The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1892
Page 7
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THE REPUBLICAN, ALGQNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUAKY 27, 1892. JEPditof. IXVIVX HOME NEWS, ftlt{ on Libby Prison life Friday night. 't forget it. W. C. Danson had business in this A. A, Beane, A, M,» M. !)• Office and residence one door west of POST OFFICE. Pvicinity last Saturday. ' Wm. Peck Ifl getting ready to build a Iblg livery bara on Irs lots west of Mr. Marble's. WMrs. B/V. Daniels has been very sick t 0* the past few days, but at present tim« is improving, Craig Caulking entertained a party of kis young friends at his homo last Wed- aesday evening. An enjoyable time was [had by all present. Mrs.D. Paino and the writer hereof Tand wife attended a wedding anniversary dinner at H. A. Paines of Algona last I Thursday. The occasion was a surprise and an enjoyable time. Work on the bank building- is now •going right along. The building is back plastered and now ready for the other plaster. With good weather the bank will soon be completed. C. S. Coffin has purchased Ora Sheldon's 'two houses together with the acre of land upon which they are located. We now look to sue Mr. Coffin a permanent resident of our city. Our young people are are preparing to -tender a play in the course of a few weeks. They are making great preparations and intend the entertainment to surpass anything of the kind ever given ''before the public here. The proceeds are to go for the benefit of the Burt Brass Band. Rev. Forsythe announces ' that Friday I "evening of this week he will deliver a ^lecture on "Life in Libby Prison." Rev. | ITbrsythe was himself an inmate of that Vrebel pen about six months and his lecture will be based upon personal "knowledge and experience. It will be worth hearing, such lectures are always interesting. W. L. Floy, the band instructor, is proving himself a hard worker and an •efficient teacher. The B. B. B. is now waking good progress in learning to play. We'give below the names of those now belonging: B. V. Daniels, Fred Dennert, rS. M. Ferris, A. C. Cady, Fred Shaeffer, •Chas. Shaeffer, Chas. Foster, Geo. Stone, N. Tyler, Nelson Palmer, Will Dehnart, Newt Shaeffer, Arthur Marble. A meeting of the farmers of this -•Vicinity is called for Satuiduy ul'iurrtoon -of "this week at one o'clock to talk over the plan of n cooperative elevator at this place. The co operative creamery at this place has been such a success and such a help to the fanners here that a aeetiug is to be held to see if they can fcuild a co-operative elevator. The date for the meeting is Saturday of this week. Svery farmer of Burt should attend. C. L. Ostrander has purchased a harness shop at Bancroft which leaves us with* a harness maker for a short time. A ['^gentleman from near Des Moines was there Saturday looking for a location for shop and will probably return and anake Burt his home. He seemed pleased th the prospect here and stated that • foe waulcl undoubtedly return with his ^family and put in a shop. He is an old Ixarness maker and we hope he will return. Mr. Ostrander says that this is a 1 good point for a shop and wont be with|; put a harness maker long. Oil meal and bran at Cady & Hallock's. Calif. Canned Goods. We recommend this brand of Canned Goods to consumers as being all that careful packing, cleanliness in handling and selecting the different varieties, and experience can make them. We call special attention to the following goods: Yuna Brand California Apricots. "Vuba Drand California Peaches. Yuba Hrand California drapes. Yuba nranrt California Puars. Yuba Brand California Cherries. Yuba Brand California Egg Plum?. The range of prices are very low considering quality. There is no better California Canned Goods put up. Obtainable only of us. Cady & Hallock. New w. Stock COOK'S FURNITURE STORE. THE COUNTY HEWS, Kepovted by Special Correspondents. TMK RKPUKMCAN publishes more outside news from the country and siirroniidlng towns tlwti all the six other papers published in Kos- feuth county combined. For Mie Bancroft NEWS see page 3. To conuEspoJiriBNTS s—All corn-Spend eiice for the URPunuoAK should reach this office nor later than Tuesday evening. Please bear this In mind. To Correspondents of the KKI'tlUO- CAN:—Don't neglect to report the iniw-ktts ciioh tvoek. We want, a renort rcRtilarly eiwjh Aroek from every town In Kossulli Cotinty. Son that your town 1* With the others. F. C. Corey returned from a visit to his sister at Oelwein, Iowa. Mrs. Wra. Gillespie went last Monday to Vintor., Iowa, for a short visit with relatives. G. T. Thayer of the Marshalltown Times-Republican spent a few hours in town last Wednesday. B. F. Bacon lost a valuable young mare recently. Cause—chased by dogs until a broken blood vessel ended its career. Influenza claims many victims of late. Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Bidgood, Mr. Me Cutchin, Mrs 0. Robinson, Mrs. Hollen beck, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. E. Robinson and several of the young people and children are at present among the afflicted. We need a new kind of hay press or a neV kind of boys' to feed them—boys with wooden toea for instance. Then when one set was taken off another set could be added without pain or expense. This time it is Julius Bidgood who lost his toes in a hay press. We are sincerely sorry for the young man, but cannot re- frnin from asking if there is not some way of feeding a hay press without putting ones foot in it. Catarrh tit a dttttsttttitiomil and not a local disease, aftd therefore It cannot be cured by local ftp- plications. It requires a constitutional remedy like itood'rf'ftnrgapiiriila, Which, working h the blood, eradicates the Impurity causes and promotes the disease, and effects a permanent cure. Thousands of people testify to the success of Hood's Sarsa- njirilhi as a remedy for catarrh when other preparations had failed. Hood's Sarsaparllla also builds up the whole system, and makes you feel renewed In health and strength. .TAS, Editor, LED YARD, IOWA, JAN. 27, 1892. Oats 19 @ .21 20 CHUlc ....... $0.00 Wheat ....... ;:..74 $ .75 Corn.. Butter. Hogs.. Barley Hay... 15 25 20 ."0.00 .20@.80 ... 0.00 Times. J. F.Rendall. —Dealer in— General "I used Hood's Snrsaparllla for catarrh, and received (jreat relief and benefit from It. The catarrh wis very disagreeable, especially Jutlie winter, pausing constant discharge Irom my nose, ringing noises In my cars, and pains In the back or my head. The effect to clear my head In the morning by hawking and spitting was painful. Hood's Sarsaparilla gavo me relief Immediately, v.'liiie in time I was entirely cured. I am never without Hood's Sarsaparilla in my house as 1 think it is worth Us weight in gold." MHS. G. I?. GIBB, 1029 Eighth Street, N. W., WishliiGton, D. C. Hood's Sarsaparilla Bold Ijy.all druggists. f,l; sixl'orj?5. Prepared only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. BOO Doses ©mi© DolBar ( - !r 'Py of St.. Louis ttm-ly iilustniU!..! funny paper, and a bentiUfnl water color paint ing for Hie parlor. Si-nd ten cents in stamps to BT. Louis LIFK, 4-16 506 Oliver St. St. Louis, Mo Geo, E. Marble 1 lb. -package coffee ................ $ 23 71bs.oatmeal .................... 25 1 package large sized yeast ......... 6 1 package small sized yeast ........ 3 1 lb. California peaches ............ 10 1 box lenox soap ................... 4 00 1 package soda ................... 7 1 lb. plug tobacco ......... . ........ 25 25 ozs. baking powder ............. 25 1 can tomatoes ..................... 10 1 qt. cranberries ............. ..... 10 We Sell the Goods and we can quote Prices that would astonish penny concerns. THE Is 110w at Burt. Aristo Cabinets, $3.00 per dozen. Copying and enlarging a successful specialty. C. B. LONG, Photographer. Lewie Owen has completed his house and gone to house keeping. The Ladies Mite Society will meet with Mrs. E. B. Eddy Saturday' Jan. 30. Miss Emma Adams and Eugene Whelock visited friends in Algona Sat- .Saturday. The store at Buffalo Fork is now enclosed and will be ,ready for occupancy in about a week. Quite a number of Portland's young people attended the entertainment at Bancroft last Saturday evening. A painful accident happened to Grandma Davison last. Friday evening. She went the day before to one of her sons to spend the anniversary of her 86th birthday. And on her return slipped as she got out of the buggy, dislocating her right wrist and breaking one finger bone. Dr. Beane,was.called and replaced the wrist in good shape. She is doing well. argu side- LEGAL BLANKS o FOP, SALE o At BEPTJBLIOAN OFPIGE —AT THE— • Lamps, glassware and chamber sets <3ady & Hallock's. at M, L. MAYHEW, Proprietor. ^ Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. SENECA. Mr. Adam's our grocery man is rustling he will soon be in shape to put in his stock of goods. Wm. Cardand started for a pleasure trip Tuesday last to Waterloo this state, to visit friends and relatives. Young Patterson starts his writing school in the Cardand school house Monday evening next where he weilds the birch this winter. "0! how I dread to see my hair turning gray," is a remark made by so many ladies. If they only knew that 75 cents invested in one bottle of Beggs' Hair Renewer would not only check it at once, but give it a luxurious and glossy appear- ance.we know that they would not hesitate to buy. We guarantee every bottle Sold by F. W. Dingley. THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THE MONEY? It is a seamless shoe, with no tacks or wax thread to hurt the feet; made of the best tine calf, stylish and easy, and because vie make more shoes or tms grade than any other manvfaaturer, it equals nand- sewed shoes costing from Sf 00 to 85,00. CSSE 00 Genuine Hand-sewed, the finest call «PE9o shoe ever offered for $5.00; equals French imported shoes which cost from $3.001 to $12.00. O*M 00 Hand-Sewed Welt Shoe, flue calf, ** /H- stylish, comfortable and durable. The best j_ . ... „ . -frade as cus- PUB1IC SALE. The undersigned will sell at public auc- ,__ at his place % of a mile west of Burt in Thursday, Feb. 18, 1899, at 11 o'clock iarp the following described property. HOUSES AND CATTLE. 