The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 30, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1891
Page 5
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THE BANCROFT N EWS VliW JS J. B5ditof . BANCROFT, IOWA, DEO. 30, 1891. Chicago & Noi-tli-Western B'y. NOllTH > Mixed 0 11am way fve!Rlit....n 43am passenger 4 ospm SOUTH Mixed 5 07pm •way freight....8 15am passenger 2 05pm CHURCH DIRECTORY. QANCROFT PRKSnYTERIAK CHUKCn. holds services In the school house, Sunday School nt 3 p. 111., preaching service at 2 p. m., prayer mooting Thursday evening. Everybody invited. REV. U. WILLIAMS, Pastor. B ANCROFT SWEDISH MJTIIEIIAN CHUHOH, meotinp morning and evening one Sunday in each month and two evening meetings in a month. Sunday School at, 12 m. each Sunday, Ladle's Aid Society meets every other Friday. UKV. A. KLKSTROM, Pastor. F IRST BAPTIST CHURCH, of Bancroft, preaching service each Sunday at 10 :30 a. m. and 8p.m., Sunday School at 12 in.. Lords supper the first Sunday in each montli at 1 p. m., prayer meeting Thursday evening, Loyalists meet on Sunday evening, Covenant meeting the last Friday evening in month, choir practice Saturday evening. Everybody invited, strangers especially wplrornn. REV. L. A. ICUMMINB. Pastor. B ANCROFT M. K. cnuiicH, preaching service each Sunday at 10 :30 a. in. and 8 p. in,, class meeting preceding each service at ringing of second bell, Sunday School at 12 in., Kp- worth League on Tuesday evening, prayer meeting Thursday evening, choir rehearsal Friday evening. Ladle's Aid Society meets Wednesday afternoon. A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend these services. KEY. A. W. LUCE, Pastor. S T. JOHN'S CATHOLIC criaitCH. regular services : Instruction from 10 to 10 :30 a. in., high mass and sermon from 10:30 to 12, Holy mass each morning in the week at 7 a. m.,Mar- ried Ladle's Society meets the first Sunday of every" month after the sermon, Young Ladle's Society meets the second Sunday of every month" after the sermon, Young Men's Society meets the third Sunday of every montli after the sermon. Everybody is invited to attend these services. FATHER A. J. SCHEMMKL, Pastor. TIIK NEWS OF THK TOWN. Miss Hannah Aclolphson came home from Sheldon to spend the holidays. "Whenever you want any hauling done remember that Davis Bros, do it cheap. Miss Ella Barton of LuVerne visted •with Mrs. Wm. Cross-wait of this place last week. The Bancroft schools are doing some fine work in the line of geometrical designs at present. A. Christenson our former black smith, now of South Dakota, spent the holidays in town. The Misses Alcorn and Fish came up from the Algona Normal school to spend Christmas. A. B. Buss and wife \venttotheirold home at Iowa Falls last Thursday to spend the holidays. Bev. Black of Algona, conducted quarterly meeting at the M. E. church last Thursday evening. Gus Fenske went to Whittemore last Thursday and from there to Primghar where he visited friends. John Chronholm our former butter .maker, was in town shaking hands with the boys last Thursday. The Catholic Young Mens society bought Father Schemrnel a fine plush upholstered chair as a Christmas gift. Tom Sherman the genial assistant cashier of the State Bank, spent Christ- anas with his parents in Ilumboldt county. Will McDonald was up from Burt last Thursday. He reports good progress at the Iowa Business College at Des Moines. Tailor Dunkin has so much work that he can not do it all, but he is working early and late to accommodate his customers. Miss Eva Whitney came up from Algona last Thursday to spend Christmas with her friend Miss Anna Warner, of this place. Mr. and Mrs. Garet Stelsel of Ramsay, returned from a visit to Waupuu, Wisconsin, last Thursday where they had been visiting relatives and friends. Alfred Leonard came up from Highland Park college to spend Christmas. He reports a good school, a large attendance and good progress in his studies. John Johnson came home from llock Island last Thursday where he has been attending school. He has not been home for some time and his friends .were glad to see him. A- Casler says that his nursery stock is the best in the market and as he ' does a good deal of business that is satisfactory to his customers and being a patron of the printers we presume he is not mistaken. Mrs. Arthur Clarke and her sister Viola Gill .both of Hancock, visited at E. F. Clarke's before and during the holidays. They returned last Monday and Miss Cecilia Clarke 'accompanied them home for a visit. While digging a well for Wm. Biugs- dorflast week, Wm. Gallion's men found at a depth of 65 feet, a substance like rotten hay or manure. How this matter came there is a query for Kossuth county geologists. The Bancroft Lodge of Good Tem- plars sent a committee of SI up to, Ledyard last w.eek Tuesday to organize a lodge, and after gluing people * What ails that town hall? Miss Alice Farvour of Burt was in Bancroft last Saturday. If you want to buy anything just look over the NEWS ads. This is your last chance at the premiums offered by the REPUBLICAN. Dr. Morse was in Bancroft Monday evening on business and-pleasure. Mrs. Benny Smith who has been sick with the grip is much improved. Bancroft boys and girls are having a great time with the sleighs and bells. Geo. Ilofius of Algona visited his brother James at this place over Sunday. Mrs. S. Mayne's mother has been making her a visit during the past week. Mrs. II. N. Renfew returned home from her visit to Peotone, Illinois, last