The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 23, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1891
Page 8
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ftta ftBPUhLicAK publishes more outside ftfiWS from the country and surroundingfew* i all the six other papers published m Kds- •eaytXti" JJ^WM'^i;) ^ Q. S JW B or flife rjftucroir N AwS SeC page '3. to JJOUBBSPONPRINTS :-All correspondence , .„? the REPUBLICAN should reach this office , Hot later than Tuesday evening. IMease bear this In mind. to Correspondent* pf tho BlSt'lIItl.!- 1 CAN!—Dtm't neglocVtft *epx>i>t ttte lintftrkots week. Wo-\vwnt'..a', report regularly •week from every town in Kossxtlh County. See that your town In reported, the otlierj?.- I WHITTKMOB1S. Mr. .StreU has completedhis new house. Miss Sadie McClellan; who is teaching the Amderegg school met with quite an accident last Saturday. She was at home and chanced to be out wherq her '^f^t'Kers were sawing wood and a piece 'ot irffn breaking fron some part of the saw flew striking her and hurting her quite badly, causing her to use a crutch for several days. Miss Mary Miller and Miss Mary Bans took a trip to Algona Friday. ; A boy of average weight arrived it tho home of Andercgge last Sunday. Miss Mary Miller in going out the door ilnst Monday morning slipped on the icy step and fell hurting her quite badly. Artie Carlisle of Whittemoreis teaching the Mr. Besch school. ' Mr. Grant Henderson of Humboldt Co. is up in these parts working on a hay press for Christ Streit. Mr.' Streits had a dance in their new bouse Friday evening. Miss Sadie McClellan and Miss Estella Bronlis will .go 1 , home lo spd'rid Christmas. Look out; f6r. another wedding 'this week. ! •'• •• • '•'-'- ••' ' •'•'•'" ••;'• Mr. Spillesand family moved Into their new residence -in the south part of town last"': •; ;, : ...Mrs Richard Hatch is quite sick with La Grippe. Bert Williams disposed of his pool table last Monday, to Wm. Kortic. Go to Mrs.: Carlisles, and holiday goods of all kinds. Thompson and Dorweiller have sent out a neiit price list,/they also advertise a special sale, lasting three days this week. The revival meetings closed last Friday evening. Our public school closed last Friday for a two weeks vacation. Yale is on the sick list, he had a severe attack of Grippe, and is now suffering a relapse There will be a Salvation Army meeting at the Baptist church next Friday evening. We are to have a Union Christmas tree Christmas eve., at the Baptist church, all are cordially invited. We understand there is to be a tree at the Lutheran church also. Mr. Groneman and family have taken possession of Mr. Booths new store building. The new drug store presents a very attractive appearance. Tuesda ., MV ^| * Mary fereTdert, of Ilfinois. Ed's ninny ,f cicada Vish'him.a lorif^life-of dofeiestic happiness. , Our co-operativo creamery is doing a good business for .this tinie..Q£..tb.e^Lear. Some days they take in aa ,.,m«eH as 1-5,000 pounds of'nMlk, ""•_ .' . ,.. ', \ There are twb : , schools j in plat tokvn- ship which have no teafcbe be any gopd ; teachers-; in position let.thejn come; '' '''" ' ' Ittte'/l'.*.... $0.00 fcS.. .'r.Y.Y. 