The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 20, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1892
Page 5
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TItK KKITOLKMN-, AU4ONA, IOWA, WKl.NKSDAY, l/i A At&ULAR* PROOF SAFE. ,l)escrtt>tiou of the & Urban Safe at the .State fcattlt, A few' weeks ago the JM'tiliticA oetiasitin to mention the new Mac nettle & Urban bin-Rial- ptoof safe With non-lock-out time attachments •and automatic devices for operating , 'the bolt work. We were recently of- fofded the privilege of examining this safe by Cashier St.Olair who kindly explained its construction and the automatic devices with which it is fitted. Thinking that our* subscribers would be interested in knowing something of of the construction and appliances of of a modern burglar proof safe we venture a brief description of this one with the permission of Mr. St. Clair. We believe it to be the most complete safe manufactured in all that goes to defeat the burglar and reduce fithe danger of robberies to the minimum of a possibility. The safe was sent here by Messrs. Wood & Harris, Sioux City, general, agents for the" Macneale & "Urban Safe #,nd Lock Company, in competition with u Hall safe fitted "With a "Wooley Automatic Device," and although the Hall safe was the larger of the two it was shipped back to the manufacturer and the Macneale & Urban safe retained in its stead at a greater cost. The State Bank people Jare quite enthusiastic over the safe and are convinced that they have tiie best burglar proof safe manufactured. By way of preface to a description of the safe and the time lock devices with •which it is fortified it might be ^ell to say that safe building has undergone quite a revolution in the last few years. The professional safe cracker will now go through a door in about thirty minutes that was considered burglar proof a few years ago. He has discarded giant powder for dynamite and nitro glycerine. The modern burglar proof safe must be a marvel in construction in order to defy the -modern burglar. The new safe in the State Bank weighs 3650 pounds and is composed entirely of steel. The walls and door of the new State Bank sale are constructed of five separate plates of steel each plate composed of five alternate layers of hard •and soft steel. The hard steel plates •are intended to resist the' drill of the burglar while the soi't layers give strength to the door and render it practically indestmctable from any charge of dynamite that could be exploded with safety in a bank building. The several plates or layers of which the safe door is constructed are fastened together by means of a large number of steel screws, no single screw pr; s Hg through more than two phi v. a . u'he screws are composed of both hard and •soft steel, the soft metal running around the screw in the form of a -spiral. When the burglars drill encounters one of these screws it naturally follows the softer metal with the result. i that the drill is broken. The •door is. practically safe from the drill of the 'burglar. The manufacturers guarantee that it cannot be drilled by any means known to the burglar within a period of thirty-six hours. Burglars sometimes shatter a safe door by introducing nitre-glycerine around the edges of the door. ' It is necessary to a burglar-proof safe that the door should fit so tightly that a liquid. explosive could not be intro- 'duced. '-. The safe we are describing is fitted with a jack-screw contrivance upon the outside of the door, capable of exerting a pressure of thousands of pounds upon the door and forcing it home so tightly against felt and rubber padding that the introduction of any fluid explosive is rendered absolutely .impossible. The door will not lock until it has been forced home into position. The bolts of the ordinary safe are •made to play within the door. The hole necessary for the bolts is a source •of weakness to the door, and a point .at which the burglar directs his drill. The bolts of the Macneale & Urban •safe are fastened upon the back of the safe door. In case of accident to the eecohd timer it is still pOBsiblrto open the Safe by means of hammering upon the door, A piece of tnetttl' fg-*8tts- pended against the back frfot the door and - is so arranged that, it Will rebound from concussion and Operate a mtchet, which Rraduaily throws the