The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1891
Page 5
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TiU!l KKI'UHLICAN : ALOONA, IOWA, CO. F ON THK RIFLE RANGK. :Setchell & SetcMl Millinery and Fancy Goods, Ladies' and Childrens Furnishing Goods. Toilet Articles. Staple and Fancy Yarns. Yarns. "Dress Linens, Trimmings, Threads, etc. WANTED, FOR 8ALE, ETC, The Scores Made by the Boys—They Shoot to Hit, Company F will about average up with any militia company iti the state when it comes to rifle practice. Perfection in the manual and maneuvering is a nice thing for that matter any-i where but in case of a war with Chili tlie militia man who can kiffr, his man the most times is tlie one that counts. Company F lias clone good work this year on the rifle range and it is very largely clue to the tutorship of Capt, Cooke who ranks among the best shots of the state and whose hobby if anything is ride practice. Below is tlie record made by tho company during the last year on the rifle range. The individual scores of each member are given. Tho first column! gives the scores made at 200 yards, the second at 800 etc. JIAUKSMRN— IIIiUXTS HULKS. Totnl Conke, Tims F. Capt 7<> si 82 R2 .'120 71 3d! Walsh. M J, Prl 70 7(1 ft! 82 315 01 .WO Uarr, licit, Serg't 7,'t B2 82 «» :!0ii SHAUl'SHOOTRKS—HTATM HUt/ES, Cooke, TliosF, dipt fir. fil «4 IPO Walsh. M.I, Pri ,-,« r.o r,3 177 Ban 1 , liort, Serg't r,5 00 02 177 MARKSMKN— HTATB HULKH. Kdmomls, Bert. Prl no lift ot HID Fowler, fip.o, 1st SorK't r>2 r.i r>3 ion Kden.s, H J, ad T.leut IH-17 fi7 iu« .siw'lle. Loyd, Prl r>:> w :« isi HiiRKiird. Melzar, Prl 40 48 r>2 141; P.inibb Oolite. 1st. Sm-g't 4r. 4R r,2 I4r. Harvey. W J. Pri.... r>2 r>7 ."(i 145 •Tones, W J', Kerg't J(i 4(1 fi2 144 Ward. W K. Prl 4n 4:1 r.n 142 Uninson, Will, Prl C>8 ;«> 3« iso 1'HIBT CLASS—STATK. Nolte. Cli!\s, Pn 49424:1134 MlnUlcr, L, Pri fill 4-1 37 i:U i'uylor. Guy. Corp 43 45 if> 133 SKCONI) CLASS. Chapln, Jas. Corp... ;iO 42 38 110 Krottson, ohas.Prl 4t 87 2r> ioc Cjirbjiry, Gllnton, Pri ;w ;i(i ;n 105 Peek, Gus, Pri 3D 'M 33 102 Tllllll) CLASS. Hall. Will, Pri 43 40 ... 80 Ferris, S M • sr> 30 23 88 TcMinniit. Karl, Musician r.o :JR K» Colienoiir. Ohiis. Corv 32 33 21 KH TcittlC. K C, Serg't 3833 778 lijiy.Jno 44 17 Clarke, Lee 33 Sarchett, Klmer 31 Ciarlleld, Ellery •. '... .an Tellier, Art M Bern 24 Koonm to rent at reasonable prices. 02tf MRS. P. A. McOAM,. prices. Hats and bonnets at lowest Latest styles In millinery. $, REEVE & Co. for Snlfi or Trade. Will tmflo or sell my house find lot near Normal School in Algona. Write or see me. A. C. CADY, Hurt, la, Catarrh Is a constitutional and not a local disease, and therefore it cannot bo cured by local applications. It requires a constitutional remedy like Hood's Sarsaparllla, which, working through the blood, eradicates the Impurity which causes and promotes the disease, an! Old the U to yiut. iiiidci- your ,tCAX <i1H<;p. at New Dross Trimmings. Velvets, velvcttas, surah and china silks, astrnchan, passementeries, gimps, braids, cords, etc., cheap and handsome. Call and see, at 5lf SBTciiBiiij & SETCHELL. For bargains in hats and all millinery goods call on E. REEVK & Co. MOKK WAGONS. We notice that Jones (he who pays the freight) is securing another large invoice of the celebrated A. A. Cooper wagons. Jones has sold this make of wagons for twenty years, which speaks well for their popularity. 2 tf KSTHAVKl) From the premises of the undersigned Oct. 20th, 2 calves and 1 2-yca.r-old; red, except 1 calf has some white spots. Information regarding their whereabouts will be suitably rewarded. 6 R. MAAS, Elmore, Minn, effects n permanent cure. Thousands of people testify to the success of Hood's Sarso- pivvilla as a remedy for catarrh when other preparations had failed. Hood's Snrsaparilla also builds up the whole system, and makes you fuel renewed in health and strength. " I used Hood's Snrsaparilla for catarrh, and received great relief and benefit from It. The catarrh was very disagreeable, especially iu the winter, causing constant discharge from my nose, ringing noises in my cars, and pains in the back of my head. The effect to clear Strayed, Oct. 31, one black sow pig, weighing about 75 pounds. 5 EUGENE 5 iu; 33 31 an Smith, Olias ......................... n McNeal, J ........................... 12 Stephens, Earl ........................ r.i I/filrtl. Will .......................... 