The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 9, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1891
Page 5
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genuine Coming-, an Extra ordinary lino Mnsi- cal Attraction. AugustaOhrstrom Saturday, December 12th, the people of Algeria will have an opportunity to listen to as fine a musical entertainment as was ever given in the city. We have reference to Augusta Ohrs- tromand her company of American Artists that appear at the Court House under the auspices of the K. P. lodge. The entertainment consists of a select number of popular and lyric music, and scenes from Carmen, also the prison scene from Verdis, immortal TuTravator and the third act from the Bohemian;,girl."; all in costume lAVith complete stage business set. The company comes with the very best press recommendations from j;every place tliey have"*vis"ift. ; c I '," '"asl/me""6t i ' tfie"very best musical companies traveling. :?.•& P_MjssjOhrstro]n iierseif^ Js aii^nrtist who has'iAvon renown and fame all over Europe, and in an incomparable short time has made herself a great reputation in America. :.- She appeared during her Jirst visit here two years ago in fifteen of the leading musical festivals in the east, and was the only soloist with the Boston Symphony Orchestral club during the season of '89 and '90, and was really tlie great hit of this popular company. Her voice is remarkably sweet and sympathetic and she sings with wonderful feeling. She is all over Europe! recognized as the best interpreter of. Gricgs music, and in the rendition of popular English ballads, she is claimed to have few equals, if any. She h;is sung in the leading role in TuTravator Carmen, Der Freeshuta, Faust and other operas. Mr. Balfe, the American basso, is also by all claimed to be America's greatest Basao Cantante. Tie has a remarkably powerful voice, even and of unusual compass, extending from D flat below to B Hat above. Mr. Balfe has made a great reputation in London, where lie has sung in nearly all of the leading amusement places, and was once congratulated by the Prince of Wales, before an audience in* St. James Ilau London. Mr. Abdill the tenor with the company was formerly with Emma Abbott, one of her leading tenors, is a line singer. The pianist of the company, Miss "Watson, is not only a line player, but one of the handsomest ladies on the American stage. The entertainment as a whole promises to be of really unusual merit, and the management guarantees that the company will be in every respect as represented, presmitiug to tlie public a highly pleasing and refined entertainment. WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC, atoms WAGONS. We notice that Jones (he who pays the freight) is securing another large invoice of the celebrated A.. A. Cooper, wagons. Jones hns sold this make of wngons for twenty years, which speaks well for their popularity. 2 tf If you want, the best, Baling Press in the world,write Collins Plow Co.,Quinoy, Illinois, for catalogue and prices. 7tf I have a ff5w full hlooded black Lang Bhang cockerels for sale, $1.00 each. 8tf F. M. TATi.on. FOUND—One key ring containing three keys, one being a Yale lock key. Found in front of E. N. Weaver's place by F. W. Longley. Holiday Kxc.uHlmiH. For the Christmas nnd New Year Holidays excursio_n tickets will be sold to stations within a distance of 200 miles at fi fnre nnd a third for the round trip, by the C. M. & St. P. railway. iSlontt Suslics Of nil sizes for sale by J. II. Queal & Co. 7 10 A. 'EUICKSON, Agent. Office rooms to rent, inquire ot 7t.f J. B. WINKEI. TlTnWetavcaslorefiillolNovelliesl'ortteHolidaya. M WE HAVE THE LARGEST JUNE 0<F Handkerchiefs and Mufflers Cloaks and Jackets way down in Price. Boots and Slioes we lead in quality and prices. Clothing-just get our prices before you buy, GEO. L. G-ALBRAITH & CO. a _ v-^_—-^r;i-**iT —.— ..- ~— JSffi'--'.- -~^y. -f- Full blooded Berkshire, boar pigs for sale—old enough for servic'. 1 . Also have a number of line shoats for pale. 7tf A. W. SIOSBV. Bfltita Claim headquarters in the basement under our store. GEO. L. GAT/imAiTii &Co. You mn.y cough and cough find cough and cough and council but you will not, if you take De Witt's Couirh and Consumption Cure. Dr. L. A. Sbeetz. Manager—Colonel, your distillery is on fire Col Bourbon—Then let her burn. I never watered my whisky yet, nnd I ain't going to begin now. Our experience covers many ills, many pills and many bills. Our ills nre smaller our pills are smaller and our bills are smaller when we use Dn Witts Little Early Risers. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Harry, will you bring me up some disinfectant tin's evening when you come home? Husband (with unquestioned obedi- ence)—ITow much, dear? Wife—About n car load, Harry. I want, to disinfect smoking lately. those cigars you are "A n honest pill is the noblest work of the apothecary." De Witt's Little Early Risers cure constipation, bilionsness and sick hc&diiche. Dr. L. A. Sheetz. *zL "XX This space is reserved for Dr L. K. Gal-field, who will sell U any bicycle not represented by X CROCKERY FLOUR V\ iVgts. in Algoini, Address : (''tin bo made in n montlis so!!ini; Tiinitmn's A tltw- OB, Clinrtu mill WnlJ Maim. Particulars £reo. H. C TDH1SOH, Cliicago, ills. Get your visiting cards the REPUBLICAN office. at Reduced Prices in Until Special reduction on felt hats, trimmed liats, etc. A large stock of remnants in silks, satins and plushes to be closed out before Xmas. Matson, McCall & Co, Sell all of the above and sell cheap. SOME BARGAINS IN CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE. i j -?' ,1 G&LL STREET, ALG-ONA, IOWH. Winter Sailings at Bargain Prices. THE ALGONA STATE BANK, I am handling the justly celebrated A trial convinces t?lu; most skeptical. Onrrfnllv prepared. pU-nsnnt. to the tnste, De Witt's Cough nnd Consumption Cure is a valuable remcrlv. Tin; Ki.-st Ant.lii>r!lU>H, Such as Dr. Dio Lewis, Prof. Gross, and others, agree that catarrh is riot a local but a consiitulitiniil disease. It therefore requires a constitutional remedy like Hood's SarKap;ivillsi,J?whic,h effectually and permanently cures catarrh. Thousands-praise it. Hood's Pills cure liver ills, jaundice, biliousness, Kick headache, constipation and all troubles of the digestive organs. Qus Snobberly, whose income is not quite as extensive as that of Vanclerbilt's got a large ink spot, on his coot. He asked a friend bow the slain could be removed. "You can get p. chemical preparation for twenty live cc-uts. Just soak the spot •with it and it will come out." "I guess I had better soak the whole coat. I can get four dollars by soaking the coat." Joblots—There is one thine; about heaven that I shall like immensely. Dr. Thirdly—What is that? Joblots—It won't be closed on Sunday. You don't want a torpid liver. Y r ou don't wtmt n had complexion. You don't want a bad breath. You don't want a headache. Then use 1> Witt's Little Earlv Risers, the famous lit^.e pills. Dr. L. A, Sheetz. Asa preyentalive and cure for croup, Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has no rival. It is, in fact, the only remedy that can always be depended upon and that is pleasant and safe to take. There is not the least danger in giving it to children, as it contains no injurious substance. For sale at 50 cents per bottle by Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Tlie S\-aii«£ KiiiTc will be open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, afternoon and evening. The management insure good order. L/.DEN00KF & PlyUMLEY. Which have 110 equal in Economy and Durability. J Lumi » F* « A. D. CLAIfeKK, CHAS. CHUBB, Vicc-President. CHAS.. C. ST. CL,MR, Uasliier. DIRECTORS—A. D. Clnrko, C. C. Chubb, Myron Sehenek. Thos, F. Coqke, "~~" W. C. Tyrrell, Geo. Galbraith. Chas.- C. St: Glair. to Loan at Reasonable Rates and General Banking Business Transacted Exchange bought and sold in all parts of this country a»d Europe. Special attention given to Collections. Ambrose A. Call, I>. President. II. HutcMns,. Vice-President; J. C. Blackford, '•'•(•>. Money always on rst-clnss security. hand to loau at reivsrxi>al)le rates tci parties who <:an fu Directors—AinbroKe A. Call, D. H. liutchins, J; C.. Klackftvrrt, Win. K. Ferguson C. K. Hutcliiiis. Philip £><irwt!ilcr, A. B. Clarke. ' Ml.Z'.. GROVE. Sue the fine line of handkerchiefs and mufllers at Galbraith's Biggest assortment of? ladies' shawls— way down in price, at Galbraith's. Large stock braith's. of men's neckties at Gal- Pnr Christmas toys see the large assortment in our basement. GEO. L. GAMinAmt & Co. Tom De Witt—These