The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1891
Page 4
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THE REPUBLICAN: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1891. ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE ot TRAINS, C5fitOAGO. MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL, (JOTNO IfrBSf . 1 passenger ..................... o -.02 a in so, 8 passenger ...................... 4 :3T p ra to. ofrelKht ......................... 7:15 am SO. ts way freight ................ lt:45am To. 6 freight .......................... 8 :17 p in OOtNd BAST. No. u passenger ...................... 10:24 am No. 4 plunger ................... 0:30 pin No, in way freight ................... 12 :15 it m No. U f reiitht ......................... 2 :30 p in No. » frtlKht ....................... . .10:65 pm Chicago & Northwestern R'y. OOINO NORTH AND WEST. Freight accommodation ............. 8 :is a m Chicago Mai! and Kxpress ........... a ;34 p m GOING SOUTH ANL> KA8T. Freight accommodation ............. n -.07 p in Chicago Mail and Express ............ 2 :37 p m Chicago passenger reaches Des Molnes at 7 p, in., Chicago n :50 a. m., and Kansas City 8 :30 a, in. Tickets for sale to all points In the •Julted States and Canada, PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY, B. J. DANSON. W. C. HANSON. DANSON BROS., A TTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Office Ov<>r romstoek's. B. F. REED, TTOBNEV AT-I.AW, Aljjona, Iowa. Of- L. flee iu the <<alur:if<h block, E. V. SWETTINGr. A TT011NKY-AT-I,AW, Alumni. Town. Money to loan. A TTOKNKV AT I,A\V. Olllcft ov •]• Kossutli County Haul;. JAS. BARR, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SUKGEON, AU-10NA, IOWA. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D-., P HYSICIAX and STJIUJEOX. Office next door to Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. w. E. H. MonsR. .1. M. ritiDE. MORSE & PRIDE. ALQONA, IOWA. G. T. WEST, M. D., P BY*TOl\N ar.d SURGEON, Algona, Iowa, Office iit, residence. " DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions filled. Deals in paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner of State and Thorington streets Alcona.Iowa. T. J. FELLING, M. D. P HYSICIAN and SUIi<'.KON. Consultation in I'.mflish <r.iii Orniiin (Mike and residence over (ioi'tcn'sdiore, \Vliiilemore, Iowa. 3. 33. Bayers, D. V, M,, Veterinary Physician i Surgeon EJ^~<>M»-;' west of the ThoriiiEton House, Algona, HOSPITAL Accommodations. Real Estate DANSON & HUTCHISON Office over Ki>s<utl\ Uouuty Mik. Also do a loan and insurance business. 0. B. MATSON, Real Estate S; Farm Loans , OFFICE OVER CHI.itSCl-JILL'ES' STORE. For information in regard to lauds in Northwestern Iowa, write to the Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA. — IOWA. A. D. CLARKE & CO. ABSTRACTS. Manufacturer of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods, AUiOXA. IOWA. Do you want an auctioneer? D. A. HAGGARD Will cry city and farm nropi-rty, make collections, etn. All business of a private nature striccly confidential. Olllee \vith K. M. Taylor. D IS A US 14 IN WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY, All kinds of Silverware. a specialty, Hotel and Restaurant. HALL, Proprietor. Slate Street, Algona. Lodging and meals. Board l>v the day or week. Terms .§1 per day, SiJ.'iO per week with furnished room, 82.50 per week 1'or day board. Excelsior Wind Mill. Attachment and Feed Grinder. Can be attached to any wind mill. Farmers can do their own grinding. 51 alt Richardson will show you how it works. Jos. HUGI & BUGS., MATT RICHARDSON, Gen'l Agents. Agent. Algona, Iowa. Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000. Incorporated under general laws ol Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly aud a ueneral banking business tranaucted. Passage tickets to or from the old ofHutrles sold at lowest rates. , Jno. G. Smith, J. . W. ALGONA RE PUBLICAN ALGONA, IOWA, Nov. 4,1891. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. r ~~ '• " L $ T. Fox and family of Burt were in Algona last Friday. Head Frank Bros. ad. You can buy clothing of them at absolute cost. Miss Tillie Cramer gave a party to number of her friends last Friday evening. Itev. Butler, who has been visiting in the East, returned to Algona Monday night, in time to vote. Bring your job work to the REPUB- CAN office. We make a specialty of Hue job work of all kinds. Thorough bred short horn yearling bull and Poland China boars for sale by Ernest Bacon, Burt, Iowa. 7 Clarence Paine and Arthur Frasier came home from the University to vote the straight republican ticket. