The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1892
Page 7
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THK HKPUBUCAN, ALGONA, IOWA, WI'LI'SKSDAY, JANUARY 20, \>m. SURf, IOWA, JANtJAtiYjfe,18(>2. *' " i Office rtnd •The tsonberger brothers htttte to Our city. ' :«««« D. 8. Ford of Algona iftafl do 1 our Streets Monday. Miss Minnie Rice Was t'he guest'of Miss' Cora Paine over Sunday. .;' Frea Wilco*: enjoyed a visit,, frotn,,,his, "brother and family over Sunday.,,,,.. fienry Elvidgeleft last weekrfor, vCagO, going In with cattle and hogs. ..-,-.. G. B. Whitney was down the 'first of the weeft with an attack of the grippe. •••• Born to Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fox, 1 ' 'of Portland, January 18, a nine pburi'd girl. Mr. and Mrs. Colver have been ' n'ufh- bered among those lifllicted with the grip. G. "W. Smith oC Bancroft via,,putting, down a well for C. P. Stow ,at,hisj :j hog.. ranch. If you want a new harness, as to be ready for f-pring use, go and see Ostrander. Read his ad. Ed Chaeffee is thinking seriously of building on his lund north of towtrand 'moving onto it in Hie spring. ' l '• ' A bran now counter to beiif up 'the "weight of the Burt hotel regiRie'f;ndornis l the bar room in the Burt hotel. Mrs. Nancy McDnmilil left. Sunday 'for Dwight, III., being called there on account of the (Huh of li-jr father. If is author-illvoly stated thai; E. J. Murtaugh Ls to In: the cashier of the Burl bank. Mr. Miurl.uugh hns been Boardman Bros, bookkeeper for several .years. The "Medicine King" Catarrh Cure Co. showed in our town in Graham's hall Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings ; of last week. They gave umisnellaneous entertainment each night, gave a short lecture and then sold medicine. It proves a good time to Hell me'lioim: na there is a good many cases of grippe in the community. ,. •;, Oil meal and bnm at Omly & llallock's. THE COUNTY NEWS, for the REPUBLICAN,. should reach this office (tor fetor thrti) Tueidivy evening. Please bear, thte-Jn mind. i „. .lecommend to lt consumers .as ^eiqg-»-«H that careful packing, ^cleanliness' in-'/handling and selecting the'diff^rcpt varieties-,- and experience can make them. - Wo call s,pecialattention t,o the fojjowing goods: ' '' . Bran(V('ailf(iViil(v'Aprlcota; Yuba Hraud OiWfornia T'eaclies. \iihti l]mnd,('iLllf<>nil>L (irapesV- Yuba Want! California" Pears. .. .Yuba Draud.r/iillWrnUi <;iicities. Yuba Jirand California of tli CAN •.rj-1)on',t l nBglKet to report tl oiicli w<;('lf, We w«nt a report regularly eft'cii we«k from' every town in Kossutli 'See tii'iit 'your town 1« reported r the others. The range 6f prices are very low considering quality. There is no. better California' 'Canned Goods put up. . Obtain-; able" only o.'£ us." '". Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Ilawson visited in Whittcmore one day last week. Mrs, Peters has been numbered among the sick ones for some time, but is better at present. . Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Cotton spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs, Cotton's parents, at Burt. G. E. Williams has rented a building at Britt in which his assistant, Henry Martin, will soon open a barber shop. Stock FUKNIT,UIi'E STORE. Gecx E, Marble Lamps, irla^s^ ute & Hal lock's and chamber sets at We have ai'ew Overcoats . , AND Heavy Suits That we will close out at prices that Will please you. Call and see them. NICHOLSON & BUELL. 1 lb. package coffee. . . . . . .- . . .... . ..$ 23 7 Ibs. oatmeal ...... .. ...... ...... 25 1 package large sized yeast ......... 6 1 package small sized yeast ........ 3 1 lb. California peaches ............ 10 1 box lenox soap ................... 4 00 1 package soda. .......: ........... 7 1 lb. plug tobacco .................. 25 25 o/,s. baking powder ......... ---- 25 1 can tomatoes ..................... 10 1 qt* cranberries' ......... . ........ 10 We Sell the Goods and we can quote Prices that would astonish penny concerns. If you are you. ought to get Whitney's 1 J rices on the THE Elite Studio Is now at Burt. Aristo Cabinets, $3.00 per dozen.' Copying and enlarging a successful specialty. C. B. LONG, Photographer. ' SHOESr Hi-pairing of all kimls doiio neatly and at reasonable ruit-s. You svill find me at Whitney's hard warn sion;. Give me a Joseph Marled. —AT THE— I. L. MAYHEW, Proprietor. Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. Rev. Johnson, a Baptist ministerjfrom Corwith, preached last Sunday in the Baptist church, morning and evening. , The present cold wave makes things dull in our town, comparatively little business being done, everything is quiet. The Ladies Aid Society will meet with Mrs II. Goetoh next Thursday; the afternoon will be spent, in quilting. All rntSm- bers requested to be present. A little son of Rev. Thomas is down with the measles. It is probable there .will be'more cases of it as we understand the little fellow was feeling 'badly the last dfiy he was at school. "Miss Butler, who came in on the morning train from Emmetsburg Monday, is reported to have frozen her face and hands quite badly in attempting to walk otit-to her home some two miles north of tdwn. The funeral of Mrs. Bates, an elderly lady whose home was between this place and Rodman, took place Tuesday at the Baptist church. The funeral sermon wns preached by Rev. Thomas, the interment taking place at the Whittemore cemetery The hardware store formerly owned by A. Schmidt, now bears the firm name of Hanna & Wilson, two of our enterprising young men who have purchased the stock of goods and rented the building. Success to the new firm. Mr. Schmidt will hereafter give his entire attention to the sale of farm machinery in which he deals largely. A number of comments both favorable and unfavorable have come to our ears in regard to the action of our mayor in causing Marshal Smith to stable teams left standing in the street this cold weather. If the mayor errs in this matter at all we are glad to nee him err on the side of mercy. Perhaps he has read somewhere that "the merciful man is merciful to his beast." The farmers of this vicinity met at Schmidt's Hall lust Saturday to agitate the question of building a farmers elevator at this place. The project was very favorably received and about $1,00.0 worth ef stock was subscribed for at tie meeting and committees appointed to take charge of the matter, It is thought there will be no trouble in disposing of 200 shares at §25 each. The building of this elevator means an increase of pros perity to Whittemore and surrounding country. FENTON. : Sbine one in Teuton signing n.lmsHf • '""respondent" sent a few Items to the UKPUIU.J-'s week for ptibllcattor.. inc. lt?tns would have been very welcome had w8 known the name of the correspondent. Please refnember: all communications to the UKPUH- 'MOAK must bo signed by the author. Nothing anonymous will be accepted. If "Penton cor- j-espondenl" will write us again, signing his name, ill (irder that we may know the news to be reliable',"we will bo very glad to hear from him. ' EUITOII. Instinct In Boots. ! There seems to be an orderly in/attack in roots that cannot be accounted for. When the seed sprouts and the stem starts upward to make the trunk, one bud pushes down into the earth to form a top root. What it is that gives the order for one to push up and one to push clown is incomprehensible. But, more than this, while the top root is descending deep into the ground, as if • to anchor tho tree securely against wind and storm, other roots start to grow horizontally just beneath the surface of the ground. These surface roo,ts are at first but mere fibers. When the autumn arrives, and the leaves fall, most of these fibers die also, leaving only a few to live over, and these become permanent surface roots. We know why some live to become permanent roots, as against the thousands which die. We say they are gifted with greater vital power. They were able to get more nutrition than the others, and nutrition to some extent means vigorous life—but in what way this ordering of sorne roots to go down as anchors, and the others to spread out near the surface where food is, to act as feed' ers, is just as deep an unsolved problem a's it was hundreds of years ago.—Thomas Meehan in Philadelphia Ledger. .TAS. ttditor. LEDYARD, IOWA, JAN. 20, 1892. Data Eggs Cuttle.. . Wheat.. Flux 18 (ft .20 : .20 $0.01) .....70 $ .7(5 Corn Butter Hogs Barley ... Hay .... 25 18 & 20 •;• ."0.00 ,25@.30 .... 6.00 LKDYAKI). at his lay ice J. F. Renda —JDealer in— MercMMisfc Truth Co»t Him Uls Pulpit. Rev. Dr. Lucas was seated among a small assemblage of friends in Postmaster Thompson's room, making an honest effort to forget that the thermometer was hugging the nineties. He said, "1 once knew a minister to lose his pulpit by telling the truth." Being asked to explain lie said: "While stationed in Iowa I became acquainted with a minister who was n, forcible speaker, but was deficient in education, and occasionally committed some grave misdemeanors against the king's English. One Sunday evening, .while speaking rapidly, he committed a, gross assault on Lindley Murray. "No sooner had the sentence escaped his lips than he stopped and said: 'I am aware that my education is deficient. 1 regret that 1 did not have the advantage of good schools while a boy. If I had been more fortunate in that regard I would now be preaching to a more intelligent congregation.' The minister told the truth, but that was the last time he preached in that church."