The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1892
Page 5
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THE KKl'UBUCAX, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1892. IOABD Minutes of the Regular Meeting, 1 892 ALGONA, Ta. f Jan. 4, 1892,-The Sottrd of Supervisors met in regular session at 1 v. M. The new members, H. 0. Hollenbeck and J. O. Rawson, having qualified according to law, lake their seats as supervisors* The board organ too by electing Qeo. H. Peters'chairman for the ensuing year. On motion, the bonds of the following county and township officers were approved In the following amounts: T. H, Lantry, county treas., $50,000. J. B. ITottus. county auditor, $8,000. J.G.Graham " sheriff, 5,000. B. F. Reed, " &npt., $1,000. John H. Beckman, twp clerk, Ledyard, $500. W. I 1 . Jenkinson twp clerk, Union, $500. A. L. Hudson, twp constable, Bancroft, $500. ' August Mathews, twp " Hebron, $500. T. G. Dal ton, '' " Algona, $500. R. Jain, twp J. P., Portland, $500. IT. L. Simmons, J. P. LuVerne, $500. J. IT. Morrillcld, J. P., Ramsay, $500. L. A. SheoU, coroner, $500. C. A. Tellier, county surveyor, $1,000. On motion, the appointment of J. E. McEnroe as deputy sheriff of Kossuth county was approved. Moved, seconded and carried that the bonds not approved bo left with the auditor for correction. On motion, the county auditor was instructed to procure the necessary locks nnd keys for thu county jail. On motion, the claim of Bertha Carey, county superintendent, for $20 subscription to tho\,Kossuth County Teacher was not SuSwed.-,. On motion, the claimsj of the trustees and clerk of Riverdjile township for board allowed. On motion • health 4 "• , rae re port ( rk was not f the county treasurer of fees collected in 1893, of $48.05, was accepted and placed on file. At 5:30 the Board ;adjourned to 9 A. M., Jan. 5. Jan 5, 9 A. 31.—Board met pursuant to adjournment. Members all present. . On motion, the following named persons were appointed special tax collectors for the several towns, subject to the approval of the county treasurer: Geo. Boyle, "Whitteraore. Obed Robinson. Wesley. O. B. Kline, Lu Verne. Geo. V. Davis, Sr., Bancroft. D. A. Haggard, Algona. Resolved that the 'tax against the persons on the list presented by the f county treasurer ;>s unavailable tax be * declared unavailable. • Resolution adopted. On motion, the bill of Thomas Hen derson for lepairing the Studer Lane and Manley bridges was laid over to be itemized. On motion, the bill of Geo. Holloway for grading on yoction 3, 96, 30, wa until the contract b D. Lovell appointed it cotiitnlttee to settle with- the county treasurer, auditor ami superintendent, On motion, the Janitor, Math Holt?.- bauer, was allowed $25 por month from Nov. 1, '91, to May 1, '92. On motion, the salaries of the several county officers wore fixed as follows for the year 1802: County treasurer, $1,800', salary; $200 clerk hire, and fees of office. County auditor, $1,200 salary. Clerk- hire laid over to the adjourned session. Sheriff, $-100, and fee-, of office. Clerk, $4(K) and all fees pertaining to the office that would otherwise be turned in to the county treasurer. At 12 M Board adjourned to 1 i'. 3i. 1 o'clock. Board in session. The following classification of personal property was made for 1802, as a guide to the assessors: • •'• Stallions for service, 1st class, $200 to $300. Stallions for service, 2d class, $100 to $200. , Horses, $10 to $40. Steers 3 yrs old, $4 to $0. " ' 1 • " " W to $4. Heifers, 2." " $4 to $5. " .1 " ". $2 to $3. Threshing machines, $30 to $100. Bulls, $5 to $20. Cows, $3 to $t. Hogs over 0 months old, $1 to $3. Buggies, $10 to $50. Organs, $10 to $30. ,. Pianos, $50 to.SiOO.' Traction engines, $100 to $300. On motion, the auditor and treasurer was author!zed to 1 'have the treasurer's office rearranged as per request of treasurer. On motion, the school fund loans made by the auditor since November