The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 18, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 18, 1891
Page 7
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ALUONA, IOWA, V, iN'OVICMHEK IH, mi. BOARD BlOOEEDBr&S, Official Mimttes&f Jthe Rcgnlar Nov ember Session, 1891. Aunrroti's OFFICE, Nov. 9, '91.—One o'clock t>. M. The Board of Supervisors Hint in regular'-Session; ihornhors all present except O'Hourkc. • Minutes of tho September meeting •reiul, iinrl, on motion, approved. Tho Board proceeds'to canvass the votes cast at the.general'clection held Nov. 4. 181)1. (For result of canvass sco Election Book.) At 5:30 o'clock the'Hoard adjourned to 0 o'clock, "Nov. 10. Nine o'clock A. .M. Board in session. After completing the canvass of votes the Hoard tako up the regular order of business. On motion, Gen. IT. Peters and L. I). Lovell were appointed a committee to view road petitioned for hy V, SJiult/, H!Kl Plhi'i's on til'. 1 east line of section 87. township 07, ran;j;\l2": with authority to grade half section line road it' 1 thought preferable to laying road. .. On motion. The report of'A. A,' 1 Brnnson, clerk of courts, of fees received from .Tuly 1 to Tsov. 1, of $4(5.50, marriage licenses, $84,7,") court fees and $.">". 2.~>. niiscellaiK'ous 1'ees, was accepted and placed on file. On motion the consent titioned for by 1>. A. P.uell, commencing at a point 278 feet west of the southeast corner of the southwest i of the southwest } of section 24, township 07, r:ir. s -'0 -), being the center of Fifth street ifi tlie village of Biirt and running thence north on a lino w-itlv Fifth sireet and terminating at the cemetery on north line of southwest quarter of section 24, was granted, and road declared laid. On motion the claim of Martin Rahm, Jos. Smder and A. Immerfal for $500 damage to selves and property by reason of breaking a bridge in Prairie township while crossing the same with a steam thresher, was not allowed. L. I). Loveil and J. Iloltz, committee to view various bridges and grades, make their report. On molion L. IX Lovell was appointed ;i committee to expend $100 on grade and bridge on north line of section 2(5, township 04, range 30. The petition for grade on south line of section 20, township 9(5, range 30 was not granted. On motion the grade petitioned for on south line of section 30, township, 9(5, range 30, was not allowed. Twelve o'clock M., Board adjourned to 1 !'." 31. One o'clock P. Jr. Board in session. On molion the petition of Geo. W. llunna. et al.. for bridge and grade between sections 5 and 8. township 94, range 27, was granted, on condition; L. IX Lovell committee to build bridge and the township to do necessary grading. On motion Geo. II. Peters was appointed committee, to build overflow hrklu-e on north line of section 15, township 9."i. range 27, providing the tou nship will build grade to the same. On motion the petition of John Wood, et al., for grade on north line of section ;», township OS, range 20 was not granted. On motion the grade petitions from Plum Creek, Ledyard and Rivcrdale townships were laid over to the January. '92. meeting. On motion W. II. Nycum was allowed !?