The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1892
Page 3
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BANCROFT NEWS J. A. JT&ISiOEiE. BANCROFT, IOWA, JA& 18, 1802. Chicago & ftortli-W'iBtern R'y. HOBtHJ ...... t) llfttn vavIvelKlit....n 43am tassenger . ... .4 08pm flOTJTM Mixed.... ...... 5 07pm way freight. ...a ismn rassoiiKOi- ..... 2 05pm CHURCH DIRECTORY. ANCKOFT MIE9HYTKBIAN CMXJHOH. holds w services in the school liouse, i-mnuay Schoolnt3p.m.. preaching service at2p.m., prayer meeting Thursday evening. Everybody tovfted. BKV. O. WIM-TAMS, Pastor. B DANOnOFT SWRDTSH „,„„.„.. ..... -- I/imiKttAN OttUKCH, meetlnp morning and evening one Sunday In each month and two evening meetings in n month, Sunday School at 12 in. each Sunday, Ladle's Aid Society nioets every other Friday. KKV. A. KLKSTBOM, Pastor. F iiisT BAVTIST ciHUucn, of Bancroft, preaching service each Sunday at 10 :30 H. m. and 8 p. m., Sunday School at 12 m.. Lords supper the first Sunday in each month at 1 p. m., prayer meeting Thursday evening, Loyalists meet on Sunday evening, Covenant meeting the last Friday evening in each month, choir practice Saturday evening. Everybody invited, strangers especially welcome. KEY. L. A. jcuMMTNS. Pastor. B ANonoF-B M. K. CHURCH, preaching service eiich Sunday at 10 :30 a. m. anil 8 p. m,, class meeting preceding each service at ringing of second boll, Sunday. School at 12 m., tp- •worth League on Tuesday evening, prayer meeting Thursday evening, choir rehearsal Friday evening. Ladle's Aid Society meets Wednesday afternoon. A cordial invitation is ex- tende'd to all to attend these services. KKV. A. W. Lucra, Pastor. S T. JOHN'S CATHOLIC CMUijcH. regular services : Instruction from 10 to 10 :30 a. m., high mass and sermon from 10 -.30 to 12, Holy mass each morning in the week at ^ a. m.,Mar- ried Ladie's-Soolety meets the first BunUay of every montlrafter the sermon, Young Ladle's Society meets the second Sunday of every month after the sermon, Young Men's Society meets the third Sunday of every month after the sermon. Everybody is invited to attend these services. _ . FATHER A. J. SCIIEMMEI/, Pastor. BANCROFT. Oats .. Eggs.. Cattle Flax . Hay .. , .30 .18 3.00 ..70 3.00 Corn 20@.24 Butter 20 Hogs 8.80 Barley 25@.30 Wheat.'" 70 Look at the ads in this Issile. Who says northern ICossuth Is not booming? Jas. Gallion had business at Algona last Saturday. C. A. Ordway was down from Ledyard last Friday. Davis Bros, are ready to do that hauling right away or sooner. A son of the famous Judge Nouvse was in town one day last week. G. V. Davis has been appointed special tax collector for Bancroft. Ed Kinne was one of the many that were severely "gripped" last week. Ellis must have read the KEWH pretty thoroughly week before last. 4 John Stcnson of Sheldon made his parents a visit during the past week. Geo. F. Constance was down from Blue Earth City last Thursday and Friday. John Nemmers has been on the sick list lately but is now somewhat improved. Miss Lela Davison spent the Sabbath with her sister, Mrs. T. F. Cruse, of Ramsay. M. V. Wills returned from a trip to Guthrie county, his old home, on Saturday last. Just notice -that large new ad of Wilson's,it will pay you to give it careful attention. 0. E. Bliss is erecting a fine newcar- penter shop west of the E. Roberts lumber yards. Regular communication of Progressive Lodge No 503, A. F. & A. M. at 7 o'clock tonight. Grandma Warden of Lu Verne has THE NEWS OI? THE TOWN. John Ken 1 was up from Burt on Saturday lasi W.'E. Jordan was in town on business last week. C. II. Blossom of Algona, was in the city last Monday. Everybody is pleased with our job work. Give us a trial. Dr. Morse had a professional call in Bancroft last Saturday. Those premiums won't last much longer. Get yours quick. Fred Caulkins was a Bancroft visitor last Friday and Saturday. * Fred E. Anderson has been visiting at Madison Park, S. D., lately. Mrs. R. E. Davison visited relatives in Portland township last week. Supervisor I-Ioltz of Fenton was in town on Wednesday of last week. C. L. Ostrander of Burt came up last Saturday to attend his sick father. G. V. Davis attended the meeting of the county board one day last week. B. F. Wickwire now delivers goods to his patrons in the city free of charge. Mrs. W. W. Wilson returned borne from her Traer visit last week Tuesday E. W. Archer,the Consolidated Tank Line drummer,was in town last Friday. E. L. Mantor, the Seneca school teacher, visited Algona last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Graham of Burt were in Bancroft last Friday and Saturday. Chas. Odell returned from Appleton, Minn., last week, where he had been visiting his sister. John Bexell returned to Rock Island last