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The Bellingham Herald from Bellingham, Washington • Page 10
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The Bellingham Herald from Bellingham, Washington • Page 10

Bellingham, Washington
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fHE BELLINGHAM IIERALD SATURDAY EVENING MAY 11 1923 SENTfly iURfiS lIPlBRBflD IS WIPED IT FANS GET ROUGH SPORTING NEWS Vneng Scots GuidiDXs In I Despondent Mother Rills Four Exhausted Condition I and Ends Own Life Cleveland Game Halted When Umpire Is Made Target o- I Death Knell Sounded To "Wooden by Bogus Coin Detector NEW YORK Stay -049 There rang 'out In Times Square today the death knell of the nickel" and i other iorms of money" In a drug store In that dls-i trict was Installed the first automatic bogus coin detector a machine that not only detects but tells all about it CLEVELAND May 11 The I Philadelphia Cleveland baseball! came was halted at the start of the ninth Inning today when fans die-1 satisfied with the ruling of Umpire Odmsby calling Few Fonseca out in ABERDEEN Scotland May SASKATOON SazkMayll-Ln OP) signaller Slvewrlght young I The bodies of Mrs Muriel Wilson Scots guardsman who gave British I and her four children were found tradition a terrific shock fort-1 on river bank here today -Police night ago by disappearing from (said she killed the children and com-hla sentry post outside of Bucking- mlttad suicide ham palace turned up at his home The children Laura May 9 hero today Ho was in an exhaust-1 Louis Marjory and Glen ed condition I William 5 months had been dead The- young sentry who left hi since about noon yesterday police Tulips Hookup With Strong tVJnnr S'SJTSX! to a loud voice I Pay started a barrage of pop hot-1 The first slug de- I th empire tective was attached to an Police came onto the field to pro-I tect Umpires Ormsby and Campbell The Bellingham Tulips- having I and efforts were made to quiet the shut out the Madrons 8 to 0 in I disturbance without avail their first game of the season here) Manager Billy Evans then came automatic change maker but is adaptable to any slot ma- chine If a bad coin even though of 1 proper sixe and weight is dropped in tho slot rifle hia awe-inspiring bushy his badoliers and his pouch under a hush near the palace told his parents-that he had walked most of said Tho bodies were found by searchers who started out lest night to look for the missing children They the way a stretch of 500 1 discovered the tragedy on the bank two weeks ago are alt primed to I onto the field and the crowd became meet the Queen Anne beseball squad I quiet Umpire Ormsby was hit on from Seattle at Battersby field Hun-1 the head with a bottle but not serl-day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock Tho I ously injured Cleveland players Beattie team has a staff of strong I assisted by ground-keepers swarmed (roundsmen including Bruce John-1 on the field and soon cleared it of it is deflected from the course of good coins by an electro magnet and a loud mechanical voice admonishes "Please use good coins only" The Inventor Joseph Sher-mack first Intended to have his robot say "Stop thief" or "arrest that men" but on more mature thought decided -that this might' wrong per- sons who Innocently made use of bad coins eoooooooo son who was with the Seattle Indiana this spring bottles and the game proceeded 0 IGINALITY DISPLAYED BY CHILDREN of the Saskatchewan river Mrs Wilson was the wife of A Wilson traveler for the Pralne City Oil Company First intimation of the tragedy came when Wilson on his return horns yesterday discovered a note from his wife stating her intention to kill her children and herself' Mrs Wilson left the house early yesterday the children In the family automobile The car was found two miles from Saskatoon and with the five bodies within a radius of sixty feet The children had been strangled to death Tho body of Mrs Wilson was hanging from tree suspended by a rope attached to her neck She apparently had stood upon box and then kicked It aaids' miles from London in order to see his father and mother- facing the music" After bathing his blistered feet and eating bite of breakfast he walked 1 into police headquarters and announced "I am the missing guardsman' He will be detained pending the arrival of an escort