The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1949
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 14, iuper-Weapons Threat Softened National Military Establishment Tries To Avoid Undue Alarm By Klton C. Fay WASHINGTON, March' H. (if,— "~: military Is alarmed nl the ptib- s ides ot the mass-killing cnpa- pinlies of germ warfare, atomic «mbs. gnkled missiles and other iew weapons. Over the weekend, II sought to pxplatn the limitations anrt capabilities of Ihc first of these. The |iational military estiiblishment Is;d a formal statement, followed a news conference, oa biological warfare—a top niilllary secret Tor the past three years. Those views pvere expressed: I 1. Biological warfare—The steiil- Jiliy Implanting of genus In people, •animals or crops—Is practicable, tun The conducted on limited scale now. Jis a "most potentially important •weapon." I 2. Because this is true, (he Unit- Bed States must be on guard against •the use of germs in a war or "bio•logical sabotage methods before u •declaration nf war tins been made." I 3. In the research field of bac- • tcnal war, Ihe United Stales is even •with or perhaps ahead of any other • nations. Secret studies have been • directed by committee "X" of the • Research and Development Board. 1 4. But- "There is no factual balms for extravagant claims o! tlie • existence ot a biological super-wca- Ipon" which can kill hundreds of Millions of people. 'Ollicials familiar with the pt.Mcy I to debunk fantastic public ideas iROOtit germ war, A-bombs and oth- ler weapons agreed that two basic I national psychological situations I prompted the decision to "educate" [the public: I 'At To try to undo some of the I American public's over-confidence I in certain victory through reliance I on only such weapons as the atomic, I bomb, germ warfare and guided | missiles. (B) To allay hysteria and panic I among American populations should I this country be attacked with an> [of those weapons. The effort now I is to explain that these are not "absolute" weapons, but have definite limitations in the Dumber they can kill or the damage they can produce. There are means of minimizing their effect. BLYTHEVTLLl! (ARK.)' OOUKrER NEWS William IV of England, (he "Sailor King", was 65 years of age when he ascended the throne and reigned but seven years, to be succeeded by his niece Victoria. May Get U.S. Aid Federal assistance to A. J. Crozal Jr. (nbovei, of New Orleans. La.', vjhose health was broken allcr he cave olood to the armed services auriilf tlie war, has been approved by the House of Representatives. Crozal. who was unable to enter the armed service because of his cyesiglil. gave blood to the IU-d cross blood bank. This step, he talci, rii'.nert his health and cnst him his S3.000 a year job. The bill, passed by the House and now .•uvaitiiifr Senate approval. will p\varc) him with S7,OL>«.38. IAP Wircphoto.) Trustees for Trucker Corporation John H. Chau (left), nn attorney, and Am on Coluon, a u>a] man, confer in u. S. n.siiict Court in Chicago allor Federal .;„«,<, Michael I. Igoe appointed them trustees lor ihc Trucker Corpm-aiion during bankruptcy proceedings. Bolh are iron, Chi.'aco. Preston Tinker remained as president of the automobile company. The Iru.slre.s „,» Bt . tempt to reorganize the compimy. which ],ns Deon unable to MI i,, to production the past two years. IAP Pholo.) M'Math Orders Crack-Down On Gambling LITTLE HOOK, Murch U. (,V| -Governor McMatli hu s ordered th« Slnto Police to crack down on ill "vice and Bumbling" in ArktniMu, His orders were issued Sunday srveni! lioui's after u detachment of slate troops raided tlie swank 1-nko Casino near Forrest City, Ark. Slate Police Director Herman liindM-y said his troopers will step in where there Is open and flagrant violation of the law. This ixillcy, Llndwy said, b, 1,1 line with MeMath's .statement inn;, he will not tolerate jJiimlrtiiii: m liie slLite. in the Hlackiisli [,;ike Club ru'.d early Suidiiy. officers comiscated thousands ol dollars worth of ;;:unblini; fquipment. I'roseciHov Herbert Mooily ot Bald Knob sukl lie learned ol u,,. r:iid o))ly IhrounJi a tiewjipttpci- a fi - ooimt. Moody .said lie would a.s): the grand jury which convenes March '.!1 to make a complete m- HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Memories Live Again as Silent Cargoes of War's Ruin Arrive NF:W YORK. M>>—Under a firry I sky, the big transport slowly berth- ' ed at a vast Brooklyn pier mni° with many Inmneis. A crowd of 400 stccid silently on the pier to welcome home the 0,785 silent passengers on the ship—sailors done with the sea, soldiers done with war. An open h;>(ch disclosed a te.v