The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1892 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1892
Page 4
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THE KJ5PUBHCAK, ALGOKA, IOWA, Lfltt, MILWAUKEE AND 8*. QOIKO was*. OOINO BAST. 2 passenger 4 14 freight, Straight. .10:24 am . 9 :30 p m .12:15 H, m 2 :30 p TO .10:55 P m 1LGONAKEPUBLICAN ALGOHA, IOWA, JAN, 27,1892. KOSSUTH COUNTY MARKETS. A1GONA MARKETS. 20 Corn 22 ... .18 Butter 18 Hogs 3.76 Barley 80 Timothy 90 Oats EKES 1° Cattle.$0.00 @ $0.00 Wheat 70 Flax 75 Chicago & TS orthwestem R»y GOING KOBTH AND WEST commodation .............. all and Express. . . ........ GOING SOUTH AND BA8X. ght oago Mo'nes the freight accommodation : 2 -37 P m ' Chicago Mail and Express 2 • •" P i Chicago passenger reaches Des > tftalted'states and Canada. I . [ SomSlOMU BUSINESS DIRECTORY. OUR CLUBBING' LIST. The REPUBLICAN and any one of the journals named helow will be sent to any address for one year at the following reduced rates: NKWSPAPERS. Oes Moinos Register $2 Of Iowa Capital Sioux City Journal Keoluik Gate City............ 230 MarshaWown Times-Republican 2 or Omaha Bee..... ;* Chlcajro Journal f % Ohioago Tnter-Ocean ;= f B.J.DANSON. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office over Fnu.U Bros. Algona, Iowa. E.V.SWETTING. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loam Algona, Iowa. W. B. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over K ul. Co. Bank. \ III M'»ltftw 1 11 UV't v »•%-•«-»" ........ National Tribune ........................... f * Dubunue Times... ....................... J; Now York Press ............................ 2 °° MAGAZINES AND HOME JOURNALS. Harper's We.Rkly .......................... 475 Bazar .............................. * ]° " Magazine ........................ *%> " Young People .................... 3 flj Godey's Lady's Book ........................ -> "•' Demorest's Magazine ................. • • • • 3 OB Lippliicott's Magaxlne ................. ' ' ' ' "i 'Scientific Ainevican ........................ * jjp American Economist, ........................ f J» Home Market Bulletin ..................... } [° Housekeeper ............. •• .............. * ]» Keview of Hcviews. . ...................... « no Housekeepers Weekly ................... * ~> Frank Leslies Illustrated Monthly ......... 2 80 Review ot Reviews ....................... •» •" TABM AND STOCK JOURNALS Town, Homestead ............. ............... 2 40 Prairie Farmer ............................. f ~ The American Farmer ...................... \ ' » Western Rural A, W. Moffatt is In <3hicag& ness, He will return tuts latfel the week. . , C. B. Matson has entered into partnership in the real estate business with Dingley & Moffatt. Doc Dailey returned from his Vigils as night watchman last Thursday morning and found a ten pound young Dailey in his home; a boy. Joslyn & Pleth haye been making some big land deals lately. Last week they sold a solid section of wild land in ' the north end of the county at $18 per acre. The Chicago market is in good shape on ali kinds of produce, and bringing better prices than heretofore. J. F. Edwards & Co., whose adv. appears on the first page of this issue, will get you the top .of the market. Julius Pleth and W. L. Joslyn have commenced business in the office rooms JAMABY St, 1802. tffli rtf a Largo AttelulatiCG< Business Meetings. Diie Public Meeting flrldav Evening Followed by ft Big Banquet at Court House Hall. NOBMAt, SQHOOL RECEPTION. I What is Contemplated fb* , Bflildiritf, toffee fteftfcteff -Aetna! Busittus In- I, Etc, 'is Mtfeh Stress, \ ^ Kevet, In all my history, as a pftsior, I have t known a spiritual leader who. With the prospect of being able next I won the confidence of a prajingpeople' year to largely increase the attendance so rabidly as Evangelist Palmer. We. of the school, Prof,, Ohaflee is perfect* began special work in the 'Baptist ing his plans for further changes and church January 21st From ?the very improvements in the Normal building first night the, interest grew rapidly.