The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 23, 1891 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1891
Page 3
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BANG .A. ETRBJOH, lIBditor. BANCROFT, IOWA, PEC. 23. 1891. Chicago & North- Western R'y N011TH5 SOUTH :::: rasseniier ..... a o.>i«n Now Is the time to subscribe for the NEWS. Eev. Williams Monday. was at Burt last CHURCH DIRECTORY, ANCROFT rilKSHYTKRIAN ClHttKCH. holds Merry Christmas to every subscriber of the NKWS. Miss Ida Swanson visited in Bancroft is closed for a i^SirSS OT% s$*e$». eaari A M ™^^s^$sss!? F IRST MAITIST fiHUROH, of Bancroft, P^each- -inB service each Sunday at 10:30 H. m. and 8 p. m., Sunday School at 18 m., Lords auppei the lirst Sunday In each month at; 1 p. m., piay- er meeting Thursday evening, Loyalists meet .on Sunday evening, Covenant meeting the last Friday evening in ea° U WlAd P rt±? Saturday evening. Everybody invited, stiang .ers cspeolally W eVcome. ^ ;oUHMIM9 . Pa9tor . B ANCROFT M. K. CHURCH, Pveaching service «anh Sunday at 10 :30 n. m. and 8 p.m., last Saturday. The Nichols school two weeks' vacation. Geo. R. Wood worth took in the city i of Ledyard last Monday. I B. E. Davison and wife were at Algona on business yesterday. A. L. Seeley of Plum Creek was a caller in Bancroft last Monday. Uncle John Smith our representative elect was in town yesterday. Another dance was given Stahl's last Friday night. An imported orchestra gave some very fine music and a splendid time was had by the lovers of the ballroom. A. Casler is about to take the road again for the Celebrated Northern Iowa nursery at Traer. He says his deliveries are meeting with universal satisfaction so far. Now that the north end of the county is settling up and becoming more prosperous the oft vexful question of the county seat comes again to the front. When this mentioned we are very apt to receive the reply that an amendment to the Constitution of Iowa would be necessary and consequently the scheme is said to be well nigh im- BANCROFT, IOWA ^stic work guaranteed. Pictures en atged at reasonable prices. NEWS. HFarmemM TradersBank A. HUM1STON, AUCTIONEER. T. M. OSTRANDER, Veterinary + Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. Has his liarn ready for the sick and lame horses, BO"bring them HIUIIR. Oharges reasonable. Is now settled in its newly arranged building in the RICHMOND BLOCK Where we are prepared to treat you the Best of Styled worth League on Tuesday e, •meetinir Tnursdav evening, choir leneaisai Friday evening. Ladle's AM Society meetoWed- afternoon. A cordial Invitation is ex- re«n)ai -ser- month* a ter «ie "ermon, y ouhR Men's Society meet "the tbird .Sunday of every month atter tthe sermon. Everybody is invited to attend these « ! rvioes ^ ScHEMMKL , Pa8tor . Oats, BANCROFT. .22 Corn 26 .20 Butter ?0 Dunkin our merchant tailor delivered goods in Burt last Monday. Mrs. Carefleld of Armstrong Grove is visiting at II. Austins at present. C. L. Ostrander is improving slowly but has not yet been able to be out. Rev. W. L. Wolfe now of Des Moines was in the city on business yesterday. Eev. llichie preached two of his able sermons at the Baptist church last Sabbath. C. M. Wasson, that genial school master, was down from his abode in Swea last Saturday. Miss Esther Adolfson came home from Callanan "College last Friday to spend the holidays at home. Uev. Sam Steele of Estnerville bufc formerly of this place was in town between trains last Monday. Fred Christenson south of town ex- practicable, but in the same act that prescribes that counties must be of a certain size, there is also a provision for two county seats in the same county when the territory is sufficiently large. That we have sufficient territory no one can deny, and why not $1,000 Address Can be made In c months selling Tuntson'B A t,lu»- OH, Charts and Wall Mnp». Particulars tree. H. C TUfllSOH, Chicago, His, have two county seats, one in Algona and one in Bancroft. This question must be settled to the satisfaction of all concerned some time and why not right away and save a great deal of trouble and hard feeling. Oil cake at Mallory & Hoflus'. Choice candies for the holidays at Mallory & Hoflus'. Flour and feed can be had at Mallory & Hofius' in any quantity and quality. Kernel* for Sale. Several good mares and work horses for sale for cash or o« time. 12tf G. W. SKINKEK. Phoenix House, BANCROFT, IOWA. Now Tunning under new management. Flax Hay 0.00 Hogs .3.25 @ 3.80 ...72 Barley 25 4.50 Wheat 70 PICKED UP IN THE STREET. Bring on your jobwork. Last issue before Christmas. Don't fight boys, it isn't good eye medicine. Bancroft is the best hog market in the county. If you want some fine job work done let us know. Miss Bertha Carey was in Bancroft last Thursday. G.W. Smith was at the "hub" last Saturday on business. pects to go to Tennessee this week where he will live permanently. A part was given to Myrtle Gallion last week Tuesday and all present announced that a good time was had. S?rof. Barslou and wife of Britt, are in town and will visit with relatives and friends here until after the Hholi- days. <E. S. Streater is paying 7c a pound for turkeys, and is doing a rwehing business at J. G. Graham's implement bouse. E. L. Ward will have an auction of his household goods tomorrow one olclock. J. B. Carr will be tflie auctioneer. B. Nemmers, the representative Farm Wanted. I want to purchase a good farm of 80 or 160 acres, within 'five or six miles of Bancroft. Leave word with G. W. Skinner. 