Thursday after spending the holidays with his parents here. And now there is talk of a G. A. R. post in Bancroft, Bancroft leads the world for secret societies and churches. Milton Miller returned from Des Moines last week, where he had been visiting his mother who had been ill lately. Geo. Blanchard passed through town on his way to a family reunion of his wifes relatives in Whittemore township on Saturday last. Miss Lillie Ilawn has some fine specimens of painting on exhibition at the depot. She expects to start a class in painting in town soon. 1 T. M. Ostrander was taken seriously ill with the grippe last Saturday and fpr a time his life was despaired of but he is nearly well at present. Wm. Pelaney, formerly a Bancroft but now of Des Moines, came up been visiting at T. M. Ostranders during the past week. Manda Cunningham of Homer has been visiting at H. Austin's and other friends during the week. • D. R. Crowel's ad blossoms out in new beauty this week, and he has some rare bargains to offer. Read it over. Chief Templar Hutchins of the I. O. G. T. will speak on temperance in Bancroft on Friday evening, Feb. 13th. A. G. Anderson was down from Swea last Saturday. Mr. Anderson is getting to be quite a stranger in Bancroft. I. J. Bruer and family started for Jackson, Mississippi, last Saturday night where they will remain for apart of the winter. El win Davison of Portland was considerably worse last week but has improved until he is now as well as he has been lately. Thei;e is talk of trying to organize a a Good Templars lodge at Ramsay and we hope it will be as successful as the Ledyard venture. A little child of J. A Johnson swallowed some concentrated lye one day last week but by giving the child emetics immediately it is now improving rapidly. Miss Lillian M. Johnson did not go home last week and on Saturday night her young friends gave her a,' surprise party at which a merry time was had until a late hour. We are in receipt of a recent copy of the Earlham Echo 1 under the management of Eugene Crosswait, our former barber, and he edits a neat and spicy little paper. We received a letter from a gentleman in New York last week asking where we got a wood cut published in our issue of Dec. 2nd. The NEWS is becoming 'famous. Ellis hag advertized free of charge the name of the night watch in order, we presume that all tramps coming this way may be informed beforehand who they will have to deal with. * All will remember what a good _show the Booue family gave here about a year ago. They will begin a weeks engagement at Campbell & Reynold's Hall on January 18. We predict large houses. B. D. Owen has started the second dray line in Bancroft. We don't fcnow whether there is room for more than one dray or not but if there is we hope that Mr. Owen will make a success of his new business. School report next week. Bancroft is a • great city of secret societies and churches. Look out for a new batch of ads in the NKAVS next week. Mat Richardson was up from Algona the latter part of last week and the first of tin's. E. L. Ward and family and Miss Alma Smitli will^o to California next week. Sorry to lose you, Ed. There is to be a wedding at the Catholic church this week but we have not learned the names of the parties. C. E. McLaughlin has been tinder the weather with that miserable grippe lately. He is improving at present. S. W. Callanan located in his new office in the old State Bank building last week, where, he is ready to sell land to any and all of the public. Miss Florence Ward returned from her eastern trip last week. If Father Schemmel keeps on giving as good instruction in German as he has been doing this place will be a "Deutsch" town sure. At the annual meeting of the Baptist church for election of officers last Monday night the following were elected: Deacons, II. N. Renfrew and S. Stenson; clerk, V. S. Ellis; treasurer, Fred R. Anderson; chorister, II. . Renfrew; trustees, J. B. Johnson, C. W. Goddard and T. M. Ostrander. ' The 1. O. O. F. boys of the vicinity have qeen planning to organize a lodge here for some time, but as there are' 16 members here now and a, number of others are ready to join, they will organize without fail. All Odd Fellows in the vicinity are requested to meet at S. Maynes office a week from tonight as the District Deputy will be there and all preliminaries will be arranged to organize immediately. "' Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that contain Mercury, as mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do is ten fold to the good you can possibly deriye from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.,Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is taken internally, and acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hall' Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It is taken internally, and made in Toledo, Ohio. F. J. Cheney & Co. B3f~Sold by Druggists, price 7oc. per tiottle. Was our mother Eve High or Low Church? Adam thought her Eve^angelical. BANCROFT, IOWA, Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures en- arged at reasonable prices. A. HUMISTON, AUCTIONEER. Will cry sales in any part of the county. 