The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 9, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1891
Page 4
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THE KBPUBLIOAN : ALGOJNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 0, 1891. and DEMURE OfllOAGO, MILWAUKEE AN'B WBST. •-.; o. o, o... 6(;02 ft tft ** lnS« e ! r .:v:::::r;;fe;;m^ ^ar'^"'-.-.-..^-.-.-.:.-.-:.-. 1 ^^ OOINO BAST. No. 2 passenger 10:24 am No™ 4 passenger,,, ., 0:30 p. m no way fr«ignt iirfreteiitv; 5 OOINO NORTH AND WEST. freight accommodation 8 :18 a m Chicago Mail and Express :•••••,• 3 :34 P m oditfci sdtrra Atfo KAST. • v Freight accoinmotliiti on fi :07 r> m Chicago Mail ami Express 2 :3i p m Chicago 'passenger reaches l>eai-Moinesi at 7 p. in., Uhinano»':fi(V a. ni., and Kansas City 9 :30 a, in. -'Tickets fnr sale to. nil points In the Jnited States and Canada, ALGONA REPUBLIC AN ALGOKA, IOWA, DEO. 9,1891. PROFESSIONALS BUSINESS DIRECTORY. KOSSUTH COUNTY MARKETS, AI.GONA MARKETS. 22 Corn .18 Oats Eggs Cattle. $0.00 @ $0.00 Wheat... .72 @ .74 Flax ..... .70® .75 .26 Butter 22 Hogs .... .. 8.00 Barley.... 80 Timothy.; 80 Oats $ .22 Eggs 20 Cattle 0.00 Flax 70 Hay 5.00 Potatoes 20 Corn ..' 25 Butter 25 Hogs .8.20 @ 8.80 Barley 25 Wheat 70 Timothy 6.00 R. .T. DANSON. . C. DANSON. DANSON BROS., A TTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Office Ov«r, fomstock's. >!!VKY AT-I.AW, Algona, Iowa. '•', ilie, liaUn-aith block, Of- E. V. SWETTING. r'iitf tt'Y-AT-T.AW, Algona. Iowa. Money to loan. A W. B. QUARTON, TTOHNKV AT LAW, Olliee OVP.I- Kossuth County liatik. JAS. BARE, M. D., L. K. GrARFIELD, M. D., P HYSICIAN and STTWUHON. Office next door to Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. W. K. it. MOKSK. •'• "• MORSE & PRIDE. ""' ALQONA, IOWA. G. T. WEST, M. D, P HYSICIAN ard SUKCEOJS'. Algona, Iowa, Office -at residence. DR. L A. SHEETZ, .Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions tilled. Deals In paints, oils, hooks, ppi-fiimeries, etc. Corner of State and ThoriiiKton streets AlKOiia.Iowa. CHJR CRUMBING LIST. The REPUBLICAN and any one of the journals named below will be sent to any address for one year at the following reduced rates: NEWSPAPERS. Des Molnes Keglster 8200 Iowa Capital 2 00 Sioux Citv Journal 2 :w Keolnilt (Sate City 2 30 MiirsliiilHowu Times-Republican 2 05 Omaha Hoe 235 Chicago Journal 2 30 Chicago Tnrrr-Oeean 2 25 National Trlhune 2 40 Duliiimte Times l i'5 Now York 1'rcss 2 00 MAGAZINES AND HOME JOURNALS. Harper's Weekly •* ~5 " Itazar •* 75 ne 4 B5 People 3 05 Godev's Lady's Book 3 05 Demorcst's Magazine Linplncott's Ma«ax.iue Scientific American American Kconomlst Home Market Bulletin Housekeeper T. J. FELLING, M. D. HYSTCTAXand SUK'IKON. Consultation in Enallsh and Gi'i-mim onicn and resi- Goeluh'ssioi-f. Whittemore. Iowa. P dence over B, B. Sayers.D.V. M., Veterinary Physician i Surgeon ES"~<~>fl'Wi w( ' st Alcona>i)wa. UOtsl'l'l ' \\. House, Estate DANSON £ HUTCHISON O(8ttP.i){fti"kr>S'"i 1 ''' •'•' i >ty ink. Also do u loan and iusurmu-.r :>.•>i 1 n.'.-,s. C. B. MATSON, 3 nr> 4 or> 4 »5 2 55 1 75 M IB Review oil Kcviews 3 no Housekeepers Weekly 225 FAUM AND STOCK JOURNALS Towa Homestead 2 40 Prairie Farmer 225 The American fanner 1 T(i Western Kiu-jil 285 Orange Judd Farmer • 225 The Breeder's Guide and 1'raclical 1<armor t 7S Hiiriil Life, 225 GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN PUBLICATIONS Amerlka 2 40 Sveii.sKa 'Irlbnnen— S HJ Towa Zritunn 255 .SvilMoil witll premium 2 155 Skandinaven with premium 305 TEACHERS JOUKNALS Teachers World Ttie Educator Iowa .Normal Monthly Educational Gazette. 1 no t 75 2 25 2 00 These rates are given for a limited period and will be subject to revision from time to time. Subscribe now. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. Real Estate ^ol: Farm Loans in regard to l,>nds . write fit the , • . ' 'STOKE. In North- ...,i4ate and Abstract Office •n: GEO. C. CALL, :.UONA, - IOWA. & CO. ABSTRACTS. \/ F, L. SLAQLE,., '\ ^ -Mi'imifactnrer of ami dealer iii Harness and Harness Goods, „ ,..,, •:-...;„. ... -AUJONA. IOWA. Do you want an auctioneer? ; f- : : ( D.A. HAGGARD ; *~-~"Wlij cry city and farm property, make col-' lections, etc. All business of a private natiaje Strictly confidential. Ortioe \N ith l f .M, 'Taylor. E. G. BOWYER, .. DEALER IN c WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, -•All kinds of Silverware. ; , [•.,.,, Impairing a specialty. Arthur Tellier spent Sunday in llum- boldt. Foss. the tailor, was in Clear lake Monday on business. Henry Winkle has employed a new tinner from Belmond. It is reported that Garner is having a time with the grippe. The president's message will be delivered to congress this afternoon. S. M. Ferris of Burt £was in town Saturday and made the EICVUULICAN a pleasant call. Henry Mathison, tinner at G. M- Iloward's hardware, started for Norway yesterday. Mrs. Hev. Davidson and children have recovered from th^ ' sickness reported last week. The Baas school, in 'tVhitlernore township, opened Monday, with Miss Stella Brooks as teacher. Miss Grace Adams returned last Saturday after spending the two weeks ..vacation with a sister at Walnut. 1 There will be an oyster supper at the residence of P. W. Sarchett, in Union township, viext Friday evening. All are cordially invited. Frank Runney and sister, Mrs. Wilcox, were called by telegram late last week to the bedside of their sick father at.Deansville, Wisconsin, Mrs.'A. Brooks,-who has been visiting in Plattsville,'Wisconsin, with a sister, Mrs. Iluyke, and niece, Mrs. S. W. Treber^^turned last Friday^ .>..JS. J. Gilmore has ; ftdded a: Bowser rneasuring. oil tankjVto his fixtures in .his ; : grocery v W. F^ ; Carter has the only other, tank of the kind jh town. •Giimore ctispqsed of' fifteen barrels of ' ' " lion. J. G. Smith has been sick for the past week. A heavy snow fall took place ih ceft» tral Iowa last Sunday. Thos. Gannon of Bancroft, was ft capital caller last Saturday 1 . Grove Bros, have placed a city water hydrant in their livery stable. Mr. and Mrs, Geo. A. Fisher rejoice over a baby girl, born Saturday. Mrs. Ward has gone to Council Bluffs to spend the winter with her sons, Milt and Burt. Licensed to marry. Wm. J. Cooper and Nellie Fairbanks, T. M. Clarke and Clara Ilallett. We are prepared to print laundry lists on either silk or satin for the ladies, at very low prices. Mrs. Iledrick and daughter Annabel started Sunday night for Florida, where they will spend the winter. There will be a dance at the Court House hall Christmas night. All are invited to attend and participate. Mrs. F. II. Vesper returned from a visit with a sister at Lyons., last week. Her mother returned with her for an extended visit. D. A. Buell writes from DeLand, Florida, that they have just moved there from Glenwood. lie says the thermometer registers 60° and the people think it quite cold weather. Bill Nye fell out of the back door of a Mississippi opera house last week falling a distance of over fifteen feet and nearly breaking his humorous neck. lie will probably tell about the fall in some one of his future letters. Miss Ella Chaffee and brother, Wm. arrived Friday evening. Miss Chaffee will assume her duties as instructor in the, Northern Iowa Normal school, of which her brother, F. M., is principal The other brother will enter the schoo as a student. Little Dennis Gceders brought down some big game with his air gun last Monday. He was down in the woods south of town with hi^ uncle, Theodore Gceders, and *accidentally discharge* his air gun, the bullet lodging in the ileshy part of his uncle's thigh. Dr Ban- had to use a knife to get the shot The air gun is a rather dangerous play thing. J. G. Ludwig and brothers will open a general