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Leavenworth, Kansas
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THE LEAVEWOKXa TIMES, SUNDAY MORNING, ILLY. 12 1C07 2 125 AT SXASDISG OF THE CLTTBS Bat3 SPRING HOUSE- Maginiet sraiira CLEANING Be 'Sure, It's We still liave left a few ing out very cheap for the the roam they occupy. These are our regular Suits 1 cr Western AssociatiOB. w. L.

...7 0 Dopeka 2 JOPttfl tmmm 3 OUabotaa City, 3 Pet 1000 714 671 5M 933 167 125 tmmmm9 m-m mm Mittxr A--- 1. Americas Ctabtv Wi Pcf. 696 550 E65 450 353 256 ihfrssje .16 Ptbaderpbia rxtrbtt a CJftyrtwiid .13 Washington St. Louis ..........6 7 12 15 we have always sold, no cheap John pick up stuff to ''holler: about." We have decided to quit selling GIVEN BY LANSING EPWORTH LEAGUE Chaplain Axton of the Eighteenth Infantry Was Well A PASTOR TALKS ON CHICKEN Rev. Gordon B.

Thompson Told of One That Went Into the Ministry Because It Could Not Be a Layman. 0LMk VARNISH clothing and are closing LOT NO. i Contains Suits that sold Close out LOT NO. 2. Suits, regular price price LOT NO.

3. Boys' Suits which sold price i out $1.75, WJ LOT NO. 4 Suits ranging from $2.75 to $3.50 regularly, only a few left at .81.98 LOT NO. 5 A few suits, the best ones, regular prices up to $4.50, close out price Cluba. W.

I. Tct. eMT.Ttork 3 S57 Chicago ...17 4 810 Philadelphia 02 7 632 Pittsburg .9 7 663 Boston 9 11 450 Cincinnati ........8 13 400 St. Lottls .4 18 182 Brooklyn ..3 17 105 In some of these lots the sizes are broken but you will be sure to find the size in some of the lots and you are sure of a bargain in any one of them. AND STAIN The original stain anU varnlan.

X)on't accept any thinr but Jap-a-lac. This caution- is for your own protection as there are inferior articles offered as substitutes and claimedto te'just as good" and this imitation is one of best proofs that Jap-a-Jac is beat. iBome these imitations have names ending-in thus trying' to imitate as-nearly possible not only the goods, but also the name. Vsure the ull.word Jap-a-lac appears on the label then you are sure of the' best results. Jap-a-lac is used for refinishiner everything- about the house from cellar to garret.

It produces the beautiful lustrous mirror-like finish that "wears like iron." It will save you many dollars a year by its magical work. Stairways and stair-rails ought to have coating of Jap-a-lac every year; in that way you can keep them alwavs looking nice fresh and new and the expense is trifling, because you can do the work yourself. There are a number of suitable, colors you can use and a hundred uses for each color. Oak, da-k oak. walnut, mahogany, malachite green, ox-blood red, brilliant black, sizes, $2.50 In our drug department.

Standard COMBINED black, natural, Spinach, pk 25c Cucumbers, each 5 Elijah's Manna, pkg 15c Toasted Corn Flakes, pkg Shredded Wheat, 2 pkgs 25c Grape Nuts, 2 pkgs. Cerealine Flakes, pkg. 10c Egg-o-See Corn Flakes, pkg. Jl Ok Grocery Department Feed a man and he's a cheerful animal." That was evidently the theory that the banquet committee of the Lan- sing Ep worth League had in view when they got ready their little spread for Friday night's entertainment. "One hundred and twenty-five persons were seated at the tables which were artistically arranged with pretty china.

Dark red carnations and big fern leaves were scattered over the white spreads, aiding in the color scheme of red and white which was gracefully brought out on the stage by draperies of fish net and. crimson bells, while from a back-ground of solid red the red and white waa draped in festoons over the tables of the banqueters. L. J. Herwig, who made an excellent toastmaster, received at his table the moral support of: Chaplain and Mrs.

Axton of Port Leavenworth, Miss Margaret Fulton, Mrs. W. A. Thompson and Prof. T.

Williams Pearman of Leaven-- worth and Bar. Gordon B. Thompson. The program which filled in the waits between the ouTse was well received, the musical numbers being especially good. Prof T.

Williams Pearman, who sang two solos, was heard for the first time in Lansing and the hearty encores which ha received showed that his songs made a hit. Other musical numbers which were greatly enjoyed were piano solos by Miss Sarabelle Herwig and Miss Maggie fulton-and a song by the M. E. quartette Chaplain Axton of Fort Leavenworth who was down on the program to talk on "Some Things' made those things so interesting thai the guests forgot all about their coffee. In his usual bright way the chaplain "got next" to his audience as though he were talking to one man instead of a crowd.

