The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 3, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1892
Page 7
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THE KKPUBLICAN, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEIMUAHY 3, 1802. fijditor. Btm'T, IOWA, tfEBtttABY 8,1892. tttJS* is not overstocked with A. A. Beane, A. M., Mi D, Office and residence one door West of POST OFFICE. Out town sidewalks. Wm. Peck h^s his new livery barn up and enclosed. S. J. O'Neill was in Minneapolis last Week attending a lumberman's meeting. Wm. StOckwell in the course of a short time will build a new horse barn on his farm. B, J. Murtaugh the future cashier of the Burt Bank was looking over our city Monday. • A. W. Sigsby has purchased'the old Barslou place and will occupy the same in the spring. There was a party of young people enjoyed last Friday evening at Frank Paines. Oyster supper and a big time. Aaron Sheldon met with a bad accident last Saturday getting his foot crushed in a hay press. It will lay him up for some .time. J. 0.. Isenburgerhas bought a lot north 'Of.Mr. Kerris residence and has already built a barn thereon and in the spring intends building a house. We are glad to be able, to say that Mrs. J. N. Shaffer after a long .siege of sick ness is on the road to recovery and is ^gaining in strength very rapidly. The bank building received its last •coat of plaster, the first of this week. 'They want to commence business just as •soon the buildingjcan be finished. Wm. Elvidge has sold his house and lot to Isenburger and in the spring in tends building east of W. II. Wilder having purchased the ground some time SHOE SHOP. Repairing of all kinds done neatly and t reasonable rates. You will find me at Whitney's hardware store. Give me a all. Joseph Market. THE OOtJNTT NEWS. Reported by Special Correspondents. KBPUBUOAN publishes more otitalde hews from the country and surrounding trtwiw than all the six otlief papers published Tn Kos* •ufli county combined. For the Bancroft NKWS see page 3. . roi!ottHK8PONt>KNTS!— All correspondence for tho ItRpaBtinAN should reach tula office nor latur thai) Tuesday evening. Please Bear this In mind. J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt BURT, IOWA. To Correspondent* of tli« CAN .-—Bon't iteglcct to report the markets eiuili week, We want a report regularly ea«!h week from every town in Kossuth County. See Hint yortv town In reported with tlie others. ALARMING MORTAL STATISTICS A J>entroylng Epidemic Abiorirt in In Our I,ui1<l. and It* Consequence* More Destructive thnn tVar knrt Famine Combined* sls of n Lecture at the Surgical Hotel by Dr. 8. H. Hiirtnmn. H«]torte<l for the VtcM. Good farms for sale. Calif. Canned Goods, We recommend this brand of Canned Goods to consumers as being all that areful packing, cleanliness in handling and selecting the different varieties, and xperience can make them. We call special attention to the following goods: Yuba Brand California Apricots. \'uba Brunei California Peaches. Yuba Brand California Grapes. Yuba Brand California Pears. Yuba Brand California Cherries. Yuba Brand California Egg Plums. The range of prices are very low considering quality. There is no better California Canned Goods put up. Obtainable only of us. Cady & Hallock. James Orr was up from Algona las •week doing some paper hanging anc .painting for the Burt Hotel. Mr. Orr is •master of his trade and his paper hang ting and painting at the Burt Hotel shows 'that he is a very competent workman. Will Wunn met with quite a fall o Monday while unloading some baled haj •at Mr. Marble's bay barn. He was put ting the bales up about 20 feet and i some way his hay hook slipped and le Mm fall. He was somewhat .bruised but sno bones were brokca. Rev. J. W. Forsythe delivered his lecture en "Life in Libby Prison" to a •.good house Friday evening. Having 'been a prisoner for six months in Libby ^Prison Rev. Forsythe gives an etifr-viuiu- ing and instructive, lecture based upon personal knowledge and experience, and gives a lecture worth hearing, The Seneca people are talking a good 