from tho Ion- I doii barracks Thus 'far he has! not given any public explanation for hfs disappearance Slvewrlght was quoted as saying that his companions In 12m guards were Jealous of his rapid promotion and that when he wae reprimanded for wearing fellow guardsman's coat he simply walked away He denied that he tried to evade a wedding with a London girl- which had been arranged shortly before his disappearance 1T0IU LEADS In EVERY CITY Continued from Page 11 Into view the first float advertising I Queen Ruth who was represented by a doll occupying a canopied! throne It was entered by Charles I Jico Clarence Cheasebro Roosevelt Husky Runners First and Third In 100-Yard Dash Lancaster and Melvin Manning of! Sunnyland schooL Another 1 entry I I carried a silvery plane and the an-1 STAD1CJL Seattle May WH-1 that "Queen Ruth I Leaves for Hollywood" Other I "queens" and "kings" followed also! University of Washington track team grabbed the lead in the first Jack Wilkie Columbia $150 Francis Brooks Lowell 3150 Barbara Jean Beyer Sehome Harold Myers Sehome SL -Viola Synder Lincoln tl Dorothy Cameron and Carl Horn Arrest of Immigration Official Is Assailed The event of It a dual meet with the University of Oregon today when Shelley and Pendleton took first and flower baskets one hugs one rt-1 Columbia SI "it vesting a girl almost hidden In its! blossoms planes windmills and third placed respectively in the 10- I many other clever designs yn yard daali Pendergrast won the second position for the Webfootcrs making the points stand Washington I Oregon A Tho time of seconds was exceptionally slow on account of stiff breeze tho sprinters are found in the leading Office Building! Arrive in any seek out the leading most progressive office and there you will find the leading business men of their profession To the wise buyer (and all of us are buyers of a 'commodity or a service) these days looks to outstanding leadership for the best values He knows of a name which represents skill resource and WASHINGTON May The arrest in New York of Russell Mathews assistant director of Immigration at El Paso Texas who was taken along with Salvador Ateca Tho Western Washington Baptist xormer Mexican rebel army pay-convention will be held In Everett moater was flayed today by Repre-Monday Tuesday and Wednesday of aentatlve Laguardia Republican next week May 13 14 and 15 Dele-1 jw York gates from the First Baptist church The New York are Dr and Mrs Loucks Mrs statement waa Issued after con-C CL Purnell Mrs McPhall I ference with Secretary Stimson He Mrs Burton McLeod declined to discuss the meeting with and ths Rev Samuel Brown the secretary of state but described the arrest of Mathews as of the Tulip Festival the ranted and unjustifiable" Whatcom County Grade Teachers' "Mathews was an official charged league has postponed Indefinitely the with seeing that an alien unlawfully Viie track was dry and fast with I and sixth grades of Lincoln schooL warm sun shining The summary I Bangalows Popular was as follows I Oher floats included several bun- 100-yard dash Won by Shelley I galowa one bearing the sign "Own Washington second Prendergrast I Your Own Home in Tulip Town Oregon third Pendleton Washington Tima 105 Mile run Won by Kiser Washington second Sellers Washington third Jensen Oregon Time 4:271 Sarprlse Sprang "Hec" Kdmundson Husky coach sprang a surprise In tho meet when at tie last minute be entered Stera Anderson Washington hurdling a who pulled a muscle last Tuesday In tho high sticks It had been an- i nounced that Anderson would bo out service In the United States would depart from the United States" he said without any rhyme or reason Mathews Is put under arrest on technical charge- of conspiracy Is compelled to furnish hall and to retain a lawyer at his own expense" George Russell Birchwood Jean Martin Lowell $1 Bobby TlpUn Sehome $1 Lisby Lawson Sehome Lyle Stoddard Silver Beach $1 Jose Johntone Columbia Comie Division' (Total prizes 575) Emollns Early wine Lowell $7150 Charles Betty Stanley White Sehome $5' Patricia Stark NormuL $5 Willie Moore and Shirley Rogers Uncoin $5 LUy Dacne Sunnyland $3 Bobby Goheen Sunnyland $3 Betty Bulmer and Marla Main Boeder $3 Gordon and Violet Rea Roosevelt $3 Barbara Jean Manxer and Rosemary Kirby Lincoln $3 Lois Mark and Beard Sehome $2 Harold Wosel and