The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 25, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1891
Page 8
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8 c ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, tfOVEMBEB 25, 1891. THE COUNTY NEWS, by Special Correspondents. publishes more outside than all tho six other papers published In Ros- iutli county combined. For tho Uivncrnft NR\v8 see page G. ToOoBitrcst'ONOKNTs :— Ail cotivsiwfiaence fortlie KKi'i'iiunAN should reach this ofllce not Inter than Tuesday evening. Please bear this In mind. •\VJ58M5Tf. E. F. Bacon shipped a carload of cattle last Tuesday. Ri v, McBride attended the district conference »t Clarion last week. Hen Hopkins has gone to Emmetsburg to act us night operator for a time. Tlu- band boys received their new instruments Tuesday and are very proud of them. Pressed hay is accumulating in and around the hny barns for lack of cars to ship it to market. Mr. Thos. Gray is anxious to build on lots recently purchased but no carpenter can be found to undertake the work. Freeman Ash, Sr , is building a commodious house near the small house which he now occupies ns a residence. L. W. Potter's bouse and J. II. Ford's are nearing completion. Other buildings would be in process of erection if carpenters could be procured. A telegraph operator from Emmetsburg has temporary charge of the station at this place in order to relieve M. J. Kcllcy who has been caring for his sick wife. George Hall, manager of the Alliance Store, has gone home for a few days to attend to the threshing itnd other matters 'connected with his farm. J. W. Hopkins is assiting Mr. Potter during Mr. Hall's absence. N. Studor purchased of F. M. Butts ten acres of land about half a mile south of town for §50 per acre. Mr. Studor purposes building on the land and occupying it in order to bring his family nearer to school privileges. Ada llolleubeclc visited Lu Verne last -week to attend the wedding of Vinnie Grow who was married to a Mr. Thos. Gray. Vinnie was for many years a resident of U'esU-y and her friends here extend beartyjcongratulations. Mrs. Kelley. after an illness of about ton days, passed away about 11 o'clock Thursday evening. Her remains were taken to Meno, S. D., her former home. Mrs. Kulley was beloved and respected by all. She leaves a husband and one son to mourn her loss. Mr. Kelley's mother, from Nora Springs, has been here for a •week past caring for her daughterin-law. Two of Mrs. Kelley's sisters, from Dakota, were with her for a fewj days previous to her death. Fred Anderson is moving his barn in order to make room for Will GillespJB's bhicksmiili shop. This will give Mr'. Gllk'spic an excellent location and one that will be convenient for farmers visiting his shop, Now -who will make room for a shoemakers shop and a harness shop? A gentleman remarked the other day Unit, he would give $ 500 toward establishing a good harness aud shoe shop. Perhaps one man would not invest so much but there is little doubt that the business men would give something to secure a good workman who comes to stay. \VU1TTJKM OHK. The Good Templars Lodge is reorgan- i/.ed and meet every Friday evening. Ed. Englers' new building is up aud enclosed. It improvo.s that corner wonderfully. Our school teachers and their pupils are talking of closing the fall term with a grand exhibition. Rev. Thomas, assisted by oue or two other ministers, will commence a series of special meetings soon. The Ladies Aid Society will not meet this week as Thursday, their regular day of meeting, is Thanksgiving day. The sk'ight of hand performance here last Monday evening was pronounced a slim aH ! ;iir by those who attended. The M. E. church at Hodman will be dedicated next Sunday afternoon at 12 o'clock by Rev. W. A. Black, P. E. G. A. Lover, of Amboy, Minn., arrived in Whitteuiore last Monday for a visit with his daughter, Mrs. C. C. Samson. Mrs. (). M. Thrasher entertained her Sunday school class last Wednesday cvcuiu::;. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely aud were sorry when the time cuine to go home. At the election held on the Ittth it was decided to incorporate the town. The vote wtis 40 to 11 in favor of the iucovpo ration. An election of officers will be held in two weeks. Whittemore is mov ing in the right direction. The Baptist church will he dedicated next Sunday, services morning and evening. Several ministers are expected to be present, among them Rev. Robt. Cat- roll who is well known in Whittemore, People here are always glad of an opportunity lo hear him speak. Miss Ida Govern has gone to Rockford Illinois, to spend the winter. Miss Clara Mallicws is expected home from Independence this week. Miss Nettie Owen began her school in the Btone district last Monday. Eugene Wheelock begins his school in the Cunningham district this week. Fred Riugsdorf is improving bis place by building an addition to his barn and a iarge cattle eked. M. H. Millis and family have .moved to Belmond. They will be greatly /Hissed by their many friends in this vicinity. J. W. Stott is on the sick Hat this week. Dr. Bean ia attending him. Mr. Stott Is building a large new Darn. Mr. Eastman, of Butt is doing tbe carpenter work t No, Bancroft, we were not offended at your intruding on our territory, but permit mo to add (bat among those who wore present and invested in shadows was J. A. Freeh and C. W. Stockwcll of Bancroft. A number of tbe young people of this leighborhood gathered at T. A. Butterfield's last Wednesday evening. The vening was spent in (.-ating pop corn and Maying games, and all went home feeling .hat they bad spent a very enjoyable svcning. N. G. Mead lost a vnluablc horse last Sunday. It, bad iv severe full while running. Mr. Ostrander was immediately imimoncd but found it, would bo necessary to put the animal out of its misery. )? its shoulder blade was broken and lothing could be done to save it. it- t. (.»jifi m ISM HII Af'toi 1 LHiintM* ?$pt;j»ki'r. A?, an ul'ter dinner speaker the <n;i- jieror no superior in Germany. H« speak* readily without notes, expresses himself with vigor, never descenda to conventional commonplaces, and, above till, gives the very best assurance that his words are not prepared for him. I have beard conspicuous speakers in Bug- hmd ntid in our own country, and. H comparisons aro not in this case invidious, I should say that the German emperor need not fear to meet sucb an audience as even a New England society dinner assembles. One of the prettiest speeches 1 have listened to was delivered by the emperor in answering the toast to his wife in the province where she was born. It was during the great combined naval and military maneuvers of 1890, at which the United States was represented by Commander Ward, and Great Britain by Admiral Hornby. The emperor's words were: "I desire to express to you, my dearest sir, tho gratitude felt by the empress and myself for the kind words we have just heard. At the same time our thanks to the whole for the day we have passed and for the reception which the province has prepared for us. This day was, however, not needed in order to assure us of the warm friendship we have found here. "The bond that unites me to this province and chains ine to her in a manner different from all others of my empire is the jewel that sparkles at my side, her majesty the empress. Sprung from this soil, the type of the various virtues of a German princess, it is to her that I owe it if I am able to meet the severe labors of my office with a happy spirit and make head against them." The words of tho emperor were unexpected, and to no one more so than to his wife, whose face beamed with happiness at the compliment she so publicly received. Nor did any one who listened to the speaker at that dinner think to question tho spontaneity and honesty of the language. — Poultney Bigelow ia Century. T\vo Romarknblo Hturvlages. Among the romances of the last century ia handed down one of a certain nobleman who was making ready for his wedding ceremony with the lady of his choice when he learned from a frightened messenger that the lady had eloped