The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1892
Page 7
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A !-. i. lu Shell' have left for R, l is building a barn on, Jiis property, south of town.,, .- . ; . . r Fred Nicholson is now seen behind tlife counter tHling Mi 1 . Buell's place. ' t'., returned yesterday Tf?/.>Vi!Ol •••: . , .- l.i • . ' ' * •> ,^orulng]'f.r,9m,!v,,vi,8it to .Wisconsin. : If jtoti'-waht-rbbcs or horse, blankets it; will pay yo'uito'see C. L. Ostrander. ' '"; T *-^ ! -y '. ..^'ratiam/ now occupies the.'ly .vacated by II. 13. Hallock, Mrsl?Hi A.'-iPatnoi and 'daughter LulU;' Ig'Ofla Wtirc\v!siMn : g' in Bin't' lay. 0(0 ^u-^-J' •• •••'.-'••i •' •' ;' TheMv^o •)01tl sisfa .T!' 1 & ;./..••» an r and Shoes. hew. ' .-..'.-,- -i .(' ."' ..".•iiia-- Miss Jessie An'^us attended tlie , —n.enftt^ifn'".'wedding re'cepj.ion. , at, Elnior A ejasi l ||?r)iday'.e'ypuingi -, ; -; ..,;,.. .••),„< A litrgaildinnen vviision tho, -programme at the. old homestead Thursday "lasV-'in' honor of Mr. and Mrs O. P. McDonald. James Slow, Will Mc'Wonaldi a*ul; John Shaf£ei;?le.f;t MoMdiiyjforiDns'Mvinos tb-re- i at ibe • Ib'sva Business t)l all gone we will give you cut prices' Bti bbots ana 1 shoes. The prices at e : 'a're selling will make it an bb- to uu ( V of us. \Ve are s'elling'a ladies shoe 'fbr ''$% ' vfbrtii $,3.SO. Reriie'm- bijr We' cri'ri save you lots of pennies and m e no back seat,'for anyotie. ,--..'' '.< .'.'t' . : •;. ; • / .-. . • . . • ^ fi/ HATTflPIf^! Cash CJrocery.* more o news from the cbdntry hurl, sirmnrtiflifltf ' than all tho s/x other papers published (In. Kqs- Mith coMfity cdtobl'ricff. ' "" • ' ' ' "^ ,,,,e KaiicroitNiwssccnaaeBv:): ••• ; > r.o'i.OifHRHPOij Dittos :— "All correspondence for the KKr-untToAN filiriilld T6afch ••' lm5"oflMe : i'5'f Htm- than Tuesday evening., . Mease; bear; cms \it mind. • ' ••••••• • •'< •" •••••••••• , To CoiTRHpniHleiita of" l tlttV' f nlSt'tTir/T> CAN !— Don't netfli'<.f> to report the markets ctuilt wpBU k ,AVe -\vajjt; a .rtfii'ortm'iKUliirl.y' each ,>veeU f roiji , <jye,ry towji,.in ^Cpsputh, County. * Sec Uiiit, your town Is roi>ortc<l wUh-iiie'nthi' :< ' ' ' ' ' SunliiV'itoruing at"j ; ho Prl's'byter.iau •churc^|.we]Ye...were! ; united wjih. .the. lwo .ioined 'i; J. C& ! > v 3rsBh-Wu^ji(jr- • intends moving to 'Burt, ftn'A will occupy 'the rooms now oc- ,, Mr. Cacly in- fends ?v"ing'' IJ t l h 1 e Vast Of'ihe week to. er thejr, stprt. ?£ . }' Elni^rjJHtt(lgsj)U:«e.ciH)!ly purchased five acres (J,f'.)lantt justHs(iutU of 'Jihe school housei'-S'-'We suggU8t*'Elmer, thStiyou cut it up itflb reSi'ffe'.nfce' : iots and put them on sale an?f'cttli ! ili'' ll "IT6'dgaoirs addition to > :•.,••• ., Miv and Mrs. E.i Ktin/, are enjoyin;? a visit from their ••, friends Mr. and -Mrs, Frank ^cheblak. • - ' .-.:•'• .'; .• ••; •" .•I Dr. McCormack spent •'& part of the .holiday seasbn with his . daughter " iu Wesley,. •'•' .-•> • < • • • • •> ' '•>*•-.•• Mrs/'Hill and son of 'Plymouth' h. ; ave been Visiting friends in town. ; T. A. Way ; and E! P. 1 Healy of 'irjtjb attended' the meeting of the stock holders of the Wesley Savings Bank. .'