'la..a cbtTstUtitloilai and •hofc'a local .d and therefore It cannot bo cured "by local, ap- plicatlmis. : I£ requires a'cbustUuttoSioT iem- edy like lloori's Sarsapftrillaj'wh^cli, worfclng • through the Mood, eradicates tho impurity which causes and promotes the disease, and cfeedts' 'fi iporhwndnt cure. Thousands of people testify,to Iho.success of Hood's Sarsa- p.arilla as a remedy lor catarrh when other preparations had failed. Hood's Sarsaparilla also builds up tho whole system, and makes you feel renewed in health and strength. "I used Hood's Snrsaparilla for catarrh, and received great relief and benefit from It. The catarrh was very disagreeable, especially In the -\vinter, causing constant discharge from my 11956, rtngiiig'inoiscs in my eaVjir^uid pains in the back of iriyjiiead. liib ieffcct to clear my-head in the inornliig' by hawking and spitting w:w jKiiiifnl. Hood's Sarsaparilla gave me relief immediately,, I was entirely cured. I am hover : >vitiiout Hood's Sarsaparilla ia my houso as 1 think it is worth its weight in gold." Sins. G. B. GIBB, 1029 Eighth Street, N, ViL., XVashington, D. C. : Hood's 1 Sarsaparilla Sold by all druggists, gl; sixforSli. Prepai'ed only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass, fiOO Doses One Dollar Judge Cook wast "seen on our ' ' .Mr.-Res.or was >l ''Vls,Uipg Bancroft one day last week. .,-•-'' , '•• ..,;.) JH - • ' . ...;..• , ', Mr.-and MrSi-"Wilson' drove 'down to Bancroft Sunday. ; ,; Siun Porti has gone 16 Work A. J.. Dunlap ...made a trip to Grove last Monday." -' " ! '-•'•'''! '." -.- ! Win. Leslie has added to tUe'- : CDmJolt and appearance of hla house by haying jt sided.- -...:•-;• •' -.•,--.,••' -,.; .„; ",- f , • ; Rev. Ra&kjn vpvoae'hed -an Interesting and effective sermon last Sunday, to a crowded house. '' " ; ' r Tims. Presnell started Sunday night for Findley Ohio to spend the holidays with friends and relative's'.;"".; 7' C. E. Oleson has b.een. favored with a visit from his father the past week. F. C. Bacon, Senior member of the firm of Bacon & Amesbnry spent last -week in Chicago on busint-ss and pleasure' intent. Mrs. G. W. Eddy has been spending some time with friends in Gorwitb... James Breen li.iis gone to Chicago and exp< j i;is 10 spend a part of winter in vistf'ing friends in Illinois and Wisconsin. Tbe ' violin entertainment by Prof. Vitnlennd daughter last Thursday even- iug..'is'- said to have been quite fine. W>y ifc Barrett are building an addition to th> Savings bank to be used as a real estate, office. .;-..' Mrs. E. J. Yorker and her brother T, C., Qt'ii'e'y. spent Sunday in Corwith visit- ingaheir sister Mrs. Wm. Reed. The M. E..and Scandinavian churches will uuiie and have a Christmas tree:,in the Si-iiudinavian church on Christmas evening. Geo. Schneider will quit farming and try merchandising. He' has "bought out Hagcr Bros, of Sexton. '...""