store, at Irviugton. The were in Algona Monday and haule away the lumber for their new build ing. The people of Irvington are in need of a good general store and w trust this new firm will give them one Warren Bates has the contract for th building and commenced operation yesterday morning. In this connection we are pleased to state that Messrs J II. Queal & Co. furnised the lumbe for tlie building. Messrs J. L. Rice and J. W. ITav of Iowa Falls, have purchased theab stract books of A. D. Clarke & Co., C M. Doxsee and W. II. Nycum. Tlie will commence business about Januar 1st. With the exception of the books belonging to Jones & Smith they will own every set of abstract books in Clarke & Co. will turn exclusively to real es- Doxsee will probably lie has not yet determined upon a new location. Tlie annual meeting of the American Bible society in Kossuth county was held by a union service at the M. B. church last Sunday evening. Rev. R. W. Hughes, the Iowa superintendent, made a very earnest plea for the society which has been in existance since 181(5. A collection was taken amounting to a little over $15 which was donated to There will be an election of the ifficers of Algona Grange a week from Sattiraday at 1 p.«m. Christmas Is cofcoirifc. Head Gal* tfftith'a advertisement and you will know where to go in seaich of presents. Preserve your magazines by having ,hem bound. Come to the REFUMLJ- JAN office and get our figures on book )inding. The Ladies' Aid society of the M. E. church will meet with Mrs. J. F. Gilmore to-morrow afternoon. Supper at 6:30 to which all are invited. Two small lads knocked the bung out of a barrel of boiled cider, back of Barter's grocery, and confiscated the contents on the ground, one day the past week. Miss Agnes Randall, instructor in vocal and instrumental music in the Normal school, will render several hoice numbers in music at the program given by the Young Women's Foreign Missionary society at Court House hull next Tuesday evening. The sociable last Friday evening at A. P. Hall's for the benefit of the reading room was not a success financially the attendance being small*- We trust the next sociable for this purpose will be largely attended and the ladies encouraged in their efforts to give the people of Algona a good reading room. It is seldom that a really meritorious opera comes to Algona. The Augusta Ohrstrom company should have a full house next Saturday evening. They compare favorably with any one of the best companies on £he road and have received some very flattering notices from the press of the large cities. We are forced to admit that our contemporary down the street has got a great joke on us. We made arrangements with a Chicago lithograph house a few weeks ago for pictures to be given as premiums to subscribers of the REPUBLICAN. The house furnished us with a list of suitable lithographs and we have been advertizing the full list in the REPUBLICAN. Among the lithographs is a "family record for colored people" with space for parents and ten children. Now Link Singleton is tho only "colored people" in the Algona. A. D. their attention tate and Mr. leave the city. Hotel and Restaurant. ftv ,/. HALL, Proprietor, *""' ' ' '• State Street, Algona. Lodging and meals. Board l>v the day or week. Terms §1 per day, per week with Ijaaifshcd i;pom, §2.50 per week for day board. Wind Mill, Peed Grinder. Can be "attached to any wind mill. Farmers can do their own grinding. Matt Richardson w^ll, sho.w you bow it works. y ' *• ?