3 Walker, Jno ................... ....... I'OUBTJI CLASS. Walker. Jno ....................... Mann, Nathan ...................... Creed. A W, 1st U ................. Creed. A W, Ualley, FA "Oh! how dreadfully yellow and greasy my face is getting." Say do you know this is all caused by a disordered liver, and that your skin can be changed- from a dark greasy yellow to a transparent white by the fise of Beggs' Blood Purifier and Blood Mnker? Every boUle guaranteed by F. W. Dingley. E. Reevo & Co. have now on display a complete line of fall and winter styles in milliuerv. Call and examine them. iny head In the morning by hawking and spitting was painful. Hood's Sarsaparllla gave me relief Immediately, while in time I was entirely cured. I urn never without Hood's Sursnparilla In my house as 1 think it is worth Its weight in gold." Mns. G. R. GIBB, 1029 Eighth Street, N. \V., Washington, r>, C. Hood's Sairsaparilla Sold by all druggists. j?.I; six for §5. 1'reparcd only by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Maao. BOO Doses One Dollar It Will Pay You to call at ray store when in need of Stoves, Tinware and Hardware. We will give you a Written Guarantee with all those Celebrated Riverside Stoves and Ranges> Call and see us before you buy.. OUR PRICES WILL SUIT YOU. And we have The Largest Stock in the County T.6 select from. | HENRY WINKIE, Jr. | I Flour Down. For 30 days will sell flour ns follows Rest Patent (Minnesota flour) i>cr sack. .. 81.50 Halt " " •' " Straight Grado " 1,40 1.30 Every sack guaranteed at 5 6 TOAVNSEND & LANGDON'S. Stock for Sale. 1 mare 9 year old, 1 horse, 10-year-old, 1 .yearling colt, 5 yearling steers, 5 heifer caUes, 1 steer calf. 1% miles southwest of Algoua. J. R. THOKNTON. In material for art needlework we have stamped linens, felts, plushes and satins, also art threads of all kinds, etching, rope and embroidery, silk, auasene, rib- boseme, bargarrcu thread, etc. Stamping done to order. 5tf SETCIIEM & SETCIIELT,. Notice of Probate of Will. STA.T.K OK IOWA, i cu Kossutli Ooimry, t In thu (H.-trict eonii. . To all whom it may «'.on«ern~TaUe notice. That there \v;is iiled In the iifltao of the Clerk of tlie District Court of Kossutb ('omity, on the 2nd day of < ovcmlicr. A. 1). i«n, an instrument In writing Ix'iirliiu diiti; tlm 301.1) ilay of .Inly, A. 1). is:ii, and jmrportlii!: to he the last Will anil TestaniBiH of Ulnenl'/ieil (Jeilenfeld. late of s:iiti (Joum.v, idwased. wa< proilneed and piihliuly rend oy m« and that the 2<l dn.y ol the next levin ol .^niil Court, to he hohlen on tlie "til day of Dceeiuher. A. 1). 18!H. at ihe Oonrl; House In Alfjonn afores-did. l\us been fixed for proving s»id Will : anil at — o'clock — M. of the fitly above .mentioned, :i!l persons interested are hereby notified and required to apiiear in said Court, and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not lie probated and 'allowed as ami for the lust Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated, Algona. Iowa, November 2nd, A. D. 18!ll. A. A 1JKUNHON, 57 Clerk of District Court. MERCHANT TAIL.ORB. CALL STREET. ALG-ONA, IOWA. Fall and Winter Suitings at Bargain Prices, (Jan be made iu 6 months selling Tuuisou's -Atlases, Charts tuitl "W nil Mai>n. Particulars free. H, C TUHSOI,- Chicago, Ills. AVtttertowii IJootrt !iii<l Shoes. i have just received un invoice of the above make, consisting of Kangaroo, Calf and Dongola Kid, both for ladies' and gentlemen's wear. Having had 25 years experience in the manufacture of hoots and shoos I can with confidence assure ray patrons that for quality of material and style of finish these goods have no superior in our markets. Prices to suit the times. JNO. SIIAKP. South Dodge St., Algona. 12 A GltJKAT MAGAZIXK. ona S&SO.OOO. A. D. CLARKE, CHAR. CHUBB, OHAS. C. ST.CLAIK, President, Vice-Presicleiit. Cashier. to Loan at Reasonable Rates and General Banking Business Transacted. We have tlie reputation for selling Best $3,00 Pants IN IOWA, And today we are selling a pant better than ever for that money. J. Handle only the Best Grades and sell at the Very Lowest Prices. We carry ;i JAS. TAYLOR. In All of the Different Lines And will meet All Competition. The Century's Program i» 18f)S—A New "tife of C'olnmlius"— Articles for I'liriuerH, etc. That great Ameilcan periortieal.The fentury, is going to outdo its own unrivaled record in its program for 1KJ2, audits many of Its new features bepin with the November number, new readers should comim-nce with that issue. In this number are the opening chapters of '•THK NAUI.A1IKA," a novel by Ituilytml Klpllnt;, the. famous mithor of "I'liiln Tales from tin- dills." written in collaboration with at; A tnerieiiii writer. Wolcort Jale,si;ler. U l.s the sloiy ol' a yowiji IIKIII and •onny woman from a "lioumin};" Colorado own. who no to India, ho in search of a won- Jerful jeweled necklace.lulled "the Ntuilahkti" from wliieh tlie story takes its name), and she is » physician to women. The novel di'.se.ribes ,helr remarkable adv"iiUires at the court of an ndian maharajiili. llrsidcs this. The, Century viil print, three other novels during the year, ind a ureat ntimber of sliori.' torie.s by the best; American story- writers. The well-known humorist Kdgar W. Nye 'Bill Nye") is to write a series of anmsinfi sketches which he ealis his "antobionnipliies." 