The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1892
Page 7
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Burt BtfRf, IOWA, JANUARY 18, 1892. JHJHT MOMJa JjfMWSi Lev! Hodgson is very"poorly these days. Carpenter work on the batik building "Was resumed Tuesday. *, Mrs. Jerry Harris of Wancoma, Iowa, is visiting ho brother G. B. Whitney. Jao. Megs returned last week from a Visit with iiis family in Audubon, Iowa. If you arc going to build Whitney "wants you to get his prices on the hardware, A bran new boy came last week to gladden the home of Mr. and Mrs. August Markgraf. Old lady Chaoffec left Wednesday last lor Howe.ll, Michigan, for a stay with her two oldest sons, S. J. O'Neill's now residence is in the hands of Frank Allen these days who is doing the plastering. Rev. Forsyihe is still holding meetings at Buffalo. When discontinued at Buffalo they will commence here. Osmer Callahan who has been working for some time past in our city, at the carpenter trade, left Thursday for Fresno, California-Mrs. Fred Wiloox was taken dangerously ill with heart trouble Monday. At the present writing—Tuesday noon—she is reported belter. Rev. Forsyihe lias been holding revival meetings at Buffalo which has been biass- ed with about twenty-live conversions. and still the meetings go on with unabated interest. .Joseph Markel on Monday moved his stand into Whitney's hardware store where he invites you to come andleehim when you have anything in the bootand shoe line that you want mcucled. He is a good workman. Last week was a hard week in Burt for accidents. TomFinuel and Oscar Naudain were the unfortunate. Tom Finnel while loading a car with baled hay, Friday moruiug got his collar bone split by falling out of the car backwards falling on the side of his face and shoulder. His hay hook in somo way gave way letting him fall and he was unable to save himself. He was taken immediately to Dr. Beane's office and treated by Dr. Beane, and took the morning freight for Algona. It is a hard blow to Mr. Finnel but with no backsnt ho will come but of it all right and will probably be as good a man as ever. It will Iny him up however for ,some time. The accident that befell Mr. Naudain is still worse as he suffers the •loss of his left hand. He was some six or seven miles west of here running a clover huller and long towards evening got his band caught in the cylinder. lie was brought to Burt as soon as possible, but the ride was a long one and it took con- "siderable grit on the part of Mr. Naudain to stand it, but he proved equal to the task. Dr. Beane look what there was of hand off at the wrist, and he was taken to the Mayhew house .for the night. He was able to take the freight Saturday morning for his home in Algona. It is a sad blow to Mr. Naudain as lie depends upon the work of his hands for the support of himself aud family. Our experience covers many ills, many pills and many bills. Our ills are smaller our pills are smaller and our bills are smaller wbpn we'iise De Witts Little Early .Risers. Dr. L. A. Sheet/. A, A, Beane, A, M M Mv.D,' Office and residence one door west of POST OFFICE. Reported by Special Cori-espOndenta. P«b»*he«' more outside and surroundin putillshed Calif. Canned (roods. "We recommend this brand of Canned Goods to consumers as being all that careful packing, cleanliness in handling and selecting the different varieties, and experience can make them. We call special attention to the following goods: Yuba Hmnrl California Apricots. Yuba ]Jrand California readies. Yuba Hi-ami Odllfonim ({rapes. Yuba Brand California Poars } Him Hmtui California (Hiorrlos. Yuba Bfatid California Kgg Plums. The range of prices are very low considering quality. There is no better California Canned Goods put up. Obtainable only of us. Cady & Hallock. COOK'S FURNITURE STORE. Geo. E n Marble SELLS 1 lb. package coffee £ 23 7 Ibs. oat meal 05 1 package large sized yeast. .'.'.'.'.'.'. . ~Q 1-- package small sized yeast 8 1 lb.-California peaches 10 1 box lenox soap 4 00 1 package soda ". 7 1 lb. plug tobacco 25 25 o/,s. baking powder '. 25 1 can tomatoes '. 