•'*() supplemental damages on road ~SH. 355. On motion the petition of F. O. Quist, A. W. Quist and others for highway commencing at the east line of Kossuth county on township line between townships 09 and 100, range 27, running thence west on township lines to the west line of Kossuth county, was granted, and road declared laid as petitioned for. Damages allowed as per commissioner's report; costs assumed by the county. On motion the road petitioned for hy C. O. Dunlap and others, commencing at the southwest corner of section 32, township SO, range 28, and running thence north to the northwest corner of section 8, thence east to northeast corner of section 8, north to northwest corner of southwest quarter of section 4, east to northeast corner of southeast quarter of section 4, thence north to northwest corner of section 27, township 100, range 28, east to the northeast corner of section 27, thence north on section lines and terminating at the northeast corner of section 15, township 100, range 28, was granted, road laid as per commissioners report, damages allowed as per appraisor's report; costs assumed by the county. On motion the county auditor was instructed to have insurance renewed on the Court House. On motion the auditor was authorized to receive bids and let contract for lifty tons of coal for Court House. The claim of A. L. Cheney for exemption for trees on south half of southwest quarter of section 18, township 97, range 28, for the year '90 was not allowed. On motion L. I). Lovell wasapjjoint- ed a committee to view and report at the January meeting on additional bridges aud grades between sections 5 and 8, township 9-t, range 30. £' On motion the official bond 'of Eugene Telller, constable for Algeria, was;;apt>rbyed. > r : :. •' . ' " Oh motion the county auditor was authorized to draw warrants on the different funds for all bills allowed at this session of tho board. Resolved, that the members of this hoard are entitled, to the sums set opposite their several names for services at this session: Geo. II, Pol-ors. Sdilvs, lOmllos 9022 T). A. Huolt 9 ''• 800 L. U. Love 11 2 " !4 "• iu)8 .J. Holt* 2 " IT " 10.04 On motion the Board adjourned sine die. J. B. HOFIUS, Clerk of Board of Supervisors. The following bills were audited on the different funds: COUNTY FUND. .T w TiMiniuit board for jurors $p, fin O w Kddy trustee Wesley " •> on Olaf .lolmsnn do Swoa 4 po 0 A Krlckson do do 4 no •f A. Mnloilo do 200 Wm M Cook do Hurt 400 Grunt. Hciischoter do Plum Creek 4 no r T Ferguson do do too I) A Will lac p, do Trvlngton 4 on '""ison do Hunison 4 on •Miix"Mli.'v. v ''<loSHcrnian '.'.'.'.'. 40 o Thoimis Hnmiti do uurt 400 AJacobson do Peflecu r.oo Mill-tin Rahm do Prairie 2 oo A Jl Klnnoy do divi'llckl 200 WMloUus do Union ,,..... ...... R-•> T O Davison <U> Fortliuul J ^ Nntn Sliluei' do Prairie 400 .Tolln Yellor do Kiverdale con C 11 Lewis do Irvlngton 400 0 Kickard do Crpsco 4 no II Ward do Buffalo 200 Oco Stewart do Kiverdale n no Win Clemment; do Herman r>(m .lolin IseViraiuls do do r> oo MIkfi Wtisbrodt Fenton 300 V W Thompson trusted Kenton 2 no Win Shnnor do Portland 200 M i/(lodden do I'ltun Creole 4 oo S W Stunton do Lotts Creek 2 00 If ayes do do 200 Fred Stamcr do Fenton — * 5 oo J K Peterson do Harrison « oo .lolni Kepentrop do (ierman 300 0 li Bravender clerk Swea 4 00 .T Altwegg do Plum Creek 9 oo Wm Johnson do Crcscq 400 Wm SrrieklerOo Union.-. 225 .T 15 Bengstdn do Harrison . R on Paul Dorwelller do (iartleld.r. ;:'.:.::.:". ..." 3 oo L .1 N c well do ..Funton....: 3 oo J. YTSluuv "do SnneoH.r' ' 10'flo Siius Houpe do Lotts Oveak 4 oo W A Chipmun do Porllhnd 520 Alex Frascr do'lllverdaie....:..-..'....... 1100 P E Johnston" do German" 7 00 J 11 Jones Use ol office tor election 2 5Q. J B Iloflus stamps and ollice supplies .... 11 do A A Bruusoiv costs state vs Slirader • o. si) do reports to state officers.. ..-.•;. 4 ITS do ttostageetc — 578 do J P and other fees state vs Hubbard and Kantzoir 5!) 