In Bpeaking of success of the entertainment he This is the most popular outdoor game in the world, and the reason it is it is the best game, just the right amount of healthful exercise, requiring just enough skill to make it interesting. The best remedy for "That tired feeling," rest for the tired nerves of the business man or the housewife, sport for the children. The most popular game of past generations and will be so for generations to come. Get a set at once and enjoy your spare minutes to their fullest extent. They are cheap, too Notice.

4 ball Standard set 6 ball Standard set 75c 8 ball Standard set 90c 8 ball Standard set, polished 4 ball Professional set 4 ball Professional set, polished. 8 ball Professional set, polished. Goods; biggest stock. Careful small. Phone One Double i threw a big boquet at the women folks In the literary man's toast where wo-man is compared to a book.

Of course he received a great deal of applause from the petticoat part of the audience when he brought out the point that the edition is limited and every man should have a copy of his own. Chaplain Axton has spoken before in Lansing and his name on program there always insures a big crowd. It remained for Rev. Gordon B. Thompson to respond to the toast CLEVELAND KEW YORK 2.

Fifth and Madison avenues were be-Cleveland, May eland made it wPTl thA ltl Sho mna Time is here. Th w4zm weatfe er has made hotuewtfe think of yhls.Iong and when: she: ha the odlbBexl the necessity flooTcottt CARPETS We are making a leader of a good ingrain carpet, one of the? best we have ever sold for the money. -Per yard v. Another ingrain carpet of nearly all wool in several different pat-, terns, guaranteed to iv satisfactory wear for, per yard 49c The' best positively all wool i in grain carpet on. the market, in too different patterns and.

'a. V- .4. a Axminsters We have over 100 different styles and patterns of Axminster carpets in all grades, ranging from 85c, 95c to per .4 $1.05 There is so better carpet for the Jtiome. Brussels Carpets Onr leader in Brussels carpets is a ten wire of the latest styles and patterns. We are making a lead, er of it at per yard 72 We have the largest line of linoleums in the city.

Our stock has fifty different designs and pat terns. Special For One Week All our 65c, 75c and 85c linoleums in over forty different patterns, guaranteed quality, for, per yard 49c JAKE HAIT THE HOUSE FURNISHER Fifth and Seneca. AMATEUR BASEBALL. The Rochester" baseball team will "play the Lansing team at Lansing this afternoon. The following players constitute the Rochester teams Mulvenon, lb; Tram, 2b; TJlrich, ss; Ortman, 3b; Hayes, rf and Savage, cf, Laird, If; Castaway, Riley, captain.

The team would like to secure games with out of town teams. Bollng, Potter or High Prairie preferred. Call from Riley, Bell phone 1323. The Leavenworth Newsboys' baseball team was defeated yesterday afternoon by the Post team by a score of 22 to 18 at the Fort. Batteries: Newsboys Stein hauer and Eader; Fort Werner, Miller, Collins and 0'Kefe.

The Newsboys defeated the StilMngs ad dition Blackbirds at Prest's hill yes terles: NewsbbysStienhauer. Vorheei and Harmon and Bader; Blackbird- Johnson and vogel. The feature of the game was the batting of Stieohauer, he getting seven blu out of eight times up. CITY NEWS Mrs. John Foley, who was recently op erated on for a cataraot of the eye at St.

John's hospital, has' sufflolently re covered to return to her home. 01 Oak street. She was in the" hospital about a week. John Reese of Chattanooga, Tenn Is here for few days on business. Seese formerly resided here.

He stated that Leavenworth had changed' Wonderfully since his last visit in 18U7. Mrs. H. N. King of Cleveland, ar rived here yesterday and will remain with friends on Miami street until Sun day when she will go to Valley Falls.

wnere several weeKs win oe spent with relatives. Robert Goss has returned to his home in Topeka after a several days stay here witn menus. i Geortre Keller, of Butte. Mont- who has been visitinsr with local friends left yesterday for the east where he will remain for. some time before returning to his home in Montana.

W. C. Roberts of St. Louis, who is visiting here, received word yesterday stating that a crotner living in Denver, had been hurt in a runaway. He leit last nigm ror inai ciiy.

The concert at the Soldiers home will be given at 3:30 o'clock instead of at 3 o'clock as was previously announced. The concerts will be from 3:30 to 4:30 until further notice. CASTOR I Por Infants and Children. Tbe Kind You Have Always Bears the Signature of Boys Suits that we are clos reason that we must have the stock. for $1.50, $1.75, and up to $2.00, Sa.oo and up to.