bolts. No amount of hammering npon the safe door will have any effect, however, as long a ,s the timers are running. In case the burglar is successful in petting through the outer door of the safe at the State Bank th^cash is still as secure from his reach as it would be if locked up in an ordinary safe. The valuables within the safe are still guarded by a steel door, fitted with a combination lock like the ordinary safe. We believe the State Bank has a safe that is proof against all of the burglars in christiandom. It is a beauty in finish and cost in the neighborhood of a cool $1,000. •'>• No healthy person need fear dunger- ous consequences from an attack of la grippe if properly treated. It is much the same as a severe cold and requires precisely the same treatment. Remain quietly at home and take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy ns directed lor a severe cold and a .prompt and complete recovery is sure to follow. This remedy also counteracts tiny tendency of hi grippe to result in pneumonia. Among the many thousands who have used it during the epidemics of the past two years we have yet to learn of a single case that has not recovered or that has resulted in pneu monia. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by Dr. L. A. -Sheetz. ^^^^^^"'•'^••••••••••••MMHMIII^MH^HHHi^M^HMM^HMMi^^^^^^^^^M *** D£A 1 FlE» Whittemore, + Iowa. I Why had Eve no fear of the measles? Because she'd Adam (had'em). CHEAP—One-thousand dollars will buy a good residence on Thorington street in Aigona. _ H. A. CLOCK. What is the political character of a, water-wheel? Ilevolutionary. I want you to understand John Henry, that you aint to drink that Haller's Snr- saparilla all up, I got it for pap and me. Pap he sez—mam—you go down and git —bottle of Haller's Sarsaparilla & Burdock and will git over feeling so tired and bad and git rid of all them pimples. So let that alone now—For sale by Dr. L. A. Sheet/,. Which is the most moral musical instrument? An upright piano. Our experience covers many ills, many pills and many bills. Qur ills are smaller our pjlls are smaller an'd our bills are smaller when we use De Witts Little Early Risers. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Be- .door, and in order to reach the bolt work the burglar must send his drill through the entire door— twenty-five layers of steel. The time lock attachment and the automatic devices for moving the bolt work are ingenious mechanical con- After the door Las been Why is love like a canal boat? cause it's an internal transport. What measure are you taking to stop thatcouglu? Let us suggest De Witt's Cough and Consumption Cure. It is infallible. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Why is Canada like courtship? It borders on the United States. For Neuralgia use Dr. Miles 1 Nervine. What is better than to give credit to whom it is due? Give the cash, Ignorance of the merits of De Witt's Little Early Risers isa misfortune. These little pills regulate the liver, cure headache, dyspepsia, bad breath, constipation and biliousness. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. WANTED:—To exchange a good piece of title valued at $8.00 per acre for a western farm or town Jots. Send description of what you have in your first letter. Address, S. MEEKS, 123 Home Ave., 15 - 18 Dayton, Ohio. What composer is most noted of modem times? Chloroform. Recommended l>y the Queen. This is what all English people say about whatever they have, to sell. In America however it's "the verdict of the people" that Haller's Barb Wire Liniment is the most successful remedy for cuts, bruises, and sores eyer introduced. For sale by Dr. L. A. Sheetz. What are the many wrinkles in a merchant's forehead ? Trademarks. Koine 1'eople ;fpre&d. home to position, a motor is set in wotion by the machinery of the and the bolts are thrown, se- locking the door. The motor transmits its power by means of a screw $nd is capable of exerting a pyessure of 4§P pounds. Many bands' bare hesitated to puiv »a time lock safe on account of toe danger ot a lockout, If by any accident tbe timer stops running the contents ol the safe are as secure from the banker as the burglar. By means <rf a simple contrivance constructed <w|tU the principle in, view that a liam* eft if held against one aide of a mass ' metal will rebound froni tbe effects the