The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1892
Page 2
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Stt m Fnrklnl, Appointed Jo e«d fl«|»ator Plumb—Sherman Ittfen it* * Ohio Kan., Jan. 2. -Governor has appointed Hon. Bishop of Oswego, senator to succeed ' thi l»fo Bettatpr Plumb. The fight has , been a hard one and the governor has |\beenlbi|iege^ by friends of' the many n the day of Senator funeral, A munber of, ,ugly etories were set afloat about Porkihs and he had to come here from Washington to refute ,them. ; In speaking of th* ap •pointment Governor Humphrey said: "None of the charges brought against Perkins were substantiated and he was fevideiQj^siifp^riger 'V?ith the peoplQ -than any g^ufej,^pplic?i7iu.: ,Mt was necessary to appoint a man who could go right abend with tho work undertaken by S^ •* Plivnb a,-v.'l I was convinced'by of hi-o :ii!iituvhitance...and jexi •;., Vv"::.ihiri ; gton that Perkins 'was ••'• liutu." •• , ;•; /; ,..LV/^IN, J.HE KOMINEE.: i i. O. n. 1,-. ii •., n C.-if.-Iiihito Carries O"ff til •:'. »,;,!;> Pi-ir.n at Coluiubu8< -r'JIvi.iS' C.ilo, Jan. 4.—The Repub- '^1v'i'-.^ : '' 1 :ii'''^tiiate.a: speaker met ti!^. 1 .;.:,.'....,-.;- o i>;vi6ck. Mv. Halconib, i.;...,, . ,..;-.,!.'•, - : .:-..!.<ented the name,of. .: , i. -. :.i:.f"iuan candidate for • ;:,.;,;; . - ..,J.i/.. (^rijiin, of Toledo, that ^, : ,i^f -/i-^;,§. -•'vii'V 1'V>raker cartdidate, Ivtftitf'i ('MI*, si t*t iiLiiylin '•-' was.... noriiin- .-.A- i-. : >,i-' by \ oles to McGrew 87. i.i'-u claim to have |c\i^pe^d:^t 9*Pb? was brought into court, and the foreman handed the clerk the written ver- Ttt(T1fl«r1fW«a"ftlMdr' r - ;f< Wi5r^lKr jury, find Dr. T. Thatcher Graves guilty of murder in the first ddgitee 1 ." As the verdict was read Graves gave a violent start,...almost- leaping. : frc-m : his. ihair. The perspiration instantly started and great drpps pfr sweat dropped-. Ero^a : Wa:foreheaa. Hefthen covered hii? fac6 With h'is hatids'llrid was'silent. Hii^ attorney, Judge ,F~urman, took the ver*,. diet jilinbst'-eqitall^ as -|hard, anaactu«' ally shed tears. "The judge asked Mr. Fuvman if. ho,, desired,,the, jury ( pplled, an'ii/the.'.latter 'savagely replied "no," b'u'i made a motion for a new trial for Dr. Graves. , ;- ..Im.pllcatos Colonel TlaljlpUf ••,.,.: •• Dr. Graves has inade a' ^arfcialftyjmf'es't __t>n-bf.-.h'i8"' guilt, • implicatrrig : ' TDblonel Ballou in tho death of Mrs. Barrmby and the colonel has fied. Before the verdict of the 1 jui-y Was'made known tho Providence lawyer made hi?," preparations to escape; On the • way to jail after'his; : f ate had been pronounced by the jury, Dr. Gf tvVea ; made damaging " statements about Colonel Ballou. "If Bnllou had not come .out here I would never have been convicted," ho said. "I wanted to.testify- tliftt;!^ . bottle of pure whisky to -Mra B'arnabyr Ballou would not let me. He is as guilty,aslimn. I followed his instruc- LAREDO, Tex., Jan. 4.—An interview oi seared' with Catering ! GfaM,//tho leader of the revolution on the Mexican berder, He consented to taHcFbn 1 the condition that the exact place where the interview^wtfe -held'SKoxlld-noti be 'inattB' public. Garza American than a looks ie, Montana, fiupremer,coatt,,haaj dey > the- aMcatiSri fw l » r pWibaiCnen < « administration of the A. J. Davis estate. heavyweights, fought a.t t San Francisco,Cardiff! 'WHS?'