The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 30, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1891
Page 6
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and MKOtt-it mm. THE At*GQKA t I0WA, 1891, AL60NA REPUBLIC AN So, Miftet > ? ! 2?S2 ^:::::::-::::::::::::::}$Z% .^^v.".".:.--:.-.^^ nntwn It A ST. .10 :24 am . o !30 p m .12:15 u m i4 frtWar:::. .':.".—•.- 2 =M p m BfrftlKht. 10:55P m , IOWA, DEC. 80,1891. * • • _i^_: KOSSTJTH COUNTY MARKETS. Chicago & Northwestern K'y. GOING NORTH AND WK8T. ight accommodation ........... • • ; iis a m ftago Mall and Express ........... 3 :34 p m GOING SOUTH AND KABT. freight accommodation ............. « *W P ™ Chicago Mail and Express ............ 2 :37 p m reaches Des Molnes at Ohtcago passenger ? f). M. OhlCRffO 6'50 &. iu«i nun .ii.*!..'"*." -v"* 7 8$»«,,m. Tickets for sale to nil points In the Jnlted States and Canada, PROFESSIONAL* BUSINESS DIRECTORY, B. t. DANSON. W. C. DANSON. DANSON BROS., A TTORNEYS AT LAW, Algoniv, Iowa. Office Over Comstock's. Flax ALGONA MARKETS. Corn 28 Butter 18 Hogs 8.26 Barley 80 Oats 24 Eggs 18 Cattle. $0.00 @ $0.00 Wheat 70 Oats 20@$ .22 Eggs 20 Cattle 1.00 Flax 70@75 Hay 8.50 70 @ .75 Timothy ........ 85 BANCROFT. Corn ..... 22@.26 Butter ......... 20 Hogs ........ 8.10 Barley ..... 25@.80 Wheat ...... 65@.70 E. V. SWETTING. A W. B. QUARTON, A TTOItNKX AT LAW, Office over Kossuth County Bank, GEO. E. CLARKE, TTORNEY AT LAW. Clllco over First National Bank. Algona. Ipwa. • OUR CLUBBING X.IST. The REPUBLICAN and any one of the journals named below will be sent to any address for one year at the following reduced rates: NEWSPAPERS. Des Molnes Register ...................... $200 Iowa Capita) ................................ 2 oo Sioux City Journal ......................... 2 15 Keokuk Gate City ........... . .............. 230 Marshalltown Times-Republican ........... 2 05 Omaha Bee ................................. 235 Chicago Journal ----- ........................ 2 30 Chicago Inter-Ocean ...................... 225 National Tribune ........................... 240 mibuque Times ......................... ' 9° New York Press ............................ 2 00 MAGAZINES AND HOME JOURNALS. Harper's Weekly .......................... 475 Bazar .............................. 4 75 " Magazine ........................ 455 " Young People .................... 3 05 Godey's Laity's Book .................... ... 305 Demorest's Magazine ............. ..:... 3 05 Liiintncott's Magazine ..................... 4 05 Scientific A S. fc>. SESSION'S. A TTO!lNEY-AT-LAY> .I...;«iis illul Insurance. Specinl attention j:i\ri. lo collections, of all kinds. Olrtce over Cliri.-cliiHes store. JAS. BARli,,M. D >HYSICIAN and BUKGBON^ L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., P HYSICIAN and STTK«BON. Office next door to Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. ALGONA, G. T. WEST, M. D.,. P HYSKUAN and SVJlUi li«»X. A.gon'ft, Iowa, Oflie.e. at. residence. *• DR. L A, SHEETZ, Druggist & Statiojier. L'rescriptions tilled. Deals in paints, 'oils, books, por'nmeries.ete. Corner of State :nni Thorington streets Algnna. Towa. American ........................ * <>5 American Economist ........................ 2 55 Home Market Bulletin ..................... 175 Housekeeper ........................... 215 Kevievv of Reviews ........................ 300 Housekeepers Weekly ................... 225 Frank Leslies Illustrated Monthly ......... 2 80 FARM AND STOCK JOURNALS Iowa Homestead ............. ............... 2 40 Prairie Farmer ............................ 2 25 The American Farmer ...................... 170 Western Rural ............................ 285 Orange Judd Farmer .............. • • • • ...... 2 25 The Breeder's Guide and Practical Farmer 1 75 Rural Life ............................... 225 GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN PUBLICATIONS Amerika ..................................... 240 SvenskaTrlbunen .......................... 335 Iowa Staats ZeitunK ...................... 255 Svlthlod with premium ..................... 2 55 Skanclinaven with premium ................ 3 Oo TEACHERS JOURNALS Teachers World ............................. 1 M The Educator ............................... J™ Iowa Normal Monthly ..................... 225 Educational Gazette ...................... 