session were approved. The annual report of P. E. Johnston, Justice of the Peace of German township, was approved. There being no contest for the county printing, and the lists of subscribers of the Algona republican and Algona COITIUKU .having been tiled, the board, on motion, declared the Algona Republican and the Algona CoTjinisit to be the official papers of the county for 1892. On motion the auditor was author- J. E. BEATTIE, Whittemore, + Iowa. I have on hand a Lot Of Caps which I am going to sell off at Cost for the Next 30 Days Only. MENSAND BOYS—I will sell them all 30 per cent Off regular prices. This is not a sham sale. They must be sold, as I will not carry them over. Our prices are cash only. Sale begins January 16, 1892, and Continues + 3O + Come all who want a GOOD CAP CHEAP. I will also offer for the next 30 days some bargains in Flour. I have arranged with a Certain Mill so I can get Flour below all competition. Here I quote some prices on Flour. This is all Minnesota Flour. High Sift Patent - $1.35 Janitana Patent - $1.30 Straight Flour - $1.10 Come and get a trial sack of my Flour and be convinced of its good quality and buy your Winter and Summer Flour and on The following prices on sugar are with a general order of goods: Granulated Sugar - - 22 Ibs, $1.00 B Sugar TEA--Japan - 25, 30 and 50 ots. O Sugar - - - 24 Ibs. $1,00 26 Ibs. $1.00 COFFEE—G-ood Bulk 20,25 and SOcts If you are in need of a WATCH or a CLOCK, in fact if you need anything in Come in. We also do all kinds of ix,ed to draw warrants on the different funds for all bills allowed at this Session, , Resolved, that the members of this oard are entitled to the sums set opposite their several names for services t this session: Geo. H. Peters. 2 days, 16 miles, 1.92. L. D. Lovell, 2 days, 14 miles, $9.08. J. O. Eawson, 2 days, 15 miles, $9.80. II. C. Hollenbeck, 2 days, 12 niiles, $9.44. •> J. Holte, 2 days, 14 miles, $10.04. On motion the Board adjourned to Monday, Jan. 2.">, 18D2, 1 o'clock i». 3t. J, B. HOFIUS, Auditor. Schedule of Claims. COUNTY' On Short Notice and at Reasonable Prices. While in town do not forget to come in and see our 5, BO, 15 and 20 cent Counters as we have bargains on them that will save you 50 to TO per cent. „ Everything I sell is as Low as the Lowest. Not having a Large Stock I can sell With All. My motto is: Quick Sales and Small Profits, Thanking you for your patronage in 18911 am here to save you money in 1892. J. E: BEATTIE, Whittemore, Iowa. not allowed completed. . On motion, the reports of the to lowing Justices of the Peace for th year 1891 wore accepted and placed o file: , P. M. Taylor, Algona. C. S. Pcndloton, Hebron. Geo. O. Austin, Greenwood. Geo. V. Davis, Bancroft. Obed Robinson, Wesley. On motion, J. O. Rawson was appointed committee on poor farm for the ensuing year. On motion, H. C. Hollenbeck was appointed u committee to build overflow bridge at the Stucler bridge in Prairie township in place of Geo. H, Peters appointed at the November meeting. On motion, S. W. Nelson was appointed steward of the poor farm for the year J892, at a salary of $25 pel- month. On motion, J. Holtz was appointed ~a committee to report on the Dan kong bridge as to work necessary to be done. On motion, Geo. IT. Peters was made ', Committee to buy the piling for 1892. - On motion, the petition of the resl* dents of Portland township for an appropriation to gravel the grade on section 19, 97, 28 was not granted. On motion, G. H. Peters was appointed committee on bridge and frade petitioned for by Wm. Kleist et al, on south line of section 25, 99,28. On motion, IJ, Q, Hollenbeck was appointed committee on the grade petitioned for by C. A. Brewster, et al, on south line of sections 25 and 20, tw,p. 96, range 28, On motion, J. O. Rawson was appointed commlteee on grade petitioned lor by A. J- Jones et al, on west line ' of section 4, 94, 29. On motion, the aucHtpr was Instructed to advertise for bids £9? doe* Spring the county poor for $# year J892, said bids to be acted QIJ bj \fosi , at the January adjourns! ms$k motion, S, Peter Purvis, work at courthouse S r> (id Henry Ohapin, ret poll book Led yard— 4 Jo S Hni.iiimiii, bailllt Dec term of court... SHOD K I' Hlrcher. imililV Oct., Dec lonn court./ -U on E VI Stephens. lia.llift' Den term of court. 