* .a view to increasing its capacity The public gatherings interferred some and better suiting it to the several what with the audience, but they were needs of the different classes of stu-1 good each evening. Sunday morning we were crowded, many went away. Sunday evening the Congregationalists Beports from the Secretary of the Upper Des Moines Editorial Association indicate that the attendance at the meeting to be held here Thursday. dentg- and Friday of this week will be quite Qn the flrgt flool . tue two large rooms large. If the fine weather continues | on the north g ia e w ni D0 connected by . kindly invited us to use their liotise^ .tomorrow, a big meeting and a pleasant j dou bi e folding doors. This portion j We did so and a crowded house greeted' him again. It was a meeting of power. Over 100 quoted scripture or testified. time for all the editors who attend is assured. The citizens of the town will be used for the commertial department and the arrangement intended] have taken a very large interest in the will jj ave the (i OUD i e advantage of GEO. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over 1st National Hank, Algona, — -— S. S. SESSION'S. Iowa. AT LAW, Lonns and I: to Office over o£ all lands. store. Aljjona, lo\va. ™ d Practcararmer Rural Life .............................. 2 35 GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN PUBLICATIONS Amerika .................................... 2 *j! SvensUa Trlbnnon ........................... • •" Iowa Ktaats Zeitnnc ....................... *»•> Svitliiod with premium Skaudinaveu with premium .......... . TEACHERS JOURNALS 3 Oo 2 JAS. BAKR, M. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Oittee at residenc L. K. PHYSICIAN ANDSURGEON, Offiee on State street, Teachers World The Kdncator Iowa Normal Monthly Educational Gazette ....................... These rates are given for a limited period and will be subject to revision from time to time. Subscribe now. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. Algona, Iowa. ALOONA, IOWA. _ ' T. WEST, M. D., PILY8IG1A* AND SURGEON, Hon. J. G. Smith was home from Des Moines over Sunday. Deputy Sheriff Mclnroe has moved into the old D. A. Buell house. II. J. Edens has sold his house and lot to Sam'l Beed oi : Irvington. Peter Purvis has been making the counter for the new bank at Burt. Milt A. ITollaliaugh, foreman of the Hiii'UiiLiCAN office,was home on a visit over Sunday. Postoffice Inspector Eaton of West Office at resilience. Iowa, formerly occupied by B. F. Reed. A new three sided sign board at the foot of the stairs tells the way faring land seeker where they are to be found. Geo. Buskirk, an old Kossuth county resident, now of Appleton, Missouri, who has been visiting in Algona, returned home yesterday. He was accompanied by Ed and Mark Simpkins and Isaac Ames, who expect to locate in Appleton. At the Episcopal church on Sunday next the pastor will preach in the morning on "The Demoniac of Gadara." In the evening on "The Prodigal Son." The evening sermon will be the first of a series of sermons on the Prodigal. Some fellow by the name of Hathaway has sued Sioux City for $500 damages on account of the city to provide proper drainage. He claims that a recent rainstorm damaged his house to the extent of $500. This Hathaway is more modest in his demands for damages the "doctor." The Kenyon Bicycle Manufacturing Company of Des Moines, with A. B. Edmonds as treasurer, incorporated 1892, capital stock $25,000, is one of the new manufacturing institutions of the Capital City. They will manufacture a new high grade safety, the "Pacemaker." Bert is stepping up rapidly in business. , A lot of young people were having a leap year sleighride one night last week and met with a little accident out in front of Jim Taylor's store. It seems that the girls were doing the driving and were unable to manage the team which swerved suddenly and upset the entire sled load into the meeting and with a few exceptions have given their full support and cooperation to the- Algona editors in carrying out their plans. It was intended that the editors should be entertained at the hotels but owing to affording two good sized class rooms when the connecting doors are closed, and one very commodious, and, on account of its form, well suited to commercial purposes, When the doors are thrown open as they will be for the It is no marvel that Bro. Palmer draws, for he combines in himself many of the most winning qualifications of our most successful evangelists. 1st. He depends upon the Holy Spirit for sue*; cess in his meetings. This is the secret of his power. 2nd. He is unique In the fact that the Thorington has closed bookkeeping, penmanship and practi- the treatment of the Lord's word and down this will be impossible. The | cal ]3 US m egs classes. in all his methods in conducting the This department is to be supplied meetings. 