The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1891 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1891
Page 3
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irst Edition 7 A. Ml, VOL. XXI, < • *» SECOND EDITION OP THE REPUBLICAN Containing Full County Returns Will Be Published THIS AFTERNOON ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1891. NO. 5. are going to quit business and are selling out isro All these Goods are marked in plain figures at the Former Selling Price and you can see at a glance that An Historic Cannon. ALGOM REPUBLICAN (Official Paper of Kossuth County and the City of Algona.) PUBLISHED EVEBY WKDNK8DAV k JOS. W. HAYS, Editor and Publisher, Terms of Subscription. Loopy, one year. In advance §1.50 y, six months, iu advance 75 , three months. In advance 40 Icriptions continue.till ordered stopped Arrearages are paid. Advertising Rates easonable and will be made known on Ution. AND JOB PRINTING. pment of the KKrtrBMoAN Office for Job Printing if) unsurpassed in this • Steam power. uHLicAN is an AM, HOME Per. No objectionable patent in- ID EDITION. |;ion of the REPUBLICAN "for the press this after- i will be published as soon as Ee full returns from the county are received. "Watch for the second edition. The Way It Is Going. Telegraphic Reports Received Up Until One O'clock This Morning, 'Judging from reports received the Republican state ticket will be given a majority of over 200 in this county which is a conservative estimate. J. G. Smith seems to be every where running ahead of his ticket and will be elected by a large majority without question. Most of the county ticket is in doubt- Mr, Lantry failed to make the gains that his friends had counted on in Algona, receiving but 86 majority over Mr. CUipman. B. F, Reed lost heavily in Algona receiving but 18 majority. M. Stephens received but 36 majority in Algona and it is reported that Graham was given 52 in Bancroft. The following reports were received last night, but we cannot vouch for their reliability, and consequently have not included them in our table, Featou reports democratic majority of ^ Pfl State ticket, ft-esco reports Smith 50, Bourne 41, Chipman 26, Lantry 65, Stephens 27, Graham 62, Reed 43, Carey 31. Lu Verne—Wheeler 69, Boies 71, Smith 69, Bourne 72, Stephens 79, Graham 62, Chipmau 08, Lantry 73, Reed 76, Carey 62. Whittemore—Wheeler 77, Boies 57, Funk 80, Painter 53, Smith 80, Bourne 53, Stephens 80, Graham 5S,Reed 90, Carey 43,Chipman 77, Lantry 57.Burt reports majorities for the republican ticket as follows: Wheeler 61, Funk 59, Smith 36, Chipman 43, Stephens 19, Reed 8. Telegraphic repurts received at 1 a. m. this morning indicate that McKinley is elected governor of Ohio by a large majority. Flower is probably elected in New York by about 15,000 majority and Pennsylvania is in doubt. Reports from Iowa are meagre but show republican gains. NOBODY WILL OWN IT. The Doilg-er that was Circulated thro the County Against Bon Reed. It was noised «bout through the county last Thursday that a circular, printed in German and giving a faked account of a speech made by B. F. Reed, at a republican meeting in Algona had been given wide circulation among the German residents of the county. After considerable chasing we succeeded in running down one of the circulars, which literally translated reads as follows: What they think about us.—In a speech in Algona, Iowa, on the 10th of October, 1891, B. F. Reed, candidate for school superintendent on the republican ticket, said that after Sioux City had closed its saloons and all classes of stinkers, thieves, and prostitutes had been driven out, this place went democratic and Covington and fit p P, lnts > Nevv York, were samples of the democratic party. This man would now have it that the democrats should all vote for him. The truth of this can ue corroborated by asking anv- one who was there and beard him say it. (His own father is a democrat.) FBANK WINKBL, HOBT NKBUBGALL, KOSSUTH COUNTY RETURNS - -«••»•«-« V* A llt^i . TOWNSHIPS. " 2 ware 3 wan „ " 4 ware Hun Buffalo Cresco ... Fenton Greenwood .. Gorman .. .. Garfleld .. .. Hebron Harrison . . Irvington lotts Creel . . tit Verno. .. Portland.. .. Plum Creek .. Prairie Ramsay Kiverdale . .. Sherman .... Seneca Swea Union Wesley ... Whittemoro .. Totals..,. GO £ *• i. < 1 £. 'a i 93 53 87 311 ver- 110 i *) C 1 1 C 4 5 05 196 Lit r * ; < •*• i ** f \* B f) 5 0 310 Jilt- 1 j "* C j 1 1 2 K 3 4 82 Cl T r ,__ 188 Judge r Sup C , * £ | <5 P 8 i) 5 90 318 » 4 C ' 4 P / C C a 4 15 G 189 K'y t (.'on N £ ) ^ : 1 r r 8 si 7 303 i i • '"" : K t* ; t 3 4 5 75 203 Supt i School e. r- 7 s 93 54 91 31fl ;. 1 = : c r; ^ ~ 3 4 6 00 185 Senate s 47th Di 1 K ^ £ 8 S- 9 S9.l\ C j 3 4 fl 61 IDS r Heps s 83d 0is ' e _ * g 81 (12 5S •IOT c a *-. C 5 28 43 63 trrt Sheriff t a: a f £ - — Z 7 & 5 0 C 1 I ~ 1 5 5 Ireas- ure & c r c <- t ™ js C ti 71 41 GO C £ . +•" § L_ 51 fUl 91 Super- r mil "t J: K G 7 4 7 h« £* 5£ £ ~43 01) (il 79 Co Supervisor -j P- "t OJ •« r w •_ £ 8 44 85 q £ £ c __£ 4 5 7 A " 2 (/ g 5« ~s: 8 4( 9 f c c o B 3. 