Thursday. Elisha Roberts family rejoice at the arrival of a baby at their house a week ago Friday. James Patterson of Thornton came over to make his Bancroft friends a visit last Friday. " G. O. Austins family and relatives had a very fine Christmas tree at their house on the Natal Day. Miss Carrie Wolcott and Mrs, Whitney of Burt came up Saturday night and visited over Sunday. Mrs. E. C. Anderson went to Algona last Monday night to make a visit with her sister Mrs. Dr. Morse. Miss Florence Thompson of Corwith has been visiting old friends in town several days in the past week. • Miss Esther Adolphson came home from Callanan College last Thursday to spend the holidays at home. Fred and Harvey Inghani were in town one day last week on their way home from some northern point. Alfred Pierson a former Bancroftite but now of Estherville, spent Christmas with liis best girl in Bancroft. Mrs. Den Paine and Mrs. Franc Cady of Burt, came up from the latter place last Monday night to make a visit. The families of C. R. Morehouse and F. R. Anderson had a Christmas tree on Christmas day and it was said to be a beauty. D. A. Haggard came over from German township, where he had been on business, last Monday to get in from the storm. Dr. Busby was down to Webster City last Thursday on business and while there visited his parents who live at,that place. Paris L. Green came home Christmas to spend a few days with his parents. He seems much improved and we hope that his improvement will continue. Regular Covenant meeting at the Baptist church next Friday evening. All persons wishing to unite with the church should be present at that time. The Ladies Aid Society and Foreign Missionary Society of the' Baptist church meet with Mrs Jas. Gallion next Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock Election of officers will take place. Melvin Jewitt of Polo, Worth Co., a son of StateSenator Jewitt visited his uncle O. E. Bliss of this place over Christmas and while here managed to bag several good sized jack rabbits. The Barslou family had a reunion Christmas. Those present were Prof. Barslou and family of Britt, and Henry Fleming and wife of Spirit Lake. Henry was an old Kossuth county teacher and enjoyed his visit here very much. The Annual District Lodge of the I. O. G. T. will meet in Bancroft on the second Thursday and Friday of February. A reception committee has been appointed by the local Lodge and Bancroft will entertain the Good Templars in royal style. Some people ask us how long the NEWS will be published and we answer them; "As long as we have breath." The NEWS is here to stay in season and out of season, rain or shine* You will find the NEWS in the post office every Wednesday night. Rev. Tope of Thompsonville, Wis* consin, preached two very interesting and instructive sermons at the Baptist church last Sabbath, and large audiences greeted him at each service. We Subscribe for the NEWS while you can get a premium. The time for premiums will soon he over. C. L. Ostrander has so far recovered that he went to Burt to resume business at the old stand last Monday. Dr. Barr, J. R. Jones, F. M. Taylor and F. II. Vesper and wife all of Algona attended the Masonic Installation last week. The three former acting as installing officers. Campbell & Reynolds expect to put on an addition to their store that will reach to the alley. We understand it is to be used as a dance hall. And still the town grows. Miss Caroline Wesley began a term of school in the Scully neighborhood last Monday morning. Miss Wesley is an experienced teacher and will no doubt give good satisfaction. Alex. Wilson and wife left for a winter's visit in Canada and the NEWS will follow them and keep them .posted on Bancroft. Mrs. G. W. Smith accompanied them and will visit relatives and friends there for some time. BANCROFT, IOWA, Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures en- arged at reasonable prices. A. HUM1STON, AUCTIONEER. Will cry sales in any part of the county. 20 years' experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. J T. M. OSTRANDER, Veterinary + Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. Has his harn ready for the sick and lame horses, so bring them along. Charges reasonable. Address : Can be made in 6 months selling Tunlson's Atlases, Charts and "Wall Maps. Particulars free. H. C TDNISON, Chicago, Ills. Our public school is keeping pace •with the times. Some time ago Prof. Doclefer introduced a five minute recess to take the place of the fifteen minute recess. The plan is an excellent one for the winter. Instead of standing still on the play ground and thus catching cold, the pupils try to improve the five minutes to the best advantage. They are thus more ready to resume their studies. Difficulties and disputes are also avoided as the time is not sufficient to lay plans and plots. Instead of visiting and getting their thoughts from school work they have only time to talk about lessons and exchange necessary articles. We believe that in a few years all city schools vrill abolish the long recess and use the short, or none. Bancroft school report for the month ending December: Total Enrollment 181 Average No. Belonging. 159 Average Attendance. 148 No. Dropped 29 Cases of Tardiness 103 Re-entered IB Per cent, of Attendance 98 " Punctuality 96 No. of pupils not absent or tardy... 