24 no .1 I'white,' Senecii tov.nslilp:... 500 Mllcc Erpcldlni;, do Sherman " ... 400 Frank Avndorier. do I'ralrie " .. 200 A H Nafus, do Hurt " ... 400 C Ward, do Wesley " .... i« on B !<• Smith, do Hamsay ' ... 200 S S I'otior, doCresoo - ' 4 CO A11 Hush do IrviiiKton • ... 200 PLtiMUe, do CJarfleld ' ... 400 H Ii Ualdwin, do Hebron ' .... 400 Albert Organ, do Hanwuy " — 2011 j A Mlllls. do Portland " .... 400 Wiu.l'odils. do Union " — 400 Tsuiiih l-'ry, doCrescii " — 4 oo B Itlverrtiilfl •• . .. 200 Win Dim. do Letts Creek " .... 4 oo Nels Monson. do Harrison " — 200 Geo V Davis, special lux collector 30 8(i Niuulain Bros. « Winkle, co;il ct house.. HO 00 SOottrull. work at court house 2 75 M Stephens, sheriff fees...- ICO uo T H Lantry, postagu and commission.... 2!) 30 If ,T Winkle, work at court house 3 25 O T Urlgham, room for election Bancroft 2 50 David Urier. court reporter Dec term.... 72 oo A A Brimson, fees Kmte vs E Daniels.... 119 05 fees State vs Ilubbard & Kantzow 72 30 •• fees Btnte vs Watklns 1380 " stamps 300 John Gocders. nodding for j«ll 7 03 Bailey I'.i'ox., goods for court house 7 (55 C B fiutchlns, measuring grades, etc 27 oo J B HolHis, postage, express, etc 7 us D A Mtigiiurd, special tux collector 74 80 J W Tennant, meals for jurors o 50 Turner & Hudson, meals for jurors 3 25 W L Joslyn. Co Att'ys salary last qr 1801. 150 oo Clav& Union slough 100 oo M O'KonrUe, committee work LD Lovell; do .T W Uobinson, hardware Thos Heiideisou, building bridge and grade on .sec ai-nii-'i) el'd #5i! ull'd Geo Hollowsiy, h'ld'ng bridge In Kenton " grade building bridge* cl'c $35all'(l > A ftl & G M .lohnsdii. rep pile driver— Geo H Peters, committee work Alpheus .Johnson, balance on grades... " grade on sec ffii-'J7-28. " , do 7 50 G 15 2 05 -IK on 40 00 25 00 1H 5.1 7 47 57 12 2fit) OH 57 8-1 DOMICSTIC ANIMAL 1'OND. Winter Excursions to AVai-mer Climes. Excursion tickets to Mexico,California, Georgi, North Carolina, Florida, the Gulf Coast, Texas, Hot Springs of Arkansas, and Evcelsior Springs of Missouri, now on sale by agents of the Chicago, Mil waukee & St. Paul railway. Apply for rates and other information to the nearest agent, or address Geo. H. Heafford, General Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111. C J Falk, dam to sheep by dogs 75 per cent allowed S A.Sensible Man Would use Kemp's Balsam for the Throat and Lungs. It is curing more cases of Coughs, Colds. Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup and all Throat Lung Troubles, than any other medicine. The proprietor has authorized uny druggist to give you a Sample Bottle Free to convince you of the merit of this remedy. Large bottles 50c. and $1. Breakfast Cocoa is very nice Langdon & Hudson have it. FURNITURE FURNITURE I have just received of Furniture of all Descriptions, Bertha Carey, Oo Supt salary 198 oo Kgbert, Vlrtlar & Chamber, oflicesup ... IB oo Matt, Parrott & fans, clerks blanks 3810 50 70 7 no 20 no What are the features of the Cannon-mouth, cannon-ize and eers. cannon? cannon- Ham & Onrber, poll and assessors books. Carter k H ussey, supt reports Inghnm & Warren, printing. . SO Platt, printing election proclamation so oo Perkins Bros, supplies .................... 10 40 JW Hays, printing ..... . ..... . ..... ..... 3058 J W Hiuchon, printing del tax list, etc. . . 203 03 C H Leichi y. twp clerk Lii Verne ........ 10 oo ,1 It Morrilleld, do Ramsay ..... ...... ... 10 oo 11 A Richardson, do Hebron .............. o oo H f Hatch, do Wlilttemore .............. 700 Wm Ormiston. trustee Heneca ............ 