The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1891
Page 5
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Till', KWUJJLICAN : AJ/iONA, IOWA, W K,Yi F. r. SPONGING IN BAHAMA, THE METHOD OF GATHERING AND PREPARING FOR MARKET. I'roRt* «f the Work—The lftbor«r» AMI Chiefly lllacks and Mast 6f thettt Item Pretty Small Pay—The Spotigei Sell at A Good jPi-lca However. Consul Thomas J, McLain of tha tJnited States consulate at Nassau, in the Bahama islands, in response to the direction of the state department, has furnished an interesting paper on the sponge trade of the Bahamas, in which the value of the industry and the methods of catching the sponges are given. The vessels employed in the trade are small, varying from five to twenty-five tons, sloop or schooner rigged, and are built in the local shipyards. The construction and repair of these vessels constitute an important industry in itself. They have small cabins for sleeping pur- noses. The cooking is done on deck. About 500 of these vessels are engaged in gathering sponges. The number of persons gathering •ponges in the Bahamas, handling them and preparing them in various stages for market, is from 5,000 to G.OOO, all of 'whom, except the shipowners, brokers •and shippers, are black people. Hands •employed in clipping, washing, packing and preparing finally for shipment abroad get from fifty to seventy-five cents per day of ten hours. The amount earned by the men who go fishing depends entirely on the number of sponges obtained. . The owner of the vessel fits Ijer out at his own expense, and the profits of tha toyage are divided up in shares among the owner, the master and the men, They are never hired by the mouth, nor do they ever get specified wages, The most that can be is that the men make a tolerable living, and the spongo Jttaherman who earns over $300 a year is thecxception. HOW SPONGES ARE GATHKltED. The method of gathering sponges is by means of iron hooks attached to long poles. By using a waterglass the fisherman can readily discover the sponges at the bottom, and then by the pole and hook can bring np those he may select, leaving the smaller ones untouched, wsnie sponges adhere firmly to the bed of the sea, while others are not attached at all. these latter being known as "roller's." About ten years ago an attempt was made to introduce dredges, but it was found that their use was likely to ruin the beds, because in passing over the bottom they dislodged and brought up not only the good sponges, but the young and unsalable ones as well, killing the spawn and working great mischief. Such an outory was raised against dredging that an act was passed forbidding it. When brought to the vessel the sponges are at once spread upon the deck and left exposed to the sun for several days, during which time the animal matter that covers the spongo gradually dies. This is a black, gelatinous substance of a very low order of marine life, which, during the process of decay, emits a most objectionable odor. The vessels visit what is called the kraal once a week to land the loud from the deck. The kraal is an inclosed pen, fenced in by sticks of wood so us to allow a free circulation of water through it, uenally built in a sheltered and shallow bay or cove, on 0110 of the- cays tieur by- T#K CHOP OF 1890. l"fae sponges arc placed in the kraal afld left to be soaked and washed by the action of the water from four to six days, when they are taken out and beaten with sticks until the decayed covering is entirely removed. Having been subjected to this course of exposure, soaking, beating and washing, the sponges are quite clean and are taken on board the vessel, packed in the hold, conveyed to Nassau, and in this coudit-ion are sold. in the local market. ; Ok tbe larger sponges a catch of 0,060 .