The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1891
Page 4
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4 THE REPUBLICAN: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1891. To. ?0. *0, and DEM* ot tuns, OfltOAGO. MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAttt.. GOlKO WB8T. _ to. 1 passenger,. •••"?•*• 51* 0 9 nAitdAntfAl* i*.,.....!***•*» 4 *3i P in • o yftssoiiKOi ••• *•**••••***•**"• *' " VL r »-. nfreight ••••',VT K oSl fo.. 13 way freight ..... 11 stt a m ' 6 '< el « ht -'-«^OKAS*: ''"'" ^'«JS::::::::::::::::::-. 1 5«SS Noiuirtt'^.::::::::::::::::::: |*P» No. 8lrel|ht 10:55 pm Chicago & Northwestern B'y. UOINd MOUTH AND AVK8T. nfetaltt accommodation 8 :18 a m Chicago Mail ami Express 3 :34 p m UOFNG SOUTH ANO JSAST. Freight, accommodation fi :<h p m Chicago Mail and Express 2:J/ p m Chicago passenger reaches DCS Moines at 7 p. in., Chicago « a. in., anil Kansas City 9 -so a. m. Tickets for sale to all points In the Jnlted States anil Canada. ALGONA REPUBLICAN ALGONA, IOWA, fiteo. 24891. COUNTY MARKETS. PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY, B. J. DANSOJf. W. C. DANSON. A DANSON BROS., TTOUNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Office Over rvimstock's. B. F. REED, rn»»\'KY-AT-I.AW, Algona, Iowa. . , i i MIU Ualbnuth block, Of- E. V. SWETTING. W. B. QUARTON, A TTORNEY' AT LAW. OHice over Kossutli County Hunk. Oats Eggs Cattle. $0.00 @$0. Wheat... .72 @ .74 Flax 70@ .75 A1GONA MARKETS. .22 Corn. 25 Butter 23 Hogs 8.00 Barley 80 Timothy .80 Oats. Eggs 18 Cattle 0.00 Flax 70@ .75 Hay '6.00 Potatoes 20 IlANCBOVt. .$ .22 Corn . Butter Hogs. Barley 20 @ .27 . 22 @.25 .... "8.20 25 Wheat 70 Timothy 00 JAS. BARR, M. D., and L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., P UYSICIAN and SUUUEOX. Ofllco next door to Ford's Warehouse. Algona, Iowa. W. K. H. HOUSE. •'. M. PIUDE. MORSE & PRIDE. ALGONA, IOWA. a. T. WEST, M. D., P HYSICIAN ard SUUGBOX. Algona, Iowa, Office at residence. DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions titled. Deals In paints, ' oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner of 8t»rp imd Tljorington streets Algona. It.'wa. OUH The REPUBLICAN and any one of the journals named below will be sent to any address for one year at the following re duced rates: NEWspArnns. Des Moines Register $2 no Iowa Capital 2 on Sioux Oltv .lournal 2 :to Keokuk tiate City 230 MarshalHown Times-Republican 2 or> Omaha Bee 2 33 Chicago Journal 2 :K) Chicago Inter-Ocean 225 National Tribune 2-to Dtihnquc Times 1 '•»> Nc'\v York Press 2 00 SIAOAZINES AND HOME JOURNALS. Harper's Weekly 4 "r> Na/.ar 4 75 " Magazine 4 r>r> " Young People 3 or Oodey's Lady's Boole a or Domorest's Magsw.ino 305 Linplncott's Magazine 4 or Scientific American 4 05 American Kconomist 2 r>5 Home Market Bulletin l Housekeeper 210 Review of Reviews ;i 01 Housekeepers Weekly 2 ar PA1IM AND STOCK JOURNALS Iowa Homestead 2 if Prairie Farmer 2 2f The American Fanner 1 7( Western Rural 28.' Orange .Iudd Farmer 22' The Breeder's Guide and Practical Farmer 1 7r Rural Life 22; GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN PUBLICATION! Amerika 24 SvensUaTribunen x'A Iowa, Scants ZeltuiiK 2 r>. Svitliiod with premium 2 01 Skaiulinaven with premium .'JO, TEACHERS JOURNALS Teachers World 1 fl TlieKducator l Iowa Normal Monthly 2 2 Educational Gazette. ... 20 These rates are given for a limited pe riod and will be subject to revision from time to time. Subscribe now. Mrs. II. J. Hutsch returned from llinoia last week. Prof. Ghnffee retm-hitf'^otfKis vft« ation trip last evening .^ 'fj Samuel Reed has pur^jiafciid Fred! )ormoy's Algona property!