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Wellington, Texas
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Thursday, August 31,1933 The Wellington Leader Page BEER HOME-STEAD REPEAL definitely postponed. Miss Holland Boon Cropland were the Mrs, Sain Pot eel. Forestry Boys Hay Enlist For Six Months More Things Still Lively For Local Boys In Oklahoma C. C. C.

Units By JOHN HOLT Everything is as lively as usual in the C. C. C. Camp. Work is going on about the usual rate of speed.

We have finished a few projects but there are still quite a few to be started yet. We are also working on some projects that will last several months. A number of men are still working around the camp and they are getting it in tip-top shape. In fact it -will be a real modern home if they continue to make improvements. We received news from President Roosevelt this week stating that the Reforestation work continue at full force for another six months, after this term is over.

We are sure that a lot of the toys will re-enlist for another six months as soon as this term ends. llh We had quite a hit of excitement Kula Saturday afternoon. There wn.s a tt-rrific thunder storm anil lightning struck a tret-, about six feet from one of the tents. One of the boys was knocked unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital at Sulphur and no report as to his condition has been gtf-vcn.

Everyone in camp felt the shock to some extent. Alvis Hudson went home for a few days vacation and eamr a day late and a dollar short. He will probably have to fro on K. P. mrxt Sunday.

He said he had cur trouble (trouble catching -) A' large number of boys in a terrible battle Tuesday niffht. TJit-y nrnuid ihfruwivos with pillows and attnek.vl tent. a most terrific battle was fought! (for nbt.jut Moon- happened to bo in the most ihuitffirous par? of i held his own for quite a while, but so rmuiv around him he ha.i He went to his i bunk to but the crowd fol-j ionu'rr. F. K.

finally won but a lots! Since then.) hf has had an mjoyanle iriff tho. floor. will the, pr'i'v of frtt nHoiiinST nerons pay ehtH-k, but it will all out i in the wash. Hoy C. H'nnhr, has bnck tt the old ilshhijT habit, ajjnhi always cntrbos a lot of nice fish but hi" never any bark to camp.

He thrown them back in the creek (hi- just for the sport, anyway.) Oran Lemley has been visiting in Sulphur every weuk the part several weeks. -lo not know why he goes hut we do know there are sevnsl pi'ct- ty girls there, and we is interested in one of ihwi. Thp C. C. C.

is not so bad after all. COMPLETE COUNTY RETURNS 60 tt a 55 rt a 3 a CJ a a) rt r', 0) 'E 1 CO 1 3 a) fees a 3 a C3 3 CO FOR AGAINST 231 S4 130 33 56 24 19 9 14 5 5 21 14 13 12 5 15 4 0 9 2 1 1 1 2 6 27 9 9 11 583 264 FOR AGAINST 291 .92 148 47 61 43 25 18 10 6 6 21 16 12 19 9 13 7 7 10 8 11 19 15 0 2 i 26 14 18 19 3 703 352 FOR AGAINST 221 109 102 95 44 71 19 25 4 20 0 18 8 12 2 9 0 20 8 25 4 26 4 18 2 6 472 576 FOR AGAINST 302 78 167 28 82 19 33 9 21 3 21 23 4 24 2 15 5 12 is 2 8 0 0 2 0 3 32, 3 21 8 17 2 838 205 FOR AGAINST 198 181 83 115 44 68 16 '27 1 21 17 10 6 23 9 Jl 7 10 0 20 0 34 0 4 5 17 40S 65 5 LOCAL OPTION FOR AGAINST 209 190 93 103 47 OS 19 25 3 18 IS 9 20 9 11 10 0 20 4 30 2 33 1 61 6 24 3 20 447 637 and Virginia Sunday and Sunday guests of Misses Ola and Gladys Cleaves, Sunday. Mrs. and spent Sunday with Mrs. .1.

A. Potent and Mrs. Sam Poteet. Mrs. C.

F. Uyman and Viola Hyman spent Sunday THIRTEEN STARS AND HUNDREDS OF "GOLD'DIGGERS OF 1933" PLAYERS IN MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZA and Miss and Mr. and Mrs. F. Hyman Mins Olu CleavijH were KUtwta of Mr.

and Mrs. O. W. Crow- Miss G'atlyH Sun- dav with Flordt-H Boon. MARELLA By Joe Claonch The crops in this locality were beliefitted by the rain which ha.s fallen here ilurinR past two The prospects at the prexont time are more favor- i able for a bumper feed and cotton i crop than they were: a year ago Clyde Cilbrearh spv'Ht week end with Lewis Morris.

l.tuj.;i:ins of MfKnij: pent the latu-r part last, Joe CUiUiifb. Mr. French Self and 1 to Mon- According to the Ilitz manage- neat, the biggest show of the year scheduled to bo the highlight of the week's attractions. "Gold Dinners of 19SU" Is The Bite AUruction It is claimed that no picture sinr.e the advent of Sound and Talking picture has created the sensation accorded "Gold Diggers of 19153." This dazzling musical ixtravaganza surpasses all records for elaborateness a scenic achievement in settings. Thirteen stars appear in the cast of hundreds of players.

