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The Commercial Appeal from Memphis, Tennessee • 18

Memphis, Tennessee
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side of the little courtroom set the women members of the Garland family Attorney Veasle assisting the prosecution bluntly charged that intimate relations had existed between the accused and the man she killed "Do you believe" weld he to the Jury If Allen Garland was alive today he could tell who ahot him? lie could not Am 1 live Allen Garland never knew who shot him Gentlemen do your duty even though It semis this woman to the penitentiary where she Justly belongs" $2000 Spring Silk Dresses for $1250 Now Perfection Oil Cook Stove Fully guaranteed safe and so simple a child can operate Just fifty pretty Chiffon Taffeta Dresses They are nicely made and trimmed with self-buttons and have Baby Irish collar round yoke overskirt effects elbow sleeves colors in changeable and navy greien light blue green and gold rose and gold gray and gold and other choice shades Tlie quality of taffeta and style of these Dresses have never $1250 been made before to sell for so little as we offer them at up 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business and as he had recently been held up and still more recently his house had been burglarised and the gas meter robbed he waa nervous and carried his gun a -32 automatic In his sleeve He went In at the rear door and as ha passed down the dark hall to his room a iwn sprang from behind a door holding a garment before his face Taylor Immediately fired three shots As the lest shot was fired the man cried out and Taylor i cognized the voice as Bascom who had been employed by his father Tom Taylor off and on for fifteen years Young Bascom ran out the door and fell in the back yard When Taylor got to him he waa groaning but unconscious A coroner's Jury found that the deceased had come to hie death ae a result of a gunshot wound the shot being fired under the mistaken Impression that the victim was a burglar and exonerating Taylor French Linen all shades weave yard wide 50c assess ww wf WF grade for a yard Here are thirty-seven Hats from nearly as many prominent French Milliners They 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traglo death came as a profound shock to hia many friends Coroner Hugh Johnson after investigating the case decided not to hold an Inquest After his conversation with him wife Sanders started on Ms way down town to his business lie returned to bedroom removed his coat and vest from a rack and placed them on 1 his bed Start ed at the report of a gun Mrs Sanders rushed into the bedroom and found her husband lying on the floor of the room near a door VICTIMS OF STRANGE SECT We do not say this without reason for boasting for everyone who has favored us by looking has told us that there Is no assortment quite so large and none nearly so pretty at or under $1000 Ask to 4 Qff see what we have to offer at Tivv OTHER PRETTY MODELS AT $750 and $1000 DISCHARGE REFUSED 8 To 10:30 1 8 Other Deaths Credited to ManM May Be Cleared Mixed Straw Hats at 50c Williams and Selllvan Will Re Tried for Kirby Harder One thousand yards of 30-inch 12 and 15c Dress all mill ends 2 to 10 yards none on sale after 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house and Its contents killed Mr Galium and dangerously wounded his wife: also etruek the house of Woolverton who lives about 55 yards away blew the house over and dangerously wounded Mr Woolverton Sir Woolverton was brought to town at an early hour this morning and placed in a local hospital In the care of physicians who say that he has a chance to live Mr Galium came here about a year ago from Cooter Mo which place- he will be carried for Interment tomorrow FORREST CITY Ark April At this session of the St Francis circuits court attorneys for the defense In behalf of A1 Sullivan and Bob Williams made a motion to have their oases discharged on the ground of lack of prosecution Judge Thomas of Clarendon sitting as special judge In place of Judge II Hutton overruled the motion for discharge and set a data for a trial at an adjourned day of this term of court naming the first Monday in June as the day on which the trial would be had Judge Thomas also notified the prosecution that If on that day they were not ready with their side of the case and iie was presiding the prisoners would be Uncharged Sullivan Williams and McAlister were jointly indicted In Lee County In the fall of lfiO for the killing of Kirby a planter living near Marianna The cases were brought to Forrest City on a change of venue and at the March 1911 term of ML Francis circuit court McAlister was convicted and sentenced to hang His case was remanded on an appeal however at the new trial which he had September of the same year he waa acquitted Sullivan and Williams have been In jail since It Is understood that at the opening of court tomorrow morning a motion will be made to have the