'deal about their creamery just now and think that a million pounds of milk for ''the whole summer is a great big thing. ; Our little creamery at this place the most of all summer took iu nearly three fourths •of a million pounds each month. Take andmultiply that l>y twelve and the Seneca creamery is nowhere. The farmers ot Burt and vicinity met sat the school house last Saturday afternoon to take steps toward the erection -of a co operative elevator at this place. '"The meeting was largely attended and much interest was manifested, so much •so that the president of the co-operative -creamery in conversation with the writer 'hereof sajd "Call it an elevator." We have no doubt the elevator will be built. _&.t the Saturday meeting forty-four ^pledged themselves lo take shares for 'its erection. A committee of one from -each township was appointed to canvass •his respective township to procure names •of those that would take shares and another meeting is called this week Saturday. If the men that are on this com- .mittee get out and .do a good deal of •work there js scarcely any doubt but i-that the- meeting of this week Saturday "will nearly wind the thing up so far as itbe luying of the plans are concerned. 'The more share holders the better for all tbat go into it. This will .be an institution not alone for the benefit of the farmers close to Burt but an institution that will benefit the farmers of adjoining i .townships if they will but take hold of it. A- READER. New w. Stock COOK'S FURNITURE STORE. WESUBT. La grippe reigns supreme. Mrs. Irvin Waite has gone to Illinois to visit her parents and other friends. Mrs. T. A. Clark is enjoying a visit from her sister, Miss Fanny Thatcher. An infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Gallagher died Friday morning of lung fever. Wm. Walton has gone to Leeds, Iowa, where he expects to make his home for the future. Prof. Sorcnson attended the Demorcst contest at Algona last Friday and acted as one of the judges. It has been observed that the wagon shop of C. I. Emmons has been closed for a few days;—grippe. Rev. McBride was very agreeably surprised by being presented with a new fur overcoat a few days ago. Mrs. Daggatt has returned from Mason City. She was quite sick with grippe and heart trouble while away. Mrs. Heal returned last Friday from Mason City, where she had been attending her sick mother, Mrs. Daggett. Gregory Bruxer's little child died Friday morning of diphtheria, but thus far the disease has not spread even in.Mr. Bruxer's family. Lester Ash is reported to have closed his blacksmith s'hop permanently. This is to be regretted. Mr. Ash is not only a good workman but one of the most obliging of mechanics. There is a demand for two shops here. Early Saturday morning, Thos. Gray and Mrs. J. G. Lawson took the traiu for Canton, Dakota, where they were quietly married, and after a short wedding jour-, ney returned to Wesley last Tuesday evening, Thomas appears much happier and handsomer us a benedict thaa as a bachelor. Ledyard Times! .TAS. Editor. LEDYAHD, IOWA, FEB. 3, 1892. Geo. E. Marble 1 lb. package coffee S$ 23 7 Ibs. oatmeal 25 1 package large sized yeast 6 1 package small sized yeast 3 1 lb. California peaches..'. 10 1 box'lenox soap. 4 00 1 package soda. 7 1 lb. plug tobacco 25 25 OKS. baking powder 25 1 can tomatoes 10 1 qt. cranberries 10 We Sell the Goods and we can quote Prices that would astonish penny concerns. IS in THE Elite Studio Is now at Burt. Aristo Cabinets, $3.00 per d.ozen. Copying and enlarging a successful specialty. C. B. LONG, Photographer. SWKA <•' J. Anderson spent Sunday in Swea. Olof Pearson was up from Bancroft over Sunday. Miss Lillie Johnson of Bancroft visiting with friends in Swea. Martain Thomson of Seneca was Swea lust Friday and Saturday'. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Martin of Bancroft visited with friends over Sunday. Jens Jeanson of Seneca wus in Swea on business the later part of last week. Mrs. Chas. Anderson was up from Bancroft visiting friends and relative's last week. Charlie Pearson and Axel Bergstrom left for Cliio»go last week the former to make a short visit and the later to remain. STOP -AT THE- 'Something extra in "home made" Bor- jjhum at CADY & HALLOCKS. curry the best line BDBT HOTEL! M, L. MAYHEW, Proprietor. Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. (Received top lato for publication last week.) •C 1 . J. Anderson of Bancroft spent Sunday in Swea. Aug. Johnson of Seneca was in Swea on business last week. Mrs. Chas. Anderson of Bancroft is visiting with relatives in Swea. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Martin was up from Bancroft spending Sunday with relatives and friends. The farmers are anxiously waiting for surveyors to appear on the line of the prospective railroad. Charlie Pearson and Axal Bergstrom left for Chicago last Wednesday, the later to remain and the former to make a short visit. There was a basket sociable given by the Lutheran church in Mr. Calburg's school house last Thursday evening. Quite a number were present and a good me was enjoyed by all. It was stated by the great recorder of Jewish history, speaking of the land of Egypt after the seventh plague had 'been sent upon them: "And there was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a house where there was not some one dead." Not quite so tragic an utterance is true of our own country at the present time, but certainly it is true that a great plague is abroad in the land; that the first born and last born has been slain in countless households; that parents and infants, without regard to station or circumstances, have fallen a prey to the fell destroyer, la grippe. Never was there a plague so insidious, so omnipresent, to defy the skill of the physician and the strength of the patient as this pestilence. It does not seem _to spread like an ordinary epidemic; it seems to spring from the ground spontaneously everywhere at once. It linds its victims at mid-day; or, like the destroying attcH in Egypt, it unsheathes its sword in strike the unwnry nsleep in the dark watches of the night. It enters the hovels of wretchedness and poverty, and easily crosses Hie threshold of wealth and iux'iry. Doctors seem to be wholly unable to prevent its onset, to stay its ravishes, or mitisrnte its consequences. Is there no balm in Gilead? No succor for the oppressed? Without hesitation or fear of success ful contradiction I answer; Tes. there is a prevt'nlntivo for those who have re m'aincd, us yet. untouched with this d'.sease, a cure for those who are already its victims, and a complete nnd permanent restoration for those who have lately escjiperl its nlutchcs with weakened and deranged bodies from which recovery seems impossible. To those who have thus far'escaped this drcddful ailment, but. are trembling with constant fear of it, I desire to say that a tablespoonful of Pe-ru mi, takon before each meal, is absolutely reliable as a preventative against la grippe, and no om; need have any fear of nn attack of this disease so long as this treatment is continued. It. is absolute recklessness, for which there is is little or no excuse, for any one, during the unsettled weather nt least, to omit to take this preciunion. To those who are already attacked by this disease I would advise: At the appearance of the first symptoms treatment, should be begun at at once, and keep strictly to the house for a few days. No treatment, however effectual it. may be, will always prevent quite a lon« siege with this disease, but no other medicinal treatment is necessary than Pe ru- IM. .'The directions, as they are given on the bottle, are more applicable, during the acute stages of the disease to take smaller doses, but oftener. I would direct a lablespoonful of Pe-ru na every two liours for adults, and a coires pondingly less dose for children, until the acute stage is ended. There are a great multitude of people in all parts of the land who have taiirely lost their health as a result of In, grippe; who have recovered from an attack, but rind themselves with weakened nerves, deranged digestion, and with but very little of their former powers. _ There is ns disease known