The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1891
Page 6
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THE REPUBLICAN: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBEE 4, 1891. BS- THE COtJNTY Keporteil by Special Correspondents. f Hfc RKPunucAN publishes more outside news from the country and surrounding towns than nil the six other papers published Tn Kos- BUfh county combined. For the Bancroft N MWB see page 0. To OotmksrONDBNTS':—AH correspondence forthe KRPOHMOAN should reach Oils office not tMt»r than Tuesday evening. Please bear ihls In mind. WES1.EY. H. C. Hollenbeck our candidate for supervisor is making an ac-tive canvass and will no doubt be elected. The boys remembered llalloc'en but their pranks were of a very innocent nature, and order was soon restored the next morning. The band boys' fair commences next Wednesday and continues two days. It is t" IK; finished oil with a grand dance on Thursday evening. The republicans met in caucus Saturday evening and noipinated R. J. Bidgood for justice of the peace und Peter Skow for township trustee. The new coat of paint on the M. E. church has greatly improved its appearance. The, ladies intend to renovate the interior as soon as funds and time will permit.. Mr. T. Atkinson has gone to Britt to buiM the foundation of a bouse for T. M. Way. It is said Mr. Way will have the finest residence in Britt when it is compU U'd. Mrs. J. V. Hill, who sold her farm in BDOIIB township a few months ago, has concluded to mnke her permanent home in Wesley. She has bought a half block in Park addition and it is said she will build a residence thereon before winter sets in. The Wesley rally last Tuesday evening was a grand success. Mr. Van Houten's speech, the chief feature of the occasion, is spokpn of as one of more than ordinary merit. The people from Algona and Britt added interest to the occasion, and the bands and glee club furnished excellent and appropriate music. It is rumored that W. P. Giddings living northwest of Wesley is about to leave the farm and move in towu. Mr. Giddings is an old settler. Coming to Wesley township in 1870 he has lived and labored here ever since. Should Mr. Giddings and his excellent wife become citizens of our town they will be most cordially welcomed. The young ladies showed their interest in the campaign by trimming their hats in corn tassels and corn in various shapes, wearing corn necklaces etc. They "lent their ears" to the speaker in more sense than one, as it was noticed they waved those from the cornfield by way of applause, with silk of the national colors streaming from the end. The gentlemen wore the usual corn badge and carried their cornstalks most gracefully SCHOOL REPORT. Grammar department—Number enrolled, 43. Pupils neither tardy nor absent: Mabel Colby, Alda Turner, Violet Grove, Ruth Hopkins, Mamie McCutchen, Irene McBride, Ray Anderson, Maud Anderson, Florence Atkinson, Katie Bacon, Mary PeU-rsou, Bertha Peterson, Florence Cor saiH, Helen Lloyd, Christina Peterson, Amelia Robinson, Myrtle Rogers. Mns. M. J. COLIJY, Teacher. Primary department—Number enrolled 45. Pupils neither tardy nor absent Aggie Ward, Addie Brisbois, Annie Gaw, Emma Johnson, Liza Grove, Mattie Peterson, Mamie Ward, Matilda Peterson, Mattie Bacon, Mabel Smith, Elsie Ash, Orvie Ash, Emmet Ash, Charlie Peterson, Cappie Ward, Grant Anderson, Georgie McCride, Georgie Grove, Johnnie Grove, Johnnie Gallagher, Jimmie P.obinson, Ollie Kung. .TENNTK PETTIBOSK, F. H. SLAGLK, Teacher. Principal. LEDYARD. Mr. Auld will shave you at the note for a dime. C. A. Ordway lias moved his residence to his lot in the south part »f town. The town is now beginning to straight en itself around in line with the world. The ladies furnished an oyster suppei at the old store building on Saturday evening. After supper a very interesting program was rendered, the {main feature being a lecture by Mr. Reeser. Proceed! about |13. Married at the residence of Wm. B Leslie, in the presence of many friends and invited guests, by Rev. Luce on th 27th ult., Henry Wilson and Miss Jessie B. Leslie. After the couple were mad one, all repaired to the new hotel build ing, where supper was served in ele^an style. The happy couple were the recip ients of many useful as well as orna mental presents. They will occupy the rooms over Rendall's store where they >vill be glad to receive their friends. The eale at George Martin's place last Thursday was well attended and things old well. Steve Refer of Seneca has bought Luke Bravender's farm adjoining his in hat township. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Buker catne up Triday to see if their rooms Were ready o they could move in Monday and commence housekeeping. UNION. Mrs. Chaa. Godden is recovering from icr recent illness. Mr. Wilson will vacate the Rapley arm. it having been sold. Minnie Shadle closed the fall term in the Jopeph Thompson district Friday. The cold wave that struck Union Saturday morning was pcrceptably felt by all. Mr. Kenyon's new house presents a very fine appearance and adds much to ,he looks of that street. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey spent Saturday and Sunday eleven miles northwest of Bancroft with an old neighbor. Mr. Wheeler and family spent Sunday with his daughter, Mrs. Martin Iloflus, and attended church at Buffalo Forks. Myron Hare and bis nephew, Myron Clapsaddle are doing a good job of ditching for T. G. Dalton and G. L. Carroll. Tuesday — election day — is the day when all good republicans should stand >y their party regardless of all election ies. Friends of Mr. Wilson's family are sorry to have them move. They have made many friends during their short stay. They move four miles south of Algona. Mrs. Joseph Thompson sprained her arm, which necessitated her daughter, Jennie, coming home from the Normal school at Algona where she was attending school. FENTON. T. M. Clark is drawing his^oats off. Mrs. Conrad Rahm is on the sick list. W. D. Molton's sister and her husband is visiting him now. Pomp Bros, are finishing up the threshing in these parts. Miss Nannie Hill of Algona visited.^in Fenton Saturday and Sunday. J. Holts got kicked on his arm by a colt. They think the bone is split. The Fenton post office has been moved from the store in Lotts Creek township to the Fenton creamery. Frank Palmer, his two sisters, a brother and wife, and a cousin, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Sunday. We heard that Lew was walking off with a whole Hill on his arm the other night. Be careful of that arm, Lew. A small baud with cow bells and tin pans filled the air with music at the residence of the newly married couple last Monday night. J. M. Moore went to Tipton Iowa, last Thursday to attend the funeral ef his mother who died early that morning Mr. Moore has the simpathy of the people of Fenton. A surprise party was given Mr. and Mrs- J. L. Blunt at the house of Wm. Pecks, Saturday night. A large album was presented to them and money enough to buy Mr. Blunt an easy chair. It was a good surprise to them and good time was had by all. Emergoii'ti Mistake. Ralph. Waldo Emerson, having risen one night, unintentionally aroused hi* wife, who inquired, "Are you sick, Waldo?" "Oh, iio, my dear," was his reply, "but I've got an idea. What's the matter with these matches? I can't maka them ignite. Let it go now," sighed the philosopher, "my idea is gone." The next morning upon arising Mrs. Emerson found nil the teeth in her comb broken out. This, is supposed to have happened in the daj^s (or nights) when matches oame in cards.—San Francisco Argonaut. Decadence of the lilond. "She«s a good girl," said Mrs. De Ka- denz, "and not only Trnderstoocl her duties, but knew her place. I had to lei her go though. I have been studying Fido's character rather closely, and ] really believe that blonds are distastefu' to the dear angel."—Indianapolis Journal. Flesh Color. Mistress—2 ordered flesh colored stockings and here you have brought me black ones! Maid—Yes'm; but master sent the ne- oro page boy to buy them!