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The Daily Free Press from Kinston, North Carolina • Page 5

Kinston, North Carolina
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THE KINSTON (N. FREE PRESS S.iA't WANT AD RATES CASH WITH ORDER SureRelief TOR INDIGESTION ring to eonsecntlv Insertions Apply only only when fully paid in advance. insertion le a word 8 Insertions 2c a word 5 insertions 3c a word 7 insertions 4c si word J2 insertions 6c a word 9c a word SO insertions 26 insertions 12c a word tOj JureneireT PELL-ANS 25t and 75t Packages Everywhere Minimum eharge twenty-tire words, Each initial and abbreviation la counted as a word I'hone 232-J to have your curtains stretched. Ply 9-25 to 27 Oliver Typewriter for Sale Spencer Mr. and Mrs.

W. L. Dail of Trenton were visitors here Tuesday. Mrs. C.

H. Carner of Newport is the guest of relatives in the city. Mr. Getson Matthews of Laurel Kill has returned to his home after a brief visit with relatives near the city. Miss Sadie Britt of Snow Hill returned to her home Tuesday after Grocery Caswell Hotel Build Dly 9-25 to 27, Hickory wood wanted.

Hooker Co. Dly 9-28 to 30 Wanted Buy or rent home suitable for parsonage for Queen Street Lucinouiat nuren or purcnase suiuioie lot for such building, fc. Y. Speed, spending a few days with Miss Thel- For Kent One furnished room close in. 'Phone 284-J.

T)ly 9-26 to 28 1-oinmittee Chairman. Dly 9-27 to 30. ma rsrown. Rev. Anna J.

Powell of Sunburst, N. has gone to Washington. D. Wanled Man with car to sell com and Mercer and Messrs. R.

T. Allen and Dan Boney. Social Evening at Pastor's Home, A most enjoyable oecasio-n was that Tuesday evening when Dr. ami Mrs. A.

E. Cory invited the officers and teachers of the Gordon Street Bible school to their home on N. McLewean Street for a conference and informal social period. The school was exceptionally well represented, a number of departments boasting a perfect attendance of their officers, teachers and regular substitutes. Approximately fifty were on hand.

The spirit of good-fellowship and cooperation which was manifest, evidenced the interest in the work to be discussed. Plans in connection with the Bible school and increased church attendance on the part of those enrolled in the school were discussed. The entertainment which followed was in charge of Miss Orie Moseley. Each department was called upon to give "a stunt," the beginners coming first. Mrs.

Braxton, superintendent of this department, asked "Miss Gaynelle" to play "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes" for the "little folks" to sing and take their morning exercise. "Little Elmer Barrett' had difficulty reach, ing his toes at first and the exercises had to be stopped and repeated because "Little Paul Hodges" wasn't taking part. The "beginners" sang very well and were allowed to stand aside while the Primary Department "performed." Misses Mamie Kin-sey- and Allene Brinkley represented this department with an excellent rendition of a humorous poem. The Junior Department, as explained by Mrs. J.

F. Taylor superintendent, had gotten so "grown up and dignified" that they didn't misbehave any longer, and called on Mrs. Braxton to lead In some sing-ng. The showing of a very fine collection of French war posters, obtained by Dr. Cory while doing Y.

M. C. A. work abroad during the World AVar, created much interest. Music was another delightful feature of the program, many old favorites being sung.

All present were invited to join in with Miss Gaynelle Heath at the piano. During the evening's entertainment, cream and cake were served. after a brief visit here. She at plcte line tires and tubes. $100.00 tended the recent state meetinir at of Boston, a school and college mate of Mr.

Ball, and Rev. Hannah J. Powell of Sunburst, N. formerly a co-worker with Mrs. Ball in the Maine Universalist Seacoast Mission.

These visitors-have been at the state convention of at Outlaw's Bridge. Messrs. N. J. Rouse, R.

T. Allen, L. L. Mallard, R. S.

Sloan, George B. Greens, J. A. Jones, G. V.

Cowper, Robert H. Rouse and C. R. Brown of Kinston, were guest at the Yar-borough Hotel, Raleiph, Tuesday. Mr.

and Mrs. J. O. Temple and Miss Emma Blount leave Wednesday evening for Burlington, where they will attend the wedding of Mr. Listen Mallard to Miss Elizabeth Faucette, which will be solemnized Thursday evening.

Mr. Mallard is a brother of Mrs. Temple. Mallard-Faucette Marriage Thursday. The wedding of Mr.