•'.: Jos. IIcoi & BHQS., MATT RICHARDSON, Qen'l Agents. Agent, Algona, Iowa. lossttin County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA, r,. i Capital, - $50,000. er general laws of Iowa,, Mcalrecl, money loaned, Joj-ejga au.4 xebance boujclH and sold. Collections " aud a general banking business It is probable that one of the business men of tliis city is a loser to tlie extent of $1QO by.thejibsconding of the W f st Bend cashier; He'accepted a draft for S^OOj fi-om.the.b;itJk,which'Was,protest- ed. We withhold his name by request. Ilev. Davidson will preach a sermon on gambling next Sunday evening. Tlie sermon .was announced for last Sunday evening but Rev. Davidson was unable to fill the pulpit on account of sickness in hjs family. ; h' ;"i,7 Do not fail fejj'l\plp ;a^^od ^iqiu^jby attending;the prpgrajii -:g}vprj ;:by ;$ho ! .Young,Woman's Foreign 'Missionary society of Algona, at Court House ha|l next Tuesd'ay ^yening'. The^ ladies will appear in the costumes of t^e countries they represent. D. A. Anderson, for the past three months carriage, jpainter at F. Nicou-f lin's factory,' has returned : $ Sheldon' to wbrk for a ; 'former empj^er. Wie a^9 sorry tq jl°?£; ^ r - -^^SJ^Ifi" 1 froija our circle of young j^pje, |g$;,?bespea}£ for him a merited t regular election of evening. Following is the litt? C. C r , VTwB.-H; MOEH^ Vi; CM CJ, )'f , Juo. O. Smith, J. ' B.toUh.f.W. ., /-I , b - tlie cause. The following oflicers for tlie Kossuth county society were elected for the ensuing year: President, D. B. Avey and Librarian, Caroline Dodd were re-elected; Jas. Chapin was elected secretary and E. Tellier treasurer. The publishers of the Homestead, the weekly twenty-four page agricultu- i;al paper of Des Moines, Iowa, edited by a practical farmer, inform us that they will,, send. th,ei,r paper from now until t.he lotjU.of. January, 1802, free of charge, to every farmer, 119!; already a subscriber, who will send his name and address, plainly Wi'ifteoj on a : rjjdsjal card to the Homestead Co., Des Moines, Iowa. Tlie copies wijl be abspjttjtely frfi^V.^ncl wiU fee .-sent to- auy " ''" to enable him to judge for himsetf of the merits of the Homestead as a paper devoted to bis special interests. On tlie 15th of January the papfir' Swill lie discontinued unless subscribed for in du^form, : ; , : -- : -• (I eek.the county and he has small use for a family record. The U. D. M. complimented us upon our choice of "suitable" premiums for our subscribers. It is a pretty good joke on the REPUBLICAN. We acknowledgejthe corn. Besides our family record for colored people there are over an hundred other pictures suitable for the white readers of the HEVUIJUCAX. Pay up your subscription and secure one. A petition to the United States senate asking that our government unite with t!ie other p;overaments in protecting the Free Congo state from the traflic in alcohol was circulated in the Algona grange last week and also in tlie W. C. T. U.. and received a large number of signatures. The petition ''urges the .o-operation of our nation with the )ther great powers of tlie earth in the ITorts to prohibit the slave und rum traffic within the limits of the Free Jongo state as provided for in the so- tailed BnisKe.l's treaty which has al- •eady been signed by sixteen of the seventeen governments represented in the aforesaid conference. And further, as a great moral responsibility rests upon us as a nation, if the validity and ;he success of the treaty depends on the unanimous consent of all the signatory powers to its ratification, this openly declared that it is the urgent duty of every Christian and philanthropic citi/.en to use his influence ;o secure the ratification of this treaty O7i the part of our government so that as a Christian nation we may. not be held responsible for any neglect by which a helpless, heathen people may be crushed and cursed by the unrestricted sale of intoxicating liquors within its bounds." Seymour Allen came into the HEJAN office last Thursday morning and inquired for the editor. There was blood in his eye and we commenced to think right away that there would be blood on the floor of the KEPUIVLI- The enrollment of students in the Normal School has already reached