20 years' experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. T. M. OSTKANDM, Veterinary * Banoroftj Iowa* ,l v Has his l)Hvn mirty fnr t.ho pl^x mill Inme hfl^l* ;4 en. so bring them alonit. Ohnrucs re ,«miaBlfe( r $1,000 Hi c Can be made in 6 moHtBrf ' selling Tunlgon'B Atlftd- OB, Charts and Wall Maps. Particulars tWfii' , Chicago, His, Farmers and BANCROFT, IOWA. Is now settlecUin its newly arranged building in lite RICHMOND BLOCK! where we are prepared to treat you in the best of style. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and tlorru'slie exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general hanking business transacted, Passenger tickets to or from the old countries sold at the lowest rates. RICHMOND, President. Now running under new management. GALLION BROS. R. M. A. B. RICHMOND, Cashier. Correspondents and (References. Metropolitan National Bank, Chicago, Illinois. Citizens' National Bank, Des Moines. Iowa. Ht. Paul National Bank, St. Paul, Minnesota. Farmers' National Bank, Hudson, New York. Richard Roosman, Claverack, New York. TARDINESS. Patrons of the Bancroft public schools are especially urged to see that their children are ready early enough in the morning so that they can reach school when it opens at 9 o'clock sharp. A careful perusal of the last monthly report, to be published next week, will plainly lay before you the present condition of tbings—fifteen tardinesses in one month. The Algona schools tbat have over twice as many pupils have only about one-fifteenth 1 as many cases of tardiness. This low record is caused by about ten or fifteen pupils who are in the habit of being late nearly every morning. The teachers have been doing all in their power to have those pupils prompt, but without the co-operation of parents little can be done. What we ask is that the parents cooperate with us in securing punctuality. There are a few cases that are excusable. Pupils that live two and three miles from the school house cannot always be on time. Such cases will readily be excused, but such pupils are as a rule not often tardy. There are some who live within the town limits that have from five to fifteen tardies against them every mouth. Let parents carefully examine the monthly report cards and if there are more than one or two tardies inquire into the why of it and make an effort to have a clean report the next month. Unless we get your co-operation we shall favor the adoption of regulations that suspend a pupil who is tardy three times in one month and who lives within the town limits. Let us not allow Algona to surpass us in this report but let us all pull together and eclipse her. Respectfully submitted, J. F. DoDEREtt, Principal. Table of school report received too late to be put in type for this number, and will be published next week. Done anywhere in the County At M Rock Prices, We guarantee— Plenty of later Or no Pay. Pioneer Land, Loan and Insurance Agency of Bancroft. Established in 1881. A large list of wild lands for sale. Improved farr»<? and village property fof sale or rent. Farm loans on longest time and lowest of interest. Insurance written in six different companies. Call on or address'us R. M. RICHMOND & CO. The Old Year has Gone The Capital City Commercial College and The Capital City School of Shorthand, Des Moines, Iowa. The leading schools of commerce in the west. If you wish to succeed in business life, you should prepare for it. These schools have furnished hundreds of positions for their graduates. For catalogue and further information address J. M. MEUAN, Pres. But Wilson's are still at their Old stock of Stand with nn immense, That can't be beat. HOW I BASHED 1 AN ISLAND. • . **> Always neat and clean and cheap as the cheapest. LINED SHOES and BOOTS, Felt Boots and German Socks, RUBBER GOODS of all Kinds. And don't you forget it. EnterprUIiig Youne Man: True & Co. instructed i\nd started mo. I worhoci steadily and made money Taster than I expoctod to. 1 bocnn>e able to bay an island aud build 0. email summor hotel. If I don't succeed at that, I will go to work again at the business in which I made my money. Truest Co.: Shall we instruct and start yon, reader? If wo do, and'if you work industriously, you will in duo time ho able 10 buy an island and build a hotel, if you wish to. Money can bo earned at our new line of work, rapidly and honorably, by those of either sex, young or old, and in their own localities, wherever they live. Any one can do the work. Easy to loam. We furnish every thing. No risk. You can devote y« ir spare momenta, or all your time to the work. This entirely now lead brings wonderful success to every worker. Beginners are earniiigfrom $35 to SS5O per week and npwarda, and more after a little experience. Wo can furnish you the employment—we teach you FitKE. This Is an age of marvelous things, and here is another great, useful, wealth-givingwonder. Grout gains will reward every industrious worker. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doln£. you want to know about this wonderfui work at once. Delay means ranch money lost to you. No apace to explain here, but if yon will write to us, we will make all plain to you FKKK. Address, TKV£ «t CO., Box 4OO, Auguita, Main* Horses for Sale. Several good mares and work horses for sale for cash or on time. IStf G. W. SKINNER, Farm Wanted. I want to purchase a good farm of 80 or 160 acres, within five or six miles of Bancroft. Leave word with G, W. Skinner. 12tf L. J, SLOSSEN. THE NEW WEBSTER A New Book from Cover to Cover. FULLY ABREAST OF THE TIMES. from the latter place last Saturday to make a visit with old friends. Uarvey Ingham was up from Algona last Friday. They say that he has told so many fish stories lately that the scales are beginning to grow out on his portly person,, A man, (or a thing rather) that will try to beat a poor school ma'am out of two months wages is a pretty small specimen of 'the wop pf manhood, grown in this country, \ Z, Roberts has_ sold ju& j^ Jumper yaj4f tQ J. 0. The Knights of Pythias held their installation Friday night. A number of stranger Knights were present. Every body is loud in their praise of the supper furnished by landlord of the Phoenix, A. letter fronj Andrew Larson informs us tEat he is well satisfied with the new dairy school at Ames and that there are already 26 students in that department. lie is loud in his praises of Tama Jim and the rest of the instructors. The report m this paper last week that some boys disturbed the Greetings in Portland is a mistake, 8*4 o» the caabfiw;y%e^re informed' nuw^'laf $be so Death and its Struggle. Up to now whose entered into a fight with death, fought a losing fight—now science has discovered a way to circumvent even death—Holler's Sarsaparilla & Burdock grapples with a disordered system and carefully builds and reorganizes. Try it. For sale by Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Mules Cry for It. Now this may seem strange but if they don't cry for it they would do so if they only could. We are talking now about Heller's Barb Wire Liniment which never fails to cure the worst cut or sore. For sale by Dr. L' A. Sheetz. Habit-In »U the World there is but One Cure. Or. HJUMlmini* Cjtol^tejjt Specific* It can he given u» a cup of tea or coflee with- Ue person taking it, ef- *• owe, whether ting a . .or alco- gpeclfio ;e, sad own k its tor WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY A GRAND INVESTMENT For tte» Family, the School or the Library, The Authentic Wolwtey'g U»a« bridged Dictionary, opmvrubig tbe is»neai of 1864, '79 and 'SJfbtiU copy. righted) fcfis l>een thoroughly revined andwftlftrged,»nd &B a distin »»8,**m»1»»aw tk ?'S? 1 ?f of •ter'f International Dictionary, The wpr£ of revision occupied over ten yeara, wore than a hundred edi* ' * having heen employ- over $300,000 expended 4wt copy was printed. BY ALL BOOKSELCERS. et of specimen pages, ent free by th GO! 00! OO! Where Prices are Always Low. -v; To Bancroft's Economy Store, 1, J. R. CBOWE&, * Everybody — Attend "The Great Reduction Sale" to continue 30 days, commencing January 15, 18$|. During which time prices will be the lowest Bate- croft has ever known, especially on Winter Goods, Underclothing, Knit Boots and Socks—Overa for same: Overshoes of all kinds. Also Caps, Heavy Mittens and Gloves. Men's underweur, oversbjrts. Bed Blankets, Dress Flannels, etc. This is agreati 1 chance to get stocked up in Staple Winter Goods,, N. B. No one bought lower than we and nQ one can undersell us? i Don't Fail to Visit THE ECONOMY STORE During tie Sale. House and Sign Painter, Grainf f Paper Hanger, and all work in this liiie, J®-Satisfaction Guaranteed. BANCROFT, etc., sent free by aafh „,„. Lo reprints of an obe<> - ' - edition dictionary, uu<i oo» Livery, Feed and Sal© The finest turnouts furnished on short notice and £t reasonable figures. Give us a trial; we are sure to suit. G. F. HOLLOWA' Don't go without the Home News when* t&& Bancroft + Ne ALGONA REPUBO

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