Liston L. Mallard and Miss Elizabeth Faucette, which takes place the evening of the 28th will be of considerable inter locally. Mr. Mallard is a well-known and popular resident of Kinston and Miss Faucette is most favorably remembered as an employee of a reputable local law firm. Miss Faucette is a vountr woman of charmim? ner- Store Fixtures for Sale Spencer Grocery Caswell Hotel Building.

Dly 9-25 to 27. Subscriptions and renewals for nil magazines are accepted at Hood's Book Store. Dly 9-22 to 10-1. Outlaw's Bridge. per week and expenses.

JSterling-worth Tire 3241 Sterling, Kast Liverpool, Ohio. Dly 9-27 Mr. John Dail is renorted to be 111 Fhr Rent Store formerly occupied at his Institute home. His condition is improved, though a few, days ago by us. Mewborn Jewelry Co.

Dly 9-27 tf. it was expected he would be compelled Adding Machine for Sale Spencer Grocery Company, Caswell Hotel uilding. Dly 9-25 to 27. For Sale Jersey milk will sell to unuergo an operation. Mrs.

T. W. Heath and children re cheap. Apply to Sam iaylor. Dly 9-26 to 10-3 Anyone wishing old comforts or quills recovered and tacked, 'phono 17(i I turned Tuesday night from Bonner- XT 1 .1 i a wn, wiierK iney spent two weeks with Mrs.

B. B. Ross, mother or call at 312 Kast Blount St. Dly 9-26 to 28 Hyacinth Bulbs Single and double; all colors. Dutch Roman White and of Mrs.

Heath. paper white narcissus for forcing At Marston's Drug Store. Dly and Sw 9-27, 30; 10-4, 7, 11. Mrs. J.

M. Shamburger of New Born, wife of Presiding Elder Sham-burger, was the eruest of Mrs. John T. 'r-VAwa'fJ' -J L.T. Inc.

Wanted One gul with high school education. For further particulars apply at Carolina Telephone Telegraph office. Dly-9-15tf Wanted You to know the Fuller brush man is in town. Our service is at your disposal. 'Phone 892-L.

Dly 9-12 to 10-11 Whitfield recently while in the city en route to visit a daughter at Wei. For' Kent Two furnished rooms, suitable for couple, or will rent an4 marla Una. don. separately. 108 Last Vernon Ave.

ruie. 'Phone 254-L, sl)ly 9-20 to 28 Recent visitors of Rev. and Mrs. during her stay in JCinston. The following Kinstonians will participate in the wedding; Best man, R.

S. Sloan, groomsmen, Drs. O. Stanley Waldrop D. A.

Ball were Rev. Stanley G. Spear Swain Nunn If you want barbe Two furnished rooms for rent suitable for light housekeeping. Apply 416 N. Queen St.

'Phone 299-L. Dly 9-27 to 10-2 Wins Flattering Sobriquet cue to sell at the Kmston fair, we can furnish it cooked and ready to serve, as we will cook it for you at lowest possible price. 109 W. North Kinston. Dly 9-27 to 10-1 Phone 190 -We have new stock of groceries and country produce.

Prices reasonable. Quick delivery. J. Carson Heath, 330 S. Queen St.

Dly 8-31 to 9-29 Such Hose Require No Apology The soft efJulgencs and the grace of Lux'te Hosiery commend it to all who have an eye to beauty. Its unrivaled serviceability prompts them to recommend it to. friends. Now that discretion is the better part of buying, men and women should learn the difference between this pura dyed hosiery and adulterated hose. The new styles are ready a good tims to come in.

John G. Cox Cash Shoe Store BEST BY TEST" Phone 10. Kinston. N. C.

What about Keystone Copper Steel? Ask E. R. Waller Phone 189. (Advertisement.) 4 "1 iJ Where Nature Still Reigns. Col.

Henry E. Shaw, of uie local bar, has discovered a real sportsman's paradise that will not be wiped out by the ruthless gunner right away. It is not easily accessible. Colonel Shaw today declared Catfish Lake, in Jones County, to be the last word in a natural game preserve. The lake, about two and one-half by one and one-half miles in extent, teems with fish, while the surrounding po-coson is thickly populated with deer, geese, ducks, bears, squirrels, quail and other game.

Deer tracks are thick throughout the marshy country about the lake, and the lawyer said he never saw so many squirrels in his life." The lake, located four or five miles from a habitation, is difficult to approach. When one has reached its shores, however, one of the moat attractive spots in North Carolina greets his eyes, Colonel said. A brush fringe surrounds Uie lake shore. The shore slopes gradually to water of six or seven feet deep, which is the average depth of the lake. The shore is as sandy and clean as the ocean beach.

