The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1891
Page 5
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BANCR NEWS . A.. :, 3ffiditor. BANCROFT, IOWA, NOV. 4, 1891. Chicago & North-Western K'y. VOIITK SOOTH Mixed o Ham Mixed fi 07pm way freight....Jt 43nm wti.y freight....8 loam passenger ......4 ospm- passenger 2 Oopm CHURCH DIRECTORY. B ANCROFT 1'imsiiYTKHIAN flHUBOH. llolds SBUVICPS lu the school lionse, ftmulny School (it up, in.. nruacliliiK service at 4 p. m., G rayer meeting Tlnivmlay evening. Everybody witert. UKV. 1). WILLIAMS, Pastor. Look out for some netv ads hext weak. B ANCROFT SWWmsiI LUTIIKIIAN CHUHOII, mefttliif! morning and Bveniiif? one Sunday in encli month iiiifl two evening meetings In a month, Sunday School at 12 in. each Sunday, Ladle's Aid Society meets overy other Friday. KKV. A. ELVST'ROM, Pastor. F IHST HAi-TTHT cmuKoiT, of Bancroft, preach- hif! service each Sunday at 10 :no 11. m. and 8p.m., Sunday .School at 12 in.. Lords supper the first Sunday In each month at 1 p. m., pniy- er meeting Thursday evening, Loyalists meet on Tuesday evening, Covenant meeting the last I rid ay evening In each month, choir practice Saturday evening. Everybody invited, strangers especially welcome. KKV. L. A. 'CUMMINS. Pastor, B ANCKOI'T M. K. oHuitcH, impelling service each Humbly at 10 :30 a. in. ami » p. in,, class meetinir preceding each service at ringing of second hell, Sunday School at 12 in., Kp- worth League on Tuesday evening, prayer meeting Thursday evening, choir rehearsal Friday evening. Ladle's Aid Society meets Wednesday afternoon. A cordial Invitation is extended to all to attend chev .lervicns. law. A. VV. LUCK, Pastor. S T. .JOIIN'H CATHOLIC CHUHfiT. regular services : Instruction from 10 to 10 :»» a. m., high mass and sermon from 10:30 to 12. Holy mass each morning in the week at T a m..Mar- ried Liidln'.s Society meets tho first Sunday of every month after the .sermon. Young Ladle's Society meets the second Sunday of every month after the sermon. Young Men's Society meets the third Sunday of overv month after the sermon. Everybody is invited to attend tueso services. I'ATM Ell A. J. SCIIK.MMKL, PaStOI 1 . IMCKEI) UP IN THE STKI3ET. II. Austin is plastering his house. Election arid excitement seem to be over. F. B. Anderson has put up a neat new barn lately. Miss Ida Swanson was down from Leclyard last Saturday. W. E. Jordan's family moved to Evanston, iilinois.yeaterday. Miss Emma Smith began her school in Swea township last Monday. Z. Koberts was down from Merriam Park, Minn., several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ordway of Ledyard visited in Bancroft last Saturday. Cars are very scarce and our grain merchants cannot dispose of their grain. It. E. Davison sold $10 worth of full blooded Plymouth Rock poultry Just week. C. O. Ekliolm wQstof town has just finished the erection of a large new ... granary. The Catholic cemetery has been surveyed and platted, during the week, by C. B. Ilutchius of Alguna. J.W.IIartshorn and family are happy over the arrival of an right pound girl at their house last Sunday evening. Mrs. A. Sundstroni and children and Miss Anderson of Swea returned from a visit to Vasa, Minn., on Thursday last. L. D. Lovcll and J. Holt/, were up this way attending to committee Work as members of the board of supervisors last week. B. D. Sterling has invented quite a novelty in the way of u pump sign which .is displayed in front of his place of business. Swan Hanson started for Christiansted, Sweden, last week, where he will make his future home. The N.KAVS will go to him regularly. J. S. Cummins went to Ilarriinau, Tenn., last week, where he will spend the winter. Of course he subscribed for the NEWS before he departed. J. C. Stahl and E. S. Streater took a hunting trip to the lakes several days last week