.,iblRjSiedt out ^h^-'fiftkon 1 ..Cardiff!' rounds. Beting has.been^alled for<f inte'rSited to ~"'^ s - <J«"««~« -T»«*v fornrti western tnent referred to, although the wildest Amors' are afloat. Wor** Tlmn ITirgt Supposed. 6f far entire floors ha and] some of t! Tbuilding at arid ceilingdtJ3f)itsW6[ bjloyntto pieces}! ds those ..,.,,--.-,--- transports td' f - the Russian Slitcliell county last r year ,0718,086 pounds of butter/- J Seventeen boys were arrested at pel The wpmen A pf,.Cascade hafte.-iin.a.Vigli-f. to fated a',wfftf > .upori'.the iVpalbons v of that »••> [ and employed about the buildings, much consternation prevails Toity v! o Sir JJharles, J2ai eron, inspector of explpsiyJE6, ) .JtaV;.tokdfl an examination and states that either plosive-used!'••' •' "'* * w ""'' ""*' ' '""' .^ATAL FIRE AT NASHVILLE. .'< Color^ci ; ¥i'-H^U- : l^ttgiUil 'ib -Math illll ,sl<7 from Polk speaker. •BV'Llatie',member''of 'tiie" house county, is a candidate for iiVO'nO .-V CATABrNOjGAf.ZA..,,.,.;., ;..-, .,.-„ plexipn is vary,, - dai'k , and,; his. .hair and,e .biapk.,,, He,,. speaks* very tions'aiid it is not right that he should j goo'd > Euslish. ! h^vmg!attend,efl school.iati go free and I tp-.the. gallows.".-.-. , v -;. /?">•• .'r-Brownsviile, Tex.... ,,,.,• ,. •;;.<;• '>'•'''• ','.' Dr. Graves felri; the!-;condemned ;.'.eeU ( .|.. ;j <•! have been, a newspaper man nearly "all my^ife," Captain :Gv$za, paid.,,;','! know, tlie place newspapers hold, in pubr; lie affairs, and in .seeing ; you. I , Secretary Elaine and|the British• minister have arranged a fecipWcitjr ! a : g'reb- 1 ment:embracing!: ithffi'British '••'• Weat • In-•dies and British .'Guiana.-,-;: '10 ;••.<?>•:•.>".' ' Iri'brder to- Ipw'eT.^ri'su^ripe^'rateS,,^. 'p-uriiping station'.^iU'bs 'established'. blithe riverain St.--Paul and pipes • laid 1 ' tthf j 1 . . ._ 11 A1 — 2 __!.« Ju 4<V»'A': fcW<-viV»sis*i*' -* f-Mtt 1 of-the jail-here, arid/ a. .-Vcleath "Watcn^Js? placed over him. Suicide is feared as ,,: lt -u ^.^ w ^^ he freciuently threatened to take his life I-.) ..\c:. tungsenatoronthP -during,the;day]; Ify was A pitiable _ob. .:-., l?cJwov'erf i«' denied ject sitting on tlie'side of IMS rude iron - - -- 1 - He had not even combed his .hair. men, wlio claim .that t.-c'l i'or Laylin were gratify..the desir.e to have .myself, placed:. ' OHIO 'CONTEST. clai. no reli.: bers oi' ; torial c:i While I Siivrman. Both StUl Claim '. o IIo Ahead. •;, O.. Jan. 4.—The only fea- ;..--,-t-l'-ped in the sonatorial ;;i;7 tLi'i. day was the publica-;. .:-.'..,.v 'Piivker of Cuyahoga, ,b...: i.) iiie public that.he was L- fu:- .---.e.iator. He had, how-• .--^seiitod in all the lists pre'.--.- a.-: a Foraker man. So the -, ••••,',-, is iusignificant. The •• . i'.owever, are persistent in ,.-.. i:l:e vote for speaker in the .: zation caiicu.s Satitrday is indication of how the mem- house will vote in the. sena- "Oh, my God, this is terrible," he ex- ..ciaiiued. to the .United., Press - correspon- ! d'eriti • "I aui.'atfiiiuocdrit^irian." There ('was a wild gleam in his eyes that sug- i gcsted desperation to the observer. He V refused W -'tallt- -' abotit : ' Colonel Ballou ' at all. GravfiH V»'ill Confesd. "'» :• It-is sta ted.': that''Jiidgis .Bisiiigj; and. District Atto'rnpy; Stevens: will visit the county jail and take a confession from Dr. Graves., John H. Conrad said during tile bvening'th'a't Dr. Graves would voluntary tell the entire story of his connection with the late Josephine B. Baroaby. .. . ... The mother and wife of the convicted murderer .are...seriously, ill ..and grave doubts : aa .to,.th'eir recovery ia.ex- pressetl. . right; befoi-Q tjie ..people, ,x*t', States. '.The. impression, prevails, ; tliat I; and my"follow.er3/aresiniply, an,., organ', ized band, of , border .ruffians, , seeking to only 'to gratify personal ends,^ Aa, nothing pan be fiirther' from truth, >, rely on you to do : me ; jtlstic'e; 'arid' fbr" - ' to'oiiV der all the streets in the"' business ;r (Ils- .trict. "'•-•- ,"; li ; : ' ; ,' !fjvr ;;"....,,,,.