The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1891
Page 8
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8 THE REPUBLICAN : ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2,1891. THE COUNTY NEWS, Reported by Special Correspondents. Ttt« HuPtTHhtcAN publishes more outside news from the country and surrounding towns than all the six other papers published In Kos- ftutli county combined. For the Bancroft NKWS see page «. To OoitBJSSPON DENTS ;— An coirt-soondence for the HKPt'ULtrAN should reach into ofllce not inter than Tuesday evening. Plew« bear tills lu mind. WIIITTKMORK. church has u fine new Wblttemore is suffering from an epidemic of hard colds. There are two families to every vacant IJQUSO iu Whittemorc. Vera IlotelliDg has been quite sick •with sore throat for a number of days. Mrs. Carlisle and Mrs. Kortic prepared the snpper for the Thanksgiving dance. Mrs. H. P. Hatch pleasantly entertain fid h?r JJftud of Hope class, one evening last week. Henry Llinsnlan has bought lots just east of the Lutheran church and will build at once. Alex. Coard, one of John Paul's traveling nmn. wtvs here invoicing the lumber yard Tuesday. Several parties from Ayrshire and Fairtield were present at the church services last Sunday. A. J. Carlisle, one of our young teachers, will commence his second term of school next Monday. Mrs. Dr. Phelps has arrived. The Dr. and wife are now keeping house in the rooms over the post office. The M. E. church at Rodman was dedi- cau-il, free of debt, lust Sunday afternoon by Rev. W. A. Black. A Bnikeman on the Milwaukee road slipped off of a. car at this place Sunday evening and broke his collar bone. There is a family living in the back rooms of Mrs. Whitehorn's building. We have been unable to learn their name. Special meetings were commenced Monday evening by the Methodist pastor, assisted by Rev. Eighmy, of LuVerne. Mr. J. C. Johnson and Miss Delia Whitehorn were quietly married Thanksgiving day by Rev. Thrasher. We wish this estimable young couple a long life of prosperity and happiness. Rev. Robert Carroll preached two excellent sermons at the Baptist church last Sunday morning and evening. Being unable to raise all the church indebtedness, the dedication services were indefinitely postponed. Rev. Thrasher disposed of a part of his household goods at auction last Saturday. Mr. and Mr.s. Thrasher expect to go to their new home at Hawarden soon. They will be greatly missed by their many friends at this place. The young people's sitMing class Will meet at the Baptist cmirch Tuesday evenings. P. C. Brelholtzwill move Into Bancroft the 1st of December and take possession of his restaurant. Christopher Thorson's oldest boy was thrown from a horse last Saturday injuring him severely. Dr. Cutler, of Bancroft, was called to attend bim. P/VM.SAY, School begins to day la Ramsay under the supervision of Annie Altwegg. B. F. Smith and wife are detained in Wisconsin by the sickness of their little daughter Jennie. W. 1» Hall has moved to Bancroft, his little daughter Carrie had the misfortune to have one of her lingers broken the day they moved. On account of the severe cold weather there is a great deal of corn yet in tl»; field. Only a few ii\ this vicinity are done husking. Mr. R. Myer had the misfortune to have his team run away one dr.y last week. They broke off the post to which they were tied and ran with the post, and at last ran into a barb wire fence and cut themselves up very badly. Dr. Howe dressed the wounds and there is a prospect of recovery. •TAS. Editor. LEDYARD, IOWA, DEO. 2, 1801. Butter 20@.25 Oats 18@.32 Hay 7.00@8.00 Flax 77 Eggs.... 18 Corn 25<».80 Wheat 71@.75 Barley 25@35 J-'OBK. Mr. Best has completed and painted a commodious barn. Special services will begin at the DoaL Memorial church at Buffalo Fork Wednesday evening. Several of the Buffalo Fork families were invited to spend Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bacon. The Ladies Mite society will meet with Mrs. W. A. Chipman next Thursday. All arc cordially invited to attend. Giles and Wiltse have returned from their fall threshing tour. Nearly all the threshing is done in this neighborhood. Clara Mathews has returned and is spending a few days with her friends in Algona. Her many friends here will be glad to have her among them again. Calkins Hotel First class accommodations for day and week boarders. First class hotel for traveling custom. F. TntMBLH, Proprietor. Get your visiting cards the REPUBLICAN office. at Too A1> ii en mil tided. Citizen—I never see Captain Magood around any more. Policeman—He's not on the foorce any more. Got put out. "Well! well! What for?" "Absititmoindedness." "Absentininded, was