.,'...,.. Misa AdaHpllenbeclf , commences; ..her scuOoVnear Elmore to-day. , .._, . / ; Mr. and Mrs. ,;F. :C.- Bacon ireturufed Wsdncsday.from a visit to . iriends at Sahborn. < . ,-.; ,• • ... • : ; .:>••', Mrs> ,I» :Hill has gone to New ; York to spend, the winter. '.: . •••;••.-. ' .Clarence Potter who recently resigned his position a.s salesman in the -Alliance .Store will go into tlla hay 'business in Irangton. i -•*.:• '.•'• • .-•;.:. ; Itiht wns dd^to'fromHt&tuvehU days of last week on business and astire. John Hable returned iibme from a visit t6 jClt'ttT Lflke last Tuesday. "Ttye JTenton Creiimery .Co,, have puta. 'Babcock Tester iii their-factory. ,,i, .... - .< Arthur Moore returned from a; visbffo Jefferson county, Wisconsin, hist Thiirsdity. ,~,<iAn oyster (supper and> Louis H'ajble's Friday night. • ; ' ; ' Ignorance of the merits 'of' Be 1 Wi'tt's TJttlfoEaHy Risers ts'amisfortune. These' little pills regulate the livor, ^oure 1 htiad- ache, dyspepsia, bad breath, constipation and biliousness. Dr. L. A. Shtet/.,.. • ; F1 T RN IT'tfilE' ''•• STORE". f . II f IfcJOi J^KDVAJlp. 'Mrs..T. L. Auld has be.en quite sick, of ' ' '' ' : '' of Algona is building agooiPbifceH-'lHiy ,'barn nortii of Col. Spencpt's:' : 'Mr^-BroWs/oh' has been doing considTcfiihle l'i'ny"b ! i(siijeS8. in; Burt7upd vicinitv all the tyll a-noy winter and finds it nece^ryf |,|) J ;hii;V('j a, -hay .burn. 'The, hay busiu^s,s j is,i|...j;r)i j iit..bupi;n( 1 'ss ,,in ilijs 1 J;b. package cidffee. .'.,/......! . 7-.l.Us.. bat'iiiekl. /.'I :vir.\ '.':'!. 1 package large'-siy.ed-ye'ast:'.''. 1 package, smal/v s.\/e.d; yedst. .[ 1 Jb. Cah'fo.rnia peachjes ..... ,.. 1 box lenpS'soap.'..".'. . .'.'. I .".'. '. 1 package 1 ' sbdii. .v :':•'. ; .. :. : .. : 1 Ib. plug: tobacco. .;-. i:.'j-:'i >. . 25 oxs. ; , . . ....; 1 can; tomatoes. .... . .'. v . . . . .... 1 qj,. rahberries 1 . : ; ; ! . . :'. '. .-. .''. , 23 25 •'•-•'6 ! -3 .. 10 400 - 25: '10 10 • Six cars were derailed at Wesley Tiics- fl'&y night delaying tlie' train about five hours.'" - : ' •'•'" ' ; " '"'• '••_"•'• ' F. H. Slagle who lias been principal of the W'esley scihools duriu'g the. fall. 'term has resigned and accepted, a situation.' in Cedar Rapids'Neb.,' Pupils and patrp.ns. regret'th'e'depailure of so good a principal. 'as Mr. 'Slag'ie lias 'been, y ,Iia ; iTeU."& Way have purchased, ,te.n. acres just. eouthpf the town plat, of,, Mr. liiiine at $160. per acre. ; , They, propose it out in.,town. ,lpt-s . thus .making ' A lliul Hoy's Clirlgtmaft. 'Wot's the use ov a feller's trying to b« gbpd' aonietimes?- Wot ktha of a Chrismas liiizs this biii, Ide like toltno? Tharo I got up this morning sayin Ide just lay myself out to be it merry, inerry Ghrist- •maa boy today, ait wot's happened? First iliiiig weu I got'down stares an went over my presents- L -bang ufi lot, top; He fiity that!—it cum into i'ny • minic) that on this happy-day we tiw't; to think bi' : bur dmn bestes, an that tlie dog an ctit awt to.have a good, time, like fokes. Tliay seemed actin jest abowt 'a? yo'uH-' : ual, ail-it Chrisi'iias day too!''T heerd'- Aut Jatie say, "Let dogs deli to td bark ail.bite," an J. 