8 head of horses. 2 % blood Norman iares, 7 and 10 years old. 3 bay geld- J3 years old, 3 geldings, coming 3 r ears old, 3 yearling colts. 31 head of little. 10 milch cows, G fresh, 6 year- Jings, 8 steers and 4 heifers, 4 winter Ives, 1 full blood Durham bull, coming old. FABMING IMPLEMENTS. tjttlky plow, 1 corn planter and check 1 hay rake, IJsarrow, l »uggy, 1 it harness, 1 set single harness. 1 pair iQb sleds. Will also sell HOUSEHOLD GOODS, 'Ued, room set, 3 tables, bedsteads, 1 machine, etc. etc. „, oy SALE: All sums under $10 On all sums over $JO a credit of time will be'allowed on ap- at 8 per cent interest. 6 jpereeot off for cash, A L YJN HODGSON. ), A. HAGGABD, GOING TO BUILD? If you are you ought to get Whitney's Prices on the HARDWARE. We have a few Overcoats AND Heavy Suits That we will close out at prices that will please yoii, Call an<l see them. NlOHOLSOJT What is the difference between a duck with one wing and a duck with two? Only a difference of opinion (a pinion). You may cough and cough and cough and cough and cough but you will not, if you take De Witt's Cough and Consumption Cure, Dr. L. A. Sheetz. "How do you know the ice is thick enough to skate on?" asked his father. "Because nobody has tumbled in for a week," replied Tommy. A Beautiful Complexion. Ladies using Rozodoro have perfect complexions. It removes face redness, Tan, Freckles, Pimples, Blackheads, Liver-spots, Moth Patches, etc., and leaves the skin soft, pure and white. Ethel Wolfe, the famous actress, writes: "I have used Bozodoro for years. It is harmless and the best skin beautifler I ever tried." Price 75 cents, Try a bot' tie. Sent free on receipt of price, In plain wrapper. Addrese, The Bozodoro Co., South Bend, Ind, Agents wanted. Give the three degrees of a "wining speculation." Positive mina, comparative miner, superlative minus. o 1'onee-oiiooi ruriiiora, ivutlroad Men *~ v . and Letter Carriers all wear them; nne calf, Beamless, smooth inside, heavy three soles, extension edge. One pair will wear a year, ffi O 30 flue calf; no better shoe ever offered at g»3fi« this price; one trial will convince thosa who want a shoe for comfort and service. -^> 25 and ««.00 Workimnnan's shoes !• are very strong and durable. Those who civeu them a trial will wear no. other make. Jwe' Sa.OO and 81.75 school shoes are m***jy& worn by the boys every where; theysell f^^^SMo'^SSlSSS^K^^ kaCI IGS Bongola, verystyllsh; equalsFrench Iniported shoes costlngfrom S't-OOtoSG.UO. . T^n dies' t£.50* SiJ.OO itnd ST.75 shoe ror Misses are the best fine Dongola. Stylish and durable. Caution.-See that W. L. Douglas' name and price are stamped on the bottom of each shoe. -TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE..** , .. _j ...—i j—i—""pplylnffyo' SB. F. S. Stough, Ae-ent --Send your order for— to the • REPUBLICAN, Write lor Samples Trices. Scientific American Agency for ATENTS LKOYARI). Protracted meetings are still in pn> grees. F. D. Calkins visited Bancroft over Sunday. Mr. Martin of Bancroft was in town last week. Evory body bus or is having the hickeupox. Mr. Graves has his large implement building nearly enclosed. Nels Martin of Bancroft was doing business in our town Friday. The fact is out of the range of ment. Every body says we need walks. Those wishing job work advertising or notices call on the editor of the Ledyarc TIMES. Gardner Cowles of Algona, dealer in real estate, was up in these parts Thursday last. Charles Hall went to Pilot Grove, Thursday. He seems to haye some great attraction up in thtt country. Owing to a funeral service held by Rev. Luce in Bancroft, Rev. Wills preached to the people, here Sunday. F. Finch has his brother helping him in the liay pressing business. That makes three of the Finch boys in Ledyard. • Frank Miller of Pomeroy has now permanently located in town as the Ledyard "Druggist." We welcome Mr. Miller to our midst. Mr. Gabriel of Havelock. Iowa, was visiting friends in Ledyard over Sunday. He is on his way to visit his parents in Wisconsin. The good people of Swea have been busy the past two weeks hauling oats, corn and hogs to market. They speak well of Ledyard. A large