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Clarke and a son to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson last Friday. Morse & Pride have changed their office and are now occupying the rooms at the rear of Heise's barber shop on State street. We have added another valuable agricultural paper to our clubbing list. The llEi>uj5i,icAX and Rural Life one year for $2.25. Hundreds of dollars was lost upon election by parties in this city. It is foolish to bet on politics and better never to bet at all. Dave Mitchell came over from Forest City to vote the Republican ticket. Mrs. Mitchell came with him and will spend the winter in Algona. Frank Dingley and bride arrived in Algona Monday evening. Frank has been accepting congratulations and setting out cigars ever since. John Spouberg's barn burned to the ground last Sunday afternoon about two o'clock. It is said that the fire was caused by a match and a small bov. Some one lias gone into the business of poisoning bird dogs on ji wholesale scale. Some half dozen valuable dogs have been poisoned within the last two weeks. Don't fail to attend the stereopticon show at the Court House hall next Monday evening. It is under the auspices of the public schools. Everybody should attend. A number of republicans from this city attended the rally in Bancroft last Thursday night. Mr. McFarland is a good speaker and did very effective work during the campaign. The weather yesterday was in strong comparison with the weather of election day last fall. Last election day was as bright and sunny as yesterday was cloudy and disagreeable. Austin Creed has secured a lay off from his duties as express agent for a week or ten days and is putting in the time at home. lie is now assigned to the run between Carroll and SiouxCity. Rev. W. II. Dot-ward's lecture last Sunday evening was largely attended. The ministers of the state have spoken a bold word for prohibition all along and they have doubtless spoken with effect. The Wesley band advertise a grand fair to take place next Wednesday and Thursday. Tho fair will wind up with a grand ball Thursday evening. Proceeds are for the purchase of new band instruments. Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hallock left last night for San Jacinto, California,where they will make their future home. Willis expects to be connected with a newspaper again in some capacity but as yet has not secured a position. Mr. and Mrs. Hallock have a great many friends who are sorry to see them leave tVlgona. It is reported to the that some miscreant has been amusing himself by kicking in the basement windows of the public school building. Somebody better look a little out.There is a place called the reform school that is a little too good for boys who will go around and wantonly destroy public property. The Burt band headed by a half dozen men carrying corn stalks went to the truiii Wednesday to receive the expected delegation from Bancroft to hear Van Ilouten, but not a person got off the-^rain except two commercial travelers. The Bancrofters are onto Van.—Courier. That is- not so. The Algona band played at the rally and we have personal knowledge of several Bancroft people who attended the speech. What i: the use of lyipg about everything that comes along? • Frank Bros.' are going to sell out their big store of goods at cost ant! leave the city. The HEPUBIJCAN is sorry to see this firm go out of business. They have been known for years as one of the heaviest firms in the city anc there will be a big-hole left in the clothing business when they pull out. Their closing out sale will offer everybody an opportunity to put in a stock of clothing at wholesale cost prices. They advertise to sell at cost and al who are acquainted with the firm wil know that they mean it. We call at- Mattin Olson was ovet from the south end of the county last Week, paying his taxes. John Grove returned Monday even- iff from a trip for Call & Cowlea establishing mall routes. The State Bank opened up for bus* ness yesterday. The office fixtures were but in place Monday. Geo. E. Marble, one of Butt's popu- ar merchants, transacted business at the county capital last Friday. The fall term of the Irvington school ame to a close last Friday. The patrons of tlie school were desirous that Miss lleed should