Bradford Evening Star and The Bradford Daily Record from Bradford, Pennsylvania on March 17, 1942 · Page 7
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Bradford Evening Star and The Bradford Daily Record from Bradford, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Bradford, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1942
Page 7
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BRADFORD EVENING STAR AND DAILY RECORD, TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 17, 1942. PAGE SEVEN I VIII avised P-98 Will Continue Effect to May 1 5, WPB Says atural "Gas" Plants Get Same Ratings As ofineries; Rearrangement Simplifies Order WASHINGTON. March 17 Principal provisions of Preference Order . sic retained until May 15 by virtue of an extension Just issued by ihc Production Bond, the Office of Petroleum Coordinator announced changes are made in the pref-c ratings, except that, natural i! io extraction plants are given -ante ratings as refineries, ir principal difference between old Order P-98. which expired lay March 15 and the order as uded. is in the organization of i rt matter. Formerly, the ratings classified by functions: That is, luction. refining, transportation marketing. Now. the grouping . ratings: A-is, A -2s. A -8s and is. Dclinitions Kxplained u- of the rcarrange-is to shorten and simplify ruder. The definitions of prociuc-refining. transportation and '-.cling hae been expanded, and r'fmition of main gas trunk. ' has been added, new inventory basis is also pro-d by the extension order. It ,e.s minimum particabie inven-as one no! exceeding 90 days' !y of materials. ic section of the extended order :s of considerable importance nany operators is that, which les maintenance, repair and a ting supplies. This section lfie.s that this type, of supplies ; not include material for the ? cement of an item carried on operator's books as a fixed as- Howevcr. the operator is per-ed to apply the proper pief-ice rating to materials for a of such an item, if he can Sheriff's Sale : virtue of a writ of Fieri Facia-s d out of the Court of Common of McKean County. Pennsyl-1. and to me directed. I will se to public sale in the Sheriff's e m umiii notw a o.uru,- , . Pa., on Montia.v, April 6, 1942 1 :00 o'clock P. M. 1 e defendants interest in and to : U, those certain oil and gas ; .hold estates lying and being m i Townships of Foster and Otto, I ;ean County. Pennsylvania, deject as follows; That certain leasehold estate ted by written Indenture of e dated July 22. 1932 between it W. Godfrev and Hattie A. frev, husband and wife, and :ie A. Godfrey, in her own right .John W. Oodfrev, her husband, ors and Richard , S. Falconer. ,ee, which said lea'.se was for a od of twenty (20) years from f.e.te thereof and as long ihere-i- as oil and gas are produced. ;:Ying quantities, which said Inure of Leasehold is duly record-it the office of the Recorder of s in and for McKean County. .. svlvania. in Deed Book Vol. paae 97 etc. Said leasehold : e being bounded and described i!ows: . L THAT CERTAIN piece, par-r lot of land situate, lying and -.; in the Township of Foster in Countv of McKean and State 'ennsylvania. bounded and deed as follows, to-wil : -GINNING at. the northwest er of the "Mantz Farm'' in said , h line of lot No. 103 of the! "gas", had unloaded at the bulk ham lands North 88' 30' East j plant and left the scene when, at n hundred sixteen (716 ' feet, vo downtown street intersection, the i'iit ihpnrp S5oitn 44 1 NO West I ...... -e hundred ninety-six '396' feet driver noticed lire in u.e cao. File-he land now or formerly of the men. responding to an alarm, found .iford and Eldred Railroad: a short-circuit, in the signal light-ice Northwesterly along the line 1 . aid Railroad lands four hundred I in8 sjstem. y-eiRiu. 44B' ieet to uie west of .-aid Mantz Farm and the j line of Lol No. 69; thence North ; J' West, one hundred eighty 1 180 I to a point ; the place of begin- I Thai certain leasehold estate ' ted by written Indenture of ; -e dated July 22. 