Ole Thorsen Lincoln $2 Jack Wells' Lowell 32 Betty Vanderbloom Franklin $2 Irene Ninaber Washington $3 Mario Welsh Columbia 92 James Wright Lincoln $2 Howard Hoos Sehome 91-50 -Eugene Derby Boeder 5150 Annabel Bolster Normal 5150 Alios Sahlbom Normal $L50 I Bettie Sohbapple Normal $1-50 CL Larrabee' Normal $1 Olive Camp Birchwood Billy Harrington Birchwood $1 Kirk Fletcher Normal Juno Beottcher Columbia $L' Ernest Clough' Columbia $1 Harriet Stowe Columbia $1 Irene Fyhn Franklin Edward Jones Lowell $1 Richard Ballus Washington $1 It was officially announced this It waa entered by Gladys Kalberg I afternoon that winners of prl: of Birchwood schooL Marching in may present their numbers at their this division was Juvenile I respective schools Monday and hand of Everett I there receive their awards The final division costumes had I pg approximately 400 entries It waa I led by the Black Diamond hand Tho I first marcher represented a fierce) BOCKPOBT I mustached Oriental of competition for two wrecks Steve I of a Junior orchestra on a truck SHINGLE DUTY ASSAILED BY RAINEY banquet It had planned to hold tonight at the Cbuckanut Shell St hospital will be open from 2 to 4 Sunday afternoon during receiving day An 'assistant engineer1 on the steamship Henry Wheaton which docked at the Municipal pier Friday Michael Oliver of Brooklyn was taken to St hospital suffering a concussion of the spine received aa the result of a fall while at sea last week- Dr Lyle Greenwood reported the man's condition I as not serious The Henry Wheaton belongs to the Texas Sulphur Company Und the outstanding and modem and the excellence and High quality of its service that makes The HERALD BUILDING the most valuable office structure for the professional man in Bellingham FOR INFORMATION CALL 3900 eesly won tho event although ho throug hthe race His time was lii seconds 440-yard Won by Bale Washington second Hartley Washington third McKinnon Oregon I Time 502 Won by Jessup Washington 47 feet 7-S Inches second I Itamstead Washington 44 feet 6 X-i inches third Moeller Oregon 44 1 feet Inch (Continued from Page One) Assailing the policy followed by the Republicans In writing ths bill without permitting the Democrats to the committee sessions Rainey said the purpose of these sessions Is to hear the tariff 130 low Won by Ander-1 entered by Wallace Holeman of 811-eon Washington second Brodie I ver Beach Joe Harrington of I Washington third Kelley Oregon I Birchwood had a cat and a Utter of Alarriage licenses were Issued to-1 beneficiaries" thw5ounr auditor t0 the vampires who feed on fA Wolfe I the life blood of the nation are and IahE Fattoiu33 of Spokane I heard" he asserted then the and to Ben Verllnda I1 a I fifteen Republican members of this Emma BlrdweU legal both lof committee apeak for the entire Everett A license wae Issued Fri- House" day afternoon to Jesa Leonard Lovelace 43 and Sylvia Stead- Sagar and Scandal Rainey declared that hae I Vatican Newspaper dragged Its slimy and sticky trail man 39 both of Bellingham Discusses Prohibition across many of the past Republic Claiming that his wife often goes away overnight without any apparent reason Reginald Brown a longshoreman today for divorce In superior court against at porta of entry Rainey attacked can administrations bringing to them many of their scandals" Referring to the Investigations of 1911 Into the weighing of augar ROME May 11 The news- paper Observatore Romano fre- Flora Brown The couple married I WUUanT Howard' I ufnUy U8ed by vatIFf P' at Mount Vernon In December 1937 1 Wickersham who were preel- and have no children Brown in I dent and attorney general reepec-his complaint' says ha started a tlvely for the pert he said they divorce action In June 1927 but (played In the federal Inquiry hia wife effected a reconciliation "Those sugar trust thieves stole with him $100000000 and were allowed to I settle for $3000000" he asserted permit for a $3000 residence I before lasMn hia aumptu- flclal announcements said that tho fecent-speech of President Hoover before the Associated Press appealing for respect for law opens a wide field for reflection Discussing tha growth of law violation through prohibition tho newspaper says: the prohibition of wine Time 15A 220-yard Won by Pendleton I Washington second Prendergast Oregon: third Lowrey Oregon