seventy-five. The attendande will cer* taitily r.eafth 100 this term. The seats ar6 selling fast foi? the opera next Saturday evening* Buy your tickets at once. We are asked to announce that the curtain will rise promptly at 8 o'clock. To the members of the Monday Club:—The club will meet next Monday evening with Miss C. T. Dodd. Lesson, the 3rd and 4th chapters in Ely's political Economy. Regular meeting of Eastern Star chapter Tuesday evening, Dec. 15, '91. It is earnestly requested that there be a good attendence, being the election of officers. By order of Worthy Matron. The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Bossingham made them a very pleasant surprise on Saturday evening, it being the anniversary of their silver wedding. A very pleasant evening was spent. A handsome castor was presented to the couple. The Y. P. S. C. E. held their semiannual election of officers Monday night. The following were elected: President, Milt Hollabauglr, vice president, Mrs. Wm. Dodge: recording secretary, Belle Tellier; corresponding secretary, Guy Grove. Dr. Li Ming, of Yong Chow, China; Ramabai, of Lucknow, India; Aisheli Kaadin, of Constantinople, Turkey; Katsu Kimura, of Nagaski, Japan, will be represented in costume at the program in Court House next Tuesday evening by the Algona Young Woman's Foreign Missionary society. The second sermon of the series of revivals will be preached in the Baptist church next Sunday evening. The evangelistic work of Djeborah, Joel, Jonah and Jeremiah will be investigated and illustrated. In the near future we hope to begin a series of special efforts for the salvation of souls. A merchant who buys a half page of advertising space to tell about the bargains he is offering to the public usually has something to talk about. Jas. Taylor is the man this week who is offering the bargains. Readers of the REPUBLICAN who are looking for special bargains should read Mr. Taylor's advertisement. GEO.E.CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over First National Bank: The North Street STEAM LAUNDRY I have lately put in a new polishing machine and am now prepared to do work that will compare with that of any STEAM LAUNDRY. Washing will be collected and delivered at any part of the city. Give The North Street Ste'am Laundry a trial. Leave orders at P. O., Box 79. D. B. AVEY, HARNESS -:- MAKER And dealer in HOESE SUPPLIES. Neatly done on short notice. • At Lacy's old stand, opposite Ten nant House, Algona, Iowa. F. L. S PECIAL ATTENTION will 1m Riven to all kinds o£ repairing, including Tinware, Gasoline Stoves, Guns, Pum<isand Clothes Wring- Am also prepared lo put in Furnaces and crs. ' Tlie Ppper D^e$ Moines great discretion iii making its c from other papers. It knows j ust what to quote and when to stop quoting.,'Last ill Ilerajd had, opcasjpn an of our Ji^e|| quk Arid r" Hatb,a.w|y JMjjdjjH | we . , t ,, vertisement in the Upper 'Des Moines M. of K., L. Peugnet. W, . went on .wi$v.«joflde umony Th$ H advice not at all apropos. Of course the editor of t.h,e Upper Des M,oines bad .to quo from the Herald but he had sense tp saw-the .ifcepi ipto 094 , the Upper Dea Moines should how cal the I erate the "fukafl!' that tllC Temperance Alliance Meeting 1 , Date Changed. Owing to failure in securing a speaker, tho executive committee of tlie County Temperance Alliance have changed the date of the meeting to have been held to-morrow, to December 24th. The meeting will be held on that date without fail. All members of the alliance and all others interested in temperance are urged to make arrangements to be present. ALL ABOUT COURT. It will be a long- Session. Hubliarrt and I'lintzoiv get a Cliang-c of Venue. Tho. Well Case settled. do phimhing and (jas Pipe nttlni;. Iron and iin roolliij?. Prompt attention will be given to all kinds ol ,vork in my line. South of court house. F. L. PARISH, If you want