•or of tn<> smaller ones T.fiOO, would be ' iconsidered a fair lot. Occasionally a tcargo of from 13,000 to 15,000 large sponges has been brought in, but this success is exceptional. The principal varieties gathered in the Bahamas are 1 ' »s follows: Boat, grass, glove, hardhead, J'eef (white and dark), velvet (abaco and cay);'sheep wool t and yellow, of which the Kfetet valuable is sheep wool. The total #S$b*t in 1890 reached over 900,000 pounds, valued at $300,896. The crop of that yea'* was «bove the average, being really the most •valuable one in many years. Of that crop there were shipped to the CTnited States 708,000, valued at $388,000. Bahama sponges are not considered very igood, but a ready market is found for .all that can be obtained, and at constantly improving prices. There are no vindications of any failure of the supply. —Philadelphia Ledger. Alt Acroliutlc Kitten. A pet bitteu. follows its mistress all •Dver the 'house when she is at work. Re- -Cently she yraa in an attic chamber, the •blind of the window being shut but unfastened. The playful kitten ran across !*he room a'u'd leaped against the blind, wbic^ opened, and the kitten dieap- >pettred, but came crawling back, having •turned in the air and caught the edge of •*he flatter witluts forepaws. It was » jfea&ftj; femaj&able quickness and pres- 9B9f» of mind, 38 tbe little animal had » very short time to recover from its sur- at being launched suddenly into Co to Rlst's Racket for genuine bargains* 8-13 The best medical authorities say the proper way to treat catarrh is to take a constitutional remedy, like ttood's Sar- snparilla. i ou nafty cough and cough and cough and couch and cough but Vou will not, if you take I)o Witt's Couch and Consumption Cure. Dr. L. A.. Sheet/,. Our experience covers many ills, many pills nnd many bills. Our ills are smaller our pills are smaller and our bills are smaller when we use De Witts Little Early Risers. Dr. L. A. Sheet/,. "An honest pill is ibc noblest work of the apothecary." De Will's Litlle Early Risers cure constipation, bllionsness ami sick headache, Dr. L, A. Shoctz. A trial convinces Hie most skeptical. Carefully prepared, plensnnt to the tnste, De Will's Cough and Consumption Cure is a valuable remedy. You don'l wanl a torpid liver. You don't want a bad complexion. You don't want a bad breath. You don't waul a headache. Tliea use De Will's Lillle Early Risers, the famous little pills. Dr. L. A, Sheet/.. run bo made in c months soiling Tiuilnon's A tlixrt- os, Cliurt.H mid 'W « 11 I'dittciilars free. H. C TDMSOH, Chicago, His, Pl*o'« llcmedy for Cfttntrh la tho Best, Busiest to Use, and Cheapest. CATARRH Soldi Me. H.! nt tit (Halt, Barren, Pa. WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC, E. Reeve & Co. nre selling all millinery goods at 10 per cent reduction. 7tf .. OI(t imparM to put, nuclei' the KKPUHMCAJf oHico. ynnv carpet nt MOKK WAOON.S. We nolice llml Jones (he who pays the freight) is securing another large invoice of the celebrated A. A. Cooper wagons. Jones has sold this make of xvagons for Iwenty years, which speaks well for Ihnir popularity. 2 tf If you wank the best, Baling Press in the world,wrile Cojlins Plow Co.,Quincy, Illinois, for catalogue and prices. 7tf I have a few full blooded black Lang Shang cockerels for sale, $1.00 each. 8tf p. M. TAY/,OII. E. Reeve <fc Cc. have now on display a complete line of fall and -winter slyles in millinery. Call and examine them. JOHN SHARP, SlOBialBT, Hoots anil shows nuul« to oi-ilpv. liei a stiecmlty. A lui-p.' stock of IniMi-.-; mill men's stlpiiors nnd warm shoes fust, received. Agoul; lorShiirji's Knirka Le.-itliitr Crcserva live—the liest slum dri.'ssinp in the- marker.. (Shop next to Kijiidiii!,' Room) Stock for Sale. 1 mare 0-year-old, 1 horse. 