43 Miss Mamie Kennedy's room had the fewest cases of tardiness. Miss Abbie Vinton's had the best attendance. BANCROFT, IOWA. Farmers and Traders Bai Is now settled in its newly arranged building in the RICHMOND BLOCK Where we are prepared to treat you 4In the Best of Styled Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passenger tickets to or from the old countries sold at the lowest rates. Now running under new management. GALLION BROS. A. Done anywhere in the County At M Boot Prices, We guarantee— Plenty of later Correspondents and References. Metropolitan National Bank, Chicago, Illinois. Citizens' National Bank, Des Moines, Iowa. St. Paul National Bank, St. Paul, Minnesota. Farmers' National Bank, Hudson, New York. Richard Roosman, Claverack, New York. R. M. RICHMOND, B. RICHMOND, President. Cashier. Also in this building will be found the Or no Pay. Why arc birds melancholy in the morn- ins? Because their little hills are all over dew. . Horses 1'or Stxle. Several good mares and work horses for sale for cash or on time. 12tf G. W. SKINNER. HOW I EARNED 1 ESTABLISHED 1881. "Wanted. I want to purchase a good farm of 80 or 100 awes, within five or six miles of Bancroft. Leave word with G. W. Skinner. 12tf L. J. SLOSSEN. How may housekeeping be taught in a lesson of three words? "Never lend them." "An honest pill is the noblest work of the apothecary." De Witt's Little Early Risers cure constipation, biliousness and sick headache. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. • .Enterprliine Youne Man : Trno & Co. instrncted nnd started mo. I worked steadily and mndo money faster than I expected to. I became able to buy an island and build a email summer lintel. If I don't succeed at that, I will go to work nguin at the business in which I made my money. True «fc Co.: Shall wo instruct and start yon, reader? If we do, and if yon work industriously, you will in due timo be able to buy an Island and bnlld a hotel. If you wish to. Money can bo earned at our new lino of work, rapidly and honorably, by those of either sex, young or old, and in their own localities, wherever they live. Any one can do the work. Easy to learn. We furnish everything. No risk. You can devote yr ir spare moments, or all your time to thework. This entirely new lead brings wonderful success to every worker. Beginners are earning from $35 to S.5O per week and upwards, and moro after a little experience. We can furnish you the employment—we teach yon JFK KE. This i:i an ago of marvelous things, and here is another great, useful, wealth-giving wonder. Great gains will reward every industrious worker. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, you want to know abont this wonderful work at once. Delay means much money lost to you. No space to explain here, but if you will write to us, wo will mako all plain to you FltEK. Address. TJ&UC «fc CO., liox 40O, A.U2U«tu. Main* A large list of- wild lands for sale. Improved farms and village property for sale or rent. Farm loans on longest time and lowest rate of interest. Insurance written in sis: different companies. Call on or address us. &co. Has Platform Carpet Rockers at $2.75. New Line of Rattan Chairs. Fancy Rockers, Fine New bed Room Sets. Holiday Trade. Bought Especially for the Center Tables, Pictures, New Style Frames. Plush Upholstered Settees, Parlor Furniture and everything found in a first-class Furniture Store at Holiday Prices. predict that he will receive the unanimous call of the Bancroft Baptist church as their pastor and we hope he can be prevailed upon to accept, winch is doubtful however, as he has been receiving $800 per year at his present field of work. B. B. Richmond of Pallas Center, Iowa, came down to make his son B. M. a visit last week. He brought with him some very fine samples of apples taken from trees B. H. planted before he left home. Mr. Richmond is 78 years old and lived in Iowa before there were any rail roads in' the state. He recalls the time wbm ue wa&ed. Offered to any man who will solve the mystery how Mallory & Hofius sell so much TEA,and sell such GOOD TEA Bo cheap. They are also doing an extensive Grocery business. They always keep in stock a full line of StapleandFancyGroceries. You will find them the best and cheapest place in town to buy anything you want in their line. They have a Large Stock of Confectionery FO ?HE Holiday Trade line of Graham, Etc, Everyone that Buyeth, Go TO CROWEL'S ECONOMY STORE They Buy for Cash and they Sell for Cash! Hence they cannot he, will not be, and are not Undersold. They have just received a most complete line of Prints, Ginghams, Dress Goods (including Dress Flannels in great variety), Bed Blankets, Hosiery, etc., etc. Also Caps, Gloves and Mittens, Shoes, Overshoes, Knit Boots, German Socks, Woolen Socks, etc. A Magnificent Line of Underwear of All Qualities to fit All Sizes from the Infant to the Giant, and Overshirts as well to suit the Granger or Swell » Millinery, Millinery, Millinery, Mrs. Crowell will fit the Ladies neat, quick anel ' cheap in either Hat, Hood or Fascinator and in , ,'<, the Very Latest Style. Eemember the Place: Crowd's Economy Phoenix Livery, Feed and They have alsoad&ed to their Large Stock a Feed Store. -' They cjarry every thing in Flour aid Feed, Oil Meal, @iye ttai a pall, Don't f osgetik© place The finest turnouts furnished oh short notice and at reasonable figures. Give us a trial; we are sure to suit. G. F. HOLLOWA^ . If you want the ''News" in every sense of word, about Bancroft, and want a County, per that is the best, get the REPUBLICAN price of

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