The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 9, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1891
Page 8
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THE REPUBLICAN: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DlGEMBM 9, THE OOtJNTY NEWS, Reported by Special Correspondents. TttE RKPUBUCAN publishes more outside news from the country and surrounding towns than all the six other papers published m Kos- »uth County combined. For the Bancroft N KWB see page q. To CottRKSPOM DBNT8 :—All coirespondence for the KEPUBLIOAN should reach this ofllce nof later than Tuesday evening. Please bear this la mind. AVES1VEY. W. P. Giddings 1ms moved into tlic house formerly occupied by M. J. Kelley. Ben Hopkins has returned to Clear Lake where he has a position as telegraph operator. New corn cribs are in process of erection in the north part of town. They belong to Bender Bros. & Co. Wm. Ward one of the pioneers of Wus- ley township, has sold his farm, eight miles northwest of town for $20 per acre. Mr. Ward has been running an eating house in Stilsou for a year past but he will soon move to Garner where he bus rented a hotel. \V. P. biddings has purchased a half interest in the meat market of J. H. Ward and it is understood that he will run the shop while Wr. Ward attends to his hay business. C. I. Euimous is building a two story wagon sliop just south of Dr. Hill's. Thos. Gray is building u large barn on his lois in Colb's addition, lie will not commence liis huusu this winter. E. 1°, bacon's daughter, Katie, teaches near SuuLoru this winter. Catarrh Is a constitutional aiid not a local disease, KSA therefore It cannot bo cured by local applications. It requires a constitutional remedy llko Hood's Sarsaparllla, which, working through tho blood, eradicates the Impurity whieh causes and promotes the disease, and Catarrh effects a permanent cure. Thousands of people testify to the success of Hood's Sarsa- parlllK as n remedy lor catarrh when other preparations had failed. Hood's Sarsaparllla also builds up the whole system, and makes you feel renewed in health and strength. " I used Hood's S.'irsaparllla for catarrh, and received great relief and benefit from It. Tho catnrrli w;is very disagreeable, especially In the winter, causing constant discharge from my nose, ringing noises In my pars, and pains In the back o£ my head. The eirect to clear my head in the morning by hawking and spitting was painful. Hood's Sarsaparilla gave me relief immediately, while in time I was entirely cured. I am never without Hood's Sarsaparilla in my house as 1 think it is worth Us weight in gold." Mits. C. B. CIDB, 1029 Eighth Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. Hood's SapsapariSSa Sold by all druggists. gl; six for?"). Prepared only by C. I. JtOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. BOO Doses One Dollar Thi- ghppo is with us again. A great mauy puopJe in town are and have been jsicli vyitU it, w« bdkvy none of them seriously however. G. A. Louul' who has been visiting friends in VV'hittemore for some time, returned home last Monday. May ilotellitig was compelled to resign her position as teacher lust Thursday and Friday on account of sickness. Old Mr. tlinvou died last Thursday night. He had been sick a long time and suffered ti great deal. The bereaved family have the heartfelt sympathy of their friends in their hour of sorrow. SV.'il.V C. Burgesou is huuliug lumber for a new Charley Pearson of Bancroft is clerking tor Ola OJesou. Geo. Xutt of East Chain Minn, was in Swett Sunday. Chas. llidburg has just completed a large baru. Albert Ogren of Ledyard spent Sunday with friends. Mrs. J. E. Iluydeu is visiting Mrs. Nils Martin at Bancroft. C. A. Erickson and F. M. Bravender are in Algona attending court. Jones & Ellsworth of Iowa Falls has bought Isaac Isaaksous farm at $22 per acre. Miss Annie Richmond is spending her vacation at her home in Armstrong Grove Axel Bergstrom and his father have sold their farm to Isaac Isaackson. Mr. Bergstrom and family will leaves for Chicago shortly. "Mary," said Mrs. Hicks to the new wailress, "what has become of those red wineglasses?" "Oil, mum," replied