200 These rates are given for a limited period and will be subject to revision from time to time. Subscribe now. J. W. Robinson returned last from Milwaukee! •• _ " , The week: of prftyet will begJn in the Baptist chvirch next Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Howard spent Christ' mas with friends at Ren wick. Attorney Sullivan Made a Christmas trip to St. Louis and Iowa City. Miss Blanchard of Ltvermore visited with Miss Lillie Howard last week. There were several parties in town Christmas evening and a dance at the Court House hall. Frank Slagle left Saturday evening on a trip down into Nebraska. Cedar Rapids was his objective point. Estherville voted on the question of electric lights yesterday. We have not heard the result of the election. There will be no literary program at the Reading Room on Friday evening because of other entertainments. Rev. Fl'finigan will lead the Epworth League meeting next Sabbath evening. Subject, what can we do for Christ? A Mr. Bradford of the senior class of the University of Minnesota has been spending the vacation in Algona with his cousins, the.Misses Smith. C. B.Matson was in Estherville again this week on one of his numerous trips to that town. He is selling a good many acres of Emmet county land. . A pleasant surprise party was perpetrated upon the Misses McCoy Monday .evening. A good sized company were Cheap prices still continue at the Grange Stot e, ' Buy yttor rubhetu 6hd ''a*0tics,,o£ Forest Stotigh, •? Read Henry Winkle's adveftlsettfent and you will know where to buy your hardware. Prof. W.A.Simpson of Sanborn spent Christmas in Algona and attended the rountain-Richardson wedding. Louis Lessing has as large and fine a stock of furniture as was ever seen in Algona. See his advertisement. Notice the change in the adverttee- medt of Langdon & Hudson. Remember they sell for cash and sell cheap. The regular monthly celebration of the holy communion will be held at the Episcopal church Sunday morning. Prof . Carleton was called to Nebraska this morning by telegram from his wife stating that their baby was very sick. Rev. Dorward's son, Howard P., is home on a short vacation from Des Moines College. He will return next Monday. Don't go withqut rubbers this grippe breeding weather. Forest Stough's advertisement will tell you were to buy your footwear. At the Baptist services next Sunday morning there will be a roll call of the members in connection with the celebration of the Lord's Supper. Tomorrow will be your last chance iNfeWlftg 14 a CofflpnrfttiV6 report of ie Ufty sctools for ffloflthg endinR Dec. 1890, afld Dec. 24,1801* ' -"•" 1891 WANTED, POft SALE, ETC, ,493 Total enfdllme'nt... .,Monthly enrollment ....... ...... 4tB Average belonging ........ ...... '•• &H Average attendance ......... ....... 8M.6 Days of absence fupll's tardiness. ' . . 778 CO toRlst's Racket for genuine bargains. 8-»3 Visits'. a. .......... ...." ..... -. 168 per cent of attendance ... ....... M.7 Ver dent of punctuality .......... 99.7 Teacher's tardiness ........ . ...... 2 No. neither absent nor tardy .... 151 health of HEA.tt1fEt Ijji'l All persons knowing themselves indebt* goo «d to me are hereby notified that they 10 1 must call and settle either by cash or ™ , 1 bankable note before the 1st of January 9415 or it will b6 put Into the hinds of a law- oo.o 4 20? has The general health of pupils been unusually good for the term just closed. Booms 2, 6, 7, 9,10 and school at the depot had no tardiness. The following table shows the number of times that each room has ranked one in attendance and punctuality and the number of times each room has had no absence during the month. Days taught 19. yer for collection. G. M. HOWARD. NOTICE My dental rooms will be closed from the 4th to the llth of .Tan, as I will be out of town on business. * G. B. Goi-B. Asthma cored by Dr. Jtllea' New Heart Cftre. — . _ Name of Teacher. " 2 Lillian Decker 1 4Ollle Wilkinson 8 Edith Call 10 Eva Whitnev T)i»nnt .Tpnntfl Pfittlbone u a tu o M Sv «g 3* jSss g 7 0 2 10 3 I) 5 4 11 3 d O M £j ^3 id o Stf SP, 5 1 4 3 1 1 G 1 1 1 • 1 -3 a ' Po W° •Sfe ^el n O %* 2 1 1 n 1 1 0 1 7 1 A choice line of fresh at Hudson. & Langdon's. teas and coffees PUBtIC NOTICE. Whereas, My wife, Alice L. Maine, has left my bed and board without any just cause or provocation: Notice is hereby .given to all parties to not trust or harbor her on my account, for I shall pay no debts of her contracting. : Algona, Iowa, Dec. 12, 1891. 