The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 27, 1892 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1892
Page 1
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Medium for Atotisil VOL, ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27, 1892. Ambrose A. Call, I>. 11. Hutchins, Win. K. Ferguson. President. Vice-President. Cashier. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $50,OOO. Money on linnd to loan at reasonable rates io parties ivlio furnish first-class security, Directors—D. H. HutchliiH. S. A, Ferguson, Philip JDorweller, \V. J?, Carter, Ambrose A. Call, C. M. Uutchtns, \Vm. K. Ferguson. A. D. Clarke, President. Chan. Chubb, Vice President. Chas. C. St. Clatr, Cashier. THE ALGONA STATE BANK. ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Directors—A. I). Clarke, C. C. Oliubb. Myron Sclifeiick, Thos. F. Cooke, W. C. Tvrrell. George Ualbwith and Cliaf. 0. St. Clalr. Money to loan nt reasonable rates and a general hanking business transacted. Exchange bought and sold In all parts of this country, and Europe. Collections a specialty. W. Ui Iiigham, J. B. President. Vice Lewis H. Smith, Cashier. KOSSUTH COUNif BAM. ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL $5O,OOO. Incorporated imder general laws of Towa. l)eposl(is received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made pr6niptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage t4ckets to or from tlie old countries sold at lowest rates. _, Directors-VV.H. Ingham, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Ohrischilles, Lewis B. Smith. J. w. Wadsworth, Barnet Devihe. ' LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carriages. West of Thorington House. M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. 'ARM LOANS We can now make loans on Improved Lands from one to ten year's time and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in due. a This ^1™^°"^^ &iW are taken/ Dt Thte plan the interest on the amount paid. Money furnished' at once on perfect ^itlef a " S&Ve H. HOXIE, Algona, Iowa. We are not in the Pool. 22 Years Experience right here in Kossuth county. We guarantee our work. Our books are not for sale/ We are here to stay. Prices reasonable. _ JONES & SMBTH, Ajgona, iowa. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. At Lacy's Old Stand, opposite Tennent House, ALGONA, IOWA. LIVERY LEWIS E. SMITH, Proprietor. SUCCESSOR TO J. G. EDWARDS. Barn south of Tennent House, ALGONA, IOWA. ALGONA MARBLE WORKS, We would call attention to tiieract that we are located here permanently, for the manufacture and sale of cemetery work In Marble, Granite and Stone. We now have and intend to keep in stock a fair line of finished Monuments, Headstones, etc,, and- will guarantee all work to be equal to the best. We are the only manufacturers of cemetery work in Kossuth Co. Therefore.please give us a call before placing your order and be convinced that by lair and honorable dealing, we ar« worthy your patronage. SHELLEY & HALL, Proprietors, East State St., Algona, Iowa. NEW ABSTRACT OFFICE. The undersigned having purchased the abstract books of C. M. Doxsee, A, D, Clarke & Co., and W. H. Nycum, are prepared to do neat and reliable work in that line at living prices. We have but one policy-thai of fair dealing and courtesy toward all. With this, supplemented by promptness, strict attention to business and none but first-class work, we trust we shall merit and receive the patronage formerly bestowed upon our worthy predecessors. Office at the old stand of C. M. Doxsee, where we will be pleased to meet and make the acquaintance of our patrons and all others who may favor us by calling. , Very respectfully, HAY & RICE, Abstractors, J. F. EDWARDS & CO. »-' POTATOES AND POULTRY A SPECIALTY, National Bank, Chicago; Porter Brothers Qo., Chicago; L. A. Talcott, Chicago; R. Q. Pun $ Co.'s Agency, Chicago, Correspondence solicited. Highest of all in Leaveniftg Power.—Latest U, S. Gov't Report. ABSOLUTELY PURE ALGONA REPUBLICAN (.Official Paper of Kossuth County and the City of Algona.) « PUBLISHED EVKKY JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year, in advance. .$1.50 One copy, six months, in advance 76 One copy, three months, in advance;....... 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. fa- Advertising Rate/*' Are reasonable and will bo maile known on application. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the BKPUBLICAN Ofllce for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed In this part, of Iowa. Steam power. THE KISPUHLICAN is an AIX HOMK PRINT paper. No objectionable patent insides. THIS ISSUE CONTAINS: ad Page — Telegraphic News, State and National. 3d—The Bancroft NEWS. 4th—Alffona Local News. 5th—Additional Algona News. 6th—The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, The "Bill Nye" Letter. 7 th-The Burt REPUBLICAN, County News, Ledyai-cl TIlttES. 8th—The Wilson Farm Department. The United States needs a larger and more powerful navy. If the Chilian war scare makos Uncle Sam see the point/ it will be a good thing that it happened. A new perfecting press, and a new jlress of4ype have done much to imprbv^fte appearance of 'the State Register. Its thousands of readers will be pleased with the new condition of things. An example of syllogism given in the democratic textbooks on logic: Speaker Reed made a certain ruling, Lieut. Gov. Poyneer made the same ruling that was made by Speaker Heed, Lieut. Governor Bestow made the 1 very same ruling that was made by both Reed and Poyneer; therefore, Bestow was right 'and Reed and Poyneer were wrong. The folio wiug from Gov. Boies'in augural address is queer talk for an official who has done all in his power to nullify and render inoperative the prohibitory law: "Of all the dangers that threaten any form of human government none are so great as those that come from a widespread disregard of law by the citizens thereof. A policy,if one is ever adopted, that for any reason, or on any pretext, will tolerate such a condition either in the state or nation will inevitably lead to anarchy and the final overthrow of the wisest and best institutions ever planned by man." 1 14 South Water St. CHICAGO, Your Magazines Bound Bring them to the REPUBLICAN OFFICE, Book IT DEPENDS. The democratic position on most questions is determined more largely by partisan interests than patriotic common sense. It depends entirely upon where the shoe pinches. When Speaker Reed made his famous ruling that a member was present in the house of representatives if he sat in his seat, voting or not voting, a howl went up from one end of democracy to the other. Loud among all the howling about "czar Reed" was heard the voice of the Iowa democracy. When Lieut. Governor Poyneer adopted the Reed ruling and declared Mr. Cliff elected clerk of the Senate by a vote of 25 to nothing, the democratic members being present but not voting, another howl floated out, upon the air from the throats of the Iowa democracy and there was more talk of "czarism." But when democratic Lieut. Gov. Bestow incorporated the Reed ruling in hia manual of .parliamentary law and declared Mr. Cliff ousted from the office of clerk and Mr. Parsons elected by a vote of 34 to nothing, the republican members being present and not voting, the howl that went up from the Iowa democracy was one of approbation. Reed, Poyneer and iBestow, all three, adopted and enforced the same identical ruling, but, according to democratic logic, Bestow was right and Reed and Poyneer were wrong. The much expected special message to congress touching upon the Chilian matter was delivered last Monday. The message was lengthy and carefully reviewed all the evidence that had been gathered upon the case and the diplomatic correspondence that has passed between the two governments. In the opinion of the president the attack upon the sailors of the Baltimore bad its origin in a feeling of hostility towards these men as United States sailors and hatred for the uniform tbatthey wore. The message had the tone of war unless Chili should apologize and was endorsed by both democrats/and republicans. When it comes to a question of national honor we have no political parties. To oust a man from an office to which he has been duly elected according to law when his only offense consists in the fact that be does not belong to the party of the majority is establishing a bad precedent, Such a precedent was established by the democratic senate of the state legislature last Thursday, Mr. Cliff was ejepted clerjj of the senate while republican kisyt. governor Poy- neer was in toe chaiy and immediately unseated, as soon aa democratic Lieut. Gov. Bestow attained t&e gavel. If the people give the action of democrats in the senate tb,eir appro?