with another lover. Not at all disconcerted, he coolly continued his toilet, and when id was completed he asked his houansbeeper which ouo of his servants was without that excellent thing in life a lover. Learning that the kitchen maid was tho only oue, he sent for her, bade her don her Sunday frock, persuaded her to accompany Iwm to the the church at the time appointed for his wedding, and brought the simple country maiden back a peeress of the realm. The marriage turned out very happily, like tho more recent mariago of an English gentleman in New York, who found a young emigrant girl of his own nationality who had missed her friends and was alone in the street. Ho asked her after a, few moments' conversation if she had come to America to find a husband, and when sha answered coyly in tho affirmative ho took her to the nearest church, anil thoy wero wedded, and are, according to the latest reports, happy together.—New York Sun. A Mull AVIu> Palms Things. Two gentlemen, shook hands in the street a day or two ago, and as they unclasped their hands a small wad of paper fell to the sidewalk. "What is this;" said one of the men, stooping to pick up the wad. "Oh, that is my five dollar bill," Bakl the other man. "I made a ball of it and palmed it when 1 left the house in order that 1 would not forget to stop in at my grocer's and pay a bill. But I forgot all about the confounded thing." "Do you mean to say that you have carried that wad in the palm of your hand for an hour or two without realizing that it was there?" "Cortainly; 1 frequently carry small articles in the palm of my hand for several hours. They never fall out, and they don't bother me. 1 learned the trick of palming when I was a boy, and 1 have practiced it ever since. I can palm half a dozen coins at the same time aud retain them concealed in my hand all day if 1 want to. "1 can eat my dinner, smoke a cigar, read a paper, and do almost everything, except shake hands, without disturbing the palmed coins. I find the palming knack very useful sometimes, particularly when I want to conceal any small articla temporarily."—New York Times. Ignorance of the merits of De Witt's Little Early Risers isamisfortune. These little pills regulate the liver, cure headache, dyspepsia, bad breath, constipation and biliousness. Dr. L. A. SLtcetz. Constipation, and all troubles with the digestive organs and the liver, are cured by Hood's Pills. Unequaled as a, dinner pill. Premiums^ Every Subscriber OF THE REPUBLICAN, ELEGANT PORTRAITS FREE DESCRIPTION OF THE PORTRAITS, An elegant Crayon Lithograph picture FREE to all subscribers of THE IlEl'UJILTCAN. To all who pay all arrearages and one year in advance from the date of payment we will give any one of the Crayon Lithographs listed below KJtKK AS A P11KM1UM. To all new subscribers who pny one year in advance from date of payment we will give any one of the Crayon Lithographs listed below FIIKK AS A PREMIUM. LIFE-SI2SED BUST PORTRAITS OP PROMINENT MEN, Crayon Lithographs, printed in one color, as lino as steel. Size of each, 122x28. U. S. GENERALS. Geo. Washington, Andrew Jackson, U. S. Grant, Jas. A. Garlield, Winfleld Scott, Henry W. llalleck, John A. Logan, Phil II. Sheridan, Frank P. Blair, P. J. Osterliaus, Benjamin Harrison. Thadeus Koscitts/ko, Kayatnier/, Pulawski, Jan Sobieski, (full llgure.) John E. Wool, Geo. Stonernan, Philip Kearney, llussell A. Alger, Win. T. Sherman, J. C. Fremont, Geo. G. Meaile, W. S. Hancock, A. E. Burnside, Heinty.elman, W. B. Franklin, E. O. C. Orel, Admiral Farragut, Admiral Porter, Commodore Foote. CONFEDERATE GENERALS. llobert E. Lee, Jas. Longstreet, G. T. Beauregard,Ambrose P. Hill, J. E. Jonuston, Eichard S. Ewell. PROMISCUOUS.' Abraham Lincoln,Greyer Cleveland, Jas. G. Bhiine, Mary, Queen of Scotts, W. E. Gladstone, Thomas Jefferson, L. P. Morton, Duke of Wellington, Frederich L.Jahn,Gustavo Adolph, Lafayette, Jefferson Davis, in. 1864, John Brown, Jefferson Davis, in 1889, Fred Douglass, Dan O'Connell, Wm. Penn, F. II. E. Yon Ilumboldt. Piy.arro, La Salle, \Y~ni. Winclom, Daniel