10 1 ql. cranberries 10 We Sell the Goods and we can quote Prices that would astonisli penny concerns. THE Elite Studio Is now at Burt. Aristo Cabinets, $3.00 per dozen. Copying' and enlarging a successful specialty. C. B. LONG, Photographer. —AT THE— CJigarjclippings at the cash store. New goods on the 5c. counter at & Hallocks. Cady Yuba Brand California canned at the cash store. goods We have a few Overcoats AND Heavy Suits That we will close out at prices that will please you. €all and see them. NICHOLSON & BUELI,. I. L. IAYHEW, Proprietor. Gopd Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. T • 1<e GOING TO BUILD? you ought to get 's, Prices on the of we at Cold weather comes pretty late this winter and sales on winter goods have been ptetty slow, and now to make them move we will make close prices on Blankets, Robes, * Bells. You can well afford the above goods at the price I will quote you, I have on hand everything in the Harness Line Come and see me when you intend purchasing. 0, L. OSTBAWDBB, The REPUBLICAN does FINE JOB WORK And Guarantees Satisfaction. Writ* for Samples of Job Work, Pliees ftra .?'"'.; |»o Hafteroft NEWS see WRe 3. fn,-?i,V.°i! { ' {RSPO> " )KNTS '-All uoiWHnen fmi. it Ul JPtmuoAN should reach this office this In mind* 1 " iuesdny evening. Please bear '!'<> <:orl-esjiomlojits of tlic nKVllllLt- :— Don't nesrlect to report, the market* w<!lt. \Vetrnnt, a report i-»- ff »il.«rly C!i«!)i wiiofe from overy town in Kommt.ii County. Sec that your town is reported with the others. "WHITTJSMOBJS. Miss Minnie Newman is teaching near Ledyard. Geo. Boyle returned from Wisconsin last week. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Samson were over to Algona Tuesday. Itev. V. C. Thomas is holding meetings at Cylinder this week. Kev. Robert Carroll took Thursday mornings train for Marathon. Mrs. A. D. McGilloray of Spencer visited friends in Whittemore the first of the week Kev. Foulstech and wife were made happy by the arrival of a wee daughter, last Tuesday. Miss Zbra Newman aud Miss Polly Bates joined the M. E. church on probation last Sunday morning! The Ladies Aid Society will meet Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Goetch, all members requested to be present. Mr. A. F. Bacon started .Wednesday morning for his home at Manilla, Iowa. Mr. Bacon's many friends will regret his departure from this place. Miss Lizzie Fleece of Lake City arrived in Whittemore last Friday evening. Miss Fleece is keeping books for, her brother-iii law, Mr. Corry Ridgeway. J. E. Bfattie.the bargain merchant, has a good si/.ed advertisement in the RE- I'UUMCAN this week to which tile attention of all Whittemprites and all others who trade in Whittemore is called; PORTLAND. Miss Anna Lyons is visiting friends in Palo Alto county. There is to be a spelling school at the Grover school house next Friday evening. And now we want a blacksmith. There is a good opening for a first class blacksmith here. Miss Maude Gingery has returned from Garner and is teaching the school in the Owen district. Buffalo Fork is to have a grocery store. The lumber is on the ground and work willbegiu as soon as possible. Rev. Forsythe will give a lecture at the church Wednesday evening, January 20. Subject, "Life in .Libby Prison." Admission 25 cents, children 15. The funeral of Mrs. Calkins, an aged lady, occurred today. She had been a sufferer for a number of years. The remains were interred in the Portland cem etcry. The revivals at the M. E church are to be continued this week. Dr. Howe, of Ramsay, has been assisting Rev. Forsythe the past week. There is a growing interest in the meetings. There is a good attendance and a great many have been converted. Twenty united with the church on probation Saturday evening. Through justice, to the Portland boys we wish to say that we think the Bancroft News has been misinformed as to the perpetrators of the deeds referred to in the last issue, as the boys have been in regular attendance at the meetings and have been very attentive and gentlemanly. Your correspondent was present on- the evening in question, (in fact every evening since the meetings began) and failed to hear any shots flred. , Thos. IVesnell returned. Saturday from bis trip to Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robinson mourn the death of their infant boy. R. P. ChnphHitid C. L. Puller have'pur- chased the hay barn in irvington. E. Flint of Britt, is assisting George Frink in th c warehouse of Bedder Bros Mrs. Z. S. Barrett went to t>e« Moines last Wednesday to have his eyes treated. Mis. C. B. Dagget lias gc-ne to Mason City lo spend a few weeks with her son B. B. Diiggd Frank Hume went to Guttcnberg,Iowa, last week'lo purchase u new supply of lumber for his yard. Mr. Kcrnnn sent, two car loads of fat cattle to Chicago last week. His sou Frank wont with