The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 9, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1891
Page 1
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READ OUR PREMIUM OFFERS* A SPECIALTY At the REPUBUCANb VOL, XXI. ALGONA, KOHSOTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1891. For the Next Thirty Days 'will Stock in nents Ir' ii a Cheaper than Ever. •'Ml Wool, at 25ots. worth S5cts. ; Ladies Silk Mitts, Kid Mitts, Zid Gloves, Werm Lined. OSTIOE Price. Jackets Reduced. Jackets Ifcedpsed. Reduced, —in-m-..n.m.n. IP..!.! ir-.!..!!..!.....^..,.... «,.... ......iininiiii,!.,.,,, , i. n ,.i..i,...,, .,„„, „.,' xMlvGi'radesifroiiivtte Cheapest to th& Best, frcsm such mills ;as the:Nottli:Staf-affiid St. Mary's Woolem Malls. Will move at our Out Prices. New Neckwear, , 5| New Uriderwe.arv New Black Hose. Linen' Scrim, ; ',-..., • . * r Bilks,,.Baskets, Kibbons, Silk Scarfs, BresseE Scarfe, Tidies, _____ -•-:-• • ; : i - - . . .... . . ' . : - •: ' -.' , j , ,. * { i Tray Covers,'Down Pillows, All Silk Tiirows, Pin CusMons, ,' , \ r Albums, Collar Soxes, Cuff Boxes;; ; Dolls, Baskfets, • If > AlfiONAREPUBUfiiS (.Official Paper of Kossxth County .aiwL:.ilie City of Algona.) rUBLISHEU KVKKY WKDNK3DAV JOS.5W. HAYS, Editor -and Rublister. Terms of Subscription. One«c®y, one yosvr. in :idv.auco ..... ------- .-.?1.50 One cojjy., six mouths. iu advance .......... -75 One OQIW, three months, In advance . - ......... /.10 Subscriptions conunue -tottl ordored-stwped and a.11. arrearages sue paid. Advertising .Rates Are reasonable aud. will toe made known uon BOOK. AND JOB PRINTING* Tlte equipment of the EEPITIBMCAN (Mice, for Book andSfob Printing is mwurpassed .in.tbis part of lowtv. power. ,,~,.,,, is an ,AI,L UO&Xfe- THE PRIA'T p^per. sides. The -Chicago. Herald has plaunad a happy»Ghristmae for the children of 'that city that are strangers to every thin-g'but suffering and poverty. The Herald has determined that Christmas 'shall <jome this ye*r to every home in Chicago. £lts wagonB-will go'through the city Christmas eve < distributing gifts at every houie where i-Santa Glaus is not liable to enter. It is a great and»-eommendable undertaking upaciitho part/of a great A wide-constituency qf readers willii>e attracted by an ,-ariicle in the Review-of ReviewetforDecember entitled "A. World League »of :Eug!ish Speaking Women, THISxlSSUE CONTAINS: *No^Uj.eet3oiwible patent,iu-j The first'world's convention of the W.'.C. T. U., j*i*t held atflBoston, furnishes-the theme of 'this article. Fine portraits are given of tLady 'Heary Somerset, Miss, Frances Willard, -aad twelve or fifteei^ other American andMSritish le»ders in tha Christian Temperance work of the allied woman's organizations of the world. • 2d Page—Tel egrapfeic State and National. 3d—The Bancroft MEWS. 4th— AJg»>na Local Mews. 5th—Additional Algojna Nevrss. 6th—Literary—The ^Bill Nye?" Letter. 7th—The vWilson Farm Department. 8th—County News and Burt ^REPUBLICAN. Wanamaker advocates one cent post- Murderer Loppy was York this electrocuted at Western Normal .^allege, at Stenan- burned to the Aground last PWday Clarkson eays that President Harrison's renominatioe is inevitable, and that republicans will .accept this fact within aixty days. Cojraroiesioner of education, Dr. Harris, .reports that of the .13,000,000 pupil-age children enrolled in the eefeools of the United Btatej, the daily attendance is oaly 64.1 per cent. Passengers from abroad -will be landed Ju Chicago by way of Quebec almost as soon as New York can be reached when the new Canadian trans-Atlantic steamship service goes into effect. 4 colony of throe hundred farmers Illinois are settling in northwest i&wa. They dispose of their Illinois laud for $100 an acre and buy aja good in this section for $35, and in as njany yeaje g land will reach the f 100 The New STork .Press has made a can-; wss of the imfimbers>©f both houses of eongress, and undertakes the forecast that no bill '.providing far the free coinage of silver will ibe passed by the present coagress. Tlie iSPress. received replies to its (inquiries f-rom 580 senators and representatives, nj.are/(ihan.a!jacajority of both houses. The replies indicate that in spite .of:the defection :asiong ^republican senators from silver producing states, the senate v/ill sustain the .veto by the president, vof any free Mver biil that may be passed by congress, JTlie democratic party is anxious for the .experiment of free oodnage but the .eountsy is safe from the calamity of a debased currency until after the next presidential election. Highest of;ail:m:i;eavefuiigl > ower,-4.Latest U. S. Gov't Report the democratic caucus candidate for speaker of the house last Monday, and duly elected yesterday afternoon. 