to-nwn that Jeeves the system in such an outrageous and ex asperating condition,, as la grippe. The student finds it, is impossible to return to his books, the professional man to his routine of ofllce work, ami the working man to his labors, with anything like, their old vigor. It is even worse with the housewife and devotee of fashion, whose debilitating employments make recuperation slower. For this class 'of sufferers Pe-ru na is a specific; and I do not hesitate'to jruarantee that if anyone will take Pe-ru na according to the following directions that, in u few weeks they will be. entirely restored to their accustomed health: Add two ounces of rock candy to each bottle of Pe-ro-na before usiri<r. Take tablespooafnl before each meal and at bed-time. Gradually increase this dose until fit tho end of one mouth, you are takingtwo tabfespooufuls at a dose, This dose should be continued until every vestige of the symptoms disappear. Anyone desiring further particulars should write Tho Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Co. of Columbus, O., for a free copy of The Family Physician No. 2 —a most admirable treatise on la grippe, acute and chronic catarrh,'coughs, colds, and all other climatic diseases of winter. Oats 19 @ .21 Eggs .20 Cattle $0.00 Wheat 73 Flax $ .75 Corn 25 Butter.... 15 @ 20 Hogs 0.00 Barley ... .20®.30 Hay 0.00 J. F. Kendall 1 "* ! —Dealer in— >r, H _ General Merchandise, LKIIYAIU). W. O. Deane visited Qoldfield over Sunday. Mr. Ordway returned Saturday from a trip to St Paul. F. A. Kenyon visited friends at Fort Dodge over Sunday. C. A. Ordway has his implement build ing completed. Jno. Witwer has commenced keeping house in his new dwelling. ftlrs. H. Wilson has been quite low with la grippe the past week. Dunlap Bros, have a large agricultural implement building under way. It is estimated that there will be more improvements this year than last. Jno. Wolfe bought a span of horses from Mr. Bursell ot\Ehnore last week. We understand J. B. Jones will build a new bank building when spring opens. Graham & Graves have nearly completed their building for agricultural implements. W. 0. Sid.uell of Havelock is putting up a harness shop on the south side of Main street. Mr. Gray of Bancroft teacher in the Post district was a Ledyard visitor the other evening. The protracted meetings will continue this week. Dr. E. A. Howe of Ramsey is expected to help. Mr. Shipley will build an addition to his store and raise it one story as soon as he can get to work. T. S.Wrooley is building an addition to his dwelling, 16x28. This will make him quite a roomy house. T. M. Trimble has bought a lot on Main street and intends to build a f urni- ture'store on it at once. A two story building school house will be built in the spring and there will be several new dwellings go up this spring; so the building boom will be kept up. We made a alight mistake last week by saying there was only one hardware store in iown. There are two merchants who deal in hardware, one in connection with general merchandise. •"• The following is a close summary of the improvements made in Ledyard within the past year: Hill & Co. lumber office, sheds $ 1000 F. D. Calkins, hotel 1500 Dunlap Bros., dwelling 300 '' warehouse 400 store building 1000 Dobson & Giles, blacksmith shop.. 150 J. F. Rendall, store- building 2500 W.A.Wright, " " 1000 James Wood, meat market arid ice house 1000 S. Resor, dwelling 1000 J. AVhittwer, dwelling 500 J. Allsup, house and barn 300 A. Weldon.barn 100 Grannis & Palmer, elevator 3000 Northwestern depot 1500 Stockyards 300 M. Shipley 500 G. S. Wrooley, dwelling 700 Beckman Bros.* 1000 C. A. Ordway, house and barn .... 600 " implement building. 