3d. He has a striking ap with bank and office for the transaction, pearance and is the possessor of a of actual business, and will be furnish- ] large heart. 4th.'He has the manliness Rutherford and Tennant can scarcely accommodate their transient custom It has been necessary to ask the citi- of the town to entertain the edit- ed with chairs and tables. zens ors at their homes and accommodations have been arranged for all in private families. Most of the editors *are expected to arrive tomorrow. The first business meeting will be held at 7:30 p. m. at some place yet to be determined upon, I and clags room on tlie sec ond floor will probably the G. A. R. hall. At 9 a. m. . fcis thoug ht, be the best that can be the Normal school faculty will tender made> T h e i arge room on second floor a reception at the residence of Ambrose will tben be used for s t u dy room by the A. Call. Friday morning at 8:30 the formal and Academic students and the The present office of the principal and class room adjoining will also be thrown into one large recitation room, and the office changed to the present I music room. This arrangement, with the commodious study room, library Association will come together for i c ommerc ial department by the Com- another business meeting and the after- merc j a i students, noon will be taken up with a carriage j3 es i de s the large and convenient drive around town. In the evening at gpace for rec it a tioii and study thus 7:30 will be the public meeting at the Lf£ orded the Professor hopes to secure Congregational church addressed by onQ of the small c i aurc ] ies within a half Secretary of State McFarland and Hon. block or go of the main bunding for a Lafe Young of the Des Moines Capital. mus i croom an d for morning chapel Following the public meeting will be a exerc i ses . The main building is to be banquet at the Court House Hall.which tnx , r0 ughly refitted inside; all the rooms it is hoped all who can do so will make and ua ii wa y s are to be papered and rearrangements to attend. The banquet p a j n t e( i am i supplied with whatever is under the charge of Mrs. Lantry which is sufficient to guarantee the to deal kindly but yet candidly with his audience. 5tli. He sings sweetly and with extraordinary effect under the-blessing of God. We feel that this is but the beginning of a great work of grace in this city. Our prayer is that God may awaken every slumbering disciple of our risen Lord, and that the work may spread from house to house, and from hamlet to hamlet, until every family in the city is touched, with the Divine blessing and until the urrounding country is all permeated with the gospel leaven. Rev. D. J. Pulis, D. D., says: "He is a man of God, a student of the Bible, a clear sermonizer, a graphic speaker, a sweet singer and wise in winning souls." If you want to grow strong in faith, like Elijah, or strong to"toil, like Paul, or strong to speak to lost souls, like Timothy, come to the Bible Readings, the table. It is to be the new furniture is necessary to make them both convenient and pleasant _ . The Normal School will then be ready crowning event of the meeting and it for students—and from present pros is hoped that every seat, at the ^tables j pects it will not need to go begging to find them. is success of Liberty was in town Monday.IIe found CHAS. H. MeCORMACK, ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN, Algona, Iowa. street. No one was hurt. DR. L. A. SI-1EETZ, G1XT AND STATIONER, ' .Hied. Deals In paints, books, perfumeries, etc. <-or State m.<l Tnorlngton sts. oils, . Alfiona.Iowa. . _ . J. FELLING, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Iowa. E. E. SAYE11S, D. V. M., • VETERINARY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, west of tlie Tliorington House ^OSPITAL Accommodations. DANSOK & HUTCHISON, REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE. Office over Kossuth County B\nk. Also do a loan and insurance business. Algona, Iowa. C. B. MATSON, REAL ESTATE, FARM LOANS AND INSURANCE, Office over Chrischilles' store. Alison a, Iowa. GEO. C. CALL, REAL ESTATE AND ABSTRACT OFFICE For information in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to him. TnorinEton street. Apulia, Iowa. A. D. CLARKE & CO. ' FARM LOANS, ABSTRACTS. Office on Dodge