. T. installed their officers last Saturday night and initiated five candidates. We have added several new names to the NEAVS list since last week and still there's room for more. Bancroft is a lively tpwn when you come to consider that 90 teams could be counted on our streets at one time last Saturday. DIED—On Wednesday of last week a little child of Mr. Bierholtz of la grippe. Rev. Williams preached the funeral sermon at the house on Thursday. I. J. Bruet returned from Mississippi last Wednesday and reports that the weather was warm but that the roads were muddy. He reports a good time also. District lecturer Harris will lecture on Temperance at the M. E. church next Saturday evening and the Good Templars will have no lodge in consequence. P. M. Barslou sold out his building and stock to A. D. Clarke last Monday, and Mr. Clarke has sold the grocery stock to. Mallory & Hofius, who will continue the business. A letter received from Stephen A. Douglas, Anderson's former clerk, informs us of his prosperity at Adel, Iowa, where he now lives. His many friends here will be glad to hear from him. One will notice that there are not so many cases of tardiness in the schools this month as last by the report, but Prof. Doderer is anxious that a still better record may be shown next month. Another grain firm is located in Bancroft viz: W. H. Howard of Jewell Junction. The firm owns considerable land in Swea township and has a number of elevators of which the local one is but a branch. O. E. Bliss has finished his new carpenter shop and has over laid the front with a veneer of steel brick for which he is agent. If yoti want any counters, cabinets, cupboards, tables or any thing in the line of job carpenter work. Give him a call. Ad Giles of Portland left his team standing while he went to see the engine on Hotelling's press work, when the team ran a way and ran against one of J. C. Hill & Go's, lumber piles, smashing the wagon Monthly report of the Bancroft public schools for the month ending February 5,1892. No of days taught,...,... Enrollment Average belonging Average attending Dropped Ke-eiitered Tardles Per cent of attendance.. Per cent of punctuality. not tardy or ab. K Abbie Vlnton Lutie Wall iss Nellie Salisbury 182 169 152 64 40 J. F. DODEHEH, Principal. BANCROFT, IOWA, Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures en- arged at reasonable prices. A. HtJMlSTON, AUCTIONEER. Will cry sales In any part of the county. 20 years' experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. T. M. OSTKAtf DEB, Veterinary * Bancroft* Iowa. fTas his Imrn mvrty for 1 the Rick atld tome hflrt- es, so bring them along. Charges reasonable* Can be made la etnofltfii i selling Tttnlmm'a Ail*** 09, chartH and Wfcll Maps. Particulars free. H, C TDNISOH, Chicago, Colic, Diarrhoea, Dysentery and all kindred complaints are dangerous if allowed to run any length of time. So it is tbe duty of all parents to keep a medicine on hand at all times that will effect a positive and permanent cure. Beggs' Diarrhoea Balsam is guaranteed to do this. Sold and warranted by F. W. Dingley. Mardl Gra» Kate*. On account of the Mardi Gras celebration tbe Chicago & North-Western R'y Co. will, from February 22d to 28th inclusive, sell excursion tickets to New Or leans and return at very low rates; tickets good for return passage until March 22d. For tickets and full information apply to agents C. & N. W. R'y. Farmers Phoenix House BANCROFT, IOWA. Is now settled'in its newly arranged building in the RICHMOND BLOCK where we are prepared to treat you in the best of style. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign ami domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted, Passenger tickets to or from the old countries sold at the lowest rates. R. M. RICHMOND, A. B. RICHMOND, President. Cashier. Correspondents and References. Metropolitan National Bank, Chicago, Illinois. Citizens' National Bank, Des Moines, Iowa. St. Paul National Bank, St. Paul, Minnesota. Farmers' National Bank, Hudson, New York. Richard Roosman. Claverack, New York. Now running under new management. GALLION BROS. Pioneer Land, Loan and Insurance Agency of Bancroft. Established in 1881. A large list of wild lands for sale. Improved farms and village property