accept the winter term but she declined so to do. Thirteen boys and two girls from the Children's Aid Society of New York City, ranging in age from four to seventeen, arriyed in Algona last Friday looking for homes. A meeting was held at the court house in the afternoon for the distribution of the children and good homes were found for all. There were about six applicants for eaeh child. The Courier says that "the would-be artist of the RKI'UHLXCAN is a near sighted quack." Our contemporary has lost the scent and is yelping away on the long trail this time for sure. Our artist isn't a "would be" artist, he isn't a quack ar.d he isn't near sighted, but his little cartoon a couple of weeks ago .eerns to be causing the Courier a terrible worry. Ernest Bacon left his team tied in front of A. D. Clarke's office last Thursday and went away a little while. The team got anxious about something and went to pulling back on the halters. The ring to which they were tied gave way and they started down Dodge street towards the old college campus. Mr. Bacon was fortunate in getting off with only about ten dollars damage to his buggy. After all he has said about monied corporations and the farmer's wrongs and troubles, the editor of the Courier has gone into tlie banking business himself. lie is one of tlie stock holders of the Algona .State Bank. We don't blame Mr. Ilinchon for looking up u good place to invest his money but all his past talk about banks and bankers would sound rather funny now in view of his relations with the new bank. J. L. Blunt .was in town last Saturday and ordered his paper sent to Ituthven, whether he expects to move today. We are very sorry to sec Mr. Blunt leave Kossuth county. He is one of that class of citizens that we sire always sorry to see-go. Mr. Blunt lias been a successful farmer and finds that he is able to leave the farm and embark in some other occupation. He has not yet decided upon the business in which he will engage. The Salvation Army is moving on the town. A young man by the name of Beddoe, who is working in Xicoul- in's gallery, is the main spring of the movement. He formerly held a com mission in the army and worked among the uuregenerate of Sioux City, where he found plenty to do. Since coming to Algona he has decided that there is a good iield for evangelistic labors here and has enlisted some half dozen parties, including women, in the cause. Sunday evening they wandered througl the streets to the inspiration of several tambourines singing salvation army songs. We understand that Sunday evening street meetings are to be the regular program for the -future. An officer oi ; the army is expected here from Newton soon to take charge ot matters and push tlie campaign. A first-class entertainment is advertised for next Monday evening at the court house hall under the auspices ot the city schools. Mr. N. E. Evans, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has been engaged for a lecture and storeoptieou exhibition. "At tlie Front," or, ''With Our Soldiers During the-Great War" is tlie subject of his lecture. II« will display a grand panorama of over seventy- live scenes of the war, including the great battles, etc. Everybody should attend this entertainment. From recommendations and press notices shown us we are confident in prophesying that it will be the best show ot its kind that ever came to this city. Mr. Evan uses from 250 to 500 feet of canvas in displaying bis scenes, according to tlie size of the hall. An electric light is used to throw the scenes upon tlie canvas. The Courier last week published what purported to be a set of resolutions adopted by a Warren County Alliance. The Courier thought it was one of the strongest endorsements ol Gov. Boies' New York Speech it had yet seen. It is rather lute to hunt up an endorsement of that speech, after the very statistics upon which it was founded, when completed, show that corn has been raised at a profit of ovei 80 cents an acre,instead of at an actua loss as the Governor represented in the speech for which tha Courier is now searching for an indorsement. In his speech in this city the Governor himself admitted that there was a discrepancy between his New York speech and the completed report of the laboi commissioner. A person would that the democratic payers would won begin tq catch oo to the fact that there really «««, after all, something Stoves, Stoves, Stoves^; IN THIS LINE THE Garland + Oak For 1891 Takes the