$2.25, close out regularly up to $3.00. close out $i49 $2.49 Croquet Set 1 1 love iound the way, however, and at about the time when the elder Crosby was thinking of teaching bis BOn the ex- A press uusiness me dov orougut 10 me 6 i in it.u.j i icou c-vi csa luil tue uilcu. States Express company ever took bride ciiaige 01, to-wii a iimia, Dxusumg The inevitable domestic storm followed. The Crosbys declined to recognize their daughter-in-law, and at this critical moment the youne bridegroom suf- I ered a severe attack' of rheumatism, .1. 1 a I a 1 winuii put mm on nia oacK anu leit nis wife to fight their battle alone.

She called at his and literally obeying the instructions of the the young man was not to be disturbed, the family refused permission to her to see him. Thereupon Cupid, intent on making a complete job of what he had begun, interposed once more, pressed into service a willing valet, who carried out a note to the weeping bride, and within fifteen minutes after the note had been written, husband and wife were holding loving conversation over a telephone that had thoughtfully been placed at the bedside of the sick man. Cupid had many times before laughed at locksmiths. This time he had a good laugh, and added the telephone to his list of first aids to the lovelorn. There followed them briBk but brief warfare, in the course of which the young wife appealed to the law, but scorned to have her husband arrested, and finally won over the stony-heartei parents.

The young couple were reunited and passed on into the great army of those who have loved and won. 'Twas She Who Wandered Away. Cupid, while able to start true love on its possibly keep an eye on his willing victims all through life. It is out of his province to see that they all stay put. He doesn't pretend to know where they are going, but simply starts them on their way.

Anyhow, while Dan was at work enmeshing more Couples in the snare. Wilson Royal Crosby and his wife gradually drifted apart. The inevitable separation same and then the final scenes which were briefly referred to in the report of Referee Proyor yesterday. On a night in October last the husband, accompanied by John Ascher, saw his wife in company with' another woman and two men making the rounds of the various restaurants and concert saloons in the Tenderloin. Eventually they entered a hotel.

The husband met the wife aftward. It was their last meeting. "For Heaven sake. sh.i cried, "don't make a scene on the uunvny of our old love." And on the memory of their old love he didn't "I will not oppo.i 3 a uivorc, if you want she said. Nor did she.

It was granted yester day. But Cupid can't stop operating just because every now and then one of his carefully reared structures falls to the ground. "I believe," said Mrs. Oldcastle, "that Mr. and Mrs.

Pottslelgh had a clandestine marriage." "Oh, no!" replied her hostess, "she told me herself that it was a Presbyte rian minister." Chicago Record-Herald. Knlcker Does your husband go out acts? Mrs. Bocker No; he. comes- in the thea ter between drinks. Judge.

To the Old Soldiers. From the Topeka Capital Good-bye, Comrades. "A Safe iournev horn, anfl many happy memories In menths and of as a All Pie Best Granulated Sugar, 19 kinds Creamery Butter, lb 30c New Potatoes, lb 5c String Beans, a Spring Onions, 3 bunches 5c Plant, 3 bunches 5c Asparagus, bunch Radishes, 3 bunches. 5c Beets, bunch 5c Full stock of Canned attention to, all orders, large Eight. years to come of your 26th annual encampment! iTopeka.

certainly enjoyed it, not having seen an encampment of veterans in more than 20 years. The Imr- presslon you by universal ac count, was that of a splendid body of stanch American citizens, preservers of patriotism, of the sentiment of "the flag" and "the Union forever." Your unanimous and hearty cheers for law enforcement, no-matter what the law, at the first Auditorium meeting, testified what kind of citizenship you believe in and stand for. Memory of your services at the front in the hour which "tried men's souls," which is apt to get a little rusty in the minds of the young generation, in their immersion in the new times and affairs, was brightened and polished up, and your visit here did Topeka good. Good-bye, Comrades. Come aagin, whenever; you can; you will always have a sympathetic welcome in Topeka.

or ffi "Things We Have Eaten." This coming at the end of the banquet seemed a rather unfair advantage to take of a in an, but the parson was equal to it and after remarking that while a good deal the French on the menu had him guessing he was able to locate the 'pullet" all right when it came on. A preacher can generally do that, you know. Then he told a story of another pullet or rather a bunch of pullets and their little brothers, Johnnie and Jim-cjnie. One day Johnnie came flying back the brood and the watchful mother cried, "Johnnie, where i3 your brother Jimmie?" "Oh," cried, her excited son, "Mother, fear he has entered the ministry." "Well," remarked the old hen after a in resigned tone3, "perhaps it's 'iJnst as well, for he would never have American Association. W.