„ i.^Congressriian'Chipriian/'of'' Micliigariv ; proposes the building of -a canal around Niagara Falls • ahd\ across, Ife'w.'Otprk, "state; through which vessels,,anay. ; -pass frpm the'great lakes to-theiO'cean.- 1 - ••• •• •:: ; The. fourth. cltvss po's'tinasters' '•• of - .- nesota' Parti-arid selected delegates to the national convention of ; los'tmastei-s of this class, which meets ernpori;' ^hv' ihOSli NashVi),ie,^',^act',sirie®V..... . :in' ^ebts- 6tevenBoh.-'&) ';<3tf."^ '.'rit^B;', 1 .^ CoUfe^'.^^eejjV^.'.'^/i'-ettQi^lww^^waa blOHiirig frpm. the northwest,,, j^nd al^ tiipiigh the' : nVem ; 6n'' r were' promptly on han^l, they could do practically nothing. While fiffhting'theiflaineaitdur fflre|lne|i, all.cblored, we.rdi fc^ugji-li (i|ndei: .ifailing n -j ***«* Work has 'comnlenced 6n another •afTW^fi?'^^ # e ' WWW ri^r\iat,' ; . Oobddd Bluffs.- ..,.,, ,„,,,,,,,„,,.,., ,,., v / P. D. Palmer sold a hog at Britt that weighed 580 pounds and was 10 feet 10 - ' . 'robbed.. .wihile^fn -CJhicago of a largo ., . ,w!allband instantly .killed. ^TJhe J;ptaJ, loss is about $000,000'...,) ^-.,> •..-.•' • -- ••' <-- 'pos in-' THREE' \ ,'''.' > i £' • *' * t • * ;1 {jip& H«' house burst, soaking the entire building and causing a loss of $800. The prisoners f .in - T the Fort -Madison ?penitential*, liu'mpel tyO, the ;g|-e^test *i£ the MstoVy*- df < th 1 e ^nfetitutidn. -'' ^ .HIV, o iQWtf x OitirrEii^inSera'?,.jlnd Sur-6 1 ""spci6ty'"7ie,ld 'its fpujtli .annual : by iri B'aflirigton last w"eeV' ' '" "' rr'l-iiJ-M 7. ..luvvJu*; OPINION OF'A CHILIAN. A ..- admit tlsat that fight was fought mainly along sonatorial lines, they claim ;isatn number of members who are pleiJ^t-d to vote for Foraker for senator were pledged i o vote for Lnylin for speaker Ions bet'o-.-e the two contests fell into tin- sanii-i groove. Senator Sherumn, wiulu claim ing that tliespeak- «rsLiipti'contest ro.-inil, has removed all doubt of.liis cV-c.iun from his mind, ad- ini!vt.c-iT. that tht-ro may havi-r been a num- "ut-;- r.' ; vutes cast in the speakership con\ • . »n personal friendship grounds. ' -• : : ",,1-da-r men claim, however, that - uu;}u Shjiru-an man -voted for , v,-, \v.iile ;t.t least live anti-Sher-j -en, inclndiii'jr Dicks, of Cincin- | , <j will vol..- for Fi.tter for sen- j :. ul Welsh, of ICnox county, who ,, \jLn for lilcl-Iiuley, cast their bal- ioiti for Mr. Laylin. Wlnle the speak- ership caucus was an open one the ballot on that qu;-.'siio:i was a secret one, BO no one knows l,o-,v any member, voted, except by iris own confession. If the Foraker :n -n are right, of course, Sherman's strength in the house is at least 6 votus -lass than tho Xiaylin strength. Sherman will have 13 votes in the senate if I4e:t, it contestant, who will undoubtedly bu ''seated, 'is not admitted to the caucus, and 14 if He, is given a vote. Foraker claims 8 votes in the senate, but there ground for the c^aim. Conceding ''the Fovniter. claims in the