and succeeded in bagging a goodly amount of ducks, geese and chickens. Jesse Davison of Portland was in town last Saturday and reports that his son, Elwiu, j s in about the. same condition that he has been for some time past, 0. O. Olson of East Swea has as fine a field of corn as can be found in- Kossutb county and we think he under estimates the crop when he says it will go 65 bushels to the acre. Dr. L. A. Sheetz of Algona was up Jast week to examine Asbury Harts- liorn, >vbo it is expected will get his pension soon. This pension should have been granted long ago. The agency of the White sewing machine has been transferred from E. L. Ward to A. Sundstrom, Mr. Sundstrum is also agent for the Crown sewing machine and the Crown organ. While loading a car wi^U hay one day last week Willis Stall's team took fright at the train and ran through tue wire fence around the section house The horses were pretty badly eu$ u p . Jfews comes that Bert Kio»e tomiav ly of tbw pJpce b»t now ol EfirtJlw)4 Oregon was man-ted two weeks ago to- M. Stephens was in these parts last Thursday. J. B. Jones was down from Ledyard last Saturday. E. Erickson of Algona was in Bancroft last Thursday. Miss Get-/, of Hurt was a caller in Bancroft last Saturday. '. C. W. Conatans of Blue Earth f city was in town last Thursday. W. O. Dtistin was down from Elmore between trains last Friday. Ilnrvoy Whitchill, formerly of this place, was in town last Monday. A. E. Anderson of Webster City was a Bancroft visitor last Thursday. _ Miss Hilda Stinson began her school m the Sands district last Monday. The NEWS and RKPUHLIOAN both for §1.50 and a premium thrown in. Just go in and look at Kelly's jewelry if you want anything in his line. Miss Adda Davison begins her school in the Ilayden district next Monday. W. A. Bytield the Estberville livery man looked over our cityjlast Thursday. W. A. Cliipman of Portland township was a Bancroft visitor last Saturday. Wiiois going togstavt that stock company to build a tovyn hall for Bancroft V We learn that the Butt boys celebrated Hallowe'en one night too soon. How is it, Burl? The lovers of the ball room had a social party at the residence of John Bowen last Saturday night. The Catholic people observed AJ1 Souls day last Monday with a sermon and mass for the departed. The local Presbyterian church endorsed the prohibition resolutions passed at the yearly meeting last Sabbath. Father Scliemmel was the happy recipient of a fine reclining chair, which was presented by Pat Kain, of Plum Creek. The Catholics expect to consecrate their new cemetery in the near future and we presume it will be an imposing ceremony. There is to be a pantomime social at the residence of E. B. Eddy a week from next Thursday night. Boys go and buy a shadow. II. Shulta of Grundy Centre returned home after buying the Kaducefarm in Ramsay township. lie talks of still further investment in Kosstith county soil. A. J. Berryman has added a stock of jewelry and fine watches to his stock. Bancroft merchants are increasing their stocks of goods considerably this fall. A pleasant party of young people of the town and vicinity enjoyed a party at the residence of Jas. Hunt, southeast of town, one evening last week and report a good time. The recitations at the union temperance meeting by the Misses Annie Barslou and Mabel Johnson were pronounced very line by the audience. Bancroft has the best drilled young people on literary subjects of any town of its size in Iowa. G.V. Davis Jr. lias traded his house and lot in South Bancroft to John Nemmers for a team and two lots in South Bancroft upon one of which he will build an ice house and fill it this winter for the benefit of those wishing to purchase it next summer. The I. O. G. T. literary program for Nov. 7th is as follows: Song, Adda Davison; recitation, Annie