90 C- 0 Parmenter stationary 48 35 Ham and Carver poll book : — 27 00 J W Hayes printing 1983 J W. Hinchon printing 30 83 Jngliam & Warren do GO oo J (i Smith goods, for OH.. 250 C n llutchlns com on roads and grades.... I«OQ u J \Vmkie goods for court house ' ..;.... 4'45 Naudain Bros & Wliilue coal for c h .... l!)20 Bert ha Hiirey comity supt sal iso'oo K M Stephen bailiit oct term court 2000 S Benjamin do 2000 W l,.)oslyn county atty sal 100 00 M Stephens sherllf fees 145(iu Mills pub co books 10 00 Bent and dumb inst for Leman Palmer— 12 54 Win rieary judge election ret p book 1st ward AUoiia 500 C Byson ili» do 30i) S Benjamin do soo T H. Wiwlswnrtli clerk do . —, 300 Kugene Telller do a oo II 11 Patterson judge etc 2nd ward 3 2"> J W Hinehon dodo 3'/5 .\\VMoiTalt dodo :i : 25 C 1) Pettibone clerk and ret poll book ... 525 1) A Quell do do.. 325 C H Blossom judge and ret, p bk 3d ward.. 5 25 A C Johns judge election 3d ward 3 25 JBWinkledo ' do 325 C B Matson clerk do ••. do 325 John Wallace do do 325 K s Salisbury judge election and ret p bk 4tli ward 525 J I' 1 Kicoulin do do •, :..' 325 H A Clock do do — 325 C A cohenour clerk do do ... 325 KM Taylor do do 325 Tliosiiianna judge and rtd p bk Hurt— 075 Edwin Cook do do 375 AllNafus do do 375 Stephen Woodin clerk do 375 Stephen Nicholson do do 375 tieo 11 Nelson judge Buffalo 400 Wm Lamoreaux. do do 400 H L Ward judge :md rtd poll bk do .... 7 oo J J'Gray clerk do do 400 Cltetbsanif.n do do 400 Isalith Fry judge Cresco 4.00 S S Jj'otter do do 400 0 Rickard judge and retd poll bk o 50 Win Johnson cleric 400 W A Covell do do 400 Mike Wclsbrodt judge Fenton 400 V W Thompson do do 400 Fred Stamer do and ret poll bk do 770 L J Newell clerk do 4 00 (>W Newell do do 400 E 1. Ward judge ret poll blc Greenwood.. 7 H O A Searle do do 400 J J Bii'.Hong do do 400 It E Diivison olerk eleclion Greenwood 400 K8 Strealnr do do 400 Fred Uinge judge election Garfleld 350 A It Kinney do do 350 Martin Bonnstettcr do do 350 Paul Dorweillor clerk anil ret p bk (i 70 Henry Dorwelller do do 350 Wm ClenmuMit judge and ret p b German 8 25 John Isebrands do do 325 John Hipenlrop do do 32!: P K Johnson clerk do 325 B Meyer do do 3 25 C A Olson judge and ret p bk Harrison 7 50 Nils Monson do do 300 John E Peterson do do 3 w J B Bengtson clerk do 300 Lewis Erickson do do 301 C S Pendleton judge Hebron K 75 Win Kmke do do 2 75 II L Baldwin do do 275 I{ A Hichardson clerk do 27 Win Goodrich do and ret poll bk 7 75 D A Wallace judge Irvington 3 50 A K Bush do do 350 C It Lewis do and ret poll bk do r> K J W Bates clerk do 3 5< B C Lewis do 350 Wm Dan judge election Lotts Creek — 3 2f S W Stanton do do 3 2f Dennis Hayes do do Silas Koupe clerk and ret p bk do Chas K Koupe do do 3 2f Geo Miller Sr judge and ret p b Lu Verne 7 2' John A Itobertson do do 37J John Benke do do 375 C H Lichty clerk do 3 75 S 0 Platt do do 375 A J Dunlap judge Ledyard 400 John Scliinitt do do 400 Henry (Jhapin do do 400 D E Smith clerk do 4 or J H Beckman, do do 4 01 Nate Studer judge and ret p bk Prairie— 6 20 Martin llalun do „ do ... 351 Fran/. Andorfer do ' do — 350 (} B Ludwig clerk . , do ... 350 J (> Lmlwljr do do 350 J A Millis judge Portland 400 Win Shanor do do .-.,— 400 J 1) Davison do do 400 w A Chipman clerk do 4 ou GO Allen do do 4 oo P T Ferguson judge and ret pi book Plum Creek 5 a^ Jl L Godden do do 325 Grant Bensehoter do do 325 J Altwegg clerk do 325 li M Gardner do do 3 25 B F Smith judge election and ret poll bk Kamsay 7 ao A N Leonard do do 350 E A Howe do do 350 J H Merrillcld clerk do 350 Charles Winter do do 350 Geo Stewart judge aud ret p bk Itiverdale 7 oo John Xeljer do do 4 oo B W Dcvine do do 4 oo Alex Fraser clerk do 4 oo Walter Fraser do do 4 oo 0 A Erickson judge and ret p bk Svvea— 8 so J A Hale do do 350 Olaf Johnson do do 350 <J E Bravender cleric do .... 