—Humor- utreche Blatter. AN UNPARALLELED OFFER! A Farm and Stock Paper FREE To EYery Subscriber of THE REPUBLICAN! We fire pleased to announce that we have made arrangements with the publishers of The Western Plowman whereby we can jrivo that excc'lk'nt Stock, Farm and Household ournal FR.I3K to every subscriber of THE RKPTJIUJCAN jpon conditions named below. The nrnvngoinent is For a Limited Time Only! And will bo offered by no other paper in Kossuth county• o nil who pay nil nrreiiruiros and one year in advance from the date of payment we will give The Western Plowman Free lor one year. ;fT'To nil new subscribers who vwy one yenr in advance from-date of payment we will give The Western Plowman Free 1'or one year. o all whoso subscription is paid a part of the yenr in advance who will pay enough to nmk« it a whole yenr in advance, will give The Western Plowman Free fur on<; y«»ir. B. F. liced was 'ifr fi'Oitt Algona on Thursday. Miss Eva Anderson is home from her Visit at Vasa, Minn. Stahl of Bancroft is baling bay for Ed and Eland Anderson. Another load of hunters stopped in Swea Saturday and Sunday. Luke Bravender is up from Grinnell visiting his eons, C. E. and F. M. Marsh Stevens was up Thursday leaving eleptioB supplies for the township. here the J. B. CORK, Real Estate Agt. BURT, IOWA. Good farms for sale. NEW HARNESS SHOP. The Western Plowman is a 90 column Stock and Earm paper and is chuck full of practical, valuable information for the farmer and stock raiser. Come in and subscribe 1 new; get your friends to come with you and pet, the bcft. paper published in Kossuth county and an excellent farm pnper with it. OCXMIE! I3ST O3STOHJ. The Phenomenal Success Acbievad by this Firm is to bo attributed to: 1st—The utmost care that is given in selecting and buying none -but the best of materials. 2d—The best of workmanship in all their branches. 3d—By the combination and practical use of the most important improvements made. In this manner wo effect the most obtainable result in regard to quality and durability. Our instruments have a rich volume of tone, pure and of long sustaining, singing quality. Our cases are double veneered inside and outside, thus avoiding the checking iind warping. Our key bottoms are framed together like a door, and therefore Abound to keep straight. Our patent music rack is the plainest ami yet most serviceable in existence Our patent fall board is a novelty and of the most practical usefulness. The patent repeating action is highly appreciated by expert players, as well as by scholars. The patent tuning pin fastening, only used in our pianos, is the most important improvement ever invented; the tuning pin being inserted only in the full iron frame thus lessening the liability of stretching and loosing of the springs, so commonly found in pianos with wooden wrest planks. We challenge the world that our piano will stand longer in tune than any other made in the ordinary way. Special prices to introduce these pianos where we have no agent. Good agents wanted. Direct all correspondence to J. LISTER, Box 88. QL1DDEN, IOWA, Supt. of Iowa agencies. H. B. KJditof * BURT, IOWA, NOVEMBER 4,1891. Oats 19 @.20 Egire. 15 Oattle $3.00 Wheat.... 65@.75 Flax $ .70 Corn 40 Butter ... ,15<a.l8 Hogs 1.10 Barley 80 Hay 4.00 ttVRT HOME NEWS. A, A, Beane, A, M,,M,D, Office at the BURT HOTEL. And handle more I have openedjup a harhess shop above McDonald's hardware and will make first-class harness to order. Also do all kinds of repairing. Will also keep on hand a good line of ine a call, THrE. GHflrNGE. OF /"V yf A COLLEGE EDUCATION FREE My young friend, do you want an education? We will give away two grand educational prizes between now and the holidays. One is a full scholarship, in any single course in any college, academy or seminary of your own selection in the west. The other is a full scholarship in any western commercial school. Either of these prizes is within your reach without the investment of a dollar. Do YOU WANT IT? If so, do not wait a minute to write us. It is the chance of your lifetime to secure a free education. WESTERN PUOWMflN. Mollne, 111. Miss Abbie Goodwin returned Saturday from her Nebraska visit. Mrs. Frank Allen is enjoying a visit from her father and mother, Mr.nnd Mrs. Samuel Thompson, of Freedom, Illinois. O'Neill & Kerr are enlarging and repairing their offlce and when completed coflec7ioD.