of the flas-draned coffins Iliat thronged Ihe vessel. It was I lie Barney Kirsthbaum, named for tho first American sea captain to iivo his life in the second World War. And then this took place: An Army band played the nation, al anthem. There was a moment of silent prayer. Tall, gray-haired Col. Edward R. Martin, a chaplain who spent S5 ; months overseas, spoke briefly. He i s;ud the world scon forgot the sacrifices of brave men but that a \ greater power beyond human understanding "comforts us in our ; hour of need." "We tnus t realize." said the chaplain, "thai these men gave their [ lives for Irecdom—liberty not Tor ; on'; individual nor .for one nation, but for the entire world, for all races and creeds. In order that they may call their home their own." There was n final prayer, mid Ilir-n the sounding of "taps." As it. ended, far down the pier another hUBlcr took up the notes. He sent them back, faint and low. and every echo tore open n human hc;ut. The pic- was too small to hold •so many old oiemorles. The band struck up "Onward Christian Soldiers." The honor guard and a detachment of troops marched out in formation. The ceremony was over. The crowd walked to tlie edge of I Ihe pier and looked down into the j open hatch of Die vtv.sel. It happened suddenly. A stout, j middle-arcd woman sank lo her i knees and began to sob. "My baby. oh. my bnoy!" She brrnme incoherent: 1 "1 used t o wave poodbye to the ! ships when they sailed. My baby, uii. my baby!" Her grief ran through the group like a widening smf, wetting the eyes or other mothers, wives' and sisters. Some brake down and their men folks had to lead them away, I" a few minutes: more the long pier wiw empty. It was dusk. A liglij wind stirred the long banners—ihc flags of every state and every tichting unit that saw action overseas.' And" then men moved aboard tlie vessel to take off Hie clear! ulm hud made the loiip voyage home. This same scene has taken place on this same pier many limes in tile last two years. But there will be lew more such homecomings on this .scale. All but some 20.COO ol the 160.030 Aiiu-iican dead of World War Two who are liclns returned have already come back. The main task has been cosuplptpd in less than half the five years expected. Soon the faraway battlefields will he tidy aiialn. Or its tidy a.s u ba'.- UeUeid cap. be. when the men win foiiLiit there have pone back home —where they it-sert to llv». Ex-Premier Sun He!d for Disposal Of Alien Property NANKING. Marcll H. l;l>. Pn,| ; v (oiincr Premier Sun l'\> wn.s indict- on' today on clmri;e.s ot approving the improper di^iosnl of riietny alioi) pro|jerly to A His L;in N'i. His name has been linked ro- manticiilly with tlie charming woman. The Indictment wu.s voted eislit lo sovcu by a sub-coiimilttee of Uio Control Yuan (aurtltliin). it now may be referred to other organs of the Control yuan for fmtiior in- mdKiitkm or be sent to the executive Yiiiin (Ciiblnet) for corrective notion or lo tlie Criminal Court of Prosecution. Sun, fullicr \vn.s the Grorso WiushiilBton of modern Ohlnn, rc.- irancclly was in Slinnittml, en roule to IIK liotne in Canton. The Indictment H lieges that Sun approved the dK]msn) ol dyc-vlnffs lo Mls s Lnn Nt while- he wits nrein- Icr. A clmrxe of comiplion ajjalnst Sun by immbci.s of tlie Ix-tilslTith-e Yunn was one nf the i.v>in'.s which forced tho resignation of his cabinet wcek. Moslem lumps from North Africa landed nl Gibraltar In 711, and es- tabllsliert pnwer in Spain which continued unlit HU2. Do You Suffer With COLON TROUBLES! Guisi's—Hfl'i'ds—.TreiiliiH-nl Told in KIIKK HOOK British Scientist Sayt Tradition a Handicap LONDON-</!>)— Prof. Willis R, Wolrich. chid of the iclcnllflc ot- ii-o of tho American Embassy. Ililnks Britain would be more pros- Herons ir Its people kowloivcd Its, lo Inulltlon. lie said so al an Entjt- ncovln B industries Association luncheon. "Urltiiln might need lo pluco less rcllniico on history und more re- snonslbiliy on ),(,,. creiillve yoimi: men." he declared. "Tlml has brcniKlit dividends to other KIIK- llsli s|«'iikliin nations. I sincerely lii'Iirve It ivill (| () 50 to yon. "If Die iirlllsh nre determined to do MI," Wohk-h salrt, "(hey cull compete. In almost all aitlc'les of smiill plant, production with I lie KiilN-d Ktnles. your tiiuor IK not as highly pnld. The of your rnw inalrrlnl l.s ratlin 1 more In somr Instances. Your men work diligently." Arc you butherod with atomncl) or Inlc.sliiiiil ti'duhles. Coiintlpntlon, riles. FislHlnV .