-. (NEW YORK) - : FOR 1892, Has a larger Daily Circulation than any . other Repubican newspaper iii America. MM. : SUNDAY. WEEKLY, The'agg'esslve.Republicfln Journal of the Metropolis. A- NEWSP-APEE. FOK THE MASSES. Pounded December 1st, 1887. Circulation over 100,000 copies il a;bu||tiesBapt ftntl injjbhfl^ lt- ting a harness shop so.on. ; Jas. Burke, who has been -staying with W. S. Wickath'for som'e time,; 'took :'tfie train for Clhremont on .'Friday. . ; :V ;- ,7 Swan .Olson ' from; Chicago), ;b'ougl>t a lot for bu.sinegs ^ast ^week, ,but , we haye ovdt ascertaifae'd fw^tsi U ifat&®s) pfJtti|ig in. J. B. Jones has sold business lots to Mr. Graves, of Cedar Rapids, who intends putting in a heavy line of agricultural implements. Will Beckman came home Saturday from Des Moines where he has been attending school. He will spend hig vacation at home. Mr. Shiply's mother and Mrs. Sbiply's brother-in-law' of Guthrie county, are here spending the holidays with our popular hardware man. : • Albert Ogren started on a holiday excursion, on Saturday. He will visit Chicago, Rockford and Moline, where he has relatives living. The demand for cars still continues. Hay is high and hay dealers are much distressed because they cannot ship, as fast as they would like. Anna Dunlap left Saturday for her home in southern Iowa. Miss Dunlap has been stopping with her uncles and has madeoirauy; young friends here. Mr^lilleT^ol^aiv'a has bought lots of J.- B. Johes^a-i^d^mber ijriC.' D. Calkins fof'tlie-p\irp v os^pf erec'tfng^a store build- ing;t6'pUt ; in. ! a, %).p^ : • of '"- drugs and no- ' Groceries. A frsh stock always on hand, To silit evetybody, -J nmdanoe, A full line at bottom priced. D. Paine. moved into Burfc;, from l\is farm Thursday -of last -week. •,, -. ; ? m John F. Renda!!. ]?irst class"'accommddatforis' for" day and we'e'lf boarders.- "•"• '"•• ' ' •••''•-' First class hotejifor traveling .custom. P v TBiMitLE,. Proprietor..,.; FITZ'&LOMG -And- f Edward arid Henry Nelson living east of Al.gona were at G. L. Carrol,'s.Sunda3r ' The Press is the. ..organ of no., faction: pulls no wires; has- no animosities to ave/nge. , ....... ....... The most remarkable newspaper success in:.New York. The Press is. a National Newspaper. Cheap news, vulgar sensations and trash find no place in the columns of the press. . The Press has the brightest editorial page in New York. -It sparkles with points. The-Press. Sunday,edition is a splendid twenty page paper,'':covering every current 'topic of interest'.. ,_ ; Th'e Press w'eekly'.qclitibri contains all the good things of "the Daily and Sunday editions. -. "' .-.;•;'' For those who cannot afford t he Daily or are prevented bv distance from early receiving it,-the'-Weekly is a splendid substitute. . Ledyardj' .lowa. As.the POULTRY.seasoiuis at. hand I would advise .those having Poultry . to Se;il to haul them to' LED'- YABD ana-get tlie '. '•'••'. HIGHEST MARKET ; PRIGEi•"•' ".""''' 'JAMES Wooi) 1 ;Ledyard. , '.This space i's", reserved • '...'• —FOR—'-.-. . •: , •: :;.:': G. Dunlap & co .. - .-J.obn--Bockmaji-'-W'erJt to the eastern part of t-hejjfait! to spend .the 'holidays with-fiTs-'ip'arerits. Jp^ii lias been quite the store and The Pjesshaa no superior in New York. Tije..} i ai1roacl tbmpatiy' put in a stock yard thts^£glif : '*iOT : th of Gr.aunis & Pal ; WitJi'ift : tlie reach ''.<?heapest .^ of. '. Lawrence Wolcott was: Bancroft and spent Saturday at May Baileys. . ;. ; :: ;_,... ...''