b-ouse, which may U- con-ect, Hlierman would have 33 votes, and the 1-t in the senate would give him -Ui. or 1 short of enough to nominate, while Foraker would have 3 short of enough to nominate. Welsh and Dicks are suppose!!, of course, in.this estimate, to vote for McKinley au'd Foster * re-pw-tivuly. They would be; able to elect 1-jheruiau, or tie him with Foraker. Another K*limute. Another estimate places Foraker's Strength at 3B in the house and 7 in the senate—total, 45. If Iden were deprived of his vote in the senate Sherman's vote under Jthis estimate would fall to 44, •\Velsharid Dicks voting for Foraker ultimately, us they probably would do, •would give Foraker the necessary 47 votes and nominate him. It will be Been that much more depends upon the admission of Iden to the caucus, and there will no doubt be a preliminary fight over it. He was admitted to the Republican senate CAUCUS Saturday and this will be used as a precedent. The first vote on senator by the two branches of the legislature will be taken next Tuesday. . •••. \ •'•-... • Ryan aud Nepdliam Sign CHicAflbi Oeo. 80.-7-$oiamy Byan and liis backer have covered Danny Need- b-wo's forfeit of $500 by talegr*ph and |b,e fight is now a fixtjDjte-for some $fs& i» March. The California," Pacific, and ether Ban Fianeisco clubsuarfe bidding for the fight. Telbsrrnm jRe-favdms tho Baltimore Affsiiv Irom a C:il>ii:ot Minister. WASHINGTON, Jan. 1.—Senor "Montt, the Chilian minister, had another interview with Secretary Elaine during the day. The minister laid before the secretary the following translation of a telegram received from Mr. Matta, the minister of foreign affairs, bearing-, on tli'.i attack by the Chilians I'.'rippu the sailors from tho United States, ship Baltimore: From the siinr.imry of proceedings it ap- l-ifnrs i.liat the struggle comnienued bet wi'i-ii two sailora in a tavern at the Ward •AiTiiilufhiit it w;is contiiiiiefiinthe streets Avitu the accession of; members-- of inhabitants arid ti'aiifiiuut parties from the .street called "Dpi Clavu," "Sun Francisco" and ."Alaiiios," 'PhQ (iii.orfler,: CQijtimierl and extended to the strt-ets Del Arsenal and ^an Martin, where the police force succeeded 111'restorinjj; oi-d'er.. All -jtho .North: A'nrievicHns except tv\'o state that tho police did their duty, and from the volnni- inimsrpvocmiiMngs it appcttvs the court iias dim'e-its duty. AVhenovfir the pixisecuting attorney renders his opiiiion, and the time for. producing evidence shall have L-X- .Viir.ed, sentfBce willbe javen, nnd 'the es- 'labli.siang of hovr many are the guilty parties niay only lie presumed at present. AVhoeVei-. they may'be,.the'y will bcVpiiri- is,hed. The legal .proceedings are heing actively carried forward to their proper termination. The minister, when asked by a reporter for an opinion respecting the statements made in the telegram, called pecial attention to the statement that 11 the North Americans excepting two ad said that the police did their duty, regards this as favorable to the Chil- aii side of the controversy. It is noted ;hat the Chilian minister of foreign ffairs promises that when the due jrocess of law according \o Chilian uyisprudence be, observed, tliosei:fouud ;uilty will ba punished, and aa^s that ihese" judicial proceedings are being car- •ied forward actively..., MATTA'S 'NOTE. this I came-here tb'see andialk tb-'yoiv V" ' 'C'bnklittiin of Att'ittfii. " ''' "Let me speak briefly'of-the condition