>*•- '.:,., Our Wesley news letter was received his week to late for publication. The president's message Will be pub- ished in full in the REPUBLICAN. Dr. and Mrs. Shore of Des Moines pent their thanksgiving in Algona. Hon. J. G. Smith went to Des Vloines Monday evening on business. Mrs. Rev. Davidson and children are ick with what is pronounced to be malarial fever. Rev. Davidson was unable to fill the pulpit last Sunday on account of sickness in his family. Miss Clara Zahlten who accompanied has. Single's family to Whitten, re- Aimed home last week. The Young Ladies' Missionary soci- ty of the M. E. church will meet next Saturday evening with Mrs. Morse. "Mamie Lantry started Monday night 'or Notre Darne University—South Bend, Indiana, where she will enter T. J. FELLING, M. D. •DHYSfriANand sriiOKON. Consultation .tin Knulish and German Oflice and residence over Cioetch'sstoiv, Whlttemore, Iowa. .3. B. Sayers, D.V. M., Veterinary Physician i Surgeon B^-Otlicft west of i lie Thoniigton House, AlKona.lowa. HOSI-l CAl, Accommodations. Real Estate •**• DANSON & H UTOHISON Office over ICossnrh "mi'ity Mil;. Also do a loan and insttnuux! business. C. B. MATSON, Real Estate, S: Farm Loans LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. There are rumors of a new real estate and abstract firm for Algona, J. 3. ttarb ft ill tfcRin tv series of m^ clittrch'ib continue 6vet Saturday Sfanday. . ' W. L. Smith, a lawyer of Tipton, Iowa, was In town over Sunday. Me is prospecting for a location and thinks THE Lt(*HfNlN<* ROD SWINDLER in ftOMttthi Ho the People of St. Joseph and (lets ( 'Tic6d by an Irate #ftfm<ir with a Shot Gun. Lightning rod sharpers have been operating in the soxith end of the county during the past few weeks with i' nrEK caRISCHILLES' STORE. F.-I iii'.nuatlon in reirard to lands in North- 4v- • ••• i»wa. write to the Re i 1 Estate and Abstraet Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA. — IOWA. A. D. CLARKE & CO. FARM LOANS. ABSTRACTS. P. L. SLAG-LE, Manufacturer of and dealer in , Harness and Harness Goods,^ .\LttONA. IOWA. Do you want an auctioneer? D. A. HAGGARD Will cry city and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature strictly confidential. Olllce with F. M. Taylor. DKALKll IN WATCHES, CLOCKS AUD JEWELRY, All kinds of Silverware. Kepairing a specialty. Hotel and Restaurant. HALL, Proprietor, State Street, Algona. Ixdgliik' and meals. Board bv the day or week. Terms Si per day, $3.r>o per week Vv.ith furnished room, §2.50 per week for day board. Excelsior Wind Mill. Attachment and Feed Grinder. Can be attached to any wind mill. Farmers can do their own grinding. Matt Richardson will show you how it works. Jos. Huoi & BROS., MATT RICIIAKDSON, Gen'l Agents. Agent, Algona, Iowa. Kossuth County ALGONA, IOWA. , Capital, • $50,OOQ- Inforporated under general laws of Iowa.' Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought aud sold. Collection made promptly aud a general banking biwiuww traniiaoted. Pas*a*e tlekefai t« or from tbe old <r'<(0fie« void at Ivwesi rates. INGRAM. Pr««lde»t. Court next week. Judge Can 1 pre siding. Amasa Paine is building an additio to his hay barn. J. A. Winkel of Bancroft was i town Thanksgiving. S. S. Sessions left yesterday for Des Moines on bnsiness. Mrs. A. S. JFlanigan left for Mt Vernon monday on a visit. Tommy Bilsborough is back at his old stand in the HEPUULICAN office. The Winter term of the Northern Iowa Normal School opens next Tuesday. Fred Dormoy has sold his pi'Opei'ty In Algona and will remove to Te*Jts shortly. C. A. Weaver of Des Moines, secretary of the Commission of Pharmacy, was in Algona Saturday on business. A letter from Willis Ilallock states that he has secured a position as job printer in the office of the Daily Enterprise. The Ladies of the Catholic church will give an oyster supper at the grange hall next Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. All are invited. The Ladies Aid society of the M. E. church are arranging for a sociable at J. P. Gilmore's two weeks from tomorrow evening. Alex White, agent of John Paul Lumber Co., went to Winnebago city and other Minnesota points Monday to invoice stock for the company. it . There is something in the REPUBLICAN this week well worth anyone's careful perusal. Jas. Taylor has an announcement of some bargains that are well worth reading about. All the children of Algona and vicinity are. invited to the Children's meeting conducted by the state superintendent of the American Bible society, next Sunday at 8 p. m., at the M. E. churcfc A years subscription to the • 'Farmer's Friend", a journal of 1(> pages published twice a month, free to all subscribers of the REPUBLICAN not selecting any other premium, who pay in advance' Miss Amy Hedrick was married last Saturday to a Mr. Seeley, of Des Moines, who is a traveling salesman for a Des Moiries House. The couple left Saturday afternoon for Des Moines where they will make their future home. H.'W. Hughes of Grinnell Superintendent of the American Bible society for Iowa will be in Algona next Sunday upon the occasion of the meeting of the Kossuth County Bible Society. Union services will be held in the Methodist church in the evening addressed by Rev. Hughes. There will be a free dinner at the Grange hall next Saturday given by the members of the Algona Grange, who will meet at that time to celebrate the 25 anniversary of the founding of their order. All who are favorably Disposed toward the mange are invited to attend and partake of the dinner. school. A. Union Bible meeting will be held it the M. E. church next Sunday evening addressed by llev. T. B. Hughes. >f Grinnell. The old roller skating craze has been partially revived. There have been fair crowds at the rink every evening that it has been open. Mrs. J. J. Ramsey has been confined to her bed for the past five weeks from a severe attack of inflammatory rheumatism. She is still helpless. Licensed to marry, Iretus C. Johnson and Delia L. Whitcliorn, William F. Lehman and Lottie R. Thomas, Geo. Henry Barr and Susie E. Gilbert. Geo. W. Barr and Miss Susie Gilbert were married last Wednesday afternoon. Both parties are well known to many readers of the REPUBLICAN who will wish them a happy married life. The Ladies' Aid society of the Baptist church held a sociable last Saturday at the residence of W. F. Hofius, north of town. Several sled loads of people from Algona attended. Fred Patterson, who has been attending Highland Park College, Des Moines, has returned home to remain until the opening of the next term in Febrwary. His eyes are seriously affected and need care and rest. A young man up in Minnesota went to a spelling school, so an exchange relates, and was spelled down on his girl's name—Mabel. To add to his embarrasment his rival spelled the name correctly and wont home with .he girl. A. W. Moffatt has placed a SpencC [lot Water Heater in his residence in anticipation of a severe winter. These heaters afe somewhat expensive but ihey are much more satisfactory than furnace. The heater was purchased of J. P. Gilmore. Subscribers will find the" date when their subscription expires upon the labels of their papers. Pay up a year in advance and secure a premium. Doift allow yourself to get in arrears with your newspaper. Keep paid up. It is the best plan. a Arrangements are being made for appropriate observance of Christmas in Algona. There will be a Christmas tree and literary program at the Methodist church and a cantata—"The trial of Santa Clans" will be presented at the Congregational church. The members of the Y. W. F. M. S. of the M. E. church, are preparing to entertain the public at the court house Tuesday evening, December 15, with "An Evening in the Orient." Let everyone fond of travel or of ethnological study remember the date, December 15. Tickets 85 and 25 cents. Children under twelve years 10 cents. Out in Tama, when the Methodist minister was approaching the polls on election clay, he was stopped by some ardent democrat and offered a prohibition ticket, with the remark, "Vote as you pray, elder," "Vote as you preach." "I am going