Lead. During the time I have handled stoves, for over 20 years, I have found no brand that gives the universal satisfaction that the Garland Stoves and Ranges do. I have a larger assortment of these stoves this fall than ever before, and for prices I only ask to have them corny ared with others. I have Over 30 Second Hand Stoves Which will be sold very cheap, from $3. up, but not one Garland in the lot. Wood and Iron Pumps, Dairy supplies, Grins and ammunition, Husking Pins of all descriptions, Heath & Milligaii mixed paint. I am agent for Baker Barbed Wire. I am prepared to do all kinds of Metal Koofmg. Tinware Repairing promptly attended to. To those contemplating building, I would like to figure on your nail bill. I can save you money. Try me and see. There has been another change in the management of the Thorington House. A Mr. Turner of Mason City and a Mr. Hudson of Charles City took possession last week and say they are going to stay. Mr. Hess writes from Xew York that he will be on in a short time with a lot of money to spend in fitting up the hotel. Among other things he promises to fix up the house where it is in need of repair and put in a steam heating apparatus. We hope that Messrs. Turner and Hudson will stay and make the Thorington the hotel it ought to. be. The smallness of some men's souls is altogether too small to hang a comment on. Prof. Chaffee has just received a postal card which furnishes a good instance. About eight weeks ago he had sent out over two hundred letters asking for lists of parties who might be interesting in receiving catalogues of the Xormal ; , and enclosing postals for reply. Over three-fourths of those addressed answered promptly with generous lists and were probably- glad to do another man a favor, and at the same time to aid the cause of education. The last card came straggling in yesterday morning and reads: Center Chain, Minn.—Kindly send 25 cents for information wanted. Address, P. M., Center Chain, Minn. Th# professor, in reply, suggested that the gentleman send OH his list and the bill would be honored, kind'ly advising him that services are usually paid for after they are rendered. Public School Report. Following is a comparative; report of the city schools for months ending Oct. 25th, 1890, and Oct. 80-, 1891. ISiiO 1891 Total enrollment 47.'i 527 Monthly enrollment -iHi'i r.ii!) Average belonging •H4..75 •!«>.(>"> Averitua attendance 424.0 4«4.r,7 Days of, absence 4IW.5 417.5 Tii])H's tardiness :»l :to Visits . lia 75 rer cent of attendance «r>..4 95.4 percent of punctuality W.83 W.8 Teaclier'.s tardiness 'J » No. neither absent nor tardy— 25i 2»i lloom No. 9, Mrs. Hortoii's, stands first in both attendance and punctuality The following table shows tiic comparative rank of each roorn> in per cent, of attendance and punctuality for the month, the number of times each lias ranked one in attencance and punctuality during the month and the number of days each has hail 1 no absence: Name of Teaeher. Koom 1 'I'iliie Cramer '• 2 Lillian Oeckeu- " :t: AlimiChroulivlm -lOllie Wilkinson li.lennie Bailey tii'.ora Wise 7 Hattio Clietiley 8 Edith Call... oLMHorton " 10 Eva Whitney Depot Jennie I'Bttibone i- - 2 a S3 "A" U (I 3 7 0 4 llespecti'ully, W. II. DIXSON. Strayed, Oct. 81, one black sow pig, weighing about 75 pounds. 5 EUGENE TBLLIEB. E. Reeve & Co. have now on display a complete line of fall and winter styles in millinery. Call and examine them. Watertowu Bout* ami Shoe*. I have just received an invoice of the above make, consisting of Kangaroo, Calf and Dongola Kid, both for ladies' and gentlemen's wear. Having had 85 years experience io ttie manufacture of boots and shoes I can, witU eojafidence assure my patrons that tor quality of material and style of M OUR CLimiHKG- LIST. The REPUBLICAN and any one of the journals named below will be sent to any address for one year at the following reduced rates: NEWSrAI'EnS. 7)es Mo!ties Uegister $200 Iowa Capital 2 no Sioux City .Journal 'i 30 Keokuk Gate City 230 Marslialltown Tlmes-ltepubllcan 2 or> Omalia Bee 2 35 Chicago Journal 2 an CliicaRO Inter-Ocean 225 National Tribune 240 Diilmquc Times 105 MAGAZINES AND HOJIE JOURNALS. Harper's Weekly 475 Bazar 4 75 . 4 55 . 3 05 3 05 . \\ 05 . 4 05 . 4 05 . 2 55 . 1 75 . 