street, Algona, Iowa. P. L. SLAGKLE, Manufacturer of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA. IOWA. Do you want an auctioneer? D. A. HAGGARD Will cry eity and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature etricUy confidential. OUice with F. M. Taylor. E. G. BOWYER, DEALKIl IN WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, 4J1 kinds of Silverware. Repairing a specialty. everything iii satisfactory shape You are going to have a public sale; you will want some sale bills printed; get them printed at the HEPUULICAN office. Prof. Chaffee was among the numerous sufferers from la grippe last week, vnd was confined to the house for several days. The Board of Supervisors have been in session this week. Full proceedings will be published in next week's RK- PU1JL1CAN. Licensed to marry: Henry Bierstedt and Emma Bischot'f, T. Zaugar and Mary llinehardt, Anton Kirscbbaum and Eva Clark. Pearl Pugh has made arrangements to go into the jewelry business for himself at Jackson, Minn. He will open up at that place about Feb. 1st. II. A. Clock has sold his residence property in Algona to Clark Peck. Mr. Clock will remove to Hampton, Iowa, his former home, in a few weeks,where he will engage in mercantile business. The family will remain in Algona until spring. Capt. Cooke, II. J. Edens and Collie Chubb who represented Co. F. at the inauguration of Gov. Boies last Wednesday, returned Saturday. They attended a meeting of the State Guard Association, which was held in Des Moines on Thursday. The ministers of the city have been especial sufferers from la grippe. Rev. Dorward was confined to the house for nearly a week. Rev. Flanigan was unable to iill his pulpit last Sunday. Rev. Davidson who was just recovering from a pretty serious attack preached in the morning but dismissed the evening services. The grippe microbe is no respector of persons. F. M. Taylor returned from Des Moines Saturday whither he went early in the week to argue a timber claim case before the government laud office authorities. It seems that one Brower tried to jump a tree claim belonging to a man named Neff, claiming that Neff had failed to fulfill all the conditions necessary to give him a full title to the land. Esq. Taylor represented the Neff side of the case and is confident of a decission in his favor. THEY GET 30 DAYS.—The Hubbard- RantKOW trial came off at Estherville the fore part of last week, and the boys get oil with thirty days in the county jail. The fact that they have already been in confinement about seven months had considerable \veight with the jury, who brought in a verdict of assault and battery. County Attorney Joslyn was assisted by Attorney Mierly of Estherville, and the defense was conducted by Wade and Sullivan. Hampton Recorder: II. A. Clock has sold his residence and other property in Algona and will remove to Hampton. He has rented theresidence owned by Mrs. W. II. Crawford on the corner of Sixth and Bridge streets and will take possession of it just as soon as Mr. Stam vacates the same. We hear that it is Mr. Clock's intention to go into the mercantile business in Hampton at no distant day, and as he is not coming among strangers to make his venture, there is no risk to run in prophesying for him a good trade and a successful business career here. A certain fellow around town has made his boasts that he intends to "lick" the editor of the REPUBLICAN. will be taken. The citizens of Algona can add immeasurably to the success of the occasion by attending the open | meeting and banquet Friday evening. Jas. Taylor is selling pants cheap again. A report of the meeting of the Kossuth County Agricultural Society called for this afternoon will be published next week. A MILLION POUNDS OF MILK. at 9:30 at the Baptist church. W. IT. DOKWARD. Hotel and Restaurant. i P. HALL, Proprietor, * State :Treet, Algona. g and wen Is. Board by the day or Terms fi per -lay, »3.60 per week with «"nm, aiiao nei week tor d»y board. The Secretary of the Seneca Co-Operative Creamery Company has fur nished us with a report of the business of the creamery during the last season which we publish elsewhere. The amount of milk handled was enormous, over a million pounds. We will be glad to publish reports from any other creameries in the county that may wish to make a showing of what they have done. The dairy business is assuming feif proportions in Koasuth He is very cordially invited to sail