'spozle catH is the saim way an enjoize exfitemeut. Tliayre about of «t size, an so I naled tJ nkle Jeff's blill ter-ryer- an 'our ole cat up in a box together-.soze thay cood have a Ghristniaa tiine. ..'Tbay seamed to, rite off i I fjever lieerd.. such. sownds. bef our. It wad#^ good dele dpg an a good dele ,cat aii 'lots ov it'. ' An wen tinkle, at- ti"ickted by the Kowiids in the .b'ri't'e "a'ire another 'add'Uio.h to tb.e town. - We; Sell tlae' '.Groo.ds .and we cani ciu^te, : I?Eices tliat, would astonish* penny concerns. > store. .^Tilje Qbjijnse i*t.o,:be made; on- no count (iJa!rqi>.tH$; us/ G.ii-Li: Osirander, is goingti) have his brother.! .Work' him. in' the harness slio|3, jinil ilKsreforii wi\nls all Al room hinvsv'lf.'""Mr/ (Vstrii'n'der is PINNER.' Sets J. A.. Co^ Cur.levyvIo.w l a,.i9Espend ing a few. days with, his brother W..-.M.' iColby,. : ...,,;.; :, .,:;...•; • You don't want-' a" torpid liver.- You' don't wtiiit a bad complexibn; You' don't wantavbad breath; You : don't 'want &' .headache. Then-use De : Witt's' : Little Early Risers, the famous little pills. 'DivL. A, Sheetz, ,, .'"'. -M'-Tiiys ','.[..')!.iilv.... : — CHRISTMAS 1 Ie Hud Set Out.t»,3:!Ht.''Po.ssiiiii,'li.iif -1 .. , ,r. \.\-.\ \ irisiulas^with the colonel. \Yhil" \v;ti waiting for the imml'.'to KBI.S ;.. . cQiey-P-rfegale'd' ' iiie v -with -ii <v.i-J •. -. ;;; tory a^gujt. '.'.a^iigger I '"" " ..... pf-every id.eserlp'tiQn-.l : Ladies'o aiud Gent's Mlufliers in f Silk a 1 iid ' Wool.' J ' Silk '' and .-•.:\. | •.••••••I- •••;••. i .-.a! i : ;•; '-; -•?: ' i\ .'. Fancy Handkcrphiefs in endless . variety of style-'and' ! price 1 .'•' Also a' 1 full 1 assort- 1 ment|of Candies, Nuts, Fruits, etc.,'etc. , . ,, •• ' 'VVHiTTKM'OBli. •-' • : "•' ; .Ed Goetch is attending the ; Algona Normal School • ' ' : ; Mrs. lip'race' Burns has a brother" visit-, ingiher.' ' ' ' .. ',...'. ' ' .'. • Miss Lucy Rawson, came up.from Al- gbri'a Friday evening to spend, Sunday at home. .... .-,..., ,•'•..',. Wlipnjii ' * 'old Tom ' \y«s' T ?s •; .fond pf . 'ppssuni.,and >vpuld, gd';^. iy:;. length to BecAre b'iie 'foiv^',' tey'fiVM ;J |v •was just befo' Christmas, in ,'07 ; ,-I thin'.;, Lthat To)oi s; 'in'aiiaged to capture 11 laryo. •fat 'ppdsuth', SViii(!h : ho'skimiea •i\.u^"\)i-'f ared ^ito^xSS&liiiig •bii'-Ghristuia's day'; 'aK' •teady he' "'Vvefat ititO' fati abin, toolj; his prize out of the locker s,nd sdoni". l«i(i -it "fouflbipgi ion! the- spit' Some '-swept i .potatciei were .Rdfled 'toihfe eifesi'iairly • rolled with, delight as hei (thought 1 of' thai '-fetust " see Reniember.ille aliways 'lias on. Mnd a ! flill' line : of' Stolf;' l{ .-' lariclHeiE -.i ;A j - ;; .-.' " • 'The pBospedt 1 ' 1 JiefioSe i l lii» -evideiitiy " -ing at a great rate. :Th; cbiuJf .m ir,,&; •.^ag^r,, ,wyjpus py,eE g m the , B/j lad pe.e L'belon , , . : of, Jor . W staud,:,, ,.y)^ opened, an4...ju flid ha «ft,iwwd e. , 1 e.ppa.waa just Hfbpvifc d to a turn. 