he?" "Yis, HOI-. Ho raided a gamblin' den an urristfd a whole crowd o' city officials." "But they shouldn't have been there." "Av coorfrt not. He \vas so absint- moinded he forgot to give them notice." —Good News. PORTLAND. J. W. Stott is able to be out again. Miss Anna Johnson begins her school in the Maun district this week. Rev. Forsythe intends to start revival meetings at the Doan Memorial church this week. The Buffalo Fork creamery was obliged to suspend operations one day on account of scarcity of coal. Mrs. Beale and her son Ernest, of Algona, spent Thanksgiving at George Stone's. Mrs. B. intends to start for the south soon to spend the winter. Bert Streater of Bancroft, was down to the farm Sunday and on returning he met with a slight accident (or rather las cutter did) and after a slight delay in some repairs he went on his way rejoicing & number of the Sodtown young people surprised Mr. and Mrs. Mann last Wednesday evening; it being the occasion of their 12th anniversary, also Mrs. Mann's birthday. A pleasant time is reported. A certain young couple residing in Portland recently went to housekeeping. When the young wife was about to prepare the evening meal she found that the most essential part of housekeeping was lacking, viz; provisions, and they were forced to return to the parental roof for their supper. The friends of Miss Lillie Juin, of Portland township, remembered the occasion of nev birthday last Thursday evening, und culled at her home in quite a company. By way of furnishing amusement for the evening, the boys were given a chance tw display their notions of millinery and then a vote of the company was taken as to who had the best looking bat. It was decided that Luther Fairbanks and Will Davison had the neatest liats and they were accordingly awarded the cake, it was decided that Charlie Mann and Willie Grover had the most ridiculous bats. Pictorial Phrases. *r,*f4rtf(-- . .,.. ' 'DISAGREEABLE CONNECTIONS." -Life. "ONE THING CALLS FOB ANOTHER." —Truth. LEGAL BLANKS. The KEPUKLICAN keeps con staiitly on hand a full stock of the following .Legal Blank forms : Warranty Deed, Ouit Olnim Deed, Leases, Real Kritnte Alortxajrc;, Chtltttel Mort- jjage, Satisfaction of Mortgage, Original Notice, Lund Contracts, Contracts for JJuil(liu« School House, Notice Trial, Probate of Will, Tax Sale Notices, Petition Blanks, District Tou nsliiii Blanks, Oath IJluiilis, lilunk I'.t's eii>1 Books, Blank Note Books, e t tc. eic. Any form made to order. T11K IlKl'UBLICAIn' SWKA [Ueceiveil too late lor ijubliuatiou last week.] Carl Tegelberg has just finished a new barn. Supt. Bertha Carey was up visiting schools last week. Olofand Carl Pearson were up from Bancroft to spend Sunday. ; Miss Annie Altwegg, of Harrison, visited with Miss Carrie Smith, last Saturday. Mrs. O. Oleaon and daughter are expected home from St. Paul this evening. Fred Anderson put up a new Enterprise windmill for Peter Pearson'last Week. Miss Hannah, Hayden left for Fairmont, Minnesota, last week, where she will study music. D. L. Down's HEALTH EXERCISER. , for Bnin- Worker* Is Selsntary Peoplu : Gentlemen, Ladies, Youths; tba Athlete or Invalid. A complete gymnasium. Takes up but 6 In. square floor-room i uu w, scientific. durable, comprehensive, cheap. IttdottjedbySO.oOOphyaieianB.luw. yera, clergymen, editors & other* now feeing it. Send tor Ul'dclrcu- ___ lar, 10 eng's; no charge. Prof. D, RK.) I*- Dowd, Solenttoo Pnjglcal fttti e, 0 Bast Utb at, KewYork. __ 'TRADB MARK. *«(im culture, FOR SALE EVERYWERE MADE BY RMS! I.KUYAKD. Mr. Freeman spent the Sabbath in Whittemore. Hay is worth between $7 and $8 on the track here. We saw W. S. Wickham taking out a new wagon the other day. Our blacksmith, Dan Dobson, is kept busy nowadays shoeing horses. Mr. E. 0. Fitz has sold 1120 acres of laud during the last two weeks. Jno. Witmer has sold his house and lot to T. Wroolie of Lura, Minnesota. C. A, Ordway has just received some new sleighs which he holds for sale. Gal Ordway says the thermometer registered 23° below, Saturday morning. E. 0. Fitz, our "rustling" laud agent seems to be kept busy selling land now a- days. Christmas is coming. You'd think so if you saw the holiday goods at Kendall's. Mr. Hodgson, of Burt, was in our town Friday and bought 200 acres of land of Mr. Fitz. Jack Graham, the sheriff elect, was taking in the sights at Ledyard Thanksgiving day. Dunlap Bros, finished threshing their 720 acres of flax Friday which yielded them 9500 bushels. II. Meeker started for his home in DCS Moines on Monday. He says he will drive through in four days. A Bible reading society w&s organized last Sunday evening which we understand is to meet ever}' week. The