to," was the reply, showing a straight republican ticket, '-but how is it you know so much of my preaching ?I never see you at church." Mr. Rev. W. II. Dorward will begin a special series of sermons on revivals next Sunday evening. The object is to arouse the Saints to a more primitive puritanical and old fashioned confidence in God's word which remains, forever the same. The topic for the morning service will be "Gods Forward." All are cordially welcome to the services. Covenant meeting Saturday 2:80 An interesting romance culminated last Saturday in the marriage of Seymour Allen and Miss Bowman. Readers of the REPUULICAN will remember that Miss Bowman was with Allen last spring at the time of the cutting affair and how she warmed up Herman Rant- zow with a piece of a board while he was trying to assist Hubbavd in attending to Allen. Allen was pretty of stopping in Kossuth county The ladies of the Episcopal society will hold a pumpkin sociable at the residence of Mrs. L. Dodge, December 4th. All are cordially invited. The regular meeting of Jas. C. Taylor Post will be held Wednesday night, December 9th. In addition to other business will be the election of officers. There will be a clime sociable at the home of Mrs. A. P. Hall on Friday evening of this week, for the benefit of the reading room. All are cordially invited. Regular meeting of W. C. T. U. on Friday afternoon at three o'clock. This is a work that christains especially should be interested in and a large attendance is disired. Our artist has just finished the pictures of two local celebrites for .the REPUBLICAN. He is now at work mak- ng the engravings which will be ready for next week's issue. Jas. Taylor has used up most of the iditoria-1 space of the REPUBLICAN this week in telling about the bargains he s now offering for a limited period of time. Everybody should read his advertisement. Letters remaining uncalled for at the post office in Algona week ending Nov. 28, '91. De Forest Driver, Ida Walker, C. II. Taylor, J. P. Zemert, James Cain, A. J. Sullivan, Wm. Krebs, Henry Hanson, C. W. George, G. Spencer. The ladies of the W. C. T. U. are making arrangements for another medal contest to take place as soon as possible. Those who wish to take part will meet in room No. 9, at the school house, on Friday evening of this week, December 4, at 4 p. m. The ladies would be very glad to have contestants from any part of the county. The night classes of the Normal school will open January 4th—in German, bookkeeping and penmanship. There will be three sixty minute recitations a week in each study—Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings in the W. C. T. U. reading room. The advertisement, with rates of tuition and schedule of hours, will be published later. Apply to the principal for particulars. The shoemaker Seamens, who has been working for John Sharp since the Scotchman left, departed last week for Williams, Iowa, where he expects to set himself "p in the boot business, Mr. Sharp lias engaged a View shoemaker from Minneapolis, by the name of Doyle, who is an expert workman. Sharp's shop is a good place to go if your loot wear needs repairing. See his advertisement in the REPUBLICAN, Michael Brick, of Ledyard, who allowed the fire to escape that swept over the prairies around Ledyard a couple at weeks ago, destroying upwards of $1,000 Wol'th of hay and other property, appeared before Esquire Thompson last week and pleaded guilty to the charge of criminal carelessness in allowing lire to escape. He was lined $10.00 and costs by the Squire. It is reported that ho turned over his personal property for the benefit of the losers by the lire. GEO.E.CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National Bank: - - town. their usual success. One man Was swindled out of $880.00 and several other victims are reported. Mr. Henry Meyer was almost a victim but came to Algona with a copy of the contract they