'Uin'.' said Jim stick iuto the animal and it up before him. With many s of satisfaction Jim soon h,a,d that 'pickei ,^ean, uor did he forget aweet ppts^es, which, flavored with e posBum fat Ve^e devoured with the eenest relis approached th.e aiing up some of the 'pos old -Top's lips ai Quite si .noisy runaway occurred in towii Monciny afternoon-;but luekily:no liar in' was, done.; , ,..:._ K>. .1 Mrs.«'JJitE; ' Beattie 'started 'Tuesday morning for. : Cedar Rapids, for a months visit with'friends-at-thlit plade, '•• .^Miss'Bird'le'-Hb'te'lling returriedto' Cedar' Fdlls Tuesda'y evening tbattend'schobr.' • Mr. ftiid Jt|rs.' Clitis. Wagner, .are , re.- •joiciijg'bver the presence of. ay .,.. •in- their 1 li'btoe since" January'2udl' '.. i .'.'"l.l. 1 . .! '-.:[! •! ';•; ;: •' ,Vi; ,'! Ti ''" Mrs.^'t p....T ; ho.rn ; as,,returned. T "m'orning' t t'ron;t, i .\YJscpn8i,n.,,,where^she.has 'tieeii the past, inonth.yisiting friends.;, •.-., I,Mr. and.Mvs.. C. D. ,Anderson;hav.e.been entertaining a wee .boy in their home for yard, epnie out. an f.ouu. me: an- opend.the .box tluiy had bin liavin a good 'time, az eiuiybody cpocl see. The dog had vrun i.'1'ef ati the cat hact mo3' ov 'er tale. Thay v/are bizzy an happy in thare but -Ant Jaiie'woz offul Imid tui Uiilile Jeff liund uie. • :Theu \yeii I went.,out .on, the streto f eeliu disgus' an me tit Johnny Stryker an soct'hii with a siiowball with Jest a 'little gray'el'iu it, coz it waz 'tii'e'' jovial 'hbiliday, lie 'hollered 'tm'-Uiikle Jeff j cum but agili, an' thare waz motir trtibble. I •dbaii'fc wundei; I felt a little a\v£ then iaii-went iu bcfoar Ivumpany a,j; hoaro. an. ask wat waz in Ant -June's • stoekin— sheze offul fat—au wen the kuuipany- . koqdent gess I said, there waz 1 ab.out thirty, pounds in it, "cepfc. at nite; an then I waz more abuze. Anawlbecqz, I was plaful aii wanted to be a inerry., merry boy today. It wood a'bin all rite, tho, if itiiadeut bill for Jo G-arnbi How I despize that boy! Heae biggern I, but heze a kpwrd) an wen I get well heze goin to wish he was a"elefaut't) son iii sum. forren lau sum ware a long way from me, for line gojii for.'im. It \vaz 'hiiii—the truter .to the caws 1—wot diddeut. keep,.up his en >yeu we placle. Sauty Claws in the.barn^ 'with sicksi tinujr rauedeer, only there wa2 only t\yo rauedeers wen we got the Jeray cafs up on the haymow .an I'tried' to drive em down on aire; like Saiity Claws hi the pictvire. -' 'It wazzeiiii my (Mrs. Graham has been quite ill the past few 'ditys. • C. 'A.jOrdAyay visited at Wells during the holidfvys. ' There will be a spelling school Wed-. nesday evening. . : Did you know that Ledyard has ns fine a meat, market as there is in Kossuth county; 'j ^ • ; ; • ; ;•..., ••': . : • ; ' Will Beckman returned Tuesday to Iowa City, where he is taking a law course. John Whitover Is building a dwelling 20 x 20 feet,:0n(i story, :ih the south part of;town. ".'..