The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1892 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1892
Page 1
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Ambrose A* Call, President. H. Hutching, Vice-President. j. ittBiueui. v ice-r resident. FIRST NATIONAL BANK * ^aicak w. o, ^ov t .Report. Baking BIROS 1 """" 3 "™" 1 LIVERY, FEED. AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carriages. West of Thorington House. M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. FARM LOANS. tl ?, ( l? nI A mor %»ge at any time and save the InterpJt'imVh para. Moneyifurnlshert at onco on na,-r a »t «*ii nSiV __™. H. HOXIE, Algona, Iowa. ALGOflA REPUBLIC AN 0/ /C ™" THE ALGOIA STATE BANE OOO HTMoney toucan at Reasonable Hates : — "" J>TJ>»X WKOJJaigiDAy JOS. W. HAYS, Editor^ulfpubHsher, Terms of Subsection. •y. one vear. in n.av*r;jk- i i •:.. ». „ .' Vs ill'ordered' stopped une copy, one year, in n< One copy, six months, In One copy, three months,? Advertising Rates wlllb8 on part8 of E ' I. _ ~ - ——•- -••—* . J. Gilmore, —Headquarters for- Chamber Sets, Water Sets, flOOK AND JolTpRlNTlNC Just received another car of Sleepy* Eye + Flour. E. J. THIS ISSUE CONTAINS; 2d Page - Telegraphic News, State and National. 3d—The Bancroft NEWS. 4th—Algona Local News. Sth-Additional Algona News. 6th—The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, The "Bill Nye" Letter. 7th—The Burt REPUBLICAN County News, Ledyard TIMES. 8th-The Wilson Farm Department. • 1891 was a year of general prosperity for the people of the United States and 1892 is a year of promise. While Europe is threatened with war and cursed with famine, we are in the midst of peace and .prosperity. The United States is a good •country to live in.' ' '• :• ^.^ GRANGE - STORE 4 The Journal made an excellent showidg for Sioux City in its review edition of •January 1st. "Sioux City" has become a synonym for hustle and enterprise. " Her •business men have imbibed the spirit of the live northwest in a concentrated form There is only one Sioux City. "^ ' Pearl buttons are now being made in the United States and sold at a lower figure than they were before the McKin •ley-bill placed an increased tariff upon them., all of which goes to show that the tamff is a is a tax "anyway"q. e. d. —according to democratic mathematics.' A small pamphlet, giving a summary of the .record of the republican party, has just-been issued by the National Republican League. It should be in the possession .of every republican and protectionist. Write to the National Republican League, 205 5th avenue, New York for a copy of the pamphlet. The late Senator JPiumb was one of. the few republican members of congress who the total circulation-of the REPUBU- ier, the REPUBLICAN looks back upon a successful and prosperous year. A year CAN was scarcely 1100 copies weekly. 1 Dating the month of December last the regular weekly edition of the REPUBLICAN was 04 quires or 1536 copies. The figures given, represent in the main the increase of circulation within the county —a fact <tf some interest to home advertisers. It has been our theory that the people of Kossuth county should have a county newspaper, a paper devoted not alone to the interests of Algona, but to the interests of every town and community in the <entire county. Following out this theory the REPUBLICAN has secured a special correspondent for every town and country post office in the county.and now publishes more country correspondence each week than any other paper in northern Iowa. A special department for Bancroft fills an entire page. Burt and •fcedyard each has a department of its own occupying a full two columns. The degree in which these special departments are appreciated may be estimated after a glance at the advertisements contained in their columns. The business men of Bancroft,,Burt and Ledyard find the RE PUBLICAN a profitable advertising medium because its readers are the people who patronize them. It is gratifying to the management of the REPUBLICAN, to note ma growing subscription list and an increased advertising patronage, the appreciation in which the paper is held by the -people of Kossuth county. After NEW ABSTRACT OFFICE. HAY^RIOJE, Abstracters, opprosed the McKinley bill, watching the effect of the bill for uv cr a year Mr. Plumb recently expressed the opinion that it was "a wise piece of legislation." The .tariff act of 1890 has not only failed to justify the evil prophecies of its enemies, but so far as immediate results are concerned jt has more than realized the promises of its friends, A recent number of New York Judge represented President Harrison, dressed m the armor of a medieval knight, wandering through, a dense forest haunted with spectral images of Elaine. 