The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 16, 1891 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1891
Page 3
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J. A. JBAHCBOFT, IOWA, PttO. 16,1891. Chicago & Notth-W'jstern B'y. THE BANCROFT NEWS Farmers and Traders KOUTH Mixed 9 11am •way frelKlit....)l 48ftin passenger 4 08pm SOUTH Mixed ,507pm •Way freight..-.R iSAm passenger a 05pm CHURCH DIRECTORY. B ANCROFT rnESWYMtiiAN oitt'Hon. holds services In the school house, Bntiday School at 3 p. m., preaching service at 2 p. m., prayer meeling Thursday evening. Kverybody Invited. unv. D. WILLIAMS, Pastor. B ANCROFT 8WKDI81I LUTHERAN CHURCH, meetlnp morning and evening one Sunday in each month and two evening meetings in a month, Sunday School at 12 m. each Sunday, Ladle's Aid Society meets every other Friday. BKV. A. KM'STnoM, Pastor. F IBST KAi'TisT oitUBOH, of Bancroft, preaching service each Sunday at 10 :30 a. m. and 8p.m., Sunday School at 12 in.. Lords supper the first Sunday In each month at 1 p. in., prayer meeting Thursday evening, Loyalists meet OB Sunday evening, Covenant meeting the last Friday evening In each month, choir practice Saturday evening. Everybody invited, strangers especially welcome. Hrev. L. A. IOUMMIKB. Pastor. B ANCROFT M. K. CHURCH, preaching service each Sunday at 10 :30 a. in. and 8 p. m,, class meeting preceding each service at ringing of second bell, Sunday School at 12 m., Ep•worth League on Tuesday evening, prayer meeting Thursday evening, choir rehearsal Friday evening. Ladle's Aid Society meets Wednesday afternoon. A cordial Invitation is extended to all to attend these services. KKV. A. W. LUCE, Pastor. S T. JOHN'S CATHOLIC CHURCH, regular services : Instruction from 10 to 10 :30 a. m., high mass and sermon from 10 :30 to 12, Holy mass eacli morning in the week at 7 a. m..Mar- ried Ladle's Society meets the first Sunday of every month after the sermon. Young Ladle's Society meets the second Sunday of every month after the sermon, Young Men's Society meets the third Sunday of every mouth after the sermon. Everybody Is invited to attend these services. FATHER A. J. SOIIBMMKL, Pastor. J'ICKISD UP IN THE STREET. The supper at the Baptist church last week netted $20. J. J. Kelly has some of the finest holiday goods in town. C. M. "Wasson of Swea, was down last Saturday to see the city. The infant child of G. O. Austin has been very sick with lung fever. Mrs. II. W. Watkins visited at B. P. Hayden's in Burt township last week. Frank Bronson and wife spent last Sabbath visiting ther parents in Burt township. Wm. Bingsdorf is very low at present and fears are entertained that lie can not last long. The Presbyterians will hold their regular services at 2 o'clock each Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Or. F. Barslou came over from Britt last week and the professor will follow later on. TV. E. Jordan left for Evanston, 111., last Saturday after making an extended business visit. C. B. Ilutchins of Algona has been surveying in these parts lately and was .in town on.Saturday last. The school taught by Miss Adda Da- •-vison in Burt township will give an exhibition early in January. Harry Phelps has the foundation laid for his new residence west of J. C. Stahl's and he will push it rapidly to completion. It was Chas. Farrow and not James Farrow as stated before, that is erecting a fine new barn on his place northeast-of town. Bey. L. O. Sutherland of Livermore, the Sunday school Missionary of the Presbyterian church preached at the school house last Saturday afternoon. W. II. Evans of Grant Park,Illinois, who has been visiting with the families of F. M. Evans and David Nichols for some tiiaexeturned home last Saturday. David Porterfleld of the Traer nursery company, and who is president of the Iowa Horticultural society was in town on business and made a short visit at TV. TV. Wilson's. Miss Lizzie Furstenberg began her first term of school in the Albert district in Bamsay township, last Monday. We predict that this will be a successful school. ., B. N. Bruer and ^yire will go to Cali* forma, in a few weeks and they expect to be accompanied by Rev. A. G.TVard and family as far as Colorado, wherq the latter will go for then; health. George and Fred' Tuthill of Cedar Falls, Iowa ( drove overland from their home to this place and arrived last week, They will visit tljeiy brother E. F. Tuthill who lives west of town. The young man named Casler;who had his hand hurt in the hay press had to submit to the operation of amputation last week, He is reported as doing niqely considering the circumstances. Frank J. Byrne of Des Moines, but formerly of this place became the proud father of a nine pound young lady one week ago Saturday, All are doing well. If Frank cornea up this way we will make him "set em up." The Esthervijle .Presbyterian church celebrated their tenth anniversary last Friday by appropriate exercises. Bev. Williams of this place who was a form. er pastor, wrote a letter which was publicly read, but could not go himself. Bey. Haw Steele, our former popular minister has charge of the Estherville church. Mallory and Hoflua have an ad in this issue that it will pay you to look over. G. 11. Woodworth went to Clear Lak« last Friday to see Mrs. B. Who was a little ill. E. J. Fuller, Bancroft's former popular clerk has been heard from at Kansas City Mo. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Patrick north of town a girl of usual weight. Mother and child are doing well While shoeing a horse one day last week, Joe Bussell had the misfortune to get his big toe broken. Miss Manda Cunningham of Homer Hamilton county is visiting her many relatives and friends in town. John Bude aud wife have moved into W. S. Stahl's new house and Mrs. B. will conduct a dressmaking shop. Did you hear something drop? If so why just remember that the bottom fell out of Sundstrom's prices on holiday gooes. Norman Collar of Barnsey hauled in about 640 hogs last week and this r and received $325 for the same. Some more of northern Iowa's prosperity. 0. L. Harper was called to his home at Spring Valley, Minn., yesterday by the death of his father. He will probably be back the fore part of next week* B. F. Grose went to Irviugton the latter part of last week to visit his mother who was taken sick while visit' ing at Mr. Carter's in the said township. Dr. B. A. Busby was called to Ledyard last Thursday to dress a foot that had been crushed under a roller while moving a building. We learned no names. D. A. Haggard of Algona was in town previous to crying some sales last week. He says he can talk to editors in Bancroft without quoting scripture or being written up by them when he talks politics. S. E. Swanson of Swea ran short of hay for his stock so he went out on the BANCROFT, IOWA. Artistic work guaranteed. Pictures en- arged at reasonable prices. T. M. OSTRANDEK, Veterinary + Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. flas his barn ready for the sick and lame horses, so bring them along. Charges reasonable. Phoenix House, BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management. A. HUM18TON, AUCTIONEER. Will cry sales In any part of the county. 20 years' experience. Satisfaction guaranteed. GALLION BROS. Done anywhere In the County At Bed M Prices, We guarantee— Plenty of Water Or no Pay. $1,000 Address: Can be made in 6 months selling Tuttison'u Attunes, Charts and Wall Maps. Particulars free. H, C TDHISOH, Chicago, His. Is now settled in its newly arranged building in the RICHMOND BLOCK Where we are prepared to treat you In the Best of Style.t* Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passenger tickets to or from the old countries sold at the lowest rates. Has Platform Carpet Rockers at $2.75. New Line of Rattan Chairs. Fancy Rockers, Fine New bed Room Sets. Bought Especially for the Holiday Trade. Center Tables, Pictures, New Style Frames. Plush Upholstered Settees, Parlor Furniture and everything found in a first-class Furniture Store at HoUday Prices. prairie and began cutting hay for them. It is expected that they will receive about as much nourishment as if they were eating rope. Kevival meetings are still continuing at the M. E. church. Rev. Thompson of Corwith was expected to preach last night and tonight. Rev. Black of Al- $5,OOO Reward Offered to any man who" will solve the mystery how Mallory & Hofius sell so much TEA,and sell such CSOOD TEA so cheap. They are also doing an extensive Grocery business. They always keep in stock a full line of Correspondents and References. Metropolitan National Bank, Chicago, Illinois. Citizens' National Bank, Des Moines, Iowa. St. Paul National Bank, St. Paul, Minnesota. Farmers' National Bank, Hudson, New York. Bichard Roosman, Claverack, New York. R. M. RICHMOND, A. B. RICHMOND, President. Cashier. Also in this building will be found the Pioneer Land,Loan gona will be here on Friday and Saturday evenings and will conduct quarterly meeting on the latter date. Some person or persons in Portland township have been committing all sorts of depredations by hiding buggies farm implements and .everything they could lay their hands on, and to cap the climax they sheared the tails of Win. Cooper's horses. It will be made very sultry for these persons iif they are caught. Rev. L. A. Cummins made his farewell address at the Baptist -church last Sunday evening. It was very touching and he-gave the young people,especially, some very good advice.