12tf L. J. SLOSSEN. "An honest pill is the noblest work of the apothecary." De Witt's Little Early Risers cure constipation, bilionsness and sick headache. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Wool: Joblots holds the belt now as the meanest man in town. Van Pelt: What has he done? Wool: His mother in-law asphyxiated herself, and he made a kick on the gas bill. You don't want a torpid liver. You don't want a bad'Complexion. You don t want a bad breath. You don't want a headache. Them use De Witt's Little GALLION BROS. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passenger tickets to or from the old countries sold at the lowest rates. Correspondents and References. Metropolitan National Bank, Chicago, Illinois. Citizens' National Bank, Des Moines, Iowa. St. Paul National Bank, St. Paul, Minnesota, Farmers' National Bank, Hudson, New York. Richard Roosman, Claverack, New York. R. M. RICHMOND, B. RICHMOND, President. Cashier. Also in this building will be found the Done anywhere in the County At Beft Bock Prices, We-guarantee— Plenty of later 'Or no Pay. iiiuiuajr un uuoi.juu". . j^ jj. JN enamel's, me represonumve Willie Stahl visited in Portland last . 6 i ec t of the La Motte district,'Visited .. J .. ...I ... _. 1* « <1 OtlYt fl OT7 I •• 1_1_ 1 * ~ l,~.,-v*-l, n ..n n-4* 4-I» in wl f.l.flA «.O tiTf OT*tll LlCCHi HtjLHJ« M. tivmi* ».«« — — Early Risers, the famous little pills. Dr. L. A, Sheetsz. HOW I EASNEL .AN ISLAND. Saturday and Sunday. Dr. Beane of Burt, made a profes- : sional call here last Saturday. Lewis Gray was down from his school -,to spend the Sabbath at home. The Knights of Pythias installed itheir new officers last Monday night. Sundstrom's prices are still without vpower to come down on holiday goods. The members of J. B. Johnson's family who have been sick are improving nicely. Capt. R. E. Jeanson is at New York City on business and will return in a couple of weeks. •Harper has a new plan of making photos on silk, which is meeting with geaeral satisfaction. llhe Hayden school in Burt township, Miss .Ada Davison teacher, is closed for a frwovweeks vacation. Jaznes Hofius, the young and rising merchant prince of Bancroft, was at Algoaa on business last Saturday. The Masons hold their installation andbanfluet tonight. A number of Algona Masons expect to be present. Alfred ILeonard expects to come home to «|>end the holidays. We shall expect you to give an account of yourself at Jodge Al. High Mass will be celebrated at the Catholic chuurch at 6 o'clock a. m. on Christmas Day. Regular services at 10 o'clock and ia the evening. J. A.Johnsou, the lather, went to'his old home at Oeonomowoc, Wisconsin, last Saturday to visit with relatives and friends during the holidays. - Geo. Woodwortli, Jr., returned home from the Northern Indiana Normal schpoUast Thursday, where he has been studying for a term and a half. Street Commissioner Gallion put in a crossing on South Portland street and has repaired the sidewalk west of the tractf last week which was very badly RQV. Tope, of Tliompsonville, Wis- eo£s,in, is expected to preach at the Baptist church next Sunday. He is a candidate for the pulpit of the said church and comes well recommended. Rev. Cummins did not go to Tacoma last Tuesday, but waited until Thursday in order that his -wife might accompany him. He spent the Sabbath at Fort Dodge and went from there to Tacoma. He expects to go to Seattle in the neat future, however. We wish to make a correptipp tliis •week that no one is to blame |o? buj the "devil" at head .quarters, We wished to state that Norman Cojlaj apjd ( at$3.a&>a hm^d,aad not as w.ith his brothers of this place ^several days lately. Whiskey to the right of you-,'whiskey to the left of you, whiskey in rfront of you, whiskey all around you,, svolleyed and thundered. iB. F. Crose has moved int© ihis new house west of the Baptist ehttrch and can now truthfully say that Jie has a home of his own. Erof. Doderer expects to attend the meeting of the Iowa State OJeacher's association which will be held;in Des Maines next week. Miss Caroline Wesley came .home from the Iowa State Normal ; school Was Toppletar's bust of Othello accepted by the committee? No. He mad« it of white marble, and Othello was a darkey. He ought to have painted it black. We want every mother to know that croup can he prevented, True croup never appears without warning. The first symptom is hoarseness; then the child appears to have taken a cold or a cold may have accompanied the hoarseness from the start. After that a peculiar rou«h cough is developed, which is followed by the croup. The time to act is when the child