prisoners released on bond pending the trial In June Event OF THE Season 150 Dozen Silk Gloves Pairs Sample 16-Button 7flr $1 and $125 Values at LAFAYETTE La April 2-Offlclals In Lafayette and three other Louisiana towns tonight are searching for evidence corroborative of the sensational confession made today by the young negress Clementine Barnabet of participation in the wholesale murders which have startled thia section Seven negro families a total of thirty-five persons have met death by mysterious midnight assassins in each case armed with an axe In Southwest Louisiana towns and in Texas within tho past fourteen months Clementine Barnabet today confessed that she was the principal in annihilating four of these families with a total of seventeen persons She said other families hud been marked for death and would' pay the "sacrifice" HERMAN KOHN PRESIDENT Believe Girl Is Demented' SPECIAL SHOWING AND DEMONSTRATION AMERICAN LADY AND MADAM LYRA CORSETS To have a smart looking gown and a chic appearance you must first look to the foundation of your gown Would you have THE corset that is modish as to style and fit! Get one of the new Little Rock Clearing Ilowae Aaoel-atlow Hold Ita Election SUICIDE A MYSTERY The grand Jury Is in session but It Is not expected to return Indictments In the axe murder cues until the authorities have hod an opportunity to investigate details of tho story some of the officials her confession Is discredited 'and regarded as the vaporlngs of a demented person There were live members of the "gang" two other women and two men according to the Barnabet story She LITTLE ROCK Ark April The Little Rock Clearing House Association tonight elected Herman Kohn president Mr Kohn Is president of the Bank of Commerce The Merchants Exchange elected Geo Rogers president and George Brown secretary and treasurer John Sawders of Ft Smith Shoots i Full 16-Button Elbow-Length Double-Tipped Silk Gloves made of extra good quality of Silk Milanese Mos-quetaire style with two patent clasps and rows of self-stitching In iwhite black and several other (shades We also include an assortment of Milanese Suede Lisle Gloves silk finished in a full line of evening colors look like a kid Glove on the hand These are the correct Gloves for now and Summer We suggest that you buy a supply as this opportunity will not occur again our best $100 and $125 Gloves 79c at pair Self Throsgh Brala gave the names of the two other women but deollned to tell who the male mem American Lady and Madam Lyra Corsets ADDS SLICE OF TERRITORY FORT SMITH Ark April John Sanders aged 42 years 'married well known Fort Smithian committed suicide In his bedroom by shooting Tuesday morning What prompted the rash act la a deep mystery A few moments before shooting himself Sanders engaged In a pleasant conversation with his wife who waa at work in the kitchen at the Sanders home Sanders shot himself above the right ear with a 3S-callber revolver The bers of the gang are The names of tne two women are unknown to the local authorities but a systematic search for them is to be made In the towns where the murders occurred The Barnabet girl Is 19 years of age but strong and robust In appearance there Is nothing to Indicate that she Is demented but the numerous contradictions In her story and the amazing nature of it caused some of the officers to doubt Its truthfulness LITTLE ROCK Ark April Municipal elections were held throughout Arkansas today In addition to selecting eight aldermen and city clerk Little Rock voted on the proposition to annex a large strip of territory west and east of the city limit If the proposition carried which It la practically conceded It would be the city will have a population of over 50000 So superior in style quality and fit as to be in a class their own Among the many styles there is just the model for you Let us show yoii Amercian Lady Corsets $100 to $1000 Madam Lyra Corsets $350 to $1500 today a Easter Fans for the little tots made of hand- 35c chains MUNICIPAL FIGHT HOT you Conet corsetieres fit -Third Floor Have our expert alterations made- "No More Snnday Lid Faction Win painted Ivoryoid with Indian bead at Corning The Boys Easter Suit Is Here 0 A Clean-Up Jewelry Sale 25c and Up to 50c Values at CORNING Ark April At no period In the history of Corning have issues in the municipal election waged warmer than that of today and the excitement that existed on the day of the general election was paled into insignificance as to what was manifested by the opposing factions All day yesterday the marshals of each side were busy getting their forces in bat NO PHONE OR MAIL ORDERS On sale rear of Main Aisle In this assortment yon will find Earrings Beauty Pins two on a card Bar Pins Cuff Buttons' Brooches Belt Pins Waist Sets and all kinds of Jewelry that anyone will find useful positively 25c and 50c 5c values Sale for today only at the low price of card Custom Tailored Boys Suits fulfil! every idea that best suggests Among the new patterns