for sale or rent. Farm loans on longest time and lowest/rate of interest. Insurance written in six different companies. Call on or address us. R. M. RICHMOND & CO. Done anywhere In the County At Bet M Prices, We guarantee— Plenty of Water Or no Pay. Groceries, Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes and Clothing All of which will be sold CHEAP. I am just receiving a large stock of m v, ^Mj which will be sold cheaper than you can buy the same class of goods in any other store in town. I also handle all kinds of l < F. R. ANDERSON superintends this branch of my business. D. B/OWEN, City Drayman. style dray wagons that is worthy of so noble a town. „ Begular Communication of Progressive Jkodge No 693 A. F. and A. M. tonight at 7^0, James Breen was over from Wesley 'last Saturday and reports everybody alive over there. Miss C} Giles of Portland visited at Jas,. GalliQns and with other friends iii town las$ weeh;. Harry Phelns wag at Burt visiting his sister Mrs. B, JJ, Daniels who was sick last Monday. Toe I. O. O. F. are stiU worfcipg for an organization; aod will organize on or about February 17. Thomas Dottson w^s up ft-on} JJagle Grove last Monday on * f Jsife |gja is working at tfcat place 4^mMir,«^; ' damage resulted. District Chief Templar J. S. Paine of Eagle Grove was in Bancroft between trains on Saturday last on business pertaining to the District Lodge. A little gni six years o!4 asks us to advertize a handkerchief with ten cents tied, up in the wner. If any body finds it leave it with ye scribe. J. C. Stahl has just finished a well for Edgar Tuthill that is r 3W feet to the rock, and H feet in the rock. The water comes within 30 feet of the surface. up considerable but not hurting the team/ MAUIUED —- At Atkins, Iowa, last Wednesday, Mr. A. A. Reynolds and Miss Florence Ward. The groom is one of our prosperous hardware merchants, and the bride is a sister of E. L. Ward and is one of the most respected and popular youner ladies of the town. The NEWS joins with their many friends in wishing them a long and prosperous voyage down the river of time. The following persons were elected delegates to represent Bancroft Lodge in the District meeting this' week; Lewis Gray, J. A, Freeh, Gr. W. Smith, Earl liobison, Chas. Wilson, Wm. Stahl, E. E. Gray, Adda Davison, and May Barslou. The alternates are Mary Linge, Minna Bruer, Emma Smith, Delia Anderson, Lela Davison, Rob Wilson, Ella Smith, J. B. Streater and Lela Gray. of Will do all kinds hauling in or near the city as as -the Cheapest-- and it quick. Give me, a D. B. OWEN, trial. Large New OF SPRING GOODS At WILSON'S of Bancroft.; We will Not be Undersold. """"""7 1 "™ '> All are invited to call and look the stock over. Bancroft, Iowa. F.A.BRONSON Dealer in Sewing Machines, Carpets, Pictures and Frames. BURIAL CASKETS Unkertaking a Specialty. IF YOU WANT LAN D 'i vwy Newton Volentine of Bmt is lathing and plastering bjs new house on tbe old Jennings place south of town and'WilJ move into it in tUe course of ft month. wp .ten Aj If you want your Farm I^oan renewed, or want to get a deed,—see rne. I cau save you money. A limited amount of money to loan on 30, 60 or 9Q days time. A large list of wUd w»d improved farms for sale, Call and see me before buying. Office on ground floor in Barslou block. iQw ft , G, W, SKINNER, Livery, Feed and Sale C3-O! ca-o! GKD! Where Prices are Always Low. To Bancroft's Economy Store, i Everybody — - -,: Attend "The Great Reduction Sale" to <J9»*j tinuo 80 days, commencing Jannary 16, I9$#j During which time prices will be tbe lowest B#M croft has ever known, especially on Winter Good9i;' Underclothing, Knit Boots and Socks^Qvera foi same: Overshoes of all kinds. Also Cape, ~~ '" " Mittens and Gloves. Men's underwear, QV6 Bed Blankets, Dress Flannels, etc. • This is i chance to get stocked up in Staple Winter N. B. No one bought lower that? w$ »)»4 J%| one can undersell us? " " Don't Fail to Visit THE ECONOMY STORE During tbe Sale, House and Sign Painter, Paper Hanger, and all worfe in ibis OfSatisfaction Guaranteed- Don't go without the Home News whm the **' | Bancroft' ****' •flWB,^^^^SP?^J "Bplp^K.Hj E ;, >; i j* ^S^^l ^ !, , i ,••« '.' ?• ja Cvfcr

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