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The Wichita Beacon from Wichita, Kansas • Page 6

Wichita, Kansas
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r. i i a a ox THURSDAY, AUGUST 9, 131? SENDING SOLDIERS First Photographs of Oklahoma Draft Rebellion Friday Bargain Day 10 FOREIGN SOU K3 fey. i Home Needs at Reduced Prices 1 -V What Is the Right of C'on- 1 5 rA nr. nx i 75o SUGAR AND CREAM SETS 7r 1 35o. Keniitiful shapes and designs, small itid dainty, very special i a'.

s't 3dc 10c CLOTHES SPRINKLERS 5c. Eifvptian Clothes Sprinklers, fine lor dampening eh thes, plants. Clans with niekle plated Question That Should le Tassed on Speedily by High Court. (to- 5 5c lop. Regular 10i: for -s tin Is 40o COFFEE POT 25c.

Pure ('Jreystont Enameled Were Coffeo Pot, 3-plnt capacity, with 1 1 nned cover. Special at 25c 39o POT COVERS 25c. Kach set consisting of four New Kink Pot Covers 9, 10, 11-ln. in heavy wire ruck to hang on the wall. Special 25s i urn lifmmfnH EXTRA SPECIAL IN THE BASEMENT SHOE STORE FRIDAY.

A clearaway of 127 pubs Women's Slippers and Pumps. Broken sizes, values up to $4.00 at, the pair $1.00 pairs Misses' and Children's Mary Jane Pumps and Slippers, values up to 3.00 In the Friday the pair $1.00 Special Friday Bargain Day 18o CURTAIN SWISS 14o. Pure white Curtain Swisses in small patterns, 86 Inches wide, nicely finished and will launder. 75o FILLET NETS 59o. The kind that hangs soft and lacey at the window yet Is very mrong and durable.

The patterns are of the latest type and are offered In both white and ecru at the above price. 45 Inches wide. 30o BUHLAP 19o. Closely woven and very smooth quality In deep rd shade. Makes effective portlers.

box coverings and pillows. 38 inches wide. 45o CURTAIN MADRAS 29o. Here Is a delightfully effective material for bedroom use in soft Egyptian shade decorated with an occasional yellow rose, is very dainty yet serviceable. 36 Inches wide.

25o CURTAIN NET 19c, Good quality whits and ecru Curtain Net, made of strong hard twisted yarns that wear well. 1 yard wide. BARGAINS IN ART GOODS. 10-yard bolts of Japanese Toweling 85o Stamped Dresser Scarfs, French knot design 29o Stamped made up fudge aprons 50o -r ip jr'i- 'rScl i tir Here are the first two actual photographs received of the "draft rebellion" In Southeast Oklahoma, where hundreds of Indians, Negroes and white tenant farmers took to the hills, and the wilds In an effort to evade army service. As soon as word came of the outbreak, the Pally Beacon rushed Photographer H.

H. Redner Into the heart of the district where the, uprising was. Other newspaper photographers were prevented from sending their pictures, as told in Cartoonist R. W. Satter-field's letters also from the rebellion district; but Redner delivers the goods! The top picture shows eight draft rioters just brought in from the acene of a battle near Iloldenville.

Note carefully the types of men among the prisoners the men who are leading this organized effort to defy the military arm of Uncle Sam. Note, too, the ready rifles in the hands of the posse-men. The lower picture shows guards on the roof of the Holdenllle jail, equipped with field glasses and searchlight; other guards in the street below. The prisoners are in the Jail and there Is fear that an attempt will be made to rescue them. MEN'S FAULTLESS NIGHT SHIRTS.

Friday Bargain Day we offer the :i.25 kind for 98o Mo MEN'S BELTS 29c. Odd lot of gun metal and white belts. 50c values to close out Friday 25o Editor Beacon: The viopcnl mit to the fulled Supreme Court the question of the rielit of and the President, under the ron-slitutlon, to send the drafted militki to a foreign land is one of the most supreme Importance. The lunsiiaiie of the constitution (Pur. See.

s. Art. 1 is as follows: "Cnngrefs have power to provide for calling forth the militia to execute the Uws of the Vnion, suppress tnsun ei tions and repel invasions," all of which are domestic affairs. As powers not expressly printed to Congress t.y the consittu-tion are reserved to the people, it follows that under this paragraph, which is the one relied on by those who oppose sending the troops. Congress does pet have the power to send them beyond the boundaries of our country.

Provide Common Defense. But, paragraph one of the same article and section fives Congress the power to "provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United Ptates." Here Is a power broad enough to fit any possible occasion, and Congress may send the militia to any part of the earth where it is deemed necessary to "provide for the common defense" of our country, leaving to Congress the sole question of the proper time for such action. In other words, the government of the Vnited States can do anything which any other government on earth can do to preserve its national life, the only difference nelng In the manner in which it shall be done. The constitution is an instrument of life, not of death. It is not necessary, In order to "repel invasion," for us to wait until an enemy appears upon our shores.