10-ynar-old, 1 yearling colt, 5 yearling steers, o heifer caUcs, 1 steer calf. 1% miles soulhweat of Algotm. J. R. THORNTON. AVntei'town Hoots nnd I have just received an invoice of Ihe above make, consisting of Kangaroo, Calf anrl Dongola Kid, both for Indies' and gentlemen's wear. Having had 2B years experience in the manufacture of boots and shoos I cnn witli confidence assure my patrons that for quality of Material and style of finish these goods have no superior in our markets. Prices to suit the times. JNO. SIIAIIP. South Dodge St., Algona. 12 Storm Sashes Of all sizes for sale by J. H. Quetil & Co. 7 10 A. EUICKSOX, Agent. Ofllce rooms to rent, inquire ot 7tf J. B. WINKEI,. Reduced Prices in inery Goods GROCERIES CROCKERY FRESH FRUITS GLASSWARE FLOUR -Until Pull blooded Berkshire boar pigs for sale—old enough for service. Also have a number of lino shoats for sale. 7lf A. W. SIQSBV. After the Holidays Special reduction on felt hats, trimmed hats, etc. A large stock of remnants in silks, satins and plushes to be closed out before Xrnas. Matson, McCall & Co, Sell all of the above and sell olieap. SOME BARGAINS IN CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE. MERCHANT TAILORS. ARE YOU A WOMAN WHO HAS NOT SEEN A COPY OF AKTHUR'S NEW HOME MAGAZINE of Philadelphia? "The host tinil chwipcsttlius- trated monthly ever published in tlm Kngllsli SIX SEOKT STOKIES AND SPLENDID articles hy host writers on all .suhjncis of Interest. to women. Threi- nioniliHfi'c.u it you take It now. .Sample; copy, in cents, CALL STREET. ALG-ONA, IOWA. Fall and Winter Suitings at Bargain Priees. ICYCLES. L(\DItS'GENTLtKW. ftPPLI CATION- Ct-EVELAND. -OHIO- . Improved Varan for Sale. Se qr and w hf ne qr Sec 11-94 28, town of Sherman, Kossuth" county, Iowa, containing 240 acres, house, barn, granary, well. etc. G. H. GOODKIDGE, '' A. D. CI.AKKE, Plattville, Wis. Algoua, Iowa. G 9 Hurrah lor the ITarmers. Something they all need. The Excel- ior Windmill Attachment • and Peed Grinder, can be attached to any wind mill and is guaranteed to do the work of ny feed grinder. Sample of the grinders may be seen at Matt Richardson's ware louse on State street. Come in and see us. Every machine sold is guaranteed to work or we get no pay. Jos. HUGI & Bnos., MATT RICIIAUDSON, ' Algona. 7 34 Agent. This f-pucc is reserved for Dv L. K. Giirfii'lrl. \vlio will sell U any bi«ydn nut vejircKi-'.'.itml by j^^'^2'4 Do You Want Employment? By which you can make from §75.00 to $250.00 per month—the amount depend'- ing on whether you work part or all your time, and on the nmo'int of vim and vigor and pluck unrl push you put into tbe work. If so it might pay you to write us. We've got something th'at goes and there's room for a low more to corno in. It won't cost you much to investigate—only a two cent stamp. We want a live, Wide awake representative in .your community, either man or woman. If you are interested we'd like to hear from you. We'll show you where there's some money. All information by return mail. Then if you are not convinced, all right; there'll be no harm done—only you'll miss a good thing. Better write at once. Address TUB BHODIX PUBLISIIING Co., Washington, D. C. THE ALGONA- STATE BANK. CXA-Frr-A-L, $6O.OOQ: A. D. CLAKKK, CH VS. CHUBB, CHAS. C. ST. CLAlK,. President. Tice-Presitleut. Casniey. DIHECTOKS—A. D. Clarke..C. C.'Ghubb, Myron'Schenck, ThoSi B.' Cook«; W. C. Tyrrell; Geo. Galbraith. Cbaa-.-- C. St. .Clair. to Loan at Reasonable Rates and General .Banking Business Transacted'.. Exchange bought android in alfparts of tnis country, and ^Europe; Special attention given to Collections! Ambrose A. Call, 1>. H. Hutchius,, President. ' Vice-Prosiftent. J. C. Blackf'owl,. 