Barslou; recitation, Myrtle ' Gtollion; original story, Emma Barslou; music, Hilda Stinson; debate—postponed from last week—published last week; music Minnie Johnson. the regular election of officers of the I. O. of G. T. last Saturday night the following were elected; C. T., G W. Smith, V. T., Hilda Stiusdh,^. Clarence Robinson, F. S., Lewis Gray, Treas., Adda Davison, Mar., Wm, Stahl, Chap., J. B. Streater, Guard, Orvel Ostrauder, Lieut-, Chas'.'Wilson. A child of Nick Sholtes has been complaining for about four years with a trouble in his nose but no one was able to locate the' cause thereof and Mr, Sholtes was about to take the child away for treatment when by some means a common shoe button was ejected from the nose which it is supposed had been lodged in that organ ever since the complaint was made four years ago. Here is a simple question I Sometimes sit down and ponder o'er: If Jove a first kias is sweetest, why lover8 » lw ays asking more? Mamma (raising the slipper)—Willie, my son. Willie (across the maternal knee)— Spauk away, mamma, but don't give me that old gag about its hurtin' you worse'n it hurts me. People with impure blood may be said to exist, not live. Life is robbec'l of half its joys when the blood is loaded with impunties and disease. Correct this con- reliable DeWitl ' 8 Sarsaparilla, it is Uncle Mosc—VVhar has yor been? hain't seed yer in a coon's age. Mrs. Urow—I don't git no time ter go out. Dar'a always sumfln to keep me busy. If it ain't de cows it's do pigs, and if it ain't de pigs it's de chihlrens. "Oh! how dreadfully yellow and creasy my face is getting." Say do you know this is all caused by a disordered liver, and that your skin can be changed from a dark greasy yellow to a. transparent white by the use of Bepgs 1 Blood Purifier ana Ulooa Maker? Everv bottlo mini- anteadbyP. W. Dingley fc Mr - Newecl (at the breakfast table)— Before we were married I said I would incur any danger for your sake. Mrs. Newed—Yes Mr. Newed-Well, I'm going to show you that I made no idle assertion when I said that, Mrs. Newed—How? Mr. Newed—I am going to eat your biscuits. A. HUM1STON, AUCTIONEER. « V rl l ,.v 1 ' y ! i" l '' s '" !lt| N'1>i>rtof the county. 20 aiH c.M.'fi-k.iH-e. .Sal Kimi-antecd. GALLION BROS, BANCROFT, IOWA, Artistic work puHrantoed. Pictures en- ai-gcrt nt pensionable prices. T. M. OSTKANDER, Veterinary * Surgeon Bancroft, Iowa. ln,|. "' »'K I win aloim. (Jharues reasonable. Address : Oan be made in G montlis selling: Tunison's ^tlu»- , Chart* imtl Wall Particulars free. : H. C TDNISON, Chicago, Ills. WANTED— Energetic young man to manage branch office. Salary $000 per year. Must furnish good references and invest $375 in business. Address •« 428 Ttamge Building. Omaha, Neb. Cleveland -How is this, papa are you running for the Presidency or not? Grover-No, my child, I om running for nothing. If the Presidential train should happen along I might attach myself to the rear car. Baby Cleveland-I'Jl take paregoric in mine, papa. . "0! how I dread to see my hair turning gray. is a remark made by so many ladies. If they only knew that 75 cents invested m one bottle of Beggs' Hair Honewer would not only check it at once, out give u a luxurious and glossy appearance, we know that they would not lies- Soli bvF.V '^ ^^ b ° tU ' e ' LEGAL BLANKS o FOE SALE o AtJEPUBLIGAlT OFFICE A man who has practiced medicine tor 40 .years, ought to know salt from sugar: read what lie soys: , T TOLKDO, 6., Jan. 10,1887. Messrs. F. J. Cheney & Co.