3 50 F M Braveuder do do 3 50 Simon Schneider judge Springtteld soo N E Bradburu do do a oo CHStplte do do soo A A Sifert clerk and ret p b do g oa G H Tinker do do 3 oo Albert Jacobsou judge aud ret p b Seneca 8 26 G F White ao do 3 75 Win Kerr do do 3 75 J W Shaw clerk do 3 75 Hugh Broiison do do 3 75 Max Miller judge aud ret p b Sherman.. . 7 30 MErpelding do T Conner* , do tt M .Parsons clerk. o C Dunn do (10 to WmDoddsdo -v $X WF.Ienkinson clerk do """ WTBonfne do ,}« Geo W Eddy judge ret p b Wesley?..'.'.;." r SKOW do do . OWard do dd " H 0 Hollenbeck clerk do '. 11"."' OBrlsbols ((a do H^i-y^nKellioferjudge and ret p'book Ft A LllfibVldKe Judge WJiltVemore"!.".".'J .John Newman do do H P Hatch clerk do " John Bennett do do '.'!!!'!' DAMAGE ON ROAD NO 050. Timothy C Smith in no Francis White • iVoo Georee hiRlo i ...; jjjnn Win Krosch " 2r>on II E Ukilumlson *. 05 n n (J W Hnnvnand H KutzlalT '..'" 45, )0 H M Lacy 400 400 400 400 050 400 400 400 400 720 400 400 400 400 075 375 375 375 375 August Htoltz ............................. ' 2r , ftft A It Bench ....................... ' .Ttilla Odder Frederick Uarkley ' S A Kniipp | Children's orphans' homo of clnematti S I\t Johnson 1? KOnrfiss ,1 (.> Pondleton .• S A Krrengren A P Clarke & Co — C A.Ordway Orannts & Palmer... A W & FO Quist.... W H Nycum K 1C. Ware (J O Dunlap Scott & Freeman — 20 oo 2000 3000 3000 1000 30 no 2!5 00 20 no 30 00 •io no yooo 2000 CO 00 1000 SO 00 7000 as oo 2300 15000 00 00 3000 15 00 15(10 ID 00. 15 oo 20 no 25 00 1501) 17100 Iharlos P Howilltcli Vels Monson Andrew Hagatrom •. lohn Peterson M Siinnilson Andrew i-eterson i K .Jensen Minrlcs Hrtllbei'g ..,...,... )laf Johnson I us Galliinan & J V Savery .... DAMACiK OX 1IOAD NO. 057. VDClarke.......' 53000 l M Richmond vv 2000 {pilii Nelson " i 0 no i C Oooke 3000 fphn 0 Coy ...',..!..!' 7000 .'iionias Wilson .' cooo iVestern Town Lot co "... . \ " 311 no Mboro & Kendall .: JGUO c.O.Dunlap HOOO r olin G J'endleton..« ^noo A A Call & G C!OWl.,js 20 00 :hos F cooke.., ;iooo lohn Arnol'1 2000 iathan U Jones 8000 ieo H,, Wurnor . 15 00 '.Oiia'A Holston ....... aooo Alex s Anderson 3000 Uorgan Williams 30 oo Just Krrengreen GOOO Peter l..eab 1000 las callanan & J c Savery loo oo r,iu DOE FUND. J W Sampson grading & bridge work ..... tl A Fraser building bridges ............ Thomas Henderson repairing bridge — Alplieus Johnson drawing lumber ........ BicFar'ain & Davis grading ............... W 11 Godfrey hardware for bridges ...... fi 1) Lovell committee work ............... Robert iHcphuiison graveling iBlackford Hill .,...! ....... . ...... .. ............ Stone S: Swixer do ......................... J Holt/, com work ......................... I) A Buell do ..................... ...... I A Hamilton tiling for Irvington ........ ICrnest Kreiger repairing bridge ........... H Austin building bridge .............. I A Hamilton tiling for Plum Creek ..... tl Austin Bradley & Nicoulin grading — Thus Henderson building bridge ........ John Meinberg repairing br .............. Tlios Henderson rep river br ............. do do do mill br ................ Alpheus Johnson rep br ................. Geo M Peters com work ................. . H .) Winkle hardware ..................... J A Hamilton & Co lumber for bridges:. . rooii FUND. Chiischilles & Herbert goods for poor — J G Smith goods for poor farm ............ Bailey Bros goods for Kantxow ........... Kay.