him. School opened Monday with a fall attendance. Mr, Soi'etvson the new principal, is a graduate of she Ames Agricultural College. Miss P(;itibono reliwru'd to her school labor Monday morning looking contented and chmy as usual. Evidently her va cation lias been a restful one. Wt'sley hud art addition to hur population in I In: pi'i'son of (i yout)i of tender age who iook up his abode with Mr. and Mrs. Thus. Atkinson last wuek. The grijipi; luts inniiu ifn nppcaratice in Wesley. Two or tlircu muniliersi of Fred Anderson'.s I'mnily >in: .said i« be sulfering from tin: u!it;oml'or!ab)c; !);usu. Miss Muliel Colby i;iiU;ri.nintd '11. number (}( her \onng fr'u-iufa last Friday even- •ing, mid Flora (Jullagiicf miuic her lit.tle friiuuis h.-ipiiy willi ,t siniihir uiiterlaiu- inent Salurdiiy i-veiiing. The scho'jl lnuud has Jilted: up a very comfortable recitation room- nut of the former i-iiiriinct; hall to Hie fteUool house and provide,! a new cntnmcu hull by an addition lo tim souih side of the building The siin-i-iN am ulinosf. as full of loaded hay racks as i hey .were during The sum- mar and full. Hay brings n good price find farmers •„(•>• plueing fr'on tliw uuirket as rnpiiHy MS .iliort days ami rough roads will pel-mil. •TAS. Kditor. LEDYARD, IOWA, JAN. 18, 1892. Oats 18 ot .20 Corn ir, Butter.'.'! Cattle ....... $0,00 Hogs.... Wheat ........... 73 Barley . $ .70 Hay.;... 18 25 tf> 20 TO. Oft 0.00 LKDYAJU). np,* t Trim J. F. Rendai General in- Mrs. II. Wilson Suudayed at Bancroft. Parker took a Is a constitutional ;uid not a loc:il disease, andtlici-ni'oroitcannc.tbc cured by loeal: applications. It requires ;:, coiif.titutiuuat remedy Iil<o IIood'K S:u-sap:irill:i, which, working through the blood, er::tllciitcs the impurity, which causes mill promotes the cUsense; and- Cfiocts a perniiuu'nt eiire. Thousaudij. of people testify to Hie jmecess of Hood's Sarsa- parill:i as ;i remedy for caturrh wlicu other prejiaviitioiis luicl inili-d. Hood's S;n-K!p;irilla also builds up (he whole system, and makes you feel, renewed in health and strength. " I used Hood's S-u-sapfivilla for eatarrh. and received yn;;it rohyf ai:d benefit from It. Tlio cjit:irrli was very ilisag-n-eablc, especially hi the winter, canning const;:'.:! Oischarge from my nose, rhigiiiK noises iu i::y («ars,.anct pains in the back of my head. Thc effect to clear BltMll SWEA The Baptitss have been holding revival meetings for the past week. Albert Ogren of Ledyard, visited with friends in Swea oyerSunday. Capt. R, E. Jeanson is home from a three weeks stay in New Yorki Miss Emma Smith spent Saturday and Sunday at her homo in Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Hokenson rejoice over a son of medium weight born to them on January 4th. A. Bergstroin and family departed for Chicago last week where they will make their future home. Charlie Osburn of Blackhawk county, made a short visit with his cousin Mrs. E. Bravender, last week. We understand that Nils Anderson has bought the Saldin farm which he has been farming the past yeaj\ Looks much like Nils was preparing for leap year. is a baker a faithful friend? He is ft friend in knead. Np healthy person nee4 fear dangerous consequences from an attack of la gripp^ if properly treated. It is much, the same as a severe cold and, requires precisely the sawe treatment. Remain quietly at home and take Chamberlain's Cough Jlemedy as directed for a severe cold and a prompt and complete recovery is sure to follow. This jseaxedy also counteracts any tendency of 1» grippe to result in pneumonia. Among tUe many thousands who have used it during the Sp44emifiB, of the past two ye^a we my head in the morning by hawking and splt> ting was painful. Hood's Savsnparilla gave- me relief immediately, while in time I was! entirely cured. I tun never without Hoocl's'' S:irsjiparllla in my house as 1 think it is worth' Its weight in gold." Mns. G. B. GIBB, 1020' Eighth Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. i Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists, gl; stxfoi-ga. Prepared only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. Doses One Dollar Go-to th© Republican and get prices on book binding. F. Broad well and Mr. trip to Algona Tuesday. Arthur Lathi-op was up from Winneb ago City, the first of the week. The Ladies Aid Society meets with Mrs. P. Green Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Rev. Luce announces a series of meetings at this place, beginning next Mon