Mary with a frigh- eaed sob, "the cook's cousin was here Sunday, and he ate 'em all up. lie's the glass cater at the museum." Ledyard Times. ,TAS. JCditor. LEDYARD, IOWA, DEO. 9, 1891. Butter 20O.25 Eggs 18 Oats 18@,22 Corn. ?S<a.80 Hay 7.00@8.00 Flax 77 Wheat 71@.7o Barley 25@85 T.1SDYAKD. K fortliu Complexion. Ro/.odoro, made from a secret French formula, has been in use over one hundred years. "Its whitening properties are marvelous," writes Mrs. S. B. Gookins of Washington, D. C. Removes Tan, Sunburn, Pimples, Freckles, Blackheads, and clears the skin of all impurities. Price 75 cents. Try a bottle. Sent free on receipt of price, in plain wrapper so it cannot be told. Address, The Roxodoro Co., South Bend, Ind. Agents wanted. •\VS\iit, My "H»wi Saysi. "That he was first attracted to me because my compaction was so clear and my breath so sweet and he found out about my breath when—when—when he kissijd me, and now girls I'll tell you how I made my compaction so clear; I took just three bottles of Mailer's Sarsaparilla & Burdock that's all. For sale by Dr. Sheet/.. Miss Bertha Carey was up this way visiting schools last week. Fred Riugsdorf and family visited friends in Bancroft last Saturday. Mrs. Eddy and daughter, Helen, spent the Subbath wilh friends in Algona. Invitations arc out for the marriage of Miss Nellie Fairbauk and Wm. Cooper which takes place next Wednesday at the residence of the brides mother. Mr. Blake recently sold a car load of hogs to C. P. Stowe of Burt. The bridge across the Bullalo at Mr. Mauleys has been undergoing repairs. i-'iiNTON. Johu Butk'r rides around in a new top buggy, which he recently purchased of Mr. Jones of Algoua. It is a tine one. Wm. Dfihnard has the masons at work plastering h'.s house. Fred Dehnard an family moved to Burt Thanksgiving day uud Arthur Moore now occupies the he vacated. E. W. and II. II. Raid visited with their brother Saturday and Mond'ay. Mrs. Silas Wilcox started last Friday for a visit with relatives in Dane county, Wisconsin. F. S. Ranncy went for a short visit in Wisconsin Friday. Wm. Peck started last night for Dane county, Wis., where he will make a short visit at the parental home. Th« O.use of lUi<M-.i«iitIrtin. An acid which exists in sour milk and cider, called lactic acid, is believe!) by physicians to be the cause of rheumatism. Accumulating in the blood, it attacks the librous tissues in the joints, and causes agonixing pains. What is needed is a remedy to neutralize the acid, and to invigorate; the kidneys and liver that all waste will be carried off. Hood's Sarsaparilla is heartility recommended by many whom it has cured of rheumatism. It possesses just the desired qualities, and so thoroughly purities the blood as to prevent occurrence of rheumatic attacks. We suggest a tiial of Hood's Sarsiipnrilla by all who suffer from rheumatism. Ledyard is talking of incorporating in the near future. Mr. Wright has been having a cellar dug under his building. C. A. Ordway has a coal shed under way on his lot north of Calkins'. Fred Kenitz bought 80 acres of land near his home last week, consideration $1000. Mr. Donovan of Elmoro was on our streets with men anxious to buy land last Saturday. F. A. Kenyon sold a half section of land between Ledyard and Algona last Thursday. G. Finch returned .home on Tuesday after an absence of a few days at his old home at Madrid. Ledyard needs a good doctor, a barber, a shoemaker, a druggist and many other useful "commodities." Grannis & Palmer have bought three quarter-sections of land about, five miles west of town, of J. B Jones. Land and home seekers have been numerous the past week, so much so that the hotels have had a thriving business. Some people got struck on the weather last Thursday morning and went to work in earnest, some plowing, some mowing. T. Wroolie arrived on Thursday with his household goods, cattle, horses, etc., and is now comfortably settled in his new home. Carl Nelson informs us he has a good young span of ponies which he will sell cheap for cash or on time to the right parties. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kendall returned from a very enjoyable visit with friends and relatives in southern Minnesota, on Tuesday. Mr. Wrooley of southern Minnesota, bought J. Whitlner's residence in the south part of town and moved in with his family. "The world comes to him who can wait," is an old proverb which Ledyard merchants will do well to ponder for their comfort. We understand that Dunlap Bros, have engaged a book keeper to attend to their books for $1000 per year. Dunlap Bros, have a large business here. Supt. Hughs telegraphed to 0. A. Ordway that he intended to have men on the ground soon to put up stock yards for the accommodation of the public. Mr. Keepers of Whittemore was taking in Ledyard sights last week and said he Clothing. Clothing! -At- J, F, KENDALL'S, Comer Store, Suits for boys from six years old and upwards. Suits to fit and please without reference to"age,size,color or previous condition of servitude." Come and see and be convinced. Overcoats Overcoats Burt Republican H. B. HALXjOOK, Editor. BURT, IOWA, DECEMBER 9,1891. JJUBT HOME NEWS. Hotel First class accommodations for day and week bparders. First class hotel for traveling custom. F. THTJIULE, Proprietor. F§TZ&LONC Real Estate, Loans A, A. Beane, A, M,, M, D, Office and residence one door west Of POST OFFICE. —And— Iowa. Ledyard, -^ . a to th r This space is reserved -FOR— C. Dunlap & Co. corrugated iron. He is also building paper to make it Dealer in all lines of -AT— BED ROCK PRICES. ELMOEE, .-- - MINN. Ledyard Livery, —And— |I|J4,§44||4I4 m , Ill ¥ Bl Ti i'l 1 "It leads then all," is the general reply of druggists when asked about the merit or sales of Hood's Sarsaparilla. AVaterlouii I toots ami Shoi-s. I have just received an invoice of the above make, consisting of Kangaroo, Calf and Dongola Kid, both for ladies' and gentlemen's wear. Having had 25 yeurs experience in the manufacture of boots and shoos I can with confidence nsst;n> my patrons that for quality of material and style of finish these goods huve no superior in our markets. Prices to suit the times.. Jxo. SiiAui 1 . South Dodge St., Algoua. 12 RILEY & YOUNG'S Combination SLAT and WIRE FENCE. It is a tVnci' i'cr (i)icn onuiitiios, for it cannot l>t> Mown ilown. Ills tho u-ncc for low liuul.s. for it c.annol ho washed ,'iwav. It destroys no ground whatever, mid if hi'iiiny lie considered ;'.!! :u!v!inlai!e. it is the neatest iind handsomest farm lenco in I he v.v,rld. In short, u comhines the L'ood qualities of a'l fences in :m eminent deinve, ami as soon as introduced will hecnine. the |io|inlar lenco of the country. It. is hennti- t'ul and durable It is strong and will increase, the price of your farm far more than ;>ny oilier fence. II, \yill last, much longer than any other fence. It is a ureut addition, occupies less ground, excludes less sunshine, lias no superior as a fence. It, ;s stronger than anv other fence and will turn any slot:!; no inall'-r how hrcaehy. It is plainly visible, am! is not dangerous tu Mock lii<t! barb wire. The best horse fence in the world. It will protect, all crops from a hall't-'fown chicken to a wild ox. His the most uniform, aud by comparison of cost much the cheapest. Kept for sale in all parts of Kos.siilh county. Made by Kiley ii i uunj;, Algoua, Iowa. HOW I was pleased with the country round Ledyard and thought he would buy laud near. Mr. Calkins informs us that he has had the promise from parties that they would build and put in a stock of drugs soon. Ledyard is a good opening for a good druggist. Jno. Wolfe sold his farm to Grannis & Palmer last week at §15^ per acre. John's farm was loo small for his ambition. He intends to buy a quarter and go to farming on a larger scale next summer. Miss Laura Flack of Wesley has taken the Brown school in Hebron, for the winter. Wesley seems to have a supply of teachers always. This is now three that has come in our midst the past year from Wesley. The Stauffer boys started for their old home at Wiunebago City, Minnesota, to spend the winter, on Wednesday last. They did not forget to stop and leave a year's subscription for the REPUBLICAN before pulling out. Morrison Fit/., a brother of our land ageiat, in company with Messrs Coonau and Wilson of Manson, Iowa, was in Ledyard a few days last week visiting friends and while here each purchased a cjuartcr section of land. At the reorganization of the Sunday school one week ago last Sunday, the following officers were elected: Superintendent, J. F. llendall; secretary, Annie Beckuiun; assistant secretary, Annie Dunlap; treasurer, C. A. Ordway; librarian, Ethel llesor; assistant librarian, Bessie Wright; organist, Mrs. Ben Kendall; assistant organist, Mrs. Ordvvaj'. Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jenks, Iowa. Ledyard, - We carry a full line of S^SSUlnery CSoods, Hat Feathers, Ribbons, Laces, etc. We offer Special Sales njitil after Holidays. We arc ready to Please tbe Puilic, A. E. Kegley. LESLIE, S. J. O'Neill haa hts honao enclosed. Will Easterly left Friday for a visit at Mount Vernon. C. E. Mallory of Bancroft was on our streets Monday. Miss Grace Sigsby is visiting under the parental roof. Rev. Forsythe is holding meetings at Buffalo this week. Geo. E. Marble has his store building raised and nearly enclosed. Sweet William Heathershaw ia in the employ of our bloody butcher. II. 0. Buell and wife expect to start for Florida about the first of the year. C. P. Stow has been unabls so far to secure a teacher for the Burt school. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Cady and Jas. Markel were visitors at the hub Friday. Mrs. J. H. Graham returned Thursday last from her visit at Bancroft and Harvey wears a more agreeable smile. Revival meetings are to commence the 20th of this month at the Presbyterian church. It will probably be a union revival. G. B. Whitney is sheeting his hardware store with putting on warmer. A birthday party at Wm. Shanor's on honor of Earl Shanor, was attended by a crowd of small young folks from Burt. Col. Spencer, of Algona, is building a good sized hay barn northeast of Wm. Stickler's barn near the railroad track. Tally one more good building for Burt. Tom Little the forepart of this week put on the first coat of plaster in the living rooms above Cady & Hallock's store. He is now at work finishing Elmer Hodgsons house. S. Teorey, watch maker and jeweler, has taken his stand in Cady & Hallock's store and is prepared to do all kinds of work in his line. Mr. Teorey invites you to bring your work to him and he will do it in first class manner. During the last few months a harness shop, boot and shoe shop, photograph gallery and jewelry store have been added to the business houses of our lively little burg. But wait, we forgot, there is the B.B. B, Burt Brass Band, which must not be forgot, As we are getting off our budget of news Irvin Casler came to town after Dr. Beane to attend his brother who met with a sad accident, getting his hand caught in the power of a hay press while at work at Win.. Stockwells. His hand was badly crushed but at this writing we are unable to learn whether it had to be amputated. All persons indebted to me on book account please call and settle this month. My accounts must be settled up by Jan. 1, •93. G. B. WHITNEY Buckwheat flour, 4 cents per lb. at CAUY & HALLOCK'S. We have added t« our stock a line of Come in aud inspect them whether you buy or not, Also remember in ^GROCERIES-*- The quality of our goods will be maintained as in tho past. Come in and see us in Our New Quarters And we will try and merit at least a share of your trade. CADY & HILLOCK'S, Cash Grocery. Bnrt has a Furniture Store. Buy your furniture of W. M. Cook. good stock and reasonable prices, Geo. E. Marble SELLS 1 lb. package coffee $ 23 7Ibs. oat meal... 25 1 package large sized yeast 6 1 package small sized yeast 3 1 lb. California peaches 10 1 box leuox soap 4 00 1 package soda 7 1 lb. plug tobacco 25 25 ozs. baking powder 25 1 can tomatoes 10 1 ql. cranberries 10 "We Sell the G-oods and we can quote Prices that would astonish penny concerns. The German School has opened and anyone desiring to join can still have the opportunity. Term fees very low. The hours of instruction are Tuesday and Friday evenings at Y o'clock. KEV. H. H. SOIIWEITEET. Lenox soap cheap by the Cash Store. box at the Winter apples 90 cents per bushel at the grocery