|tl-|iu K( . KHKK l)uol(' contafiw many dliiBrnins. cluu-ts colonlc condllluiw. Tlie •rhoiiilon ,t Minor Clinic. Suite TIL!. 020 Me- Ciec SI., Kansas City. Mo. Handle Your Health With Care Wlioti Sickness Strikes, See Your Doctor - - And Remember Rothrock's For Prescriptions Phone 4451 Military Appeals Court Cuts Term !n Ybarbo Slaying WIESBADEN. Germany. .March 14. ..p.—,\ U. H. Government Appeals Courl today reduced from no In live years tlie prison sentence imixised on Mrs. Wilmn Yb.-irbo for kiilin<; her soldier husband. The fivf-judse court confirmed I he riEht of U. S. military government i-mni., t,i try U. S. civilians in occupied Germany. Tlie decision ;il>o uphrtfl the rijlit of such courts I-" tr\ r American civilinns under flenn^n law. Tlie court found, hmvever, that under German law ihc sentence (onld be for no more than five years. Mrs. Ybnrbo. 23-yenr-olrt inollicr from Maiden. Mass., was sentenced to 20 years in prison last Dec. 28 !>y a district mihtarv government court .it. Marburg. -She was tumid miilly Milder both German and U. S. military government law of KlwotiiiB her husband Sst. John Ybarbo. of Collsd. Tex din-ins an argument. In their home i«.st (all. With No Cackle BIRillNGHAM, England _ <.•!>> _ Exhibit at a loy fair— a mcchani- ca! lien I hat lays vgfs. Tl lays ,,ne eu B . v , ; dks on. Inys •.inothci. walks away from thai and l«y.^ "lie more. Uut it tioosn't Post Office Patrons Need Parking Space! DOYLE HENDERSON Will Improve the Parking Problem in Front of the Post Office! This NOT moan Iliat nnv linrsli-peiwlHcs will l, c imposed on motorists wlm have bot'n allowed (« park fur ion* periods in fronl of Ilie Office. Most of these i>iMiule will to-opcralf if imrkin^ repiilnlions in this tongcslcd area nre given proper iidcnlion NO ONE \VIIJ, SUFKKiz AND AU, POST OI^FICI-' PATRONS WILL HAVE UETTKK 1'AKKING PACILITH5S Elect + DOYLE HENDERSON + Mayor Municipal Election, April 5th , "Junior won't even com* out lot hit mtals since we ool our IF-Gas tttrioftntfir " rerrtgtrater. Funkli, «e ilun'i Mjme Junior, An LP.Cjas rcfriccMior «ould ni^kc i "ondcilul hi.le-nut on hot iljj.s. Anil |UM ihmk _ i, dccics ice 'silenlly «nli a (my I.I'.(,i, fl, nu .. ^- 0 n ,,, v | ni , pirn '" "tar. The c<,M iv cornunl, ccpendnblt. Economical 10 orcrJie. too. BIytheville Propane Co v Inc. L ASHING, new-car power at amazing low cost —thjit's the good ncivs for you in (his nll-neiv, factory-fresh 1'IKKUALL Cllfiil>e. Uctlcr news is— it's in slock riflit now, pre-tuned before it left ihc hiclory — rcmly lo lie Installed in any model Huick from M7on, In less than -18 hours. But wait till you hear about the low cost! Even with installation charges varying from model (o model, the expense is no more tlian a thorough engine overhaul with the usual replacement pans. And you can pay for H In small monthly Instalments. You cim get new power now) \Yhywoit— Nor.h Highway 61 ,, hnnc ^ ^^^ LangstorvWroten Co. Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 For Service Marrlag* BAST CANDIA, N. H, \w, _ Already in their 13rd yonrs of matrimony, Oharle.i Oile, 98, <md his 89- yoar-old wife are looking forward to celebrullng tholr illnmond wedding unnlvereiiry 'on ThiUiksgivinit eve In 1051. 4% HOME LOAMS' Klbert S. JohnW- The Equitable Lift Assurance Society* thont FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION 55*00 Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES \V. H. I'ciise ,1. Wilson Henry Smith Hiwny'Bl BABY CHICKS SPECIAL! For a Umileil Time Baby Chicks hundred L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Cherry & Kiillrnnil. I'limir. llli;j FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch to M Inch, [ilaln or reenlurced. Als« CimcrL-tr liulldtnn Blnclu cheap. cr thun lumber for barni, chleku>, pump haiuet, tcout hou»r», tool shedj. W« ttiirrf. Call u-i fur free nllmiU . . ptiono 691. OSCEOLA , TILE & CULVERT CO. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typos Except Cancer) DRS. NIES & NIES Cllnlo Ml niiiln, Idythnvlllc, Ark. Phone Z!Bt Seed Soybeans Our Specialty SPRING PLANTING Also Allalfn, l.csnedc/.n, Sweet Siiilun, Sudan, PaWure Mixtures, Lawn Mixtures and other field seeds. Call Us fur Your Requirements BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION Blythovillc, Ark. ;;.. 856 Phones 857 1*. Nu-Wa Offers You the Biggest Laundry Value! ROUGH DRY 1Ac BUNDLE IU ALL FLAT WORK FINISHED WEARING APPAREL STARCHED Shirts Finished. ,.,.,.,. .12c each Extra Pants Finished 20c each Exfrt Call 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Six Service Trucks • MEAT CURING • STORAGE • FOOD LOCKERS • PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZER? BLAYLOCKJS Highway 6J North — Phone 3172 Baby Chicks • Custom Hatching • Eggs

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