- '- V : Why dp ybtt'go dway.tb.Jget your hats trimmed when Ledyar4' 'has a first-Class; millinery shop? , ', • • •'••'• .: Miss Wallace 'returned from Algona Mbncbiy to again tttke' up her duties in tile school room. Miss Minnie Newman of 'Whittquiore b'Jgun a term of school in tho John Arnold district Monday. .Miss Dojly Trimble andNelson-Trimble arrived in Ledyard Friday to make their home here in t'ue future. The lumber for the drug store, building is.on the ground and the work will begin as soon as the owner gets here. , The school still keeps iuorensitjg .arid now.wjien all pupils are present some have to : sit • three in a seat. We must have two rooms iu the spring. Dunlap Bros, are going Jo p;ut up an extensive agriculture implement house in tlie spring which is to be 60 x 100 feet withi a hall above. Ledyard nee.ds a hall; and this isjust' as it should be.- - Mr. Lewis was taken suddenly ill Satu relay evening and his folks were telegraphed for. His son came on the early Sunday morning train. It seemed to be Groceries. A fresli stock klwivys on hand Dry Goods. To-suit everybody: Clothing. In abundance, ready made. Hardware. A full line at bottom prices. John F. Rentia!! First class accommodations for and week bOarders. . . First class hotel for traveling F. TimiBi;K, Proprietor. day Real Estate, Loans —And— Ledyard,' Iowa. fawlt if the .fool cat's wot wede hawldup : with so much trubble Woodent slide down on ; aire, but jest kmii down'ker 1 smaslil Tho cat's broak three-bf tliare legs au I only broak wan; but' hear I am iii bed aii kaut Avawk, the doctor tsesj, for ; a'iriuntli. an that^. Jo Garnp,, wpt, dasseut iide down on the cafs, is luffln-thru, the wiudo. O,wate .til I.getAyeU ',Wpt..a. Qhrismas this haz bin!—Chicago •aiparalytic stroke. He is better at this writing. Ledyard nus^oae _of the finest stock yards iu the state." It is built' upon an elevation of ground and so arranged that no chute is required uipre trnan the natu ral descent of the ground. The yards will always be clean and dry. ..Miss Ada Ilollenbeck began teaching in the Schneider district Monday. This as another teacher from the Wesley schools. We would say' to the Bancroft News that the Wesley teachers may not be quite as beautiful as the Bancroft teocheis but they get there 'just the same. The section foreman wr.s trying to se^, cure a house to rent for himself and tarn-' ily last Friday but there is not an empty house or room to be found iu the town- We are informed : that the railroad .com; pany intend to move their section house Avhich is two miles south of town into' ; town soon. LOG® SERE As the POULTRY season is aj,, liand would advise those having Poultry to sell to haul them to LED- YABD and get the c HIGHEST MARKET PRICE. JAMES WOOD, Ledyard. This space is reserved -FORC. Dunlap & co. several weeks, vyhich ; :f ; apt ; the 'more scribe h,a$ neglected tpichroniclei , ; i ,,(5eo..BiiBoyle has'ibeen sp'endin'g the past week in Wisconsin Visiting"'hiS')Wife': . ;• J; E/ Beiiiitie' is • en j bying -a visit from' a cousin. •' - •''••' ' '''• " •"'•'•••'••'• ~ ! ••-. '•'-- " ' ' 1 Miss Al.i.ce, JtillJer, :Wbo, spent^ the . ho)i- , da|j[? lUtie'r^me ne,ay., AJgpn.a,, , ; r,e.turned. Sun'day evenjas?. accompanied, by her sis-, tev', 1 ' Miss.'.51j'nni^,. whp .will attend the. 'Lutheran school.,/.. ,< ' ' jvstr.