Webster, Geo. Bancroft, Chas. Dickens, Adelina Patti, Harriet B. Stowe. Chas. S. Parnell, Mrs. F. C. Cleveland, Benjamin Franklin, Emperor Napoleon I. Emperor Frederick II. Christopher Columbus, Fernando Cortey/, Robert Emmett. John Smith, De Soto, Dr. Robert Koch, Jenny Lincl, COMPOSERS. Handel,, Liszt, Wagner, Gounod, Verdi, Chopin, Bach, Haydn, Weber, Rossini, Auber, Flotow, Lortzing. POETS. Longfellow, W. C. Bryant, Gluck, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Meyerbeer, Schubert, Schumann, Shakespeare, Goethe, Oliver Goldsmith,Robort Burns, Leasing, Byron, Uhl ami. Tennyson, GENERALS ON THEIR WAR HORSES. Schiller, John G. Wlritter, Thomas Moore, Scott, Koerner. Each General on a sheet 22x28 inches, Goo. Washington,U. S. Grant, Wm. T. Sherman,Philip II. Sheridan, Jas. A. Gadield, W. S. lloaecrans, Robt. E. Lee, Geo. II. Thomas, Ambrose E. Burnside, G. A. Custer, N. B. Forrest, Geo. B. Meade, P. J. Osterhaus, Jas. B. McPherson, John Morgan, Jas. E. 13. Stuart, One color, plain. John A. Logan, Joseph Hooker, Benj. Harrison, Fran/ Sigel, Winfleld S. Hancock, Geo. B. McClellau, T. J. Jackson, G. T. Beauregard.CIL MISCELLANEOUS PICTURES. The Presidents of the United Stotes from 1789 to 1889. In one color. Copyrighted. On sheet 22x28 inches. Our patrons will please notice that this is the most important and historical group of its kind ever published, as it now, of course, for the first time, embraces an exact period of one hundred years. Centennial Inauguration. Sixe 22x28 This picture is intended as n Souvenir of the Inauguration of the Presidency of the United States, 178!) to 188!). The Cornmanders-in-Chief, G. A. R., executed in line steel tint. Copyrighted. Six.e, 22x28. The Knights of Labor Group Picture. This is the only true and authentic Knights of Labor picture extant. The Irish Members Group. Copyrighted. Si/.e, 22x28. The above picture shows the interior view of the House of Parliament, and a correct portrait of each member in his seat, President Harrison and His Cabinet. Size, 22x28. 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All tne below in colors and plain black. Size of sheet, 22x28 inches. The Harrison Family Group, in two colors. In one color. The above group picture is made from photographs kindly presented •us by one of the members of the family, thus securing a true likeness of each portrait. The Garfield Family Group in colors. In oue color. Copyrighted. The Gariield Family Parlor Group in one color Copyrighted. The Grant Family Group in colors. In one color. Copyrighted. President Cleveland and Wife in one color. This is decidedly the finest picture of its kind in the market, showing the President and his Wife in the Library Boom of the White House \vith other appropriate surroundings. George Washington Group at Mount Veruou. This ia made after the historic family group picture now iu tfce picture gallery in Washington. General John A. Logan uad Family in owe color. Copyrighted. Davis au4 Family. . H. B. BTiRt, IOWA, KbVEMBER Oats 28 Corn ,. .26 Eggs .18 Bulter 26 Cattle $0.00 Hogs 3.10 Wheat.... 10®.1& 'Barley ... .25@,80 Flax $ .75 Hay 6.00 NKAVS. Mr. Colver is hbtae from his Nebraska trip. j Will Easterly| is home,again for a short timo.. Old lady God (ten is confined to her bed by sickness. Jno. Meigs is running D. Paine's hay press these days. | M. Stephens andJA. D. Clarke were on our streets Monday. Mrs. J. H. Grahahi is spending a few weeks at home in Bancroft. Wm. Sliaeffer has built a commodious addition to his residence. The Union depot and section house each shine in a new coat of red paint. The carpenter work on Mr. Marble's store is, being pushed ; as fast as possible. Dr. Chas. McConnack, formerly of this place, but now of Algona was a caller Tuesday. S. II. Miller of Webster City, wbole- sale furniture dealer, was calling upon Wm. Cook Tuesday. Tom Little was up from Algona last week, putting on the finishing coat of plaster for Ora Sheldon. Wm. Strickler has built an addition to his barn, having purchased a lot of blooded cattle of J. B. Jones. Charles Long