had induced him to sign for a lifc- tle advice. He went to J. B. Winkel who discovered a promise to pay upwards of $100, hidden in the contract with a further promise to pay 75 cents per foot for all rods required over and above 85 feet. Mr. Winkel advised him to go home, load his shot gun, and shoot the first man that attempted to climb on the barn. Mr. Meyer took the advice and the swindlers have left the country. He arrived home just in time to find them making preparations to put the rods on his barn but they left in some haste when he massed his forces and commenced to train his artillery. Their swindling operations around St. Joseph were doubly culpable owing to the methods they employed to get into the confidence of the people. They first called on Rev. Anler of the Catholic church, representing that they were good Catholics. They mounted his house with rods and refused to accept any pay for the job. In return for the kindness Rev. Anler mentioned them in the pulpit the next Sunday morning and advised his people to buy of them in case they had any need of lightning rods. With the recommendation of the priest to help them they commenced their harvest next morning. People will learn after awhile that the lightning rod agent is not to be trusted. The North Street STEAM LAUNDRY I have lately put In a new polishing machine and am ^now prepared tn do Work that will compare with that of any STEAM LAUNDRY. Washing will be collected and delivered at any part of the city, Give The North Street Steam Laundry a trial. Leave orders at P. 0., Box 'J'O. D. B. AVEY, HARNESS -:- MAKER And dealer in HORSE SUPPLIES, As a preyentative and'cure for croup, Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has no rival. It is, ia fact, the only remedy that can always be depended upon and that is pleasant and safe to take. There is not the least danger in giving it to children, as it contains no injurious substance. For sale at 50 cents per bottle by Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Touchers AVuutcd. Editor REPUHLICAN: Teachers who have not already secured a situation for the winter should apply to some one of the following sub-directors: Wm. Kerr, Bancroft; C. L. Genrich, Lu Verne; Win. Carter, Irvingtou; C. B. Ilutchins, Algona, want 1st class; B. F. Smith, Ramsay; David Zimmerman, West Uendi Peter Marty, Lu Verne. BEKTHA CAUKY, Co. Supt. Neatly done on snort notice. At Lacy's old stand, opposite Ten nant House, Algona, Iowa. F. L PARISH. S PECIAL ATTENTION will lie given to all kinds of repairing, Including Tinware, Gasoline Stoves, Guns, Pinnqs and Clothes Wringers. Am also prepared 10 put in Furnaces and do plumbing and Gas Pipe fitting. Iron and Tin roofing. Prompt attention will be given to all kinds ol work In my line. South oi. court house. F. L. PARISH. badly cut up and Miss Bowman stayed right by kia side and pursed him until he recovered. She is a plucky girl and people who are not peaceably inclined had better keep away from Seymour. Public School Eeport. Following is a comparative report of the city schools for months ending Nov. 21th, 1BS10, nml Nov. 27, 1801. 1800 1891 Total enrollment...: i • =:;: •. •. •. •• •. •. • •!»» MO Monthly enroftfnent •«......;;.. -t5S filK) AveragebelyrupiiiK .. .... .mu.. 4L'U.l 4K0.70 Averaue attendance ,. -IQfl.n 455.00 Days of alwence t'7.5 5402 Visits ...... .......... 