11-18 8. G. MAIHE. Good mittens Stough's. cheaper xthan ever at Full blooded Berkshire boar pigs for sale—old enough for servJce. Also have a number of fine shoats for sale. 7tf A. W. SIOSBY. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. T. J. FELLING, M. D. >HYSUMAN and SUKGEON. _ in English and Gi-nmu denee over Goetch's store. P HYSICIAN and SUKGlfiUN. Consultation in English and Gi-nmui Office mid resi- ° .-,.,.. ...... \viijt.t.einore, Iowa. E, E. S& Veterinary Physician -i Surgeon SrOfflce west of Un- Thoriugton House, Algona.Iowa. HOSFTTAf. Accommodations. Real Estate •**• HUTCHISON 1'iisiness. Alf-o do a •.-.i . B. MATSON,?, • te, 'INGE: Farm Loans CBRISCFTILLES' STORE. For Information m regard to lauds lu Ji^ortli- weatern fowa, write to the . ^ Real Estate and Abstract Office of GBO. C. CALL, ' , ALGONA. — IOWA. >A. D. CLARKE <Sc CO. , FARM LOANS, ABSTRACTS. '' P. L. SLAGLE, Manufacturer of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA. IOWA. ru 4 ' Do you want an auctioneer? D. A. HAGGARD Will cry city and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature strictly coiifldential. oillce with Fl M. Taylor. E. G. BOWYER, DEALEJ! .IN WATCHES, CLOCKS m 'JEWELRY, AH kinds of Silverwan t ; I ' Repairing tispecialty. Hotel and Restaurpt. i. P. HALL, Proprietor. State Street, Alguoa. Lodging and meals. Board l>v the day '«r week. Terms $1 per day, $3.50 per week with lumkihed room, $2.60 per week fur day hoard. Get your visiting cards the REPUBLICAN office. at Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, • $50,000. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned,foreign and rdovoeatic exchange bought and sold.j-Collectkms wadepromptly and aceneir.l banklpghusluess ^^^ cted. Passage tickets to or from the The board of supervisors meet next Monday. A large number of cases of la grippe are reported. Will Walker spent Christmas at home with liis parents. Guy and El Dalton were home to spend Christmas. Andy Robinson came over from Britt last night on business. Mrs. Anderson of Bancroft is visiting her sister Mrs. Dr. Morse. Forest Stough and Arthur Waldo spent Cbrismas in Minneapolis. Glen Brunson was among the boys who came home to spend Christmas. Henry and Horace Goddard spent Christmas with their sister, Mrs. Fred Fuller. Miss Hose Holman is still quite low with what the doctors call typhoid pneumonia. Miss Luella Sifert, who is teaching at Sheldon, spent the Christmas holidays at home. Bert Edmonds came up from Des Moines for the holidays. He is still in the bicycle business. Dr. McCormack tells us that he will go on the road soon as agent for a number of medical works. We are in receipt of a lengthy letter from Willis Hallock giving his impressions of California, which will be published next week. 'Prof. Ohmstad formerly of the Normal School, has been an Algona visitor during the holidays. He is now principal of schools at some town in central Illinois. The enrollment of students at the Normal School is steadily increasing. There were several new students last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Foster and family of Burt and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Thackeray and family took dinner with Mrs. E. A. and Miss Mary Foster on Christmas. D. D. Townsend took the train last night for Chicago to look up some line of employment for the future. Mrs. Townsend will remain in Algona indefinitely. Every one in Algona will be sorry to have these two most estimable people leave the city. Owing to the almost impassable condition of the roads there was not a sufllcient attendance to warrant the holding of a meeting of the Temperance Alliance last Saturday. The meeting was accordingly adjourned until January 8th when it is hoped that there will be a larger attendance. MAUIUKD:—Last Wednesday evening, Mr. Glen Fountain and Miss Dell Bichardson were married by Bev. Eri Garfield. It was a quiet wedding and very few people knew anything about it until it was over. The young people have gone to keeping bouse in west present and the evening was taken up with games. Begular meeting of Algona Lodge K. of P. Friday evening. Installation of officers and work in the 1st degree. Knights are requested to remember the meeting. B. B. Warren of the Upper Des Moines, accompanied by his wife, left Monday evening for Chicago. They will be absent about a week and will visit in Wisconsin. M. L. Clarke and son, Lee, left yesterday with their car of household goods for California. Mrs. Clarke went to Des Moines several days