1932, between : jam L. Ward. et. al.. Lessors ': Richard S. Falconer, Lessee, i lease being lor a period of twen- j 20' years irom the date thereof as long thereafter as oil and , are produced in paying quanti- 1 which said Indenture of Lease- is duly lecorded in the office ic Recorder of Ieeds in and for '.can Countv, Pennsylvania, in 1 i Book Vol. 223, pae 96 Ace. ' i leasehold estate being bound- ' 'ltd described as follows: uL that, certain piece, parcel or : of land situate, lying and being lie Townships of Otto and Fos- 1 County of McKean and Slate ' 'cutis'. ivania. bounded and de- . ed as follows, to-wit : EOINNING at a point 88 30' seven hundred sixteen 716 , from the Northwest, corner of i Mantz Farm, said point also be- j the Northeast corner of a lot ' revert April 10th. 1930 10 John ! Godlrev and Hattie A. Godfrey, j '1-a.MVwei, '3rn )Sout'1 ! .to West tnree hundred ninety- , 336 feet, to the land now or j LilvthnHr.rttert.nHl'Wr.ri oad: thence Easterly along the of said Railroad lands one hun-t seventy-two 172 feet to a t: th'nce North 44 30' East five lied ninety-three "593i feet, to a a: said point being the North-corner of a larger lot of land tofore conveyed by W. E. Curtis wife to Thomas Ward, which 1 is hereinafter referred to: ice South 88J 30' West two hun-i forty-eight "24R feet, to a t. the place of beginning. Being ! rt of a larger lot of land nere- v conveved by w. E. Curtis and tn Thomas W"ard bv deed dated 1 8fh. 1887 and recorded in the e of the Recoroer of Deeds f Cean County. Pennsylvania in d Book No. 5d. page l. &c. 3G ETHER with all 01 the oil, I -"."-".' --"-- ""-! ig. pipe, lacks, engines, powers. ; hmery and equipment situate 1 he leasehold estates above ae-jed uzed. taken in execution and will sold as the property of Richard falconer at the suit of Citizens .onal Bank of Bradford. Geo. D. Caihoun. Sheriff iff's Office !h port. Penna. h 13. 1942 1. .-cil A: McDowell. A' 'vs. for Piamtifl. ! j I f I VJUI III properly charge the cost to operating- expense and riot to capital account. Operation Is Cited Thus, if an operator wants to replace a joint in a pipeline, or a tubing or casing, and can properly charge the expense to operation and not to capital account, he can apply the preference 'rating which is assigned to maintenance, repair and operating supplies. The extended order makes clear that the A-l-E ratings, applicable to production materials used exclusively for prospecting (but not drilling i, includes specialized automotive equipment, used in such operations and attached to automobiles or trucks, but does not include automobiles, trucks, motors, part.s of motors, tires, or chassis. Aiding the natural gas industry is a provision which permits operators to apply A-2 ratings to chemicals used in extracting, cycling and other plants. It avoids the delays experienced in applying for these materia's on PD forms. The order emphasizes that, if an operator who wants a material hav- i n:g a high rating can obtain it iilr0ugh a lower rating, he must the latter. His supplier can inform him as to whether the material can be obtained under the lower rating. Gasoline Escapes Local Truck In Jamestown Mishap JAMESTOWN, N. Y., March 17. About 860 gallons of gasoline es- d d flowed into streets here . ... . . creatmg a fire hazard in an acci dent which occurred Sunday while motor fuel was being unloaded from a tank-truck of W. L. Mead, Bradford, at the Kendall Refining company bulk plant. The truck, operated, by Edward Norton of Bradford, was unloading gas into a 20,000-gallon storage tank. The vehicle carried 4.600 gallons of gasoline. A passerby noticed the tank overflowing, shouting a warning to the driver sitting in the cab. Before' the flow could be stopped a large quantity of "gas'' had flowed out of the yard into the street. Two companies of firemen used hose lines to wash the gasoline into storm sewers and Chief R. H. Swan-son ordered furnaces and other fires in the area extinguished to avert