& Phillips work for pr farm .......... NHaUeycoal do do ......... Bailey Bros goods for Linquist family — S W Nelson corn for pr farm .............. Bailey Bros goods for skipsey ............ D A Buell com to pr farm ................. Bailey Bros goods for Uubbard family ... Naudain Bros & Winkle coal for poor.. .. II E Cunningham pigs for pr I'm ......... S Benjamin railroad fare Baldwin family Bailey Bros goods for Baldwin family — H J Winkle goods for pr farm ........... Bennett & Anderson meat for pr farm — 105 10 11700 1G50 210 2760 •8 10 2080 153 00 2880 2445 0 73 82 SO 500 GO 00 57 00 '32 5(1 5li 00 400 200 41100 GOO 2574 12 !IO 334 20 10 02 24 87 12 15 .230 340 315 3818 (i 03 1 G" 10 17 1030 1000 21)G 2 03' 482 10 14 THE COUNTY NEWS, Keportecl by Special Correspondents. THE UKPUISLICAN publishes more outside news from tlin country and surrounding towns than all the six other papers published in Kos- sutli county combined. For tlio Banm'ol't NEWS see puge C. To UOHKUfU'ONUKNTS :—All correspondence for the UEi'ur.uoAN should reach this ofllce not later than Tuesday evening. Please bear this in mind. MSDYAfcD. Winter-like. . • 0. A. Ordway has struck watet on his new lot. fi. Dunlap arrived on the 4:80 passenger Saturday. Prof. Sifert commenced the village school on Monday. The new depot is completed and is said to be one of the finest along the line. The Stauffer boys, three and one half miles south of town, threshed 1,500 bushels of fla* last week. Mr. Dennis, who has spent the summer at Moore's Siding, will move to Ledyard soon, and will occupy the building recently vacated by, J. F. Rundoll. Don't fail to call on JNO. F. RENDALL, at Ledyard and examine his stock of DRY GOODS, OROOEIUTHS, HARDWARE, HATS, GAPS. BOOTS and SHOES, READY MADE CLOTHING. Crockery, Glassware. Our Mottto "To Please." SW.13A Received too late for publication lust week. Mr. Harper the Bancroft photographer was up Sunday, ...... 0. Bei'geson tht'Oshed 85 bushels of wheat per ncre, Ci Mi WaSSOn commenced teaching iu distMct &<*, sixjast Monday. Be'i'^s'irom Bros, steam thresher is laid for repairs until another season. Miss Carrie Smith of Livermore will each in district No. three this term. Edward Anderson is remodling his louse which adds much to its appearance. Miss Emma Smith of Bancroft commenced her school in district No. one Nov. 2nd. Mr. and Mrs. Buker commenced teach- ng their schools in districts two and five November 9th. Mr. Aldridge agent for the Council Bluffs nursery has taken a large number of ordersfor fruit trees in the past week. John Bengslon is around with his steamer cleaning every thing in its path which will end in Minnesota in the course of three weeks time. Miss Gonna Olesbn, Mrs. O. Oleson and daughter departed for St. Paul last Tuesday the latter to visit with relatives and the former to remain. 1VHITTJ2MORK. Rev. V. C. Thomas is at Clarion attending district conference. C. C. Samson made a business trip to Ernmetsburg Friday evening. The carpenters commenced work on Ed. Englers new building Tuesday. The cold wave finds a good many farmers with their corn ytt in the field. The Ladies Aid Society will meet with Mrs. J. DeGraw next Thursday af ternon. Rev. O. M. Thrasher will preach his farewell sermon in Whittemore next Sunday evening. • The dance at Booths new store building last week is reported to have been an en joy able affair. i Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Louer departed for their home at Amboy Minnesota last Monday morning. The cold weather does not seem to effect business in Whittemore every thing is lively as usual. Theodore Cooks stock of harnesses and tools were sold for the benefit