trousers hold their shapo wpll, Schneider. Schneider— It's all in the making sir. Tom De Witt— I thoiight so. You see, they bagged at the knees the first day I wore them, arid they've kept the same shape ever since. Colic, DJarihoea, Dysentery and all kindred complaints are dangerous if allowed to run any length of time. 80 it is the duty of all parents to keep a medicine on hand at all times that will effect a positive and permanent cure. Beggs' Diaryhpea J^l&am. i§ guaranteed to do i^PMi » nd warranted .by c F.;;'t ~'' ''"'''' ' If you want anything line get our prices. GEO. L. in the clothing &JCo. . ^invented*' that;. will flio^.a I'-ll&nidrga'.' iEefet. liife: i jip. 4ir, .','" Ilat«s for the Holldapii. On December 24th, 25th and 81st, 1891, and January 1st, 1893, the Chicago & North-Western railway company will sell excursion tickets at very reasonable rates. For tickets and further information apply to agents 0. & N. W. B'y- $S$Si812 HKAll YE! UK Ait VE! All persons knowing themselves indebted to me are hereby notified that they must call and settle either by cash or bankable note before the 1st of January or it will be put into the binds of a lawyer for collection. G. M. HOWABD. Old papers to put under your carpet at the BErUBLICAN ofttcp. LIVERY, FEED AND SALE STA'BLS. Best of Horses and West of ThoriiiKton Mouse. . v 2. GROVE; rovftfl Lj«ia;s,,fi'oiii, one tv ten 3 privilege'' of imyiiiif'tue 1 -whole <tt fttiyrtfine w ; h;eii ;ii<tei'^f&'falls LOANS. W«can now make loans on Improved year's UDIH and give tlie borrower the loan or any ptirt thereof in even $1*9 ttt any; _ due. This is Iowa Money, and; no secoiidjMinortgjiKB op taken. This plan of imikiiig aloa.ii will eiiaWo tJiis -Inij (luce Ills inorijjiivre at any tiine'iUMl save tlie' Interest oii piiul. Jloimy I'urnished at once on perfeet-'tltle. Hall 01 . tln re- unt H. HOXIE,: A;i£0»uV Have Your Magazines them J .o the REPUBLICAN Book Binding of All Kinds done Very Lowest Prices. Gome in and ge j-» " ...:..-.'«•'i r~ figures. ..:,•; .:. ,:, ' V: oi THE Wffi PIAHO CO. Society's Work. ^^jOSwaBds it§ res and the immediate aj - pUcation of Haller's Barb Wire^Jjf^J9J]9p i, which expericDce • bjas-tb'oiMn ;'ialhe best PUIJtIC SALK. -..Undersigned will-eeJlAt /public auciiop ati)bjft r .pj.acelu- German tpwhshlp, ^3 mites north and 1 mile east of Wesley, ,pn mi- day, December 18, at 10 a.'m., llie'fdlloW- ing described property: }3 head of horses 1 span Qf.mears, .'5 'and 12 years pjd; 1 's^afi mSretf/ryefftra 1 oid; : f f Spatt'Miles |4 and 5 years old; 1 stall ion .(.BlackrPriace) 6 years old, one-half Norm'anrand l,one- ihatfcMoi'KiuJV. 4 iodltsjl:year-ftldi 3, iprinig- colts; 83 head cuttle, 15 cows, 5 2. y«af% pld ,U.ejif/Br8, •§ yeajrUpg eteers, 8 yfiftrurtg, heifers, 6 calves, ohe : hftlf' blood Uurb.aW, bull 8 years old; 17 shoatsi* Set 'work, harness, 1 single ha.rpess, single bugg; ', ,' lumber wagoo, ,p ; p'd 'sleds, Deering set binder run two seasbfie; •Champion 6-foo ;cut mower, bo^setateiia foot. ,,A.otoe rake;; jdieo-ihamwv! John iiDe^j!f i «ultyj ' -«•----• broad-cast, drag, set black e fanning Btill,;A.ultipawiuT»ylor thresbii g .. ., It is reported tbat.if: i^^'Wff everyone buy flEW YORK. 1st— The qtmo'st care ihatja-given in selecting and buying none but the best of materials. ' " V sa-r-lThe be^t of wpfUmft^slup ia all their brancjiea. Sd-fBiy '.'thei cQfiatfipjJitioji And practical use of. ^Ue n^ost important im prove^nts wftde. .- , . s, , In thi^manner we effect the most; obtainable jreflHdMRiregard ,j;p -quality and durability; Our instruments hive a :rich volume of tone, pure a,ad : of . , , i 'r ,- -.0*"! fey i W*^ *° d ; ouUiae/ tbiii avoiding ; 'the: ' ,^'^^^ i: ' ! ; ; :" r: ; i :;, ; .';;v: :7 ' <v , r - : '•'•'•'! " : '"' ^m^d toge^er Uke a; ;4dbr,,;- ^ tWre| 0 re ; bound ' '' "' ' '"' ''''" i:, flur patfi Our patent e! rfjiie patent repcfttiiog action is Ufgbly appreciate^ byi , '' ' ' ' ' The ! ny^, o»l^ used in ot^ir ^Uaos,- is the most d t eytep ihvepted; the tuning pito ; 'B9inrg iosefted ^only ' " Bisseirs ;, ^•••••M^nMBKIMi^^NfmF { ] Furniture I II KV J'" Carpet Sweeper i I:.'.-.!; "r i i > „•!' u JK Qiieeen o| •!•>.;:! i! .11 ,ii , ijobb.vifV- Jo') -1 'J *& '-> odd" V, dJ ; Jwill ma|^ A P^ 81 ^® aQ y ai« ji eu lyd

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