~ will give them more needed room.besides what I say. adding to the appearance. C. H. Nichols was blessed the other day with a pension check. He now receives a pension of $6 per month and dates back some fifteen months. C. H. Nichols enjoyed a visit of a day or so last week from his brother of Clairmont, Minn. His brother and family left for a visit in Europe to be gone some time. W. M. Cook has been confined to the house for the past five days with an attack of asthma, together with a bad cold. We hope to sue him able to attend to business in a few days. Mrs. J. H. Graham has been very sick of late and gains strength very slowly. Her mother, from. Bancroft, has been with her during the [most of her sickness and with the good care she is receiving we hope to sec her restored to health. " Den Paine has rented his farm for a term of three years to J. A. Noah and Albert Clifford. These are the gentlemen that fpurchpsed the W. M. Hallock 120 acres this side of the river. Mr. Paine is now engaged in the hay business at this place. The oyster supper at the church served by the ..Presbyterian ladies last Wednesday evening was well ^patronized and netted them some $25. The M. E. folks served dinner yesterday at the church, the proceeds to go to the same purpose- that of repairing the church. At this writing we have not learned how much the latter dinner netted them. A pleasant evening was enjoyed at the parsonage Friday by the members of the M. E. church, the event being the 47th birthday of the pastor, Rev. Forsythe. J. N. Easterly, in a few appropriate remarks, presented to Rev. Forsythe, on behalf of the members, a nice fur coat. Rev. Forsythe then addressed the members, thanking them heartily for their kindness. After refreshments were served all went home, having spent an evening of social'lenjoyment. Hon. George Van Houten, candidate for Lieutenant-Governor, addressed a large crowd at this place Wednesday as was announced. Our citizens never do anything by halves and on this occasion the program was carried out and the rally was a success. The Algona band was present and discoursed some fine music. Credit is also due our home talent for lively songs at the opening of the speech. It was by far the best republican speech ever delivered at this place. Mr. Van Houten is an able and interesting speaker and backs up his arguments with cold, stubborn every-day facts. A goodly number of citizens from Algona were present. The County Sunday School Convention convenes at this place, commencing Saturday evening of this weekend lolding several sessions on Sunday. Following is a program: SATUKDAY EVENING, 7:30 P. M. Music. Invocation. Address of Welcome. Mr. Bacon, Burt Response. W. W. Wilson, of Bancroft Music. Addrees. Rev. Davidson, of Algona Music. SUNDAY, 10 A. M. Music. Prayer. Paper—Who Should be Teachers in the Sabbath School? Miss Grace Adams, Algona Music. Address—Importance of Religious Training to the Youth. Rev. Luce, Bancroft Music. Paper. Rev. Williams, of Bancroft Music. SUNDAY, 2 r. M. Music. Bible Reading. Music. Paper—Should \ve expect work from the Business Men? C. M. Doxsee, Algona Music. Children's Meeting. Dr. Ban 1 , Algona Music. SUNDAY, 7:30 p. M. Music. Prayer. Paper—Amusements. Mr. Renfrew, Bancroft Music. Address. Rev. Schwerta, Burt Music. Paper—The Sabbath School Teacher. Miss Blancuard, Burt Music. All papers open to;discussion. LOOK HERE! All persona knowing themselves indebted to me must call and settle cither by note or cash Within SO Days. Or my books will be turned over for collection. I must have money and moan M. SlIAEFFER. Closing Out. We have decided to close out tire stock of our en- BOOTS and SHOES And shall sell at 0 U 1 Until they are all gone, see us and we will save Come in and you money. They are bound to go quick and "first come first served." Cady & Hallock. Burt has a Fxirniture Store. Buy your furniture of W. M. Cook, good stock and reasonable prices, G-EO. E. MARBLE Still runs a AT BURT. Fresh Groceries always on hand and a. good assortment of General Merchandise. "We are Get your Printed at the Republican Office fcJw04«f Jl* Work and will Fullfof New Goods. We need Room and we need Money, If you are in need of DRESS GOODS, FLANNELS* BLANKETS, UNDERWEAR, CLOTHING or BOOTS and SHOES. Call on us and we can suit you in goods and prices. Truly Yours. NICHOLSON & BUISI/U When in town call on Whitney and se his new line of HEATING STOVES Remember he always has on hand a full line of Shelf and Heavy Hardware. STOP -AT THE- BURT HOTEL! M, L. MAYHEW, Proprietor, Good Accommodations. Livery and Feed Stable in connection with hotel. Lenox soap Cash Store. cheap by the box at the TAKE NOTICE. All persona indebted to me on account will please call and settle. If the time I have allowed you has been datioo please accQUMftodate me now When you need anything In Bow» call PLOWS.

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