firm of CADY & HALLOCK'S. Vermont Maple Syrup at CADY & HALLOCK'S. J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt. BURT, IOWA. Chnlly—Did you heah about poor deah Cecil? The poor boy is at the point of dwell). Reginald—Why, no. Whuteveh is the mullah ? Cholly—His beastly cad of a furnisher actully twied to sejl him a ready made tie. J2nterprl»iag 1'oung Man: Traa & Co. instructed and-btartQd mo. I worked steadily and mado monuy t'nutor thuu I expectod to. 1 beciuuo nbla to buy an island and build u email summer hotel. If I don't succeed at that, I will go to work again at tho business in which I wade my money. True «fc *;<>.: Shall wo Instruct ;iud start you roudur? Jf we do, aud if you work industriously, you wilt iu duo timo be ablo to buy an island and build u hotol, if you wish to. Aiuuey can bu o&riiad at uur^ucw liuo of work, rap idly ttud honorably, by 'those of either HOX, young ur old, nod iu thoir own IncitUUos, wherever they live. Any on$ CUM do tho work. Easy toloarri. \Vofurnish oveiylhiiifj. No rink. You can devotoy< ir spare moments, or all yourliuia to the work. This entirely now lead brings wonderful Success to every worker. Beginners are earning from $35 to SoO per week aud upwards, and more after a little experience. We can furnish you the eiivploymeut—wo tuach you JFK 131£. 'l'U10is an ago of marvelous things, and here is another yi eat, UBftf,ul. xyouUh'gSvhig wonder. Great galua will reward every industrious worker. Wherever you are, and whaUn ur yon me doing, you want,to know about thU wonderful work at once. Delay means touch money lost to you. Nfl RP e will ma "O! how I dread to see my hair turning gray." is a remark made "by so many Indies. If tbey only knew thiit 75 cents invested in one bottle of Heggs' Hair Henuwer would cot only check it at once, but give it a luxurious and glossy appearance, we know that they would not hesitate to buy. Wo guarantee every bottle. Sold by P. W. Dingley. Actor—I have worked hard to please the people. I have tried everything in the business, but they won't be pleased. Manage—Have you tried going out of the business? Pays Taxes and Leases Land for Non-Residents, also -DEALER IN- -AND- She—I thought I married the best man in town, but I find I made a mistake He—I thought I married the best little girl in town, and I find that I was not mistaken She—forgive me, Charlie—you Know that I don't always mesa what I say He(soUo Voij^-rjfeitf^r do I, Wm. Leslie Ledyard, Iowa ARE YOU A WOMAN WI10 1IAS NOT SKBN A COP* OF ARTHUR'S NEW HOME MAGAZUJE ot Philadelphia 1 .' "Ttie best aud cheapest lllus ttated monthly ever published in the Kuglisb language." i .coo pages toi? $l.w. BIX SHOKT STOEIES AUD SPLENDID articles by best writers on all suWwsts of later est 0 women. Tliree months tm U y°M ta*# i aow Do you want to buy Arbuckles und Jersey coffee for... .$ 23 Yeast foam aud Royal 3 Fancy evaponited n'ppricots 13 16 Ibs. evaporated blackberries 1 00 13 Ibs. finest muscatel raisins 1 00 4 cans blackberries 25 3 lb. can of good table peaches 15 3 cans of ctoico salmon 25 3 cans of fall weight lye 25 And all Jthor goods as low as any firm, dare sell them. It' so call and see us. Truly Yours. NICHOLSON & BUELL. Good farms for sale.. On account of room we will close out .ur present stock of MILLINERY at ;ost. We have some good baigains which it will pay you to see. Allen & Wolcott. I have opened up a Boot and Shoe Repair Shop —In— SHOP. And am prepared to do all tynds of repairing in neat and workmaulUe manner, 3ive rue a call. JAS. MAKKEL. NEW HARNESS SHOP. I have opened up a harass shop above McDonald's hardware a^ will make first class harness to ordf- Also do all kinds of repairing. Wil/ a)so keep on hand a good line of i,ElC. Give me \ call. 0, L. OSTiANBEE, "Vlien in town call on i I Whitney and see his new line of HEATING STOVES t • Remember he always has on land a full line of Shelf and Heavy Hardware. STOP -AT THE- HOTEL! I. L. IAYHEW, Proprietor, Good Accommodations. Livery and/. Feed Stable in connection with, hotel. /D. L. Dowo PLOWS, When you need anything In Plows call on tlie new Firm Qf

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