are extra wide Knickers with watch pocket and belt straps coats double-breasted or Norfolk with pleated backs finest navy serges and newest patterns in mixtures sizes 7 to 17 07 Cfl special $1200 to vl lull Today Special Five hundred Boys Knicker Suits in navy serge and mixtures double-breasted coats 7 to 17 yean also Noriolks 5' to 12 $495 yean regular $600 Suits Today for SALE OF NOTIONS A bsolutely Pure tle array by posters and street corner explainers and early this morning their guns were Unlimbered and ready for action The issue on the one elde was no more Sunday lid pay out of debt better sidewalks street lights and curtailing expenses On the other hand the forces headed by Wm Letbetter for mayor and Bowen for recorder Issued a printed manifesto disclaiming? any Intentions of re-establishing the Oliver lid system and equally os broad in a desire for public Improvements but the people were afraid of the possible if not probable pressure of the much-dreaded Oliver lid system being again fsstened upon them and the battle cry was "a burnt child dreads the fire" and the present administration was re-elected as follows: For mayor A Hoffman for recorder Charles Black aldermen A Harold Martin Fowler Clyde La safer Matthews Drew After the burly burly and the battle waa lost and won good feeling existed as is always the case In many contests In Corning HAKES I10L1E BAKING EASY $150 Bine Serge Knickerbocken specially Q0p priced for today 9 Large Curling Irons best quality each a lOe Children's Hose Supporters all sizes pair lOe Large Pearl Buttons on card for Se New Lingerie Braid blue pink and white a bolt -ine Best quality Linen Tape yard noils each 4 MUtvard's Needles all sizes' a package a 4e New Gerdellne for empire skirts a length a Se White Pearl Buttons all sixes -a dozen te Box Black Headed Pins assorted sixes a Best Coats Darning Cotton: a spool a 3e Assorted sizes wire Hair Pins lrre box each 3e Large slxe Cube Pins black and white each So English Pin Books black and white mixed each roe Web Collar Foundations black and white all sizes lOe White Dias Folds: IS yards In bolt each a- Se Headquarters for Boys' Hats and Caps for the tiny tot of 2 to 6 or for the high school boy Tfn prices a $250 to 9 li Newest $500 Messaline Petticoats at $298 BASEMENT SAL DONAGHEY WILL REST Light Biscuit Delicious Cake Dainty Pastries fine Puddings Flaky Crusts 500 new Messaline Satin Petticoats In all bright new Spring shades including primrose torsi empire grar tan golden brown all choice shades and black and white niceij made with tailored QQ and percallne underlay a good 5500 quality at $LwO Ha Net lleetded Whether He Will 500 samples Women's Dresses all the newest styles in colored Ramie Linene fancy Scotch Ginghams Percales Batistes 9350 to 500 for Prohibition Cuagill ErnM $198 Simplicity House Dresses of pretty new percales in good washable colors twenty different patterns for choosing 3150 AA quality at 12H ribbed fast black seamless Hose 4 pairs OXA for BASEMENT MFSLIN VNDERWKiR Women's embroidered trim- 2 (see med 05c Muslin Gowns 1r 35c Tucked Drawers pair 39e 75c white embroidered flounce rettlcoats BASEMENT SPECIAL 100 pieces IT -yard bolts yard-wide $160 Long doth- GCa bolt Yard twkle Unbleached IV- mextfc yard- 51x90- wide- hem seamless band-' made T3e Bleached Sheets Basement offer of 100 dozen sam- pies every conceivable style of Gingham Percale and Linene Dress 3 to 14 years worth LK0 to ySa 250 at SSe and UV 2 to (-year Dresses at SSe 0 to 14 year 75c and 9135' 4S Dresses Very Fine Nainsook Combinations trimmed with VaL laces and embroideries specially sysa priced for today fOC Nainsook Princess Slips all colors skirts nicely trimmed with laces and lace around-' (s AQ yoke special at Messaline Satin Princess Slips made in ail colors lace edge trimming regular AA 56 50 quality for LITTLE ROCK Ark April 2 When asked today ifhe would take anv part in the coming campaign for state-wide prohibition Gov Donaghey stated that ha has hardly had time to rest from his late cam-pain trip over the state and he was unable to say at the present time what he would do He says the result of the election did not change mind on nartlde and If he had to make tbe same fight over again he would do so readily but whether he would plunge into the campaign this summer to aid In the adoption of the statewide prohibition measure he was unable to state now The governor said he was confident the proposition would receive a majority of the vote cast In the general election to be held In September The only Baklng Powder made from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar ci House Dresses cut yoke embroideries solid color collar wide revere several pretty light and dark styles for choosing: specially priced for $250 selling at each Women's fast black llc Hose all sizes' Basement 4 OtA pairs for-V Hemstitched Huck Towels 1 r1 wide colored border V- i id'i a Ir 0 I Vs i 9 -u.

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