of his creditors last Friday. A little child of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Bruns has been quite sick, but is- better at the presept writing. The church'dedication at Rodman has been postponed for two weeks on account of tho inclemency of the weather last Sunday. Presiding Elder Black held quarterloy meeting services at this place last Sunday evening quarterly conference was held Monday. The fair conducted by the ladies aic society at the Baptist church last Wed nesday evening was well attended. A bountiful eupper wag served from six o'clock until all were provided for then the articles for sale were "disposed of to the highest bidder by Geo. Boyle in his usual happy manner! The proceeds the supper and wle together amouutec to about f 75.00 WESLEY. Mrs. M. J. Kelley is dangerously ill. Miss M. Robinson is under the doctor's ;are. Mr. R. Hill of Britt visited his brother, Dr. Hill, last week. C. L. Livermore took a holiday last week and went with his family to visit friends in Clarion. Merilla Robinson returned early in the week from Blue Earth where she has been visiting an uncle. A. S. White has completed the upper rooms of his building and is now occupy ing them as a residence. The band have ordered new instruments. We shall soon hear even better music than they give us now. The Catholic Fair will be held in the new school building arid will commence the Monday before Thanksgiving. Celia Peterson of Minneapolis is vis iting her uncle Mr. Ole Peterson. She will spend the winter and engage in teaching. Mrs. R. P. Chapin returned unexpectedly from her western trip. She learned of Mr. Chapins illness and shortened her visit that she might be at home to care for him. This space is reserved for I)r L. K. Gavliekl, who will sell U any bicycle not represented by t?\Agts.inAlgona BURT, IOWA, HOVBMBEB 18,1891. Oats 20 Corn.. .00 Eggs 16 Butter 25 Oftttle $0.00 Hoffs 8.10 Wheat.... fOca.W Barley ... ,26@.80 Flax $ .75 Hay 0.00 A A I *CLl ^ A. M,, M. D. Office at the BURT HOTEL mm* HOMJS NEWS. We are going to have a brass band. Archie Hutchison was on our streets Thursday. A. C. Cady has sold his house and lot in Alqpna. A First National bank would be a good thing for our town. Wm. Elvidge has moved into the house ho purchased of Mr. Daniels. Cady & Hallock expect to occupy their new store sometime this week. Charles Shanor, the railroad man was down from Elmore last Wednesday. H, A,. Pftlno aod daughter Lulu were visitors to our town Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Long aie rejoicing .n the birth of a daughter, born to them last week, . Will Yates left Saturday evening for his .homo in Dwight . Illinois where he will spend the winter. Dr. Beane now occupies the Dr. Mac Cormack house, the front room of which he will use as an office. A brass band is being organized by the Burt boys. Look out for some music next Fourth of July, or sooner. Wm. Cook was taken with another attack of the asthma last week but is now able to attend to business again. Mrs. W. L. Barton -who received so many broken bones by being thrown from a wagon is reported as doing as well as could be expected. Hugh McDonald is building a very good barn and M. Stoddard is doing the carpenter work. Mrs. F. J. Fowler entertained the Ladies Home Missionary Society on Tuesday of this week. Miss Adams of Des Moincs is teaching the Davisoii school. We welcome the teacher who comes highly recommended. Rose McNeal closed a very pleasant term of school in Burt last Friday. She began a five months term on Section 8 Monday. Mrs. Deb Blanchard attended the commencement at Ames last week. Her nephew, Geo. Angus, was among the number who graduated. We saw an account in the Woman's Home Missionary that a Band of Hope in Nebraska raised their money by selling Buffalo bones. The ladies of, Buffalo Forks raised their money last week by selling shadows which was not only real fun but very profitable. Scott Allen was auctioneer and did justice to the cause. Lenox soap cheap by the box at the Cash Store. THE PLACE! You can buy > Waseca Flour for 91 25 @ $1 60 May Flower Tea>for /;. 