Time 227 830 Won by Genung I Washington second Dodds Washing third Hill Oregon Tims Everts Wins Jsmp High Won by Everts Ore- I gon 5 feet XI Inches second I lirodle Washington and Crawford I Seventh in lino was Patricia Starr I Cryderman of Newhalem Oregon (tied) feet 0 Inches I of tho Normal training schooL re-1 spent several days this week In Se- 220 low hurdles Won by Shelley I siding at Cornwall avenus I attic attending to business matters Washington: second Siegmund I daughter of Mr and Mrs Wil-1 for the City of Seattle project Oregon: third Kelley Oregon I nam storr She wore costume I Mr and Mrs George Morehouse Time 253 I made from Issues of The Herald I and Mr and Mrs George Hunzlken Broad Won by Bredthauer prominently displayed In front was I who left here recently to reside in Oregon 23 feet 2 2-3 Inchby second a photograph of Queen Ruth In re-I Newhalem have returned to this Lowrey Oregon 21 feet 6-8 I robes as published In Tho Her- I city to make their horns Inches third Humes Washington I am Patricia displayed on her back I Hughes of Everett transit feet Inches I a placard reading "What's black I acted business hero Friday and Sat- Won by Moeller -Ore-1 Ul white and real all overt" urday gon 180 feet 1 Inch second Jessup Washington 150 feet 9 2-5 Inches third HHldreth Oregon 138 feet 4 4-5 Inches Two mile Won by Reed Washington second Cram Washington third Sellers Washington Time 9:492 A Blackface King I Mrs George Frogner and daugh- Xn the same division was black- I ter Mary Jane of Diablo arrlyed face king who rode in a car labeled I here Tuesday enroute to Hamilton Dodo's Bevenrs" The float I where they will make an extended was drawn by James Wright and I visit Kenneth Thorsen -who were dressed I 8 Carver or Beattie returned as the Katxenjammer Kids Dave I home Thursday after a visit of sev-Gohees was tho king All tho boysleral days at the power project at are pupils of tho Lincoln schooL I Newhalem Word has been received from Mrs Maude Iicnnett who was called to Eastern Washington to bo with her husband who was injured Id an I autonwiblle accident last week slat- Ing that Air Bennett waa doing as well as could be expected Mr Love and daughter Myrtle who recently moved Into their new home were given a bouse- warming Thursday by the Jolly Mlnglers who spent tho day with 1 them Mira Laura Knott has returned to her home at Port Angeles after visit-Ing a short time with relatives in Lynden Air and Mrs Harold Bennett rn Artis Barker of Alderwood Manor formerly of Lynden are the parent i of a baby girl Evelyn Alarle born-Sunday May 5 Airs Fanny Colley la visiting for a few days with her son Alonzo nt 1 Bellingham The Liberty club met with Mr Henry Van Os Thursday afternoon Misses May and Katie Dickson Charlie roost Miss Elsie Worthrn and John Ilofensher have purchased new automobiles Ed Hoffman who la working In Beattie Is spending a few days wll li home folks ana nnn to ba built at 1023 Six- I apartment Mr Taft (now chief and alcohol- which according to its SkS Si u-l-upporur ouh to hv dMWn Cedaruood avenue of them responsible for the escape of the sugar trust thieves stood mented greatly the number of Crimea Not that the provision Is bad In Itself but the ostentatious disrespect for law to which it glvea rise la bad The problem la of capital Importance to civil society" Among other popular entries wae I a party of forty senior englneer-" Power several Uncle I ing students from tho University of Bams Indians Cowboys Farmers I Washington arrived-by automobile and Gypsies also trio of Boy I Friday and left by special train for Scouts carrying the colors and the I Newhalem and Diablo where they England in a ten-rouna i jjQy gcouta drum corps I spent tho week-end viewing the 28- The bettie which wllll 1 XANDELL HATCHED May Sammy world's lightweight cham- been matched wlthJack I construction work on1 the big The demurrer of-R cDaniel shoulder to shoulder to advise the to the action brought against him ayers of the 'American bar to go in superior court by Attorney back hojne and what they -could Charles Johnson of Seattle for I enforce the law" alleged fees duo was overruled today site there today" Rainey der by Judge Edwin Gruber Johnson dared with further reference to rOllltrV Innnefrv suing to -collect for services Taft "drawing a subsidy of $10000 -V claimed