day evening. A nephew of C. A. Ordway from Chicago hap come to Ledyflrd to work at the carpenter trade. J'no. Beckman returned, Wednesday from'his holiday visit nnd is at Work in the store again as genial and good uatur- ^d'HH ever. Mr; iwi\ Mrs. S. H. Gfannia of Mankato, mid-Mr, and Mrs. Morton Ilohinson of Vevnon-Centre, have heeu visitixg with the Ilend-aH sisters the past, week. Despite the cold weather the carpenters continue work upon the new drug store building. Arrangements are being made for considerable building as soon as spring opens. E. 0. Fitz and wife arrived from Man-, son Tuesday evening with the intention of making Ledyard their future home. They occupy rooms over J. S. Kendall's store for the present. Monday morning J. Alsup's team started for a little run with 'a wagon and hay rack. They were caught down by tiie stock yards having left the wagon at different places along the route. "0! how-I dread to see my hair turning gray, "'is a remark made by so many ladies. If they only knew that 75 cents invested in one bottle of Beggs' Hair Renewer would cot only check it at once, but give it a luxurious and glossy-appearance, we know that they would not hesitate to buy. We guarantee every bottle Sold by F. W. Dingley. Jack Coupon, Jr.—Why don't you say you will be a sister to me? Miss Hunter—Because I am going to be your stepmother, Jackie. Yoir may cough and cough and cough and cough a-nd cough but you will not, if you take Be Witt's .Cough' and Consumption Cune. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Groceries. A fresh stock always on hand Dry Goods. To suit everybody. , Olothing. In abundance, ready made. Hardware. A. full line at bottom prices. John F. RertdaSI. day First class accommodations for and week boarders. First class hotel for trnvcli!.!.r oiistom. F., Proprietor. FITZ & LOihSC Real Estate, Loans —And— Ledyard, LOOK--HERE As the POULTRY season is at hand I would advise those having Poultry to sell to haul them to LED- YABD and get the HIGHEST MARKET. PRICE. . . JAMES WOOD, Ledyard. How can you tell a young fowl an old one?. By the teeth (Your not the fowl's). from own, It is an established fact that Do Witt's Little Early Risers have an enormous saie, and why?: Simply because they areplesant in taking and happy in results. A pill for the multitude. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Why is a dead hen better than a live one '!. She will lay wherever you put her. Peerless for the Complexion. Rozodoro, made from a secret French formula, has been iu use over one hundred years; "Its whitening properties are marvelous," writes Mrs. S. B. Cookins, of Washington, D. C. Removes Tan, Sunburn, Pimples, Freckles, Blackheads, and clears the skin of all impurities. Price 75 cents. Try a bottle. Sent free on receipt of price, iu plain wrapper so it cannot be told. Address, The Rozodoro Co., South Bend, Ind. Agents wanted. This space is reserved -FORG. Dunlap & co, Ledyard LiYery, Feed -And— Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jenks, Ledyard, Iowa. WHY is THE W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THEMONEYP Itis a seamless shoe, with no taoks or wax thread to hurt the feet; made ot the best flue calf, stylish owl easy, and because we vuOat wore shoes ofthia ~~.A.U, ----- ..-.i --------- ^ ------- ... _aoe , torn-made <BO 30 --..-.„ 9v* and Letter seamless, smooth ' -'iuedge. One'" >2. ..IM» $2 ibis vricS; lOwautaBlIoefr , _..aors. llailroad Men ..aall wear them; ttueoalf, beavy three aoles, exten* weftr A ye&r. lib better shoe ever offered at lal will coavlaca thow "and service. ./orkiiiKiuan'0 shoes «Dd dura we. Those wltQ rill wear no other make. w JHU73 school shoea le toys everywhere; I 1ng sales sl^ow, •. ... RIFLES -Send your order for— JOB WORK to the REPUBLICAN, Write lor Samples] and Prices, Scientific American Agency for We carry a full line of Millinery Ooods, Hat Feathers, Ribbons, Laces, etc. We offer Special Sales until after Holidays, f e are ready to Please tfte Public. A. E. Kegley. C.A. ORDWAY, Dealer in COAL and HAY, Ledyard, Iowa. Wishes to say to the public that -Jig will. be prepared to do a large amount of ^ffi^sfS5m»«%a^ass the public by a notice gtveu free of cb«w> to toa gtimtmc Laraeflt* wona,' i maa During the coming season, and, will buy FAT HOGS AND DOBSON & GILES, Blackemlthlng,. Wagon Work" Carriage Painting. Life, ft flady paper, and a beautiful stamps to I

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