*} }t means that the electing and unseating business is to be carried on indefinitely and that there pay be & cctmplete cj»a»ge i» toe officers of the legate wbjf^u tb$ otlw* side I have a mjfejoiity 0| % opium at any meet- ;¥r, ,,«*• A YEAR OF PROSPERITY. Good crops with good prices mean good limes and plenty for all classes. 1891 was a good year for this country. Crops were the most, prolific of any year .in all our agricultural history.. .The total yield., of-wheat, command oats" iri the: United States for 1890 was 3,400,000,000 bushels,for 1891 it was 3,400,000,000 bushels. The crops of 1890 were exceptionally light and should we stop with the figures given the comparison would hardly be fair. The total yield for 1891 was 100,000,000 bushels more than that ot any previous year. It would scarcely be fair to stop with a comparison in bushels, for a big crop and low prices do not necessarily mean good times. The crops of 1889 were the most prolific of any year preceding 1891. But 1889 was a year of low prices. A comparison with the prices of last' year makes the showing for 1991 all the more favorable. In 1889 wheat was sold at 70 cents per bushel, corn at 28.8 and oats at 22.9; the 1891 prices are respectively 83.93, 40.6 and 41.46 cents, making the value of the wheat crop for 1891 to be $513,000,000 against $342,000,000 in 1889, that of the corn crop $836,000,000 against $598,000,000, and that of the oats $232,000,000 against $172,000,000 the total values being $1.582,000.000 for 1891 against $1,112,000,000 for 1889. The immense crop and good prices of 1891 have resulted in a stimulus to every departmen of business activity. The books of the various northwestern railroads show an immense increase in the TOSS freight earnings of 1891 over the previous year. When the railroads have something to carry it is a good sign of general prosperity and business activity. Who has benefitted more by the good rops and good prices of 1891 than the 'poor farmers" of Iowa. Rheumatism is like sand in bearings of machinery. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the ;reat lubricator which cures the disease. VAST TRAIN TO CHICAGO -VIA-The Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Hallway. The attention of the traveling public is called to the fast Chicago train running 'rom Watertown and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and all northwestern Iowa points via the Burlington, Cedar /Rapids and Northern, and Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railways, leaving Watertown dailo, except Sundays, at 9 a. m. Pipestone at 12:27 p.m., LuVerno at 1:25 p. m., Slou* Palls daily,«t 12:30 p. m.,Rock Rapids at 1:88 p. m., Bibley at 3:42 . m., Spirit Lake at 3:55 p. m,, istheyyUle at 4:50 p. m., Emmetsburg at 5$5 p. m., Forest City at 5:15 p, m., Garner at 5:57 p. m., Belmond at 6;47 p. m., Iowa Falls at 8:25 p. m.; connecting %t West Jjiberty with the through limited express on the Chicago, Rock l8lan<J and Pacific railway, arriving in Chicago at 7:45 a. m., making by far the best time at the most satisfactory hours of any JJiwj running between this territory ond Chicago. Pullman's latest improved buffet sleeping cars are running between Sioux Falls and Chicago on this train., fjxe return trip is made at equally time and hours. Reserva- these sleepers can be qr telegraph, to g,ny ticket _ __» ™ * ."stSJWEffSI* **• O,i " ]• J. K, Fill & Son, —Just received the finest line of— Samples IS THE LARQEflt OfanyPajerintaatft —IN— -AND- Woolens Fancy Suitings Ever received in Algoua. J. H. QUEAL & CO. LUMBER Handle only the Best Grades and sell at the! ?• Very Lowest prices. We carry a COMPLETE In All of the Different ^ will meet All Corn petition^ CKET Before you buy and we will guarantee to save you money, "J J. H. QUEAL & GO, Yard on North Side of State Street, ALGOX A, IOWA. A. ERICKSON, AGENT. * We are Not Selling Out But are already receiving & '•&$ '"His Good and expect to have more than ever. «f Largest Stock of Harn^ ever in Algona, and it will pay you to come and see it. Meanwhile we will sell all lands of Winter Goods in Boots, Shoes and Harness ^ At Bottom Prices. * ILA'NQDQN & HUDSON,H \ THE CASH GROCERS. 's Are »ow able to their customers greater tbao ever io all kj ^groceries and Provision^ We are handling 1 a Fine Mne <?f TEAS, COFFEES and 8PICB8*

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