ago, where she will visit for a short time. It is reported that Editor Hinchon returned a Whittemore man $5.00 after it had once come into his possession. It was a most remarkable case of either honesty or absent mindedness. Sheriff Stephens left last night for Sioux City. He promised .to convey assurances of the REPUBLICAN'S pro- i'oundest regard and most distinguished consideration to "dr." Hathaway. ; : to pay up and get an elegant lithograph as a premium. We will discontinue offering the lithographs January 1st. The city council tried to have a meeting last Saturday evening but as there was not a quorum present they went home without the formality of adjourning. Letters at the post office. N. L. Palmer, Geo. Beddy, A. B. Clarke, Bobt. M. Dexter, W. Jackson, Jacob Iseli, Miss Helena Nelson, Miss Jennie Sargent, Jas. Breen. Mr. Quinlan, Mr. and Mrs. Bandall, Miss Butterbaugh and Miss Lou Nicoulin were over from Mason City Christmas day, the guests bf Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nicoulin. The Algona editors are making arrangements for the winter meeting of tbe Upper Des Moines Editorial association which will be held in this city January 28 and 29. A large attendance of editors is expected and it is earnestly hoped that the people of Al- Bespectfully, W. II. Dixsosr. gona will second the efforts of the local Algoua, wljere Glen, with * foresight 4*i noted and patterned young men eontawplatr had «eme time ago of his own and neatly At the Episcopal church on Sunday next the pastor will preach in the morning on "The, Star of Bethle-' hem, and the visit of the Magi." 'in. the evening on "Foundation Truths." J. G. Bawson says that he is noM?:' Bawson of "Whittemore, the new member of the board of supervisors. There are a number of men in the county who can't tell to this day which Bawson they voted for. The church entertainments Christmas eve were well attended and passed off pleasantly. There were Christmas trees at the Methodist and Baptist, churches and a cantata at the Congregational church. The Fort Dodge ghost that frightened the people at a dance so badly a short time ago, turns out to have been a very material spirit. Several boys secreted themselves in the cellar and made the mysterious noises by screaming through a long rubber tube. A. D. Clarke will move the building now occupied by Jas. Taylor and W.F. Carter to the vacant lot next to the Courier office early in the spring, to make room for the new bank building. We are not informed if Mr. Taylor or Mr. Carter will occupy the building after it is moved or not. The funeral of old Mr. Ilaggerty who died at the home of his son David Ilag- gerty, in Plum Creek township a week ago yesterday morning, took place from the Catholic church last Friday morning. He was one of the oldest residents of the county and a highly respected citizen. Mr. Ilaggerty was a native of Cork, Ireland. Mr. Bice of the firm of Hay & Bice was a caller at the BBPUHLICAN office last Saturday. He informed us that abstracts would be furnished just as cheaply after the first of January as they are now and that the public need have no fear of the much talked of j "pool." It isn't hardly the square thing to damage a man's prospects for business by circulating such stories before there are substantial grounds for a belief in them. The new man who brings his capital and enterprise into a town should have the support, and not the antagonism of its citizens. A town couldn't grow very much unless new men came into it. There are some business men in this city who take an entirely different view of the matter. They think that the beat way to build up Algona is to keep new men out of the town, or discriminate against them after they have brought tbeir capital and invested it in some business enterprise. "Kill off tbe new men," that is tbei* fcbeory. Hay& Rice will commence business in Doxsee's old office and way remain tbere permanently. Tbe RKI-WUCAS is glad to tee them co»e into tbe city. »a4 committee, and make it pleasant for them while they are here. The pro- Third Annual Show of the Forest City Poultry and Pet Stock association, at Forest City, Iowa, Jan. 4th and 5th, 1892. We invite the poultry and pet stock fanciers of the northwest to meet with us on the evening of Jan. 5, '62, for the purpose of organizing a Northern Iowa association. Fanciers from adjoining towns are most cordially invited to attend this meeting and help organize one of the largest