- lie depart ed for Seattle, Wash., yesterday where he will make his future home. His many friends here were sorry to see him go away. The Baptist church is now entirely without a pastor. At the Knights of Pythias election of officers last week Monday the following officers were elected: P. C. C., Sam Mayne; C. C., M. A. Turner; V. C.,R. M.Richmond; Chaplain, H. N. Renfrew; K. of R. & S., A.J.Andrene; Prelate, G. F. Holloway; O. G., P. Rimers; I. G., J. J. Kelly; M. of A.. J. A. Campbell. They will hold installation either the last night in the old year or the first night in the new. The I. O. of G. T. is preparing a literary program which will be given at Ledyard next Monday night. After the literary meeting is over they will organize a Good Templars lodge atthat place, A. A. Sir'ert having secured more than the requisite number of names. About 30 young people expect to go up and Ledyard will get the best entertainment Bancroft can furnish. Ledyard is a live town and needs a good wide awake lodge like the one in Bancroft. The A. F. & A. M. Lodge will hold installation at their new hall, one week from tonight. Dr. Barr of Algona is expected to act as installing officer. Alter the installation the Masons and their friends will partake of a banquet which we presume will be a grand affair. The following are the officers to be installed: W. M., E. S. Streater; S. W., B. F. Crose; J. W., J. H. Merri- fleld; S. D., M. A, Turner; J. D,, A.A. Reynolds; Sr. S., B. D, Sterling; Jr, S., J. C. Stahl; Sec., R. E. Davison; Treas,, J. A. Winkel; Tyler, Nick Arend. What promised to be a lawsuit came before 'Squire Austin one day last week. It seems that an agent of a picture house had an order from O. E. Bliss, and warranted the work and when the delivery agent came to the house last week Mr. B. was not at homo so thw agent left the picture and went on down town and meeting Mr. B. stated that the picture suited Mrs. B., when Mr. B. paid him. But upon his arrival home it was found that the picture was not as represented and consequently Mr. Bliss had the agent arrested and brought before 'Squire Austin for obtaining money under false pretenses. The case was settled by the agent giving back the money aad ingbjpkthe picture while the ' were ©dually, divided . %" ^J2ft« M WI^fLjE«^ffT'r 1 ^sw*^ plainjiff !M:4$|oR<*p*,./ ti, You will find them the best and cheapest place in town to buy anything you want in their line. They have a Large Stock of Holiday Trade ESTABLISHED 881 They have also added to their Large Stock a Feed Store. They carry everything in the line of Flour and Feed 5 Give them a call. Graham, Etc. Free City Delivery. J Don't forget the place. Richmond Bank Block. Mallory & Hofius. A large list of wild lands for sale. Improved farms and village property for sale or rent. Farm loans on longest time and lowest rate of interest. Insurance written in six different companies. Call on or address us. TO CROWEL'S ECONOMY STORE - They Buy for Cash and they Sell for Cash! Hence they cannot he, will not be, and are not Undersold. They have just received a most complete line of Prints, Ginghams, Dress Goods (including Dress Flannels in great variety), Bed Blankets, Hosiery, etc., etc. Also Caps, Gloves and Mittens, Shoes, Overshoes, Knit Boots, German Socks, Woolen Socks, etc. A Magnificent Line of Underwear of All Qualities to fit All Sizes from the Infant to the Giant, and Overshirts as well to suit the Granger or Swell Millinery, Millinery, Millinery. Mrs. Crowell will fit the Ladies neat, quick and cheap in either Hat, Hood or Fascinator and in the Very Latest Style. Remember the Place: -Agent for- avery Bancroft is the Place and are the boys who keep W. D. Jdhnson &> Co.'s GOAL for sale. This coal has no rival in Iowa. It is mined at Boonesboro, Iowa, and we have the exclusive agency at Bancroft. You cannot buy it of any one else in Bancroft. Men from around Burt and Ledyard buy of us. The Seneca Creamery Men say it is worth 50c, a tea more than toe Boone Coal bought from others here. BEST ILLINOIS AND IOWA COAL always on Iwwd tit the new shed, at prices tower ftan ever sold at before to Bancroft. Weigh at Purdy'^ Scales. PAUL & GRAY. »* L i > *» ,1 I! • ' '"• • •' '. ' Call on him and get prices and terms. Ho can suit you in the selection of both wild and improved lands. S. W. Callanan, Bancroft, Phoenix Livery, Feed and Sale Cjjmi * 'I'" 1 jQl The finest turnouts furnished on short notice and at reasonable figures. Give us a trial; we are sure to suit. G. F. HOLLOWAY. If you want the "News" in every sense 0f word, about Bancroft, and want a Co^ty pa* per that is thtfb, est, get the } REPUBLICAN AND NEWS" * 4. M together for the price of one County |$per, that we do Job Work, advertising, getf out flna : it;--

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