a maior lire. A short time later a tank truck owned by the Bradford operator and operated by E. Miller was involved in a slight fire here. The i vehicle, carrying 4.080 gallons of Persona! Notes Miss Eleanor Ferris has returned from Warren where she attended the funeral of Miss Bessie A. Johnson yesterday afternoon. Miss Johnson had been a school teacher in Warren for 38 years and has many friends in this city. Sheriff's Sale . By virtue of a writ, of Levari Facias issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of McKean County ; Pennsylvania, and to me directed. I will expose to public sale in the Sheriff's Office, in the Court House ar Smethport . Pa., on Monday, March 23. 1942 at 4:00 o'clock P.M. The defendants interest in and to ALL that certain piece, parcel or iot. of land situate, lving and being in the Citv of Bradford. Countv of MtKean and State of Pennsylvania. bounded and described as follows, o-wif DtervMivr . - ij BEGINNING It I point. Said northerly line of Euclid Avenue and the northerly line of East Mam Street: thence easterly along the northerly line of East Main Street, thirty-seven and two-tenths i37.2 feet to a post; thence northwesterly at right angles to the northerly line of East Main Street one hundred '. 100 feet to a point: thence west- erly parallel to the northerly line of East Mam Street, one hundred thir teen and four-tenths 113 4i feet to a post, said post being also on the .so-called Melvin line: thence south along the Melvin line, thirty-eight and three-tenths 88.3 feet to a point in the northerly line of Euclid Avenue: thence easterly along the northerly line of Euclid Avenue, one i,7mr)r.ri o, rt," no. Vw t.n.h. i3i.e) ieet to the place of begin- "c w 6 ning Seized, taken In execution and will b sold as th property of E. W Cadv. Mortgagor and Max Andrews. Peal Owner, at the suit of Nina S Brittam. Assignee of J F. Brut am GEO. D. CALHOUN Sheriff. Sheriff's Office. Smethport, Penna. February 28. 1945. WILLIAM B. WASHABAUGH. Jr. ROBFPT B APPLE. Attorneys for Plaintiff. Stock Market I Quotations Furnished by Goodbodp and Co. I Members N. Y Stock Exchange ' Pittsburgh Market Mountain Fuel Supply 5 New York Curb Cities Service 2'a Electric Bond and Share .... 1 :mif on 26 ' Humble Oil 47 S Inter. Pete 9 Lone Star Oas 6', Niagara Hudson Power 1" Pennroad 3 The Stork Market Anier. Airlines 3 Am. Tel. and Tel 119 U Anaconda 2fi'-a Barnsdall , 9 Bethlehem Steel 607 Chrysler 58 ' Col. Gas and Electric . . 1U Consolidated Oil 5' Cont. Oil. Del 20 U Curtiss Wright 8 Dresser Mi's 13'. 2 rUtPonl .' 110 Electric Power and Light .... 1 General Electric. 24H General Motors 35 N. V. Central 83, Ohio Oil , Packard 2'-j Pennsylvania 23' Radio 234. Shell Union Oil 10" Socony Vacuum 6;,ii Stand. Oil of Cal 19"-, Stand. Oil of N. J 3S Tide Water Asso 9 Texas Corp 32 United Corp 9 32 V. S. Steel 52 American Assumes 'Continued from Page Onei tralian point by plane. "He will be the supreme commander in that region, including the Philippine islands, in accordance with the request of the Australian government," the communique stated. The announcement explained, in part, the lack of news from Uhe Philippine area during the past 10 days. j Successor Unknown Although the War Department was silent as to the name of the man who will now be in active ', command of the American-Filipino forces on Bataan, it was noted that j yesterday, on, the occasion of the i 140th anniversary of the founding of West Point, the greeting which the Philippine army cabled to officials at the U. S. Military Academy was signed by Maj. Gen. Jonathan ' M. Wainwright of MacArthur's staff. There has been no news from Bataan since MacArrhur reported more than a week ago that his ar- i tillery had smashed a motor troop convoy which was heading for the front. Australian leaders for weeks have been boosting MacArthur for the post, of supreme commander In Australia to lead the long promised United Nations offensive against Japan. MacArthur's superb showing In the