of affairs in the Mexican • states ' along the Bio Grande and : the southern-line of the United States., In Niievo / Leon, Tamanlipas,, Coahtiila...;ind. phihuahua particularly'there has .been, a.,growing discontent at the misrule of Mexico., President"Diaz "is Mexico. ..He is the government sole and entire. The slightest opposition to his will on'the part of any minister or other ofilcial is followed by'instant.dismissal 'and disgrace. He does not seem to care for the good of the people or the country so long as he may gratify his own interests and vanity. "During the time he'-has occupied the chair of president he has grown immensely wealthy. He owns thousands of acres of lurid,, millions of dollars.laid by, not only in Mexico but'in the vaults of Europe, und there is.hardly, a big corporation or monopoly in Mexico that he does not'own stock in. , It'M a Oaran Jlovciunnt. : "Captain Garza, it'is claimed that the clerical party is-behind, your movement; arid that .your funds come from the church. Ie. that.true?" "For the present this is a , Catarino. Garza inove5ueut, or revolution, as you please,'" said the pleasant looking bandit with a smile. "For the. present ! I can sa'y iio more, but When the time does com<5 that I can 'give you fuller details I will be glad to do so. ' 'My plan of campaign? It is success/ Just the.means I-.propose to Hccomplish the desired result . I cannot describe to. you. In the first place, I don't know myself,, and if I did I wquld be a poor general'to 'make thVm known entire. We mean to succeed. That muck you, may say ! f or ine. Adios." And Captain ''Garza mounted his mustang aiid disappeared behind the clump r of Lushes. ••:'•-.- ' ' : : 'I '''" 'From inquiries made by,the Crerinan -'embassy, relative s ' to ; 'th'8' • (railing' of- ! the ;ship Teutonic' and .reports ntliat-have come from Berlin, th.ere is reason;-to believe that-'-the'Germari" 'emp'erdr in- -teiids a the-- :Uriited' ^States. ... ..../. i^/-^i-'ii>!) f '-.--;i 1 Two Baitiin.pre club men liava .started out to walk 'from Baltiriiore . to.. Philadelphia on a ; wager; •' '-' '' '•" •Burglars dynariiited the vaitlt doors of ,^., ^ t -T-l IT "VCT* - - T 1— ' ' TJ-. J _ 'NiiJUiiloiivApe>atti*nii'if ( jJaU«*[:^dlttH' '. ... t I Koccivo RoiiRli Tl'tiaWfeW.' - :;lli - J '': T-BxAMCAWAj-iIanv > M t-+w-iA'' ttdniain^ Western Union was sending south to take! the place- of strikers was broken >into and three of the men killed. the Sheboygan Falls,..Wis;, bank.. Itis ' Settlers SliffUt { BJtghtfi. "? In6N RiVEB r Mteh/; D^^Q^Tne^ iil .war on between the homesteaders, .about thirteen miles from here, and the 'employes of the Metropolitan LumBer 'company, who insist on cutting timber. '.The! homesteaders declare they wi ,tp thje last for their rights, ey&uy. use of force. A team driye'riVby a .. pf tjie/,number are ars of age,., ., ,..,., .r. -,ivp..'t ..>...•'-« not. known how mjich money ..they secured^ •••.-..•••' - : '••'•'•' : '• "•"•'-•• ••••••"• • '. The mammoth barrel works of the Standard Oil company, at Constable, N.' J., were, destroyed by fire. .Loss over a million. "''..' ; . .• • ,;, ,.,.,;.