poultry associations in the country. Come everybody. E. E. SECOR, J. E. HOWARD, Secretary. President. Interested People. Advertising a patent medicine in the pecular way in which the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam for coughs and colds does, it is indeed wonderful. He authorizes all druggists to give those who calj for it, a sample bottle free, that they may try it before purchasing. The large bottles are 50c and $1. We certainly would advise a trial. It may save you from consumption. FOUND:—On the sidewalk between Qilmore's and Clarke's place, some money. Owner can.have same by calling at my place and describing it. * D. E. DOUGLAS, Algona, la. Why is a blush an anomaly? Because a woman who blushes is admired for her cheek. Our experience covers many ills, many pills and many bills. Our ills are smaller our pills are smaller and our bills are smaller when we use De Witts Little Early Bisers. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Big drives in shawls this week. GEO. L. GALBRAITH & Co. gram of the meeting will be published later. ..... . . . A Ne>v Year's eve dance is on tbe program for tomorrow eyening, at the Court House hall. By action of the board of supervisors the Court House hall will be used for nothing but county purposes after January 1st. It will be the last dance that Algona people will have an opportunity to enjoy for an indefinite period. Aside from the Court House hall there is not another hall in Algona suitable for ball room purposes. Assistant State Veterinarian Sayers, of Algona, and Niles of the State Agricultural College, went down to Wm. Oxley's Tuesday to investigate the disease that was killing his cattle. They pronouce it the same brain disease that killed the Emmetsburg cattle last summer caused from drinking stagnant water. As Mr. Oxley's cattle had free access to a trough of water from a flowing well, it would seem that their brains were turned somewhat before they took to drinking.—Britt Tribune. The State Bank has just put in a fire and burglar proof safe fitted with a non-lock-out and burglar-defying time lock, for the safe keeping of their valuables. The door of the safe is so constructed that it is impossible to get in by blowing the lock. The bolts do not run through the door as in the ordinary safe but are attached to the back side of the door and work automatically. It is claimed by the manufacturers that a burglar could not gain access to the safe without first demolishing the door. In case of accident to the time movement the safe can easily be unlocked by means of concussion or hammering upon tbe outside of the door. The concussion affects a device for unlocking the door, constructed with the principle in view that a hammer or any heavy weight held against the opposite side of a mass of metal will rebound from tbe effects of concussion. County Temperance Alliance. Owing to tbe condition of tbe roads there was not sufficient attendance to warrant tbe holding of a meeting of the Temperance Alliance last Saturday and a new date was accordingly set by the executive committee. Tbe meeting will be held Thursday afternoon and evening, January 7th. Every member of tbe Alliance is requested to take notice and be present. All who are interested in temperance work and tbe enforcement of the prohibitory law are invited to attend the meeting. Surer foundation cannot be laid Uxan tbe real merit which is tbe solid bate for tbe tbe monumental aueceM *f Hood's "Now isn't that a perfect picture of the baby?" asked Mrs. Noopop, displaying a .new cabinet photograph. \ "I don't think it is." replied Noopop. "I don't-hear a sound." What is the best way to enjoy the happiness of courtship? To get a little gal- an'-try. Ignorance of the merits of De Witt's Little Early Risers isa misfortune. These little pills regulate the liver, cure headache, dyspepsia, bad breath, constipation, and biliousness. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. If you want anything in cloaks or jackets look over our stock. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co. If you want, the best Baling Press in the world,write Collins Plow Co.,Quincy, Illinois, for catalogue and prices. 