due in litigation suits 1 I a year in semi-annual installments Matter Minns Meet various counties In the state jfrdm the eteel trust and In direct1 UU icci violation of his own code of ethic Funeral services for Mrs Mary which he hlmaelf drew for the i CHICAGO 1P fiTntrr-Nelson will be held Monday at 11 American Bar association" May Master mlnda ot the SAMXY CHICAGO MandelL pion has Berg of bout May Because of the great number of power Flashes From Life I a at the Harlow mortuary -with the Rev Jackson Robertson offlclat- Ing Burial will oocur In Bay View I cemetery Four Bellingham students and I former students at the University of Washington was learned today were named this not Invol ve Mandgire tltle wlH open i exhlljlu anf tho pronounced merit projects Chicago a outdoor boxing season manr them the Judges Mra Charles Hansor xeturaed I had a difficult time making deci-1 homo Sunday from Mount Vernon TT Wlva slona To facilitate their work they where she visited for several days judged the entries for more than with relatives and with her daugh- hour-before the parade started ter Ruth who will he a member of tahstiin th? stabta oTtol durn th Procession 1 T'rnnn'r Cl Vanderbilt today won the the graduating class of La Conner high schooL Arthur Snelllng of Port Angeles PhlHn- I poultry Industry have Commissioner Ortas of the Philip- convened here to work out plans for hen relief Hen-housing conditions are bad they have found with chickens living in crowded quarters Ventilation is terrible and lighting and heating worse Hens do their best work under these conditions what will the -little and had no right to hold 1 chicks grow up to be? among other American Attending the conference are rep- pines took to Rainey's contention and said that 78 per cent of capital Invested In Philippine augar waa controlled by Americans Filipinos Rainey also attacked the sugar bet industry He said It drew its t11( labor from Mexico and its seeds from and besides' what wUl the at 4 Another plane left Seattle at 7:30 a returning to Seattle at 3 IQ MILLIONAIRES TO FLY LOS ANGELES May 11 Three millionaires" will take off tomorrow on a trail-biasing flight on the line to be opened between Los Angelea and Kansas City Wednesday William McTarnshan president of tho Petroleum Oil A Power Company Na wYork Edward Alexander director of Cleveland Trust Company and II A Huated president of Husted Steering Wheel Company Cleveland expect to reach Kansas City Monday by special chartered Western Air Express plane stopping overnight at Amarillo Texas Rl Herald Is Invaded by Seattle Band After leading the Junior tulip parade this afternoon the Seattle police pipe band one of the finest of Ite kind In the Northwest Invaded The Herald office and disrupted the business of publishing a newspaper to the enormous delight of everybody The pipers graciously responded to requests for an encore CARTER ISSUED OLYMPIA May 11 Issuance of a charter to the Farmington State bank of Farmington Whitman county capitalised at 925000 with surplus of $5000 was announced today by Harry Johnson supervisor of banking It will open for business Monday and replaces one which failed last winter Taggart was named president and Claude Hayward cashier Directors besides Taggart and Hyward are John Topley Charles JBrlckenderfer and David Taggart Re UP TO SENATE WASHINGTON May 11 OP) The campaign funds expenditures committee which investigated the 1928 primary campaign of Senator-elect Yore of Pennsylvania agreed at a special meeting today that further proceedings touching on Mr Vare'a right to a seat devolves upon the Senate Itself kn GIRLS SUSPENDED LONG BEACH Cal May The severe of a high school girl at a sorority Initiation today had caused the suspension of ten Long Beach high school girls Two other hoy students were dismissed for fraternity activities one on the complaint of his mother The action which resulted from the complaint of Joel Lindsay lather ot the girl Margaret Lindsay included the suspension of his daughter by the Long Reach board of education and nine other girls members of Phi Beta Kappa na tlonal scholastic honorary fraternity They are Henry Wlrth eon of Mr jJJj ustriesT Germany up Its head' a- 9L0Q0 added youthful stakes for two-year -olds at Jamaica Caruso carrying the colors of Coe was second with Crack Brigade MeAssidys