-., ,,- • •'"'Miss Rachel Sherman, daughter of the late General Sherman, was' -jntirried to ,Dr. Paxtl Thbl-ndyke, -Of Boston,' at W'ashingtou. -Among;; the guests were President and 'Mrs. .Harrison,-Secretary and- Mrs. Elaine, and many : other distinguished people. News received from Monterey that General -Lorenzo G-arzia, in command of the troops in -the ISTprthern, p_art of Mexico, has been murdared-by his command and that'the 'entire force had gone over to the ; side of the revolutionists, 'ci'oss-- ing over into Texas in a'body at a ! point' between Roma and.Qarrisa, ; .:!;;; •• ; Five persons were injure'd by a, gas 'explosion at Minneapolis. Two:mail pouches were found rifled 'iri an alley, at St,Paul, NQW Year's night.- pariyi driver was killed Tuesday by teaders. The driver saw . homesteaders. shooters, bub, them. : '... ; ';"'• the .The driver saw .the ,ia v ' afraid . to .infprnn pn!; at"JJes Moines Jan. 19 to. 31.-_ dead .1 years, n He had i f e streets! of that »v A •?'; v>. The firm of J. H. Peterson & Co., of Burlington, chinaware dealers, has ma^e.i^uJ^asiff&inent.. The liabilities are riewB- lince ...The "tiei&njuj I is^ Wire svpKks, which has in Du^puque for eleven ^' for the benefit of creditors. A Cedar Jlapids merchant has a queer; 1 3 paper;Weight; It- is , v tho-first biscuit/; his witWmadp; ai'ter taking; a 1 )dbzfeni Ipssbpl i •; i i E'eciprriclty witJi C'osti«'IJ.ion'. : ; WASHINGTON, Jan. 1.—A reciprocity arrangement has been signed .between Secretary Blaine and Serior • CaT.vbv;'dip,- lo'matic representative of'"Costa Kica" a't Washington. As the arrangement has 'first; to be ratified by the government Pf 'Cbst4 Eica, its publication must await, the aption of that body. '*•'' '•''•"' ' - Mrs. Blulno TVon'b Settle. ; 'NtW YoiiK,'Dep."BO,-—The-taking, of. evidence in:-the..Blatn.e; Jr., divorce case. was 1 resumed before Keferee Lord, De-spite the strenuous efforts made by young Blaine and his friends to bring abpuf an amicable settlement of the trouble his wife remains obdurate, and as soon as tho takiugvpf ''evidence, isfcoji-- 'clrided she will retul'ri/to '-Sojjth Dakota, ! The -net'funded-, debt of city upto'Dec. 81, laO.O.was $97,857,230, To-day the net debt is $97,5ai,00.&08,;,a. decrease of 'IJ^SO.'S'SB. " ' ;"...". . ..-Twelve fishing boats' bclo'ngirig',_'fo , V.inarose -and- San "Carlos de ; la'Papita' 'Rave been lost in a storm off-the Span- 'w'h'ere ahe expects that the 1 divorce" will -be -granted in short order. tho AHSOclntecl Press. Jan. 4.—The jury in the case of' 't'h'e .Republican Printing company against the Northwestern Associated Press^ after being out forty-eight hours, 'i'slv'coa,st, twelve, persons being, dro>Yne,d. returned a verdict of $802 for plaintiff Five hundred Chicago boys- avme.d- .Suit, -was for damages, the Associated •'• v • ' - • '- " • •••• — •' The Republican's neglect the paper tempprarily suspended. ! * ; A .couple registered at the'hotel afc J. Q- Ooven.try.and wife,.were found dead hi bed at Flushing*- Q. ,,Twp:;empty 'iri'Orphirie bottles were found , Ify. ( th£(ir sides. I . ., Tho committee appointed to inyesti-. nation .oi the sit- is It AVus S«iit Without the Knowloilge of Moult in- Otjier Members. : , YORK, Jan. 4—The Herald's Valparaiso dispatch, states that the p| foreign affairs, Matta, sent his now famous dispatch in reply to the demands of the United States government without submitting it to President Montt or other members of the cabineut. This information is procured, The Herald'9 corr«6p,ori$eB$ says, OQ reliable authority, i. Thf prep^nt ministry, itijj added, is prepapiua another document as a substitute for Senor Matta's ufldiplpjBatic letter. AVllllnui Miiy Be VAUARAISO, Jan. 4. —It is stated that Emperor William will be proposed as an arbitrator in the Baltimore case. Gonurml Mclff» ,. Jan, ,4. -rTfre funeral plf General 'iitontgonaery' Cv' Meiggs, who died at his home on Saturday, will be of services will St.'Jotfns Episcopal church SECURED ONE' PRISONER. . Ofllclal Report of the "Battle" with . JWfexica\i wovolutlonisU. SAN 'ANTONIO, Tex., Jw- 4.