•.. ,., ..... '• A.. A. Boardman and Mrs. Bojster'spent Sunday with the Jatter's. daughter Mrs. Zumstug north of Wesley,. ...,• .... Mr". Wheeler delivered bis hogs in AV- :'feo.n a. ..last Friday and ;Saturday to Mr.; ,.-;Ear.y ''receiving', f 8.35 per hundred^ -. .• ;• : • ,'^;.fTho. countiy soems aliye with pack '.'peddlers, who seem very saucy. Taking : them as a class they are decidedly disagreeable. Horace Sehenck seems quite feeble for thfl last few days, having caught a severe cold. Wft, hppe ta.setj hitQ in hi*-us,ual- ' • best and a America. i.Daily'aud Siah'day.' piie year, $5.00 ': t'.fv " :••: 6 months, - ° * n ,>•;••<; • : ;..',M;:•..:.,! ;•'•'?'•';\ Dajly only, one year> .'•>'••'•'•'. '" ..-.'•', .'-* f oar BIOB tlis, Sunday, one.year,,:' : Weekly Pres.s, one ,yea.r, ' ' 2.50 8.00 1.00 2.00 1.00 iner's elevatoiylMr: Prd.way, we' -understand, will buy cattle and hogs, which will be a.good thing, .for the farmers of this vicinity:' . ". On the eveniug.of the 21st 'the Good Templars of Bancroft gave an entertainment at this place for the purpose of organizing a lodge, the particulars of which we are unable to give this week, but will report in full in our next. Mr. Drake, formerly depot agent at, Algon#,..w.a3 in Ledyard. ovw night. He is now a salesman for whole delivery Sleepy Eye flour. He took a trip-in to. the countiy looking up land. He was pleased so well with Kossuth county Soil as to purchase a piece of the land. The hotel rejoices in a new 1 ' neatly ^iexe-. cuted sign which adds wonderfully to, 'the,. appearance of the to.Wul.; AILthe Dealer in..aill lines of -AT- ELMORE, MINN for ihe Press-circular. Samples free., Agents wanted everywhere. Liberal commission. Address, :-".'.: THE PRESS, , ; .'.'••••' 38 TAJIK KOV,-, 1 : -..'. NEW YOHK. ap i ^aUsbury is. teaching .a; goad fec'ool in the Angus district. ; "'" • •'A party was held aJUU*} r.(jsidQn.ce, of G. L. Carroll last Fridttyn^hS; Da^eiag Jits indulged iu. . . • . I'KN'TOX. , Ilonry Wilcox is attending 'Normal , school at Algonsi. Wm. Peck returned last Friday from liane'county, SV r iseonsiu,,"vvheve he Iras- been visiting his parents. •• Louis Tibits lisis been husking corn for W. I>. Moulton. ' ' ' : Joe Schmle and Ed liable start to- iBoiiovY for a 'visit with relatlvtesln' Illinois. ' Joluiie Xab)e weh't to Clear Lake last vyeeli to visit his cousin. ' ' " '('lull-lie Lube'r started last Saturday fpr liis himie in Allamakee county. lVbi'<.)tber-i» : laNv'6f ili'ke aM Peter \i T wjl..'r!«.!f"moV ; e4 b erte last Frt day from -rir' 1 ' 1 -'. '••'-' Vi.' .J '.•'' •".'•'' ''•: '-t'i '.'.':!:., ':', ': . „ , er fhe Cbr|stnliis'^e jatrdt ' ' 5 ;; i ' f -J ,1 "3 I I ,v ! ' .' .': l..» C.I JOHN SHARP, -And— ••"'"'rtiW 1 ''^ "'• 4~*'--'"'l *•< '.'':t f'.''.\.ni f' -ani-renr uince ana residence one door west of t jy/*\&*i*'''**'' '• "• a ^' >t ^^' 1 ' ^i.T^_ -Xnraa treft at :;tbe ehui'di tomorrow F. Tliutday eveiiihfi;. Mrs. Da-vid— J)«tton --spent of pb'illtry • >••:'»'•••'•>•• ; Wfl,8;'pn; our " sfceets ' ' 1 ''"' ' : ' 1 ,"'",.,''!!'.. i Sunday ' )e'd' bn'accbuht . n moy.ect, into l IQU,SO trb,e first pf- ; the w^ek,,,; Helved! seVefal ftew'pieces'foi' the Mnd. Jfilery ''Cfdrflfeld is'fe 1 »'n In Until all gone wo will glye : yoU ^t prices pn..l)p6t3;and,..|h9C8;"^.'