7tf ; Ladies and children's all wool hose at 25 cents a pair. , GEO. L. GALBRATTH & Co. "Oh! how dreadfully yellow and greasy my face is getting." Say do you know this is all caused by a disordered liver, and that your skin can be changed from a dark greasy yellow to a transparent white by the use of Beggs' Blood Purifier and Blood Maker? Every bottle guar anteed by F. W. Dingley. , I have a few full blooded black Lap g,. Shang cockerels for sale, f 1.00 each! 8tf ' F. M. TAYLOR. In breadmaking, as in base ball, there is nothing like a good batter in the hour of knead. Bargains in crockery Hudson & Langon's. and glassware at Why do girls kiss each other and men not? Because girls have nothing better to kiss and men have. For Neuralgia nae Dr. Miles' Nervine. . Why should not ladies and gentlemen take castor oil? Because it's only intended for working people. Before you go sleigh riding again go around and buy a string of those fine bells at F. 8. Stough's. Arctics, Wool boots and overs, all sizes. GEO. L. GALBRAITD: & Co. It is an established fact that Do Witt's Little Early Risers have an enormous saie, and why? Simply because they areplesant in taking and happy in results. A pill for the multitude. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Clara—It seems that Miss Bristle is the daughter of an artist. Maude—Is that so? How does he make his living? Clara—He makes his own frames. What measure are you taking to stop that cougut? Let us suggest De Witt's Cough and Consumption Cure. It is infallible. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Firpt Little Boy—Is we at war with any body? Second Little Boy—In course not. "Then whot's the use of gettin' up such a big navy?" "So we kin sass back." A trial convinces the most skeptical. Carefully prepared, pleasant to the taste, De Witt's Cough and Consumption Cure is a valuable remedy. Hurrah for the l?arrnera. Something they all need. The Excelsior Windmill Attachment and Feed Grinder, can be attached to any wind mill and is guaranteed to do the work of any feed grinder, Sample of the grinders may be seen at Matt Richardson's ware house on State street. Come in and see us. Every machine sold is guaranteed to work or we get no pay. JOB. HUGI & BBOS., MATT RICHABDSON, A-lgona. 784 Agent. When are two people half wittedK when they have an understanding between tliem. On receipt of four cents to pay postage, The Haller Proprietary Co., Blair, Nebr., will send a set of handsome cards and a sample box of their celebrated Australian Salve, free. If you are wanting a fur robe see Stough's stock before you buy. Corn 80 cents per bushel delivered on my farm, one mile east of Algona. C. L. LUND. An Equivocal Puff.—"Did you see the notice I gave you?" said the editor to the grocer. "Yes, and I don't want another. The man who says I've got plenty of sand, that the milk I sell is of the first water, and that my butter is the strongest in the market, may mean well, but he is not the man I want to flatter me a second time." _^ Colic, Diarrhoea^, Dysentery and all kindred complaints are dangerous if allowed to run any length of time. Bo it is tbe duty of all parents to keep a medicine on hand at all times that will effect a positive and permanent cure. Beggs Diarrhoea Balsam is guaranteed to do this. Sold and warranted by ™. W. Dingley. Horse blankets at reduced rates at 3F. S. Slough's. Never contradict a painter in a theater. He always wants to make a scene- • The twenty-nttn volume of Harper's Bazar will begin with the number for January 2,189?. TbiB number will contain the opeulng chapters of a new serial by Walter Besaut entitled "The Ivory Gate"; also a charming Knickerbocker story, "The First Foot," by Agnes Oarr Sage, Illustrated by Koslna Emmet Sherwood. A. valuable article, by the Rev. Dr. TT. 8, Ralnsford on the charitable work of the rich amopgthe poor In New York is published in the current number of Harper's Weekly. Another interesting feature of the number is an illustrated paper on the utilization of Niagara Falls as a mechanical force for tbe operation of machinery, wltn vln-ws of some of M»« works constructed for that purpose- . ; Aelc PraggUt to* free bottle fir. |Ol»' Nervine. Twain. This acted humorist lives in Hereford Conn., «od by bis own writings has made . Bl* Sweetheart. "His Sweetheart" Is such a striking title that yott"e*P»ct to Jlnd it on the fcacfc o| samq brifibt and entertaining; novel vatber tbw the title pj Judge's Library, or Monthly ty,amgne of Ftt&. However, wo novel is m |Bjjert«gi»j ^ . . . .tbte U»l» publication. Bjeryone ww ^jojbp» life mare pleasant (o thousands. By tlw 8ffe etbeart some tuoe or other, an4 tbe

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