Whenever and where-ever an armed force is gathered with the declared or obvious intention of invading our country, thither we may eend our armies, volunteer or drafted, to crush the invasion in its as Hercules strangled the serpents in his cradle. A people must possess within themselves the seed of preservation, or they can not exist as a nation, and whenever the, constitution, or any law, stands in the way of the life of our nation, the former and not the latter must give Lincoln Used It. This is the "higher law" set forth by "William H. Seward, and used by Abraham Llnceln to preserve the Vnion in 1661. Many able lawyers of that day believed that while secession was unwise and wrong, the government, did not have the right, tinder the constitution, to compel the seceding states to remain in the Union.

But it did have the right to recover the property of the United States which, those states had seized and to permit the free exercise of the functions of the govern: ment and the enforcement of Its laws. It will be a very wise thing to have this decisive question settled by the greatest court of our land of the world a body far better qualified than Congress or the President to decide it. That court has never failed to guide our ship of state thru the storms which have beat upon it, and in my opinion it will not disappoint us now. As a great French publicist said of this court, "It has no guards, palaces or treasures, no arms but truth and wisdom, and no splendor but the justice find publicity of Its Judgments." yet it has been the "force of gravitation which ha 8 kept each member of our federal system In its proper orbit, and maintained the essential harmony of the whole." Better the nation without constitution, than the constitution without the nation; but better still, both the nation and the constitution. JAS N.

"The Best Place toSrsorAATter AIT The Boston Store we Give and Redeem Surety Coupons 1 MEETING office Is nearly swamped all the time August 23 to 15. There are twelve with mall as the Eldorado offlca now! such churches In Kansas. C. K. Crag-is.

gett of Topeka is state evangelist. A number of prominent speakers are on PRATT BANQUETS SOLDIERS i the program and a large attendance is i expected. FOR HOLINESS Ammunition Truck Company Honored! Church here was completely demolished and scores of houses and barns were partially destroyed by. a tornado which swept down on Cimarron from the north Tuesday night. The damage is eatlmated at $200,000.

Telephone and telegraph wires are a tangled masa of wreckage. A five-inch rain and hall stones as large as a man's fist accompanied the wind. How the one hundred person had crowded Into two garages In the town to be out of the storm escaped tn-jury when the buildings collapsed Is a miracle. The roofs and sides of the buildings were blown away. by the Citizens.

Pratt. Aug. Another call of 200 men will have to be made to fill out Pratt County's) quota of drafted men. Of the first 196, HI claimed exemption. Ten Day Session Coming to Linwood Park.

STRAWS Any one in our store $d0 NEW CHRISTIAN SOCIETIES Medicine Lodge. Aug. 9. The Christian Churches in the United States are waging a campaign to establish 2.400 new Christian societies In 24 weeks. A contest between the different states has been arranged and at the close of the eighth week, Kan-gas is leading with LIS societies with Indiana a close second, having 134.

43 did not claim it and eight failed to appear. The eight are being investigated. Nlnety-lx is the quota for Several Widely Known Ministers Will Speak Feature Children's Meetings. ELDORADO WILL BE CLEAN ELDORADO GAINS 300 off Panamas Leghorns Bangkoks Eldorado, Aug. 9.

There are J00 more people In Eldorado at the present time than there were a month ago, according to postoffice estimates. This Is baseii upon the number of new applications for boxes, new numbers on carrier routes, and the noticeable lengthening of the "line" at the general delivery window. SUBS SOME BUSIER London. Aug. 9.

There was a slight increase In the loss of British merchant vessels ly submarines or mines during the last week, according to the official summary Issued last night. Twenty- The Kansas State Holiness Association will commence a ten days' camp meeting one week from today at Linwood Park. Workmen are now busily engaged In the eretclon of tents and platforms which are to be used. Rev. IX.

K. GUmore of the Tonca Tent and Awning Company is manager of the camp- grounds and is making the park his home, together with the other workmen now employed. The members of the Association ex Pratt County. When the draft has been completed, Pratt will have sent out 200 men by draft and enlistment. The city entertained the members of the Ammunition Truck Company here Tuesday evening by a banquet at the Methodist Church.

Fifty young ladlea served. A number of the Pratt boys have been shifted to the Herington company which Is not full. Lieutenant Steele of Parsons has charge of the Pratt company and the following officers have been appointed: First sergeant, Ralph Burnett; sergeants, Sam Seagraves, Jess W. Gurley, Harry Bar-nett, Carter Gould: mesa sergeant. Erven R.