!r|j,e prjces at .wlilch. w,e are 'selling wimke .it , aa/^j- 'iect to buy ofus, , We slioe'for ber we can - lots of' pe'nnles'and' ; :tdke tio b&cfc'S'dat Cash Grocery. cer.and Fred Waterbaiise :rom tha. u hub!'. yesterday. ,, |r .,-., dll-DeubaEdt; ^m d: ! 'JMiss^Peck ;were manied last =1 Wednesday, rat-.the home of Fred Denhardtxah this /city; , - Oaf 1; Ostrali'dfel 1 : i§ still Unable 'to at- •eridtb busfriess rind ,'is yet r at h'oihe In Bancroft:-' l"he gfioemaker run^'both departments in his absence. '• •'-' ' '' : '' : ' ; The Burt 'Brass KB and. 1 'baa engaged a teacher 'by 'the nnme-cif Floydi and we presume Will rioW'make'rap'id progrbss in developiflg'-tMif'ttiuslcal talent; • '•' •' '' A." " ; Wbeelef 'hiilled 5 'ia ; a' 'load"' of^'live poultry on 'MoHday'a'n'd-sb nian^ weref 5n the' wagon : ''brJx" that 'seventeen' of 'them smb th ered i' "Th a'l takes' off the profit; ".' 'Stow, '^pbn ' ;§ha"fEer'^ aiia. T^ill McDpfiald came ijprne frqm. f pwa.Busi- ness, Co'ijege $aturda.y eyeriing, -and Eugene,, 'McBbn^id. 'j.;pturned 'Monday evening'.. ' .-.. •:,."..,..,'• ,\ . ..,.-.."•. ' .,.- ,'...''. The-Burt : Christmas -tree arrived; on a ilatocar or some othei : -kind' pf a car, on Tuesday iind-Gbijisfcmaa eve ,w ; e. presume, will be covered 1 ;, with presents at thechurtib. : •..-•••• ry,,--<> j. .•-,-,••,•: .,,-.•-,- , . ; , ' Burt is to'liave a bank within'thirty days. ''The parties have" been here and made ; all' arrangements. j 'We are riot at liberty to mention the name's of "the parties at' this- juncture." " : ""'•'•••'"• : r - ; . Inyitati6ns.are v out^fpr the, marriage of ^lay CQ ok, and ' ^ormaii ^Cotton , ,ou Chmtmas, ,eve. Their ' rpany' friends will jojn with,,iis .in wishing .them a pleasant journey over the .matrimonial. sea. ,• ..... .-, . ....•„ ' New Stock Christmas Goods. . -Ba-rgains. in ,,-,,at,'.' -i' ,,/ f ' ? FURNITURE • iSOIQRE.;,; : , :I . }« Geo. E, 1 ]b. package ppflee, ,,.,.. jj',.,'.^ ,-i .V.f v,:g " ....... . .pat meal '1 package'large ; sizdd'yea9t IV. r.v. r? ro 6 1 package small sized'^easti t. ;v; ; ;"J---*5 3 1 Ib. California;peaches^:-.-,* j-. .:f f -i ..-f.-^O 1 box lenox soap 4~00 1 package soda.^ , >'!-!',v-r 7 1 Ib. plug tobacco..:..'"..'". .'i..,.,!..'.'. ; 25 ^5 ozs. baking powder'.V: -^..''.-l ;'. i '.' j ; i ."' J -'-' : S5 1 can' tomatoes.. ;;';>.. •We :Selltlie can quote Prices '-tliat ; astonish peiin y eb ignorance of the merits of D'd'Witt's Little Early Risers isa misfortune; These little pillSTegulate the liver, cure -head- aclie, .dyspepsia, bad.,b r eath, .conatipation and bUJOUsness. . Dr. L. A % Sheetz. "'.' C. B. Long, the photographer,- J9 .in Burt doing-business-and—is making the. best aristo eahineta for, ($3.QO r tper dozen.. Why do you go elsewhere and pay more whea you can get.them for that athomeV Yery Respectfully, P. 0. box 104'.' "•'•'- ' : - •" C. B: Loi?G. , Callpr:, Is your,.wife in, Mv,,Nabor? Nabor: No, she ; bas over to Mrs. Call's, for .five minutes. :r Can, .you spare' the time to wait a,couple p-f hours till-she gets 'back? , .... /, .......... Our experience covers many ills, many pills and many bills. 