400 J. B. Jones, land office 150 W. 0. Sid well, harness shop 150 Miller Bros., drug store 700 F. Jenks, livery barn 1000 J. B. Rendall, dwelling and barn.. 400 School house 300 Graves & Graham 1000 Total $32,350 There are other improvements which we were unable to obtain. Groceries. A fresh stock always on hand Dry Goods. To suit everybody, Clothing. In abundance, ready made. Hardware. A full line at bottom prices. John F. Rends!!. First class accommodations fur day and week boarders. First class hotel for traveling custom. f F. TRIMBLE, Proprietor. W. O. DEANE & SON, Carpenters and Builders^ LEDYARD, IOWA. Satisfaction guaranteed. Job work ft specialty. Give us a trial. FiTZ & LONG Real Estate, Loans —And- Ledyard, Iowa. Tliis space is reserved —FOR— C. Dunlap & co. Ledyard livery, Feed —And— SALE STABLE. Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jenks, Ledyard, Iowa.' & Hallock *&J teas And coffees. -oT - , SAJJE, 5"h§ undersigned will sell at public auc- place % of a mile west of Hurt Thursday, Feb 18. 1893, at 11 o'clock tftfi following described property. ' „ BOP8BS ANP CATTLE. "§ bead ojE horses, 3 % blood Norman Wipes, 7apd 1Q y§ars old. 2 bay geld- "4»g9<lS i years old, 3gel4ings, comings ,y«apfl old. 9 yearling colts. Si bead of <cattle. 10 much cows, 6 fresh, 6 year- ijtaygs, 3 steers a«d 4 heifers, 4 winter •calves, 1 full blood Durham bull, coming :3 years old. GOING TO BUILD? If you are you ought to get Whitney's Prices on the HARDWARE. 1 sulky plow, 1 eom planter and check •rower, * hay rake, 1 harrow, 1 buggy, 1 Bet'barnefl*, 1 set single harness. J pair feo'b sleds. Will also s«U Catarrh "We have a few Overcoats 4TO Heavy Suits _ room set, 8 teblfli, bedheads, 1 tagpusune, et&e.te. we will cloge prices ftot will please Js a constitutional and not a local ftnd therefore it cannot bo cured by local applications. It requires a constitutional remedy like Hood's Sarsapuvilla, whlcu, working through tlio blood, eradicates the impurity which causes and promotes the disease, and Catarrh effects a permanent cure, Thousands ol people testify to the success of Hood's Sarsa- narilla as a remedy for catarrh when other preparations had failed, Hood's SarsaparlUa also builds up the whole system, and makes you feel renewed in health and strength. ^m^ ^PF!MP vww w ,w 99 w *'l used Hood's SarsapariUa for catarrh. ftad received great relief and benefit from It. The catarrh was very disagreeable, especially IB the winter, causing constant discharge from my nose, ringing noises in my ears, and pains In the back of my head. The effect to clear Catarrh my hea£ in the morning by hawking and spitting was painful. Hood'8 Bars^parilla. gave me rellei immediately, walla ju, time J was entirely cured. I w never without Hood's Sswpwllla to lay bops w I thjafc it 19 w«r» It? weight to gold." MSB. a, & Ows, Street, N, W-, FOUND: A piece of money. Loser may recover by applying to Jas. Wood and giving satisfactory proof of ownership. ELMOBE, Minn., Jan. 16,1892. Came to my place about the 30th of Dec. last, 1 yearling and white. The owner will please come and pay for keeping and take away. * P. J. UNDBKDAHL. We carry a full line of Millinery Goods, Hat Feathers, Ribbons, Laces, etc. W. S3 SHOE C WOR THEBEST 8HQEIN THE WORLD FOR THE MONEY? It is a seajnleM shoe, with no tacta or wax ttoead to hurt tliefeeti made of the best flue calf, stylish and easy, and becatwa toe make more shoes of thte orade Hian «»« om^mnnvfacturtr, It equatenftBd- MWed8Upe8W&lMfcPW»J.rotqteOO. .„„,. ffiK 00 Geuulnw Ilaud-newEd, the flnest calf $5. Swe-ww* &weOor «iQQ;'equate French imported shoe* which ppst t roiuM.00 [to $13.00. DOBSON & GIM2S, Blacksmlthlng, Wagon Work, Carriage Painting. JLedyard, ... Iowa. Wo offer Special Sales until after Holidays, We are reacly to Please ftB A. E. Kegley The REPUBLICAN does FINE JOB WORK And Guarantees Satisfaction, Write for Samples of C. A. ORDWAY Dealer in Coal and Hay Ledya,rd, Iowa, Wishes to say to the public that be will be prepared to do a large amount of During the coming season, and that hft will buy v CATTLE, FAT HOG&,AHJ> , toe calf . Tbe beet ad.O &s CU#* wear them; fliie tbree sole», e«ten- wearayear. ihpeever couvUica service. Work. Prices are reasonable. Write for Prices on Book Binding, Have your Magazines bound and preserve tb-em. Algo»a, Iowa. QOROQN Funeral Suppysaol Wo^4, CioUt. ^M*"* ^Ww™^Wff £ i a * 1$ ,j »*--,*£,, fc^fj paper, w^^beautiful w*ter-colotpAint- T ^ '

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