Three hundred lieautiful girls, selected from five thousand applicants appear in the dazzling chorus ensembles. Many stars and players from the cast of 'M2rul Street" will he seen in "Gold Diggers." And many faces will surround them. The picture is scheduled for opening with Saturday night's preview, running through Sunday and Monday. Safunlay Is Another Bargain 10c To All On Saturday proceeding the run of "Gold Diggers of 1033," is another big treat. It is in the way of another bargain day.

The price both matinee and night through Saturday will be lOc. Such a bargain was extended on Saturday of last week, and it was such a tre- mendous success than Manager Boaner announced another special lOc day for next Saturday. The feature picture is "Some Where In Sonora," featuring John. Wayne and his famous horse, Duke. The second chapter of "Phantom of the Air" and a cartoon comedy completes the bill.

and Friday Laugh Days The picture which opens at the Rita today and runs through. Friday, is "The Nuisance," starring that laugh provoking comedian, Lee Tracy. The picture contains many thrills, since part of Lee's main duties are to arrange accidents or other acts of misdemeanor to keep his business collecting fees moving along swiftly. His side-line however, is love, and while he is right in the midst of his racket of accidents made to order, a lovely blond makes him over. Through it all laugh after laugh predominates.

KELLEY Rev. A. E. Butterfield of Childness preached here Sunday morning and evening in the aJbsence of our pastor, Rev. M.

P. Hines, who is vacationing in New York City and Canada. Misses Floy and Othella Kesler returned last week from Canyon, where they attended W. T. S.

T. C. for the past, six week. Miss Louise Willis spent Satur-j day night In the home of Mr. and Mrs.

J. H. Birchfield and family. Misses Floy and Dorothy Kesler were guests of Mr. and Mrs.

Bob Hightower, Sunday. Miss Allene Brewster spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. J. E.

Reynolds and family. Bob Birchfield, principal of Cot- tonwoocl School, spent the week end with homcfolks. Voyne Lewis spent Sunday with Billv Brewster. J. P.

Nipper and daughters, Misses Audle Mae arid Edith, ancl son L. of the Bowen Community were visitors in the W. S. White home Sunday. Mr.

and Mrs. E. B. Lewis and family spent Sunday visiting relatives in Hollis. Miss Fannie Lee Kesler spent Sunday with Miss Ozada Kesler.

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wade aM son, and Mrs.

C. H. Byiium visited ami transacted buslnees in Hollis on Tuesday morning of last week. Mr. and Mrs.

R. H. Templeton and son, R. of Wellington visited here a while Sunday'afternoon. J.

B. Wade spent Sunday with Blue Kesler. Mrs. Matt Ketchum of Fresno, came Saturday night to spend a few days visiting Mrs. Bill Ham- -niond antl Mrs.

Oscar Hammond and daughter, Bernie Anna. Mr. and Mrs. C. H.

Bynum and family attended the singing at Doctsonville, Sunday afteVnoon. Farris Cornelius and daughter, Garnita of Dodsonville, spent Sunday with their parents and graiul- piarents, Rev. and Mrs. T. M.

Cornelius. Garnita remained for a week's visit. USE OF TRENCH SILOS "Pears ago above-ground were tried 'extensively in Texas and for the most part failed, or at, least, ceased to he In the last two years county agents have showing farmers how to dig and fill trench silos with feed at a ridiculously low cqst. Now they are spreading rapidly all over the State. Last year 393 TWiw ones were dug and a total of 523 filled.

Morris Flatz and Robert Wlu'to of Desplaines, 111., were arrested for fighting after an argument over the merits of their respective and dog. iind Morris were i in Ox- USTHT Community, afternoon. Jim a visitor at the; .1, Lnyo-ock HOMK- in the; Abra community Leona and Thula utid Mildred Riicsts of Alice last Wednesday He night. Miss-es Zillah and Lavonin Gnirs- liy of Ringr spent Wednesday with Artit! Fay Paintor. Missc-s Lponn and Thula Damron Alice- Morris, Clyde Gilbrcath, Morris, Joe Claunch, Lnn- Dujofins and Luther Claunch spent it nhort while Woduosday cv- visiting in.

the F. Self home. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Depauw and C.

J. Wade of Quail attended church at Marella, Tuesday even- NICHOLSON By Virginia Croaslnnd Mr, and Mrs. MaiMox vlsit- u-Sih Mrs. Mr. and ITymmi.

Miss Mattie Simpson and HT. Jliley Gamer were married August 17. Mrs. Sam Poteot has been hut Ja doing: well ttow. ROA-.

Marvin Tipton of visited with hist aSster, last Friday. Mrs. daughter, Jwanita, wero the week end guests of! Mrt, Tucker's Mrs. Holland. Mr.

and Mrs. Joe Hunsuckcr are the proud of a baby girl born August 25, named Nina Jo Ann. The J. U. G.