first message ever taken off the telegraph wires at Ledyard was taken last Saturday. Hurrah for Ledyard! Dr. Cutler was in town the other day having been called to N. B. Jones'resi- dence by the illness of Miss Emily Sargent. We saw F. S. Jenks daubing paint on his new livery barn. That's right, a building that's worth owning is worth painting. Let's see! We heard Will Freeman giving a little puff about his husking corn, wouldn't wonder if he co.uld make the ears fly, either. We have the impression that Mr. and Mrs. Wickwirc, of Bancroft,. took their thanksgiving turkey with Mr. and Mrs. Wood of this place. The blessed railroad company gave us an additional cause for thanksgiving, in entering Mr. Resor upon his duties at the new depot on Thursday. Rev. Luce arrived a quarter of an hour late Sunday with the apology that he had chicken for dinner. He preached well enough, however, to make up for it. Now, if you want to send a loving message to that far-away sweetheart, remember the lines are in at the Ledyard depot and the smiling agent stands ready to serve you. Ernest Arnold, young son of John Arnold, while playing around the threshing machine last Saturday, undertook to stop the fans wirh his hand. His arm was drawn in and badly broken, j At the spelling school last Tuesday evening, James Kendall carried off the honors. Prof. Sifert has them write when spelling instead of, the old method of standing up and spelling down. Thanksgiving day was observed by many of our families in. the usual manner. The traditional roast turkey found its way to many tables, and notwithstanding the iciness of the atmosphere some of our citizens went so far as to indulge in ice cream. Certainly Ledyard people have much for which to be thankful. The year has been one of exceptional prosperity. The early drought that, threatened us has not proved fatal, no calamitous storms have visited our country, and as a result, an adundant harvest has been gathered. Old Mr. Reese who lives four miles southeast of Ledyard, was seriously injured in a runaway last Wednesday evening. He had come into town for coal and had just driven his team up to Fred Calkins' coal sheds when the north bound .passenger train pulled in. The team became uneasy and Mr. Reese un dertook to hold them by the bits, first unhitching one of the tugs. As the train pulled out the team became thoroughly frightened and started to run, the tongue coming down almost immediately. Mr. Reese was carried about forty rods holding to the bits. Finally losing his hold he was run over by both horses and wagon. He was picked up in au unconscious condition and carried into Fred Calkins' lumber office. A man was din- patched to Bancroft for a doctor and; Mr. Reese was taken home in the course of a couple hours. It is thought that he sustained some broken ribs besides internal injuries. He is a man over sixty years of age. "Listed," as the brokers say, at "100 Doses Oae Dollar," Hood's Sarsapflrilla is always « fair L. A. FITZ & LONG Real Estate, Loans —And- INSURANCE. Ledyard, - Iowa, Bart Republican K, S* HALLOCiJKj Slditor. BURT, IOWA, DECEMBER 2,1891. Oats... Egm... Cattle.. Wheat, Flax... 28 Corn 26 ... ,20 Butter 25 . $0.00 Hogs 8.10 05@.70 Barley ... .25@.80 ,..$ .78 Hay 0.00 IIUBT MORIK NJ3WS. This space is reserved -FORC, Dunlap & Co. ledyard Livery, Feed -And- SALE STABLE. Good Rigs at Reasonable Prices. F. S. Jenks, Ledyard, Iowa. Clothing. Clothing! _^t J, F, REUDALL'S, Corner Store, Suits for boys from six years old and upwards. Suits to fit and please without reference to"age,size,color or previous condition of servitude." Come and see and be convinced. Overcoats Overcoats WM. LESLIE, Real Estate Agent. Col. Spencer was on our streets Tuesday. A. D. Clarke was up from Algona Monday, Ben MayheW was home to eat turkey Thanksgiving. Miss Ethel McCormack spent Thanksgiving with friends. Dr. Beane reports Grandma Godden as gaining in strength. * C. P. Snow has sold his Alligator Hay Press to Ora Sheldon. Tommy Billsborougu spent Sunday with his brother, A. D. Rev. Williams will occupy his pulpit next Sunday morning as usual. Elmer Hodgson visited Ledyard one day last week to invest in property. Fred Denhart has moved into S. M. Ferris' house recently vacated by Mr.Kerr. Cady & Hallock are now located in their new store building on the south side of the street. John Kerr now occupies his new lesi- dence, and, by the way, he has a neat and comfortable house. The stone foundation for S. J. O'Neills house] is completed and the carpenter work has already commenced. Rev. Forsythe will hold meetings at the Buffalo church'Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings of this week. Allen & Wolcott, on