colt third Prize Winners and Mrs Henry Wlrth Alice Rise- land daughter of John Rise land "The Philippines produce' sugar i Catherine-Watts daughter of Mr mm Wat a v-Tirir I Mexicans and Hindus ho ueciarea and Mrs Arthur Watts and DeWltt -a resen tatlvea of the Poultry Research counciL the Federal Bureau of Animal Industry the National Poultry council tho United States Egg society Baby Poultry Science association Poultry Butter Williams son of Mr and- Mrs Pelaglua Williams motored up Saturday for a- short visit with his mother Mrs Annie Jean of the local teaching force' was a week-end visitor at her home In Burlington Dana Currier of Newhalem transacted business In this city Saturday Mra Row was a Concrete visitor Sunday Mr and Mra McKay and children left Sunday evening for an indefinite visit in Seattle Henry Wiseman and Ralph Cunningham of Concrete were weekend guests of friends here Mra Phil Moran of Diablo left "If wo want their augar we should turn them loose" The Illinois member said that acres of and Egg association acres the International association the and the MaSGamesl NEW Glenn Hunter handsome leading man of the musical comedy Is Here" lw turned hJs fancy In the direction a young man's is supposed to tu)'-'1 this season of the year lie wed Babe Egan leader of tha Hollywood Redheads a band Killer Babe Is disregarding advice Glenn once gavo to the effect that actors are not good material for husbaml- or he has changed hia mind NEW Martha writes tha New York WorM that her two grandmothers ea'ii smoked a pipe filled with liomerpnii twist four times a day one llwi to be 96 the other 80 lelwo them they had forty grandsons ni great-grandsons In tlie Confcdcrato army she herself can smoke a Mr fat cigar without discomfort she smokes only when refralnii would seem priggish reproof to ot smokers smoking takes time I effort wlthon resultant (Continued from Page One) Float Division (Total prises $100) Sixth and Fifth grade float with I marchers from Lincoln $12 Maher Just Boeder $9 Mary Gruber and Sarah Miller Mias Maud Rogers deputy clerk of the district federal court was hack at her desk today after of cane In the United States there were about $00000 augar beets and about 200000 LI DECK BE ner Q6BJE lOOBjr UKr I JT NATIONAL LEAGTE I vacation She says she) protect these we charge the (JJJ Partnership IS eatly enjoyed a trip to Cali-1 consumer of the ctftmtry a total of Resumed by Couple greatly enjoyed a trip fornla She went aa tor north' as I $3000000 yearly increased prices for I "That Is hia sugar" he said an average of $3 an acre for' every acre producing sugar ASTORIA Ore May Mr and Mrs George Bann were resuming an old partnenhlp" to- Tin Juana Mex and was accom panted by Everett friends A abort circuit in tho motor of a I street car at the intersection' of street and Cornwall avenus caused i a slight blaze about o'clock Friday I CP) Chairman Hawley of the House night which was put out by two po- ways and means committee an- SUGGESTIONS XXTITED WASHINGTON May Fiercer Washington $7 Mann Washington $7 and fifth grade Lincoln Saturday for a visit -with relatives In Sauk Lind Larrabee $5 Mr and Mra Joe Hubbard of Cleater Normal $5 port Angelea have disposed of the McKinnon Lowell $3 Lincoln hospitaL at that place and Lowell $3 1 returned here Monday for a Krimdiack Washington visit prior to leaving for Nebraska 1 I where they will spend the summer Scouta Silver Beach 13 Mra Fired Trudell Is recovering Eyrens Franklin 52 from the effects of severe burns re- Saleman Silver Beach ceived by a pan of hot grease tlp- RHE Lowell 59 Pittsburgh 100 129 10 1 Philadelphia 902 942 11 14 1 ill Swetonlc Dawson and Hargreaves Hemsley Roy and Lerlan At RII Cincninatl 001 312 7 19 5 Boston 003 009 89 3 Batteries Donohue Kolp and Gooch Dixon Jones Cantwell and Taylor At RHE St Louis 009 309 3 4 1 Brooklyn 009 009 2 7 1 Haines and VTIlson Clark and Henline At New York RHE rhlcago 909 09 02 2 New York 200 009 9 9 1 Batteries Blake Carlson and Grace Benton and Hogan Dale Victor Fourth $5 Warren Hilda -Margaret Jolly Girls Maxine $3 Boy Hath Laurence Gene Poland Jacqueline Georgia Thor Campfire 11 ce officers who brought extin guiehera from tho 'Prospect street fire station A day After forty years of married life Mr and Mra Bann were divorced several years ago Mra Bann remarried and became