Club met vrsth Mrs. Holland, Wednesday. Quilt piecing was the diversion until about four o'clock, when lemonade and Those present were: Mrs. Alfred Knoll, Mrs. Kenneth Daffron and batoy, Miss Eula Po- Mrs.

Willie Knoll, and son, Donald Watts, Mrs. J. Clements and little daughters, Mrs. Frank Knoll, Mrs. G.

W. Cropland, Mrs. 0. F. Hyntan, Mis.

R. H. Crane, Mrs Guy Smith, Mrs. T. M.

H. T. Whitfleld and little aon, Ploy Sparlin, Mrs. Tom Poteet and little sons, Miaa Helen Jackson, Miss Jewel Brooks, Miss Eloise Jackson and little sister, Miaa Virginia Croseland, Miss Viola J. W.

and Willard Gray attended the baseball game at Wellington, Sunday. A. L. GollthuRh and son of Houseloj? were visitors in the J. C.

Claunch liomo Monday night. Dav'u! H. Weaver was the guest of Edward Claunch, Tuesday night. J. A.

Claum-h nUcndt'd to business, in Wellington last Tuesday. Billy and FrazSer Damron of Texans! Heed this 1933 War Call from the Economic Front A historic Texas institution is in a fight and invites you to pitch in! Wellington visited school Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. N.

E. Chilclers and son spent Tuesday night with Mr Childers' parents, who reside in Wellington. Mr. and Mrs. E.

G. Pierce left last Tuesday for an extended visit in Colorado. Misses Merle Palmer, Erma Coyne, Alta Mae Harnmitt, Mary Ella Morgan, Ona Mae Killings- of Quail and Fannie Mae Haning were visitors in this community for a short 'while Saturday night. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS Hyman, MM, A. Poteet and daBSfcters, Mra.

Sam Poteet, Mrs, Icem Sparlin, Miaa Jkleen SpftrUn, Mtes Juanlta Crane, Miss Mattla -Mlsa Leaoa Doger, Miaa Holland and Mrs. Holland, R. G. S. Owens: lot 16, block 37, City of Dodsonville.

John K. S. Owens: lot 15, block 87, City of Dodsonville. C. A.

Merrltt (operating as Goodson Funeral Wood: lot 20, block 172, City of Wellington. ELHS FUNERAL HOME Day or Night Phone 480 Private history of Texas is a romantic story of courage and thrilling adventure. The early settlers had first to make Texas a free land for free men. Then came the prolonged struggle against the virgin wilderness, to convert Texas into the modern and glorious state she is today. But the path of progress was not always strewn with roses.

Economic reactions of the past interrupted but could not retard the determined advance of a determined people. So, the history of Texas is also a tale of strife agaipst odds, dogged persistence and rigid self-discipline. Her people have always clung together in a community of spirit, so the world acknowledges a loose- knit fraternity among formal membership, but irresistible when aroused. Today, though the strife has been transferred from military to economic fronts, the spirit of Texas citizenship will rise again in defense of an institution which is as much a part of Texas history as Sam Houston, Davy Crockett or James That institution is the Missouri-Kansas- Texas Lines. The same independence and freedom from outside domination that is bora in the blood of every Texan is also an inheritance of the That independence and that freedom is now threatened by essure from without and the pioneer- Kary, which played so rich a port in the conquering of the wilderness and making Texas the home land it is, comes directly to her people for support.

The Katy has been self-sustaining and self-supporting throughout the last four disheartening years. With heroic determination and supreme effort, the Kary has fought to avoid seeking help from any quarter. Now, with victory in sight economic skies final effort must be put forth. One course would be to appeal to the Government of the United States for money from the public treasury, and so increase the national burden. The other way is to appeal to the men and women of Texas.

This is done here, directly and straightforwardly, without hesitation, apology or sacrifice of pride. For, has not the Katy contributed its full share to the ionecring and developing of this great ind, and does it not stand today a Texas institution devoted to the service and welfare of Texas people? Texans'. Only a little cooperation is askedi Route every available shipment via Katy Katy trains when you travel. The resulting increase in revenue will enable the Katy to remain self-supporting independent, free from the need for outside capital which charges as its price the sacrifice of identity and freedom, which this generation of Texans holds as near dear as their fathers before them; Never in the past has Texas refused to rise in defense of her native and traditional institutions. She will not refuse now! Outattncit Bawd of DJrertow u4 Pwddart LI General Sum Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto How to do your use coupon below or telephone nearest Katy office.

It costs you nothing extra to join this movement. Ail the Katy asks is your support. What to do? You can do three things. First, ship your freight via Katy ride our trains. Second, use your influence on every hand to boost the Katy, opportunities are constantly presenting.

Third, when you hear about movements of freight or know of people intend to travel, see, phone or write the nearest Katy employee every Katy man and woman is in this fight, eager and anxious to pass on information to proper Use coupon below Mr. Cahill will personally see every communication; I'll do my bit for the KATY S. G. Henry, Freight trad Ticket Statlon Wellington, Texas. Katy Phone 11 a a on support la your good fight led by See me about routing a I planning trip (Dwttoittob) See me and help make Get in orach with me for information that may to of value.

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