—The work of the United States troops in, routing the Garza'reyplutipnista, ou the, border have so far been ..very successful and General David S. Stanley states that he believes'that lie can keep the Mexi-, can offenders in' subjection with the present military force. An engage.' ment took place -Saturday near Fort |linggold, the following account of which has been received at military department headquarters here: Second Lieutenant George T. Langhprne of the Third cavalry and, his detachment pf thirty troops with the sheriff of Duval county and a posse of United States deputy marshals.have just arrived here with one prisoner. The prisoner is Cpl-, oriel Pulbjo Munaz who is one of the leaders ii* the Garza n^ovement. Lieutenant Langhprne reports that : they struck a camp of revolutionists three miles from the Los Cuentites ranch and five miles from here. The revolutionists ran, leaving everything as soon as they discovered the United States troops, escaping into the dense chapparal. It is- not known that any of them were wounded although many shots were fired after them as they dashed into the bushes. Garf» Hemmed *n. SAN ASTONIQ, Te$., J^n, 4.-A dispatch from Laredo s»ys: ..United State* soldiers and Mexican rangers are reported to have Garza surrounded in tbd northwestern part pf Zapata county. -M ^|a is the case Garza is htfumed in on, and it will be impossible for him to turn in any direction^ Jan!. the S£n and Aransas "Paife railroad" system gatathe^don^ucTbfT£^ I'sbmewhat improved as far as the man- Soper, of Miolu'san, has made an ; ex-i'agefsiof the road aie concerned. Pas- haustive rqport,> finding, ,that Soper had senger trains were run out of here for mulcted the state ; m yaripus ways, ,of a. L^eri'viUe and Corpus Christie by crews large ainetint. _^ .•'•..,-..,•• «, ,:;•:;i, .. lot;np,n,-union men vrho were protected Guy deMaiipassant, the noted Frewflhby.the United Stated deputy marshal liter'ateur, atternpted suicide, at. Can,n_es.J ,a,^ ^ ^arge Equad of policemen, Two men were killed.and two.badly ' ~~~ wounded in a Btreet fight at Perry, Fla. Andrew Carnegie has donated $8(),'6o6 ' the : erection' of a public 1 library'at Fairfield, la. ' -.-': The fight between Billy Gallagher and Given Out by Hill. YORK, Jan. 4.—A special dis- ,o The Press from Washington .saysintimation has come from Senator, elect David B. Hill that ex-President Cleveland will decline to have his name The Odd Fellows lodge at Atlantic is the largesb i in i .the,,§tate, jts membership nu'mibeniljg nearly' 3UO;-;; ; :'iThe lodge has flfloxit' 'completed"^ new '.temple costing $25,000. .,,,ThQ....Spies--wagon factory, now in course of erection at Clinton will' be .ready-t.o.coimmencp-w.ofck Jan. 15 next. 'Tliis factory will furnish employment to SOO hands,.. v , ; >.-> ! . ;Felix.AgneW', ari.pld ,: : resident .bf pu-'>' ! - ?i ' bnque, .fell over a retaining 'walMfteen'-<-,.^ feet high and broke'his neck. The city had put up no railing and is liable f or carelessness;' Improvements in new buildings to the amount of.§i,15,000 were made'at"W/ash- .ingtpn'''dm-^ig the;;.