first becomes hoarse; a few doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy will prevent the attack. Even after a rough cough has appeared the last .Saturday and reports goodjprpgress at the said institution. Bancroft has the honor of having the most ibea'utif ul school ma'ams an ,the county, Wesley and Ledyard .to the contrary notwithstanding. Geo. Watkins formerly of Burt township but now of Reynolds, Nebraska, came here last Saturday to make .a visit with relatives and friends. Lost: A pair of Buckskin supposed to have been lost store. Finder will leave them with-the editor and receive a reward. W. S. Furry, at Mallory & Hofius', i«j getting out some very fine laundry!] work for the boys. The work is done at the Cedar liapids laundry. . N. Chafitee brother of the prin- 1 cipal of the Northern Iowa Normal School was in, Bancroft yesterday in the interests of the said school. Geo. Blanchard, formerly of this place, will take charge of the Elmore station on the first of January. We are glad to see you promoted, George. The Bancroft schools expect to give a school fair sometime toward spring that is to contain for exhibition draw* ings, maps, and all kinds of written work. We could not help but notice some very fine fits that Tailor Dunkin is giving the boys. Bancroft should patronize Mr. Dunkin well, as he does good work. has discarded her old LS and adopted a new set last week and the teachers say that a very wise and praiseworthy selection has been made. Wm. Gallion has erected a new horse shoeing shop west of Robert's Ju.ip.ber yaid and from tjbe number of teams around there we should judge thajbbe i$ doing lots olj work. ^ ^ The, disease may be prevented by using this remedy as directed. It has never been known to fail. 25 cent, 50 cent and $1 bottles for sale by r Dr. L. A. Sheetz. iinterpi UJnff Younef Man t Tree ft Co. Instructed SSVtarted me. I worked steadily and made money faster •than I expected to. I became able to bny an island M>dbntld mimall »immer hotel. If I don't succeed at that, I will go ito worlcaitain at the business tn which I made iny money. True & Co.: Shall we instrnct and start you, reader? If vwe do and If TOO work Industriously, yon will In due timTbe'ablotobnyanisland and build a hotel if you wish .to. Money can be earned at our new lino of work, rap- jdly and honorably, by those of either sex, young or old, .and In their own localities, whererer their Hvo. Any one .So the work. Easy to loam. Wo furnish every thing.No i Tl«k. You can devote yrir spare moments, or all your time 1 .to the work. This entirely new lead brings wonderfnl snc- -„,„.„ ev ery worker. Beginners are earning from reu 10 . __, id more after R little expe- lent—we teach you .„ -„ •»""- things, and here in •another great, useful, wealth-giTlngwonder. Great gains * - • • • '--r. Wherever yon are, nt to know about this jsmneh money lost to ion 'No space to explain hore. but if yon will write to ns, ?ve w«l make all plain to yon FBEE. Address. TEKIJE <& CO., Box 4OO. AuKiuta. Main* 1 Pioneer Land,Loan andlnsracs Agency of Bancroft, ESTABLISHED IN 1881. A large list of wild lands for sale. Improved farms and village property for sale or rent. Farm loans on longest time and lowest rate of interest. Insurance written in six different companies, Call on or address us. K M. EICHMOND Has Platform Carpet Bookers at $2.75. New Line of Rattan Chairs. Fancy Rockers, Fine New bed Room Sets. Bought Especially for the Holiday Trade. Center Tables, Pictures, New Style Frame*. Plush Upholstered Settees, Parlor Furniture aad everything found in a tot-class Furniture Store at HoUday Prices. ^ $5,600 Reward ^^^T^r^^nA^^ so cheap. They are ^o doing an extensive Grocery business. They always keep in stock a full line ot StapleandFancy Groceries. .^ ~ - .* jt . i x —/I /iTiQanoaf r»lp.r>.A in town tO Ho! Everyone that Buyeth,, Go TO CROWEL'S ECONOMY STORE They Buy for Cash and they Sell for Cash! - f Hence they cannot be, will not be, and are not Undersold. They have fu s rreceived a most complete line of Prints, Ginghams Dress Goods (including Dress Flannels in great variety), Bed Blankets, Hosiery, etc, etc. Also Caps, Gloves and Mittens, Shoes, Overshoes, Knit Boots, German Socks, Woolen Socks, etc. A Magnificent Line of Underwear of All Qualities to fit All Sizes from fhe Infant to the Giant, and Overshirts as well to suit the Granger pr Swell Millinery, Millinery, Millinery. Mrs Crowell will fit the Ladies neat, quick und cheap in either Hat, Hood or Fascinator and m • the Very Latest Style. Remember the Place: dowel's Economy Store. H' * .... f - ,i. ivery, Feed ^ij^giijjF •••• mHn wpffw. i^^^^ff^- w^^^^^*,., s .^ff^ps*-w '• • . i . ' '.( = .»••( ..->;•on ^Uprt notice and at reasonable F. They have a Large Stock of Trade If you want the "News" in everf word, about Bancroft, and Wa per that is the test/get the^ They have also added to their Flour and CT _ a Feed Store.] evorytliing in the line of Oil Meal Graham, REPUBUOAH r, for,., the p*ic< do .Job Worts, Call Pft, .. „ o|

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