has his photograph gallery now located on Norton Avenue east of Buell & Nicholson's store. Joseph Markel is the chap that will mend your shoes or boots and make them as good as new. Don't forget it. A brother of G. B. Whitney, driving through from Dakota to Waucoma Iowa, stopped a few days the past week with G. B. A new barn looms up on Mr. O'Neill's residence lots, and masons are at work laying the stone wall for his residence. Buckwheat flour, 4 cents per lb. at CADY & HALT.OCK'S. Lenox soap . v eap by the box at the Cash Store. TAKE NOTICE. All persons indebted to me on account will please call and settle. If the time I have allowed you has been an accommodation please accommodate me now with the cash. :-tf G. B. WHITNEY. Winter apples 00 cents per bushel at the grocery firm of CA.DY & HALLOCK'S. "O! how I dread to sec my hair turning gray." is a remark made by so many ladies. If they only knew that 75 cents invested in one hottle of Beggs' Hair Renewer would not only check it at once, but give it a luxurious and glossy appearance, we know that they would not hes- itato to buy. We guarantee every bottle. Sold by F. W. Dingley. Go to Graham's for pumps. If you are troubled with rheumatism or a lame back, bind on over the seat of pain a piece of flannel dampened with Chamberlain's Pain Balm. You will be surprised at the prompt relief it affords. Fifty cent bottles for sale by Dr. L. A. Sheet/.. A, A, Beane, A. M,, M, D, Office at the BURT HOTEL J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt BUBT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. REPAIRING. I have opened up a Boot and Shoe Repair Shop —In— OSTRANDER'S HARNESS SHOP. And am prepared to do all kinds of repairing in neat and workmanlike manner. Give me a call. JAS. NEW HARNESS SHOP. You can buy Vasecft Flour for $1 25 @ $1 BO Kay Flower -Tea for * ;. go ftnama Package Coffee for. .'...«,.. 25 Ive Cigars for 10 6 ounces Plug Tobacco for 80 loots and Hhoes cheap *ew Sorghum.. ...'.•; 50 Juckwheat FJour i )lamoml Yeast , 8 Yeast Foam 4 inotf Ball Baking Powder 25 flochaand Java Coffee 30' icnox Soap, by the box 4 29 The Best Goods for the Least Money is at CADI& Cash Grocery, Pfl 3urt has a Furniture Store. Btiy your furniture of W. M. Cook. 3F°A good stock and reasonable prices, I have openediup a harness shop above McDonalds hardware and will inak< first-class harness to order. Also do al kinds of repairing. Will also keep on fctad a good lino of , Blasts, lips, Etc, a G» In* Geo. E, Marble lb. package coffee $2$ Ibs. oat meal 25 package large sized yeast '.'. '. '..'.'.'.'. ~6 package small sized yeast 3 lb. California peaches 10 box lenox soap 4 00 package soda ".'.'.'. 7 lb. plug tobacco '.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'. 25 5 ozs. baking powder 35 can tomatoes - t JQ qt. cranberries 10 We Sell the Goods and we an quote Prices that would astonish penny concerns. LOOKHERE Do you want to buy Arbnckles and Jersey coffee for $ 23 Yeast foam and Royal ~3 "ancy evaporated apples \ 12 6 Ibs. evaporated blackberries 1 00 2 Ibs. finest muscatel raisins 1 00 cans blackberries 35 lb. can of good table peaches 15 cans of choice salmon 25 cans of full weight lye 25 And all other goods as low as any firm are sell them. If so call and see us. Truly Yours. NICIIO.LSON & BUELL. When in town call 011 Whitney and see his new line of HEATING STOVES Remember he always has on hand a full line of Shelf and Heavy Hardware. STOP —AT THE— BUBT HOTEL! M. L, MAYHEW, Proprietor, Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. PLOWS. When you need anything In Plows call on the new Firm of GRAHAM <fe ELVIDGE. LEGAL BLANKS. The REPUBLICAN keeps constantly on baud a full stock of tbe following .Legal Blank forms: »eed. Quit Claim De«4, letw- ea, Real Kstuto Mortgage, CUutttel Mortgage, SatisliioUon O f Mortgage, Original Notice, LuuU Contracts, Cwutractn for Buildiug School HQUHB, Notice Trial, Probate of Will, T»* Sale Notices. Petition iUttufcti, District Towusblv tUanfcti, Oath BllM»k*,

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