%nge, i^ea that. people in» p»o-. 'hibition.; state are allowed. tp; celebrate.: 'i ; 6b)d Accommodations.* : '•• liivery ; and Feed|S^able in.connection-with hotel. ft. \VOQCI,'.'•' : Heap on uipro wood—the \viud-is cliill; -.-But lot it whistle as it will, ' ' . "We'll keep our 'merry Christmas still.' Each agy lias deemed the now boru year. Tho fittest.ti|jio i'ov festal cheer. And well our Christiau sires of old Loved \vheii the year its course had' rolled, . ^Vnd brought Ijlitho'CUristiuas back ugaip, _ With all its hospitable train; ..... '.' •JDomostic aud religious rito ' • j(3avehouor to theholy jiit'lit.;' . . .' pii C'laristmas eve the bolls were TUUK; Oil Christmas eve the mass was sung; '.That holy night of nil the year Saw tho stoied .priest the chalice rei\r. . ' ' ' —Walter Scott. Ledyard Livery 1 —A.nd— SALE Feed hurried a , him, saw 01 the g about and of the 'pos- smeared fi»m fat . <* «Punno,' said Cold weather comes pretty late this i 'j i i r H i winter and sales on, winter, gppd,s have Ijeen 'Years Eye with eleven kegs;of Deer«< ar.e/ a .disgrace, to the . towntof Wh'jtbmpre as well, as- t.h:e> .state; pf lowa,^ The ,.Song: Circle ,- concert | 'Saturday evening ; passed pflMn/ a very creditable mariner, -considering, the ; shbrt • time the class ppflut in preparing for it. ^ The prp-> ,cee.ds! of. the entertainment were about $9 fi an<i;Will be applied toward ^paying for ith,e church organ. . !ij •• The Baptist church was dedicated 6un- i day eve'fling by Rev. Robt. Carroll, who also preached in the 'church Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. • Mr. arid Mrs. Ed Ingler are now occu,-' ; *'-But, Edith, if you. do not love Char- 1 lie, yon should breaji your engiigeineiit," rsaid her mother sternly. "Yes, I know, • ijiamina, but it seems such a pity'to • braik it off right now in the middle of ,holidays; don't you; see?"—St. Joseph majj,e wjll make close prices on TW "'"II JT ,' . -»t fit' Robes, pylng ttieir new bulldog! T u ey are, pre pared t'b aiicommodate Boarders in first- class style' and also give' meals'at short Is a constitutional ai»d .jiot a. lo^ul disease, and therefore it ciiuuot be cured liy local ap- .pU<J»tlons. It requires a'constitutional remedy liko Hood's SarsapiUiila, wliicU; \vorUIng tln-ougU tlie Wood, ci-ftdlj?aJS8 U»e Impurity; wlilch causes iiud promotes the disease, and effects a' permanent" 1 euro; Thousands of. people testiry Votlio success »f Hood^s.gar^ari • ptu'illa as-a'remetly' >v|ie,u otUer, . p|-ep,aratio(is hail f iilied.. Hood's Sursaparllja " builds up the whole' systeni, aiMl makes' you feel renewed iu health and Strength. PU can well afford Ihe above goods at $tt price l! will eiuo^ ybii, \l kave We w.ahtsvery mother to kcow that <WWP 6%ft be preyeote4, TrUfe croup never ^ppea/s witUou^, ( ^ru$ng. The first symptom is hoarseness; theji tUe child appears to have taken a cold "or a C4)J4 may 1 have accompanied the hoarse- uesafromftapUrt- Afterthfttapjueuliap TOuJshcoag^is4evp]opgd,,whioU. is. fol- tow«4 brwwrcroup. The Mme to act is wbfift the child first becomes boafse; a *doaea i of Ohamberlaio'a ; (Jough e a rouh, $>ugh, "I used Hood's Sarsaparilla, for catarrh. a»4 received grent.rel^!t,$iii^Jieueft1i Irorait TUe-;cat»>;rli \y;is very 4}sa^i'ee ( a,vie, especlajly . Q tee wiute,r, causiug cohstajif jjiscUarge f r6m by. uose, riiigiug noises to'jiiyears^and pains to ttoe hack of my UeoA -<$)!