3 oo Ostrom Bros., brick for court house ...... a oo KL Ward, twp trustee Greenwood ...... 200 WlUlUUt. do ............... ................ 500 1, 0 Qhundler, board for prisoners claini- * ed §135 50 ......................... 11029 A A Krouson. j p. lees State vs Stewart- . l(i 55 S A Thompson, j p. fees Jerry Creek et al 38 10 I'OOlt FUND. Bailey Bros., goods for Skipsey family. ...S 6 05" " goods for Kautzow family... 845 Nlcoll Halsey, coal for poor farm .......... 17 60 Ottickard, do ......... r.... ............. 5 oo Cnas McCormack, county phy last ft year 26 oo T J Felling, county physician ••• ........ 68 oo John G Smith, goods for poor farm •.•••.. 2748 8 oo 11 M You don't want a torpid liver. You don't want a bad complexion. You don't want a bad breath. You don't want a headache. Then uso De Witt's Little Early Risers, the famous little pills. Dr. L. A, Sheetz. Asthma cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure, A choice line of fresh at Hudson & Langdon's. teas and coffees Good mittens Slough's. cheaper than ever at RILEY & YOUNG'S Combination SLAT and WIRE FEME, It is a fence for open countries, for it cannot be blown down. It. Is the fence for low lands, for it cannot 1)6 wasUecl away. It destroys no ground whatever, and If beauty be considered an advantage, it is the neatest and handsomest farm fence in the world. In short, it combines the pood qualities of all fences in an eminent degree, and as soon as introduced will become the popular fence of th« country. It's beautiful and durable. It is strong and will increase the price of your farm far more than any other fence. It will last much longer than any other fence. It is a great addition, occupies less ground, excludes less sunshine, has no superior as a fence. It is stronger than any other fence and will turn any stock no matter how breachv- It is plainly visible and Is not dangerous to stock Tike barb wire. The best horse fence in the world. It will protect all crops from a half crown chicken to a wild ox. It is the most uniform, and by comparison of cost much the cheapest. Kept for sale in all parts of Kossuth county. Made by Itiley & \oung, Algoua, lowa. ct Parlor Bed Room Sets, Etc. Full Line of Carpet Sweepers. LOUIS LESSING. Why do American soldiers never run away? They belong to the standing army. _ If you want, the best Baling Press in the world, write Collins Plow Co.,Quiucy, Illinois, for catalogue and prices. 7tf Before you go sleigh riding again go around and buy a string of those fine bells at P. S. Stough's. , Tiios Mclnroe, herding poor farm cattle Ohrlschllles & Herbst, goods for poor. . J H Laird; g«wds for poor farm ... ....... l oo RPhelps, blaeksralthiug Iw poor farm... 10 10 Bailey Bros., goods for poor. ............. 3 OQ Bailey, _. g.™ ^ B(jbbftl . d faml , 13 .las Taylor, goods for poor farm l 60 Palmer Bros.,aerdlng cattle lor poor faruj w 00 M Howard, goods for poor farm -...' ... ?875 W U Merrlcle, lor poor farm . 33 W 11 ftiemcie, mresmuK w* t>v«* *»»•»•••. * 5 J A Hamilton, lumber (or poor fiwm 6 78 Frank Winkle, meat iwwox. ............. 4 as *"*"*.. mepterfiuW)aic4tftmily.. 820 J W Robinson M ;>••• H W AM &GM Johnson, work for poor !*«» 80 J B Hill, county Phy last V\ year 60 NaTudatu Bros. &% We, coal for poor. • • «i B8UX3B FUND. HuvraU for tUe Something they all need The Excelsior Windmill Attachment aod Feed Grinder, can be attached to any wind mill and is guaranteed to do the work of any feed grinder. Sample of the grinders may be seen at Matt Richardson's ware house OR Btate street, Come in and see iu. Every machine sold is guaranteed to work or we get »o p«y. Jos, BUG* Ss $»Q8., The Prints "MBRRITT." 78 letters ™YOST WRITING characters, price and $15* GEO. H. SMITH & CO., Cedar Bapids, Iowa, 7-84 Legal blanks at the Republican office. DOWP-S .TH No Kibbon, Permanent Durability. Speed, CEO, H. SMITH * CO., *'£ - - ' IB . r i ^W .

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