L. Columbus 18 8 Louisville 7 Kansas 'City .9 7 PcV 600 588 563 522 476 474 455 409 Mlwiukea ........12 11 11 Minneapolis .9 10 Indianapelis 10 12 BLMPattl 9 13 GILBERT KNOCKED OUT IN THE FIRST Oklahoma Batted In Five Runs and the Game in the Opening Round FINAL SCORE STOOD 8 TO 5 Allison, Who Succeeded Gilbert, Pitched a rair; Game Series With Okla-f Will Be Concluded 1 Today. hrjTTltt. Ihtir nnt)ii XT- vuvuxu jjuTcuwurui in a slugkig match, gaining a lead off Gilbert a 4S4- 4.knj. vxw mot wut wuiu uoi, ue overcome.

ouore KHE Oklahnma. a a a i a a a i Leavenworth ....020000120 5 7 4 Batteries: McFarland and Partridie: Gilbert, Allison and Fisher. TOPEKA SPRDSTGFIELD 2. Tooeka. Mat 1 1 T.mfi..

home run with the baM full first took the heart out of Springfield at the start and the champions won With ease, 0 to 2. ocore EHE Springfield .0000101 00 2 7 4 Topeka 9 8 2 Batteries: Olmsteari a-nrt a noo 14 olio and Henry. HUTCHINSON JOPLIN 1. Jonlin. Mair 19 9 i vi uuu9 xii tenth innincr Va.n1rhil1 AmnnoA fly, Pettigrew scoring the winning run Score JopUn .1000000000 1 5 3 Hutchinson ....100000000 12 6 0 Batteries: JoJhnson and Vanderhill: Atchinson and Lewis.

WICHITA 6: WRRR PTTV Wichita- Mav 11 Hptu "6" iuuvu mmas won tne frame today for Wichita. Bcore rhe Webb City 0 3 0000 02 05 10 0 Wiciiita 0 0203000 16 10 5 Batteries: Gill, Baker and Cheek: uiurc; ana weaver. THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. Brooklyn, May 11-Brooklyn Double Header. defeated Brooklyn, May 11.

(Brooklyn defeated the Chicago NaUonale in tha first muna of the first double header played in the- east tms year. FIRST GAME. fecore: RHE Chicago 00000000 0-0 6 1 Brooklyn 10 000000 1 3 2 Batteriea Prelffer and Kling-; Rucfcer and Butler. SECOND GAME. Chicag-o 0 00 0000 0 2 2 4 Brooklyn 00000000 0-0 6 3 -Batteries Fraser and Moran; M'Intyre and Ritter.

PHILADELPHIA ST. LOUIS 4 May 1L Philadelphia defeated St Louis today by hitUn Mo-Qlynn hard. Score: RHE St. Louis 0 030000 01 413 1 Philadelphia 00240200 14 1 Batteries M'Glynn, Fromme and Noo- nan; Richie and Jacklitsch. NEW YORK PITTSBURG 6.

New York. May 1L New York won their eleventh straight game today by defeating Pittsburg 9 to 6. Score: rue Pittsburg: 2 0 0 0 2 010 1 a 6 1 New York 2 2 1 0 0 0 4 0 10 fi Batteries 'Willis. Lynch. PhilliDDi.

Gib- apn and Smith; M'Ginnity, Wiltse. Mat-thewson and Bresnahan. THE AMERICAN LEAGUE. St. Louis Won From Washington in tne rweittn inning.

St. Louis. May St. Louis Ameri cans defeated Washington In a twelve in ning: game today by a score of to 1 Glade helped to win his own game by a two-bagger in the twelfth Score: St. Louis 200001010001-6 1 2 Washington 030001O0000P-4 11 1 Batteries Glade and O'Connor: Patten.

Smith and Heydon. DETROIT 4: BOSTON 1. Detroit, May 1L Three hits off Ober-lln with a high throw by Wagner gave Detroit the game today. t.i RHE Detroit 01003000 4 0 Boston. 000vi001D 1 71 Batteries Killlan and Schmidt; Oberiia, Winter and Shaw.

maae a good layman. The menu cards which were neatly up in red and white contained MARVELOUS CYCLE RIDING One of the most sensational, death de fying and intricate acts ever presented before the local public is offered at th Air-Dome theatre next week when th Hoffman's, lady and appeal in their original Madison Square GardeE cycle dazzle. The act is a reproduction, and a much more difficult one, than that witnessed in Ringling Bros, circus. The inclosure is much smaller, making the riding much more difficult and dangerous. The audience is in a thrill of intense excitement throughout this performance and are greatly relieved when the riders cease.