—Indianapolis News. Objects on the Colorado Desert. The atmosphere of the Colorado desert is so clear, owing to the absence of moisture, that, small objects at a great distance seem close at hand. "All sorts of illusions deceive the eye. A man far away on the plain assumes gigantic stature. Ranges of hills take on wonderful effects of color—rose, violet and yellow. Th" phenomenon of the mirage is developed on a gigantic scale. Mountains below the horizon rise into view, and vast lakes of clear \v ; ater invite the traveler to turn aside for refresmnent.- Wasliington Star. Mrs. Shipley has been ill. Say, have you seen those fancy rigs Jenks' livery ? Ed Jackson took the train Saturday for a week's visit in Boone county. Albert Orgren returned home from extended visit iu Illinois last week. Charlie Graham is beginning to plans for n. new house on his farm. James Wood.lias been filling his house for the summer consumption. Will Walton of Wesley was up in these parts the first of the week, looking at our prairie soil. fc.j Protracted meetings are in session this week. They are being conducted by Rev. Luce of Bancroft. The following town officers were appointed hist Tuesday by the board: Justice of Mie peace, F. M. Trimble; constable, Win. Behse. The Ledyard Sunday school is one of the most, wideawake in northern Iowa. It is difficult U) find room for all of them in the school house. C. A. Ordwny has the lumber on the. ground IIT his agricultural implement building. Schuyk-r Cassellman has com', menced the framing. Someoiie'plense make provision for a hall. Wr- need one badly for lodge meetings and also for church services until a church building can be erected. The school board of Springfield, Led- Groceries. A fresh stock always on hand' To suit everybody. In abundance, ready made. Hardware, A full line at bottom prices. John F. Renda!!. First class accommodations for and week boarders. First class hotel for trnvHim: "MPl F. TRIMBLE, Proprii-mr. day FiTZ & Real Estate, Loans —And-- Ledyard, Iowa. yard and Ramsay will meet the 23d. Let there be a full attendance, as there can be only one more meeting of this board. Mr. Graves commenced work on his new sigric'iiltunii building last week, but the cold weather h:is made further work impossible, The building is to be, ',24x60 with 18 foot posts. The proposed new railroad is cause for considerable talk. The surveyors were in town this week and it is now plain to all that an actual survey is'being made. There tire reasons to expect that they will strike this place, though at present they promise to cross about two miles south. The people of Ledyard ought to take steps toward building a church. The school house is no (place for gatherings, when school is in session. Ir. always leaves more or less rubbish and besides there are-those who cannot keep their lingers off the books and material, and worst of all, tobacco chewers never^think to leave 'their filly weed out of doors. As the POULTRY season is at hand I would advise those having Poultry to sell to haul them to - LED- YABD and'get the HIGHEST MARKET PRICE. JAMES WOOD, Ledyard. This space is reserved C. Dunlap & co, . J. B. CORK, Real Estate &gt. BUItT," JOWA, Good farms for sale. You will want a New HI- Harness Or you will want your old one oiled. I am now prepared to put up as good a harness as you can get anywhere. Repairing of all kinds a specialty. Bring on your harness that you want oiled and have it ready for spring nse. 0, L. OSTRATOER. W. ^DOUGLAS The REPUBLICAN does EINE JOB WORK And Guarantees Satisfaction. . Write for Samples of Job Work. Prices are reasonable. Write for Prices on Book Binding, Have your Magazines bound and preserve them, THE REPUBLICAN, ' Algona, Iowa. Scientific American Agency for Inside. he»vy three soles, exten- pair will w ' calf i no WESLKY. M. Taylor is on the street again. II. 0. Price and J. H. Ford are reported on the sick list. Mrs. W. M. Colby is unable this week to fill her place in the school room. F. M. Daniels of Corwith has sold his Kossuth county farm for $16,640. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Shronfe buried their five months old baby Sunday morn ing. J. P. Johnson makes a success of stock buying. He shipped two car loads of hogs to Chicago Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. F. Scheblack have returned to their home in Minneapolis, after a visit of some weeks, with, the family of E. Kunz. A, Rahtn of ' Prairie township came very near losing his foot in a, hay press a few days ago, H[e thought) himself fortunate in escaping with two broken toes. Oscar Am, a brakeman on the O, M. & 3t. P. Ry., under circumstances not fully ascertained, had one foot cut off by the cars three-fourths of a mile east of this place Saturday evening. He was not discovered by the passenger which, follow ed his train nor missed by his own train for some time. When found he was taken to Algona, Ozzy was a Wesley boy and his old acquaintance greatly regret his misfortune. SENECA, ' Will Hamilton started lor a pleasure trip to Chicago last Saturday evening. Grant Hamilton has started bis corn sbeller. He shells at one and a half cents, A social bop was enjoyed at Barney Conley's last Thursday night and one also at W», J&rr's Friday nigbt. John &it»e returned from a trip to 8lf0kfaawk county Tuesday ispvvbere fee hj$ been visiting relatives ajjd friends. They Were In the Cemetery. A certain man in Lima is the fond father of four young Americans. He desired to move, this month, but found that desirable quarters could only be secured by families without children. He finally strategy, and finding a house that suited him, called on the agent. "Have you any children'r" inquired the agent. "1 have, sir, there are four out in the cemetery." "Oh, that's too bad. Well, you may have the house." A few days after that the diplomat moved in. The agent passed by, and noticing several children in the yard, stopped and took the man to task. '" "1 thought you Raid your children were in the cemetery?" "So they were, sir. 1 sent them there to fix up our lot the day 1 rented the bouse."—Lima (O.) Daily Times. EI.MOHE, Minn., Jau. 16, 1892. Came tc ray place aliout ihe 20th of Dec. Hist, 1 yearling nud white. Tlu; (ivvnur will please come and pay keeping aud take away. * P. J. UNDEHDAIIL. for Ledyard Livery, —And— SALE Feed "0! how I dread to gee my hair turning gray," is a remark made by so many ladies. If they only knew that 75 cents invested in one bottle of Beggs' Hair Renewer would not only check it at once, but give it a luxurious and glossy appearance, we know that they would not hesitate to buy. We guarantee every bottle Sold by F. W. Dinglcy, You may cough and cough and cough and cough and cough but you will not, Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jenks, Ledyard, Iowa. if you take De sumption Cure. Witt's Cough and Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Con- We carry a full line of Millinery Goods, Hat Feathers, Ribbons, Laces, etc, Is a constitutional auil not a local disease, and therefore it cannot bo cured by local applications. It requires a constitutional rem- .edy like Hood's Sarsaparilla, which, working "through the Wood, eradicates the impurity which causes and promotes the disease, and Catarrh effects a permanent cure. Thousands of people testify to the success of Hood's Sarsaparilla as a remedy for catarrh when other preparations had failed. Hood's Sarsaparilla also builds up the whole system, and makes you feel renewed in health and strength. Catarrh "I used Hood's Sarsaparilla lor catarrh, aud received great relief and benefit from it. The catarrh was very disagreeable, especially iu the winter, causing coustuut discharge from my nose, ringing noises in my ears, and pains in tlie back of my Ixead. The effect to clear Catarrh my Uead iu the morning by hawking and spit* ting was painful. Hood's Sarsaparilla gave me relief immediately, while iu time I was entirely cured. I *m never without Hood's Sarsaparilla iu my house as 1 tliiuk it is wortli its weight to gold." |f»s, G. B. GIBB, 1029 Eighth Street, N. V7.,WasWngton, D. C. Hood's Sarsaparilla gold by all druggists. $J; gljftprjli. Prepared ouly 0.1. HQOD & CO., 4^9<fesc*rie8, lowell, Maw. 100 Poses One Dollar Bed Suits Delivered at Ledyard —AT— 6 and $2O Four Foot Beds. We offer Special Sales until after Holidays. We are reafly to Please the Pule, A. E. Kegley. Hardwood, -1 foot 6 inches, high, $2.50 Hard wood beds, 3 feet, high, $2.00 Antique finish. They are dandies for the money. Special prices for large amounts. We keep the best pillows. Gordon's furniture Store, ELMORE, - - MINNESOTA. C. A. ORDWAY Dealer iu Coal and Hay Ledyard, Iowa. Wishes to say to the public that he will be prepared to do a large amount of saeal *ad, feed, —Send your order for-JOB WORK to the REPUBLICAN, Write tor Samples and Prices. During the coming season, and that be will buy CATTLE, PAT HQ&S AND STQQKBR8 1>OBSON & GILES, Blacksmlthlng, Wagon Work, Carriage Painting. JLetlyard, - - •> Iowa* Free A 1 Sample Copy of St. Life, a finely illustrated, f nony paper, and a beautiful water-color $$M* ing for the parlor. Bend ten cents ift stamps to ST. Louw IdPJts, 448 506 Oliver St. St. Louie, Ma- LEGAL BLANKS EVERYWHERE CO id get

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