$ effect to clear ,.. Mr. Grannis' war.ohousp broke down during our thaw. Mr. Grannis thought •that as the ground was frozen he cpuld fill the hpuse to its fullest capacity, but the thaw caused,-the sills to give-way. Luckily ,tue loss was slight. The want of cars has become so great tjaa,t our dealers are obliged to shut down buying produce The Good Templars have a lodge uow< of over thirty-five members and applications by new candidates. Ledyard people believe,in upholding all good causes. The officers of the lodge are C. T., A. A. Sifert; V. T., E. A. Kegley; P. C. T., Fred Johnson; Sec., J.B Kendall; Asst. Sec., Mrs. J.B. Kendall; F. S., F, Resor; Treas., Mrs. J. F. Rendall; L. D., C. A. Ordway; Sem, E.^ Jackson; G., Maggie Dennis; Chap., Jas. Wood; Supt. of I. T., Mrs. W. Wright; Trustees, T.L.Aiild, Jas, Rendall, Henry Wilson. The M. E. church p,eOple are talking seriously of building a church. J. B .Jones made" the'hV ah offer tp donate the necessary lots upon which to build. We cannot conceive how the church people are going to get on without a chqrch iii which to worship. The school house will n,ot seat more than the memjbersbf. the church ait this place and the question is "where is the room for visitors and the audience?" Let us have a'church buiiii- ing by all means. There are a gopd)y num,ber in the country who are willing to help support a,e,buroh fund* and with the peoplei of Ledyard the task; light. . ,. ,.,.... .^ -....-.-.'.-. . J-.. "0! how I dread to see my hair turning gray."• i? a>rejnarfcmade )>y so many ladies. If they only' knew that 75 cents invested in one ; bottle" pf Biggs' Hair Kenewer would not only check it at once, but give it a luxurious and glossy appear- ajiefe we t»o» that they w,Quld oot hes- jtftte, to buy. We guarantee every bottle. Sol* by P. W, Ptngley.. :- , Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jenks, Ledyard, Iowa,,,, ' We carry a full line of i, Millinery Goods, Hat Fe^ther^! Ribbons, Laces, etc. We offer Special B^les until after Holidays. ¥e are reaiy to Please tto- Pni)lic, ; A. E. Kegley, yowr.Uusb.aud, or wife, as th,e case may bis, procure col4 water my^eadiu tbe niornta| byliawktog and apifr ling; was iiaiuful. Hood l 4 Samparilla gave reliel ~ . GIBB, V O. • You may cauga and cough and p and cough and cotikh but you will not, ake- pe WitV* OougU and Cou 1 ^W V™"*"* rf i 'y 1 ^'^ W~y3*"4T *"** f ' • '' "" V* " T <i*" it, and to jeopardize the future. W: G. A. ORDWAY, ; 1 Dealer in COAL and HAY. Ledyard, Iowa. Wishes to say to the 'public that he will be prepared to do a large amount bf" During the coming season, and that he- will buy '%* CATTLE ai FAT HOGS Blacks mlthlng, Wagon Work, I 1 '! '• Jj Iowa, paper, aod %

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