|year just^en.ded. Dui'liigithe same period , in the coiiinty, ! qutsldii ; ot',;Washingtbri i '''hearly-'$5t)0,000 wortii of neAV buildings wero erected. .Ayoung farmer named Homan -in '- : Jeffieraon township, Dubuque county, was driven off his farm by his wife, mother-in-law aud sister-in-law. He is afraid to return on the premises again and will send an officer sifter his chatties and apply for a divorce. The jury in the Jones vs. Gordon debt case at Burlington went on a strike and refused to render their verdict till paid their fees as jurymen. The plaintiff was anxious to hear the verdict and paid the fees, but much to his chagrin the verdict was against him. . _ . . ...^ Herbert Fro''arid Jjohi^'Houi;. becajn/ r | involved in a''i$io'pthi{!J '.spiapcb.'" at Day|s' K p coal mine,VnortU'east 6f Cd-ydoh," and ; " while one was attempting to get a gun, which was lying near, it was discharged, instantly killing Newton Houk, a companion, who was attempting to separate them. On a farm near Lorimer, Union county, lives a podigy of a child, Cbarl- ton Suade, leas than G years old. He takes no interest in outdoor sports iMad is comparatively wrapped up in books. At the age of 4 he hud completed, the reading of the New Testament and at 5 years and 8 mouths of age he had read the entire Bible. He has never attended . school, his education being received ' for 'Feb.8. Four person's were burned to d'eath and. several others probably fatally injured ii} a fire at San Francisco* caused: by the explosion of an oil stove. Citizeds of Peru, I.ud,, we^e pbliged to stay in bed Sunday to keep from freezing. The town is heated by natural gas and the supply was cut off by the 'bursts ing of a main pipe, > - i Highwayman held:up a stage'near the: Idaho line, uofc far from Bp^uer.'ft ferry. They inade a rich haul, securing abpiit : $6,000 worth of'jewelry'from "E. L. Hunttey, representing a Chicago >vho}fr. sale house. 1892 January, T ' the presidency from the teachings of his mother. ._ ...., >•"••,!/"'} ''• > i !' " ' " •' ilKnxr .XTaiifrnf^iV •nf'"Mti^inn' fm-'B LATEST MARKET REPORT. St. iPa.ul " .J-8Q3, JJOGS—Selliiiif at $a.7>>, . CATTLE— Wi-iii. : ''iPifime' stcei-si ! good Kteefs,) SJiSfKSS.SS; -pi'iiiie udws,' good co\y8,.B|.3'5ffi:J.a5; / .?i S>,Op^U!H»i$t vejil cdl calves, $?M>® f.OO; -stoekc years iriail agent on the Chicago, waukee and St. Paul railroad, 1 has been arrested, Charged . . wtth,, ,hftvmg : , - riumTjer 'of .yetir's ! kbst^ed . .-imca Bt'ainpBfrbnl ; - liters and' he , ,a , ( . .ed^ , sbld them .to . calves, «!i.OJ;«|..UOj . ..-stoekers)$16 l J(g2.0U}' f ers, lambs, <S#.50. Receipts: receipts: $3.uO®i.K6; etockers' aiii the mails, and then' takinff tlie ona wrapped-^ Off > &&' rbmailinf '• th^L, _ " iximseieitoVbnng'ladies <»f-' J) « J ' (l 3 Mo. 10 11 - \> MUU WAS,BINQTON, Mills h^8<tarte Til, i& We. 6 IS Th. 7 Minneapolis Grain. MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 2,1893. Frim May op^uing, closing, O 88c; his Mount' o u:; . '' J Olarenoe timof the Burlington, ploy any but *-•-» J - !J1 H^ ' ernon. , Eay^l^ years old, Christian science His " 11 8 is a vie* craze at ents refused to em- ,js^ jjicieac^. Jieal-,,, CUi^ayo Live* CHICAGO UNION Si '" fc* 00 *^! ?—NomiuaJly firja. pU: Cuttle, 1,600: Ixogs, 8P,(K»i enpuncing tb i-istian science a» j.a dangftous fallacy. order was also issued to the coroner beginthe, water, " 4 til fl A I '*%<>&»**'• f 3 *" 16 - l ' 500: aoK8,»,WW Mpt rS ; c .tfSissass

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