9 ' . i Of Alffoiw, Iowa. ja^-CAPITAI. $/>«. «* Money alivnyi* tvn hand to loan'at reasonable rates to parties who <-an fit £, rst-cl»HS security: Directors—Ambrose A. Call,"»'. H. Hutnhlns, 3. C. Jlluckfonl, Win. K. Ferguson,, C. B.HutclUiis, Philln IJorweiUM-. A. IV. Clarke. M Z GROVE 'sfeDlPFEV\EllTi AFTER C-M'R!STMAS, JOHN- Gftcn^e- LIVERY, FEED AND SALE STABLE Best of Horses and West of Thorington House. •a M. Z. ..GROa/Ev MANA«ERv. RILEY & YOUNG'S Combination SLAT and WIRE FENCE, It Is a fence for open countries, for It cannot be blown down. It Is tlie fence for low lauds, Ior it cannot be washed away. It destroys no ground wliatevor, and if beauty be considered an advantage, it Is the neatest and handsomest farm fence in the world. Tn short, it combines the good qualities of all fenees lu an eminent degree, and as soon as Introduced will become the popular fence of the country. It Is beautiful and durable. It is strong and will Increase tbo price of your farm far more than any other fence. It will last much longer than any other fence. It Is a great addition, occupies less ground, excludes less sundliine. has no'super- lor as a fence. It is stronger than any other fence nnd will turn any stock no matter how breacby. It Is plainly visible and Is not dangerous to stock like barb wire. The best horse fence In the world. U will protect all crops from a halt grown chicken to a wild ox. Uls the most uniform, attil by comparison of coat much the cheapest. Keut for sale lu all parts of Kossuth county. Mstile by Hlley & Young, Algona, Iowa. ... Bissgirs Furniture Protector Garpet Sweeper —IB tlie Queeen of— Christinas r ^ mr __ It will make a pleasure of labor, lighten drudgery, save dust and wear and "back-aches. They are beautiful machines, and lasting, perfect sweep- erS—the finest in the world. Sold exclusively by vJ. FARM LOANS. \V« can now niaUp loans oi»-improved Lands from one to-ten. year's tinift and five tno borrower the prfvlleee of \niyluz. tne wnole- ioau oraivv P'lrt thevpof n» eve» Sioo sit, any tiine when Itnerest falls* due. This Is Iowa Money, an&tio second nnorifiace <>r <tn»ui>ons are- taken. This plan o! tnaktiiK a loan will enable tlin l>orr*wer-to-re- "its mortKHEeatany tlme-aiid sa\'«'the interest on Sato amount^ Money lurnislied'at onee ou perlect title. Call (>n or-address,: paid. H. HOXIE, fiOW I EAENB AN ISLAOT. As UNPARALLELED A KTO and Stock Paper FREE To Every Subscriber of THE REPUJMpj ijigj. PIAHO CO, TTT , , t • that We ore pl«ased to announce * ments with the publishers of The we can give tliat excellent Stoc. Journal FRBB to every subscribe upon conditions named below. The For a Limited And will be offered by no other paper in Kossuth , f t . , •-?%„ navmf>nt ' * - -advance from the date of payment all who pay all arrearages and one year in X]r one y ear , we will give The Western Plowman Free It . . 'vance from date of payment o all new subscribers who pay one year m ad -»ne year. we will give The Western Plowman Free for t , . ... .. , • in advance who will pay oari whose subscription is paid a part of the yeai fhe Western Plowroaa enotjgh to make it a whole year in advance, will give FVce for one year. AUBURN, NEW YORK. lHATisthe WESTERS Tbe Vld Farm f ot 1st— The utmost care that Is 1 given io selectiag »ad buyittg' ao»e "best of materials. 3d— The best of workmanship in all their breaches, 3d— By the combination and practical usa of the most i«ipo?l»»t im> provements made. In this manner we effect the most obtainable result in regard to quality and durability. Our instruments have » rich vplume of tone, pwre ao4 oi long sustaining, singing quality. , • Our cases are double veneered in»lde and outside *1»U8 -»vwoi»g W* checking and warping. ; i Our keytbottoms are framed together like a dowr, and O»r patent music rack is tbe plainest an Our patent fall board is a novelty «nd of tbe most praotteal n»efttta*sfc'' <' ;| The patent repeating action is highly appreciated by expert pl«yew ? /.»j, Western Plowman is a 80 column Stock. Us chuck full of practical, valuable inform, fwmer and stopk raiser. Come in and subscribe now; jt«t your friends to com you and pet the best paper publUb«dlo Kowulb county aju 0xc«Ueaffarm paper wl* »t. " R: -" ll owo», i oortant improvement ever |n v«ntedvfl»* tttfttng ptn being ?J« f «U iron frame «ms lessening the WWy # »WJ>WWf 3 tS wringe, so commonly

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