Pliilippines has gained him world wide recognition as one or the outstanding military strategists In the entire world . Scored Many Successes While other bastion around him were falling under the Japanese blitzkrieg. MacArthur time and affatrt riientayprt v i rrtl!'9r,r genius by checking the invaders on Bataan and smashing back at them with devastating blows. The climax in the battle of Bataan came approximately two weeks ago, when the suppostedly battle-weary defenders launched a surprise counter offensive that drove the Japanese back all along the front from one-half to fire miles. The counter was followed by an unexpected devastating air raid by MacArthur's forces in which three Japanese troop ships were sunk in Subic Bay. Still later, the American forces dealt, another heavy blow to the Japanese when their ar tiller y. smashed 29 vehicles in a 60 motor troop convoy heading for the front. There was no indication in the communique that MacArthur in- 1 tended to give up the gallant fight on Bataan nor does his departure i mean abandonment of the fight. Staff Officers Brilliant MacArthur is known to have brilliant staff officers trained under him who are expected to use his tactics in keeping the Japanese : at bay in the Philippines. The appointment of supreme com- mander brings another climax in ' MacArthur's life which has been : crowded with thrills almost since the day he was born. Since the day when he was graduated from West Point. MacArthur has been a military figure in the hLstory of the Philippines. ; As a second lieutenant. Mac- ' Arthur went to the Philippines i shortly after the turn of the century" to serve under his father. Gen. Arthur MacAarthur. who at that time was military governor of the Commonwealth. Even in those days he apparently realized the strategic value of the : Philippines and began a study of j the terrain which he later was called ! upon to protect aaninst the Jap- i anese invaders. About 121.000 enumerators were required in the 1940 United States census. About one-tenth of our weight is made up of blood. body ' I Socony-Vacuum Expands Its Output of Aviation Gasoline NEW YORK, March 17 Eight of : Socony-Vacuum Oil company's re-, fineries now are equipped with facilities to use the Houdry process of catalytic refining which "substantially increases the quantity and qualify of base gasoline stock which can be obtained from crude for the manufacture of aviation gasoline." This is stated by John A. Brown, president of the company, in a letter to stockholders accompanying the dividend check. "At the first refinery at which the company started to make 100 octane aviation gasoline, it is estimated that the output, is about ftO"-greater than it, would be if older methods were used." Mr. Brown says. The company is supplying the military services with special lubri- : cants treated so as to function under extreme temperature conditions, : Mr. Brown adds, and is also con-Rtrucling a large plant for the government to extract, toluene from petroleum, toluene being an essential raw material in the manufacture of T.N.T, explosive. Texas Company Ups Net 64 Per Cent Lifts Plane Fuel, Crude Production NEW YORK, March 17 An increase in sales volume, together with slightly higher prices, yielded an improvement in profits for Texas Co. last, year of 64" compared with 1940. The showing, too. is in face or a charge of income of $7,000,000 for reserves for possible losses on foreign investments. Net profits last year were equal to $4.47 a share of outstanding capital stock and compared wi'h S2.90 in 1940. In his report to stockholders. W. S. S. Rodgers, president, cited the full cooperation of the company witl various branches of the government in the national emergency. Last year, through new facilities and improvements and additions to its existing sulphuric acid alkyla-tion plants, the company substantially increased its capacity to manufacture high octane aviation gasoline. Additional sulphuric acid alkylation plants are now being constructed, thus