4 5 (j Coronei K ^ "o C V 8 9 5 9 C t* "a £ Sur- veyoi K ™ _£ i (; 5 8 6 •3 5? Vote of 1800 « *jil (2 O fe. « (1 8 4 7 jj| si 2, 8~ li 19 10 74 10 (S3 51) 5( 4 Ci 37 28 32 41 512 yo 05 ft *s u •O s Bj _i 38 'M 38 68 22 43 78 52 li 32 (13 63 31 37 81 40 69 51 52 16 37 4<f 40 regard to the circular,—it was got up in very bad German. "This place" was evidently intended to refer to Covington, Nebraska, instead of Sioux City, as the blunderbus who composed the German made it read. It is possi- blei the circular came from Covington, which would account for the writer having said "this pJace" and leaving , WILL STEBBINS, AND OTHEBS. Mr. Frank Winkel, whose name appears first upon the list of signers, denies all responsibility foy the circular and says he will give $10 to ijnd out who authorized his name to p,ut tp i$, guperinteodfint Carey, in whose inter- eat tUe dodger out the intended antecedent of the pronoun. ( We didn't hear {Mr. Reed's speech and it is of very little consequence what he did say. It is true, however, tihat Covington, Nebraska, always poll^ a heavy democratic majority. The fact of its being a democratic town may be accounted for upon any hypothesis that suits our democratic friends. the genuineness of the letter. Following is Mr. Wheeler's reply which was given to the REPUBLICAN press yesterday: ODEIIOLT, Iowa, Nov. 2.—Dubuque Times: I never wrote such a letter to Turney or anybody else. I have never r would not veto, by the dem- wire denial to run- — ..~. v .. w * u VUAW g uo ocratic press, please The Last I/ies of tlie Caiupaig-u. The followipg forged letter was sent to the democratic press of the' state Monday evening: OWRBQLT, Iowa, Oct. 83,1391.—\v. n Turney,Swanaowa.-pe^Sir-Your ",yor of the 21st was duly re- -jlveq. I have made no pledges of any kind nor to any person that I would sign a license bill, for that would be in .conflict wjth nay ' consl _ 4 -_ ^__ T ^*-**/MOU f| every large city in Iowa. II. C. WHEELER. In addition to the Wheeler letter forgery the democratic state central committee .sent out bogus lists of republicans in Sioux City and Cedar Rapids with the announcement that these men had declared themselves for Boies. The men named were immediately interviewed by reporters of the Sioux City Journal and Cedar Rapids Republican, and another democratic campaign lie was cornered. Of course it was the intention of the democratic managers to create toe impression that there was a landslide of republican votes for Boies, and thus influence election. It is a |»oor cause that has to rely upon such methods as were e«. ployed in the deo»oeratic campaign. RAIDED LAST NIGHT. Charles Stuart who has been niug the billiard hall next to the Tennant House was arrested for violation of the prohibitory law. A search warrant was procured last night and the place raided by a force of specially deputized constables. About a gallon of liquor was seized and Mr. Stuart will either pay a good heavy fine or travel over the road. Mr. Stuart got in a large supply of stuff yesterday morning and evidently did a good business during the day. Stuart has a hearing this morning at 9 o'clock. A Story of Napoleon HI, Napoleoa III., who had no fewer poor relatives to help oo tban any other sever- w w trying one day to convince a , whop he had already generouejy aided, ttaltt ww imp 08S ible for him to increwe h sr allowance. Tie princess took the refusal angrily, Md> to a The above is very good as far as it goes, and will be news to most of the people in this part of the country. But the real facts are known to but a few of the oldest inhabitants. At the time of the historical Spirit Luke massacre, m 1857, a-companyof state troops went from Fort Dodge to the rescue of the settlers and took with them this relic or the Mexican war. It was in the winter, the snow was very <i ee p and the gun was mounted upon a sled The Indians heard of its coming when many miles away, and fled in great precipitation, leaving only t he sad havoc of their hellish deeds. If this old gun had been there' twenty-four hours sooner, many valuable lives might have been saved. On the return trip, the heroic soldiers made their way back as best they could through the storms and snow and some of them never reached their homes,but perished on the way. Some fifteen years later two skeletons were found in a deep ravine, about five miles west of Emmetsburg, and beside them lay the old gun, It was brought in, cleaned from the rust in which it was imbedded ami carefully preserved, and a few years, later some darned fool, when remounting it, chiseled "Spencer, Iowa, 1880 »* into its venerable breecji, which may • have had a tendency to detract from its. • historic interest as a relic. But there are one or two old Mexican veterans still living in the county who could be induced, under proper circumstances, . to hide their modesty and substantiate, the facts, It is even asserted by that this is the same gun which +« PBfc . Grant hoisted into a church steeple in the city of Mexico and thus 1 foundation for his subsequent wide and imperishable fame, verilyl It is a Reporter, great gun,—Palo Alto great Emperor, pjur uncle. yo» have nothing of toe re ma chere cosine a cheerful Wonderful. E. W, Sawyer, of Rochester, its bad one of #9

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