'Ourills are smaller our pills;arq smaller and our bills are smaller, when we use? De. y^itts Littlo Early Risers. D.r. L. A. She'etz. The German Scliooh opened and anyone deMiti^ to join can ;stUf '"hay^ :tti portunity. ., Term fees,' low. The hours of instrnction are Tuesday and IMday e^en' ngs aiT EEV. H.J-H.T u,: i Good Higs at Reasonable Prices, F. S. Jenks, men of the town ought to selves in that way at any •: rate, strangers would be able to find out trouble when they come in town. ? • Grant Finch's horses strayed awajt'Jjist week ,,v£,him the ^pl^asuipe, of quite a hunt:' They bad becotoe'h6m'e : sick and haying ,an/ ppjjpTtupjity;. starred; fnt;,' their old home but were takes up. by a, farmer about four miles from Bancroft where ihey were found by their owner after a few days se.arch.",'.', " , . : ';..'. Prof^ Sifert introduced, a novel.e^|ir<;ise at the spelling school last Friday evening.'' 'After the spelliug contest he had-a flgur- inj| contest and got .the'.'crowd .'..'cipfrejjed' f down as'spelled .down before closing.'-We' suggest a : dejfinitiQa.. contest,. Hs! 11$$$ to dey«lpp ';someth|i)g ipterestiti^; ; ;- •' '\y"e- shauldriike t;o' lie'ari Fired',.-C'atkiua'.define "cousin!" ,' : .; : ;. '•',''.,''. '',','':".• ; : .'':'''"'• -' ..; ..- , , .—f, 1 ,/ I. ., X '.' • , ; '! '. .' "".. . , •, '.'• ''Is F.letch^r aura' his: svifefa .jvoodle is dead?" "He must be; I Eeelie's ;; bf!etin^ §50 reWard'fbr'it." {Ledyard, Iowa. •Lady (engaging servants) You, seem to possess e.very 'accessary qualification. lave you- a sweetheart? -Servant: No, mum;.but I can goon get one. -.. All persons indebted to me on book iccount please call and settle this month. My accounts must be settled up by Jan. 1, . .. ; .. , : .. <G, B,, 'We carry a full line of : 'JHat 'feather's, : Ribbons, Laces, etc. e p-g$t Special Saled until -after Holidays. afe : Tead| :: to Please . ffi& -Slic, Hoots and shoes fnadfe to order. 1 ' Ilepairlug; fi sBeQialty. .. -A .ItyaftsttteJ^of ladies aud men's; sll Pliers mill w;ir/n sll'ies just received. » Agent foi- Sharp's .Uurektv 'Leather Prcserva- i? tj.vtf tUe best.sijoe di-essiiii; in ' ' (Shop'riextio Kuatting Itooin) ~ 1' V ' 1 ' ' « entertainuieiifr at the E. cluux'b Christmas eve. Wm. Denhardt and" .l^ida 'Germ air JUfiL'd, " t: Claim] Lcas-i Wednesday. 'Tliey 'dve w f e people of Fentou who, wish them a happy life. ^ "IV'J ''» Notice, Ulanfe! - I^ui>tl Contract*, Sciiool '' J Bfoiise,' ^ Ctoiitractg for! BookH, etc. etc. d^Auy form uiu<i« to order. is with us ; again and -^ .did line, of .gQo.cls.for ,'ithe.KQlTday Trade."" "••••'•"•"•' '-^ Tfases and; of every description; Ladles' 1 and Gent's Mufflers in Silk and Wool; ; :8ilk!land Fancy Handkerchiefs in ^Adless- variety of,stylo and price. Alfjo.a.fiilTassior 11 - ment of Candies, Nuts; Fruits,' etc'.Tetc. BURT, IOWA. Ooodfaims for-sale.! ;.-•. ••,. OUT. at cpsj,. ,\W,a .hAv.ftj, , s^me^p^dj,, bargains '".' ,., ,'.;.,,.,, • '" Allen & WoJcott, ' When in to win call on 1 - 1 Whitney ; and see his new lirie pi, Kemember he always hand a full line;6f Shislf ;andHeayy ifardw^te.';"' Boot and-Shoe Bepair "Sliop ..'..>-1 llSKijJ * *,„ r-,iT and ' v. i .ccommooatiqns. Wy ll 'ifi^onmictfc* wltti B ; . We gaftrantee every bw Piogley.

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