concussion proOu-oedi by striking •upon the opposite side of the metal, the Mf e is secured against tbe poseibil- **- -* a Wtouj;, It la fl"- J -• timers and Allow a cough to run until H gets beyond the reach of medicine. They often say, "Oh, it will wear away ," but in roost cases it wears them away. Could they be induced to try the successful called Kemp's Balsam, which is sold on a positive guarantee to cure, they would immediately see the excellent effect after taking the first dose. Price 50c. and f 1. Trial size free. At all Druggists'. What did the muffin, say to the toast- fork? You're two pointed. HKAK YE! HKAK __. All persons knowing themselves indebted to me are hereby notified tbat they must call and settle either by cash or bankable note before the 1st of January or it will be put into the bands of a lawyer for collection. Q. 31. HOWARD. It you are wanting a f«r robe see StougbV stock before you b«y. How CAB you, get a new set of teeth In- sorted gratis? Kick » frstfl dog. Bronze f urfeeys for sale, Very fine large si*e, at sections U£T<4i. Mw ftoa see us or write us. U A. BBOK W"»7 Forpythe, IOWA. Horse blankets it reduced rates & f, Ladies and Oentleznezi. ; ;V jww J^n Ve ^-^a nd r a «?* ^ ° aps Whicl1 * am going to sel1 off at Cost for tteJNtoxt 30 Days Only. ^ AJWBOYS-I will sell them all 30 per cent Off regular prices. This is not a sham sale, they must wld, mi I will not carry them over. Our prices are cash only. Sale begins'.^m^ 16,' 1892, ,and Continne Come all who want a GOOD CAP CHEAP. also offer for the next 30 days some bargains in Flour. below all competition. Here I quote some prices on Flour. This is all Minnesota Flour~ High Sift Patent - - . $1 . 35 Janitana Patent - Straight Flour - - - $1.10 Come andget a trial sack of my Flour and be convinced of its good quality and buy your Winter and Summer Flour and SO cts. on Eletolx 1OO $1.30 The following prices on sugar are with a general order of goods: Granulated Sugar - - 221bs, $1.00 B Sugar - ••--•' TEA—Japan ~ 25, 30 and 50'cts. 24 Ibs. $LOO If you are in need of a WATCH or a CLOCK, in fact if you need anything in O Sugar 26 Ibs. $1.00 COFFEE-G-ood Bulk 20,25 and SOcts Come in. - We also do all kinds of While in town do not .forget to come in and see our 5, that will save you 50 to 70 percent. Everything I sell is as Low as the Lowest. On Short Notice and at Reasonable Prices. 10,,. I5 and 20 cent Counters as we have bargains on them Not E. BEATTIE, Whittemore. Iowa. You don't want a torpid liver. You don't want a bad complexion. You don't want a bad breath. You don't want a headache. Then use De Wi&t's Little Early Risers, the famous little pills. Dr. L. A, Sheetz. If you want the best Baling Press in the world,write Collins Plow Co.,Quincy, Illinois, for catalogue and prices.' 7tf Sanitarium crackers at LANGDON & HUDSON. ^Breakfast Cocoa is very nice Langdon & Hudson, have it. ''Asthma cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure. A choice line of fresh at Hudson & Langdon's. teas and coffees Good mittens Stough's. cheaper than ever at Hurrah fop the Xtu-merg. Something they all need. The Excelsior Windmill Attachment and Feed Grinder, can be attached to any wind mill and is guaranteed to do the work of any feed grinder. Sample of the grinders may be seen at Matt Richardson's ware house on State street. Come in and see us. Every machine sold is guaranteed to work or we get no pay. Jos. HUGI & BROS., MATT RICHARDSON, Algona. 7-84 Agent. E. J. Gilmore, M $ —Headquarters for+ LAMPS, + Sets, Water Sets, 1 JOHN SHARP, SHoemafcer, Boots and shoes made to order. Repalrinc a specialty. A large stock of ladies and men's slippers and warm shoes lust received. A gent for Sharp's KureKa Leather Pi'eserva- tlve—the liest shoe dressing in the market. (Shop next to Beading Boom) Legal blanks at Republican office. the HARDWARE :R.;-: HARDWARE Hot Water Heaters ^k.n<i !*li*mt>ing' a Specialty. —If you want— GOOD GOODS ~AT~ LOW PRICES i OWTIMCES. For Stoves I am handling the justly celebrated Monitors + and + Bucks. WMch have no equal in Economy and Durability. A SP»B3OI^U Just received another car of Sleepy* Eye + Flour. E. J. Gilmore YOST ^fl- ilV* >.*££ No Ribbon. Permanent AUj Durability. Send for Descriptive Catalogue. CEO. H, SMITH & CO, MltT A, HOLUABAMCH, .j.

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