Mra Caroline Ivina Yesterday Bann C9 ana Mra Ivina 85 applied for a marriage license Mra Ivina divorced her second husband a year ago resuming the old partnership" they told the county clerk toi nounced today that beginning the Republican members of the committee would hear any suggestions for changes In the pending round warranted offered as amend- reached at a conference between Hawley and Representative Dickinson Republl- Tuesday MANY HERE FOR FINAL TULIP EVENTS Navy Department Will Aid in World FUghtlf SS tariff hill and If they would be was Larrabee and Betty Burdett (Continued feem One) T0WED BY POLICE Donn Franklin $2 Griffith Sehome $2' Stark NormaL 51-50 Thorsen Franklin $150 Girls Larrabee $150 Marjorie Johnson Columbia $L59 Dorothy Martin Boeder $160 -Melvin Morning Sunnyland $150 Marian Langdon Franklin 1 JUlan Anderson Franklin Bobby Stuart Assumption 51 Hazel Hansen Roosevelt Alvin HUby Washington $1 Catherine Holeman Sliver Beach I LYNDEN ping over Mra Stafford of the South Side wee surprised Wednesday afternoon when a party of her friends nun bering thirty-one arrived at her home with a shower of dainty articles Mra Edna Jewett and sister Miss Lily Olson of tho South Side were guests at tre home of their parents Mr and Mrs Olson Sunday afternoon The women of the Civic club were entertained Tuesday with a chicken dinner at the home of Mr and Mrs Roy Curnutt Norman Belfrey who is a I senior In Roosevelt high schooL Re attle was a week-end visitor at the home of his parents Mr and Mrs Joseph Belfrey can Iowa leader of a group of West-1 CAR era Republicans who believed some 1 UUnLlLITlAll LAR of the proposed agricultural rates were Inadequate Hawley said any member who de- sired to offer suggestions for changes would be heard by the committee and that a similar practice waa fol- i lpwed In 1922 at the time the Ford- ney McCumber act waa written Only members of tho House will ba heard he explained The Western group held a meet- Ing yesterday 1 to discuss proposed artiff changefc and also procedure under which amendments may ba offered to tha tariff measure from the House floor Republican leaders desire to limit amendments to members of the ways and means committee and some members of tha farm group have asked the leaders to postpone a definite decision In this regard until they could go over the tariff hill more thoroughly Democrats insist all members of I Seven more cars were towed the streets Included In the parade line of march this by police and garagemen were towed to garages Councilman I Abshlre whose waa among those removed parking place this afternoon the police station that be not pay the $1 toning charge signs were erected notifying all of whom read that parking would prohibited during the parades A HOLLYWOOD Cal It should easy to pay the rent the bill the laundry etc In the menage By popular John and Ina Just now the greatest money-making 10009 and $15000 per week from Junior afternoon Eighteen Friday car from Us notified would No visitors Bellingham be Earnest Curl Normal 5L Anna Binxer NormaL $1 -Bobby Tiplin Sunnyland $1 Joyce Aleson Normal (L ret Division (Total prises 850) Wallace Holeman Silver Beach ehestra which toured tha builn' section on a floaL Tho istrade started it I 5 and at ix the Woman's rlub opened a recital at the Oari! Street AL church Throughout the day the show In the basement of the -pie's Atarket drew many fk'1 lovers The exhibition which free to the public will remain until 10 tonight Spectacle Tonight Tonight's electrical rads wii' Prove a charming spectacle a a of the floats and decorated that appeared in Friday's grs'rl parade have been entered In IL ('' rash prize of 100 will be for by tlie floats except the I entries which are not eligible sn award because they were luM 9 1 zed more heavily than the eiMr cars Airplane atunts over the city bay by Art Walters thrilled this afternoon Other nlsti1 carried paraengera taking off the airports of the Commercial Transport Company and tha Ci- ham Air Service Friday's parade wae still brio talked about today Pleasure expressed with the Interest shown by Wenatchee which waa represented by the official car of Queen Roaella of that apple tl om show which ended last week It was driven by Hunter Affc-tln secrets ry of the Wenatchi9 Chamber of Commerce WASHINGTON May 11 CP) Secretary