"Indian trout" and other fish leap over one another to take the hook. A few upstate sportsmen have discovered and braved the approaches to Catfish Lake, but it will probably be a long time before it becomes accessible to the hunter who prefers to take things easy. a i hi iii''i i a i 1 4 SCHOOL-DAYS rWESLEyBARRY New Fall Dresses and Hats Arriving Daily Styles Correct Prices Reasonable Producedby I HARRY RAPF CHAMBERLAIN BRAXTON Kinston' Best Store. 8t jJ Sweet I Lady! S'ifl All freckle face children free Thursday and Friday afternoon at the Grand. You will be sorry if you miss "School Days" and Charlie Chaplin in "Pay Day." Dly 9-26 27.

Tn hard lines. "I could not work at all and had to take to my bed with a high fever due to intestinal indigestion, gases in my stomach and pain in my right side. I had spent my last cent for doctors and medicine, which gave me no relief. I was in despair. A lodge brother gave me a bottle of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy, and the first dose 1 am now in the best of health." It relieved me.

Thanks to this medicine is a simple, harmless preparation that removes the catarrhal mucous from the intestinal tract and allays the inflammation, which causes practically ell stomach, liver and intestinal ailments, including appendicitis. One dose will convince or money refunded. J. Hood druggists ami druggists everywhere. (Advertisement.) urn vy r- 11 Julia Sanderson, for her singing.

of "Sweet Lady," the "atop the show" song in Tangerine, has gained the title oa Broadway of the world's "Sweet Ladv Pi. rTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTi EADACHES or Neuralgia, rub forheid I temples and back of head witn CHILD'S STORY OF THE HUMAN RACE if I fiAiliAA VWIr'l'nP I TW FT'J' 'I' Ow 17 Jar dfd ftorfe GRAND THURSDAY AND FRIDAY Also CHARLIE CHAPLIN in "PAY DAY" His Latest $100,000 Picture (By I'ncle Hay) THE ISLAND OF CRETE. The Island of Creto lies in the ray tern part of the Mediterranean Sea. It is between Egypt and Greece. The people of Crete learned to write about 5,000 years ago, long before anyone in Europe could even set down his name.

Some things were taught the, Cretans by Sailors and traders from F.Kypt. The alphabet idea (sound writing) may have boon learned from the Egyptians. Ix so, the sign.i wire changed by lite peopie op Crete. Cretan writing is one of the mysteries of ancient times. No one has yet been able to read it.

Although we cannot, read tho writing we can tell nuite a little about Reaching for Perfection Of all desserts, Ice Cream is.the most healthful and invigorating for growing minds and bodies. Not only the kiddies, but the grown folks as well enjoy the lavory goodness of YOUNG and WU.WUDliS are needed for business positions. Our graduates are constantly in domand. A few months with us will give you your start in life. Individual Instruction, the year round.

Enter any day. Cost low. Ask for catalog. It may mean VOUF atari SlICf.RSSWARD. the civilization of the island from INSURANCE OF ALL KlNDS 1JLFSI; C.

OETTINGER Successor to Kinston Insurance and Realty Co. meaning of this writing, but at STTHOP'VT it ia nuzzle as ia all Cretan, tTH 1 1 M.U LJfXWUl Ice Cream writing. 110 E. Gordon St. Telephone No.

182. I V) 1 -i lil Iilk' 1 II. I'lWl'l'l iXJ J- -i rH ruins of cities and villages. The greatest city was made up chiefly of brick houses, in which lived metal workers, painters, traders, and clay workers. The biggest building was the king's palace.

It covered five acres of ground, and seems to have been at least four stories high. What is said to have been the throne of the king is shown in one of our Illustrations. The Cretan artists were more skillful than those of Egypt. Their paintings on palace walls are true to life. One painting shows a great crowd of Cretan "lords and ladies" gathered around the Jars of huge size about the height of a man were found in the basement of the palace.

These cere-used HINES ICE CREAM COMPANY, Harvey C.v Hines, President .1 i Kinston, N. C. jli fj LEE EDARDS CO. rlU(FL1(ALfiIW AKDltfALMERS Corner heritage And north sts. NORTH STS.

i DR. W. i T. PARROTT throne is believed to have been used by kings of olden Crete. (Copyright the John F.

Dille 5 Chicago,) Honrs: 9 to 11:30 m-S to 6 p. 0ffif Work. Day Thone 576. Night 'Phone 719-J sad 3771 utoring; graiu and Hft-yr.

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