account of room, will close out their present stock of mil linery goods at cost. See their ad in this issue. Messrs McDonald, O'Neill and Ken- each received a car of coal on Monday, which checked the coal famine to a large extent. Cady & Hallock moved their stock of groceries Thanksgiving day and were thankful they had a building of their own to move into. Rev. H. H. Schweitert, German pastor, is conducting a German class at this place., Now is your chance to learn German. He has an ad. in this issue. Win. Cook now occupies the store room vacated by Cady & Hallock and is putting in a large stock of furniture. Now that Mr. Cook has a good room in which to show his goods we predict that he will sell lots of furniture. Buckwheat flour, 4 cents per Ib. at CADY & HALLOCK'S. THE PLACE! You can buy Waseea Flour for ......... $1 25 @ *1 60 May Flower Tea for ............... 60 Panama Package Coffeo for ........ 25 Five Cigars for .................... 10 16 ounces Plug Tobacco for ........ 80 Boots and Shoes cheap New Sorghum ..................... 50 Buckwheat Flour ........... , ...... 4 Diamond Yeast .................... 8. Yeast Foam ............. . ........ 4 Snow Ball Baking Powder ........ ; 25 Mocha and Java Coffeo ............ 80 Lenox Soap, by the box ............ 4 29 The Best Goods for the Least Rffioney CADY Cash Grocery Burt has a Furniture. Store. Buy your furniture of W. M. Cook. good stock and reasonable prices, Gecx E, Marble Lenox soap Cash Store. cheap by the box at the Pays Taxes and Leases Land for Non-Residents, also —DEALER IN- TAKE NOTICE. All persons indebted to me on account will please call and settle. If the time I have allowed you has been an accommodation please accommodate me now with the casli. 2-tf G. B. WHITNEY. 1 lb. package coffee ................ $ 23 71bs. oat meal .................... 35. 1 package large sized yeast ......... 6 1 package small sized yeast ........ 3 1 lb. California peaches ............ 10' 1 box lenox soap ................... 4 00 1 package soda ........... ...„ .... 7 1 lb. plug tobacco .................. 25 25 ozs. baking powder ............. 25 1 can tomatoes ..................... 10 1 qt. cranberries ........... ____ " . . 10 We Sell the Goods and we can quote Prices that would astonish penny concerns. The German School has- opened and anyone desiring to join can still harve the opportunity. Term fees very low. The hours of instruction are Tuesday and Friday evenings at 7 o'clock. REV. H. H. SOHWEITEET. Winter apples 90 cents per bushel at the grocery nrrn of CADY & HALLOCK'S. Go to Graham's for pumps. Vermont Maple Syrup at CADY & HALLOCK'S. -AND- COKN. t 80 cents per bushel, delivered on my farm during the week ending December 9, 1891. 9 C. L. LUND. A, A, Beane, A, M,, M, D, Office and residence one door west of POST OFFICE. J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt. BUJRT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. LOOK HERE Do you want to buy Arbuckles and Jersey coffee for $ 28 1 Yeast foam and Royal 8 Fancy evaporated apples 12 16 Ibs. evaporated blackberries 1 00 12 Ibs. finest muscatel raisins 1 00 4 cans blackberries.. 2? 8 lb. can of good table peaches i& 2 cans of choice salmon 25. 3 cans of full weight lye 25- And all other goods as low as any firm, dare sell them. It' so call and see us. Truly Yours. NICHOLSON & BUELI,. CLOSING OUT. On account of room wo will close out our present stock of MILLINERY at cost. We have some good bargains which it will pay you to see. Allen & Wolcott. The Capital City Commercial College and The Capital City:Softool of Short- liand, DCS Moines, Iowa. The leading schools of commerce in the west- If you wish to succeed in business life, you should prepare for it. These schools have furnished hundreds of positions for their graduates. For catalogue and further information address J. M. MEHAN, Pres. REPAIRING I have opened up a Boot and Shoe Bepair Shop When in town call on Whitney and see his new line of HEATING STOVES Remember he always has on hand a full line of ShfIf and Heavy Hardware. —in— CSTEANSEIl'S HARNESS SHOP. And am prepared to do all kinds of repairing in neat and workmanlike manner. Give me a call. JAS, NEW HARNESS $.HOP. kife,a flnely Utyatralod funny paper, »ad a beautiful water color pajyoi- for the parlor. Send ten cent* IB I have ppenedfup a harness shop McDonalds hardware and will first-class harness to order. Also do all kinds of repairing. Will also keep on hand a good line of STOP —AT THE— BDRT HOTEL! M. L, MAYHEW, Proprietor, Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with, hotel. PLOWS. When you need In Hpwf. Gjali an tlie Firm of '

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