Spears; Ben F. Harris. KILLED BY LIGHTNING Woodward, Aug. 9. During an electrical storm Monday night, William Bloomer, a farmer living 1 miles south of Knowles, was killed by a lightning City Manager Wells Has Started On a Campaign.

Eldorado, Aug. 9. Eldorado will be made clean if Bert C. Wells, city manager, has his way about It. He has instituted a campaign to clean up the streets and alleys of this city.

"The trouble is tliat nearly everyone is guilty to a more or less extent and that it Is hard to get the people to cooperate with declares Wells. A few months ago an effort was made to clean up the alleys In the rear of business houses. One merchant persistently refused to do this. The other day he received a notice that his firs Insurance would cost exactly more the coming year simply because of the greater fire huzard because of the trash in the rear of his store. ALLEN JONES CO.

317 E. Douglas Palace Theater BIdg. pect this to be the greatest meeting t.hev have ever held. Over 500 people have made known their Intentions of ramping here and tents will be provld one British vessels of more than 1.600 tons and two vessels of less than 1.600 tons were sunk last week. Thirteen ships were attacked unsuccessfully.

No fishing boat's were lost. for all. speakers win aaoress CIMARRON HAS STORM Cimarron, Aug. 9. Six persons were slightly injured, the Presbyterian the large gatherings.

Thev are: Rev. John Matthews, I. Kansas City. holt that struck him while standing In his barn door. His brother, who was with him at the time, was rendered unconscious for a time by the crnsh.

ENID FORBIDS GERMAN Enid. Aug. 9. The board of education of this city yesterday voted to abolish the 'teaching of German in the Enid City High School. This ac who worked with remarkable results at a previous meeting; Rev.

A. P. fiouthey. Chateaugay, N. who rendered such excellent service In 1915: Rev.

C. II. Babcock, Is Angeles, who comes with a national reputation as a great preacher nnd winner of 3 A COLORED CONFERENCE Medicine Lodge. Aug. i.

The Colored Christian Churches will hold their annual state convention with the tion was taken because of growlnf sentlmont against oontlnuing instruction In the language of an enemy country. Second Christian Church in Atchison, I "Real Friends" "They certainly are comforts on a sultry summer's day." 'No matter how long the ironing the electric iron makes it easy." "No matter how hot the daythe I electric fan keeps you cool. I The G-E Guaranteed Iron is The Leader of the Market. Costs only IS cents for electricity to do the week's ironing of an ordinary sized family. We have in stock all styles of 3 Tlie qtiesiions antwereil l.elow are gun-eial in chara.

ter, Hip nvmpioms or diseases are Kivon and lie aiisits will apply In any case similar nature Those wishing further advice, free, insv adrtVens Or. Lewis Hukei CMIeKe Bldg ollefce-Klwood StrMPtg, ravtni. Ohio, euc.oslr.a etaijipeii envelope for reply. I'ull name ami arlilrees miiHl he gneii. but only Initials or fictitious naniHs will used In my answers.

The Uuioiis can lie, filled at anv velj souls. The special workers' and children's meetings will be conducted by Mrs. Stella McNutt, Stubenvllle, Ohio. Prof. W.

R. Yates. Marlon, has been engaged ss song leader; Committees Elected. In order to have things work smoothly the Association has elected various committees with respective duties assigned to them. The arrangement committee Is composed of Rev.

R. K. Gilmore, rhairman, S. N. Creese.

Mrs. J. O. Punhar, and Mrs. Cora l4imh.

The committee on platform and books has as Its members Rev. J. K. Wilson, chairman, Rev. H.

A. Trel-ber, Rev. Jos. Uogue, Rev. R.

Iloff. These people, will attend to all the needs of the campers as well as to those of the visitors of whom a large number Is expected. The oflfcers of the Kansas State irolmess Association are: President, Rev. ,1. Wilson, Arkansas) City, Ice president.

Rev. II. A. Treiber, In 4 i siocheo urns' store Any cliuglst can i V4 WT rier of holcM.iler G-E Flatirons 3 and G-E Fans. Come in and i pi nerd assistance in absorbing nutrition tiom ti.e food eaten, and for tlu particu-! lar fi irpose I alnais preerne tliee- main hypo-nuclane tahlets, most effee.

i live preparation if reijularh and per- THE SUMMER TWINS FOR SIMMER COMFORT sisieni.y iise.1. it seems to Increase the select the hotV' weather comforts which will delight i ren aim wiior cnrpiiHrles of the hlood, t'ois affnrdinz health, strengtii and in i ereasd weighi. it your wife. a-, dependence, scretary-treasurer, Mis. Belle C.

writes. "I thai I have kidney lioiilile and thai it i-fast approaching a serious si. ice. What would you prescribe?" The newwhole wheat food with its delicious flavor and its high food value at a low price. Children like KRUM-ELES and it builds them up because of the extra nutrition of Durum wheat, which is rich in protein and mineral salts.