a good fitting —Go to- (Over Slieelz's Drug Store.) Pie cuts everything by the New System and cuts to fit. ..v The best goods and the best prices at Thorson's. You are invited to investigate and be convinced. sanctum, and we knew mighty well that it wouldn't be Seymour's. yraa chuQk. f u]l of what we are forced to admit iw'as !.very:> righteous wrath. ThellKPUBLicAJ; last Vi week^rep'Orted that Mr. Allen had been married op the Saturday previous, when according tb his ;own deposition he wasn't maif-' ried at all and is still a free man. We can'tibrame lu'm.a l( j.t |pr t b&ifl g-feiftl a|t " The 15iff Lilicl Knit Ag-ainst the Republican to come olt' next week. Court convened Monday, with the promise of quite a length}' session, Hon. Geo. II. Carr sole judge presiding. In the case of Alda E. Wilson vs. Charles II. Wilson a divorce was granted. The case of Maude Ellis vs D. A. Ellis was dismissed. E. C. Anderson of Bancroft was granted a permit to keep and sell intoxicating liquors. An argument in the Ilubbard and Kanteow case was heard yesterday after noon and the change of venue granted. It is not yet decided where the case will be taken. The well case was settled with Mr. Stephens for $(550 in full payment of his claims against tho city of Algona. The Watkins bigamy case is having a hearing this morning. The attorneys for "doctor" Hathaway asked to have the case against the REPUBLICAN continued but the ItEi'uitLiCAN decided to have it come to trial at this term of court. The case will probably be called next week. Wo would call attention ro the fttct that we iu-e located here permanent ly, for the manufacture iiud sale of ciMiii'terv work in Marble, Granite and Stouo. We now liavo and intend to koep in stock i-tt'air line of finished Monuments. Headstones, etc., and will jjuarautee all work to he equal to the best. We are the only manufacturers of cemetery work in Kossuth Co. Thoroforo,please uive'us a call before placing your order and be convinced that by fan- and honorable dealing, we are worthy your patronage. ALGONA MARBLE WORKS, SHELLEY & HALL, Proprietors, East State lit.. AlKona, Iowa. "Miss Ethel is ti long time coming dowu, " said the youth to the servant, after waiting some time for tho young lady's appearance. "Perhaps," he added, with a laugh, "perhaps she is making up her mind whether to see me or not."i "No" siiid the servant, with an icy smire, isn't her mind she is making up." it 'Ignorance of ; the nierits of De Witt's kittle Early Bteeru isa;r£jsfojiu,ne.j :The,se little pill? r?gi?ja,t<?. jtUe Jivpr, <?uj;e h ache, '(lyepc.p'Bia, bad breath, and biliousness; D'r.-L. ); A. Pew men •Vi'ould'appre'ciate 'being' adveriSe'eil to all the. girls in tow;i as married whep they 'ai-e'stiM eligible. To still further Aggravate t UIs,wvat^ mornj^; fjjgars oni)ii| . "CAN is sorrf that the mistake ,e<i, bi^t aj). we cai^. do is to porrect it. 4,th^ report froiu whl&tl we pon- fli to be yery gqpd ^jijihority— and we did not tftink it necessary to Kotid the pourt house' ah ; d see i'f : . : ai license had been 'issued. We underUand that! paper man 'la forced to depen :ew ( 8 what othQr wonder tbat Sweet girl (in a rowboat)—What is t'his place in the back of the boat for ?'' ''' ' \ '- ••'Ntei 1 Ydung';Man-U'TBat !; -1s -to, >$u't a|i oar in' when'you want to s.eull the boat. Rowing requires both oars,;; onoou:eaci side; but in -sculling one ourionly iausac. That ia placed at th& < ba?k! ! and Worltel with onfchand. .: ta-.m r.n'.-.r.^^ r,-\ Sweet Girl (after meditation)^ m would try Eculling a while. :!!iir.'.',''.'''.'.<)'!'f -I'lT ;-"•/",< /', I'T.'i [ ',: j' If yotl are troubled 1 with or A f»m« back/ Ibjuu .oui !HUii I;;:-)-,-);-: iiiiuTlie JacksOirODrset Waist for Ladies, Children. ' ill; ' Splendid \ TRIMMINGS. 111'!'! • .... Tailor-One gf ! ypOT : sho " : *

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