2 15 People Ontloy's 1/ivily'H Hook — Dc.morest's Magazine. ... Upplucott's Magazine . Scientific American. ... A merican Economist Home Market Bulletin.. Housekeeper AND STOe'Ii JOURNALS Towa Homosteail Prairie Farmer The American Farmer— Western Unral Orange .fiukl. Fanner Tlt« Jii'ceder'H Guide and Practical Farmer liural Life 2 -II) a 25 1 70 2 85 2 25 1 75 2 25 GERMAN AND SCANDINAVIAN PUBLICATIONS 2 40 3 35 2 55 2 W) :; 05 AmeriUa Svenska Tribunal Iowa Scants 52-itunp Svllliiod wltli premium SUandinaven premium. TEACIIEHS J.OUi NALS Teachers World The Educator Iowa Normal Monthly Kducutional Gazette These rates are given for a limited period and will be subject to revision from time to time. This is ouly a partial list. Subscribe now. i no 1 75 2 25 2 00 WANTED, FOR. SALE, ETC. AVANTKD, A IJOY To learn the printer's trade at the REPUBLICAN office. KoOlll.-r to rent at reasonable prices. 52tf MBS. P. A. McCALL. Notice of Probate of Will. STATE OF IOWA, i Kossutli County, ( In the district court. To all whom it may concern—Take notice. That there was llled in the ofllee of tlie Cleric of the District Court of Kossutli County, on the 2nd day of November, A. I), isni, ail Instrument in writing bearing dato tho sntli day of July, A. IX 18!U, and purnovtlns to be the last Will and Testament ot Ehrenfded Geilenteld. late of said County, deceased, was produced and publicly read by me jind that the sth day ot tliBwaxt term of said Court, to be liolden on tho 7th day of December. A. D. 1801, at Hie Court House in Algona aforesaid, has been fixed for proving said Will : and at - o'clock — M. ol (She day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear lit said Court, and show cause. If any they have, wliy said instrument should not lie probated and allowed as mid for tlie last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated, Algona. Iowa, November 2nd, A. D. 1801. A. A. I5HU.-.SON. 6-7 Clerk of District Court. Original Notice. STATE 01? IOWA. »„ Kossutli County, ji 83 ' »,, IJisM'ct Court, DccembpriPm.Term, Alda E. Wilson against Chas. II, Wilson. To Chas. H, WPson. dotewlant: You are hereby notified that, there Is now on file a petition of the plaintiff in the above entitled t.etlon in the oliU-n of tlie clerk of said court, claiming of von a. divorce from the bonds of matrimony on the grounds of mini ami inhuman treatmoul.ilesertion and habitual drunk enness. and also iiluimlm; tin* cnsiodv&.f her child. Nettle May \Vilsu.-i ; and unless you appear thereto and ilHVnd on nr before noon of the first day of the next December, ifOl, term of said district, court., to bt> befun and holden at the court Imusi- In Alumni in said county, on the 7th day of December, lault will be entered attain*!, ymi.and judgment rendcied thereon in jieconiauco witii saia petition. DANSON- IJitos., ,f 2-7 Plaintiff'.* Attorney. / For S«l« or Tmd«. Will trade or sell my bouse and lot near Normal School in Aigona. Write or see me. A. C. CADE, Burt, la. O1<1 papers to put uiuter your carpet ut tho KEPUKtlCAN For bargains i'n bats and all millinery goods call on E, REEVE & Co. Hats and bonnets at lowest prices. Latest styles in millinery. E, REEVE & Co. : WAGONS. We notice that Jones <he who pays the freight) is securing another large invoice of the celebrated A. A. Cooper wagons. Jones has sold this make of wagons for twenty years, which speaks well for their popularity. 2 tf If you are troubled with rheumatism or a lame back, bind on over the seat of pain a piece of flannel dampened with Chamberlain's Pain Balm. You wi.I be surprised at the prompt relief it affords. Fifty cent bottles for sale by Dr. L. A. Bheetz. Murk Twain, This noted humorist lives in Hereford Conn., and by bis own writings bas made life more pleasant to thousands. By the use of Bailer's Sarsaparillu, & Burdock thousands of lives have been lengthened and life made pleasant. Both are benefactors and both are entitled to the thanks of mankind. For sale by Dr. L. A. Sbeetz. Aucieut Eg-ypt, Borne of the most startling, interesting discoveries of the life and customs of buried Egypt are now being made through intensive excavations. These discoveries are exciting a great interest. Many discoveries are, however, being made in eur country that are not less strange and remarkable, among which we may mention that of Halter's Pala Paralyzer whjgfe effects entire relit/, and ia mgny c&aeg ft complete cure of tb*t iron Stove ti week, ill give , • itrantmg to living near ,{us horse and home last 0" We have the reputation for selling the Best $3,00 Pants IN IOWA. And today we are selling a pant better than ever for that money.

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