KRUMBLES is appetizing with cream or milk, and a special treat with berries, sliced peaches cr bananas. prescribe foi iiir, as 1 am ut a loss to iiiideistand in condition. or lue past ear sulfered eMreme nert (iiisue. treuihlii.n ami exinimnies are euid 1 1 a poor apiwliie. am neak.

tistless and no ambition to work or seek reciratlon Am tired an Hie tune and in no sense the Mioiik capable man I was a ftiw eais ago." All Wheat KeadyfoEat Rev. W. R. Cain, Wichita, Kas camp ground manager, Rev. R.

K. Cllmore, Wichita, Kas. RAIN IN TEXAS Higgins. Aug. rains from one to two Inches have fallen over I.lps.

nnih County during the twen-ty-fonr hours, breaking the drouth. MoiM'tire is sufficient to revive pastures anil brings relief to the k.ifir corn and feed crops. l.ipseotnh, the county, had a se Answri- A powei ful iflin enating uer metiieine should itvih the iloimnti nlug. ulsli condition and pw new anihiiinu and -iim- Into mir hlnon and nrnes Dh-lain three grain cadouiene tablets in sealed tnhes, lake as per directions. N'uTK.

1 or many years Or Maker has been uivlim free advice ami piescript to million of penpla tin tin. press fi Answer: If your symptoms are the usual ones, such as ruffs under tiie ev. s. ewelllng ankles, scant, eiiimiiis or foul, smelling urine, accompanied hv lie. id- hc, pains, depression, fever, eitills.

eie I would advise the immediate iim. of halinweit tablets, a very fine i.inidy for such difficulties, sold in sealed ujH, full directions for aelf-adiumisti alion. MifS Hertie "What lemedy can you recommend to reduce nheHiv safely? I want to reduce unity pounds." Answer: rely on five-Kiam iiilmi tnhlel as being the most effeeine and convenUnl tieatmeiit to reihiee ahnoi inul fat. lnilKglHl KIIilV this III sealed luhes wil.i roiliplete duections fler Ihe fust few dais a pound a day Is not tun miirh rediiolion. Mr.

11. II. writes: "I'W-ase tell me what In take to get lid of pimple. hmU and bad lilnoii, I know I need cmstiiiatioii remedy." Answer: "It Is piobahlv miieet of eon-Stipstion that has made nur Hegin'a tboio treatment of tin w-tuln WW (ma. lk 'e -v fr 1 eooi.niiH, mill (loiihlles ha-i helped in relievlm; illnrss and distress niore than an suiglu Individual the world hls-loi liioiis.imls havo written him expressions of gratitude and confidence.

Or Lewis Raker, liear Sirv I happened a few days ao to read The I'litahiirsh l-aiier and there I noticed -your column of ouestions and answers. I also noticed that you advised those that are suffernin from constipation to use Stilpheth tablets, and hae tiled. To tn amazement It has made a new man nut of me. I hn been One Cent a Disk for vere wind storm, moving the church from Its foundation, rnising (he roof of the city garage, breaking windows In the court house and tearing down windmills. DRAFT HITS POSTOFFICE KMorado, 9.

--The local pistoffice has been hit hard by the draft. Three of the men, Vlvgtl Kllgore. Cilenn Arnall, and I.oren Miller, have beep taken so far. Postmaster T. P.

Mannloii will personally appeal to the exemption board thai these men be al. lowed to remain In the service of the sk Krai To work efficiently you must, work comfortably with rood tools. Thrit is why thorp should be an electric fan and iron in every home. Call Market 4tir0 ami let us send them to your home for inspection ami explain how easily you can net. them.

Kansas Gas Electric Co. AT YOUR SERVICE utlerlnii Iroin constipation for lh last yeais ami have tried various remedies without 'avail I am so grateful to you that I don't know how to thank you tor it. Would be very glad to recommend II to aoyhodv. Very trulv vours, t-rtfimrcTT. Wisr St Crijinated and developed by KaUogg Toacted Corn Flake Company cl Eattlo I Creelt, makers of Kellocj's tio criji-jal Toastad Com Flakes.

sulpheib millets (not sulphur tahie's; iiiilinue for eeral ihkiiiiis. Mlsa C. W. asks: "I have tried for two years to, diet to liu ieas my weight and Improve tiie ipiahtv of my. blood, but In Please prescribe for in?" ABtwer: Thin, acrawney, bloodless peo.

government as clerks Instead of sol- dlers. The reoson, he states, is that it la mighty hard to train new men for 1 nttllijrgn. Ps. Aovarl'Minenl, post office work, especially when the.

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