increasing the company's ability to manufacture this important product of national defense. Capacity to manufacture high grade lubricants also is being increased and a plant will be constructed, under contract with the government, for the purpose of producing toluene, an important war time chemical used in the manufacture of T.N.T. It is also anticipated that, the company will supply the raw materials for the manufacture of butadiene, essential in synthetic rubber, from petroleum products. In 1941, stated Mr. Rodgers. "the company's crude oil production exceeded the production of any previous year with the exception of the peak year 1940. The reduction from 1940 was due principally to the decline of flush production in Illinois, although new discoveries in that state partially offset the anticipated normal decline. Texas Reduces Crude . Production; To Cut More AUSTIN, March 17 During the last eight days production of crude oil in Texas has declined 188.714 barrels daily to 1.295,062 barrels, it was disclosed at the state-wide proration hearing of the Railroad commission on Monday. The curtailment was well spread over the state with the sharpest reduction in the East Texas field, amounting to 68.815 barrels daily. Operators who attended the hearing anticipated further cuts in production during April and perhaps in the early summer months. The tank car movement to eastern points has increased to an extent, where it has given considerable relief in the transportation problems. Pipe line proration In west Texas is causing much complaint on the part of independent producers, but crude purchasers have given no intimation that they plan to lift the present restrictions. i Funerals MRS. NELLIE FEE Funeral services for Mrs. Nellie Fee. mother of Mrs. Lewis Haler ol Bradford, who died Sunday at her home in Olean. were held at the Fee residence at 8:30 a. m. today. A requiem mass was said at i a. m. at the St. Marys of the Angels church in Olean. Burial was in the family lot in St. Bernard remetery, Bradford. City Buys Gas Plant INDIANAPOLIS. March 17 The city of Indianapolis will purchase property of the Indianapolis Gas company under an agreement just approved by the directors of the company and directors of the municipal utility. The city thus complete its monopoly of the gas and coke business. In North Carolina, more than j 600,000 acres are given over to private preserves. Rad The Bradford Newspapers Dresser Elects Directors Here Shareholders Okeh $1,500,000 Loan To ; Get Working Funds Shareholders of the Dresser Man-' ufacturing company, holding an annual meeting at the company of-! fices late yesterday, gave approval to the management's proposal to i borrow $1,500,000 to pay an existing j bank loan and supply additional working capital for the company and its subsidiaries. The following directors were reelected to serve for the ensuing i year: ' P. S. Bush, New York city; C. P. : Clark, Olean: Merrill N. Davis. Bradford; William V. Griffin, New ! York city; Lyle C. Harvey, Cleve-I land. Ohio: H. N. Mallon, Bradford: j William A. McAfee, Cleveland; J. I D. O'Connor, Olean; George L. : Ohrstrom. New York city; Arthur : R. Weis. Huntington Park, Calif. Railroad Head Is Club Guest R. E. Towns, Buffalo Shows Movies, Talks At Kiwanis Meeting R. T. Towns of Buffalo was the guest speaker at the regular weekly luncheon meeting of the Kiwanis club this noon in The Emery. Mr. Towns is division passenger agent of the Erie railroad company, and is located in Buffalo. Motion nictures of the Erie rail- road were shown after the luncheon, Dr. Joseph Freeland. program chairman, introduced A. J. Sullivan, local passenger agent of the rail- road, who presented Mr. Towns to the members. Guests at the meeting were Frank i The commission's research and Kelly of Pittsburgh and G. R. Van j co-ordinating committee will meet Brocklin of Buffalo, Birthday anni- I at 1 p. m. March 27 in the Albert versaries of Leo Gallina and Harold ! Pike Hotel, meeting headquarters. Cole