-Gentlemen:-»I have been in the general practice fit medicine for most 40 years and would say that in nl! my practice and experience have never seen a preparation 11ml 1 could perscrihe with ns much con- ticlence <>t siiceess as I can Hall's Catarrh Cure, iimniifHctiirefl by you. Have prescribed it. u gn-Mt niHiiy iimes and its effect is wonderful, and would say in conclusion that I have yet, lo find a case of Catarrh ihat I would not cure, if they would take it according-to directions. • Yours Truly, L L. Gmisucii, M. D. ,», .,, Office 215, Summit St. We will jr,vi. $100 for any case of Catarrh that, he cured with Hall's Cwtarrh Cure Taken iniiM-nidlv F. .1 CHENEY &<•<,.. Props., Toledo 0. by Urugu-iMs, 75c. 51—54. Done anywhere in the County At Bed Rock Prices, We guarantee— Plenty of Water Or no Pay. F.A.BRONSON F. A. KENYON A Wevy Book from Cover to Cover FULLY ABREAST OF THE TIMES. Mamma-Yes, Willie, I must spank you, but I assure you that it hurts my feelings worse than it hurts you. Willie—Then, mamma, let me mernip- erlate the shingle. As a preventative and cure for croup, Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has no rival. It is, in fact, the only remedy that can always be depended upon and that is pleasant and s»ife to take. There is not the least dangm-in (riving it to children ns it contains no injurious substance For sale fit .TO cents per bottle by Dr. L A. Sheetz. First Tot-Why isn't Annie turn to school? Second Tot—Annie dot measels an' hoopin' tof an' brown kitties, Annie has. Dr. R. L. St. John, of Rowland, Putnam county. Missouri, takes especial pleasure in recommending Chamberlain's Couffh Remedy, because he knows it to be reliable. Helms used it in his practice for several years, and says there is none better. It is especially valuable for colds and as a preventative and cum for croup. This, most excellent medicine is for sale by Dr. L. A. Sheetz. Cheap farms, rich soil and healthy cli mate. For particulars enclose stamp and address C. A. RAGLAND, F Real Estate Agent and Att'y at Law. 48-8 Stockton, Cedar county. Mo. BANCROFT, IOWA. Sewing Machines, Carpets, Pictures and Frames. BURIAL CASKETS. Undertaking a Specialty. Phoenix House, BANCROFT, IOWA. Now running under new management. -Agent for- WEBSTER'S INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY A GRAND INVESTMENT For tlio Family, the School or the Library. fc35° &!& l S Mo Water's Unal nriogen Dictionary, comtirisinr* tlm *»««• «? 1864, '79 and 'wEttS Ky! rxghtod) has IJeonttoKWRhly revised and enlarged, and as a distinguisl- 4ug title, bears the name of Webeter's International Dictionary; JLhe work of revision occupied over tea years, more than a hundred editorial laborers having Tieen Gall on him and get prices and terms. ' He can suit you in the selection of both wild and improved lands. Callanan > Bancroft, Iowa. Livery, Feed and Sale copy was printed. 8010 BY ALL BOOKSELLERS. A Pamphlet of specimen pagesT illustrations testimonials, etc., sent free by tTie publishers? ' onc aiWon ia needed in purohiwinK n dictionary as photographic reprints of an obsok-co ui U com' raraUvely worthless edition of Webster 'are l?o- G. F. HOLLOWAY. The International, which bfafJthe imprint of G. &, C. MERRIAM & CO., »««.» PUBLISHERS, SPRINGFIELD, Mass., U.S.A. If you want the "News" in every sense of the word, about Bancroft, and want a County paper that is the best, get the REPUBLICAN ANDREWS together for the price-of one County paper. Don't forget that we do Job Work, advertising, get out fine stationery etc. etc. Call on J. A. FRECH. %---s If you want to hire a livery rig, Kinno & Pearson have just the outfit'for you, Call OQ them. Colic, Diarrhoea, Dysentery „ kindred complaints are dangerous lowed to ruu any length of tloiq. j, is the duty of all parents to keep a v | Woe on hand »t »U times that wiU e •~1U?**B4_lPWpi||ftj cure ^-* i T NORTHERN IOWA NORMAL SCHOOL, Nioe noeteat itruco competent instructors. Normal, Business and College Preparatory courses. »Bls will find classes ia any study desired, whether taking regular course or »ot *n.»,-L:__._,, gdvaoepd gjiia^. ^ *k$.± &

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