Adams announced today that tho navy department will cooperate in the round-the-world flight of the Graf Zeppelin this summer and he has written all naval ships and stations giving Instructions for facilitating the voyage The flight according to plans outlined by the secretary will bring the ship to' tho United States twice after its first visit here In' May The start of tha flight will he made from the naval air station at Lake-hurst about July 15 The ship will come to tho United States in May Immediately depart on the round-trip to Its home at Friedrlchahafen Germany and will return to the United States on or about July to com plets final preparations far the globe-encircling voyage BRIDGET PAROLED KANSAS CITY Kan May tP) Bridget McCarthy SL who admitted in court that aho appreciated a nip in the morning" today took the pledge as a means of escaping a sentence to the state Industrial farm at Lansing Found guilty on three counts of possession of liquor and maintaining a nuisance Bridget-today was sentenced to an Indeterminate sentence and fined Then she took an oath she -Jluld neither drink nor eel! UquqaUpgd waa paroled CLEARBROOK 1 9 I AMERICAN LEAGUE RHE New York 3 902 7 19 1 Detroit 199 23 13 21 2 Batteries Rhodes Zachary Thomas Sherrod and Dickey Carroll! Smith and Phillips At RILE Washington 519 912 9 10 0 Chicago 009 903 2 9 5 Batteries Jones and Tate Thomas Blankenship and Crouse At RHE Philadelphia 190 199 119 4 It 9 Cleveland 909 909 219 3 Batteries Grove Shores and Cochrane Mlljus Ferrell and SewelL ISLAND PRISON YAWNS MEXICO CITY-May Official announcements today said that Mother Conon a Roman Catho- rold Irery CouniNa 53 lie nun who was convicted as in- Virginia Jones Lowell 52-tellectual author" of the assassin- 1 atlen of General Alvaro Obregon had embarked at Manzanillo aboard a government steamer and waa en route to the penal colony on an Is land of Las Tres Marlas off the westers Mexican coast She is under a twenty-year sentence for the crime for which Joes de Iav Torsi was as the prlfidsfl Francis and Jack Loviolette 55 Joe Harrington Birchwood Elizabeth and Lena McLoughlin 7'ir' nAi Jolln Padden snd Roy Gillestle (Sumption Assumption Patricia Young Roosevelt $2 Lena Hofferberg Washington Dolores Ferguson Birchwood $150 iluth Conlia Columbia $1-50 Tuesday May 7 at Vancouver Mrs Reka Warren daughter of Mr and Mrs DeNeul and A Overbaugb of Nome Alaska were united in marriage Wednesday evening about twenty-five friends gathered at the home of Mr and Airs Crosier to greet the newly-wed Mr Overbaugh and wife will go to Nome June 1 where he has mining interests Miss Htrmlna DeVries of Blaine Is staying with her sister Mrs Henry Markworth while working at the egg association plant Mra A Axlund entertained the Monday club AXay 9 Mr and Mra Harry Rinehart entertained for Seattle friends over the week-end Mr and Mrs John Bezel Sr visited with Brackenridge Thursday who la still confined at SL hospital Miss Janet White entertained the Queen Esther circle Thursday night Robert Bar beau underwent an operation for appendicitis Saturday Mr and Mrs CL IL Fraley spent Friday and Saturday In Snohomish and Skagit counties Assumption SL Principal Ethan Allen of the Clearbrook grade scbooL- left Friday morning for Friday Harbor for a week-end camping trip On Sunday the Clearbrook pupils will picnic at Friday Harbor Airs Stella Marchant Invited group of girls to her homo for tho pleasure of her daughter Peggy on birthday anniversary I Mtekskiikl Ptmnflr G1 The Mdekokaski Campfire Girls be telephone GUbert-Claire estimates are rathe House should be permitted to spectlvely offer ameodmente I Dickinson said after the confer- NEW SERTICE INAUGURATED ence with Hawley that he believed PORTLAND Ore May 149 the items entitled to renewed conoid- Two way passenger service between eratlon were casein flax tapioca I Seattle and Portland was Inaugu-dried milk figs long -staple cotton I rated today by the West Coast Air milling In bond provisions for wheat Transport Company a brougham blackstrap molasses gypsum and plane carrying four pffrwengera left mica 1 Fortlaml at IQ a may to return held a council fire In ths Hunter grove Tuesday evening Mrs 8 11 Johnson was hostess to the First Lutheran 'Ladies Aid Thursday sftsmoon week.

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