The riders wheel around In the bowl like enclosure at a terrific speed and at times run so closely to the rim that the audience is held spell bound for fear they will fly over. This daring act has been th marvel of eastern theatres and summer resorts in the east and never fails to draw large crowds. I 1 Jiihe following menu and the program biuut v8 giveu uetweeu ine courses: Bouillon en Tasse tfOnves Kadis Paprei me de Foulet, a la Farlsienne Pommes De Terre Saratoga Brsquits, au Four Balade Bomalne Ananas, avec Marguerites Cafe Noif PROGRAM Corbet d' Miss Sarabelle Herwiff nasi Chorus M. k. Uuartette olo JProf.

T. Williams Pearman 'ianOMSolo Miss Maggie Fulton olo Prof. T. Williams Pearman TOAST Things J. TV Axton I 'Things We Have Eaten" 1 Gordon B.

Thompson I J. Herwig, Toastmaster. Ebriodered Spats. Washington has to answer for many MCads this season, but none of them so to foppishness as the decoration of three straights from?" New -York today. La Joie's fielding -antr-Hinchman's batting were Score: RHE Cleveland 0 1 2 0 0 0 3 -6 10 0 New York 0000001 10-2 6 0 t-, Tr Batteries Hess and Clark; Doyle, Brock- ett and Kleinow.

CHICAGO PHILADELPHIA 2. Chicago, May 11. Chicago won today's game irom jmiaaeipnia in the first in ning, a base on balls, a triple, a double and three singles, scoring five runs. The visitors escaped a shut out by Seybold's home run Into the bleachers. Score: RHE Chicago 51010000 7 10 1 Philadelphia 0 0000O00 22 4 1 Batteries Smith and Sullivan; Vickers and Powers.

THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION At Kansas City Kansas City Columbus At Minneapolis Minneapolis Louisville 0. At St. Paul St. Paul Indianapolis 4. At Milwaukee-Milwaukee Toledo 4.

THE WESTERN LEAGUE. At Denver Denver Des Moines 5. At Sioux City Sioux City Lincoln 7. At Pueblo Omaha Pueblo 1. College Baseball.

At Lawrence University of Kansas 17; University of Arkansas 3. At Philadelphia Pennsylvania Yale 3. IF SE Romance of the Wilson Crosby's, Which Delighted the Winged God, Is at an End SHE WAS POOR; HE WEALTHY A World Spearated the Couple But Love Found a Way But Dan Cupid Cannot Hold Tight the Ties He Makes New York, May 11. Justice yester day put the finishing touches to a romance on which Dan Cupid labored prodigiously but a few brief years ago. Through a formal decree of divorce.

granted by Justice OGorman in the su-preme court, upon the report of former Justice Roger A. Pryor, Wilson Royal Crosby and Dorothy Jane Crosby were made two. The husband; secured the decree', Mr. Crosby is the son of Chauncey H. Crosby, vice president and general rnan-ager -of Senator Piatt's United States Express company.

Back in 1902. when young Crosby had just emerged from college, he met and loved Dorothy Jane of No. 1823 Third avenue. As Crosby lived in "West Seventy, fourth street, a whole world that is to say, SHES plumps with embroidery and precious tones. It almost seems as it we are to have a return of the, cavalier dandies.

Blue and gray dress suits are reported, lut, fast as London has gone in this direction, it cannot compare with the Washington innovation, w(hicn already txas become eo popular that the embroidered pumps of the men find their duplicate in embroidered spats for women. The embroidered pump made its entrance Sit a ilance the other night in the Austro-fflungarian Embassy. One exceeding gallant, and, it might fee added, gracious, officer, resplendent Jn gold lace, dotted his embroidery with smoked pearls, and still another, was Crank in the adornment of seed pearls. Uoth exhibits almost made the observer niff for delicate scents. fThis embroidered spat finds no objection for women, 1 'because we expect such things of.

the fair eex. Mm. Amaral, wife of the Secretary to Pecoratiom) For Day the' Brazilian Embassy, was the first to delight the feminine half of "Washington with a pair. That was two weeks ago, Now she has a pair to match each of her afternoon gowns. We have just received a complete line of New Millinery for Decoration Day wear, bought especially for this sale.

Your attention is called to our line of Dress and Street Hats. Nothing as stylish can be bought for the money in any other millinery store. MRS. E. KANTR0WITZ 422 Ecnembw Its pba wfcsro Udies' Oats are Trcztf Frca.

WALL PAPER AH the latest styles at very lowest Largest assort ment in city. Anderson Basbagen, 40S S. Fifth St. Four Doors of Maple Leaf depot..

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