'It is to be hoped that Mr. Crisp-will show tlie stern common sense <of ex-Speaker Reeti in the administratioa of the -office. :Let .him sit down on the republican minority^ if they attempt the obstruction.and delayj of business, and let hisn count every man! .present who is in Ins eeat oven •though he •refuses to answer to the roll call and be' -counted. Let him administer .too Czar isnedicine to the republican members of ithet Fifty Second Cong*e6s if they need •it. The American people want toisee no ;j»iMre of the monkey buevness that dis- .graced the records of ths last congvess. I think (the law should be amended so as to prevent undue searches <of private houses, and malicious prosecutions; but no compromise should be made with the saloon. Liq«or men favor hjgh license against prohibition, low license against high license, and no license «gaJ»st low license. They know no party in politics bave that which does their bidding. Prohibition should as far as possible be emancipated from the party caucus and its influences, and a different policy ought not to be adopted until the question has again been submitted to the voters of the state at a non-partisan election. Such a great moral movement should be entrusted to its friends and should not be permitted to impair political parties.—Mr. Larabee's opipjon. After one of the most memorable cop. tests in the MWtprj 0f Crisp of \QIWCIAL FIGURES REFUTE BOIES SPEECH. lows., 331,562,000 bushels «f corn; 'Eli- ijois, ^41,076,000; Missouri, 201,176,060; Kansas, 168,863,000; Nebraska,145,004,060 IfdianQ, 116,490,000; Ohio, 68,330,000,; Texas, .SSS.123,000; Kentucky. :&6,040,OOQ, and Tennessee, 81,834,000, arc the ten leading covn-growing states, according to th^ estimates of the department of the agrjeultur. Iowa is also at tho head of the;list in .point of average yield, karate Ueing:86.7 bushels per acre. Ohio's average is placed at 33,7. Indiana's 33, Illiaiois'31.2, Missouri's 89.9, Kansas'80.7 Nebraska's 36,3. ]^N ABS08JJDJNG CASHIER. T. If, Daniels of the West Bend Ex- (iliaii^e B&Bk a Dofaulter. West; Bend is considerably excited over the departure of the Exchange bank cashier, T. M, Daniels, with a sum of ^loiiey variously ostiwated at from *7,000 to $l^vOOO. Yesterday's Register gave the following Account of the affair; WEST BEND, Dec, 7.^pypsi§l tQ the gister.—This oi^y j» red up over the ; Daniels, Exchange National bank. The seen of him was last Tuesday night, and it is aupposed he is sojourning, in Cuuada. ,DanieJs has lived here, about two years,, and during that 'time'organ- ized the company and sold the stock at $100 per -..share. lie then . borrowed money in order to declare dividends, the first of which was 25 per cent. This gave'Ms company a great boom, and stock sold at an advance. He then plucked upicourage aud started a bank, and by renewed energy secured the confidence of-,the community and finally secured a .partner, who .took $5,000 worth of bank stock. Slye, of Independence, was the partner, Business continued to flourish .until Wednesday morning, when. Slye was : surprised to' find the outer doors of the safe open. Au investigation was instituted, when it was discovered.''that Dftju'els was missing. It is not definitely known howanuch DameBs took \vith nim,bqt it is supposed to be $12,000. Daniels was traced as far Emmetsburg, where he left his children with their grandmother, borrowing $300 from his uncle, and vanished pjit of sight. ' EMMK'rsiiuua; Dec. 7.—Special to the State Register.—T. M. Daniels, manager of •- the • West Bend lumber company, has departed for unknown parts and taken with him all the valuable assessments Qf the company. The exact amoorit of hj§ defalcations is, not yet known, but is estimated at least $7,000 and may possibly reach double that sum. Daniels' was organizer qf the company-,'which commenced business two ye^siBgoV Qn Jtinuary last the company 4eipj£ir|d a.dividemd pf 35 per cent, It BOW appears that ^Daniels porixjwed thi8:»ipney tqmake the dividend, awl OR t^e strength of it sold a large amoujit.QJEItije ^topk,w]4ch he has pocketed; In .fMl^iou to his stealing irom the conpip^qy,,, Jbe ,b,as borrowed money freely from .other parties,, -A short time, ago Daniels' 'wife died and left three small children. The children he has deserted', and even failed to pay for his wife's * M "*^ i ' ii '' ; QV ' r * n " t ' Q ° WA^VI. inghasbeeiv er's whereat He—Farleigh %w surprised hear. th<_ jj J w,fts y^ Bhe-I shouliJ t£S 6e 'might J. H. Handieonly the Best Grades and edll at the ; Very Lowest wees. "We c^rry a. «»ji -...: ^ In ^lipf the Different Lines " And will meet All Competition. • ' • ' - • • "••'-. • '• i - • • ' i "T . I i A i Before you buy and we will guarantee to gave you '' u > '. J "<>.[ l',i'juu::iij\Jbti

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