12.1 (U ver C'.'iit of attvnilanct! in m.s 'er cent of punctuality... iiii.85 IW.S .'eacher's tardiness o 1 *<o. neither absent nor tardy — 215 aos Tlie following table shows the rank of each room in per cent, of attendance ind punctuality for the month and the number of days each room has had 10 absence. Days taught 18. •f<o •go If you want a good fitting Suit or Overcoat —Go to- (Over Sheet/'s Drug Store.) He cuts everything by the New System and cuts to fit. The best goods and the best prices at Thorson's. You are invited to in-vesti- ate and be convinced. The Last Roll Call. Archibald Gillinglmm, well known in this community, died Thursday morning at the Wilwaukee Soldiers Home. The lirst impression of the family was that the remains be brought and buried here in charge of the G. A. II. Post. A special meeting of the Post was called to deliberate upon the matter. Members of the post were conversant with the honors conferred by the state at the deceased inmates of the house at Milwaukee, at the time of burial as well as the subsequent care of the soldiers' cemetery, and felt incompetent to undertake the task as it could not give a more honorable burial or a more litting resting place. Upon second thought the family concurred in the decision of the Post, and the funeral was held at Milwaukee Saturday afternoon at two o'clock.—B. Colic, Diarrhoea, Dysentery and all kindred complaints arc dangerous if al lowed to run any length of time. So it is the duty of all parents to keep a med icine on hand at all times that will effect a positive and permanent cure. Beggs' Diarrhoea Balsam is guaranteed to do this. Sold and warranted by F. W. Dingley. Low Bute* to Pen Mollies. On account of the Annual Banquet and Business Meeting of the Iowa State Traveling Men's Association to be held at Des Moines, December 3d to 5tb, the Chi cago & North-Western Railway Company will sell excursion tickets to Des Moines and return, December 2d and 3d, at tbe low rate of one fare for the round trip tickets good for return until December 7th. , Apply to agents Chicago & North- Western Railway for tickets and further information. ConotipatioB, »ad all trouble^ *M* (he digestive organs and the liver, are cored ' ttlte. Name of Teacher. lloom l Tllllo Cnimcr " '2 Lillian Decker.... " :j AlmaClironholm " 4Olli« Wilkinson.. " r> Jennie hailey — " (i <!ora Wise, " 7 Hat-tie Ohesley — " KKditli Call...' ... " '.) Jj M Horton " 10 ICva Whitney Depot Jennie 1'ettlbone 1 41 10 | = 2 'S, " j •2 llespectfully, W. II. DIXSON. Catarrh Is a constitutional and not a local disease, and therefore it cai-vuot be cured by local applications. It requires a constitutional remedy like Hood's Sarsaparilla, which, working through the blood, eradicates the Impurity which causes and promotes tbe disease, and Catarrh effects a permanent cure. Thousands of people testify to the success of Hood's Sursa- parllla us a remedy for catarrh wlicu other preparations had fulled.' rJlp'odfa Sursaparilla also builds up the whole uystem, and makes you feel renewed iu heoUU iiiid strength. " I used Hood's 6:irsapai'flla for catarrh, and received great relief ^aftd beuej&t from it The catarrh was very dlsJtgref able, especially In the winter, causing constant discharge titan my nose, ringing noises in my ears, and pains In the back of my head. The effect to clear Catarrh my head in the uiornlug by hawking an4 aplfr ting was paluful. Hood's Sarsaparflla gftTO me relief immediately, wWlo In tijwe I waf entirely cured. I am neyw wltjioui Bflfid't Sareaparilla in my house a» 1 think it is »flrtU its weight in gold." MBS. a ft &W» Eighth Street, H. W., WpWnt«n,». & Hood'e We would call attention to' the ruct that we we located here permanently, for the manufac- ttre aud sule of cemetery work In Marble. Granite and Stone. \Ve now luive and intend o keep in stock a fair line of finished Monu- nents. Headstones, etc.. and will (juarautee Ul work to be equal to the hest. We are the only manufacturers of cemetery work iiv Kos- sutn Co. Tlierefnre.pleasc jiive us a call before placing your order aud bo convinced that by air and honorable dealing, we are worthy your patronage. ALGONA MARBLE WORKS, SHELLEY Sc HALL, Proprietors, East State St., Algona, Iowa. Setehell & SetcMl Millinery and Fancy Goods, Celebrated Jackson Ooreet Waist for Ladies, (Mdrea, Splendid variety of Stanaped Linens, Felts, Plushes and Faacy Silks. "TRIMMINGS. Mittens, ete.

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