were observed. ' to complete its survey of petroleum William Gallup announced Dr. j reserves of the individual states. Ruth Alexander as the Civic Forum ' and will report at the general ses-lecturer to be presented tonight at I sion the next day. The committee the Bradford Senior High school, is composed of a conservation technic date of the Kiwanis game party j nician from each compact, member to be held in the Emery was set at 1 state. March 27. In the audience, when the re- John Mitchell, president, conduct- i search committee reports, will be ed the business meeting. Fifty mem bcrs and guests attended. Stock Market Rises Second Straight Day List Edges Forward In Slow and Steady Pace NEW YORK. March 17. .1NSI The stock market today made it two in a row on the upside to extend its recovery from the four-year lows touched last week. The list was firm from the open ing and edged forward slowly as the session progressed. High-priced ' expecting an uiiusuan large anenu shares and those which had lostiance at tne general session Maich heavily on the recent decline again were in the van of the upswing. Philip Morris featured with a runup of 2 points. Gains of a point or more were chalked up by Allied Chemical. Texas Co., Eastman Kodak, Sears Roebuck and Industrial Rayon. Up almost as much were thrysler. General Motors, Bethlehem, U. S. Steel, Anaconda. Westinghouse, du-Pont. Santa Fe. Union Pacific. Standard Oil of N. J., and International Harvester. American Telephone was an in- dependent weak soot, dropping more than a point before meeting support. General Electric. Mont- gomery Ward. Paramount. Contin- ental Can and Otis Steel lagged. Hospital News BRADFORD HOSPITAL Birth ' Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wood. Lime- : stone, a son. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Marino, Chau- ' tauqua place, a son. Admissions Mrs. Claude Noreross, Washington street. Mrs. Nellie Walton. East avenue. . Mrs. Frank C. Stone, Boylsion ; street. John Thomas Wilcox. 112 Barbour street. William Nolf. 339 East Main street Diocharges Mrs. W. H. Stewart, Duke Center. Mrs. James Hansen. Fields court. Mrs. J. Humphrey, 12 Howard street. Miss Dorothy Davis, 48 North Kendall avenue. Mrs. Creighton Hannon, Interstate ! parkway. More than 300 eggs each are laid by the giant loggerhead turtles of Florida. Pre-prohibition New Orleans Ramon gin fizz was distinguished, by its orange flower water. Read The Bradford Newspapers OUT OUR WAY iiSiii- C'-. YOU'RE " feg V NEXrT J 8 )C ALU M I LOAFERS J V k00 ll ) rrrn Mk 6 i . lifl 't..k.v s e.rorr. V 1 . 1 1 1 s-ww COPR. I'M? BY SERVICE. tiC. 3 ? f Compact Will Scan U. S. Oil Resources Interstate Unit Sets Meeting in Arkansas OKLAHOMA CITY, March 17.- Highlights of the Spring meeting ' the Interstate Oil Compact com- 1 i mission, slated for March 27-28 in ; Little Rock. Ark., will include an . analysis of the petroleum resources 01 lnp unueu oiaics nciuuiuuis 01 a new member state. Kentucky. Charles Orr, Oklahoma City, sec- retary, has sent out formal notices ; cf the meeting. members of the National Conference of Petroleum Regulatory Authorities, especially invited to this meeting, and possibly Harold L. Ickes. federal petroleum co-orclinator, who the 1942 week represented an in-has been invited to attend the meet- ! L.rease in the daily avprage of 5.479 ing as principal speaker or send a . barrels over the 1941 week's figure. representative. Kentucky, the twelfth state to enter the compact, will be represent ed at Little Rock for the first time. Last week in Frankfort Governor Keen Johnson signed a legislative resolution authorizing Kentucky to join the compact, but he has not yet named the Kentucky representative. Governor Leon C. Phillips of Oklahoma, compact, chairman, is 28, especially by operators of Arkansas. Louisiana, Mississippi. Ken tucky and Tennessee, since a quarterly meeting sisjdom is held so close to them. The general session, to which the public is invited, opens at 10 a. m., Saturday. March 