in and see what he can do. We will be found in our sanctum at almost any hour in the day ready to attend to all matters of business connected with the REPUBLICAN. Parties who want to lick the editor will please call between the hours of 4 and 5 p. m. and their cases will receive prompt attention. We have set aside that hour each day for the special purpose of settling matters of that kind. If it is inconvenient for the kicker to call at that time let him come in when it is convenient and we will drop our business and accommodate him. Don't let anyone stand back on ceremony. Iowa Falls Sentinel: Last Thursday while Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Rice were taking tea at Mrs. Peasley's, they were happily surprised by intruders of the I. L. C. of which Mrs. Rice is a member. They brought with them basket of refreshments treating them to a second repast, after which a very handsome sugar bowl and spoon were presented on behalf of the members by Mrs L. E. Jones in a most original and apt and unique manner. The response by Mrs. Bice was likewise original and apt and of such a nature as to keep the ladies mirthful and happy. Mr. and Mvs. Rice carry with them the hearty good will of all our people. This occasion represents the high esteem our people hold for them. M«. Rice has been a faithful and earnest member of the I. L. C. aad wjlllong live in the hearts of those here wbo regret her de- from their List of grand jurors drawn for the February Term of the District Court, to be holden at Algona, Iowa, Feb. 29, 1892. J. B. Carr, John Zeller, Win. Brummond. G. W. Newell, W. S.Stahl, E. P. Butler and Nels Movick. List of trial jurors drawn for the Feb. Term of the District Court, to be holden at Algona, Iowa, Feb. 29th, 1892. J. P. Walker, C.T.Chubb, August Madetzke, E. Bacon, L. D. Butts, Andrew Barr, Arthur Gilmore, Frank Bailey, W. P Giddons, E. P. Keith, Alfred Miller D. Parke, H. P. Hanson, A. C. Scott, John Finnell. No healthy person need fear dangerous consequences from an attack of la grippe if properly treated. It is much the same as a severe cold and requires precisely the same treatment. Remain quietly at home and take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as directed for a severe cold and a prompt and complete recovery is sure to follow. This remedy also counteracts any tendency of la grippe to result in pneumonia. Among the many thousands who have used it during the epidemics of the past two years we have Report of Seneca Co-operative Creamery Company. Amt of milk reed since May 18, '91.. 1,003,800 Ibs Pounds of butter made... 4U,&)9 Av unit milk to 1 Ib butter 22 Amt reed for butter SWOT 87 Lowest price paid for milk oe cts per cwt Highest price paid for milk §1 L'5 per cwt We expect to do a much larger business this year. We are putting in a 20 inch French Burr feed mill and are building a shed 96 feet long for our horses to stand in while our milk is being separated. W. W. ALCOHN, Sec. 'Does Protection Protect? Certainly, in one does. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the great protection agsinst the dangers of impure blood, and it will cure or prevent all diseases of this class. It has well won its name of the best blood purifier by its many remarkable cures. The highest praise has been won by Hood's Pills for their easy yet efficient action. Sold by all druggists. Price 25 cents per box. Why have chickens no fear of a future tateV They have their next world in liis (necks twirled in this). What measure are you taking to stop hat cought? Let us suggest De Witt's Cough and Consumption Cure. It is infal- ible. Dr. L. A, Sheetz. Interested People. Advertising a patent medicine in the perculiar way in which the propielor of Kemp's Balsam for Coughs and Colds do es, it is indeed wonderful. He authorizes all druggists to give those who call for it, a sample bottle Free, that they may try it before purchasing. The Laage Bottles ale 50c. and $1. We certainly wonld ad vise a trial. It may save you from l con sumption. GIHL WASTED—Inquire at the RKPUB LICAN office. the my jail poo yet to learn of a single case that has not recovered or that has resulted in pneu monia. 25 and 50 cent bottles for'sale by Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Bingo—Did you succeed in cutting down on your shopping expenses this month, as I requested? Mrs. Bingo—Oh yes, indeed, my dear You know that nice woolen underwear you wanted? Well, I got something in cotton much cheaper. Our experience covers many ills, many pills and many bills. Our ills are smaller our pills are smaller and our bills are smaller when we use De Witts Little Early Hisers. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Come and see how cheap you can cet a horse blanket at F. S. STOUGII'S. A choice line of fresh at Hudson & Langdon's. teas and coffees Stough is giving bargains in women's lined shoes. , Sanitarium crackers at LAKGDON & HUDSON. Fur robes cheaper than going without at F. S. STOUGII'S. . Breakfast Cocoa is very & Hudson have it. nice Langdou Kind Hearted Lady (visiting —And what are you here for, man? Mr. Boozer (in a tone of melancholy) —For six months, ma'am. News Aliout Town. It is the current report about town that Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs remarkable cures with troubled with Coughs, Bronze Turkeys for sale. Very fine large siee, at sections 14-97-31. Come and see us or write us. D. A. BECK 16-47 Forsythe, Iowa. KAU COKN 26 cents per bushel, delivered ou my farm one mile east of Algona. C. L. LUND. is making some people who are Sore Throat, Asthma, Bronchitis and Consumption. Any druggist will give you a trial bottle free of cost. It is guaranteed to relieve and cure. The large Bottles are 50c. and $1. LOST. On Jan. 19th on the road east of Burt, a grey fur robe lined with dark red plush. The finder will confer a great favor by leaviag it at the Burt creamery. L. L. SALISBURY. Why are cats like unskillful surgeons? Because they mew-till-late and destroy "patients." You don't want a torpid liver. You don't want a bad complexion. You don't want a bad breath. You don't want a leadache. Then use De Witt's Little Early Bisers, the famous little pills. Dr. L. A, Sheetz. Hurruli for the Farmers. Something they all need. The Excelsior Windmill Attachment and Feed Grinder, can be attached to any wind mill and is guaranteed to do the work of any feed grinder. Sample of the grinders may be seen at Matt Richardson's ware "houee on State street. Come in and see ui.. Every machine sold is guaranteed *° - Jja - or we get no pay. Jo*. r Ask Druggist for free bottle Pf, Miles' Nervine. Canada maple syrup—something fine W LANGDON & HUDSON. WANTED:—To exchange a good piece of title valued at $8.00 per acre for a western farm or town lots. Send description of what you have in vour first letter. Address, S. MEEK?, 128 Home Ave., 15-18 Dayton, Ohio. Winter Kxcursicms to Warmer Climes. Excursion tickets to Mexico,California, Georgi, North Carolina, Florida, the Gulf Coast, Texas, Hot Springs of Arkansas, and Evcelsior Springs of Missouri, now on sale by agents of llie Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway. Apply for rates and other information to the nearest agent, or address Geo. H. Heafford, . General Passenger Agent, Cuicago, 111. LITKBARY NOTES. The next number of Harper's Weekly, published January 27th, \vi)l contain two or three timely and valuable articles re- , lating to Chili and the difficulties existing between that country and the Unitea States. It will be profusely illustrated . with portraits and views of scepesm Valparaiso and Santiago, and of the Chilian ships of war. One of these articles, by Lieut, J. D. JerroldKelley. U. S..N., will be a highly interesting comparison between the navies of. Chili and the United States. • '' See the biggest lot of harness in town ft t F. 8. STOXIGB'S. All kinds of winter goods go cheap now at F. S. STOTJGH'B. Wheat Grits, Quaker Oats, Farena and all Cereals are found at LANGDON & HUDSON. A House D^wu S14e Up, Baby had % cold; Mrs. McQinnis said hot whiskey, AuntKaty, said catnip tea, Cousin Em. said rhubarb .was the tbiag, but Vlok'a True and tried friends-are always welcome, consequently "Vick'a . Floral Ouide" is sure of a warm reception, IBB* pecially when dressed as daintily as this year. The "Nellie Lewis" Carnation oft the front of cover, and ' 'Brilliant Poppies" on the back, are unusually attractive, and the nuinerous colored plates of flowers and vegetables are certainly works of art and went. The first twenty.' four pages, printed in violet ink, describe, Novelties and Specialties. Send tea cents to James Vicks Sons, Rochester. N. Y., asd procure a copy of this attractive and useful catalogue. It costs nothing, as the 'ten teats can< be deducted from tb

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