burglar proof safe was shipped here Friday to J. B. Jones which we understand is to he used in the bank when completed. Prof. Sifert has had the chickenpox we suppose the effect of sympathy with his children, many of whom have been out of school on account of it. D. W. Cole of Winnebago City traveling agent for the Haight well machine was in our town Wednesday talking with psrties interested in the well business. W. Strickler of Burt was looking over our town last week and talked strong of locating here. There is plenty of room for more here. It would be doubtful if a better locality could be found. The revival meetings held during the past week haye been well attended, and although no immediate results are apparent a dead interest is manifested. The meetings will be continued. Mr. French, hardware dealer and Mr. Smith both of Goldfleld were in our town last week. They took a trip out in the country with our real estate man, B. O. Fitz and looked over the beautiful prairie with a view to investment. Mrs. Mary Morgan gave up her school' in Ramsay township to enter the mat» rimonial circles. We are requested to withhold the grooms name at present. Mrs. Morgan nee Gannon is one pf Kossuth county's best teachers and the teachers and children will be sorry to lose so estimable a teacher. We hope our Representative, Mr. Smith will remember his good followers up in North part of Kossuth and take some steps toward dividing the county. Tb« division of Kossuth county is sure to to come sooner or later it is inevitable. There are some people in Kossuth county who are obliged to travel nearly fifty miles to get to the county seat. proprietors Groceries. A fresh stock always on hand Dry Goods. To suit everybody. VnwT Iii abundance, ready made. A full line at bottom prices. John IF. Rer;da3l. First class accommodat'i^iis for day and week boarders. First class hotel for traveling custom. F. TjttMBLK, Propm-im 1 . W. 0. DEANE & SON, Carpenters and Builders. LEDYARD, IOWA. Satisfaction guaranteed. Job work a specialty. Give us "a trial. FBTZ&LONG ' state, Loans —And— Ledyard, Iowa. This space is reserved —FOR— G. Dunlap & co. Lciyaid. Lwfiry, -And— Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. , 8 s ". S. Jenks, Ledyard, Iowa. We carry a full line of Rflililnery Goods, Hat Feathers, Ribbons, Laces, etc. "We offe£ Special Sales until after Holidays. fears reaty to Please the Pule, A. E. Kegley. and CAVgATS. , TRADE MARKS. 'DESIGN PATENTS COPYRIGHTS, etc. °NBW YORE. its in America, a gut py us » brought before ice £lvea free of charge in tho IUMW « vy.. 004. AKOAUWAX, lest bureau for securing patas ery patent taken putby us is 3 public by a, notice, given free <• Huwwatt SHOE SHOP. '%>. Uepftlring of all kinds (j'o»e fteaUy and eaeonable rates. You will find me at eey's hardware store. Give me a J, B, CORK, does FINE JOB WORK And Guarantees Satisfaction. Write for Samples of Job Work, Prices are reasonable, Write for Prices op Book Binding. The White House American people we always interested in anything that pertains to the White House. We are reliably informed that the stables contain a full assortment of different drugs and medicines and they also (so tbe head groom says) keep a pot- tie of Hatter's Barb Wire Liniment, which is' the most successful linitaent ti$y have eves used. For sale by Pr. l». 4- Sfce ete. Miller Bros, proprietors of the new drug store arrived Saturday and declared themselves ready for business in about ten days. Frank, the younger of the Bros, will stay with us for the present and carry on the business. We welcome him believing that he will prove a valuable addition to our town, both as a business man and a member of society. What Ledyayd has got is three general stores, one hardware, one drug store, one black smith shop, one meat market, one hotel, one boarding house, livery stable, one implement house, one lumbar yard, one large hay harn, three hay dealers an<J other lines of business. What they are to have in the near future, one more implement building 34x64, one harness shop, one land office and a bank. What they need is a good doctor, a good barber, a furniture ! store a good restaurant, a good hall, a church, a school house, more sesideat houses to rent and the county C. A. ORPWAY Dealer in Coal and Hay Ledyard, Iowa. Wishes to say to the public that he v?iU be prepared to do a large amount ol During the coming season, and will buy OATTLE, PAT HOGS AITO STQOOTS DOBSON & GILES, BlacksmSthlng, Wagon Work, Carriage Painting Bed Suits Delivered at Ledyajd >. Wj ^ ff r RIFLES EVERYWHERE i ; Fov,ND: 4 piece of money. .„. jpay recover m applyipg to Jas. Wood ana giving satisfactory proof of owner* '**•"" -»"r--."T- _ J&D. II fi/^ $ 16 and $210 Four Foot Beds. '\ Hardwood,,

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