50 Panama Package Coffee for 25 Five Cigars for .... . 10 1C ounces Plug Tobacco for. .'.'.'..'.'. 80 Boots and Shoes cheap New Sorghum.. 50 Buckwheat Flour 4 Diamond Yeast .'. Q Yeast Foam : .. 4 Snow Ball Baking Powder. '. 25 Mocha and Java Coffee , 80 Lenox Soap, by the box 4 39 The Best Goods for the Least S^Boney ••• - 'is ai -• UTIV J?, ITATTnnF'O UAJJi (K flALLUulL b, Cash Grocery. TAKK NOTICE. All persons indebted to me on account will please call and settle. If the time I have allowed you has been an accommodation please accommodate me now with the cash. 2-tf G. B. WHITNEY. UfllNS LESSINQ, ALQONA. "O! how I dread to sec my hair turning gray." is a remark made by .so .many ladies. If they only knew that 75 cents invested in one bottle of 'Beggs' Hair Rencwer would not only check it at once, but give lira luxurious and glossy appear ance, we know that they would not hes Hate to buy. We guarantee every bottle. Sold by F. W. Dingley. Go to Graham's for pumps. Behind the bars—the singer that doesn't keep up with the accompanist, If you are troubled with rheumatism or a lame back, bind on over the seat of pain a piece of flannel dampened with Chamberlain's Pain Balm. You wiJlbe surprised at the prompt relief it affords. Fifty cent bottles for sale by Dr. L. A. Sheetz. ' • J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt. BTJJRT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. REPAIRING. I have opened up Boot and Shoe Repair Shop —In— OSTEANDEK'S HARNESS SHOP, Ana am prepared to do all kinds of re pairing in neat and workmanlike manner Give me a call. JAS. NEW HARNESS SHOP. I have openedlup ft harness shop above McDonald's hardware and will make first-class harness to order. Also do al kinds of repairing. Will also keep on band a good line of , Blatots, Wlips, Etc. Give me a call. 0. L. Burt has a Furniture Store. Buy your furniture of W. M. Cook. good stock and reasonable prices, G-EO. E. MARBLE -Still runs a- ore AT BURT. Fresh Groceries always on hand and a ;ood assortment of General Merchandise. We are Full of New Goods. We need Room and we need Moneys If you are in need of DRESS GOODS, FLANNELS, BLANKETS, UNDERWEAR? CLOTHING or BOOTS and SHOES. Call on us and we can suit you in goods aiid prices. Truly Yours. NICHOLSON & BUELL. When-in town call on Whitney and see his new line of HEATING STOVES Remember he always has on- hand a full line of Shelf and Heavy Hardware. STOP -AT THE- BDRT HOTEL! M. L. MAYHEW, Proprietor, Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. PLOWS. When you neted anything .In Plows call on the new Firm of GRAHAM &'. LEGAL BLANKS. Tlie REPUBLICAN keeps constantly ou hand a full stock of the following Legal Blank Warranty J>««d. Quit Claim. We«<l, es, Real Estate Mortgage, Chatttel Mortgage, Sutiufsiotioii of Mortgage, Original Notice, Luud Contracts, C^utrautu for Bulldiug School Hoiwe, Notice of Trial, Probate of Will, Tax Sale Notices, Petition Blanks, Diatrict TowuswJp Wtawki, Oatn Blanks, Blank Receipt Bookb, Blank Note Bogky, etc. etc, , ., , " - " • t^Auy form made to order.

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