'lie (list ono of whieli. "Tim Atitohlograpliy of i.Insiice of the I'eaue." is in November, 'this lumber also contains a valuable and suggestive tirticle on "The Knod-Supply of the Kutuiv," wliicli every funnel'shouki read, to be. U-llowcct jy a number of ol heir, OK fiKKAT I'liACTlOAIi VALL'E TO KAIiBIKKS, treating especially of the relations of tlie KOV- ernment to the fanner, what it is domtr and tvhat it should do. This series will include contributions from officers of the Department of Agricultural, and other well-known men will discuss 'The Kurmer's Discontent," •'Cooperation," etc., etc. A celebrated Spanish writer is to furnish a Life of Columbus." which will be brilliantly Illustrated, and the publishers of The. Century have arranged with the managers of tlie World's Fair to print articles on the buildings. One of the novels to appear in 1WE is A RTOHY OP NKW YORK I.IFR by the author of "The Anglomaniacs," and the magazine will contain a great deal about the metropolis during the year.—among other things a series of illustrated articles on "The Jews in New York." In jSovember Is an illustrated description of -The Players' Club," founded by Udwin Jiooth. and one of the features of the splendidly Illustrated Christmas (December) mimber Is an article on "The Bowery." To get The Century semi the yearly subscription 1'riee (S4.«i>) to 'The Century Co., Union Square, New York, N. Y. Sell all of the above and sell cheap. SOME BARGAINS IN CROCKERY AND GLASSWARE. LOANS. We can now make loans on Improved Lands from one to ten year's time and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even 8100 at any time when interest falls due. ThN'Is Iowa Money, and no second mortgage or coupons are.-, taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage, at any time and save the interest on the amount paid. Money furnished tit once on perfect title. Call on or address, H. HOXIE, Alsona, Iowa. Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutcliius, J. President. "Vice-President. Biackford, Cashier. FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Of Algona, Iowa. {3^~CAPITAI-$5L -o. Monej' always on linnil to loan at,i reasoiialjle rates to iKirtles wlio can fu p h rot-class security: ;, Directors—Ambrose A. Call, I). H. UutchinK, J. C. Hlackfprrt, Win. K. T<Vrffunon, ' U. 15. Hutching, Philly Oorweiler, A. B. Clarke. <•: G ' OVE LIVERY, FEED AND SALE STABLE Best of Horses and West of Tliorington House. M. Z. <3ROVE, MANAGER. GKE2T OUR, Before you buy and we will guarantee to save you money. j. H. QUEAL & co., Yard on North Bide of State Street, ALGONA, IOWA. A. EBIOKSOISr, AGENT. ~^" JOHN SHARP i Boots and shoos made to order. Repairing a specialty. A lu»'|jo sin^U. of ladies auu tucu'u flllppers aud warm shoos }ust received. 4gent for Sharp's Kiuwk.-i Lenther Preservative— tlie best shoe dressinc in the market. (Shop next to Rending liooin) Tbe Capital City Oomeoercial College aud The Capital City School of Short- band, Des Moiues, Iowa.. The leading schools of commerce iq the west. If you Wiflb to succeed in busioees life, you prepare for it, Tbeee schools > furnished hundreds 9! jpesiUons for tbeir graduates. For \j»talo«ue and further informatioa addre J. M," It is nothing new for the GRANGE - STORE To offer you the BEST VALUE^eLEAST MONEY But this season they are making exceptionally Low Prices on Men's Women's and Children's Underwear and Hosiery, Which you will appreciate if you care to investigate. Better Wool Hose for twenty-five cents than you have bought for that money in the last tweuty- fiveyeavs, The Grange Store. •ff:-jKT^---~-W.t~~ M&mm^ NORTHERN IOWA NORMAL SCHOOL; Nine competent instructors. Normal, Business and College Preparatory courses. Students will find classes in any study desired, whether taking regular course or aoj.. Regular studies: History, General H History of education, •Beginning aud advanced classes. Special Studies; Elocution, Music, Art, Shorthand and Type-writing. Winter Ternji fourteen weeks, opens December 8th, 1881. , Writ* for FaUCatiiogu^tnd full ittJEorwftUon. F.

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