'The woods are full of him," The great Sectary of State has become, a colossal flg- •«- in national politics. Reciprocity has le him stronger than his parly. With «J1 the President's claims f or a renomioa- Mpn Blaine will be the cfcoice Of the con- y$ntion if be will accept Mje i»Qmination. the editor of the Spencer News has discontinued the publication of a semiweekly paper and returned t$thei weekly, found the semi-weeklyuBprogtabJe.' '• ™ight inake.a ftiJggfistfQn to our ,..,... contemporary: Qet put one edi, tiou a week and print bot^jdes at honje- stop u§ing patent Jailfar Subscribers like it better, i* better a«<J wondthatit advertisers wou i d News OFFICE^. The begging of the year has brought its usual changes in the officers in the courthouse. Several competent and efficient officers retire and other competent and efficient officers take their places.Mr Stephens has been sheriff for three consecutive terms and has the record of a faithful officer. He has been offered the position of Chief of Police of Sioux City and will probably accept the situation. Mr. Graham, who succeeds him in office is a democrat but that does not in any way disqualify him for sheriff. He is one of the successful business men of the county and it was against his own protest that he forsook a good business to accept office at the hands of his party. Miss Carey,the retiring superintendent has many friends who would have given much to have seen her re-elected. Her efforts to raise the standard of teachers in the county made many enemies and helped-to bring about her defeat last November. Miss Carey is succeeded by a man who formerly held the office and who then made a record that helped to reject him. Mr. Reed has a very satisfactory history as county superintendent behind him, Mr. Lantry succeeds himself ia the treasurers' office. He was re-elected by an overwhelming majority and steps back intake shoes of a very popular officer. The Handsomest tarty i« Algona Remarked to a friend the other day that she knew Kemb's Balsam forjfce Throat and Lungs was a superior raf edy, as it stopped her-cough instantly when other cough remedies had no effect whatever. Se to prove this and convince you of its merit, any druggist will gi ve you a Sample bottle Free. Large size 50c and f 1. Mr. Howolls' New, Work. The annoimceraent that Mr. Howells will leave Harper's Magazine, to the editorial charge of the Cosmopolitan, on March 1st calls attention to the process of building up tn« staff of a great magazine. Probably in no monthly lias tl»e evolution been so distinctly under tbe eyes of the public as lu the case o( tile Cosmopolitan. Tb,e flvst step after its edl* torial control was assumed by Mr. John BrJsberi Walker, was, to »dd to It W ward Everett" Halo, who tool? .charge of a department called "Social Probjeia|," subjects concerning which the greatest tiumber of people are "-•-•'• L ANGDON & THE CASH GROCERS HUDSON »3i f#i Groceries and Provisions, We^are handling a fine line of TEAS, COFFEES AND SPICES. We also handle the CELEBRATED BAPIDAN FLOUR, j Bespectfully, LANGDON & HUDSON. { HARDWARE HARDWARE -If you want-— GOOD GOODS - AT - LOW PRICES cwv 'M M«& I am handling the justly celebrated Monitors * and + Bucks. Which have no equal in Economy and Durability. JOB "WORK A. SFEJOIALT-y . ^ J. F. jQILMQRE. 11 ,^ s$ , W Is qiute likely to be ushered in by a blizzard and you will need warm clothing for your feet. Remember that the best place to buy Arctics of all Kinds, Felt Boots, Mittens, Horse Blankets, Fur Robes so as to be prepared for the cold weather which will probably soon be here, is at F.S.STOUGH'a /£(.! J. H. QUEAL LUMBER ^ his ._„ „.„„.„„» UVW juoi vi peopje are lulflKlng today. Mr: Hale, wi 0 ^ 8 student, a fair minded mau, a tUorpugfr 4merican and a man of brqad sympathies, has filled this position la a way to attract the attention not only pf this, aenon not only pf country, but of leading European Journals, Why 4«n't tbjy eh.arge policemen O n the horse cars J Because they caa'i get a nickel out of », gppper. Handle only the Best Oraftes'wfl-seU'ftt V ery Lowestprices, We carry a COMPLETE InAll AncJ will meet All t -

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