28. Friday will be devoted to committee meetings and inofrmal conferences. Governor Homer M. Adkins of Arkansas will open the general ses- sion. Orr and J. H. Alphin, Ark- ansas' compact representative, are working out the remainder of the : ; program. : Alphin will be dinner host Friday j ! evening to visiting governors, their ' representatives and state officials, The same evening members of the , ! commission s engineering and re search committees will be dinner guests cf the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission. Emmerick Nominated WASHINGTON. March 17. INSi President Roosevelt today nominated Herbert Emmerick of Illinois to be administrator of the U. S. Housing Authority. He succeeds Nathan Straus, who resigned recently. LET COTTAGE CHEESE HELP MAKE AMERICA STRONG ith PHYSICAL PREPAREDNESS 1 jvffliau ; Li LJ PHON t 411 ? kJ U (We're In The Herald, Too 2 Fields Lift Output Mildly 13,500 - Barrel Gain In Bradford-Allegany 7-Day Yield Noted A mild increase occurred in pro- j cmctlon or Bradford and Allegany crude oil last week, an advance 01 13.524 barrels putting the seven-day figure for the combined fields at ; 372.953 barrels. Daily average for uum was oj.iif uHiifis, up Bradford field producers account- ed for the major portion of the in- crease, turning into pipelines dur- ing the week a total of 296.492 bar- els of top quality crude for a gain of 12.6BO barrels over the preceding week. Daily average was 42,356 bar- rels. up 1.800. Allegany field welLs pumped to the surface a total of 76.461 barrels for a gain in the seven-day period ot 924 barrels, uany average was 10.923 barrels, up 132. Compared with their daily average production in the similar week a year ago, both fields showed in- creases, uracl lords production in Allegany, in the latest week, showed a Ra;n Cf 954. Comparative figures 011 daily aver age production in the respective fields for the latest two-week period follow: Meek F.nded Field Bradford Allegiiny- March It March 7 . . 42.356 40.556 10.923 10,791 Daily Totals 53.279 1.932 a '..- J 13.521 51.347 Increase . Weekly Totals Increase Treasury Balance WASHINGTON, March 17 .INSt Treasury balance March 14 S3.098,-544 143.52: internal revenue S8.909.-i 69 33; customs receipts $15,055.-670.23: receipts $6 973.593 120; ex- ; pmdnures $18.263 886,269. , , ; ALWAN'i KEEP A COPY FOR YOURSELF When you file your income tax return, keep a duplicate for yourself In a safe deposit box at Producers Bank. It will serve as a most helpful guide in making out next year's return and it may prov particularly valuable if there's any dispute on your figures. A Safe Deposit Box in our modem vault is the ideal place for important papers of every kind because it assures privacy as well as a high degree of protection against loss. Costs just a few cents a week. : 1 1 4 i;i 1 $ ll ill ; :i ; - I " 1 . .1 a w mm m m m m m w By Williams Petroleum Market POSTtD PRICE FOR BRADFORD CRUDE 1942 Established Aug. 23, 1941, by Office of Price Administration 2.75 Pennsylvania Crude Oil Prices I Bradford District ; Allegany District . Middle District .. 3.75 2.75 2 68-2.63 2.40 2.34 2.30 2i 1.87 I.3I 1.43 1.23 .85 1 44 1.45 ' southern Peun Eurelta ; i Buckeye ................ : ' ' Other Grades j Prlnceton I Illinois ....... ; corning" ! somerset Kv ". j Lima : Pecs county"!! : Midiandi Mich! ; Allcgan-Mich. ' ... , C Mid-Continent Fields West Texas .70 to 1.12 .75 to 1.25 .81 to 1.21 Kansas.0klahoma . j Nonh Central Xexa3 . North Loulsiana and Arkansas 86 to 1.18 Hog Back. N. M 1.33 Rocky Mountain Field Big Muddy 108 Lance Creek 1.12 Grass Creek 60 to 1.00 Smackover, all gravities.. Elk Basin ; Cat Creek Rock Creek .75 1.00 1.1$ 1 15 A hand-painted, hard-boiled egg is presented to their one-and-only by Czechoslovakia!! girls as a- token of their love. When You Buy Milk at the Store Bring a Milk Bottle With You and Avoid the Extra Charge DEPENDABLE MS5" -1i J COMPAQ Bradford, ra.

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